Headlines and Updates for September 21, 2019: Breaking Indictments—Lying and Cheating Never End Well [videos] ~ September 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ok…seatbelts buckled up? It’s getting ready for rock ‘n roll time here in America as indictments are being released for HRC and major Dem members from the Obama admin. This obviously has to happen (with consequences) which will open the freedom door for the rest of the world. The indictments are stemming from the sale of uranium from the US to Russia for nuclear purposes which opens a floodgate of illegal moves taken to undermine our country, it’s legal processes, and ultimately Trump as the new leader in town.

What exactly does an indictment mean? according to Siri on my iPhone (and it know everything, right? 🙂 indictment is: “a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime.” An indictment is issued followed by arrest and then a trial. Stay tuned for developments as they occur. Pardon my own “Yippee!”

So…grab the popcorn as life is about to get very interesting. You can count on Google/YouTune to heavily censor this material and let’s see how MSM handles this info. In the meantime, be aware, grab your ringside (Internet) seat pass the popcorn, and BE…



We heard BIG news was probably going to break possibly on Friday, but most certainly this weekend. The following would qualify.

BREAKING: 11-Count Indictment Handed Down in Russian Bribery Case Involving Uranium One. Clinton, Obama, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Holder, Lynch Facing Criminal Prosecution

Big Tech censorship is exploding across the Internet and the digital soldiers are waging a silent war against the false reality they attempt to fabricate.

The cheats may win a few battles, but Truth will win the war. It’s just a matter of time until these petulant pussies are chopped up into itty bitty pieces and the fragments scattered in the winds of change.

Sean at SGT Report documented the results of his little “test” on YouTube. The shadow-banning, censorship, blatant manipulation of the community rules, and globalist-run accounts are having a significant effect on some of the better patriot channels.

We know our Starship Earth blog has been censored for a long time. After over 7 years of publishing the truth we should have a lot more followers and views than currently showing, but 20 million hits is fairly good for a small blog. We’re getting close to that.

Thanks to the crew for liking, sharing, supporting in various ways, and keeping us humming along through thick and thin—and for the wonderful company on this phenomenal journey.


We know they mess with the subscriptions, as well. People suddenly stop getting notifications of new videos and new blog posts. We have to continually re-subscribe, hit the notification bells, and bookmark our favourite sites and channels. It’s hard work—but we have the wits and the wherewithal to master it and win this war. This is why we’re here.

QAnon told us to “learn the comms”; told us “You have more than you know”, and also…255

Learn to Read the Map

Q!ITPb.qbhqo 4 Dec 2017 – 9:14:24 PM Learn to read the map.
You have more than you realize.

Many Anons figured it out. Q tells us a year ahead what will be happening. For instance, when you go to the old Q crumb from September 17th 2018… Voilà!2202

Deep State & Fake News Attempting to Blackmail Politicians into Impeaching POTUS

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 17 Sep 2018 – 5:37:56 PM PANIC IN DC.
BLACKMAIL v Senate & House [BRIDGE: FAKE NEWS MEDIA] being used to apply leverage against POTUS and/or force immediate ‘impeachment’ hearings based on ‘mental state – potential release of state secrets – sources & methods….’

We see the dimms embroiled in a vicious and absurd attempt to impeach President Trump. (and SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh)

This usually prompts the question, “How does Q know in advance what will happen so far down the road?”

They told us. This is a “movie”. The greatest military intelligence operation of all time. It’s scripted, cast, and produced by White Hats to execute the most brilliant takedown ever—WITHOUT violence or civil unrest on a grand scale.

They are showing those in the trance what has happened, are gently shaking them awake and telling them they need to pay attention and take part in bringing criminals to justice and ending the evil infestation. They need to step up and take their power back. Sheep no more.

Humans don’t know they’re prey because the marauding creatures control the media, education, and everything that provides the basis for their view of reality. They don’t know they live in an illusion, and they’re overdue for a reality check.

The opening scene of the first movie went thusly:1929

The Russia Hoax / Fake Dossier / Spygate Movie Trilogy (Redo)

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 19 Aug 2018 – 9:02:47 PM [Movie 1]
>>BO>>CS>>BO>>NO>>CS>>NO>>BO>>[  ][  ][  ][  ][  ][  ]
Who instructed the DOJ to release ‘select’ text messages?
When did [RR] learn of involvement [BO][NO]?
What happens if [RR] knew PRIOR TO signing CP FISA?
Why did [RR] under congressional testimony refuse to answer the question re: reading of FISA prior to execution?
Who signed pg 380?
Who signed pg 389?
Who signed pg 390?
Who signed pg 391?
Who signed pg 392?


Who is [1 of 4] FIREWALLS?
Who signed?
Who signed?
MOVIE 1 [Full]: The ‘START’
Coming SOON to a theater near you.
MOVIE 2 – Coming this FALL.
Enjoy the show.

Yes, it’s getting real and it’s hard for many of us who have seen the movies a dozen times already over the years. We’re begging for the sequel; the happy ending, but there are still many things we can learn if we pause the movie and study the scenes carefully. The rich details can be easy to miss amidst all the live-action and scintillating dialogue.

We need to pay attention because we’re the extras. We have roles to play and need to step up when the script indicates and give it everything we’ve got to make the most convincing theatrical production possible.

We get to wield a few clubs and slingshots of our own. No need to go overboard and launch into full combat. No fake movie blood required.

Just share the truth. Have conversations with people and plant seeds. Fight back on social media with memes and clever comments. Name and shame. Do what digital soldiers do.

And when the time comes… “Vote! Vote! Vote!” to ensure President Trump and his trusted allies are in place to DISplace the corrupt, blackmailed and bribed cabal minions and clowns who have been running the show—and have another four years to continue their extraordinary work.

Election rigging and voting fraud has been addressed to a great degree and the system is going to deliver the will of the People in 2020.

I share this video regularly because it’s the most sharable movie “trailer” we have, in my opinion. President Trump told us using very specific language what went wrong, what is being done to correct it, and how that happy ending will go. Every word is meaningful.

When people hear this, the truth resonates. Many get it.

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

(and it did!)

When you watch a Trump rally the magic is palpable. Look at the crowds amassing to show their support, to feel that energy of change, and hear the words of hope; of freedom. Through the promises kept, they are seeing their country resurrected. It’s rising from the ashes, and when America is free, they will be sending out their assistance to liberate the rest of Humanity the world over.

The magic is washing over the planet and changing life as we know it.

Father and son: Joe Kennedy II and III

Change is in the Wind

So, what do you think—is the Kennedy clan making a come-back? Juan O Savin mentioned a few months ago that this job (of draining the swamp) is too big and too dangerous for one family to bear the full weight.

That may have suggested that the Kennedys may be organizing again in the background and just may join forces with the Trumps to GET THIS DONE. It will be interesting to watch these next 18 months in America.

Royalty, bloodlines, and dynasties may have left a nasty taste in our collective mouth, and this roller coaster is mid-flight. All we can do at this point is trust and support those who have proven themselves wise and trustworthy; to judge by actions and consider the venomous arrows of the deep state hit men permeating the airwaves and digital files.

You may or may not recall this story. The Kennedy family has long been attacked and bridled because they attempted to correct the wrongs and oust the evil. Joseph Kennedy II made a valiant attempt.

Joseph Kennedy Ends Gubernatorial Bid

As alluded as a possibility not long ago… it’s happening. When will the Democrat Party die? Or will it? Could this be the foundation of the NEW Democrat Party? How soon can we dispense with the misleading “party system” and govern ourselves? How many years to get to that point?

Is there a fresh wind blowing new life into 2020? Joe Kennedy III is going to go big, or go home in the state of Massachusetts.

Kennedy launches primary challenge against Markey

Here’s another Kennedy (not related as far as we know), and I like his attitude.

Sen. John Neely Kennedy: I believe love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case

The most intriguing question of all: Will JFK Jr. emerge from beneath the waves as a new option for dyed-in-the-wool democrats in 2020? We have very compelling evidence on many fronts to suggest that will happen as one of these movies rolls.

I can’t think of a better way to get the attention of the snoozers, can you?

We have seen a woman who looks a lot like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy at several Trump rallies. One appearance in Rio Rancho, New Mexico almost had her sending Morse code with her shiny eyelids. The blonde woman in red to Trump’s right was taller than her companion, and Carolyn was 5’11” tall. Possible?

A digital artist suggested what JFK Jr. might look like now, at 59.

Most of us like happy endings, and some of us love surprise endings. You may think you do.

Try this on for size. Area17 Ground Zero consistently puts out videos with a different slant as a result of Q decodes. Maybe you can see his point.

I rather like his fresh approach, but don’t necessarily always agree. Anything is possible, though. I’m not invested in the outcome because I know it will all unfold for the best and highest good of all concerned. The energies simply don’t support anything else. Que será, será.


Dave’s financial reports have been excellent lately for bringing significance to the subtle things we see, or don’t see. Here’s the most recent one that make sense of the stories unfolding now about the failing debt-based system and where we’re going.

The Establishment Admits They Lost The Economic Narrative – Episode 1975a

President Trump has been taking California to task, as you may have heard. The swamp on the other side of the country has long needed intervention and positive things are coming out of this latest attention as Humanity rolls up their sleeves to clean up the “homeless camps” in the former Golden State.

This is just the beginning and we can already hear the gurgle as the swamp creatures circle the drain.

The wall is keeping out illegal aliens, violent offenders, bribed voters, and curbing Human trafficking. The voter roll cleanup will go a long way to ensuring a more accurate and honest election reflecting the wishes of the People.

Yes, this is a real homeless camp in Los Angeles. @realDonaldTrump #LosAngelesCleanup pic.twitter.com/vxRltzlOeD

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) September 21, 2019

Comey’s never getting out alive.

REPORT: Comey Broke Rules to set up Interview With Flynn

I find it interesting to see members of the “Q Army” organizing, unifying, comparing notes, and strengthening the Truth movement.

What a joy it would be to sit down, relax, and have intelligent conversations with like-minded individuals.

Greetings from Q-meeting in Helsinki!

In the northern hemisphere the fall equinox is upon us! We have a brief astrological/energetic update to arm ourselves for the coming days.

Equinox Stargate

And with that, I’ll close for now. Soldier on!  ~ BP

Headlines for June 8, 2018; All Over the Map [videos] ~ June 8, 2018

Fresh news from Starship Earth. Please read this report, know that truth prevails, and…



The news is gushing in from across the planet and I will have less and less commentary as the flow increases.

Therefore, I will limit my lengthier input and individual posts to isolated events.

Thanks to everyone for sharing. The disinfo is thick, the trolls and shills are working overtime and you’re on your own to decide what is true and what isn’t. 

The controllers are messing with YouTube and blog subscriptions among other things, so be sure to check from time to time that you have not been unsubscribed. You should be getting more and more news updates, just as I am—not less.

I will be adding a text intel update from Thomas Williams later. He has told us that South America will be in the news more and more, which it is, and that there will be a lot more “suicides”.  If you can’t wait, the video version of the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show for June 7 is here. You can also listen at Spreaker.com.

I also have another dedicated post coming for additional child porn/sex trafficking stories. “A fludd approaches”.   ~ Q/Cicada 3301     ~ BP

What a mess. Mud flowed right up to the eaves on the house in the foreground, but this is minor compared to the devastation in Guatemala. (below)

I’m getting flashbacks from my visit to Pompeii, Italy; the visions in my mind of the people suddenly frozen in time going about their daily life when Mt. Vesuvius buried the town in hot ash in AD 79.

Horrific Satellite Photos Reveal Entire Towns Obliterated by Guatemala Volcano

Farm worker Alfonso Castillo, 33, said his village of San Miguel Los Lotes was completely obliterated by what he described as a ‘sea’ of muck that came crashing into homes, inundating people, pets and wildlife.

‘In a matter of three or four minutes the village disappeared,’ he said.


Read and see more here…

Celebrity sacrifices. This seems to be their MO when we start focusing on the really nasty stuff. Kate Spade, and now this? Kate Spade, sister-in-law to actor David Spade, working with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti… need we say more?

Thomas Williams tells us there are plenty of El-ites now wanting to rat on their own, expecting immunity from preying on children if they fess up. Uh… no. It doesn’t work that way. No deals for pedophiles/pedovores/perverts. You prey on our children, you do the time.

The European monarchies are rife with satanic ritual abuse, pedophilia, crimes against Humanity and coverups. Their despicable acts will be almost impossible for the average Human to comprehend.

Dutch Queen’s Sister Found Dead, was Linked to Rothschild, UN Research, Argentina Youth Program

Chris Ken Simpson
Streamed live 17 hours ago

Ines Zorreguieta, 33, sister of Dutch Queen Maxima was found dead in her apartment in Buenos Aires. Zorreguieta had died of an alleged hanging, which a palace spokesman described as a “suspected suicide.” Queen Maxima has cancelled all upcoming engagements and will be travelling to Argentina for her sisters funeral.

The Zorreguieta family was both controversial and extremely well connected. Queen Maxima was a recent attendee of the Davos conference, as spotted by a reporter from The Telegraph at the 2016 meeting who described seeing, “Nat Rothschild and HM Queen Maxima of the Netherlands mingled with Marc Bolland, the outgoing chief executive of Marks & Spencer, Jamie Dimon, the chairman of JP Morgan, and Sir Mike Rake, the chairman of BT Group, to name but a few.”

Jorge Zorreguita, father of both Ines and Queen Maxima, was Argentina’s Agricultural Minister under the regime of General Jorge Rafeal Videla, who was responsible for “large-scale human rights abuses and crimes against humanity that took place under his rule, including kidnappings or forced disappearance, widespread torture and extrajudicial murder of activists and political opponents as well as their families at secret concentration camps. An estimated 5,000[1]-30,000[2] political dissidents vanished during this period.”

Ines Zorreguita was a psychologist who had worked as a researcher for the United Nations, and for Argentina’s Ministry of Social Development, related to the National Secretariat for Children, Youth, and Family.

Zorreguita’s Ministry of Social Development, also ran a program with PepsiCO and FUNDES starting in 2016, which according to Pepsi’s website “Together with FUNDES Latin America, PepsiCo will offer professional training and will seek to integrate women into local value chains, as employees or entrepreneurs. PepsiCo Latin America will also aim to create local public-private networks to guarantee the sustainability and growth of the program, while FUNDES Latin America will create a digital platform that will serve as a center to train women and create a link with them.”

The information war is literally raging. Are people heeding our warnings? Snopes is run by the CIA – Langley. It is not a place to seek the truth, but some have been programmed to do that and it’s top of mind. It’s a habit that needs to be broken.

As Snopes Claims to ‘Debunk’ Child Trafficking Camp, 160 Kids as Young as 3 Rescued in Georgia

The idea that someone could easily dismiss the allegations of rampant child trafficking among America’s elite as a conspiracy theory is irresponsible at best, and complicit at worst.

And… Facebook has weaponized Wikipedia, so we don’t go there unless it’s for the most basic of information that can’t be slanted or wouldn’t really matter.

Facebook is now smearing Breitbart News with biased Wikipedia pop-ups labeling their news “intentionally misleading”

Argentina Just Made IMF History With Biggest Bailout Loan Ever

Leaker Crackdown Begins: Top Senate Staffer Arrested In Leak Probe; NYT Journo’s Records Seized

56 Members of Congress Slam Planned Parenthood for Doing Abortions on 12-Year-Old Girls, Not Reporting Sexual Assault

The Bilderberg Meeting is proving to be even more challenging this year for independent journalists. Intimidation is the name of the game and secrecy is paramount to the globalists as they seek to plan our future.

The Tucson Child Trafficking story is a major event, and despite the lies, coverups and smear campaigns, it’s legit. The Veterans On Patrol (VOP) team has not revealed everything they found, and this must be handled carefully.

It is what it appears to be, with bulldozing and fires, probably to conceal evidence. Tucson is a Rothschild-owned town, and the Cicada 3301/Q prophecy from March 2017 is becoming a reality, but we are making efforts not to sensationalize it, and stick to facts. Vilifying the vets (VOP) is not going to work and there is far too much coverage of this on the Internet to censor or scrub. It’s only going to get bigger, from the sound of it. The web of corruption and immorality is in shreds.

You can read and see more here as there are several articles/updates.