Weird News Week Pushes the Boundaries [videos] ~ August 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: Phew! Starship Earth is finally seeing the Light! How about you? While many have been told the Light is winning against the Dark, who truly understands the depth of this issue here on Earth?

Just imagine, my friends, what forces are in play on Planet Earth right now! Who is Trump? He is not an ordinary man of ordinary means, vision, or ability. He is a “God-given” asset here on Planet Earth right NOW to stem the flooding tide of Dark on our world.

Do I know how this is all going to play out? Why yes…the Light “wins” and a New Earth is in place where life is, well… heavenly with no war and abundance for all. Do I know the details of how we will all go? Well, no…but I do not need to know because I have faith and trust in living “right”! (Which may oppose common societal standards!)

In the meantime what do I do, who do I believe? Well, my friends…life goes on and we must live that life in the best way possible for our hearts…not our pocketbooks! The purpose of this blog is to educate and present many, many thought about how and why Love Wins here on Planet Earth.

Right NOW, it is more important than ever to use your talents and abilities in the best way possible for your life. Live your responsibilities the best way you can with humor and grace. Feel good about yourself and your “issues” will resolve gracefully without stress. Above all, stay away from the Fear the Dark likes to evoke.

The most important component of our lives today? Live your life, and BE…



In the show below, GoodDog speaks of weird news and talks about 8Chan going down, the difficult material we have been sharing in the alternative news community, and says even worse evidence has come out but they will not be sharing that video in this show. The video is two years old, not new, but he will speak of it and share the link to the video as available later.

Yesterday we shared a still from that snuff video allegedly involving Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton. We learn more about the background in this discussion with GoodDog.

He also makes mention of the previous video we shared of the “meat locker” in Central China, aka a “reeducation center”. He also discusses more about biological weapons being tested and the Chinese general’s statement about the necessity of eliminating Americans; white first, but also black and hispanic—all in the name of real estate conquest.

I must say I have enjoyed the dramatic readings of the Psalms GoodDog features at the beginning of the videos. They’re really well done.

QBits – TIME MACHINE – Something BIG Is Coming – Death of Freedom

More on 8Chan from the board owner.

Statement From the Owner of 8 Chan

And my own weird thoughts that came at 3 am and kept me awake the rest of the night…

History Repeats… With a Twist

I’m not religious in the least, and have resisted taking much in any bible seriously—or else with a healthy pinch of salt. I didn’t even put much stock in several of the end times prophecies that seem to have been largely fulfilled thus far, but have to admit it is intriguing.

I didn’t even believe that history repeats, but it is seeming more like it may do just that.

Q Anon has been giving us quirky messages in code for some time now, and there are words and phrases that keep coming back to me because it feels like Donald Trump is not “just a guy”. There’s something else going on. Something much bigger.

It must be if the left is scheming to shut down 8Chan and the corporate media is telling the world that Q followers are extremist nut jobs.

How did the QAnon movement get to be so big, so fast? Why did it go viral, worldwide?

Quite some time ago QAnon told us to, “Trust POTUS. He loves you.” Who else loves us?

Trump took measures early on to “save the children” in his war on Human trafficking. Who said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”?

Q said the US Military are the “saviors of Mankind”, and lightheartedly said the team was, “busy saving Humanity”.

QAnon has also repeatedly said, “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.” “Coming”? As in “second coming”?

And now Q is saying what will happen is BIBLICAL. “BIBLICAL” in all caps.

We have to ask how Q knows even two years in advance what is going to happen, and when. Is there a Quantum computer… or is it something else?

Are you seeing where I’m going with this? Are these the ravings of a lunatic? They may very well be.

Q has quoted the Lord’s prayer more than once too, if I’m not mistaken. “Deliver us from evil.” Isn’t that what is unfolding now?

And as far back as 2017 Q was saying “Godfather III” and repeated it; and multiple times has said, “Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.”918

POTUS Made Deal with Kim in Nov, 2017

Q!UW.yye1fxo 10 Mar 2018 – 12:05:58 PM Anonymous 10 Mar 2018 – 11:40:33 AM

476b0bd67308e94678f3ddeb069ebdc32fd88be18147261624c965b2eedc52dc.png I swear Trump is killing me here. HAHA He keeps putting out clues he has already talked to Kim >>613796
You are learning.
How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?
Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.

We know QAnon’s words can have many connotations. How do we know we take it the right way? What if we took it a different way? 3063

Adam Schiff’s Lies Will Be Exposed


So, who do you think has been talking to us? Some think JFK Jr., and I thought that was possible.

Could Q and Q+ be others? Or Beings beyond what it appears?

Yellow Rose for Texas told us that “One” (the Father of Man) is going to do something different this time. Something special. She also said he is a flesh and blood man and that we will meet him.

This is some wild conjecture, but we understand Yeshua traveled the land to speak to the people and tell them the truth about life and impart what wisdom he could to a simple civilization about reality.

What does Trump do? He holds rallies. People come from out of state to attend those spectacles when they could watch it on the Internet. Why do they go and rub shoulders with Trump and his fans?

Why do they camp out for 24 hours or even longer to be able to get a seat in the venue? Why do they stand in line all day in extreme heat and pouring rain? Why do they buy MAGA hats, Q tees, gold and silver coins, and other paraphernalia?

Trump has garnered more campaign funds in a day than most candidates do in six months. He defies the “money changers” and donates his presidential salary to charity. This is unprecedented.

Why did Donald Trump say, “I knew this day would arrive; it was only a question of when.”? This video gives me chills every time I watch. His bold message made him the prime enemy of the demonic left. He came out swinging. He named names. He described the political climate exactly as it was, and as it would be two years later.

He said only the American People could win the battle and take their country back. Who else said that the People could do anything he could do, and more?

Why did several seers many years in advance tell us that Donald Trump would be elected POTUS?

People seem to either love Donald Trump or want to kill him. Who else polarized people so completely there was no middle ground?

Why is Donald Trump a genius? How can he Tweet the complicated messages he does using Gematria, numerology, symbolism, etc. and get anything else accomplished? He hardly sleeps, barely uses a teleprompter, is a brilliant military strategist… he’s not “just a guy”. He’s a phenomenon and appears to have pulled off the impossible in less than three years. He has the magic wand.

He has moved into the White House, had it energetically cleansed before Melania would enter, and then proceeded to clear out the banksters,  politicians, attorneys, the deep state cronies in Washington, and to protect Americans from 5G, chemtrails, illegal immigrants, and demons portaling in via human sacrifice and satanic ritual abuse. He is the most hated man on the planet—probably the most misunderstood, and possibly the most loved.

When an Anon asked the Q team to protect POTUS and asked if he was safe, the reply was thank you for the prayers and that they would give their lives to protect him.

Whose disciples decided to stay up all night to protect him? ( I don’t believe any member of the Q team or the President’s inner circle will fall asleep on the job. “This is not a game.”)

We’ve even seen space craft escorting Air Force One and have heard several assassination attempts were thwarted. The Trump family displays uncommon brilliance, commitment, grace, and bravery, to my way of thinking.

You might wonder if there is a “Judas” in this movie. If so, is it the VP?

So where’s the “twist”, you ask? We have learned that JFK Jr. was nick-named “King” by a girlfriend. When we hear about “the return of the king”, that could be construed as a twist if we can entertain even a shred of possibility in the above line of thinking about Donald Trump and QAnon. Junior and DJT were good friends.

How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?  ~ Q

We are reasonably certain that JFK Jr. is alive, well, and waiting in the wings with his script.

Scott Mowry suggested on his Intel Call that this is a seven year process, and that we are currently in the third year. Perhaps that comes from his military contacts who know The Plan.

I don’t know about you, but I’m on pins and needles to see how all of this plays out. If this is living on the lunatic fringe, so be it. It’s the best BIBLICAL movie ever, with plenty of twists and surprises and the ending will be unbelievable.

As unbelievable as what I seem to be suggesting above? You’re right. Preposterous. My brain goes to weird places at night. Forget I mentioned it.  ~ BP

GoodDog: QBits – Something BIG Is Coming – They Want Us Dead [video] ~ August 3, 2019

GoodDog is a superior researcher and also has access to inside information about some topics, it appears. He is adept at educating in a gentle way, while simultaneously going deep, and he never shies away from the truth.

In this particular segment of his current series, he broaches a difficult topic, and even takes pains to soften the impact of the video he shares that came from the Chans, that might be considered on par with the Clinton/Abedin snuff film, known as “Frazzledrip”.

QAnon is not being dramatic when he speaks of “pure evil”, and let’s be clear: when he said we’re watching a movie, he wasn’t referring to footage like this. This is real.

It is my position that we, the awakened patriot community, need to face up to the reality on this planet in order to win the battle to free Humanity. In GoodDog’s words, “It is not responsible to walk away from this.” I couldn’t agree more. To win the war, and the right to progress in our spiritual evolution as a species, we have to know who the enemy is to vanquish them; and we shall know them by their fruits.

We have turned away from the harsh reality for far too long. There is no strategic advantage to sugar-coating what is unfolding on Earth, and has been for millennia. Many heroes have stepped up to stop it, and free us from bondage. Many have given their lives.

Perhaps after watching this presentation from GoodDog we will understand why so many have died to protect the secrets. The psychopaths—and we don’t use that term lightly—don’t want this to get out. It’s beyond treason.

Can we, in good conscience, leave the heroes to do the dirty work when we won’t even acknowledge the truth? What about WWG1WGA? Are we in this together or not?

GoodDog provides the original video for those who choose to view it, and I caution viewers not to watch unless you are well versed in the predatory nature of the controllers on this planet. Please do not watch before you go to bed, and it’s probably a good idea to see GoodDog’s version of the footage and hear his comments before you decide to use the link he provides to view the unedited version.

He specifies that the video was taken at a location in Central China, and that there are 17 others like it. I think you will have a different view of our plight against the dark once you watch GoodDog’s video—not to mention a new respect for President Trump’s negotiations with China. We’re not told a fraction of what really transpires.

Pizzagate has nothing on the bigger picture. When folks hear of “refrigerated rooms” under Comet Ping Pong and other stories, they need to think twice before writing it off as “conspiracy theory”. The Human imagination could not come close to dreaming up what the creatures running the world have actually done to our race. It’s your worst nightmare.

GoodDog opens and closes the show on this topic and it’s well worth the time to listen to his commentary. In between he provides a great deal of important information and feedback on current events unfolding. I don’t believe it gets any better than what GoodDog puts out several times a week.

The link to the video discussed is that one in the bottom right of the thumbnail. Lightwarriors only, please. Not for the feint of heart. Once you’ve seen it, it cannot be unseen. As QAnon says, the ending isn’t for everyone, and the choice to know will be yours.  ~ BP

QBits – TIME MACHINE – Something BIG Is Coming – They Want Us Dead

Headlines and Updates for August 1, 2019: And EXhale… [videos] ~ July 31, 2019

Editor’s Note: Wow, just wow! What is your “awareness” after yesterday’s intense energies! From this article detailing the fall of the cabal/coven/ Illuminati/ Deep State we can see their game is almost over.

Their BIG finale may possibly be the long-awaited release of FISA documentation…we shall see! in the meantime, let’s continue to enjoy the show, pass the popcorn, and really start to focus on BEing…



This post was meant to go out late Monday but we had a storm, lost power for two hours, and our comms never came back up until after bedtime to I’ve updated it for today. It rained again this morning, and if that’s all that happens, it’s a good week.

QAnon issued a cautionary note:3566

24 Hour False Flag Alert (A Deep State Attempt to Deflect From News Damaging to Their Narrative)

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 30 Jul 2019 – 9:41:49 PM [24hr Warning]
Be vigilant.
See something.
Say something.
Know your surroundings at all times.

Eyes on indeed!

Pilot suspected of being drunk kicked off aircraft moments before takeoff

Everyone seems on high alert. Sunday there was an incident involving Peterson AFB, Colorado that had it locked down around dinner time. The BX was evacuated briefly but no emergency occurred.

Normal operations resume at Peterson AFB after report of suspicious object cleared

The planetary forecast was for escalating violence, possibly involving lone gunmen who wind up killed by police. War isn’t fun.

Monday there was another shooting—at a Mississippi Walmart in Southaven, not far from Memphis, Tennessee.

Multiple injured in Walmart shooting, suspect shot by police

Two US troops die in apparent Afghan insider attack

Another unfortunate incident in Afghanistan.

Roadside blast kills dozens in Afghanistan

We’re also hearing about a few cases of what might be bio-weapons, such as worms and flesh-eating disease, red algae blooms, and now there’s a warning for small planes which may suggest that we could see a related incident soon. This is all the dark have left and they’d love for us to manifest it for ourselves.

Heads Up! US Issues Hacking Security Alert for Small Planes

What Does It Mean features another interesting story complete with plot twists. Thanks, J.

Top American Business Leader Flees To Trump For Protection—Warns FBI Used Him In Soft Coup

FULL SHOW: Epstein in court again on more charges – August 1

Again??? Again, they say. The first batch we learned of was left sitting on the tarmac at an airport in the sun, rendering it unpotable.

Surplus? I find it hard to believe there was any “surplus” water after Hurricane Maria. This was more likely criminal negligence on the part of the corrupt, Trump-hating government officials of Puerto Rico who betrayed their own people, just as it was reported there were brand new generators found in a tent after Hurricane Sandy that had never been distributed to the victims in New Jersey.

FEMA, the UN, the Red Cross… have no interest in helping victims; only reaping the spoils; donations and foreign aid, etc. which they then launder and add to their personal coffers and “charitable foundations”.

THOUSANDS of unopened bottles of water meant for Puerto Rico hurricane victims found in field… AGAIN

And what are the control freaks up to now? Spending our money, of course, while they shamelessly figure out how to squeeze more of it out of us for bogus initiatives they dreamed up and tried to ram down our throats.

HYPOCRISY: Limousine Liberals Flock To Posh Italian Resort In Private Jets, Mega Yachts — To Talk Climate Change

News from the Asylum: This is war in the virtual trenches and why I refer to some folks as “it”. It’s getting stupid out there.

Twitter Suspends Dan Dicks For Saying A Man is NOT a Woman & Referring To “Jessica” Yaniv as “Him”

The control freaks and secret societies who have been running the world love their symbolism and hidden messaging. The White Hats mock them and send their own coded messages using symbolism. It is not lost on them.

Q says it’s going to be BIBLICAL. I’ve no doubt.



— Victoria Gates (@VictoriaRGates) July 31, 2019

It sounds like GoodDog will have a riveting show tonight: 7 ET/4Pacific.

Wait till you hear the audio tonight … they speak it openly – 40 years before the event. IN CODE – to be sure – but, unmistakably RUTHLESS.


— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) July 31, 2019

We heard Britain contacted Trump and begged him not to release documents incriminating them in the plot to remove him. I don’t think they swayed him in the least. New data released. No one gets a free pass.

Secret FBI Texts Expose UK’s Deep State Plot Against Trump

The pedovore controllers tried to throw us off the trail when the Comet Ping Pong story came out following Wikileaks’ Podesta emails. For some it worked. Many of us knew there was far more to it than the authorities let on and didn’t buy the gunman narrative when the shop was shot up. The whole story has not been told until now, I don’t think, and it’s an interesting one.

The following interview with a tech guy who hacked the Comet Ping Pong computer is testament to the coverup and corruption in New York that protects the Clintons and their pedophile friends. This whistleblower has been through hell and is lucky to be alive after trying to share his evidence with the New York Police, major media, and many others.

Read more about this testimony provided to Titus Frost in the article at Before It’s News…

Hackers Break Into Comet Ping Pong and Find Child Porn! Shocking Testimony!

Perhaps it’s time to take a deep breath and slowly exhale, with the Oracle Report.  ~ BP

THE ORACLE REPORT | July 30, 2019 – “Exhale”

Headlines and Updates for July 17, 2019: Surprises Galore, the Order of the Day [videos] ~ July 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: I do believe PAIN is coming hard and fast for the Deep State my friends. Let’s all watch the house of cards built by the Cabal/Deep State/Illuminati crumble. Might be a really good idea to watch Trump in Greenville, NC tonight (only an hour from Mom’s house!)

Are you excited? I Am, it’s easier than ever to see the evidence of what’s happening, and let’s all be…



Scroll for your surprises, possums! I’m really excited. The Patriots are delivering—big time! And what is to come is going to knock our socks off. I just know it.

Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day

It would be wise to leave the big banks and go with a credit union if you haven’t already. It’s easy for individuals, but if you are self-employed it may be more of a hassle, esp. if a big bank wooed you with “special rates” and perks. Some folks prefer the Sealy or Sleep Number banks.

I think there will be many weeks to remember; so many we may forget which week is most memorable. That’s my logic.

Read the latest Q drops here.3434


Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 14 Jul 2019 – 4:50:24 PMA WEEK TO REMEMBER.

This next bit is the talk of the town in many circles. The “tennis court” at Orgy Island. Thanks, R.

I guess the military mapping technology they use to find all sorts of subterranean things on our planet, (and off) like pyramids, etc., comes in handy for crime scenes. Or, Epstein talked.

Unfortunately, what they find here will probably break our collective heart. If they publicize it, however, it would make it easier for the doubters and the sleeping masses to assimilate the rest of the appalling news coming, as well as the revelations about the mass graves near Vancouver, British Columbia, Brantford, Ontario Canada, Ireland, and other locations. I’m sure their timing will be impeccable, as always.

If you missed it yesterday, we understand the US flag is now flying on Little Saint James Island—which means… it has been appropriated under President Trump’s Executive Order stating that all property and assets belonging to those committing crimes against Humanity will be seized and confiscated by the government on behalf of the People.

Now it appears, as GoodDog stated in his video shared recently, that the military has done a flyover with their drone. Q shared that “high res” video the other day. (I shared parts 1 and 2)  That was our heads up. The military is parked nearby the island, and is proceeding to examine the premises—which is now a crime scene. “A week to remember”?

This fellow on Twitter is a former chief of police and says he doesn’t care who believes him; he’s “just the messenger”. Since QAnon made a point of sharing the video, I think we can safely assume it’s legit.

GoodDog pointed out that drone had top-of-the-line, military grade photography equipment. I assume that is partially for our benefit as the Patriots are trying to keep us abreast of new developments.

Those submersibles he showed us were really something, weren’t they? Courtesy of the The People, of course.

US NAVY DESTROYER LOCATED OFFSHORE NEAR JEFFREY EPSTEIN LOLITA ISLAND COMPLETE WITH BACKHOE The pic here is where the bodies are supposed to be buried. They have a tarp painted like tennis court to hide backhoe & digging equipment. The(y) will be finding bodies – 1st degree murder

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) July 16, 2019

None of this stuff is an accident. It is unfolding on a predetermined timeline established by the White Hats, I believe.

From KellyAnne Conway…

Quite the headline.

Head of Planned Parenthood forced out after eight months – The Washington Post

— Kellyanne Conway (@KellyannePolls) July 16, 2019

 Read at the Washintong Post

Of course many people are associated with Jeffrey Epstein and they are not automatically “guilty by association”. The law says we are innocent until proven guilty and all names connected to the spider web of pedophiles will undergo due process… in time. It will take time, because the web is vast.

One case screaming for attention, however, is Ed Buck, in California. Three young men have been found dead in his home relatively recently and as far as we know, he’s still a free man—but not for long, I’d warrant.

This Extensive List Of Bill And Hillary Clinton Connected And Democrat-Tied Sex Scandals And Sex Traffickers Including Mysterious Deaths Are The Smoking Gun

Look at what the migrants in France have been up to. I don’t think we want this in America or Canada, do we? If the Lunatic Left has their way, it won’t be long and the millions of illegals now in the West may get uppity and do just that. They’re already indicating they have no intention of “assimilating”, and plan to change our culture to suit them and their religious/cultural beliefs. We have the globalists to thank for that. It’s their agenda.

WATCH: Migrants Storm Paris Pantheon Demanding Papers and Free Housing

Perhaps after watching GoodDog’s update about China’s grand plan for the acquisition of America, this next story won’t sound sensational in the least. I wonder how many top military folks are now working on our side? How many not?

Big Move! Congress Orders Pentagon to Provide Info On Weaponizing Ticks

Is this the new positive aerosol spraying going on? I like it. Is it our Space Force, or our friends upstairs? You should watch.

UFO? or Celestial Object? Certainly WEIRD

I had to laugh when Mike Morales did his “weather warfare” update recently and scoffed at the “beneficial chemtrails” news that SerialBrain2 explained. I don’t imagine he would be pleased about that because it would mean he has much less to talk about on his videos about all the horrible things chemtrails and ship tracks are doing to us, and much less activity in the Super Chat. He would have to either change his tune or be quiet.

Dershowitz is one “connected” to the Epstein scandal and he’s not going down without a fight. What got my attention, however, is the newscaster at the end of the video. Is she for real? Weird eyes.

Alan Dershowitz: Alleged sex slave victim ‘still a prostitute’

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, UK and Virginia Roberts, underage sex slave courtesy of Jeffrey Epstein

I think most will be able to see now why it has taken time to round up the criminals. As QAnon intimated, they had to have the honest, constitutional judges in place in the courts or arresting pedophiles would go nowhere. “It’s happening”. NOW.

Most people probably didn’t believe us when we told them England’s “royal family” was implicated in the pedophilia mess. Whether they are fake bloodline royalty, reptilian hybrids, or just your average run-of-the-mill pervert or overpaid procurer of children, babies, and body parts… these creatures are going down. It will take its toll on Human sensibilities, but it has to be done.

US Judge Unseals Prince Andrew’s ‘Sex Slave’ Documents Related to Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein – NWO Report

Fake Passport, Piles of Cash and “Dozens of Diamonds” Found at Epstein’s Home, Prosecutors Say

The Patriots pulled the thread and it’s all coming unraveled like a cheap sweater.

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Democrat Ellen Frost

Peru Ex-President Arrested in U.S, Bizarre Clinton Foundation Connection

Tomorrow night, ‘Thorsday’, Thomas Williams will hold his weekly update call with news analyses, Q&A, intel, and op-eds. Listen live on or at the Think Different website.

Poor Deep State –

Even your hirelings can’t seem to buy a break … so sad: does make you wonder – what this secret conversation recording lawyer (who strapped himself to President Trump’s Thigh) – might be hiding? About to hit the fan now!


— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) July 17, 2019

If you can, try to go to this Tweet and read the fine print highlighted in blue, below.

Department of State Front Company
Globalist Infiltrated
Bosnia sure keeps coming up – again and again!

ALMOST LIKE IT WAS A SUPPLY CHAIN CENTER! Where’s the Market? Buyers? Sellers?


Plan “D”? “D”?




— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) July 17, 2019

View image on Twitter

Good Dog@GoodDog94619152

If you can, try to go to this Tweet and read the fine print highlighted in blue, below.

Good Dog@GoodDog94619152 · 5hReplying to @GoodDog94619152

And, what’s this? Jeffrey Epstein got a new airplane? This time a 15,000 horse power, 20 seat Gulfstream? Gee, that’s not in the news. Why’s that?

Registered to business: PLAN D LLC

Plan “D”? “D”?




Good Dog@GoodDog94619152

Department of State Front Company
Globalist Infiltrated
Bosnia sure keeps coming up – again and again!

ALMOST LIKE IT WAS A SUPPLY CHAIN CENTER! Where’s the Market? Buyers? Sellers?


Plan “D”? “D”?



PURE EVIL1911:42 AM – Jul 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

19 people are talking about this

A week to remember?

El Chapo trial: Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán gets life in prison

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

After a ten year search, the so-called “mastermind” of the Mumbai Terror attacks has been arrested in Pakistan. Great pressure has been exerted over the last two years to find him!107K8:16 AM – Jul 17, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy38.1K people are talking about this

This is the biggie—and the reason they are taking so long to “groom” the public for the news and legal actions (arrests). It’ll happen. In divine timing—and when it does, the whole world will be screaming “Lock her up!” And they will.

Tom Fitton: There is MORE THAN ENOUGH Evidence to Reopen the Clinton Email Criminal Investigation!

Now, this is funny—from another John Kennedy.

GOP Senator Blasts ‘The Squad’: ‘They’re The Reason There Are Directions On A Shampoo Bottle’

Did you see the JFK Jr. 2 hour special on A&E last night? It was very good. Of course they showed the Clintons in a favourable light, particularly when Bill told the authorities to spare no expense or resources to find John, Carolyn, Lauren and the plane. (They wanted to know for sure that Hillary’s competition had been removed permanently.) They may have a surprise coming. Today is the 20 year anniversary of the trio’s disappearance. The secret societies love their dates and symbolism.

It looks like we won’t be able to staunch the flow of big news and surprises so I’m going to go now. Enjoy!  ~ BP

P.S. I just found out about this. Surprise!

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Lolita Express Tail Number Used on Multiple Aircraft and Other Fascinating Facts | GoodDog [video] ~ July 16, 2019

convicted sex offender and agency asset Jeffrey Epstein and private jet aka Lolita Express

Research from GoodDog follows…

True patriots will spend their time on productive support for the movement and KEEP THE FOCUS ON EPSTEIN & FRIENDS rather than cabal-instigated distractions like demonstrations at Area 51 so the anti-US air force (the SSP) has an excuse to fire on them en masse. That would take the attention off Epstein, the Clintons, and the rest, wouldn’t it!

If they can’t bring the “fake alien invasion” to the People, they just might try to get the People to create the invasion of the aliens. Got it?

There’s plenty of fascinating information to be unearthed with regard to Epstein and the dark cabal. We’ve only scratched the surface.  ~ BP

Good Dog@GoodDog94619152

Harpazo, I’ve found an anomaly ~ JE’s flight logs ~ one of the characters on that list – Daniel Bodini (coincidentally, helicopter pilot & frequently flew JE & Elite Guests between airport & Pedo Isle).


Anomaly: Tail No used MULTIPLE AIRCRAFT


View image on Twitter

Scrappy-Doo aka Harpazo-girl@Scrappy94546226@GoodDog94619152 @bonkeyone …5143:03 PM – Jul 11, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy578 people are talking about this

You might want to listen to this show from GoodDog about islands, submarines, and more.

QBits – TIME MACHINE – Shell Game – Look Who’s Talking – Submarine Treachery