Must Watch: Weaponizing Humans to Kill Other Humans; Targeted Individuals [video] ~ September 1, 2018

This is one reason the patriots HAD to stop the cabal/New World Order/Illuminati/deep state NOW.

The predators on this planet have figured out how to weaponize everything in ways no one would suspect unless they were insiders.

There has been a lot of controversy over the “false flag” events and mass shootings on our planet recently, and the unexplainable behaviour of otherwise ordinary Human Beings.

This is the best video on this subject that I have yet seen.

We have witnessed in the past several years many “false flag” events and taken them apart, exposing the methods used to manipulate people; usually involving a drill or training exercise to take place just prior or simultaneously. A “drill” that suddenly goes live causes mass confusion and no one knows how to react or recognizes a real threat when they think it’s all “make believe”.

In some of these mass shootings, there were injuries and/or deaths. In others, like Sandy Hook, (Sandy Hoax) there were no injuries or deaths as far as we know and only crisis actors used at a school that had been closed for some time and was due to be demolished. That was well planned—for a purpose.

In other events, there were very real casualties, and we don’t want to blindly claim every one was a “hoax” because that’s when the media begins to vilify us as tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists, nut bars and whackos.

In the video below, you will be encouraged to ponder whether all of these different types of false flag events were setups for the alt media so that we would generalize and falsely claim that no one died in any of them; to cause confusion so we can’t tell if it happened the way it’s reported or not.

The video goes on to explain the MK Ultra programming and “Voice of God” or voice-to-skull technology perfected by the military.

As you may be aware, the military has been authorized to perform experiments on the unsuspecting civilian population of America for some time. It’s all written off as legitimate because it’s a matter of national security. The research of warfare. They have done everything you can imagine, from spraying toxins, to irradiating, to sonic or high frequency weapons… you name it.

It was never warfare to be used on a foreign enemy, but a domestic one. The American people. They are using it now. They have been perfecting it and testing for use in times such as this, when it’s us against them, in the final hour.

You may recall recently I shared the news of a man who went to a soccer (football) field in Belgium with a belt of bombs around him and detonated them. I suspect that was a test. He was probably told to do this via voice-to-skull technology or at the very least MK-Ultra programming via the use of a trigger word, phrase or sound, and it may have been a message from the dark telling the Light Forces that they will do a lot more of that, and on a mass scale, if the good guys continue to attempt to eviscerate the New World Order.

There have been other examples of this recently but watch the video so you know what we are up against, and what the dark forces MIGHT do if they are not stopped. Perhaps they already have been stopped. I don’t know. But forewarned is forearmed.

Does the 5G technology play into this? Possibly. I believe the White Hats know exactly what they’re up against and we will not be told until a much later date. They can’t afford to have the general public panicking.

In my opinion, everyone needs to watch this so we understand what is possible, and what we might see (or hear).  Thanks for the share, L. Be sure to go to ThemTube and give this gal a thumbs up on her video that she researched for almost a month. Well done. It may need to be uploaded to to protect it.

Oh, and I recommend if you aren’t already shielding yourself from psychic attacks that you visit the Think Different site and avail yourself of the videos and documents there to teach you how to ground and centre, and shield yourself.

I don’t know how well tin-foil hats work.  ~ BP



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