Headlines and Updates for March 21, 2019: Springing Into Action [videos] ~ March 21, 2019

Wow. You can cut the tension with a knife. The “truths” coming out now are bigger and better than ever before. The Alliance is not pulling many punches and the deep state is finding escape routes closed so their threats continue.

Panic time. Recalculating. They try to recharge their energies with more Human sacrifices but it’s too late for that.

As Q advised… keep a list: The changing of the guard.

Guaido’s aide arrested for plotting terrorist attacks on Venezuelan officials – interior minister

Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev, a key Russian ally, resigns after almost 30 years in power

And in case you missed it…

Ocasio-Cortez Quietly Removed From Board Of PAC She And Top Aide Controlled

Did you see the map President Trump showed the press indicating that ISIS/AQ has been vanquished?

President Trump Press Conference at the White House

In less than an hour Thomas Williams will share his insider analysis of the news, intel, and address the Q&A. Listen live at Spreaker.com or at the Think Different website at 7:30 EDT/4:30 Pacific.

QAnon has been unleashed and is unrelenting. Tantalizing tid-bits comprising images and names dropped related to pedophiles… all fuel for thirsty Anons. I do believe the Patriots are in control of what unfolds for the most part. Naturally the psychopaths will do what they have always done on a small scale. They will pay.

Not surprisingly, the link we shared to correspondence indicating HRC and Co. knew the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand was coming, now goes nowhere. Even the website is not available. Sorry. Too late. “We have it all.”


Boeing CH-47

For the past three days I’ve listened and watched as a noisy chinook lumbers across the sky in trip after trip between the Mesa Falcon Field and an unknown destination in the southeast. I’d know that deep, throaty vibration anywhere.

Back and forth it goes, multiple times in just a few hours, often with a small helicopter as wingman or trailing. I’ve no idea what they’re doing, but it is very unusual activity. Normally we would see this occasionally; one or two trips a day more than 30 days apart.

I like to envision this bumble bee of helicopters engorged with cabalists enroute to their new homes at the prison in Florence as they await adjudication. But perhaps it’s just routine testing. Or other military operations.

Positive news on the migration legal front from Douglas Ducote:

Finally…Some Great News For Trump & Law Abiding Americans

Tylenol has bits of metal in it? There’s a shocker. And baby powder has asbestos, I heard. Baby aspirin… don’t go there.

Johnson & Johnson Population Control Agenda [VIDEO]

The Sleepers Are Now Awake, [DS] Panics And Traps Themselves, Plan Advances – Episode 1819b

Setup Complete, Watch Gold, Watch The [CB], Watch What Happens Next – Episode 1821a

The deep state has activated their plan of attack in their territory of Florida. They don’t want to lose it completely. They installed Gillum in the gubernatorial race, who, despite the shameless election rigging, lost to Ron DeSantis in the midterms. It’s time for the People to take Florida back and eliminate the pond scum orchestrating the false flags, mass shootings and sacrificial rituals.

Andrew Gillum Announces Plan to Stop Trump in Florida

There has been endless suffering on our planet and it continues as this war rages on. One of our best investigative journalists, Jon Rappaport, shared this beautiful tear jerker today and in his honour, and that of his dearly departed, Laura Thompson, I forward it to the warriors.

If we understood the reality of the transference of consciousness we wouldn’t suffer so.

I hope Jon understands that the reincarnation loop ensnaring Humanity for eons was dismantled fairly recently and now when we leave this earthly plane, we’re told we go directly to Source, and a blissful reunion. Rest in peace, Laura.

Poem on the Passing of My Wife

March 21, 2019

Did a great Nothing swallow you whole, my darling?

Have you gone to ashes, buried next to the walnut tree in New Jersey, in the back yard of your family?

Is the same swelling of the legs that immobilized you creeping up my body?

I sat on our front porch smoking a cigarette looking at the wild cherry tree full of pink buds—this is your spring coming on in the hills of Carolina.

Were you a collection of elements driven by unknown forces?  Have you gone back to the beginning?  What beginning?

This is not my season for reassurances.

I don’t rest in full knowledge that your essence is still whole somewhere brimming.

Spring is relentless in the hills around our home—fat cardinals are building a nest near an upstairs window.  Is that you orchestrating a message?  I’m told I need to drink more water and stop eating salt, when all I want is salt.

I wasn’t with you at the clinic when you died.  I’m told a nurse was combing your hair and singing to you when you stopped breathing, when you’d had enough suffering.  You had many plans—the house is full of your things.  I think a stray thought and by habit it refers to you.  This is not the season for reassurances.  This is not the time for a life without you.  Are you in some cottage by the sea waiting for us?

In a week or so our wild cherry tree will be spilling with white flowers from every branch.  Will you be there?  For me, yes.  Our house is surrounded by high deep forest.  Hundreds of trees.  As a boy, trees were my first love.  You are my second—and much greater love.  My darling.


Headlines & Updates for January 23, 2019: Patriots in Control [videos] ~ January 23, 2019

Pelosi goes head to head with President Trump. I don’t understand why the President of the United States needs the approval of the Speaker to deliver an address to the American people who overwhelmingly elected him—particularly in an unstable time with a government shutdown—the longest in US history.

Sean Hannity on Fox News says he does NOT. So… this is about optics.

Pelosi tells Trump no State of the Union on Tuesday

Trump’s response to Pelosi, amongst other issues discussed. There is much progress behind the scenes that the Trump administration doesn’t get credit for outside the alternative media.

An insider at the Vatican gave Betsy and Thomas this confirmation.

An infusion of positivity and lighthearted banter.

Dave’s updates and analyses are key in understanding what is unfolding, in my opinion.

Control, The Important Ingredient That The [DS] & [CB] Don’t Have – Episode 1773a

Insurance Activated, Playing Out As Planned, Blocking/Protecting Will Fail – Episode 1773b

In case you are new… Canadian alt news… with some good news

Have you been wondering what became of “Frazzledrip”—the appalling video from the dark web leaked to show Hillary and Clinton and Huma Abedin engaging in the most unspeakable, satanic acts against children imaginable? One of these days… because people are losing patience.

FBI Agents Threaten To Release Weiner/Hillary Laptop Evidence

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for December 31, 2018: Happy New Year! ~ December 31, 2018

Happy New Year, possums!

For new Truthers, please keep in mind that Ben is a reporter, bringing information others give him. He doesn’t believe everything he’s told and neither should we. Research and use your own discretion.

I am grateful for scraps that may flesh out the ‘big picture’ as that is our goal. We’re not satisfied with pat answers. We must dig, expand our thinking, consider all the possibilities—and know that ANYTHING is possible. The process is simple, but the result rarely is.

May 2019 see the culmination of years of effort to vanquish the dark and bring the Light back to our planet and the beating heart of mankind.

Big love to all the Truth Warriors; that’s anyone who opened their mind to unearth the reality and pursued Truth. One more person acknowledging truth makes a difference.

A ‘Truth Warrior” doesn’t have to beat it into anyone’s head. They lead by example. They ARE the example, and by BEing, change the frequency of our world, and hence, reality. That act, in itself, is service-to-others, and Truth will bring Peace.

“Peace on Earth” has a high frequency ring to it.  ~ BP

If we all push, 2019 will see final victory against the Khazarian mafia

December 31, 2018

by Benjamin Fulford

Many signs indicate that 2019 will be a breakthrough year in the battle against the satan-worshiping Khazarian mafia.  Not only have mass arrests begun, but the mass-murdering part of the pharmacidical/medical establishment is finally being taken out as well.  Another obvious sign it is no longer business as usual comes from the fact that the U.S. military is being withdrawn from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.  And this time the U.S. government shutdown may actually result in formal bankruptcy procedures against the illegal corporate government that has occupied Washington, D.C. since 1871.

Let’s start with the U.S. military withdrawals, since they mark one of the biggest changes seen since the end of World War II when the perpetual war economy of the U.S. military-industrial complex began.  Pentagon sources say U.S. President Donald Trump’s Christmas Day visit to Iraq portends a pull-out from that country.  This follows withdrawal announcements from Afghanistan and Syria, as well as a ceasefire in Yemen.  We also note that almost all of the U.S. carrier groups are now at rest in their home ports.

Even more dramatically, the sources say, “Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan’s mission will be [to bring out in public view the] space force, bring troops home, release extraterrestrial and suppressed technology, close overseas bases, beat swords into plowshares and cut waste, while building a more lethal military.”  This means peace on earth and goodwill to all in a very real sense this holiday season.

The Pentagon sources also say the long U.S. government shutdown “makes it easy to arrest Deep-Staters embedded in the government.”  Furthermore, the first senior official to be publicly tried in “Nuremburg 2.0 will be ….  (to be continued later this week per Ben’s request.)

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X22 Financial and Geopolitical Reports for December 28, 2018 [videos] ~ December 28, 2018

The Patriots really cannot afford to have America in panic and chaos. The reboot must be managed delicately and gradually since most of the world doesn’t know what’s coming. Thomas Williams indicated last night that the sudden stock market rise after the dip was a move by the Patriots to prevent a crash.

The Manna World Holding Trust has been making infusions of cash where required to keep the US government afloat. Let’s hope it doesn’t all go south.  ~ BP


The Truth Slips Out, [DS] [CB] Begin To Counter Patriots Economic Plan – Episode 1752a

The [DS] Using All Their Ammunition To Cover Up The Inevitable – Episode 1752b

X22 Reports: Financial and Geopolitical Updates for December 16, 2018 [videos] ~ December 16, 2018

Editor’s Note:  Are you ready? Real change (and positive change at that!) is onit’s way. Please watch the videos below, and…



Bringing The Fed Down With Gold, Past Quotes From Trump Confirm It – Episode 1742a

MSM Prepping For The Falling Hammer, We Knew This Was Coming – Episode 1742b