Fox News Outs Geoengineering & Pence and Priebus Allegedly Plotted Coup Against Donald Trump | TRUreporting [video] ~ June 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Okay, my friends…here is more of the”shit” stemming from our “bullish” friends at MSM. (Parson my language!…point made.) Now we have admission of those chemtrails being actual tools of geo-engineering made by Fox News! Now you know why skies anywhere in our nation look like aerial checkboards!

Also, reports are re-surfacing (with more effect this time around) about VP Mike Pence being put into place “just in case” President Trump is assassinated? Is MP about to be removed from office just in time for July 4?

We all know by now that July 4 may be prime time for the remarkable return of JFK, Jr. perhaps at the Mount Rushmore celebration. Let’s ALL stay tuned for more truths to eb revealed, imagine your life without the Fed, IRS, and CIA, and be…



Re: Geoengineering—it’s about time!!!!!  And as usual, since they are revealing it as a “potential” scenario and threat—the globalists have been doing this for decades already. The public’s education continues.

As far as the “coup” by Pence and Priebus goes, the article is dated December 5, 2017, published by Business Insider. No surprise here. Pence was their “Plan B” when Hitlary lost.

They planned very early on how to prevent Donald Trump from becoming a bigger problem later. They failed, Trump is here to stay, and his presence means their demise.

We’ve talked about this for some time now, such as an early post here entitled, “Coups, Counter-Coups, and Coup-Coups”.

Thomas Williams revealed in one of his weekly intel updates that Pence was implicated in a coup plot more recently involving a planned and failed assassination attempt that was to take place when Nancy Pelosi’s delegation was flying to Europe on the taxpayers’ dime via military jet and Trump foiled her plan.

The article does open the door for Trump to eject Mike Pence from the VP ticket for 2020, however, and I did share that Twitter page belonging to Greg Rubini yesterday about the “Pence crime family”. There appears to be plenty of evidence to prosecute Mike Pence yet many won’t accept it.

We have been wondering how the Pence fall from grace would be engineered. Clearly, President Trump is under no false pretenses as to the loyalty of the Vice President. Enjoy the show, indeed.

If it’s all for show, Pence has been playing his role to the hilt, including his speech at Trump’s Orlando rally last night. He or his family may have been granted leniency of some kind if he lived up to his end of the bargain to support Trump in the 2020 campaign and help the Patriots keep the public “managed” and “manageable” until they decide to make their move.

I’m willing to bet the Patriots have a plan to calmly, rationally, and LEGALLY get Pence out and JFK Jr. into the running, assuming Junior’s return is not a rumour.

We’ll see how that unfolds. NOTHING in DC “just happens”.  ~ BP

Fox News Admits To Geoengineering!

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