Mary Long ~ March 22, 2020

Editor’s Note: This article addresses an extremely important aspect of spiritual growth. Yes, yes, yes…it IS the moment to learn how to address Being happy and complete with new found Joy in our lives. Yet, once Joy is realized…a major part of our spiritual growth cycle is understanding how to hold this Joy, well…always!

How then is a state of neutrality found while holding Joy? This is a difficult statement to understand, yet once Joy is found and maintained, this sets a new “level” from which to operate, because holding a new level of vibration has just been found! The key is to never fall backwards into a lower sense of self. Stay away from those internal doubts and fears, which will allow you to BE in a higher vibration, and in all ways hold and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

If we elevate our frequencies we are healing this planet as a Whole.

Whether others are aware of what is occurring truthfully or not, we can help elevate the frequencies of all life on this planet.

Mother Earth Gaia is always available to help in this form of energy.

Know that we are very powerful beings of Light, we have known for many decades this time was coming, it is in the now we continue to shine our Light and help others come to a place of Peace.

Staying Neutral through all this is the Key to Shifting completely into our 5th Dimensional Conscious State.

As we do so our whole outer reality is changing, we are the alchemists of energy, Creators in the Essence of pure Christ Consciousness.

Welcome the New Energies coming into you it will help to accelerate the shifts that are occurring now.

A complete Global reset is occurring, look for the signs all around you, be observant of your own energy field, continue elevating your loving frequencies.

We are returning to our Original Blueprint, many DNA activation’s occurring, they will become much stronger.

It’s Time, All are being activated to remove the lower dense energies of his planet and elevate to higher planes of grace.

All is always in Divine order.

We know your strength, we feel you growing stronger as the Light Continues to become brighter.

You Got this, we Love you.

An Energetic & Vibrational Upgrade ∞The 9D Arcturian Council ~ November 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: It’s all personal, this journey. Is evolution calling to your heart? Be sure to become an observer for the outside, answer this question inside, and BE…



Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been feeling into the human collective consciousness for individuals who are ready to go to the next level of expansion and evolution for the rest of humankind. We have been looking for those who are ready, willing, and able to hold higher frequencies within their physical bodies because we know that it is important, and even necessary, to be ready for higher frequencies before they can be accessed and held within the physical vehicle. Taking care of yourselves emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically, are the requirements for getting yourselves access to those higher frequency energies that we and others like us are making available to those who are ready.

It ultimately will be a decision for each individual as to whether he or she accepts the energetic upgrade, the boost in your vibration, and you will be able to say enough is enough at any point during the process. As much as this is a group experience, your shift in consciousness also needs human beings who are willing to lead the way. The animals are doing it. The plants are doing it. The Earth is doing it, but what we have determined is that we need the help of more high frequency human beings if we are going to have the impact that we want to have on the entirety of the human collective consciousness.

We are looking for beings like yourselves, who have been attuning yourselves to the higher frequency energies and who have been taking care of yourselves physically so that you will be ready to go to the next level and to lead humanity into the fifth dimensional framework, the frequency range. You lead by example. You lead by how you conduct yourselves, but you also lead by how much high frequency energy you can hold in your body, in your chakra system, and in your energy field.

We know that many of you who are receiving this transmission right now are holding your hands up and volunteering, and all we can say to you is that as you prepare yourselves to receive the higher frequency energies, we will take notice. And those of you who are ready to step up and receive the energetic, vibrational upgrade will. And you will do so not only for yourselves but for all of humankind.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

11.11: Raise Your Personal Vibration with This Simple Tool ~ October 24, 2019

In this video, Alexander discusses the resurgence of self-worth and love as we take hold of what has transpired and how we have all successfully weathered it. We are stronger, more resilient, and have more faith than ever anticipated before our awakening. The time to shine is now.

9D Arcturian Council~Our Vision for Humanity’s Ascension ~ October 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: What a lovely message reminding us that, in reality, we have the ability to create humanity’s shift to D in any way that we choose! I continue to wonder if perhaps we are all playing out this reality individually, that is…our personal observations and experiences are truly ours alone?

In this we are creating our own individual personal worlds, again based on a collective mass consciousness, but our own individual experiences within some very loose parameters. Just a thought, so please read this article, be aware of your own ability to create, create what you want through your thoughts (creation happens vibrationally), and BE…



Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have a vision of the future for humanity that we hold within our consciousness, and we invite you to that vision by sending you the vibration of it. It is our desire for all of humanity to shift your consciousness in the most peaceful, pleasant, and joyous way imaginable. We know that this timeline exists for all of you, and it is our mission to get as many of you as possible to experience it, both in your waking state and when you are asleep, so that you can hold the vibration within you and become one of the members of society who is feeling your way towards this best possible scenario.

You are capable, as a collective, of taking our vision for humanity’s shift and improving upon it. You are powerful enough to do just that, and that is also a vision that we hold for all of you. We know what you are capable of, but most of you have not found the confidence to create the reality that you desire, and so we help you to find that confidence. And we want all of you to recognize yourselves as beautiful and masterful creator beings. Many of you have become aware of predictions about your shift, or ‘the event,’ as it is sometimes referred to as, and those predictions are about chaos, destruction, cataclysms and death. And while those timelines certainly do exist, you don’t have to align yourselves with anything that you don’t want to experience.

You have the freedom within the fourth dimension to create the experiences you want to have and then to manifest those experiences. When you become aware of someone else’s not-so-good feeling vision for humanity’s vision, remember that. Remember that your exposure to that prediction is your creation, but also know that you are under no obligation to live out what someone else is inviting you to. We are quite certain that you will enjoy the vision that we hold of humanity’s completion of the shift, and that is why we invite you to it. But you will always have free will. You will always be able to choose what you want to experience, and please, please know that none of the predictions that you become aware of are set in stone.

The future is all about probabilities, and you as the awakened ones in the human collective can and will choose from those probabilities. And as we have said, you will probably create some new ones, ones that are even better than what we have envisioned.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



Migrations Of Souls – Soul Groups – Ashtar ~ August 27, 2019

Migrations Of Souls – Ashtar

Part 3

Migrations Of Souls. By Gabriel RL.

It was some special phases before the definitive dive that would make you completely “erase” like a rebirth in the lower dimensions, and you would literally stumble your way back in the dark.

During this period of preparation, when in close contact with the Source, you were given direct and clear instructions on what the challenges would be like and surrendered to the increasingly intense process.


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While the Earth was being prepared, many of you were collaborating as much in the preparation of this creation as you were also developing your works at your points of origin on the planets where you lived, breathing in the purest air of love and peace.

And believe me, some of you while working on the creation of the earth collaborating with the Elohim, they did not imagine that they would be called upon to participate so actively in the experience, so they had to give up their love-and-peace-filled home homes to go to an experience that would somehow tear you out of these sublimated states.

But deep down, such an experience would bring even greater expansion, would bring great learning.

When Earth’s physicality was in its final stages of preparation, when only a few adjustments were missing, the definite CALLS echoed through the Universe.

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At first the native souls of the very heart of Earth/Gaia began their “breathing” and also prepared for the experiments.

Souls of other systems, by force of vibration, began their shifts to frequency adjustments at lower dimensions.

These souls could no longer expand in their home location, as these systems achieved high vibration, having to “step back”, and this place of return would be Earth.

Other souls, as I mentioned earlier many of you, would be called upon to bring your lights to collaborate in the process as a whole.

Migrations Of Souls - Dimensions


Migrations Of Souls

Let it be clear here, I do not wish to do soul separation/division; I just want you to understand how soul development and migrations took place for this experience.

Consider basically three Soul Groups:

1. Those natives of Earth/Gaia – initiators of their own Earth/Gaia experiences planting the Seeds of Light – who would be the beacons for other races to come to blend in with the experience. They are those who would bring within themselves Gaia’s Love and share it through their eyes with the coming races.

2. Those who by force of vibration had to migrate from their homes, as they were not following the vibrational elevation of their environment, thus having to start over in an energetically compatible environment and thus regain momentum, assisting the natives of Gaia with their extraplanetary experiences. Understandable phase throughout the universe of experiences.

3. Those who have come to help bringing more Light and Consciousness in response to a call from Gaia to assist in your elevation and your whole body of life, and in the energetic fusion of all souls. Souls that somehow had an influence on the creation of the earth, and were now called to participate in the experience from within.These would be seizing the opportunity for a great fusion with the other groups of souls also present, giving their share of Light and Consciousness for the expansion of all.

Migrations Of Souls - Soul Groups

Soul Groups

Migrations Of Souls

Know that you who are reading this message of mine may indeed fit into one of the three soul groups.

Your hearts will say it. There is no separation.

The experience is for everyone, and everyone has chosen by mutual agreement.

The phases I have mentioned are just to facilitate your understanding of soul groups.

All groups may have had and had their experiences merged.

You who now read this message may be a native soul of Gaia who has gone out for a while to have other experiences throughout the Galaxy and then return.

Just as you may be from the group of souls who came here to start over here what they had not yet achieved on another planet; or you may be a soul from the third group, who also came to help anchor Light and more Consciousness.

In any case, the three groups are closely linked with a common focus: reintegrating Earth/Gaia into the Galactic Community, completely purified from so many experiences and attempts at its destruction (a fact that, as I have said several times, will not occur. The Earth will not be destroyed by nuclear war, meteor or anything).

Migrations Of Souls – Part 3/6