November 9 ~ Blossom Goodchild ~ posted November 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Here we have confirmation from Blossom Goodchild about “the dominoes falling” which started with the refusal to publish the goods on Epstein as a prolific major player in the realm of pedophilia. According to the Federation of Light, and I strongly believe this, major revelations are in the process of being revealed, full of grimy facts. How to BE while revelations appear arousing our disgust?

Stand strong in Love, and many will ask…”How can I love these evil creatures whose filthy deeds are made known?” For me, I do not emotionally love the individual, but I DO hold spiritual love for players of the “process” which moves to propel humanity into another place of consciousness. These Dark souls are all involved, as we of the Light are, in this illusion designed to enhance soul growth.

“Ah! This is too personally painful and cruel!” many will say. Yet…this personal pain IS they means through which the Light (ALL THAT IS, CREATOR, SOURCE, LOVE) is recognized and human consciousness altered. NOW is the time to know your heart, understand your truth, and BE…



Hello once again! Are we good to get straight into it?

The warmest of Greetings to you, affectionately known to all as Blossom! And our extension on those greetings to Each One who find these words which we are to portray.

Thank you. The reason I am so keen, is that last week you mentioned that things would really start to happen due to ‘a slip’ … and I felt ‘a slip of the tongue’. Well, there has been ‘a slip’ (a leak) from the media regarding the gentleman we spoke of, who was the leader of the paedophile ring and was then consequently ‘removed’ (?) once in prison. We were told he committed suicide yet, it is widely assumed he was ‘murdered’. Three years ago a particular reporter had so much information, pictures etc that would have put this man and many, many so called celebrities away. Yet the royal family it seems, put pressure on the large media corporations NOT to let such a story leak as indeed it involved Royal family members. Is this what you were speaking of regarding the ‘slip’ (See link at end of channelling)

Indeed, Blossom it was. Yet, we would add that this is just the beginning. Now that this has been ‘opened up/out’ and on to your main stream media, it has the capability of allowing that huge can of worms we have spoken of, to unfold and the world to watch as each and every worm crawls out and to be shown for who/what they are.

It will of course ‘blow up and die down’ ‘blow up and die down’ quite a few times and much, so very much controversy will linger around it … and yet, the seed will be planted and stories /Truths will be so obviously disguised that the ‘ordinary folk’ will not  be fooled.

Be prepared Dearest Souls … for we have spoken of this taking place and one needing to have their wits about them. It will be a little like children when they have been ‘snitched upon’ by another, and so the one upmanship of who can go bigger and better in who/what can be revealed will take place. One will find it quite incredible the lengths one will reach to try and cover up that which has been disclosed and yet, we categorically state … this time there is no going back.

There is too much at stake. Too much evidence that even those who consider themselves to be of the highest order, will not be able to cover their tracks.

And this will happen very quickly now. The dominoes begin to fall.

So, if you are able to predict this ‘slip’ are you able to tell us what will follow on from here regarding what this all means and where it is leading?

As you can imagine Blossom, there will be those in absolute disbelief … for they will not want to accept the Truth about their royals and their superstars and indeed, those that were once in the highest of positions within your governments. For if they believe it … their world and all that it stood for will fall apart and they cannot imagine that.

When they consider the deceit regarding finances of this monarchy … when they consider the ‘incredible cover ups’ that are to be revealed, many will feel as if ALL HOPE IS LOST.

Many, many times have we spoken of atrocities … and one by one they shall be told.

This is what we mean by your world turning upside down … for who should/would one Trust?

Where would /should one turn in order to know what to do next and who to believe?

So many, many lies will be twisted in order to try and ‘get oneself out’. Yet, the more lies that are revealed and the more those who are scared for their lives try to put a plaster on the wound, the more they shall find themselves in deep water … and we do mean deep, deep muddy water .

Even you yourselves, who have known of something like this coming … will be in shock … at first.


This is when you begin expressing to those who are at a complete loss as to what to do … that which you know. That which you are aware of.

You start giving out Hope. You start sharing the facts that this has ‘been on the cards’ for a long, long time and that even though all ‘at this time’ appears to be hopeless … INDEED IT IS NOT.

ALL that is being revealed is for the HIGHEST REASON.

Tell these lost souls … that this is the BEST NEWS EVER!


It could not come while such devious acts were secretly going on in the back ground … The PURE LIGHT could not cover up and pretend that all was well when it wasn’t.

Dearest, dearest souls … think what this means … AT LAST!

All kinds of stories shall spread eventually, over the coming days and months. Yet …


Because the winds of change our coming. The dust is beginning to rise and turn into the whirlwind taking with it all that can no longer be part of this New Earth.


Yet, we ask that you choose to remain on the side of positivity.

It will not be easy to do, as more and more is exposed. Yet, as it reaches your eyes and ears …





And Dearest Souls … PRAY!



I know we have spoken of this before in that it may be easier, if one cannot forgive a particular soul directly, to ask for forgiveness as ‘a whole’ upon all that has gone so terribly wrong.

Of course, we cannot foresee exactly how this will run.  For there shall be so much anger , so much frustration of Energy bursting out of so many in disbelief, that the Energies all around will be disrupted.

Yet you, you Dearest Souls KNOW WHAT TO DO.


Say to yourselves your Divine right, over and over …




So many of you have been waiting to assist.

Will you FEEL/BE strong enough to explain to those who are in deep despair that this is who they are and if they say this mantra/blessing they will be making such a difference?

Will you Dearest friends? Will you be strong enough to deliver this message to those who would feel so disgusted that they lose all reasoning and desire to kill?


We do not jest. For so many souls will be so angered not only by the behaviour of other so called ‘human Beings’, yet also by the deceit … BY THE LIES THEY HAVE LIVED THEIR TRUTH UPON!


If one chose … one could find this all very daunting and a little scary.



How long have you waited?

Oh indeed, a long time. Yet, to be honest one was concentrating more on the ‘Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows’ aspect as opposed to calming down the rioters!

Which is the correct thing to do. To KNOW that your Rainbow Land lies ahead.

Yet, we have never once said that to get there, it would be an easy ride. We have always spoken of this that is now upon you.

Even though I have seen it on the news and already much is stirring … it still seems hard to believe that it is all going to come out now. Maybe because we have been hanging on a thread for so long and nothing REALLY happens.


Even though it may appear this ‘reveal’ dies down for a little while … believe us when we say … THIS will not be able to be buried. This will no longer be hidden. There are those in position ready to put into place that which they have been working on behind the scenes, yet, requiring the perfect …

Sorry. I am butting in here for I feel you want to say ‘alibi’ … and I don’t feel that fits in. So I am questioning myself … Is that what you want to say?

It is. We were to say ‘yet requiring the perfect alibi  … which will be presented in Divine timing, allowing discoveries to prove data, that up until these revealing times were not able to do so.’

Again, a little lost on the ‘alibi’ thing. Yet, I have learned to let it be, as often my non-understanding of something you say can lead to it all going out the window. I TRUST YOU.

And we, Dearest Lady Blossom … TRUST YOU.

Ah! You haven’t called me ‘Lady’ for a long time! Lady Blossom! So Regal! Yet, not wanting to be connected with anything royal!  And to be honest, never have been. My heart is full of Hope that the end of ‘horror’ is upon us. Yes, it will be a bumpy, bumpy ride. This you have prepared us for and we PRAY FOR STRENGTH AND KNOWLEDGE, HOPE, LIGHT AND LOVE to fill our Beings as we get on with what we came here to do. ONWARDS EVER ONWARDS!

Dearest Souls, PLEASE KNOW … that we would not lead you up to this point and then abandon you. WE ARE ETERNALLY BY YOUR SIDE … SHOWERING YOU … INFUSING YOU … WITH/THROUGH/ AS /IN … THE PUREST HIGHEST LIGHT AND LOVE.

Many thanks for all this you have assisted us with today. My heart is almost in my mouth with anticipation as to where this will all take us. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The YouTube link about this matter , from which you can research more .

The Audio recording for this channelling shall be posted below shortly.

A note from Blossom. These channellings are posted on many sites that I am unaware of and not everyone receives my newsletter. So I take this opportunity to let you know of this exciting Event I am holding in Hawaii.

ABC News Insider Exposes Epstein Coverup ~ November 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: Well, well well…now we have definite proof of how our MSM (in this case, ABC) is, has not, and will NEVER report the truth. Hmm? Isn’t that their job? Please watch this video, understand that MSM is a major tool of the Dark, BUT the day is coming when truth becomes their new mantra, and BE…



At Collective Evolution, we cover stories like this because they break the illusion people often have about the world they live in and the powerful people they idolize. If we are to gain our personal sovereignty and begin creating a world where we can thrive, we must first get out from under the spell ‘the illusion‘ has on us. This is step 1 of the CE Protocol. advertisement – learn more

We’ve covered the Jeffrey Epstein story in deep detail starting about 4 years ago. In this new story, an ABC news insider leaked a videotape to Project Veritas showing Amy Robach on a ‘hot mic’ talking about an interview she had done with Virginia Roberts (Giuffre) 3 years ago.

As Robach states, the interview was a bombshell and brought attention to many high profile individuals involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s activities.

“It was unbelieveable what we had, Clinton (Bill) we had everything. I tried for 3 years to get it on to no avail […] There will come a day when we realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known” – Amy Robach

The story she had was shelved by ABC news due to pressures from Buckingham palace, because of the Prince Andrew Allegations, and Alan Dershowitz, one of Epstein’s top defense attorneys. Who at ABC had the story shut down? No one knows yet, but hopefully we will soon so we can gain more insight as to what is happening here.

When asked if Epstein’s death was actually a suicide as is claimed and believed in mainstream conjecture, Amy Robach says: “Do I think he was killed?  A hundred percent yes I do….He made his whole living blackmailing people.” advertisement – learn more

Below you can watch the full 8 minute Project Veritas video on this. But first, one last takeaway, there is a process of shining light on ‘darkness’ such that we can see what is going on and wake up from the illusion we are accepting about our world, political figures and the mainstream media. When we begin to come out from under this spell, a whole new world emerges, one that is much less bleak as you begin to realize that outside of the rule and governance of these figures telling us what is true and what is not, we have the ability to gain our personal sovereignty and begin creating a new world.

Think for a moment, why are Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton not the centre of a massive investigation given all the information there is on them? Why are ‘average citizens’ treated differently than these high profile figures who can get away with anything? Is this the world you wish to support and live in?

Headlines and Updates for August 27, 2019: It’s a Looking Glass Life [videos] ~ August 27, 2019

Editor’s Note: Here we go again, more madness and mayhem in the land of Oz…no wait, Planet Earth! The really good news, folks, is that this time will not last forever. Many plans are in place by Light Forces, the Earth Alliance, and our positive galactic cousins who watch to see that the liberation of our globe happens without outside influence…we have to do this ourselves!

So…let’s all watch this get really interesting as “hot” August ends, and perhaps “Q” will returns (Sept. ?) with more messages to guide us toward liberation,. Stay tuned, enjoy watching the Dark scramble as their control deteriorates, and BE…



Alice and Wonderland in the news again…

Isn’t this interesting?

Alice and Wonderland

— IET (@Incarnated4EVA) August 26, 2019

Q spoke of Alice and Wonderland very early on, and many times since. Future proves past?


FBI Yellow Brick Road

Q!UW.yye1fxo 22 Dec 2017 – 9:44:18 AM ‘Yellow Brick Road’.
F-I speech – history.
Wizards & Warlocks.
Alice & Wonderland.

McCabe better run for the hills.

also there is a secret message in this tweet.

— jfk_juni0r (@JfkJuni0r) August 25, 2019

Lots of clues. It might wind up in the news.

This is brilliant. If you think you know what’s going on, watch this video. I’m so glad I did. Thanks to Greg Rubini on Twitter for sharing.

Who’s who in the zoo? Now you know. I just love Jeff Sessions, whose impish countenance said it all.

This shows us that there are many good people who sacrificed their reputations, friendships, and careers to save the world. It must have been very hard on their families. I salute these patriots.

Good is bad, bad is good, up is down, down is up, black is white… everything is inside out and backwards.

Farewell Ceremony for Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein

Remember when President Trump said “Toledo” and some thought he made a mistake and meant to say Dayton after the FF mass shooting there? Are there multiple meanings for absolutely everything? It seems that way. So many Q-incidences.

Perhaps there is more to this news than we see on the surface, but one might surmise a designer who creates specifically for an individual would know if it’s a man or a woman or… something else. Could they be a liability? Fifty-nine is young and many doctors and those close to the presidents Clinton and Bush have met with an early demise.

Fashion designer Isabel Toledo

Fashion’s Isabel Toledo, designer for Michelle Obama, dead at 59

These smugglers know all the tricks.

‘Gulf Cartel’ Attacked CBP Boat To Protect Secret Underwater Drug Pulley

It’s that time again, possums. It’s time to talk about Jeffrey Epstein. PAEDO PROBE

Prince Andrew emails with Jeffrey Epstein ‘likely to be examined by FBI probe into alleged sex trafficking ring’

PRINCE Andrew’s emails with paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein are likely to be examined by the FBI as their investigation into an alleged sex trafficking ring continues.

Agents are set to carry out a “forensic” sweep of online messages which will reveal if Epstein’s friends were aware of any criminal behaviour.

Read the rest of the article…

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

If you listened to Corey Lynn and Dr. Janda speak about Epstein and his ties in the videos I shared yesterday, you probably recall them speaking about a “grooming school”. I believe they’re right on the money. I believe kids are schooled from a very young age to play roles in society.

I believe they teach them how to BE one of the “elites” yet blend into the general population. They spoke of an excellent education you wouldn’t get in a public school. How many times have we heard that Obama was just a punk-ass homosexual kid the CIA groomed for a position they created? They sent him to a good school… a benefactor paid for it… he became a lawyer… they needed a black president… rigged the election… bingo.

They also paired him up with Michael Robinson aka Michele Obama and gave them two kids. Actors all.

I believe they place their soldiers of deception everywhere, including the Internet, posing as patriots. They come out of nowhere, have a “story” that is meant to appeal to a specific demographic, and then they network.

For example, in my opinion YouTuber Jordan Sather could be one. Consider this: His story is that he’s a college dropout, yet his first videos on ThemTube were educating us about all sorts of things folks felt he was credentialed to speak about.

All of a sudden he’s interviewing RDS, aka Remington Steele. Now the two are inseparable. What is a college dropout doing with a “former” clown. There are no exes, as Q has said.

We also know the CIA recruits students at colleges and universities. Is that the connection?

We know “ex” CIA people are running for office in America and trying to get control again. And how does one know if they’re really retired? QAnon says they’re probably not.C-A

The clown has a website where the marketing says he has supplied all manner of fantastic resources but what do they really do for us? Have they benefited you? And nearly $30K in donations flooded that website every month until Jason Goodman blew the whistle and now there’s a multi-million dollar law suit for defamation because when the word got out in the alt news community the well spring of cash diminished considerably.

It could be factional infighting, but it doesn’t stop there.

Remington has also made multiple threats to Kevin Annett, who has been exposing pedophiles and genocide for years, and the women who feature Kevin’s efforts and the clown’s attacks on him have been verbally attacked and threatened with law suits themselves. (Including me, for sharing the story on Goodman and his team.)

Why is the dynamic duo of Sather and Remington together and why is the clown suing patriots if he is a patriot himself? Patriots don’t sue patriots, folks, or promise financial ruin if they share accounts of their deplorable behaviour toward those who sacrificed a lot to expose the truth.

They are networking. The two did the conference in California last weekend to make money and gain positive associations. Now Sather tells us he is having lunch with JFK Juni0r. (a twitter account) and he can guarantee us he’s not really JFK Jr. No kidding. He’s edifying himself and is name dropping for that purpose.

Sather’s already done the rounds with Corey Goode, David Wilcock and Contact in the Desert. Networking. Establishing himself in the alt news community. He may also be hanging around with the guys on the Edge of Wonder ThemTube channel. Maybe these associations tell us who is who. Perhaps none of them are to be trusted.

So you see how it works. Now that the connections are drawn with “respected” “patriots” in the alt news community they get to surf the waves behind their boats. They edify each other.

But if we don’t trust one, then we might also distrust the other, so it works both ways.

Most of the time they share information that is true, but nothing new, and then occasionally throw in a red herring, like Sather saying the sixth finger on the Bill Clinton portrait in Epstein’s townhouse was just a failure to master “foreshortening”. What does a college dropout know about “foreshortening”?

Do you really believe an artist who could paint like that just can’t get the hand right? Do you think billionaire Epstein would commission a hack? You can find lessons on how to draw hands on the Internet.

Sather used Illuminati hand signals in at least one of his earliest videos. Is he a product of an “elite grooming school”, playing a role they needed him to play? It certainly seems that way, but maybe it’s just my imagination running wild.

Trust no one, and be particularly wary of (ex)clowns and their friends.

Two Recent Interviews with Kevin Annett on his Candidacy in the Canadian Election, Ongoing Genocide and Building a New Republic Plus Important News to be Announced this Sunday on Here we Stand Radio Show

After watching these interviews, ask yourself why Remington Steele would be attacking this man and threatening to use his influence to remove him “from the public sphere”.

Kevin Annett after a quarter century of fighting genocidal Church and State: A candid interview

And one with Sarah Westall…

Kevin interviewed by Sarah Westall on his candidacy in the Canadian election, August 20, 2019

ALSO tune in this Sunday, August 25 to our regular Here We Stand blog radio program for important news updates about the September 16 War Crimes Tribunal to which Justin Trudeau and other officials have been summoned to appear; and for a discussion on the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged.

That’s this Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 10 pm GMT at

many thanks, Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice

And here’s more on the “who’s who” front. Who flipped? Who’s working with Trump to save the world?

Proof That Trump Has Made World Leaders Submit!

As we have reported for years now… the “national debt” isn’t the People’s debt—it’s the banksters’ debt.

The cabal/Illuminati/deep state/NWO stole money and resources from Humanity for ever. We, Humanity, do not owe their debt.

The deep state has to pay back as much of what they stole as possible. They will have to liquidate property and assets. Some suggested they should get to keep their castles and just go and hide there and leave us alone. I don’t think so.

Humanity is wealthy because there was abundance for all created along with our world before the marauders invaded and plundered whatever they wanted and monetized everything.

We are due restitution. What form that takes remains to be seen. Some don’t believe we should get any money at all; that we’re too irresponsible. Some may argue the responsible ones shouldn’t be penalized for the irresponsible ones.

There are a lot of details to be ironed out before all us said and done, but we will get to start over and run our countries sagely and efficiently so as not to incur debt. Handled fairly and intelligently, there is plenty of everything for everyone to have the basic needs and more.

QANONS, The Federal Reserve is an illegal entity. Because it is illegal the debt is illegal. When the Fed closes, the US will owe nothing because it was all illegal to begin with. THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP. GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) August 27, 2019

If we think things are rough in Canada or the US, consider this from an independent journalist in Sweden:

Horrific story from Sweden.

A mother who works as a doctor in Malmö was brutally executed in broad daylight on Monday.

She was holding her baby when she was shot multiple times in the head.

This never used to happen before.


What is happening with my country

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) August 27, 2019

This completes the update for today.  ~ BP

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Aug 2019 – QAnon ~ August 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, while we are all aware of Epstein’s reported “death”, it is my thought that deeper and more spiritual, ideas surrounding his death that must be considered.

Epstein was a major player in the pedeophile situation in the world. He built a temple on Little St. James Island to whom? Moloch, an ancient god demanding child sacrifice. He”collected” rich and famous people who visited his island for blackmail purposes. What was the ultimate purpose for his blackmail?

Epstein, using blackmail, served as a lynchpin for having ideas and practices, legislation and laws set in place allowing Dark practices to be developed and set in place for more control of humanity. Period. Now he is “gone” and no one knows why.

The article below infers that he had perhaps been “McCained” since he was soooo caught up in the Dark. His actual presence is no longer needed as “everything is recorded” to be used legally. Also, please consider the dark demonic entity within him was too uncomfortable to exist in the rising vibrations of Earth. Spiritual teaching remind us the Dark cannot exist in the Light!

So…please read this article, research the idea of a military tribunal being used as it was for Bush. Sr. and McCain, realize the Dark is aware of their demise, and BE…



Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Aug 2019 – QAnon. By Interstellar. Updated 8/15 20:00 UTC


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Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – AKATU – Pleiadian Collective

By @kabamur_taygeta

Beloved Friends!

We Understand The Difficulty In Perceiving That Many Seem To Become Very Evil;

And Yet Seem To Prosper And Be In Health While So Many Innocent Ones Suffer!

He was going to be murdered when locked up because many there are involved.

The biggest names and the worst abusers are already in many hands.

Not to worry!

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – NEIOH – Pleiadian Collective

By @kabamur_taygeta

The right people already have the names!

White Hats did not protect him because he did evil of free will.

It was not necessary for him to testify for the largest number that will be named.

He was going to be murdered when locked up because many there are involved.

The biggest names and the worst abusers are already in many hands.

Not to worry!

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - Praying medic

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide

By @prayingmedic

When did Q begin posting about Epstein and Ray Chandler?

April, 2018.

Why did he post about them?

To increase public awareness about what they were doing.

Why did Q and POTUS need the public to be aware of Chandler and Epstein?

Because powerful people were about to be arrested.

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - Ray Chandler

Powerful People – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Aug 2019 – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - Praying medic

Why did Q focus on Ray Chandler instead of Epstein?

For the same reason he focused on Allison Mack and not Keith Rainiere.
Mack gave prosecutors the information they needed to bring charges against NXIVM members.

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - Mack is naming names - QAnon

Mack is naming names – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Aug 2019 – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - Praying medic

The case against those who committed criminal acts with Jeffrey Epstein doesn’t hinge on Epstein’s testimony.

It hinges on Ray Chandler’s testimony.

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - It hinges on Ray Chandler's testimony - QAnon

It hinges on Ray Chandler’s testimony – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Aug 2019 – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - Praying medic

Q has suggested that Ray Chandler has already been interviewed by FBI/DOJ.

If prosecutors have the information they need, Q’s task is waking people up to the extent of corruption so that when the prosecution happens, the public understands the nature and scope of the scandal.

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - Ray Chandler has already been interviewed by FBI/DOJ - QAnon

It hinges on Ray Chandler’s testimony – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Aug 2019 – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - Praying medic

Epstein’s death doesn’t impede the prosecution of bad actors. It may actually speed up the process since his land and buildings may now be searched without interference.

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide - We Certainly Do! - QAnon

We Certainly Do! – QAnon

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Aug 2019 – QAnon

Epstein Timeline

The earliest allegations date back to 2002. They include sexual abuse and exploitation of underage girls and young women, as well as requesting some of the women to recruit others, per the New York Times.


A teenage girl’s parents told the Palm Beach police that she had been molested by Epstein in March, according to the Miami Herald and the New York Times.
By October, law enforcement had identified more than 20 possible victims.


In May, the Palm Beach County state attorney referred Epstein’s case to a grand jury, resulting in a single charge of soliciting prostitution.
The FBI opened an investigation in July.


Email records indicate Epstein’s attorneys and prosecutors, led by then-U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Alexander Acosta, discussed a possible plea deal.


A federal grand jury indicted Epstein on minor prostitution charges.
In a deal with federal prosecutors on June 30, federal charges were dropped in exchange for Epstein pleading guilty to state charges — a single count of solicitation of prostitution with a minor. According to the Miami Herald, “Among the terms agreed upon: that the victims would not be notified, that the deal would be kept under seal and all grand jury subpoenas would be cancelled.”

Epstein began an 18-month sentence in the Palm Beach County stockade in July. He was released 6 days a week to work from his office. Two of Epstein’s victims filed a lawsuit against the federal government, accusing them of violating their rights, per the New York Times.


Epstein was released in July, 5 months early.
His nonprosecution deal was made public in September.


Two of Epstein’s victims filed a motion in March accusing federal prosecutors of violating their rights by keeping the deal secret, the New York Times reports.


Acosta was confirmed as U.S. labor secretary in April.

The Miami Herald began an investigation of Acosta’s nonprosecution agreement from 2007, discovering that Acosta negotiated a plea deal that granted Epstein immunity from federal sex-trafficking charges.

Reporter Julie Brown pored through records, files and court documents and found more than 80 alleged victims.


Brown’s investigative report was published in November.


A judge ruled in February that prosecutors had broken the law in reaching the previous plea bargain.
Epstein was charged in federal court in Manhattan with sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy. He pleaded not guilty and was held without bail. He was flagged as “an extraordinary risk of flight and danger,” the New York Times writes.
Investigators seized a series of nude photos depicting underage girls from Epstein’s New York City townhouse, according to the New York Times.

In July, House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) requested Acosta’s testimony regarding his role in Epstein’s 2008 plea deal.

Acosta defended his handling of the sex-trafficking case involving Epstein. Acosta resigned in mid-July.

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Update 13 Aug 2019

It’s been 11 days since Q has posted.

All attention has been focused on Epstein

8chan preparing to redpill the world

Epstein spilled it all

The more I think about it I believe Epstein was convicted & sentenced to death after a mil tribunal

@potus in control Jeffrey Epstein Suicide

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


So the blackout in Manhattan was a distraction to extract Epstein under the guise of everyone’s noses. He was taken to court. Tried. Found guilty. Sentenced to death and that sentence was carried out on 8/10, 17 days after the July 25th DOJ announcement of reinstating the death penalty.

It’s reported that he’s dead in his cell at 6:38 (6+3+8=17) yet pictures are shown of paramedics attempting to resuscitate him despite being announced dead in his cell. All pictures of Epstein don’t look like Epstein.

The media is constantly kvetching about “deep fakes”. Which is a 100% mirror of what they’re doing- deep fakes. What if this whole thing is a media deep fake bc they can’t let anyone know he was executed.

The public would then demand to know the contents of the trial and that would mean everyone would know we have it all against them. Trump tweets out on Sunday that it’s so nice to be able to SHOW, to many people, that the media is fake news. Literally “deep” fake.

And we all just watched it happen in real time = except the whole world was watching. The stage was set. Show time. Movie 2 roll on three. 1, 2, 3!!!! Jeffrey Epstein Suicide

IET, @Incarnated4EVA

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide – Update 15 Aug 2019

Future proves past.

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

This Is Not a R vs D Battle QAnon

QAnon Achive

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Yaldabaoth Update June 2019

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THE ORACLE REPORT | “Epstein the Archon” ~ August 15, 2019

Editor’s Note: Very, very good thinking from Laura Walker in this episode of Oracle Report. Epstein was/is a very important entity for the Dark and as such, it is not really important to wonder why/how Epstein is “gone” from our view.

The more important topic to consider is Epstein, as a senior priest of the Archons, has been removed physically and/or spiritually. This fact alone tells us that the dark Archonic entities who have controlled this world through their minions like the Rothchilds are , in fact, losing the battle for Earth and as the Light grows stronger, their Darkness will disappear!

So…is it important to really know what “happened” to Epstein? Not really, as Light Forces have all the “goods” on his evil practices. It is more important for me to know his presence, his spirit, is no longer being used to promote the horrors of his own darkness. The enhanced vibrations Earth is now experiencing was too uncomfortable for Epstein, the “high priest” of Darkness who is no longer in business and for this, we all need to BE…