Labour Day Updates for September 2, 2019: Multiple Storms, Multiple Meanings [videos] ~ September 2, 2019

The model Fox News is using for Hurricane Dorian is saying it is a Cat 5 and is anticipated to skim the Florida coast and beyond before it tracks out into the Atlantic. Keep huffing and puffing folks! Models don’t determine what will happen; they merely predict, and “thoughts become things”.

It did a lot of damage in the Bahamas and we hope they will be getting assistance very soon.

Democrats’ real wish list for 2019: More mass shootings, catastrophic hurricanes and an economic crash… all to blame their political opponents

Lots of SerialBrain2 decodes—AND—videos from And We Know… newest links  on top.

Post # 194 – Trump’s Big Victories at the G7 – Part 2: Trump Freed France from the Cabal!

Post # 193 – Trump’s Big Victories at the G7 – Part 1: The Battlefield and the Weapons.

Post # 192 – It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

SerialBrain2: It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up.

Post # 191 – Trump just confirmed the Idaho Riddle decode all the way from the G7!

General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell tells us the “government” is withholding documents the defense needs. She feels from what is available the case should be outright dismissed and does not want to go the route of a “not guilty” plea.

Flynn lawyers accuse DOJ of withholding key documents

I’ve been thinking about the media. We continue to see mergers and growing monopolies and obviously the talking heads are still spewing pure propaganda and lies, but what if…

What if some benevolent sorts actually have been buying and taking control of the media companies and solely for the purposes of waking up the public they are using the currently ensconced talking heads to do their most outrageous best—only to take over the airwaves at the predetermined time to tell the world the “real truth”? Just asking. What if?

It doesn’t seem like the White Hats have left anything to chance, and we know the corporate media is a problem, but the truth is measured.  Why does Fox allow Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Trish Regan and others to tell the truth while others still spout the anti-Trump rhetoric? If the cabal owned the company would they allow the pro-Trump truth to come out? Did some of the media companies flip?

Are some of the movies coming out designed to reveal the truth and wake up the masses or are they just more cabal productions to show us what they’re planning to do “to us”? Not that they’ll be doing anything “to us”. They’re toast. Mind-controlled shooters, stabbers or vehicle rammers is all they’ve got left. Pathetic psychopaths.

I’m going to quote the quotable Q right now. I like this one below.

Good writing gets the message clearly across in as few words as possible. I don’t strive for that in this conversational style I use for the blog, but Q is a master.


Learn chess.

Down she goes.

Nobody escapes this.



QAnon may be back on the boards in a few days. We’ll see. It won’t be before Sept 5th, but some time after.

Here’s an interesting bit of info that may or may not be true. Fulford’s supposed update for this week… for which we may or may not get confirmation. Thanks, L. Not that I believe it’s Fulford writing this.

Former Japanese Prime Ministers Koizumi and Nakasone in Guantanamo, Japanese police say

Former Japanese Prime Ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Yasuhiro Nakasone were taken last week by U.S. military police to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Japanese police and underworld sources both say.  A person at Koizumi’s office, when asked if this is true, said, “There is nobody here.  My job is just to answer to phone.”  Even PR people were unavailable, she said.  Spokespersons for the 101-year-old Nakasone were also unavailable at the time of writing this report.  The head of intelligence for the cabinet of Japanese-slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe failed to respond to queries about these arrests.  The arrests are part of a major crackdown on people related to the Bush family, a Japanese right-wing source said.

The arrests, if they took place, are long overdue.  Koizumi is a murderer (he likes to strangle geishas) who handed over control of Japanese corporations to Zionists.  Nakasone overruled Japan’s health and welfare ministry to allow carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting chemicals to be put into common Japanese foodstuffs and other products.  Hopefully they are now squealing on their satan-worshiping bosses.

We have more evidence the cabal is hell bent on creating war and as much destruction as possible on their way out. Surrender is not in their psychopathic vocabulary.

There is more interesting reading at What Does It Mean, as well.

Shock US Navy Missile Strike Follows Court Filing Proving Clinton-FBI-DOJ-CIA-DOD Plot Against Trump

The globalists love their scare tactics, however impotent they may be. This weekend the freeway signs in the Phoenix valley said to “be afraid”, again. I just can’t take this stuff seriously. I believe the media also posts police training videos on the Internet posing as real scenarios. The one I viewed was so lame with slo-motion action it had to be a training exercise.

They say the alert message will stay on the signs indefinitely. Check out the couple we’re to fear at the link. They had one deputy in charge of this operation? I doubt it.

Yes, we live in a Petri dish. We didn’t evolve from apes; we were created, then manipulated and interfered with by multiple races, and have been watched to see how we’re progressing. Or not. More drip, drip, drip of disclosure.

Scientists say that aliens are looking at us like “animals in a zoo”

Here’s an amusing tale about a creative inspiration.

Slovenian Village Sparks Controversy With a Trump ‘Statue of Liberty’

This is a revealing look at just who has been running things in America.

Click the video. Surprised?

Not going to believe who is on the Defense Innovation Board at the Pentagon @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @almostjingo @2xwide_dreaming @We_Have_Risen @ProudAmericanP2 @klauswynter @BabeReflex_8 @almostjingo @TheLastRefuge2 @1foreverseeking @SeekerOTL @ECEverett1 @sibeledmonds

— Shannon (@Avery1776) September 1, 2019

This headline shouldn’t surprise you based on the increasing frequency of false flag shootings.

Gun debate to shape 2020 races

Here is the latest Patriot Intel Report followed by today’s Oracle Report from Laura Walker.

Patriot Intel Report 09 02 19

THE ORACLE REPORT | “Alpha & Omega” – September 2, 2019

Scott Mowry had an event this weekend so the Miracles Intel Call will be tonight rather than last night.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call has been rescheduled for MONDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 2, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.

As we enter into the month of September, EVERYTHING is ramping up like we have never seen before — including the weather!

Hurricane Dorian, currently bearing down upon the states of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, is a metaphor for another kind of “Perfect Storm” about to inflict catastrophic damage upon the Deep State.

  • The damage will come from of a plethora of seriously damning evidence now ready to be released in series of drops by the White Hat Patriots throughout the month of September, and continuing into the Fall.
  • Strike one has come from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Michael Horowitz, who has finally released his special report into James Comey and it was extremely critical of his lack of professionalism and ethics. It has now been officially documented that James Comey is the worst Director in the history of the FBI, even worse than J. Edgar Hoover.
  • Make no mistake about it, the James Comey OIG report is merely the appetizer as far, far more devastating evidence is on the verge of coming out which will lead to an indictment of prosecution of the former FBI Director. It is only a matter of time now.
  • Meanwhile, numerous other reports are indicating former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe is about to be indicted, as well. And we are anticipating many other indictments about to become unsealed of former Obama administration officials like: James Clapper, James Brennan, Susan Rice, etc.
  • Over the past week, President Trump has been openly discussing “The Storm” in his press conferences and on Twitter. The President is clearly not only referring to the weather, as these are specially coded messages for Patriots, Anons and the American people to be ready for some major developments about to begin! Here we go!

We can tell you, this will be another very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598

Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402

Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

(Please make sure to go to the “Services” section of PayPal to make a donation and not the “Send money to Friends” section)

Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry

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We need to keep it light, so here’s today’s wacky Quick Burn from IPOT.

A Quick Burn – Love Hurts – IPOT Presents – 9.2.19

That concludes our update for today. Enjoy your Labour Day—as if we don’t have enough of those. Every day is a “labour day”, it seems unless we’re away from home on vacation and out of the old daily grind scenario.

I’m looking forward to those technologies being released that will make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Thanks for the chuckle, L.   ~ BP

Donald Trump Mistakenly Offers Condolences to ‘Toledo’ Shooting Victims ~ August 5, 2019

Editor;s Note: yep…we’ll see how “the rest of the story” goes. Not like you think it will. Just sayin, and be…



Mistakenly? Really? Or was that code to confirm that Toledo, Ohio was where the third shooting was to take place but was preempted by Fox News “script malfunction”?  ~ BP

Donald Trump Mistakenly Offers Condolences to ‘Toledo’ Shooting Victims

Orchestrated Mass Shootings: Full Analyses of the “Engineered Violence” [videos] ~ August 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ah…the worm is turning and the deep state are majorly s-c-a-r-e-d! What does this mean for you and I? It’s time, more than ever to be prepared for anything as the Dark will pull out all stops NOW to stop the advancing erosion of their power.

Be on the lookout for the Emergency Message System to be alive and well on your own personal cell phone as there will be a “test” of that system this Wed. at 2:20 EDT. This is important as the boards used by “Q” may go dark at any time!

So…please read the latest news below (Thanks, Starship Earth!), consider where your heart leads you to be st this month when major events will, and BE…



Come hither, friends, and take part in the systematic destruction of the old guard. The White Hats are hitting it hard and major actions are in play. The terror felt by the dark ones is evident, and unfortunately, there will be collateral damage. It is unavoidable, and this is a battle unlike any other.

There is a war against Humanity, and most don’t even realize it. We have done our best for years to inform the public, and President Trump and QAnon have made a concerted effort for over two years to do the same but many people are not waking up to the reality.

POTUS has outright told America that the fake news is the enemy of the People. Did they not take it seriously? They should have.

The shootings were prefaced by this news below, informing us that the People are considered the enemy of the state. Any informed individual who questions or opposes the official narrative of the corporate media (the propaganda arm of the deep state/shadow government) is the enemy.

Back in the 60’s the CIA concocted the term “conspiracy theory” to deal with those who questioned and knew things did not add up. The deep state now uses that term to discredit the research and opinions published by the alternative news community.

FBI Now Classifies ‘Conspiracy Theories’ as Domestic Terrorism Threat

Scores of astute patriots and researchers have now weighed in on the “false flag” shootings in America recently and as is always the case, the facts as presented by the corporate media just don’t jibe with the witness accounts and evidence.

BOMBSHELL: Mass shooting events follow pattern of “FBI terror plots” documented by the New York Times… agents recruit social media extremists to frame as scapegoats for engineered violence

Now that the deep state media whores and politicians have begun chanting their narratives, we see the gun confiscation and white supremacy agendas in our faces.

Kamala Harris willing to send cops to people’s homes to confiscate banned firearms

Another purpose of the shootings (they always have multiple objectives) is for the vilification of their arch-enemy QAnon and the Patriots, so be prepared.

It’s about censorship, and it’s get down and dirty time. The deep state is lying and conniving to link the shooters to QAnon and 8Chan.

Scott Mowry cautioned on the Miracles Intel Call last night that President Trump will likely be censored on Twitter and there is a strong possibility the 8Chan boards will go dark. He says it’s important that we ensure our phones are enabled to receive the Emergency Alert Service (EAS) Presidential Alert messages from POTUS as that may be the only way he has to communicate with We, the People.

The scheduled EAS message will go out to all cell phones on Wednesday, August 7th at 2:20 pm EDT/11:20 Pacific.

Look at the lengths the murderous Deep State will go just to shut down a “conspiracy theory”. They assassinated Kennedy for the same reason, they will stop at nothing until the only place Q can post is dead too. #PatriotsFight

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) August 5, 2019

It’s never the way it’s portrayed, is it?

Mike Adams makes it easy to come to a quick evaluation of the El Paso event for yourself in his article:

Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting

4 GUNMEN IN EL PASO. Here is a witness that said she saw 3 or 4 gunmen firing. This investigation STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN.

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) August 4, 2019

This is an important observation. The same “crisis actors” seem to show up in multiple terrorism events as different characters, with different names. (It’s actually Marjory Stoneman Douglas, not Stonewall.)



— TRUreporting (@TRUreporting) August 4, 2019

Dave produced an extra X22 Report for the material that Themtube would have censored, and put it on Bitchute. He has done an excellent job of pulling together the available testimony and evidence from multiple sources for the shootings so we can see it was not what we were told on the lamestream media.

Below is Dave’s usual analysis Part B, and this is the link to the Bitchute portion of 1934C. Both are excellent for understanding events as things escalate. There are some interesting twists in these, as always.

We Knew It Was Going To Happen, Exculpatory Evidence, Boom – Episode 1934b

American Intelligence Media provide an outstanding article explaining how these shootings and the subsequent propaganda we hear in the “news” is actually legal in America. Engineered violence is an apt term for it. The globalists engineer everything. They have been controlling the world from geoengineered weather to manipulated finances, scheduled depressions, fomented wars for the purpose of regime change, genocide, and the confiscation of resources, and the war for our minds has been raging for a very long time. Now that we all have televisions and hand-held gadgets, it’s easy to deliver their programming.

Most Americans are unaware that Obama the traitor made it legal for the government and law enforcement to murder civilians, lie about it, and disseminate their version of the story to the public to achieve their objectives to control the population and run the world. Shocking perhaps, but true.

It’s a very long article, but even skimming portions of it will enable readers to see how we are manipulated and how they took great pains to ensure their deep state lawyers made it legal to do so.

That is why the organic Constitution stated that those bearing titles of nobility (like esquire) were not qualified to sit in the government. What do we see in America now? They’re nearly all lawyers, attorneys, and esquires; the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers stated was required to protect the People from the government.

It’s time for the People to take their government back. Thanks to President Trump and the US military patriots, that is happening—but not without a fight, and unfortunately, the deep state psychopaths are now actively taking the fight to the People.

False Flags are Legal Propaganda

President Trump has been attacked relentlessly by the deep state media and delivered this message to the nation:

“News Coverage Has Got to Start Being Fair” – PRESIDENT TRUMP Slams Fake News Liberal Mainstream Media for Fomenting Anger and Rage

Here’s something you probably didn’t see coming. I hope Gov. Abbott means what he said in the most literal way.

Mexico Threatens Legal Action Against the U.S. After Citizens Harmed in Shooting

Scott Mowry told us his sources report that Donald Trump, the First Lady Melania, and the family are delivering on this mission far over and above their wildest expectations, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. I have stated many times that what we are witnessing is most incredible show and far beyond what I ever imagined would unfold in the last years of our enslavement. It certainly seems like something supernatural is afoot.

The mere fact that thus far the war has been fought largely behind the scenes, key figures have been removed and replaced without the public suspecting, and so much ground gained without open civil war is a testament to the outstanding commitment, honour, and frankly, masterful acting ability of the soldiers on Humanity’s side.

Everyone involved in the front lines has given it all they have, whether it’s the Trumps, the Q team, certain mainstream media players, alternative media people, decoders, the folks at Judicial Watch, AE911 Truth, litigators preparing the sealed indictments, patriot politicians, and international leaders and diplomats, or the military performing the extractions and arrests.

It’s been epic and incredibly exciting to watch and participate with a view to the ultimate destruction and removal of the evil on our planet.

This is the time to buckle up, as they say. Strap yourselves in, and as the President urged us some time ago, prepare for anything, be it extreme weather, evacuation, seismic events, bank shutdowns, power blackouts, and any sort of interruption in daily life. Anything could happen in these active days when the military is defanging the dark.

Across the planet, we are all in this together, and we shall be victorious with relatively little violence and loss of life. It’s happening.

The Patriots ARE in control. That doesn’t mean the psychopaths won’t retaliate or stage their own defensive operations. Above all, the White Hats want us all to remain calm, no matter what happens as The Plan to free the world is executed.

Watch for the EAS message on Wednesday. Things are about to get really good.

Field McConnell just stated on his <a href="http://”>Abel Danger show for this morning that he believes JFK Jr. is alive because the secret service and FBI were all over him in the weeks before he supposedly died, and they were invisible to the deep state players, such as the Clintons. He tells the most interesting stories… Just sayin’.  ~ BP

Must Watch: Weaponizing Humans to Kill Other Humans; Targeted Individuals [video] ~ September 1, 2018

This is one reason the patriots HAD to stop the cabal/New World Order/Illuminati/deep state NOW.

The predators on this planet have figured out how to weaponize everything in ways no one would suspect unless they were insiders.

There has been a lot of controversy over the “false flag” events and mass shootings on our planet recently, and the unexplainable behaviour of otherwise ordinary Human Beings.

This is the best video on this subject that I have yet seen.

We have witnessed in the past several years many “false flag” events and taken them apart, exposing the methods used to manipulate people; usually involving a drill or training exercise to take place just prior or simultaneously. A “drill” that suddenly goes live causes mass confusion and no one knows how to react or recognizes a real threat when they think it’s all “make believe”.

In some of these mass shootings, there were injuries and/or deaths. In others, like Sandy Hook, (Sandy Hoax) there were no injuries or deaths as far as we know and only crisis actors used at a school that had been closed for some time and was due to be demolished. That was well planned—for a purpose.

In other events, there were very real casualties, and we don’t want to blindly claim every one was a “hoax” because that’s when the media begins to vilify us as tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists, nut bars and whackos.

In the video below, you will be encouraged to ponder whether all of these different types of false flag events were setups for the alt media so that we would generalize and falsely claim that no one died in any of them; to cause confusion so we can’t tell if it happened the way it’s reported or not.

The video goes on to explain the MK Ultra programming and “Voice of God” or voice-to-skull technology perfected by the military.

As you may be aware, the military has been authorized to perform experiments on the unsuspecting civilian population of America for some time. It’s all written off as legitimate because it’s a matter of national security. The research of warfare. They have done everything you can imagine, from spraying toxins, to irradiating, to sonic or high frequency weapons… you name it.

It was never warfare to be used on a foreign enemy, but a domestic one. The American people. They are using it now. They have been perfecting it and testing for use in times such as this, when it’s us against them, in the final hour.

You may recall recently I shared the news of a man who went to a soccer (football) field in Belgium with a belt of bombs around him and detonated them. I suspect that was a test. He was probably told to do this via voice-to-skull technology or at the very least MK-Ultra programming via the use of a trigger word, phrase or sound, and it may have been a message from the dark telling the Light Forces that they will do a lot more of that, and on a mass scale, if the good guys continue to attempt to eviscerate the New World Order.

There have been other examples of this recently but watch the video so you know what we are up against, and what the dark forces MIGHT do if they are not stopped. Perhaps they already have been stopped. I don’t know. But forewarned is forearmed.

Does the 5G technology play into this? Possibly. I believe the White Hats know exactly what they’re up against and we will not be told until a much later date. They can’t afford to have the general public panicking.

In my opinion, everyone needs to watch this so we understand what is possible, and what we might see (or hear).  Thanks for the share, L. Be sure to go to ThemTube and give this gal a thumbs up on her video that she researched for almost a month. Well done. It may need to be uploaded to to protect it.

Oh, and I recommend if you aren’t already shielding yourself from psychic attacks that you visit the Think Different site and avail yourself of the videos and documents there to teach you how to ground and centre, and shield yourself.

I don’t know how well tin-foil hats work.  ~ BP


Saturday Morning Digest: Hot Headlines [videos] ~ April 7, 2018

Have you been way too busy to stay tuned to breaking news items? Well, Starship Earth does a wonderful job of lining up news, with corresponding videos, to help all stay aware of the situation on Planet Earth right now.

I really appreciate the advice in the last video asking us to “just be an observer” of what all is going on out there…and  in there inside of ourselves. Instead of being “caught up” in the drama of what’s going on, just chill out, relax a bit and stay clear headed. So…please read this article, watch the videos, catch up on current (strange) events in our country, and…


What a busy week for drama. New players have jumped into the fray and we have lots of material to vet and run through our personal BS meters.

Thanks to the crew for dredging up some key headlines. Rather than subterfuge and obfuscation, perhaps we’ve switched to more exposure and honesty. The trolls are very uncomfortable with that and their pathetic actions are becoming increasingly transparent.

While I have enjoyed the information Simon Parkes has brought us over time, he is one Thomas Williams called out some time ago, so perhaps this is confirmation of the masks slipping.

Simon’s rebuttal is here. (You didn’t think it would be easy, did you?) There are five sides to every story, it seems.

The latest buzz from Washington suggests Obama has been arrested. I have my doubts, but if he was, we will have no official confirmation of that for awhile. There are too many in America who haven’t been red-pilled sufficiently to pull that one off just yet, in my opinion.

There are also too many sleepers who may be activated that could cause chaos and danger to innocent civilians. The White Hats will try to mitigate the collateral damage of this take-down as much as possible and will tell the public at the first safe opportunity.

If you don’t know what we mean by “sleepers”, watch this excellent video about Monarch and MK Ultra mind control and programming. People have been weaponized.

When the arrests are announced, I suspect it will be all together in one fell swoop. Rip the Band-aid off and get it over with so the healing can begin.

Natasha goes over a lot of headlines in this video.

Eyes to the skies!

David Seaman is claiming chemtrails have stopped. I don’t know what planet he’s living on but that is simply not true in my locale. There are reports they are heavier than ever in Alaska and Canada, and I can confirm the same here near Phoenix. There is hardly a day without them and HAARPed skies were even polkadot recently.

Sometimes here in the East Valley the sky is solid grey at sunrise from spraying the previous day. The other night there were rows of them over the full moon, and we rarely ever see a sun rise or set any more. A clear day is something to be celebrated.

There’s a silver lining to every cloud, however, and we finally got our nice, hot temperatures. Woo-hoo! You can sit out till midnight or later without a jacket but still have a fire. The pool is up to 72, and it sounds like it will increase next week. Finally!

There are increasing photos worldwide of bizarre sky phenomenon, many of which I’ve shared recently—some on Captain’s Blog.

At sunrise and sunset we can see things not apparent at other times and they are trying to cover it up.

Check out the chemtrails in the viewer photographs at the end of this video. We experience that on a daily basis, with few exceptions, and even when it’s already cloudy, there are fresh chemtrails up there.

When it’s all over and done, President Trump will certainly be able to say, “I did it my way.”

Trump Will Not Attend 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The unexplained pulses of light continue.

There are many widespread accounts of animals and birds behaving completely out of character. Some wildlife specialists are saying with the racoons, it’s “distemper”. I’ve never seen a raccoon just rear up on its hind legs and bare its teeth.

Why are birds disappearing from specific areas? Canada Geese parking themselves in front of a Target store… grackles getting comfy at a gas station in Texas…

Why are deer and birds approaching Humans without fear?

Another oddity: This is the first time in our 20+ years of being Golden Retriever parents that our dog hasn’t shed his undercoat early in the year. Normally at this time white tufts of the short, wooly coat are poking through the outer coat and falling out in big chunks, requiring daily brushing which yields multiple fist-fulls of what I consider beautifully soft nest lining for the birds. This year—nothing. Just regular winter shedding.

A tree in our yard that seems to bloom more times a year than any tree has a right to and might cause our frequent allergy symptoms hasn’t bloomed for some time. As a result, we’re not seeing the particular bird that loved to feast on the seedpods. I certainly don’t miss the piles of woody seed pods, dead leaves, flowers and pollen all over the patio table and chairs.

The carpenter bees living in the ramada collect pollen, of course, and I also don’t miss the rain of yellow bee pee as they enter or exit their tunnels over the table.

This is definitely a different sort of year in many ways.

OPERATION HOGGWASH: No Death Records for the 17 Parkland Victims

Based on these results, one can ask: Why did Nikolas Cruz confess to the Broward County Sheriff’s? What death records did the Broward County Sheriff’s Office use to charge Nikolas Cruz with 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder? Like so many of these “mass shooting events”, we are left with more questions than answers.

The tally is now 25,000 sealed indictments. As Col. Potter posited recently… we don’t know that the indictments are not for us; the patriots. He won’t believe NWO arrests until he sees ’em.

Alexandra Meadors and Laura Legere: Remaining Neutral Through The Alt-Media Wars [VIDEO]