All Eyes on America: The Storm About to Hit the Border—Trump Update Streaming Now [videos] ~ November 1, 2018

Update: Before I finished this post an announcement came from Fox News live saying the caravan had fallen apart or something to that effect and wasn’t going to be continuing. I don’t have the exact words but President Trump will be making an official announcement from the White House today at 4:15 EDT/1:15 Pacific and I will be listening for that. Fox says they will have updates on the migrant situation all day.

Watch the update now streaming:

I’m wondering if perhaps the aggressive military bluster caused the decent folk in the caravan to think twice and reconsider their options. It’s still possible there are violent, armed young men from multiple countries still advancing and soon to arrive at the border. This isn’t over till it’s over, and may ultimately be Trump’s finest hour.

Canada—you’d best pay attention. More on that below. ~ BP

My original post began…

The border situation is huge, and growing. It’s the biggest thing unfolding because what happens at the border doesn’t stay at the border; it bleeds into every town and every life in America, like a cancer—but it’s not a tumour! And it’s not a caravan! It’s an army of invaders.

Regardless of what the mass media do to minimize the perception of danger, there is great danger. This isn’t a group of starving, unemployed migrants plodding wearily through Central America like a herd o’ turtles. It is a threat to the entire population of America, and ultimately, Canada. It’s a threat to our unborn children.

The ruling parties in Canada have also allowed “migrants” to stream out of the USA through a “hole” in the Quebec border and are housing them in Toronto hotels, at the very least. We have video proof of this and it’s probably much worse. The Trudeau government is run by the globalists and has arranged for this. They built a tent city with taxpayer dollars for “optics” and put no one in it. You’re being played, Canada!

Asylum seekers are shown next to tents at the Canada-United States border in Lacolle, Que. on August 10, 2017. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes)

How this situation at the Mexican border is handled and how it unfolds will affect the US election, and the economy and lifestyle of everyone living here and in Canada.

We have constant updates and assurances from the President that the would-be immigrants will not be allowed into the country. They will be humanely managed, contained, or if they choose not to remain in the tents until their status as immigrants can be vetted and processed, they are free to return whence they came.

It appears the US military is not taking any chances and have deployed even more troops and equipment to manage the mob—and make no mistake—it IS a mob.

President Trump has mentioned “sonic weapons”. We don’t like to hear that weapons will be used on American soil but this is a crisis and the weapons, used properly, are not lethal. They are appropriate for the mother of all crises, in my opinion, where masses of illegal aliens are bent on breaking American immigration laws.

The lamestream media works hard to set the narrative whenever a story breaks so they can control the terminology and thus, the perception. They began by calling this army of “migrants”—some of whom are hired, ARMED thugs—a “caravan”. They want Americans to believe it’s a “caravan of dreamers”; a benign term that suggests no threat.

Lest we forget, it wasn’t long ago that Obama and Hillary Clinton were saying we must protect the border and can’t have immigrants flooding in from the South. Only the independent media and Fox have brought us the video of those earlier statements as reminders of the sudden change in tactics.

It’s time to get real, people. Thanks to Obama there have been thousands of immigrants allowed in America and we are already seeing the fallout. It’s not good, and if you add more immigrants, it will get much worse.

The media is attempting to convince Americans that it is more important to offer a better life to people in other countries than it is to make Americans’ own lives better. The media talking heads are bullies. They are trying to turn you into martyrs so you will sacrifice everything for others and the New World Order—who is marching into the streets right alongside these paid “immigrants” in a most cowardly way; from the shadows.

Stefan Molyneux made an outstanding video, below, reminding us that we needn’t be bullied and should be calling this horde of people what it is: an invasion. He reiterates the facts exposed by the team from Judicial Watch that went to the Guatemalan-Honduran border and areas along the route, spoke with “migrants” and took photos of the REAL members of the group.

Stefan brings much important information to light that thinking people need to recognize—particularly with respect to how thousands of third world immigrants impact a society such as ours. How do we know? Because they already have!

from April 29, 2018…

Watch: Chaos Erupts As “Caravan” Of Illegals Scales US Border Fence, Cheering “Gracias Mexico”

North Americans don’t hate Spanish-speaking people. I have been to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Agentina, Chile and Easter Island and they’re wonderful people. They have their own charming culture, and most don’t speak English. We had to learn a little Spanish just so we could travel with greater ease and we also learned that they just don’t operate the way we do and we had to graciously accommodate their way of life.

This “caravan” does not comprise “those people”. There are a few of them, but there are also many hired mercenary men who have already revealed their violent tendencies when they shot at Mexican authorities attempting to detain them. They are hell-bent on storming the US border and that is that. They may very well be “asylum-seekers” because they committed crimes in their own countries! Yet the media would have us believe these are poor folks who either can’t get jobs or are in danger and just political refugees. That’s all the caravan is. Are you sure about that?

MEXICO. Tenosique. 2015. Migrants awaiting basic medical attention.
Red Cross mobile medical clinic outside of Shelter 72, a Catholic shelter for migrants on the dangerous journey to the US border.

Part of the problem is that many of the decent people on the move don’t truly know what it’s like to live in America, and Americans don’t know what it’s like to live with large numbers of unassimilated foreigners who want to continue their own customs, language, religion, etc. and require massive resources from social assistance to survive. The media doesn’t get into these talking points, do they?

The media don’t tell us these folks were lied to and paid to join the caravan. Some have already realized that and turned around. They understood they were manipulated and were not going to get what they were promised.

The fact is, this “caravan” is a covert assault on the American people, their culture, and standard of living. It was organized, funded, and advertised by forces who seek to destroy North America—not only the Republic.

What about all the people in America who are already jobless, living in their cars or on the streets, starving? What are you thinking when you invite thousands of foreigners into your country when you cannot even look after your own?

Open borders is also about bringing in enough people who are grateful for entry into the United States handout system that they will vote for whomever they’re told to vote for. The Democrat Party is beyond desperate and will do ANYTHING—including lie—to get the votes they need to stay in power, undo what President Trump and his administration have done to make America better, and bring the agenda for a One World Government to fruition.

Molyneux goes over the logistics of this invading army to illustrate that it cannot possibly be what the media portrays. He’ll do the math for you.

When Trump addressed the people at the Fort Meyers, Florida rally yesterday he asked how many in the crowd already voted. Virtually all of them had and he threw up his hands and asked why they hell he was there.

Obviously a lot of people voted early because they KNOW who they want leading the country and making it great again, but mailed votes are not under valid control and there are still Americans who will not vote until November 6th.

I hope that those who have not yet voted understand the gravity of what is unfolding in their country; and who will protect them them and who will destroy them.

I’m hearing that Kyrsten Sinema (Democrat) is leading over Martha McSally (Republican) in Phoenix. Could that possibly be due to the massive numbers of immigrants populating Arizona because the border is not secure and the deep state has been trucking in illegals by the semi load?

So many of us are attempting to illustrate to anyone to anyone who will listen, the truth about this ominous “caravan”. It’s all we can do, and President Trump and his military will do all they can do.

We hope before Americans vote they understand the situation accurately and are not mislead by the treasonous media—the shadow government’s propaganda arm—who relentlessly attempt to guilt and shame citizens into approving the admission of thousands of illegals across their border. Stefan broaches the inconvenient truth about this “social engineering program” we are watching on the idiot box. It’s not pretty, but it must be said. It’s time to face reality.

America doesn’t need everyone to vote: they need INFORMED CITIZENS to vote. If you’re not informed and not an American citizen, then please stay away from the polls.

The Truth About the Honduran Caravan! by Stefan Molyneux

Here is a compilation of some coverage, opinions, and strategy about this invasion of America.

The following video is available until the mid-term election. Perhaps it will help explain what is happening in America and counter the lies told to camouflage the covert attempt by a global control group to destroy a nation—and the world. Perhaps it will cut through the fog of a psychological operation and clarify that President Trump is America’s last hope to survive—never mind thrive.  ~ BP

Here’s a poignant article about what is at stake.

A Battle For The Soul Of The American Republic

Twenty-First Century Warfare: Secret and Silent Frequency Wars | Preston James

Editor’s Note: While my belief system agrees wholeheartedly about the misuse of electromagnetic frequencies AND agrees about the danger this poses to the public, I’d like to preface this story with the fact that prevention from these devices is taking form from our galactic cousins.

Yes…these is a war going on of which the public is largely unaware; yes…the weapons of this war are devices we have been trained to think we cannot live without, and; yes, human imagination is at an all-time low in part due to this weapon use.

However, the one wild card that IS playing out right now that will lead to humanity’s freedom. That wild card IS the passion of humanity that produces…faith! True, Galactics are preventing any gross action resulting in human destruction by the dark, but it IS the element of faith (the end result of human passion for whatever it is you wholeheartedly believe in) that will save the day.

By the way, for you fellow spiritualists, faith = love, so in reality…LOVE WINS and humanity evolves! Please read this article with an open mind, know the seemingly “impossible” IS true, and…



It’s time Humanity learned the reality of warfare in these times when advanced and secret technologies are used against us on a daily basis. From WiFi and cell phone frequencies to televisions and microwave ovens on up to the most exotic sonic weapons—it’s all disruptive and even lethal to the Human body and mind.

Because it’s silent and invisible, they have been able to experiment with these methods for decades but the time for secrecy and these covert attacks on the life on our planet has come to an end.

We can see the carnage if we will just look. Whales and dolphins washing up by the hundreds on beaches, bleeding from their ears, flocks of birds falling from the sky with no outward trauma, multiple forms of cancer rampant… it’s endless.

Humanity must take responsibility for researching the technologies the establishment presents as the greatest thing since sliced bread to determine if it is a safe option or a weapon dressed up as a space age gift; a Trojan horse. 

If you have not heard anything about this sort of technology before it will be shocking to learn the capabilities the super powers now wield to attack their enemies.

The psychopaths who have been running the world don’t think twice about experimenting on or killing anything or anyone. They must be stopped now, before it’s too late.  ~ BP

Secret and Silent Frequency Wars

October 8, 2018

by Preston James

Right now there are ongoing very sophisticated Frequency Wars that you are not allowed to know about.

It all started with Nikola Tesla and his miraculous discoveries and inventions. We now have AC electrical current in our homes instead of the inefficient DC because of Tesla’s genius.

Nikola Tesla

When Tesla was murdered and his papers were seized by the FBI Tesla’s discoveries on the power of frequencies and zero point energy were quickly buried. Some of his most important discoveries regarding Zero Point energy (aka Cosmic electromagnetic wind) and scalar frequency weapons were seized and kept secret.

Later on due to research on telegraph and radio as communication devices and the advent of world wars 1 & 2, major discoveries on electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emerged on several fronts. Thus there was the important development of radar during WW2.

  1. Japan deployed targeted EMF against US Aircraft in World War 2:

The Japanese developed the use of targeted EMF which was somewhat successfully deployed against several low flying American aircraft near the end of the war. This is the first known use of targeted EMF as a weapon of war that we know of.

These Japanese technologies were quickly brought to American Defense Contractors by the Pentagon after Japan’s surrender.

  1. Nazi guided bombs in WW2:

The Nazis initially had great success developing remotely guided bombs dropped on ships from their aircraft and these devices had TV cameras in their noses.

The US Navy developed electronic countermeasures to hijack the control systems of these guided bombs and were able to hack into their TV signals and watch their camera images that were transmitted.

These German guided bombs were actually the technical precursors to the guided precision bombs (e.g. JDAMS) deployed by the US Military in all their unconstitutional illegal Mideast wars for The City of London based Ruling Cabal and Israel (their main cutout and action agent used to protect Mideast oil interests).

Some fairly sophisticated radio jammers and radar countermeasures were developed during WW2. This development has continued at an advanced pace ever since.

  1. EMF deployed against the US Embassy in Moscow:

The second known deployment of EMF as a weapons of war occurred at the US Embassy in Moscow from the period 1953 to 1976. Numerous diplomats and their staffs developed blood dyscrasias and other symptoms, feeling quite ill and some developed serious and even later lethal cancers.

When the CIA became aware of this, rather than taking measures to protect these diplomats and their staffs, they allowed the EMF abuse to continue in order to study the effects and called this Operation Pandora.

Under Operation Pandora it was found was that the Soviets were transmitting high powered EMF through the embassy to power bugs built into the walls, and to experiment with remote inductive EMF mind-kontrol against US diplomats and their staffs, in order to stress their mental and physical health while studying the effects. Rather than working to stop this when the CUIA found out, they became an accomplice to these sinister and silent EMF crimes against American diplomats and their staffs in Moscow.

It is suspected that various back-channels were used with The KGB to form some kind of working agreement to run this experiment and study the effects. The CIA agreed to avoid informing the Diplomat’s during the experiment and kept collecting health data. When so many became ill that the experiment could no longer be contained, the USG shut down the embassy and built another one, this one also bugged up with numerous more advanced but safer KGB bugs.

  1. The Soviet Woodpecker system:

The next major deployment of powerful EMF as a multi-purpose military device occurred during the 1970’s in the Soviet Union. This was called the Duga Array (Woodpecker System) and included several functions such as over the horizon radar for sensing foreign attacks missile and aircraft attacks, and for experimentation with mind-control on the western masses.

The Pentagon realized that the Soviets were the world leaders in the deployment of all phases of EMF as electronic warfare and Mind-control and decided to take drastic actions to curtail their deployment.

According to some insider reports a sophisticated covert action was deployed against the Woodpecker. A well trained Mujahedeen group (seeking revenge for the Russian invasion of Afghanistan) was deployed to take out the cooling system of Chernobyl, thus depriving the Woodpecker array (located nearby) of its necessary power source.

  1. The Soviet LIDA Machine:

Ross Adey, MD, a renowned scientist and physician. Dr. Adey voiced concerns in peer reviewed journals and in scientific circles over possible EMF benefits as well the dangers, but was largely ignored.

At the end of the cold war, an American MD researcher, Ross Adey, MD acquired the Soviet developed Lida Machine, which was actually quite a sophisticated EMF mind-control device.

It is a known fact that sophisticated EMF mind-control weapons have been deployed by the CIA in the past as a part of the notorious, infamous Project Aquarius. Countermeasures were developed by another group called Committee of Twelve(Comm 12). Comm 12 is a long-term US Intel operation that has been known to be taking active measures against the Aquarius Group and has been reported by some to have worked hard to secretly elicit a powerful rearguard action in America to restore the US Constitution using the Alt Media.

  1. Voice of God deployed in the first Gulf War:

It is well established fact that the Pentagon deployed the Voice of God (e.g. Voice to Skull technology), remote induction device in the first Gulf War against the Iraqi Republican guard. The voice of Allah was remotely entrained into their brains ordering them to throw down their arms and surrender. This technology was then put on the shelf to keep it from becoming commonly known.

  1. EMF “poppers” deployed in the second Gulf War:

Later on in the second Gulf War high powered EMF poppers (small globes, actually EMF transmitters) were deployed to tranquilize and pacify the masses, but these were not effective and merely gave the GI’s headaches and made them agitated.

  1. The recent EMF attack on US Diplomats in Cuba:

Recently in late 2016 it has been reported that US Diplomats in Cuba and some of their staffs have suffered ear damage from being exposed to EMF weapons. These have been blamed on the Cuban Communist Party but a better bet would be a joint effort by the CIA and the Mossad to do so in order to keep the US and Cuba from developing a more open arrangement and the restoration of trade and mutual travel.

It is a know well verified fact that numerous efforts by the Pentagon were made to counter the aggression and expansion of the Soviet Union under Stalin and after his death. The really sad thing is that the Pentagon never addressed the real enemy, the City of London (COL) Banksters and Wall Street Banksters that set up and financed both the Soviet Union in 1917 and Nazi Germany too.

During the Vietnam war, the Pentagon developed and deployed some very sophisticated EMF based spying tools through the NSA. All of the CIA’s Air America opium shipments were easily tracked, specific locations of almost every single POW/MIA was able to be tracked. Almost every single radio emission became quite easily snatched from the airways.

  1. The HAARP array in Alaska:

HAARP in Alaska ( high frequency active auroral research program)


It is now well documented that the Pentagon constructed the HAARP array in Alaska as an experimental means to heat the ionosphere. Supposedly, HAARP is now obsolete and has been retired once the experimental data was obtained. Better results can be obtained through the use of orbitally transmitted Scalar (standing wave) and Inter-dimensional wave devices (D-wave devices).

At the same time HAARP was constructed 9 other similar arrays were constructed around the world. It is unknown for sure who ordered these or who actually controls them. I suspect that it is a some kind of Secret Space War coalition between various large governments of the world perhaps even including the USG, and the Russian Federation. Apparently large HAARP type visible arrays are obsolete and the same effects can be more effectively and efficiently obtained through ground based flat or orbital EMF systems featuring Scalar (standing waves) and inter-Dimensional Waves (D-waves).

  1. The USG’s secret Space Fence system of the electrified and ionized atmosphere:

Chemtrail spraying by DOD contractor


If insider reports are accurate and so far they are not fully corroborated, this system was the first phase of the major governments of the world to construct a space fence protective shield for Planet earth against any possible future invasion from Alien ET entities.

There have been other insider reports from the past that President Ronald Reagan negotiated secret “Earth Defense” Agreements with the major powers to construct such means to protect Planet Earth from any future Alien ET invasion force. Reagan called this effort “Star Wars” and after he left office, these programs went completely black.

Now if these rumors are true it means that most wars during modern times are all pre-planned and negotiated in secret between various world leaders who have secret allegiances. Some researchers have suggested that these secret allegiances include a strong commitment to the City of London based “Moneychangers” or perhaps secret Masonic or occult organizations.

  1. Deployment of cell phone and Wi-Fi systems worldwide:

We now live in a situation where cell phone systems and Wi-Fi systems have been deployed worldwide. And in the US and much of Canada a sophisticated Smart-Grid electrical supply system is now being set up that features Smart-Meters. Smart-Meters are believed by many to be dangerous. They are not UL approved, and are unlicensed EMF, unregulated powerful emitters of pulse beam microwave that can create insomnia and serious health effects. Some believe they are the weaponization of EMF and also can be used as spy devices as well as EMF based Mind-kontrol. These meters can easily be turned off along with the a whole section of the Grid and used to produce a fake, false-flag EMP when a highly visible powerful aerial detonation is deployed at a high altitude at the same time.

Wi-Fi transmitter

These consumer based Cell phone and Wi-Fi EMF systems are triple use: They provide for great consumer conveniences and instant communication almost anywhere; they provide Intel with instant spying; and they also provide Intel with the ability to deliver serious brain entrainment using EMF for mind-kontrol. Some have suggested that these devices have the capability to be used by Intel to make targeted individuals confused, anxious, insomniac, or chronically or terminally ill.


In any event it appears that the new EMF technologies were first developed as weapons of war against foreign enemies and then were also deployed as a collective effort to protect Planet Earth. It also appears that these EMF “silent weapons”, have become far too tempting for existing governments for use as a sophisticated measure to control their own masses, and thus they are now doing so in secret.

Much of this current deployment against We The People by the Secret Shadow Government has been rationalized by labeling these EMF weapon systems as “non lethal”.

The bottom line is that apparently the USG (and perhaps many other major governments around the world, or a secret coalition of the largest ones together collectively) have now decided to turn these EMF weapons against their own people in order to control the subconscious mass mind through mass deployment of remote EMF inductive entrainment of brain waves. It is now believed by some scientists that all the Chemtrails sprayed are part of a sophisticated “Space Fence” ionized radar system and also a state-of-the-art defensive system against ICBM, aircraft and UFOs as well as a means to deliver electronic mind-kontrol against the masses to entrain their brains and control them.

According to Robert Duncan, Ph.D. who was a scientist working for the CIA at one time, the technology necessary to “hack the human brain” has already been developed and deployed and is being misused to torture millions.

The USG has a long history of the deployment of secret EMF deployed as a mind-control agent dating back to at least 1992. The Cell phone system was planned as a sophisticated mind-control weapon of war long before it was deployed all over the USA and the world.

There are very good insider reports that many unfortunate EMF victims who are tortured by targeted EMF, some also gang-stalked and seriously harassed by the FBI too (just like the old Cointelpro days), and all this has been done to Whistle-blowers and dissidents and well as many innocent folks used as mere experimental controls. Obviously the deployment of these EMF weapons against such folks is evil beyond words and must be stopped. Before it can be stopped the public must become aware of the many dangers of misused EMF.

More and more is now being published in the alternative media on this subject, and mainstream science is beginning to examine it honestly. In the past honest scientific studies that showed the dangers and misuses were buried and the major mass media would never carry them.

The result of this decision to deploy EMF against We The People and the world as a secret weapon of war has been unknown to most and is actually now being understood for the first time to be harmful to one’s mental and physical health and mindset.

The EMF deployment as a weapons of war against We The People now included cell phone systems, Wi-Fi, remote phones and also some deeply secret EMF means such as satellite based Scalar and D-wave quantum transmissions used for the mass control of beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets as well as the weather.

It is now believed by some insiders that the purpose of this massive deployment of EMF weapons against the world’s masses is to shape and control their mass thinking (Mind-control), to generate unending weather catastrophes, in order to generate massive social and economic chaos. The over all goal of the secret Cabal responsible apparently is to generate enough world chaos to destroy all the old social systems and nation states, so that the world can be massive depopulated. This will supposedly allow this Cabal to create their own Luciferian society as their long hoped for “Phoenix” from the ashes.

And now we have the 5G systems coming soon unless stopped by dramatic community actions to fight this. These 5 G systems have remarkable capabilities to transmit large amounts of data very fast and other benefits highly desired by the consumer like most multi use EMF deployments. Because EMF based devices such as cell phones and Wi-Fi offer so many consumer conveniences they were quickly accepted and used by the masses.

5G can be easily adapted to be used to “see through walls into structures”, and weaponized to cause physical and mental disorders, even cancer and other lethal medical problems if those those that will control it decide to use it that way against those identified as political or domestic enemies.


Headlines and News for June 15, 2018; NWO Goes Ballistic [videos] ~ June 15, 2018

Starship Earth keeps cranking out extremely truthful information you are NOT like to see on your TV, or read in any newspaper. So…please read this article, learn the truth, and decide what you want to do about sharing this with others yourself, and…



Most important this week is the Emergency Broadcast Thomas Williams did on Wednesday night, June 13 in response to the missile fired at President Trump on Airforce 1 this past Sunday, June 10 while enroute to meet with Kim Jong-un.

There is a lot of mucking about with our communications, blogs, videos, subscription lists, etc. so I’m never sure when people are getting the news they expect to get automatically. As of this moment I can see that over 2200 people have seen that post so far, which is good.

If the lamestream media did their job, we wouldn’t have to resort to independent resources, but it is what it is.

If you have not listened to the broadcast from Thomas please go here now. Last night’s show for June 14 fleshed out some of that and added more information people need to know to understand what has transpired, including in a historical sense.

Many of our alternative news analysts have been telling us to expect a “9-11 scale event” because the dark is being shut down on so many fronts and they are desperate. Nothing they do seems to work any more, and many extinction level events have been blocked over the years as we work to purge our planet of the psychopathic predators manipulating the world stage.

This incites the wrath of the New World Order and they lash out in fear. They know their demise is not far off and they’re literally going ballistic. Unless you’re following this closely, you’ve no idea the situation on our planet. It’s time everyone saw it for what it is.

Interestingly enough, since President Trump was elected, we have made much progress and things are going very well. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when foreign relations are repaired and the desire for peace is allowed to flourish. It gets complicated when it has to be conducted covertly, but victory is within our grasp.

Thomas is absolutely correct when he says if we all— all Americans and parties worldwide—did the right thing, this process would be expedited exponentially. Many previously working for the dark have already flipped and are now supporting us. They can be invaluable.

The rogue military is an obstacle, as is the corporate mass media. If the media began informing the public of the real situation rather than pummeling everyone with propaganda and provided accurate, unbiased information it would change reality for the masses. It could rouse them from their trance and arm them to fight for their rights and cease being victimized.

This is what the dark ones fear most; the People. And they ARE waking up. They are beginning to speak out and fight back, for themselves and others. That is why there is so much censorship by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even the British government resorting to gag orders so the media would not report on the Tommy Robinson situation, for example.

Let us hope that slow progress in the awakening will speed up dramatically now that we have some momentum. Truth has a way of rising to the top despite efforts to bury it.

Carry on, patriots, and keep up the good fight. We’re winning.  ~ BP

Dave’s translation of current events is always very accurate and on point.


Interesting news here in light of what transpired last Sunday in the same area of the naval base in Washington. There are no coincidences.

The Seething Frog presents valuable insights on a number of key topics.

Evidence Of Sonic Weapon Usage

I haven’t yet covered the sonic weapons attacks reported multiple times recently, so here are three sources reporting on that. Thanks to Simon Parkes for the heads up.

US embassy staff are further withdrawn from China as it becomes obvious that a sonic type weapon is being used against embassy employees.

Illustration only: Not representative of the article content

You know what this headline means. It means the powers-that-were perfected that technology some time ago and are just now deciding it’s time to tell us about it because they have something better they’re using for themselves.

Reblogged from Stillness in the Storm

DIA Apparently Working on Warp Drive for Space Travel

(The Republic Standard) It has been revealed that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) doesn’t just specialize in covert and clandestine intelligence gathering and handling military-diplomatic relationships overseas. Recently, the DIA put together a 34-page intelligence reference document that discusses warp drives, dark energy, and alternate dimensions – no wonder they have a classified budget.

by Staff Writer, May 21st, 2018

Task & Purpose reports that the document, dated April 2, 2010, and marked for official use only, was obtained by KLAS-TV and republished earlier this month at Public Intelligence. According to the Las Vegas-based television station, it was part of a treasure trove of documents related to a scientific study of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) undertaken in 2007 by the Pentagon at the order of former majority leader Senator Harry Reid (D-NV).

The DIA report does not mention contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms, ray guns, or meetings featuring the Star Wars “Cantina Band,” but it does examine highly-advanced theories like space travel through worm holes and warp drives.

“If one is to realistically entertain the notion of interstellar exploration in timeframes of а human lifespan, а dramatic shift in the traditional approach to spacecraft propulsion is necessary,” the authors write.

The paper also discusses two “loopholes” found in Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which sets of the speed of light at an unbreakable 186,000 miles per second. While the cosmic speed limit cannot be broken, wormholes are theoretical rips in the spacetime continuum and warp drives would allow for the “fabric” of space to be drawn closer and stretched.

“The warp drive — the main focus of this paper — involves local manipulation of the fabric of space in the immediate vicinity of the spacecraft,” the paper outlines. “The basic idea is to create an asymmetric bubble of space that is contracting in front of the spacecraft while expanding behind it. Using this form of locomotion, the spacecraft remains stationary inside this ‘warp bubble,’ and the movement of space itself facilitates the relative motion of the spacecraft.”

In theory, a warp drive could launch travelers to far-off areas in the galaxy within minutes, rather than decades, centuries, or millennia.

This idea is based on the proposed “Alcubierre drive,” a speculative idea based on a solution of Einstein’s field equations in general relativity from Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre. Rather than exceeding the speed of light within a local reference frame, a spacecraft would traverse distances by contracting space in front of it and expanding space behind it, resulting in effective faster-than-light travel.

In an example in the paper, while transiting at 100 times the speed of light via the “warp drive,” one could travel from Earth to Mars in 193 seconds; to Neptune in 4 hours; or to the Orion Nebula – 1,599 light years away – in just 1.3 years.

The $22 million study of UFOs, of which this paper was a part, was said to have ended in 2012. Some claim the funding dried up and the research continued into 2017.

Nonetheless, it is quite interesting that what many see in the movies these days is nearly reminiscent of what’s going on behind closed doors – apparently at the behest of Senator Reid. In reference to UFOs, maybe he wants to believe.

found on Exonews

Police raid scientists who discovered new vaccine dangers

by Jon Rappoport

June 7, 2018

—Two scientists discover that vaccines are contaminated, in the manufacturing process, with many small particles of metals that are toxic to humans when injected. Alarming.

The published research is ignored. Then the scientists are raided by police.

James Grundvig, at and the World Mercury Project, reports (3/17/18):

“Last week, the Italian police raided the home and science laboratory of Drs. Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari. The police snatched all of the digital assets owned by the husband and wife team of nanopathologists, grabbing laptops, computers, and flash-drives—and with it, years of work and research.”

“Because Gatti and Montanari had taken their research of nanodust and nanoparticles…to what unseen contamination might reside in vaccines in 2016, they came under the microscope of the United States, European, and Italian authorities. They had touched the third rail of medicine. They had crossed the no-go zone with the purported crime being scientific research and discovery. By finding nano-contamination in random vaccines, Gatti and Montanari revealed, for the first time, what no one knew: Vaccines had more than aluminum salts adjuvants, Polysorbate-80, and other inorganic chemicals in them, they also harbored stainless steel, tungsten, copper, and other metals and rare elements that don’t belong in shots given to fetuses, pregnant women, newborns, babies and toddlers developing their lungs, immune and nervous systems.”

“When the scientists published their findings in January 2017, ‘New Quality‐Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro‐ and Nanocontamination,’ the logical next step for the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) should have been to open an investigation into their claims, hire independent scientists to run their own lab tests to confirm or refute the findings. If confirmed, then the healthcare agencies would enact new policies on safety of the vaccine supply chain, and enforce strict quality control and quality assurance programs.”

“But none of that happened. A year went by. It was cheaper for the authorities to attack the Italian scientists than upset the vaccine gravy train that supports the politicians.”

This is an official form of research: censorship by raiding the researchers.

Note that the two Italian scientists weren’t simply testing a batch of one vaccine from one manufacturer. There were looking at random vaccines.

Suppose this chilling disaster turns out to be endemic to all vaccine manufacturing?

For the ubiquitous “all vaccines are safe” pronouncement, substitute: “dangerous across the board.”


I recommend this video from Press For Truth explaining what the globalists hoped to accomplish by amalgamating Canada, America and Mexico. It was one choreoraphic step in the march toward one world government. In isolation, it might not trigger suspicion, but when you understand the big picture, it’s just more evidence of the plot to subjugate Humanity and secure world domination.

Excerpt from AIM4Truth article entitled Free Speech is Now a Whisper; long, comprehensive, and well worth reading.

Google – Ministry of Truth

June 15, 2018

Google is rolling out the Google News Initiative, in which it’s investing $300 million over the next three years. The goal is to help publishers make money and to combat “Fake News,” which consists of several products designed to help newsrooms and media businesses.

Take, for example, Subscribe with Google, which will make it easier to purchase subscriptions through your Google account. So far, participating publishers include USAToday, New York Times, Washington Post, and the Financial Times.

Google is also attempting to stamp out “Fake News” through another tool of the News Initiative, dubbed Disinfo Lab. It’s working with First Draft, a project based out of Harvard’s Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center, which combats “mis- and disinformation during elections and breaking news moments.” Google is also partnering with Poynter, Stanford, and the Local Media Association on a media literacy project called MediaWise.

The AFPData project is aimed at developing the use of data in newsrooms and has been selected by the Google Digital News Initiative as the tool it will support. The project brings together Agence France-Presse (AFP), automated text specialist Syllabs, data optimization platform OpenDataSoft and Laptop user experience (UX) designers. AFPData is a new data-driven editorial ecosystem. The project can use data sets to automatically or semi-automatically produce live news content.

The project’s objective is to develop data-journalism practices in newsrooms. At the same time, fact-checking, contextualization, multiplication of sources and transparency are key factors in the credibility of media organizations in the era of post-truth. AFPData aims to make original, reliable, selected and indexed datasets easily accessible in order to assist newsrooms. The project also covers the use of enriched data for automated or semi-automated production and monetization of new types of content.

It is the second time that a project proposed by AFP has been chosen by the Google DNI fund, which has a total of 150 million euros available over three years to support and stimulate innovation in data-journalism practices in Europe. AFPInteractive, a new interactive infographics product launched in 2017, also received support from the fund.

The DNI Innovation Fund is a key part of the wider Digital News Initiative, launched in 2015 with eleven founding partners. Today, more than 200 news publishers have joined it and over 1,000 newsrooms across Europe expressed interest in the programs funded. To date, the DNI Innovation Fund has awarded €51 million to more than 252 Projects in 27 European countries.

The broad area of innovation is the creation of new processes and tools for journalism – what the Fund calls ‘Next Journalism’ – and it is by far the biggest category funded. Also found within this category are projects about investigation, verification tools and data–journalism.

There are also AI, Bots, Machine Learning, political chatbots, and other tools that help publishers debunk online misinformation and propaganda – supposed “Fake News.”

One DNI Innovation project claims to help readers sort the facts from the “Fake News” fiction. France’s Le Monde is developing their “rumor and hoax–busting” products to meet their demands to sort the facts. Le Monde noticed a growing feeling of distrust among their readers and created Le Monde’s fact-checking unit Les Décodeurs, that wants to change the way people see the news.

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