Saturday Morning Digest: Hot Headlines [videos] ~ April 7, 2018

Have you been way too busy to stay tuned to breaking news items? Well, Starship Earth does a wonderful job of lining up news, with corresponding videos, to help all stay aware of the situation on Planet Earth right now.

I really appreciate the advice in the last video asking us to “just be an observer” of what all is going on out there…and  in there inside of ourselves. Instead of being “caught up” in the drama of what’s going on, just chill out, relax a bit and stay clear headed. So…please read this article, watch the videos, catch up on current (strange) events in our country, and…


What a busy week for drama. New players have jumped into the fray and we have lots of material to vet and run through our personal BS meters.

Thanks to the crew for dredging up some key headlines. Rather than subterfuge and obfuscation, perhaps we’ve switched to more exposure and honesty. The trolls are very uncomfortable with that and their pathetic actions are becoming increasingly transparent.

While I have enjoyed the information Simon Parkes has brought us over time, he is one Thomas Williams called out some time ago, so perhaps this is confirmation of the masks slipping.

Simon’s rebuttal is here. (You didn’t think it would be easy, did you?) There are five sides to every story, it seems.

The latest buzz from Washington suggests Obama has been arrested. I have my doubts, but if he was, we will have no official confirmation of that for awhile. There are too many in America who haven’t been red-pilled sufficiently to pull that one off just yet, in my opinion.

There are also too many sleepers who may be activated that could cause chaos and danger to innocent civilians. The White Hats will try to mitigate the collateral damage of this take-down as much as possible and will tell the public at the first safe opportunity.

If you don’t know what we mean by “sleepers”, watch this excellent video about Monarch and MK Ultra mind control and programming. People have been weaponized.

When the arrests are announced, I suspect it will be all together in one fell swoop. Rip the Band-aid off and get it over with so the healing can begin.

Natasha goes over a lot of headlines in this video.

Eyes to the skies!

David Seaman is claiming chemtrails have stopped. I don’t know what planet he’s living on but that is simply not true in my locale. There are reports they are heavier than ever in Alaska and Canada, and I can confirm the same here near Phoenix. There is hardly a day without them and HAARPed skies were even polkadot recently.

Sometimes here in the East Valley the sky is solid grey at sunrise from spraying the previous day. The other night there were rows of them over the full moon, and we rarely ever see a sun rise or set any more. A clear day is something to be celebrated.

There’s a silver lining to every cloud, however, and we finally got our nice, hot temperatures. Woo-hoo! You can sit out till midnight or later without a jacket but still have a fire. The pool is up to 72, and it sounds like it will increase next week. Finally!

There are increasing photos worldwide of bizarre sky phenomenon, many of which I’ve shared recently—some on Captain’s Blog.

At sunrise and sunset we can see things not apparent at other times and they are trying to cover it up.

Check out the chemtrails in the viewer photographs at the end of this video. We experience that on a daily basis, with few exceptions, and even when it’s already cloudy, there are fresh chemtrails up there.

When it’s all over and done, President Trump will certainly be able to say, “I did it my way.”

Trump Will Not Attend 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The unexplained pulses of light continue.

There are many widespread accounts of animals and birds behaving completely out of character. Some wildlife specialists are saying with the racoons, it’s “distemper”. I’ve never seen a raccoon just rear up on its hind legs and bare its teeth.

Why are birds disappearing from specific areas? Canada Geese parking themselves in front of a Target store… grackles getting comfy at a gas station in Texas…

Why are deer and birds approaching Humans without fear?

Another oddity: This is the first time in our 20+ years of being Golden Retriever parents that our dog hasn’t shed his undercoat early in the year. Normally at this time white tufts of the short, wooly coat are poking through the outer coat and falling out in big chunks, requiring daily brushing which yields multiple fist-fulls of what I consider beautifully soft nest lining for the birds. This year—nothing. Just regular winter shedding.

A tree in our yard that seems to bloom more times a year than any tree has a right to and might cause our frequent allergy symptoms hasn’t bloomed for some time. As a result, we’re not seeing the particular bird that loved to feast on the seedpods. I certainly don’t miss the piles of woody seed pods, dead leaves, flowers and pollen all over the patio table and chairs.

The carpenter bees living in the ramada collect pollen, of course, and I also don’t miss the rain of yellow bee pee as they enter or exit their tunnels over the table.

This is definitely a different sort of year in many ways.

OPERATION HOGGWASH: No Death Records for the 17 Parkland Victims

Based on these results, one can ask: Why did Nikolas Cruz confess to the Broward County Sheriff’s? What death records did the Broward County Sheriff’s Office use to charge Nikolas Cruz with 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder? Like so many of these “mass shooting events”, we are left with more questions than answers.

The tally is now 25,000 sealed indictments. As Col. Potter posited recently… we don’t know that the indictments are not for us; the patriots. He won’t believe NWO arrests until he sees ’em.

Alexandra Meadors and Laura Legere: Remaining Neutral Through The Alt-Media Wars [VIDEO]

Can You Handle the Truth? Parkland, Florida Ritual Sacrifice on a Platter [videos] ~ Feb. 18, 2018

Well, I KNEW this was a false flag from day one of this episode in Florida. Really…now the State of Florida wants to “bury the bodies” and “tear down the school”? This is a pretty convenient way to hide evidence…is it not? Did anyone see any blood, or ambulances, or report from local hospitals? Nope…and this is because it never happened. At least NOT the ways it has been described on MSM!

Need more proof? Please read this article from Starship Earth, watch the articles, put the pieces (or lack thereof) together yourself, and…


I usually disregard false flag events to a great degree any more but the school shooting in Parkland, Florida is off the charts in its “coincidental” details. It was no accident. Nor was it committed by Nikolas Cruz.

The intricacies dug up by the Truth Media are astounding and it’s clear this event was an Illuminati message to the Trump camp on one of their well-known ritual sacrifice days, St. Valentine’s.

The namesake of the school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, was a journalist, writer and ecologist famous for her stalwart protection of the nearby “swamp”; her beloved Everglades.

She also wrote a story about a storm. You see how the Illuminati’s obsession with symbolism and cryptic messages creeps into everything they do?

Nikolas Cruz was a patsy set up by officials in Broward County, known to be corrupt. Something didn’t go according to Hoyle, however, because Cruz was in the wrong part of the school with a senior student and sans weapon. You have to hear the details to believe it. He was only taken into custody because they had planned to blame it on him and knew exactly who to look for.

This first video from You Are Free TV presents much of this information and more, referencing an earlier one from Anti School. I’ve listened to both, and also a third one, below. The vlogger at Urban Moving really put his thinking cap on and although his delivery is a little different, he does a partial reenactment in his head based on witness reports and I believe he nails it. Cruz shot no one.

There’s no question this St. Valentine’s massacre was another sloppy false flag terrorist attack by the deep state, and Obama, like a broken record, wasted no time calling for gun control. There are no accidents, and no coincidences.

True to their pattern for other attacks including Sandy Hook, they have declared they will demolish the premises as soon as funding is made available, effectively destroying evidence at a crime scene.

There should be no surprises left in these pre-planned, staged attacks on Humanity. There are always multiple shooters while they try to pin it on one, unfortunate victim always known to the authorities. Drugs and MK-Ultra/Monarch mind control always come into play, as well as weapons planted at the scene.

They tried the “white supremacist” tack but it fell apart. The “Allalu Akbar” detail is just as pathetic as it was the other times the El-ites included it in their attacks, but as Q says, “These people are stupid.”

Unfortunately for many innocent victims and their families and fellow students, the cabal sent a petulant message that they’re going to stop Trump from draining the swamp, they’re creating their own storm, and while they’re at it they’re going to poke the sleeping public with a stick to get them to demand more gun control.

Urban Moving takes a little longer to get to the point—and he makes several excellent ones—but in 21 minutes he leaves us in no doubt that this was a setup for poor Nikolas Cruz, a troubled young man with no parents, who came from faster homes and was then adopted but he was targeted by the deep state because they knew they could control him through drugs and hypnosis. He was victimized and needs help. He’s lucky to be alive, and based on the fallout from the Boston Marathon Bombing, he may not be for long.  ~ BP