The Portal (COBRA) – May 22, 2023

Editor’s Note: (Thanks to reader N. for this share!) COBRA is a Pleiadian contactee on Earth to assist with information about our Ascension process, yet the COBRA we read today is not the original COBRA!

Many feel the original COBRA to have been compromised by the dark, which has caused the message of COBRA we read today, to be compromised as well. Earth, with humanity on/board, is a living creature readying to rise in it’s own consciousness to a higher way of BEing!

This planetary ascension has never-before occurred with living BEings remaining on the planetary surface! Humans will also ascend as the planet, itself, ascends! Thus, any message you may read inferring the removal of humanity from Earth’s surface are invalid!

The purported origin of these reports are not valid! Remember, these of the dark are inserted into every layer of humanity…even the Lightworker community! Many feel the message of COBRA today, to perhaps be “setting the stage” for the “Blue Beam” project of an alien invasion.

Oh dear, how do we “tell the difference”? Whenever doubt/fear appears in your life, look to your own inner self for answers! Research more about your question, and then gauge how you feel about the answer you reach! In this way, you are assured of finding your own way through the confusions of this life, allowing you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The Portal

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Situation Update and Cobra Conference in Japan

The Light Forces are making good progress with clearing of the etheric plane, and some good news regarding that are expected soon.

Clearing of the subquantum anomaly is also progressing to a certain degree.

Physical biochips are much more problematic, at least a this point. They are the main tool of surveillance through which the Chimera controls the surface population:


Those biochips would detect any physical intervention of the Light Forces on the surface. The contacted individual would first be very happy, but his increased vibrational frequency together with the video/audio feed from the biochip would alert the Chimera mainframe computer in the DARPA pit.

Immediate action would be taken to decrease the vibrational frequency of the contacted individual, either by removing that individual through DEW electroplasma induced heart attack, by orchestrating a car accident, by removing the loved ones of that particular individual, or by any similar means. This is one of the main reasons why the Light Forces are not contacting individuals on the surface.

The other reason is asymmetric retaliation. If one Lightwerkers would be contacted, the dark forces are threatening to harm or even kill thousands others.

If non-physical contact is made, or if a certain individual raises his vibrational frequency too much, the physical biochip detects that also, and automatically lowers the vibration of the individual by inducing electroshocks through the navel biochip. The navel biochip is capable of producing electroshocks between 20 and 130 volts, depending on the circumstances. At the same time, the two biochips in the frontal lobe of the brain produce strong magnetic fields that produce sleepiness, brain fog and confusion. Thus physical biochips represent a very efficient slave driver mechanism which controls the surface population.

On top of that, the biochips synthesize mind altering chemicals that produce sleepiness (frontal lobe biochips) and fear (biochip above the navel).

On top of that, the frontal lobe biochips monitor the brain activity and communicate with other biochips and with DARPA mainframe computer through ultrasound, and navel biochip constantly suppresses the vibrational frequency through infrasound.

The physical plane is further monitored and controlled through scalar network created with cellphone towers, cellphones themselves, and wi-fi networks:

The next layer is the global network of ionospheric heaters:


And the next layer is the Space Force (former Air Force Space Command) surveillance network, which detects and removes any Positive ET intrusion attempts into the quarantine:




The Light Forces have explained to me how all this ties into the timing dynamics of the Event:


The first curve on the graph (marked 1) represents the entropy of the surface society. This entropy increases with time, as the physical quarantine is a closed system without any contact with outside positive ET races.

The second curve (marked 2 on the graph) represents the entropy of the Event. This entropy decreases with time, as more and more retaliation mechanisms of the dark forces that would be triggered at the time of the Event (such as toplet bombs) are being removed. 

Both curves meet at the certain time that is marked with a circle on the graph. At that moment, the entropy of the surface society surpasses the entropy of the Event, and that is the moment when the Event will be triggered. Current moment is marked on the graph with an X.

If the Event would be triggered prematurely, the simulations predict a partial collapse of the electrical grid and food distribution chain in many parts of the world, which could only be addressed in 1-2 weeks time. Also, the Light forces would not be able to completely block all biochemical weapons that would be released by the dark forces in their last effort to keep control. This would lead to many deaths and untold suffering, and would stain the Event experience for many:

As one of commenters on my blog put it:


Nevertheless, soft disclosure is going mainstream:

With genuine and reliable instructions for the evacuation at the moment of the polar shift available in alternative media:

With awareness of the cyclic nature of the universe slowly reaching mainstream scientific community:

And even with the awareness that we are at the end of the cosmic cycle:

With a simple explanation of quantum fluctuations:

After the Portal of Light activation, more and more people understand mass meditations in balanced and positive perspective:

And finally, Goddess energy is returning to the surface of the planet. Sisterhood of the Rose is more active again:

And more and more people are actually creating physical Goddess temples. If you have created such a temple, you can make it public on the following website:

You can find inspiration in this beautiful book:

Or in past Cobra interviews:

French speaking people can also find inspiration here:

Anybody can get healing in monthly ascended master and stellar rays healing sessions:

Or optimize the personal timeline through this meditation:

And connect with the I AM presence utilizing advanced ATVOR spiritual technology:


Everybody is more than welcome to join our Ascension Conference in Kyoto, the most powerful Dragon vortex in Japan, on July 8th and 9th:

Victory of the Light!

99 thoughts on “The Portal (COBRA) – May 22, 2023



    1. I’d have to agree with ya on that, Courtney Brown has done remote viewings on ‘The Escape’ and says there is no way out. This prison planet has a closed system, the trap for the mind. AS in the escape might be where we came in? It’s hard to believe that we as ‘Source Creators’ can find the door off the holodeck.


      1. Thank you ! Intuition is never wrong, but when there affirmation comes
        from another like-minded soul,I call it the “cherry on the top!!”

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      2. I don’t believe in that, I believe it is a total prison planet, imposed by the Chimera and the Archons, and that it’s NOT a mind trap, it’s ALL, and we need outside help.

        All the ‘love and light’ won’t stop bullets, directed energy weapons, reincarnation traps, nor legions of brain washed enforcers.

        Otherwise, we’d not see so many GOOD people be thrown to the dogs, and evil beings ruling for so long. And that ‘we create our realities!’, TO ME, is new age rubbish. All those people suffering out there would NEVER chose to make such horrible lives, I would never chose to be a human man, on this rock, separated from my true friends and family among the stars. I seen many people work really hard to achieve a goal, and still totally fail.


      3. And I see people manifest that which they wish! Often, through means which could not be imagined…THIS is how the Universe responds to the power we each have inside of us! If we don’t imagine what we want, the Universe will choose way is in our consciousness!
        You know, All That Is, May actually be “in process” right for arranging your trip home right now! Be happy about that! 🌹😊💕


      4. I agree, it’s a mind trap but also that we are getting help now. Also I do know many were put here unwillingly, it’s a mind trap, a holographic reality. But…the Alliance and Intergalactic federation of worlds are fighting these draco and the red queen in Orion, This was has been going on for thousands of years.
        Do you not realize there is help here? I do think we create our reality, it’s that this matrix is rigged, the controllers have had their tech here for a long time and we were product, their food….cattle.
        But the human race is getting help or so they say, and so others say or those in contact with these groups that have finally decided to help humanity.


      1. That is good news Judith…the sooner we can expose it and disclose the ET agenda, like Phil Schneider told us about, the sooner we can free ourselves from the enslavement and this prison planet.


      2. I’ve got something for you Judith…
        When I have a question, I ask and wait for the answer.
        I don’t seek it, but go with what pops up for me.
        Today, I had this video show up and I thought of your question about what’s on the other side of this ice wall that you spoke of:



      3. Yep. Wonder and watch it pop up. Intuition. Cosmic telepathy. All so new
        and it is all about LOVE and GRATITUDE. Lemuria, here I come.

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      4. Flat earth is a psy op, along with karma, purposeful duality, purposeful suffering, woke mentality, the speed of light being the universe’s speed limit, the second law of thermodynamics being absolute, monogamy being the only intimate relationship option, as well as an infallible, all powerful god (source is NOT infallible, sorry to tell you, it spend eons trying figure out and understand much less fight, primary anomaly, which is pretty a source of evil. And what all powerful god allowed good people to be thrown the dogs, and evil people becoming heroes. Not to mention all sorts of hideous diseases and such.), are all Archon propaganda.


      5. Well, I agree with you there..most all is illusion.
        This is really messed up when you think about it, all for a source to know itself, but I think this is the toughest game in town, it was the best of the best come here, but it got hijacked, it was suppose to be a balanced game, but the dark A.I. wants to get into the mother realm, it can’t, it needs to merge with us to get past 12th density.
        I also don’t believe the ET’s are fallen angels..that is ridiculous, but there are good and bad ones just like anything else.
        I don’t like this game, I don’t like any of it, it is a program, religion, and duality…if it were balanced that would be different. Karma is a program, and I do think the flat earth thing is a psyop because of the guy who started it all, and how quickly it spread with so many people, just nutty people who would get so angry if you didn’t just believe in the flat earth theory, but like many things in this matrix, its divide and conquer, they know if we united that we could blow them away in a minute.


        From the dusty mesa
        Her looming shadow grows
        Hidden in the branches
        Of the poison creosote
        She twines her spines up slowly
        Towards the boiling sun
        And when I touched her skin
        My fingers ran with blood

        [Verse 2: Rennie Sparks]
        In the hushing dusk, under a swollen silver moon
        I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom
        A strange hunger haunted me, the looming shadows danced
        I fell down to the thorny brush and felt a trembling hand

        [Bridge: Brett Sparks and Rennie Sparks]
        When the last light warms the rocks
        And the rattlesnakes unfold
        Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones

        [Verse 3: Brett Sparks and Rennie Sparks]
        Then rise with me forever
        Across the silent sands
        And the stars will be your eyes
        And the wind will be my hands

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  2. I don’t think he’s compromised, I feel he’s one of the few folks who actually makes sense. And one of the first to talk about the notion that the ‘prime directive’ (aka non interference policy) is a pile of baloney.


    1. I am so glad you are back ! This is a wonderful forum that allows us the
      free expression that we so desperately wish for and need. The non-interferance law that you allude to made me inquire into as well. I had
      to learn by experience that it was true for me. May I suggest the
      Phoenix Journals. We are becoming our “own lawgiver,” I believe. Thanks for your reply.

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      1. Preview channel Click here for more info on flat earth from Telegram
        Inter Galactic Space Force.
        Hope it works this time.


      2. “Walk on Water:” I think the metaphorical meaning whenever the
        word “water” is used is this: water, flood symbolize “ILLUSION.”
        Hence, when one “walks on water” it seems to mean that the person
        has overcome the fear of “illusion/matrix. Likewise, the allegory of
        Noah’s Ark is to show that those who believed, were those who would be
        saved from flood/THE ILLUSION by boarding the ark or crossing the Red Sea. Water evokes “fear and emotions” and in
        both scenarios, those who did not fear “Fear” triumphed over the
        holographic simulated world of the Archons. That is how I have become
        to feel. In this way, it was a Quantum Leap then as it is now to overcome


    2. Well, it’s only the benevolent races that will ‘follow the rules’, but they have started to help humanity, they do what is within the rules…however the malevolent ones don’t care about the rules.


      1. there is NO non interference policy, PERIOD.
        Just look at ancient texts, as well as various painting and cave art and carvings. Sure as hell was not humans doing that stuff.

        The ancient aliens theory tosses the so-called prime directive OUT the window.


      2. Okie dokie…I’ve only read alot of the transcripts of conversations with these ET races, and if they are a member of the organizations that are in contact with earth, it may just be THEIR organizational rules. for example they are able to only destroy technology from other races that have interferred with humanity but if humans made it, they are told they cannot interfere with it but can disturb the harmful effects of such tech. It may not be some universal rule, but more like the ORGANIZATION rule.


      3. Their souls get sent to galactic central sun, Muse. ALL their experience and memories are wiped clean. Imagine wiping a compute disk or hard drive TOTALLY. Said soul would be starting ALL over again. In a Cobra interview, it was said this happened to David Rockefeller and George Bush, their souls were captured, preventing them from ‘downloading’ into a new body. Their souls were totally wiped clean, having to start all over, incarnating into something like, say, a fruit fly.

        And my mom, now ALWAYS swats fruit flies, hoping she’s splattering Bush when she does, she tells me.

        And I’m not afraid of MACHINES, Muse.


      4. According to Galactic Codex, muse, local laws are overruled when the codex is violated. When free will is totally violated, local laws do not apply. So, the benevolent races can intervene without a problem, does not matter if the violators are local or not.

        The Prime Directive is merely Archon propaganda. Keep in mind, Star Trek, whilst it did get past censors of the 1960’s, the REAL power mongers, I feel, were well aware of what was going on, and made Gene, and later Berman, really emphasize the prime directive, to the point it became pretty much dogma/doctrine. “First contact” ( the 1991 episode), “Pen Pals”, and the much hated “Homeward” are examples of this.


      5. I agree with you Neil, but they explain it that humanity gave them permission somehow…and that is with trickery so to me that is a violation whether humanity agreed or not it’s manipulation and harms us all.
        So, yeah, maybe these organizations they work for are much like different factions of the gooberment…all run by the same thing…can’t imagine how they can rationalize not helping humanity simply because we ‘gave permission’ even if that was thru ,manipulation or thru a leader that to me should not have been allowed to make decisions for humanity…it should have been presented to us, but then again, we had those dracos in control and the Red Queen on Orion so it’s been a war for a long time.


      6. Fall of Atlantis, Muse. That, I heard is ABOUT the time things went to hell on this rock. The darkies took the earth population hostage….imposed a reincarnation trap system, memory wipes, plasma implants, and making the planet an absolute gulag.

        And it does not matter if ‘permission’ was given….galactic codex states that if free will is violated, not to mention the most horrific of crimes being done, which HAS been going on for thousands of years (adrenochrome is not something new, look at a lot of old religious pictures and carvings, and being FORCED to incarnate against one’s will, I’d say is a DEFINITIVE example of violations. I said many times that if I had to pick a single word for that the darkies did to ME, it would have to be RAPE), so it any so-called ‘permission’ goes out the window. Kinda like when the Republic Senate gave Darth Sidious ‘permission’ to have extreme powers that were not of the normal type, and that ‘permission’ was given to him by Jar Jar FUCKING Binks.

        I would not be surprise if the ‘permission’, if any was even involved, was done by some brain dead dimwit like Jar Jar. I feel it was more of an invasion.

        Remember, Muse, the history books are always written by the winners, INVARIABLY to THEIR advantage.

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      7. Atlantis: as I recall, the Lemurians, having free will, after a time, submitted to the corrupted Atlanteans overlords. Similiar to what is happening today. I
        am still here and free. Go figure.


      8. Neil, I like the scenario you tell, and will agree with the circumstances you describe, however…I will say you are here for a reason, not merely by chance! None of us are here by chance…🌹😊💕


      9. Yes, Neil, I know you are right about that…I wouldn’t give them permission but again, why do they ask leaders to speak for the whole injabitants of the planet…to me humanity never gave permission nor would they as we know you are also right, it was more of an invasion but that would simply be a good reason for the benevolent ET’s to step in…it’s not rocket science..but that is what excuse they give as a collective…supposedly we gave our permission….NOT


      10. I feel anything BUT free, Judith.

        Forced to incarnate on THIS planet, as a human, and worse, as a man, and born to a family of conservative, religious, money hungry bigots. And having no access to what can help me.


      11. Well, perhaps the Earth is the last stronghold of evil in this Galaxy, Universe…and everyone earbud here to watch their defeat…free trip to the Central Sun! 😊🌹💕💕💓💝


      12. Nope, Cindy. Was forced against my will to be here. Like I’d EVER want to be on this rock, as a human and worse, a man. No. First chance I get to go with the aliens and get restored, I’M GOING.


      13. As opposed to something as DAFT as “We can’t help you because we have free will, and will just watch you suffer”, that the new agers and pimply faced nerds keep spewing, Cindy?



      14. I Am neither, my dear, but an astute observer and seeker of truth…we have different truths, it seems…you are part of me , as I Am a part of you…what fun! 🌹😊💕🎉


      15. It was me that said that…I was reading transcripts from contact with different races that is what they claim…but I do feel like all these years they say the same thing all the time…dear ones, we love you, we will make contact soon.
        It’s a mind trap Neil, what better prison, you can’t excape cuz it’s the mind illusion. If you were gonna torture your enemy instead of just kill them, this would be it.
        Yes, when people are too ‘light and love; it’s just overpolarization of one or the other…it’s not possible to be positive all the time, this is a duality reality.
        So, I do hope this contact and disclosure happens by end of summer like Clif High was saying…..not SOON as they always say.


      1. A lot can happen in 15 years:

        From a posting a week or two back:

        “In the past, I was quite optimistic and naive by believing that as soon as the toplet bombs are removed, the Event will happen. The reality is much more complex. The surface population is much more programmed than previously believed, and much more of the etheric matrix and subquantum anomaly must be removed to safely guide the surface population through the Event process without key persons freaking out, because basic food and energy distribution chains must remain largely intact at the moment of the Event.

        The good news is that removing all remaining obstacles will be much easier, relatively faster and much less risky than removing the toplet bombs.

        The Light forces have also manged to completely clear the higher mental plane from all dark entitites, and they have broken the control the dark forces had over the lower mental and the astral plane. Almost all Invisibles have been removed. The few remaining dark entities on the astral plane are disorganized, in flight, and are no longer part of the dark network. All Lords of Karma (Lords of Trauma) that have not been captured and taken to the Galactic central Sun have escaped from higher planes to the etheric and physical planes, where they still hold control. ”

        Welcome to the war zone, Cindy.


  3. Very few authentic human souls left with an organic interior morality, as I see it. It’s a mess: let the Universe figure it all out.


    1. Not gonna take any chance. I’m all for totally wiping out the Chimera, and the Archons, and their human stooges.


      1. I agree!!! Just how you going to accomplish that? Are u omimpotent,
        omniscient, and omnipresent? How are you going to do it differently
        this time? Anything worked so far for you? You will not be able
        to achieve all that you wish for using your archon ego behavior.
        I think your war is in your mind, and some forces wouldn’t like more
        than to keep you hostage. They are harvesting your energy ! We can choose to
        change our ways…it will come when we reach the end of the rope…like hanging on to the know by our fingernails That is the time to let go of the knot. GO QUANTUM. GO FOR CHANGE ! WHAT’S STOPPING YOU? EXCESSIVE PRIDE MAYBE?

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      2. The archons are the A.I., once created, even though they are chimera they can’t destroy them, only imprison them.
        If you wipe them out they will just reincarnate, but who knows if they’d be different or learned anything if they aren’t punished.
        The A.I. is more of a threat than the chimera…the black goo, the transhumanism agenda…they have no empathy, much like the reptilians they control and the greys.


      3. Yes, you can wipe them out with the electrical chrystalline Light CHRIST
        aka GOD. Become the Quantum GodSelf. Your enemies cannot
        defeat you: they cannot advance beyond 4D. They do not want you
        in 5D !!! Do you get it? THEY ARE CHARLATANS …you will not
        be able to defeat them where u now are…and they will keep you there.
        Yes, there is such a thing as Free Will in our universe.


      4. She is right, if you keep your frequency low, in anger, and hatred for this place, humans and so on, you will be stuck. That is how they trap you. But like she said, you raise your frequency, bring light into your being, it will empower you, humans are very powerful, we’ve been programmed by the matrix to think we are not…worshipping some god or giving our power away to others to do it for us.
        Source, is not a person…the creator of all things, the all that is, is pure consciousness and love.
        The ET’s are planning to make contact and it is rumored to be by august or first part of september…
        Elena, a lady who is in contact with Enki and many other star races, a starseed herself, she is able to communicate with them. They say if you want to make contact, you can ask. I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to contact them but from Courtney Brown’s website, he says they are all over in the skies…they are taking photos and video but you have to have a speical camera and the ones that capture them just came out in 2022. He is showing people how to ccapture them on camera.
        Make a call out to your people or to the Arcturians or what ever race you feel connected to.


      5. Each of our own consciousness drives the proceedings of our individual lives. We are all portions (fractals) of the same thing living in a holographic world for the experience of BEing! I choose to live my life as I desire (free will), and then BE in…
        Quantum Joy!

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      6. Free will has been VIOLATED for millennia, Judith.
        And let’s see YOU demonstrate said powers you CLAIM we have…show us this god power. Make a pink coffee mug with a green turtle on it appear on my table, materializing. Or let’s see you go all super sayien, like in Dragon Ball Z, and take on some darkies.

        We’ll wait for yas.


      7. IF you can believe EVERYTHING, Cindy, can you believe ANYTHING?

        Also, scrutiny is one reason I’m still alive. If I were to tell you that the earth was literally going to end tomorrow, as in explode, leaving nothing but rubble and asteroids, would you MERELY accept my words, Cindy?


      1. Unbelief ranks as the lowest frequency…unwillingness to seek your
        higher-Self. It is a disconnect for now. Situations can change, but you must
        relentlessly pursue change with your whole HEART. This is the time to
        “let go” of thoughts and practices that do not work. Have u given away your
        life and liberty to the “dark entities” that control you ? If so, use your will to get it back: OWN IT ! You are not now free of the yoke of your archon masters. I believe
        there are “lower pleiadians” at play. The universe is immense.

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    1. Neil, I think you have been contracted by the darkies when you say the things you say and you are not even aware of it. That is mind control par excellence.
      You definitely have become a “victim.” Exactly their Agenda !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have NO contracts, Judith. I just merely am not part of the ‘love and light!’ folks, nor am I part of the “Happiness Patrol”, nor am I part of Jesus freaks.

        How do YOU know YOU are not controlled, hmmmm?

        And I am merely asking you to prove what you CLAIM, aka ‘super powers’. So, let’s see ya DO some of these powers. Actions speak louder than words, see let’s see some action, here.

        HERE is from a friend who asked that ONE question NONE of you can answer:

        Fix this ourselves? Really?
        Do police tell people in a hostage situation to “fix it yourselves”?
        Tell us then Sparky, how do we fix things ourselves when there are highly advanced ETs with superweapons that have special scalar grid inversion technology which surpresses human kundalini and inverts the planetary energy field?
        And what’s wrong with expecting help from others. Are we supposed to live in a universe where no one helps any one?

        In the future, there is no hunger, war, or poverty. Unless you’re not a member of the Federation’s Country Club, then fuck you. Fuck off and die.

        We need OUTSIDE help, and fast. It’s just THAT simple. Otherwise, Judith, I’m calling YOU out and asking SHOW ME THIS POWER you speak of. I’m not asking for much, you know.


      2. Neil, you manifest ALL THE TIME without realizing this fact. The pain, frustration and distress you FEEL colors your consciousness which produces what you see and experience.
        YOU CAN change your life at any time you wish…🌹😊💕🎉


  4. My showtime resides in spiritual realm. It is a dimension that you have
    not wished to pursue. I have “no-thing” to prove to anyone…no show that
    requires an audience. I am a law onto mySelf. Thanks for visiting us.
    Leaving now in Peace and Goodwill.

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  5. The Law of Non-Interference: could we have violated this law also? I recall
    St. Paul advising his disciples “to let sin come alive in you,” therefore, by experiencing “our sins” we gradually realize what we have done. This is the WAY
    that the Labyrinth works: we go thru this maze alone, but with the light within,
    and with the lessons learned experientially, we move forward to finish it finally.
    The Light is already within us, so we will get there. Rumi said “Suffer the pain”
    which he meant PERMIT the pain. Too often we use our own individual
    experiences as “laws” to hasten the salvation of others. The battles against the ego driven matrix system)must be fought and tested. What do you all think ? The pain must be allowed so that one can begin to see it finally as a spiritual war (light and dark) within us. There
    is no light w/o the darkness. In the darkest hour, our higher Self walks
    alongside us. I lived the Indigo life. Agonzing pangs, but the victories are


    1. @Judith
      There is NO ‘law of non interference’, that is PROPAGANDA, DAMN IT. And I will permit NOTHING when it comes to pain…’purposeful suffering’ is also propaganda. Pain does not make one evolve, does not educate one….it STAGNATES one, or REVERSES things.

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      1. Cindy, one is not always able to simple ‘wave away’ pain like that. *snaps fingers* We’re in Earth, aka “Planet Gulag”, and I TOLD YOU of my pains…..until the aliens arrive and can help me, not to mention taking me HOME, there’s nothing I can do about it.


      2. Your perception IS your reality, and you have the FREEDOM to actually choose the manner of jour reality on this world!
        We have abilities we have not been taught about. Many have the confidence to open their minds to consider another poor-of-view! Others remain fixed on only believing what s tangible. You bring me a cup of either pain, or Joy…then we talk, until then…all things are possible!😊🌹💕


      3. Neil, Elena is in contact with various races including Enki, I don’t know what race you are or where you came from but surely she might be able to help you or know of someone who can help you out.


    2. Think about the concept statement, “no pain, no gain”, which is fundamental in this moment on Earth! But then…self-forgiveness allows an awareness of self-soveignity which allows…without pain! Just a beautiful awareness! 😊🌹💕🎉


    3. Yes, we have to feel the pain, observe it and transmute it. only way.
      every 291/2 days we have an alchemical process we do that is rejuvenating and also the 8th principle, the generative principle”
      It’s Alchemy


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