Disclosure with a Capital “D” is Ongoing and Soon to Be Global Mainstream? [videos] ~ February 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: My, my… isn’t this getting exciting! New information is being revealed that is sure to “rock” everyone’s world in short order. We all know the truth of the matter, and it will be most interesting to what public reaction when the Earth learns “we are not alone”!

Please read this excellent article by Starship Earth who keeps us up to date on breaking information, watch the video’s, learn a lot, and be…



I just finished watching this update from David Wilcock and he unloads a lot of new intel that just came out this week, and didn’t get to speak about ascension much but I recommend listening.

Near the conclusion he discusses what sounds like the “Event flash” and the end of the evil draco reptilians. No one knows when that will happen, hence the activities by the Alliance to defang the cabal.

David relates new information as of this week from two Navy SEAL whistleblowers who approached Linda Moulton Howe. She did two videos about those revelations and they can be found at her web site, Earthfiles, or see Part  2 below David Wilcock’s video if you wish to hear it from her.

Since David speaks of Oumuamua, I’m including this video I was sitting on which shows that the “asteroid”, which is actually a ship, as most of us believed, has structured compartments in it. David tells us select people boarded the craft and explored this derelict, but weren’t the first.

DISCLOSURE is not far off. Smart people already know, but the sleepers are in for a treat.

We recently shared the expert opinion of a top Harvard scientist who was adamant that this “asteroid” is not an asteroid.

We are not alone, and there is a secret space program the controllers don’t want us to know about. Oooops! Too late. Recalculating!

We may want to keep in mind that we’ve heard warnings the psychopaths may be keeping a false flag disclosure-type event in their back pocket in case they need a major distraction as they writhe in the throes of death. They’re out of cards and it’s time to fold.

We get a lot of truths, and a lot of disinformation, so you will have to decide which is which.  ~ BP

UFO Disguised As Comet Slowed Down Rotation When Nearest To Earth

David Wilcock: Stunning NEW Antarctic SSP Insiders! LIVE – 2/23/2019

Linda Moulton Howe Live 02/20/2019 (Antarctica Whistleblower)

Headlines and Updates for February 7, 2019: Ripping Off the Masks & Flying the Flags [videos] ~ February 7, 2019

It appears the good guys are forcing the masks to fall and flags to fly—and not only in the enemy camps. Some of the patriots are wearing their flags, if the CIA’s Gina Haspel is any indication.

The mood was surprisingly light there on that night, which surprised me. It was almost a celebration… can we read something between the lines in this colourful pageantry? A number of scowls may have been very telling.

I think Dave’s observation on the X22 Report showing Gina dressed in a “white hat” print was right on. If the hat looks familiar, it’s because it’s remarkably similar to the stunning chapeau the statuesque Melania Trump wore as Rothschild agent Macron grovelled at her feet on his recent visit to Washington.

Something tells me that was not a wardrobe faux pas on Gina’s part. It seems much of the affair centered around “uniforms” and while I wouldn’t say it is a departure for Gina’s style as she often sports printed dresses, it speaks to me. She knows some nasty truths and might welcome an opportunity to atone in part for what she may have participated in during her career—particularly in light of the military tribunals and the fates of songbird McCain and GHW Bush.

Bernie points out a number of notable moments from the SOTU in the video below. It’s like a movie you can watch six times and still find things you missed the first, second and third times. Since I was preparing dinner while listening to the President’s address, I appreciate the alt media dudes and dudettes for bringing our attention to these juicy condiments on the buffet that we can’t see properly without their technology and for their highly developed powers of observation.

He also touches on the “sealed indictment map” with counts for each state, the possibly related “army exercises” in LA and the fact that California has nearly twice the number of indictments as the next highest state, which is Texas. Interesting to note, and it sounds like a few dots have been connected.

5:5 – Dems Show Their Cards In Huge Way At SOTU!

We know that nearly all members of Congress have been compromised and that has been a major obstacle in the dismantling of the deep state. The dark is desperate to keep the truth about what has transpired in Washington under wraps but that is impossible. It’s too late.

As we understand it, Congress has been put on notice. Help us clean up this mess and lighten your sentence, or we’ll take you down in an ugly way you will not survive. You will never know when the blow is coming, and you will never be able to show your face in public again when we strike. It’s your choice.

Brilliant, don’t you think? That is indeed one aspect of the “pain” QAnon spoke of.

They will be forced to pick sides and choose their fate, and that is what we’re seeing unfold.


The Senate is a lynchpin in the weapon that will atomize the deep state, and it is strengthened further with the approved nomination of William Barr as Attorney General. We will hopefully see that flow with little opposition.

Senate Panel Approves Barr Nomination

That Was Quick!… Ocasio-Cortez Pulls Her Lunatic Green New Deal Plan from Her Webpage

As Russia supports President Trump in his goal to bring peace by removing military installations and troops from distant shores, we get headlines like this:

Russia to US: Destroy Tomahawk launchpads & attack drones to return to INF compliance

This is another comprehensive and amusing overview of the SOTU and the subtle—or overt—antics. I enjoy hearing and seeing the various views of the show with academy award-winning performances.We here in the alternative media see this production completely differently than the average viewer.

Most of the dimm ladies wore white. I guess white is the new red. They think they’re powerful. “Stronger together”. We’ll see about that.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

After the rogue behaviour from Kyrsten Sinema in hot pink rather than white and following her blatant disregard for congressional decorum when she wore a mini dress and thigh high boots on the floor recently, I have to wonder if she is going along with the script provided by the White Hats.

She is completely off the reservation and demonstrates that “movie” scenario QAnon warned was coming. She may even have been onboard as soon as she “won” the fake election in Arizona last fall. She’ll be interesting to watch. By refusing to wear white and standing for applause of the President’s words she is setting herself apart. Naive, defiant, or… ?

The topic then goes to the plane crash in Yorba Linda, California February 3 with expert opinions on what caused it and the identities (plural) of the pilot, which may lend more perspective to the What Does It Mean article we featured yesterday. It’s complicated—as always—with the details officially released changing over time which tells us there’s much more to the story than they want to let on.

While the Alliance aims for the high road, there are factions lacking that “do no harm” ethic and they are offing their enemies in violent ways.

SOTU Briefing, Mystery Plane Crash Gets Weirder & Mueller Team Disbanding

Q has been dark which usually means a LOT is happening and they can’t risk talking about it so tune in to the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show tonight at 7:30 EST when Thomas Williams will undoubtedly dish up some more intel and perspective we get nowhere else. We can listen to him gloat a little since he told us well over a year ago or longer, that Hillary Clinton died on September 11, 2016 which seems to have been validated this week. Listen live on Spreaker.com or from the Think Different website.  ~ BP

High Treason, Benghazi & SEAL Team Six ~ January 1, 2019

Dave is one pissed-off vet as he brings us the deeper truth about Benghazi and what went on there. Worse, was the assassination of SEAL Team Six to cover it all up. He says this information from RedPill78 needs to go viral. Dave’s comments and links to those videos are below.

Justice is coming.  ~ CB

USA Net4Truth
Published on Dec 26, 2018
And you think we got to the bottom of this? No way! Our entire government committed HIGH TREASON. This is beyond belief.

I don’t normally duplicate someone’s videos, but this needs go ultra-viral. Please subscribe to RedPill78 (link below)

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Is This the Evidence of Mass Murder in California? [video] ~ December 15, 2018

Editor’s Note: Wake Up America! Tine to realize the reality of the global “deep state” and their plans to cull the population of Earth. Please watch the video below, think about this a bit, and…



You may have seen some of this footage before, but perhaps not all. Is this evidence of the mass murder of civilians in a non-wartime setting?

What else could it be?

It’s not “your government” doing it; it’s the Deep State and THEIR military. Not yours.

Put your yellow vest on and mount up, California. The posse rides at first Light.  ~ BP


On the Border: A Red October Update [videos] ~ October 31, 2018

Some have a dismal view of the developing situation at the US/Mexican border and what it may ultimately entail.

As a resident of Southern Arizona, one of the four border States, I must confess I’m watching with a little trepidation and yet a glass-half-full positive attitude because Trump has earned the title “maestro” in my book. I am confident he and his inner circles of military intelligence and interdimensional assistants can assure us, “we’ve got this”.

While the President and his men have told us they will have the boots on the ground to humanely and lawfully deal with the would-be immigrants, there are those who don’t see a completely peaceful end to this chapter of the Revolution.

I thought the “tent city” approach sheer genius. It worked for Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Arizona inmates and it ticks all the boxes for me.

What I don’t trust is the intent of the marauders who defiantly chant, “We’re coming, Trump!”. We know from current experience it has been all too easy for lawless southerners to thread their way into America through a pathetic hoax of a border—in name only. It’s basically a fence in some places and a royal joke.

Those who have been patrolling the Arizona desert for months like the “Veterans On Patrol” (VOP) and working alongside Border Patrol have told us numerous times how easy it is to breach the border, and how violent gun and drug runners and Human traffickers use the same routes and the same camps again and again out in the desert where residents are few and far between and cattle are more prevalent than people.

DarkSkyWatcher (Paul Flores) has been combing the desert with the VOP this year, professionally documenting the searches and uploading them to YouTube. They will open your eyes.

I can’t share the video without his permission, but you can visit his YouTube channel and choose the video title below to see the October 24 upload from the border where they found plenty of women’s and children’s clothing, among other things. With his video camera capturing every move from over his shoulder, it’s like being there.

Searching The US/MEXICO Border Fence – Reality Check The Back Door Is Open

The White House decked out for Red October.

One thing should be clear to all in this developing scenario: what happens now sets a precedent. Obama may have opened the border and encouraged all manner of “dreamer” or gun runner or Human trafficker to enter America unrestricted, but there’s a new sheriff in town, and how the President handles immigration from here on sets the tone for future decades and establishes the expectation for all would-be immigrants. We don’t even know how many of those poor misguided folks will make it back home safely. I doubt if they’re going to get buses, trains, or trucks to assist them in what the deep state no doubt considers another “failed mission”.

America cannot house and care for thousands of immigrants any better than any other country, and Americans do not want unvetted people living amongst them that may be a threat to them or their families. We are already hearing that some of the migrants have been shooting at Mexican law enforcement.

We have to protect the citizenry of America and I am satisfied that is being done to the very best of the President’s ability. We don’t need to make it about politics when it’s really about the Constitutional Republic we reside within.

If these aggressive, self-centered migrants think they are going to trample the fence into America the way they did to enter Mexico—they have another think coming. Hopefully they will see reason when they arrive—or before. I hadn’t anticipated that “Red October” would involve patriot blood.  ~ BP

Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., storm a border checkpoint to cross into Mexico, in Tecun Uman, Guatemala October 19, 2018. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., storm a border checkpoint to cross into Mexico, in Tecun Uman, Guatemala October 19, 2018. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

October 31, 2018

There seems no way that the caravan of 4,00014,000 migrants approaching our southern border is going to end without blood being shed. There probably will be blood. And, while the debate over “man-made climate change” is far from over, the debate over The Wall is finally over:

The Wall finally must be built. Just as a dam serves as a last-ditch physical barrier to prevent or control a flood, The Wall now is revealed as the only logistical way to create a barrier to prevent or control a flood of Illegals. So, as an Orthodox Rabbi who must restrict certain words I use, it is not inappropriate for me to say: Build the Dam Wall already!

  1. The Israel Experience

This past year, Israel has had to deal with a variation on this same human conundrum. Incited by Hamas murderers at the helm of the Gazan terrorist government, and led by experienced bloodlusting murderers, thousands of Gazans have marched repeatedly on Israel’s southern border these past six months, trying to force themselves into the country. Their goal has not been to learn Hebrew nor to get recipes for gefilte fish. Rather, they have tried overrunning Israel’s border for the purpose of bursting through, massacring anyone they can reach, and eventually seizing the country.

Israel has done everything humanly possible to thwart the evil, protect her border from massive incursion, and to drive back the thronging mobs. Remarkably, Israel has succeeded in protecting her Gaza border with relatively few casualties, but some among the hordes indeed have been killed. Almost all the deceased have been documented to be experienced terrorists affiliated with such murderous death gangs as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Sooner or later, when the mobs would not withdraw, Israel has had to shoot. They have had to.

Predictably, the United Nations condemns Israel each time, and the fickle perfidious European Union, now overwhelmed by Muslim Arab voters whose numbers now swing local and national elections from Germany to France to England, join the chorus of condemnation. But, as President Trump has demonstrated in dealing with tightwad-cheap penny-pinching European prigs refusing to pay their fair share of their own NATO defense while continuing to cheat America for decades in trade, there comes a point when a self-respecting person just says: “To Purgatory and to Gehenna with Europe.” First, it just feels so good — as an American people who sacrificed 116,456 boys to save their rears in WWI and another 405,399 to bail them out of WWII — just to say it. The past century has shown that the gutless West Europeans lack courage and internal fortitude anyway (which is why they steadily are losing their continent) — except when a rare Churchill emerges to save them from their own cowardice, only to get voted out of office the moment the scare has passed. And, besides, wait and watch what happens when foreign hordes try overrunning their borders. (They usually come crying to us to save them.) So they condemn Israel for doing one-thousandth of what they do when their borders are infringed.

  1. And Now the Hordes Surge Towards Invading Our Borders

The past year’s Israel experience in the face of Hamas hordes informs what we Americans may expect soon at our own southern border. Thousands — perhaps as many as 14,000 — are marching brazenly on our country. They really believe that an Obama-weakened-and-castrated America has lost its backbone completely, and feebly will bow to their onslaught. They have seen that the Mexican armed forces could not stop them, buckling under the press of the mob. And now the mob surges towards us — with slow-moving approaching images reminiscent of European Zombie Walks timed perfectly for Halloween season.

Let it be clear: If we let them in — and, yes, they are people with feelings and sensitivities and loves and hopes and dreams — then there will be another Caravan after it, and next time it will be a Caravan of 10-15,000 sensitive lovers and hopers and dreamers. And three months later it will be another Caravan. And then another. What $38 million cash raised and wasted in one calendar quarter could not buy for Beto O’Rourke and his Kennedyesque DUI driving record and his Kennedyesque attempt to flee from the scene, the hordes will solve: Texas really will turn bold shades of “overnight blue.” Arizona will turn blue. Alabama and Mississippi will turn blue. North Dakota and Montana and Idaho will turn blue. We will lose this country — exactly as the Democrat playbook seeks. Despite their losing the male vote, the Caucasian female vote, the married woman vote, the blue-collar union worker vote, the Democrats simply will import hordes of new voters to seize power.

Read the rest of the article…


RT reports…

Up to 15,000 troops may go to border for caravan – Trump

James Munder brought us the following update a couple of hours ago.


We have experienced similar confrontational events in patriot standoffs against the feds, such as the Bureau of Land Management on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. There were snipers and itchy trigger fingers and it seemed bloodshed was imminent but miraculously, it was resolved peacefully.

We heard the snipers were surreptitiously “removed” prior to the confrontation, and we thank our guardians for the “divine intervention”. I hope we can expect a calming, disarming mood to descend on the caravan members so they do not injure American military, civilians, or provoke nasty outcomes.

Obviously the New World Order wants chaos, bloodshed and suffering. They have selfishly used thousands of people to pull off this assault on America and the patriots who strive for peace and honour. Let’s hope the ‘Trump Effect’ is still as effective as ever.

An old song, “On the Border” suddenly came to mind with strains of “smuggling guns and arms across the Spanish border” accompanied by a Spanish guitar and I thought what a remarkable coincidence. When I looked for a video, I found a ‘Tuber had uploaded a version with wonderful images of Mexico—which is perfect. I never thought, all those years ago when this tune was a favourite, that it would resurface in such a context for me, but we’ll go with it. For those who have never been to Mexico and wonder what it’s like, you now have some great visuals.

Pray for a peaceful resolution. One misstep and this could go horribly wrong and ignite a civil war and/or martial law.  ~ BP