Earth: The Final Frontier [videos] ~ March 7, 2019

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I know: for Star Trek fans it’s “Space: the Final Frontier”. I disagree for the sake of this post, because while we yearn for the truth about space, we have very little idea about where we even live within the confines of space. Earth is the final frontier for us until we learn who and what we are—and WHERE we are.

We’ve learned more from movies and television shows about our reality than we have from our formal educations, but they pass it off as “entertainment”. It’s actually Humanity who are the entertainment for the controlling species of creatures who have deceived and used us for centuries.

We don’t know a lot about our reality for certain, but we are sure we have been deceived about the nature of our reality, including our planet and space. Historical information is the best gauge because we can see that the narrative has changed over time. The actual facts themselves have changed. We must ask “why?”. How can the facts about a planet or the sun or stars change so dramatically over the years?

When I grow weary of the political circus I venture off into territory that stimulates my curiosity and intense desire to know more about what reality is because frankly, the number just don’t add up.

My own postulations about what is true vary greatly from someone on a different journey, but after many years of exploring the claims of a variety of people with the courage to share, I’m pretty comfortable with the fact that we live a very limited existence.

I have used the analogy in the past about a Petri dish experiment where we seem to exist in a very controlled environment, are watched, notes are taken, and if we go a little crazy and threaten to over-run the confines of the vessel or exceed the parameters of the hypotheses, we are held in check by unseen hands—or technology or what have you.

Basically, I believe almost anything is possible, so logic and skepticism play small roles and intuition is the guiding force based on the most basic information many experiencers and researchers have shared.

It’s a mine field because we know there is a tremendous amount of disinformation published to distract and take seekers down rabbit holes they may not emerge from for months, if ever.

Many of us are enthralled by details we want to hear or that may confirm our preconceived assumptions rather than what is actually true, but try finding a yard stick to measure that fluff. We know there are many agendas and don’t want to fall into their traps.

Add to that the bickering and “outing” of various whistleblowers and insiders and it can be very frustrating to be a truth seeker. Perhaps that is the ultimate goal; to render us unwilling to plumb the depths of the deception at all. To give up.

I am not dissuaded. When I have housework to do I love to listen to audios where I don’t have to watch a screen and can just enjoy the unexpected topics that come up while I do what I need to do.

Space is something that fascinates me and pondering where we fit into it. Our planet does not seem to jibe with the views we see from NASA cameras or mockups, as some refer to the images they show us, and we’ve heard fantastical tales of what comprises space and how it looks, the mechanics and certain physical limitations with space travel.

We’ve seen jaw-dropping spectacles in our skies all over the world and many unexplained “glitches” in the so-called reality we were taught we live in.

For example, there was the “lunar wave”, and since we don’t all buy into the sky, moon, sun, etc. as told, that video gave us a lot to think about. Living in a “matrix” with the aid of holographic technology didn’t seem far-fetched.

Sean at the SGT Report shared a video interview last week that he caught a lot of flack for which indicates that some folks are not yet ready to crawl out of the Petri dish. Not only do they buy into the programming, they will fight to defend that paradigm.

For them, NASA landed men on the moon and that’s all there is to it. Others are convinced it was physically impossible.

Some of us have melded the two and have come to understand that the moon landing did not happen as told, or as shown in the official footage, but that astronauts were assisted to visit the moon by extraterrestrials because there was a mutual agenda involved.

I found it interesting that Sean began his followup video intro with images of what we’re told are “stars”. My first glimpse at footage like this recently amazed me because I assumed stars were bits of rock reflecting light in space like planets. That view seems naive now because the stars photographed are beautiful clusters of scintillating rainbow colours. Are they real? Is anything real? Is everything outside of this surface we walk on merely a holographic projection?

Here is Sean’s response to some of the feedback the previous video generated. It’s short, but a good glimpse at where the heads of some members of Humanity are presently. It’s not about flat Earth versus the globe or anything else that divides. It’s about establishing and agreeing that reality is NOT what we’ve been told. It really is time to wake up and the snoozers are holding us all back.


We’ve seen intriguing images of “sun simulators” in our skies, the chemtrails are very strategically obscuring “something” or “somethings” we’re apparently not supposed to see, and we have footage of thousands of UFOs from camera phones everywhere; belonging to people with no agenda. We don’t even know if they’re craft, drones, probes or glitches in the matrix.

What’s interesting about the “sun simulators” is that the patents date back to the 1960s and we have seen the documentation. Why would we need to simulate the sun and who knew so far back as then that they would be needed and didn’t see fit to tell us?

Inquiring minds want to know more about the lies we’ve been told and to understand where we live and how we fit into Creation. We’re intrepid explorers who rarely leave our desktops and tablets and we won’t rest until our questions have been adequately answered.

In the first discussion below with Tolec, representing the Andromeda Council, and two “insiders”, we hear something I had not heard anyone speak out on before.

After the 20 minute mark Ms. M says, “our sun is dying and being reborn”. She says the coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are volatile and our guardians are hard pressed to shield the Earth from these powerful waves of energy.

Now, that would explain a lot, wouldn’t it? It would explain the sun simulators and odd shadows cast by chemtrails and many other anomalies we see on a regular basis that just don’t conform to the physics we were taught.

Its interesting that now I recall my own father telling me back in the 70’s that the sun would eventually burn out and die. I assume that’s all he knew about it.

According to Ms. M’s information, some solar events are expected as a result of the sun’s malfunctioning; a big one probably in May of 2019, with a few less significant ones prior. Does it now make more sense that President Trump urged us all to “prepare”?

We may indeed experience a blackout in portions of the world or other interesting events if massive energetic disturbances penetrate the Earth’s shields and fry our infrastructure—which is already in poor shape. Meghan also referenced that old “three days of darkness” theme. No one would wish that on our surface population but all attempts to prevent it could, theoretically, fail.

If you are skeptical of these claims and the source, it might be helpful to know that Ms M, or Meghan, is one of the three women facilitating the communication with the galactic oversight body known as the Universal Protection Unit (UPU) a couple of years ago which I’ve shared twice before which required translation from an extraterrestrial language. Meghan is the one giving us the replies from the representative of the UPU.

Another participant was Kim Gauguin, Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust, and it’s apparent that there is some conflict ongoing within these parties. This is to be expected as the factions vie for and sort out the control structure on this planet. We are paying attention.

I hope it’s safe to say Humanity is tired of being “managed” (manipulated) by extraterrestrial and/or intraterrestrial races and “royal” bloodlines of sub-Humans and that we will step up—once we’ve been told the WHOLE truth—and run our own society and our own planet, thank you very much.

Positive, benevolent, and non-agenda-driven assistance is, of course, welcome and required for us to leave the Petri dish and move forward in liberation.

Tolec, M, MsM, Deep Disclosure, Segment 7, The Journey Continues – The Path is True & Clear

I sometimes take in a video from Matt Rogers and his worldwide community of Skywatchers and the captures they share are very interesting to say the least. Matt has been pointing out the odd, rosy hue cast in the sky and on the Earth in many sky shots and we have heard that there are other planetary bodies above us they don’t want us to know about so they are masking them.

I recently showed a photograph I took from my yard of a deep red hue on our mountain that was unlike anything I’d seen before. We get plenty of pink sunset colours but there was no red sunset in the West. What there was that day was a lot of moisture in the air as it had rained for two days. The moisture seemed to be reflecting something red.

In this video, Matt uses footage from web cams which means the footage we see is probably not doctored. He can use the raw images knowing someone didn’t mess with them before submitting to him. Sometimes the anomalies are subtle and one might not think them significant if they have not been following this research for some time because they wouldn’t have a baseline for comparison.

This week Tolec also published a fascinating discussion with his soul-sister Adona, of Star Ancestry, and Cheyene Stone. Adona is very tapped into the galactics and shares more interesting information about a “binary star system” in our galactic neighbourhood that was never part of our science classes to my knowledge.

She also mentioned the fact that our “moon” was towed there long ago and it’s not the first time I’ve heard that. They also get into the fact that Human trafficking isn’t restricted to our planet, as several have told us, so it would be best if more Humans understood this.

Tolec, Adona, Cheyene discuss our artificial Moon, a second sun, off planet human trafficking & more

The controllers’ favourite way to silence those who share the truth is to label them conspiracy theorists, tin-foil hat nut jobs, and space cadets. Ridicule was very effective for a few decades but we’re well aware of this tactic and it doesn’t cut it any longer.

The truth is “out there”, and outside the Petri dish. If you don’t look for it, you won’t find it.

Melissa Dykes at Truthstream Media brought us this recently released research involving technologies and processes the public has not been privy to historically—via a FOIA request, of course.

Stargates, portals and the like are not only the stuff of futuristic television shows and movies and Humanity as a whole needs to learn this and accept it. Only then can we learn who we are and how to maneuver in this reality.

Keep exploring. Anyone who won’t tell us the truth is hiding something, and that means we’re being manipulated. Sometimes there is some positive explanation for the “white lie”, but for much of the fake reality we’ve been fed over the years, it’s purely about control and harvesting of resources. What’s really despicable is that WE are considered “resources”.

The Truth is coming, but not everyone is ready to hear it.

Last, but certainly not least, I just finished watching this presentation from Emily Windsor Craig and I thank Jon at Wake Up to the Truth for sharing this. What exquisite timing. It’s perfect right here.

I always wondered why the chose the name, Jean-Luc Picard for the captain of the Enterprise. Perhaps this next video answers that question.

It’s difficult to refute historical footage, and this old information accompanied by beautiful music makes for a compelling case that will give us a lot to think about.

Look at the way the sun and moon traverse the sky above us in these models.

Information wasn’t always as strictly controlled as it is today. We can see the progression to control it more every moment; to manipulate our thoughts to shape our reality. How many alternatives are there? Perhaps there are nuggets of truth you will recognize here to add to your bigger picture of who we are and where we are.

We know that generation by generation the controllers shape the knowledge base, rewrite the history books, and therefore the belief systems of Humanity. They count on us forgetting, as a race, what came before. Collectively, we are in a death spiral. Pull up! Pull up! before it’s too late.  ~ BP

Emily Windsor Cragg: ETs ask: Why do humans believe Earth is a spinning ball in space? Earth is actually a Toroid.

Why Trust the Plan? Is There a Plan? [videos] ~ February 12, 2019

Something to run by you: the psyop—no, the other psyop—because we know this takedown is being done peacefully and subtly. We also know they are using the dark’s weapons against them.

It seems many are playing roles, and it may be that the White Hats planned to install characters with the express purpose of instilling such a fear of socialism, full-term abortions, denial of protected borders, vaccine-happy protocols, the release of violent illegal alien prisoners from jails, gun confiscation, 90% taxes, trains to Hawai’i, and the other frightening platforms they embrace—that the American public will seem to come to their own conclusion that the democrats truly are the evil, unhinged, psychopathic party they appear to be.

Psychological operations are about perception. It’s all a psyop—just as the dark has used their tactics to get Humanity to scream for what they wanted us to with their Hegelian Dialectic of Problem-Reaction-Solution—we are seeing the same tactic used to get Americans to willingly reject the dimms and follow Trump. No mind-altering drugs required.

The democrats and their platform is the problem. It’s painfully obvious they propose the exact opposite of what any thinking person would want.

We see the reaction on social media, videos and blogs and in conversation to the behaviour of the Left. The patriots are wearing MAGA hats, T-shirts, installing window decals, and attending rallies and casting their votes at the elections. We also see the propaganda machine psyops, lies, coverups and witch hunts.

The solution is President Trump and his administration (and in the background, the Alliance). They made it very simple. Either you want to make America great again, or you want to flush it down the toilet. Pick one. It’s a simple message, right?

We are seeing the beginnings of this Hegelian Dialectic process. The dark’s propaganda machine has shaped public opinion for decades but they went over the edge and in a very short time, QAnon and President Trump have proven that the media and the Liberal/Left are not to be trusted; that they are the enemy. The perception of the legacy media was altered forever.

Despite what the media would have us believe, Trump’s rallies are blockbuster hits. Last night again in El Paso—a carefully chosen location—where the people have been living with the stream of drug gangs and murderers coming through their town with the blessing of their corrupt LEOs, they had a small venue with roughly 10K people, the President said, and 30 – 40K fans outside watching and listening on Jumbotron screens.

President Trump uses that opportunity at rallies to connect directly with the People to his advantage—and ours. He bypasses the lamestream media and delivers the information voters need to decide for themselves what the situation in America is; what the Democrats propose and will do if they are in power, and what he and his administration will do if chosen to move forward with their plan to fix what is broken and return power to the People.

There’s no way for the media to spin what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth, and thousands watched that speech on the Internet, too. Trump mentioned how Beto O’Rourke was having a rally in El Paso at the same time and joked about there being 15 people there. The only weapons the Alliance uses are words and legislation. They arm the People with information, and hell hath no fury like a nation scorned. Just ask the French.

The President’s State of the Union speech last week was closely monitored and polled and if any of the numbers were to be trusted, more Americans are seeing value in Trump’s initiatives and feel he has something to offer them—whether they like him or not. Now we see the poll claiming he has a 52% approval rating.

He’s trending. The Plan is working. Was Trump “chosen”? You bet he was. There aren’t many who could pull this off with such aplomb. It had to be someone who was not compromised, could not be bought, but bought into the Plan so they could play the role sincerely. It had to be someone with skin in the game. Donald Trump has a family he loves very much, and grandchildren with a bright future if he has anything to say about it.

The People know sincerity when they see it and hear it. They never got the truth from a president like this before. No president ever told them how the system was rigged; that they would never see an improvement if things continued the old way. No president ever named the enemy.

When he made that historic campaign speech, the one that would get Donald Trump elected, it was a direct connect. It resonated with millions of Americans because they knew it was true, and that he was sincere. He confirmed what many already knew: that Hillary Clinton made a habit of lying and that appalling deceptions had occurred in Washington.

Apparently our counterparts across the world felt it, too. This was different.

Patriots in other countries also love Trump. Their leaders mimic him. We have Brazil’s “Trump of the Tropics” and that parade in Italy this weekend was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.

Did you watch the short video of that jaw-dropping “God Emperor Trump” they made with the moving eyes? What the hell has come over the world? What is going on? You have to ask!

Someone in the parade even dressed up as a Trump super hero. This is no accident, as you may have surmised since Italy’s deputy prime minister met with Yellow Vest protestors in France recently. The Plan is global. The countries with “good guys” in power are edifying Trump. He has their stamp of approval and we’re beginning to see the Alliance congealing.

The Psyop is in play—but it’s a good psyop; a positive psyop. Just as the dark turns everything good inside out and makes it evil, the White Hats are doing the reverse. The unawakened don’t see it, but it’s part of the Plan.

Don’t parents use psychology on their children sometimes for their own good? That’s a psyop. They’re not always for nefarious purposes. We use psyops when training our pets. It works out better for everyone because we all get what we want and can live in harmony and safety.

You don’t have to be a Q follower to be a Trump follower, but as I watched the El Paso rally Trump made a point of saying he liked one of the signs but we didn’t see it and I wondered if it referenced Q.

Shortly thereafter an Anon posted this on the 8Chan board.

Anonymous 11 Feb 2019 – 8:56:46 PM – Not a T-shirt – she laid a square cloth with the Q on it when POTUS came by. PERFECT IDEA when they don’t allow Q shirts in.

Q or no Q, despite voter fraud, which will still happen in 2020 but to a lesser degree, the Allies have their men in place and will take the country by storm with candidates who will work for Humanity. I don’t think it will be a shutout, but we will gain great strides to increase the Republican contingent and block the negative components.

The freakazoid candidates will either self-destruct, or will turn out to be White Hats. I don’t think any inflammatory actions like arresting a candidate for their transgressions will occur prior, but anything’s possible. Perhaps a few will get rounded up if the mass arrests take place between now and then.

The good guys are also doing their best to enact legislation that will prevent the dead from voting (as may currently be happening in the Supreme Court right  now—but that’ s another story) and hopefully between the reduction in voter fraud, compromised voting machines and slick vote counting we will see an even bigger red tsunami in 2020. America learned that a great deal of voter fraud took place in the mid-terms and the patriots are watching very closely.

QAnon has said there is a Plan AND this is not a 4-year election. It’s a long-term plan, with many short-term victories that will roll into the ultimate objective of freeing America—and the planet.

In November 2020 when QAnon commands, “Vote! Vote! Vote!” you can bet America is going to do just that again and it will be a thing of beauty. We won’t hear any more of that nonsense about voting is just buying into their corrupt system and that we should stay home. That was the old system. There’s a new sheriff in town and the People have been given the power to choose with their vote. The People’s voices will be heard.

Q’s purpose was to wake people up who weren’t so far gone that they couldn’t see logic; to educate them and give them enough hope that they would educate themselves, have faith in the Plan, support President Trump, educate others, and ultimately get the American people to see reason and take their country back without even realizing the full impact of what they’re doing.They don’t have to see the big picture.

The goal can’t seem so massive that it’s impossible. Show them a series of foothills, not a mountain. By the time they climb the foothills, the mountain won’t seem so imposing.

Qanon hoped that we would understand why it must be done this way; and why it must unfold gradually. They tell us as much about the strategy as they can without compromising it, or the safety of the operatives.

The American people don’t all see the Grand Plan, and they don’t have to. Compartmentalization has it’s benefits. They just need to do their personal part to destroy the “democrat party” forever with their votes. Perhaps there will never be another president, or another party system, but we have to work with what we’ve got.

If you tried to change everything in America over night the People would revolt. They can’t handle that. The learning curve has to take place to open their minds to change and the dire need for it. They don’t know they’re slaves.

Judge Jeanine: The gap between the left and right has never been wider

The People have to believe this oh-so-soft coup was their idea. They have to believe that THEY took their beloved country back by supporting President Trump because that is the system they understand.

I suspect Q and the Alliance expected it, but it’s clear to thousands of people globally now that President Trump and Qanon are leading the assault on the cabal and evil and they are doing what they feel compelled to do in their own countries to take their power back.

The People of America also have great faith in their military. They don’t have to know that some of the top brass are cabal agents and seeking to destroy the country and the world. The perception or “optics” as Q puts it, has to be that their military is the most powerful in the world and that they are protected from all enemies, foreign and domestic. They need to believe someone has their back.

They have to see the demonrats as the domestic enemy and that their president is doing more than anyone has ever done to protect them and give them a better life. They have to see the future according to Trump.

When Q says relax, it’s a movie, enjoy the show, it means you’re already doing what we needed you to do. For now. There are many moving parts to this and we’ll all know when it’s time for us to do what we came here to do. We don’t need a script; it’s reality TV—the most unreal reality I’ve ever seen.

It’s frustrating, exciting, infuriating, inspiring, and humbling. The greatest challenge of a lifetime, and I am very glad to have heard the call to awaken and be here to witness this exceptional event with news to process every day and milestones along the journey to show us we’re on the right track.

There’s so much evidence. Did you see the financials for Maxine Waters Q dropped today? Way to work it, Max!

As I see it, the Plan is like a fine, precision time piece. It’s full of gears and wheels and rhythms that affect myriad other gears of other sub-plans and it’s chugging along at the perfect speed. You can’t crank it up, but the minutes ARE ticking down to the final destruction of the satanic powers who have ruled this planet for millennia.

Those who didn’t get enough confirmation of the Plan and jumped off the Trump Train or Q Train will get back on when we get to the point they can see that what we were told would happen, is happening, or did happen. That time is coming soon. I am satisfied the military tribunals, a few humane executions and in-depth interrogations have taken place, and continue daily.

Public response is being monitored. The Allies are gauging reactions to every event, every exposé, every document or leak that reveals proof. Our blogs, videos and social media are monitored, and sometimes we will get a direct response from Q or the President, I’ve noticed.

If we get off track we’ll be shunted right smartly back into formation. That too, is Q’s job.

The Light Forces will not stoop to the violent tactics of the dark. They will do this peacefully and sensibly at a level the dark couldn’t even dream of. All they know is hatred, greed, and lust and the Plan is exposing all of that in a measured, methodical way.

It’s difficult NOT to see evidence of the corruption on social media and the Internet. Everything they did was crooked and as astute comedian George Carlin said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”. They rigged the system to benefit themselves and the goal was not to do anything to assist or uplift Humanity. Their plan was to tear us down and eliminate us while profiting.

Pelosi’s Brother-in-Law Received $737m Taxpayer Money for Failed ‘Green’ Project

In the end, America will see that there are two clear choices: Trump, and a positive future, or the Left and the destruction of society and America with more tyranny and pain than they have seen to date.

If the Alliance had unloaded on America the full truth about every horrific thing that has transpired and is unfolding every day all at once, the country would have been a shambles. People would have shut down in denial, in fear, in hopelessness and misdirected rage. This has to be done systematically, methodically, and humanely. Above all, peacefully.

If the Plan breaks down all hell will break lose and we will never have a second chance to do this. Earth will never be free.

Target of the Witch Hunt

The psychological aspect of the Human psyche and the programming in place has to be a consideration. The White Hats will dish out the difficult parts as they feel the masses can handle it. Look how much about Human trafficking and satanic sacrifice has already come out since POTUS took office. We didn’t like it, but we accept it as truth.

We, in the alternative news are fortunate enough to be given the truth about many things. Whether we choose to accept it is up to us. As we connect the dots, we’ll come to our own acceptance of reality within our comfort zone.

It’s a process. If ________ is true, then ____________ must also be true. I already know that ___________ is a fact, so then _________ must also be true. Get the idea? We all do it, mostly unconsciously. Some have to do it a little differently and it’s a more painstaking process.

When new information becomes available, the equation may be tweaked and we will see the reality a little differently. The scope may broaden. We may change our mind about specific aspects or people and a ripple effect occurs.

Some of us have more intuition to factor into the equation. Some have more faith to factor into the equation. Some of us have been aware of this interdimensional war for a very long time so it’s easier for us to assimilate the information and have faith in the process. We don’t need as much hard proof as some who have recently awakened and are still coming to the point they can accept what they’re hearing. Their process will take a little longer. We’re not often thrown off kilter when some hit piece comes out so we’re harder to divide. We’re the steadying aspect of the community. The ballast.

Just as the dark very slowly and incrementally over hundreds of years executed their plan so Humanity wouldn’t notice, the White Hats are executing their own plan in reverse; to show us how that tyranny happened, and what we can do to stop it and take back our power; to stop being slaves and responding to every jerk of the puppeteers’ strings.

WE will no longer allow our chains to be jerked because we know, but not all of America or the world is aware at this point. We have to coax and cajole and make the Left look so insane and evil that no one can miss it. The opposition will look so bad, they will be rendered irrelevant—but it takes time.

As said above, it has to appear that the People chose it, and made it happen. You can’t just have the military march in and force a regime change. That “soft coup” as Dr. Steve Pieczenik called it, was the first domino, and they’ve been toppling world-wide ever since. “They never thought she would lose.”

They took the dark by complete surprise. It was a sneak attack! Like cats do when they pounce on their prey after silently observing them while they plan their stealth strategy and wait for the ideal moment to strike with deadly precision.

Trump and his administration, QAnon, and the positive military are facilitating the Plan FOR us, and will gradually back out when the heavy lifting is done. It will take a long time unless something miraculous happens. We have to stick together, unify for one goal, one honourable objective, remain calm, and Trust the Plan. The traitors will be exposed.

If we can’t trust the Plan, then when the going gets tough and we’re trudging through unfamiliar and uncomfortable terrain—like a state of emergency and/or martial law—we’ll lose the pace, fall out, and lay sprawling in the mud causing all kinds of chaos for those behind us, tripping them up, delaying the process, or even causing harm.

This is a time for great faith; in God/Source/the Creator/ the Universe, President Trump, QAnon, the military, and our SELVES. We have to have faith in something we can’t always see; something bigger than all of us put together—however we can see the result of this force that is guiding us so there is much to have faith in, from my perspective.

We each have to find within ourselves the guidance that will propel us forward in these crazy, insane, historic events that are unfolding. Call it “the wind beneath our wings”. It’s unearthly. It’s never happened before. There are no words in our human languages to describe it all, but it’s happening. Consciousness is shifting.

We’re just along for the ride, so we had better BE our best and DO our best to help it along. If we take our cues from Q and President Trump, we’ll do just fine and it will be a relatively smooth transition rather than a bloody revolution. Other leaders in the Alliance will manage their own nations as the situations globally transition.

We need to understand the sheer magnitude and magic of what is unfolding; remember to breathe, and be who we are. I felt I should share this perspective for what it’s worth.

If you need more evidence that the military tribunals are in progress, or that key figures have been arrested and questioned, you might benefit from the update from the Retired Marine, Steve Motley today. At the 12 minute mark he drops his intel about GTMO. It seems that when faced with their own mortality, these creatures have beautiful songs to sing. That “special place” Q spoke of may be the “Camp 7” Steve mentions.  ~ BP

Weather Wars, Weirdness and the Controversial Evidence of an Epic, Global Coverup [videos] ~ September 11, 2018

Editor’s Note: Thank goodness for this rather detailed report from Starship Earth about the truly weird weather and visits from our positive ET cousins. The truth is stranger than fiction, my friends,and it seems to me that this will be the last (one of the last?)hurrah for the cabal.

They are trying so hard, but we all know that “Love Wins#! Please read, take a peek at your sky outside, and…



We never know what we’re going to wake up to each day any more. Giraffes in the snow in South Africa, for Pete’s sake? Since when are giraffes and caribou interchangable?

Not only do we have increasingly violent “Earth changes” to deal with, we have the powers-that-were adding their spin to things; exacerbating storms, earthquakes and other potentially dangerous events in, on, and around our planet.

From Jamie at ‘A Plane Truth’ we have a video that goes into the “craft” in our skies contributing to the chaos, hiding in the clouds, MAKING clouds and seeding clouds. In other words, manipulating the weather.

Perhaps this will clarify the video below that Ben Fulford pointed us to in his September 3 update.

Project Blue Screen Updated; BUSTED!!! Several Demonic Drones Photographed

Benjamin Fulford included this next video in his update and it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Be sure to wait for the zoom.

Having seen this, is it any surprise that the President and his cabinet are announcing the formation of a “space fleet”? Clearly, the technology the military have is FAR beyond anything they have let on—courtesy of American tax payers. We have ourselves to thank.

Does it look like gravity is a problem for these massive craft above, or the ones flying in and out of them?

Thousands of us now know the “secret” space program is decades old and no secret. And there’s more than one. The President is just breaking it gently.

We’ve heard the tech the world’s military is using in their “secret” space programs is anywhere from 50 to 100 years advanced over what they show us—so it’s probably more.

We learned of the TR3B Astra 5 years ago or more, and while some may pass it off as the latest “secret military aircraft”, it is anything but.

You can bet that if we’re seeing and hearing about the TR3B and the patent is now in the public domain, that they have craft light years beyond this now. Humanity only gets military cast-offs when they have something better to wear.

It’s important to note, however, that many folks have seen and photographed triangular craft in the skies over our cities in regular neighbourhoods. They hover in the dark… silently and stealthily. What are they doing? Surveillance? Watching? Listening? Are they friend or foe? Everything that happens on this planet they don’t want to tell us about is due to “national security”. We’ve had enough of the coverups.

President Trump is all about transparency and getting us up to speed, however, so the lies won’t be clouding the truth much longer.

I took the following photo in the Phoenix, AZ area on July 29, 2018 at 6:15 pm. Have you ever seen such fake clouds? The sky was covered with them and they developed quickly. More nights than not, chemtrails would rapidly cover the western sky in cloud and we wouldn’t see the sun set.

With their machinery manufacturing clouds, is it any wonder it does nothing but rain in the Eastern US, and the drought continues in the West? Does anyone think that’s an accident? “Climate change” is a myth; a cover-up for the treasonous efforts to engineer the weather.

We’ve seen video footage from ‘1PacificRedwood’ channel showing us how they pulse low pressure systems off the coast of California with heat to break them up so they don’t bring rain. California being a major food-producing region of the United States means that long term that is problematic.

Rain would make California less favourable for the future plan of purposeful “wildfires” in the parched forests of Northern California ignited via lasers-DEWs and man-made lightning.

Chemtrails, we’re told, are sprayed partially to render the atmosphere conducive to that kind of technology creating a powerful “incendiary device” to torch millions of acres of land. There are no accidents.

Many countries signed a Treaty in the late ’70s pledging not to use “weather weapons” on their allies. No worries. The United States rogue military under the New World Order uses weather weapons on their own citizenry. There’s no crime in that, is there?

The inconvenient truth is, if you can control the planet’s weather, you can control the agriculture. You can create feast or famine, and if there’s a way to destroy a civilization—it’s through starvation. We won’t even get into the social evils that erupt from lack and desperation.

When a “freak snow storm” or freezing temperatures hit a nation that don’t normally see that, it can decimate crops—as can hurricanes, floods, landslides, hail storms, tornadoes and wildfires.

Fortunately, Donald. J. Trump signed into being an Executive Order or two that will mean people committing treason, sedition, and Human Rights Violations will be punished to the extreme letter of the law.

Unfortunately, it’s not only the people who are suffering. We’ve seen countless videos of our wildlife wandering around dazed and confused—sometimes lashing out at Humans in their painfully disoriented state due to the manipulation of our reality. We’ve heard all sorts of convincing rationalization as to why, such as “they’re dehydrated”, or “it’s isolated rabies”. I’m not buying it.

They experiment on the life on this planet all the time. Why do we think entire pods of whales and dolphins beach themselves? Why are there whales and dolphins bleeding from their “ears”? Why do entire flocks of birds fall en masse from the sky? Why are there gigantic fish die-offs washing up on beaches? Something is desperately wrong with our world, folks. It’s UN-real.

What is reality? Does anyone know any more?

If you’re not familiar with the Boogey Man channel, Andrew may have some surprises for you. Some ‘un-real’ surprises.

What The Hell-NO Is Going On In Our Skies Today ?!?

Sean Gautreaux has discovered the trick to exposing the cloaked craft in our skies. It’s mindblowing what a little tinkering with the camera will do.

WHO/WHAT Is In Our Skies, War in the Heavens, Water Elementals, Angels, Demons, Triangle Craft?

The star footage I’ve seen on the Internet fascinates me because when I look to the sky at night, with the naked eye I see “stars” that are flashing red, green and blue lights—exactly like one of the stars in this video below. Stars didn’t always look this way.

At 3:45 in the video below we see a star called “Denab” and it looks exactly like the ones I see that have me transfixed. My binoculars aren’t powerful so I don’t get this good a look, and it’s wonderful to see this close up. What the hell is that? THAT is a star?

I have to agree that the images certainly resemble the patterns I see on the bottom of my pool when the sun filters through the ripples.

Are people who speak of the “water” beyond the firmament disinfo artists? Are they really conspiracy theorists and whack-jobs? IS THE EARTH FLAT?

Why do rockets always arc instead of going straight up? Why do researchers’ small experimental rockets with cameras attached suddenly stop on a dime when they reach 73 miles altitude? Are those all hoaxes?

Maybe the Earth isn’t flat or maybe it is, and maybe it has a dome over it—even an “atmospheric one”, but where the hell ARE we? We are not in a real world.

Call me crazy, but I always assumed stars were solid spheres like the moon, the sun, earth. And now the moon doesn’t look solid, either. So what is going on?

Do people ever wonder why the sun and the moon—vastly different in volume, according to scientists—look the same size to us?

Clearly, we don’t live where they’ve led us to believe we do.  And if they would keep all this a secret, why believe them about anything? Our entire education from our exit from the womb to this moment has been a lie?

I think there’s a very good reason NASA is known as, “Never A Straight Answer”.

This is another good video exploring the concepts above, and at the 10:55 mark we can see clouds drifting BEHIND the moon.

Moon And Sun Proven to Be Only Miles In the Sky Oops!

So, what’s the deal, folks? Why does what thousands of people are seeing around and above us not match the narrative? What are all these gadgets and craft doing in our skies? Why doesn’t anyone but the alternative media speak of them? Who put them there? Who is operating them? Why aren’t we told?

A rational person could only come to the conclusion that they must be hiding something. Why? And who is “they”?

We knew about the sun simulator months ago, and there’s a very old patent, but no one in a position of authority or the media ever mentions it, so they’re hiding something, and I don’t like it. I am sick of the lies and coverups. I’m fed up with being manipulated and managed. Aren’t you?

I don’t know what’s going on, but it appears there is a firewall between us and the real sky—or something. We’ve seen video of clouds floating behind the moon. That is only possible if a) the moon is not as far away as I was taught in school or b) we’re not seeing the real sky, and it’s a projection or some other construct.

What are those shadows cast by clouds reflecting off of? A shadow has to be cast ONTO something. What is there above the clouds to cast a shadow on to????

Is the fakery related to Earth being under quarantine? Is that it?

Because if that backdrop to the heavens people are documenting is a visual to appease the masses because the cabal has been purposely trapped and contained here by the Light Forces so they have to face the music and can’t further contaminate the civilizations who have already purged them, then I can live with that.

I just want someone in a place of respected authority to come out and say it. Then I might believe it. MIGHT. And don’t bring me Neil deGrasse Tyson!

I certainly hope President Trump, President Putin and whoever else is relegated with the task, will respect us enough to come clean about the snow job past administrations have done on We, the People, and take us through the 21st century in an honest, honourable way.

Knowing and seeing the above documentation, we are hard pressed to accept that anything in our world is real any more.

We are sovereign Humans and we deserve the truth. People can accept it, or leave. Anyone who doesn’t want to live in the real world can look for a better one.

Because I hate being lied to I am so appreciative of the folks who bring us the spectacular footage of what they are discovering in our reality that the ones running the world continue to bury and censor.

You may want to keep an eye on The Watchers site for updates on what they’re doing to our weather and the global anomalies that are either natural or man-made.  ~ BP

Exposing the Commercial False Flag Operation Industry in America | Ole Dammegard [video] ~ June 15, 2018

In case you’re unaware, the NWO has made it legal for the US shadow government to mislead and deceive the public with false flag terrorism and propaganda. 

Great work, Ole. You are the respected expert in your field, obviously guided and doing what you’re meant to do.  ~ BP

TrueTube: PART I – Ole Dammegard: “The Soul-Less Signs of Death” – Breakthrough on exposing the commercial false flag operation industry

June 14, 2018

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

WATCH ON TrueTube Exclusive: PART I – Ole Dammegard: “The Soul-Less Signs of Death” – Breakthrough on exposing the commercial false flag operation industry

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – In a 2-Part breakthrough, deeply-documented presentation Premiere on TrueTube “The Soul-Less Signs of Death”, award-winning Swedish investigator and author Ole Dammegard exposes the global commercial false flag operation “dual reality” industry, in a wide-ranging expose of false flag operations world-wide, including in Part II a Special focus the False Flag industry in the United States.

Ole Dammegard’s analysis isolates the role of Free Masonic ceremonies and Free Masonic symbols symbols such as “Shoes” and brand identification product placement names such as “Nike Shoes” & “Toyota” motor vehicles that are central product placement to False Flags, illustrating the Free Masonic and New World Order orientation and mission of the designers, funders, and prime movers behind the False Flag operation “dual reality”.  You will never see 9/11; Sandy Hook; the 3/22 UK Westminster Parliament and Las Vegas False Flag operations again in the same light after viewing this TrueTube presentation.