Headlines and Updates for May 30, 2020: New Q & May-Day Explosive Events Still On the Menu—Liftoff Success for the Dragon [videos] ~ May 30, 2020

May was a fascinating month, and is closing with a flood of revealing information and BIG BOOMS.

Yesterday I didn’t know what day it was and got ahead of myself. I think I wanted May to be over. It’s super hot for May here in the Valley of the Sun (110F) and with storm clouds gathering it’s more like July. Q’s words continue to float like a mirage over hot pavement: ‘ VERY HOT SPRING/SUMMER’.3868

Coordinated: Tarmac Meeting Occurred on June 27, 2016; HRC Email Investigation Ended July 5, 2016

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 17 Feb 2020 – 10:26:39 AM https://twitter.com/KarluskaP/status/1229415548938833920
[Pg 203]
“The OPA Supervisor said that he later learned that former President Clinton’s Secret Service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail and let them know that the former President wanted to meet with Lynch. Although Lynch’s staff was supposed to receive notice of such requests, witnesses told us that they were not informed of the request from former President Clinton.”
Date of tarmac meeting?
Date of [HRC] investigation END announcement?
1 + 1 = 2
It’s going to be a very hot [spring/summer].

Read the rest of the Q drops here.

It’s been a particularly incendiary May in so many respects. The DECLAS by Grenell meant the drip of fuel for the patriots’ ultimate MOAB and caustic altercations marked the comms between the President and China as well as the Democrats.

We’ve had clashes in the courts with patriots going up against the fascist dictates of democrat governors and their outrageous lockdown orders. Keeping churches, mosques, and synagogues closed for many months despite President Trump’s explicit directive… unbelievable.

Did you ever think you’d see the day where the public comms from the President of the United States were censored by the deep state NWO?

Never forget: pic.twitter.com/ub4NYNPBWp

— Gab.com Speak Freely (@getongab) May 30, 2020

Obvious events in Minnesota seemed to blow the doors off the dragging COVID crisis narrative and yesterday the SPACEX Starship SN4 prototype blew up on the launch pad at Boca Chica, Texas. The scene was suspicious when NASA instructed Gina Hill to remove the video she uploaded of the event. Why just Gina’s when others were able to display theirs?

SPACEX is no stranger to conspiracies and sabotaged launches and Gina spoke of a big black “bird” that dove through the hot mess and some of her subscribers said UFOs were spotted at the scene—again. Gina used a few filters on the footage as explained in this video.

This version has a good slo mo, however, and you might see what she was talking about. No telling how long this will be available, either.

[SLO MO 4K] Massive explosion of a SpaceX Starship Prototype (SN4) at Boca Chica Texas

The once rescheduled launch of the Dragon crew capsule via the Falcon Heavy from Cape Canaveral, Florida for this afternoon. I just wish they’d stop talking about “Bob and Doug” because I know their name can’t be McKenzie. Take off, eh hosers! Coo-roo-coo-coo-coo-coo-coo-coo! May the brave astronauts be safe and return in 19 hours.

The terminology is so odd. Dragon capsule. Dracos. Merlin engines. Starship. Falcon Heavy… and, wait for it, the drone ship where the re-usable rocket returns is called, “Of course I still love you”. Who comes up with this stuff? It’s like the whole thing is a fairy tale.

And isn’t it interesting that at T + 9:18 they show the drone ship, then immediately lose the signal, and when we get the visual back at T + 9.31 the Falcon 9 is sitting there on the platform and we just happened to miss it landing…

SpaceX Launch LIVE Demo-2 All Day LIVE Coverage from NASA

The spanking new DNI Ratcliffe is continuing the onslaught begun by Acting DNI Rick Grenell and declassifying more documents. The fake news tried to get ahead of it and say it wasn’t the actual documents declassified, only summaries with incomplete conversations, but Grenell corrected that and stated it is all in full.

As Dan Bongino stated on his show yesterday, the lunatic left have no interest in facts or the truth; only in telling a story. Not THE story—just A story. They continue their narrative no matter what anyone else says or can prove. Facts are irrelevant. They know that possibly 20 per cent of the uninformed public will go along with it.

Q Sent Me!#WWG1WGAhttps://t.co/wnnvMja7us

— S A N D M A N (@Sandman65367335) May 29, 2020

The patriot protests will be continuing, it seems. There is one in Olympia, Washington on Saturday about the tyranny of the Governor, and also one planned at the Gates Foundation. After the extreme civil unrest in so many cities, further demonstrations may be curtailed. We’ll see.

While some of the details are sketchy, the events Minneapolis were clearly orchestrated by the cabal. The Medical Examiner determined that George Floyd didn’t directly expire due to the actions by Chauvin, but perception is everything and the deep state schemers know very well that the outrage would take over and the truth didn’t matter. Mission accomplished. The city is a wreck, and so are many others. People died, businesses were destroyed, and it contributed to the long-planned destabilization of America.

Here’s where the emotionally tortured Mayor Frey shows he’s in lockstep with the communist regime; making it all about racism. As I pointed out prior, in 2017 an Australian woman Justine Damond, a holistic practitioner about to be married was gunned down in Minneapolis by a Somali cop in her pyjamas, unarmed, but there were no race riots then, were there? Not a word—but now it suits the narrative. Now it suits the New World Order agenda.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey: ‘Anger’ Shown is Result of ‘400 Years’ of Slavery And Racism

I was listening to coverage of riots in Minneapolis, Atlanta, Phoenix, Oakland, Washington, and New York last night on AgendaFreeTV‘s scanner and watching men smashing windows for the sake of smashing windows. It’s insane.

These are “Organized Groups” that have nothing to do with George Floyd. Sad!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 30, 2020

These programmed idiots are doing a lot of damage and I don’t believe they live there; they’re imported for the cause and paid to perform like trained monkeys. They need the National Guard on hand to protect civilians and their property. It would be great if they could arrest those treasonous thugs that are betraying their countrymen.

Minnesota Gov. Orders ‘Full Mobilization’ of National Guard to Quell Violence

Funny. He said what I said.

Walz added that the situation in Minneapolis “is no longer in any way about the murder of George Floyd. It is about attacking civil society, instilling fear, and disrupting our great cities.”

Unfortunately, he began waxing poetic and taking liberties with his narrative, making it out to sound worse than it was. Of course it was very bad, but to say there were far more “protestors” than peacekeepers may have been a mistruth because there were quite a few hired rioters, and some average, non-violent citizens standing around watching—and catching the mercenaries in the act to illustrate the truth of the situation.

The ones chanting “I can’t breathe” and other organized epithets against George Soros sounded cliché to me, not organic. It seemed prearranged.

However, it’s good that the National Guard are in Minneapolis. That is the stage and they will hopefully restore order and keep the city safe.

The politicians also threw in their two cents. It’s quite the show.

In the wake of the ongoing violence, Republican Party of Minnesota Chairwoman, Jennifer Carnahan, released an open letter calling for Walz and Frey to resign “effective immediately.”

“You failed our businesses (small and large). You failed George Floyd. You failed our police. You failed the National Guard. You failed the minority communities and non-minority communities. You failed all of Minnesota,” Carnahan wrote.

“You stood by and watched this city burn for four straight nights. You showed you are not equipped to run our state and largest city. You decimated Minneapolis. You decimated lives. Your inaction has led to riots all over this country,” she said, adding, “It’s time to realize your failures and walk away.”

Every Minnesota official has stated that these are right wing and white supremacists, agent provocateurs causing the violence. They’re also from out of state. You’re going to prison, traitor.

— Andrew C Laufer, Esq (@lauferlaw) May 30, 2020

Lionel provides a lesson in critical thinking and dealing with actual evidence, like an autopsy report, but it doesn’t really matter does it? It’s too late. What has happened cannot be undone. George Floyd is gone, Minneapolis is trashed, and the violence spread like a virus to other cities. The general public is not aware the riots were started by mercenaries; that it was largely scripted.

If you haven’t seen this, it is indicative that specific bad actors are playing roles. This one is Minneapolis. The black umbrella sets the perp apart and protects him. The police will leave him alone. Citizen journalists are playing a huge role in showing us what is really going on. It’s all staged.

Unfortunately, since the police were instructed to evacuate the 3rd precinct, there didn’t seem to be a lot of police around; only the fakes that arrested the CNN reporter. How nauseating.

Video proof that the protesters didn’t start the violence in Minneapolis is being actively censored, taken down link in comments, please share, don’t let them hide this. from PublicFreakout

An autopsy report is no longer the final word in the independent news community because all too often the ME has been in the pocket of the deep state and their official COD was stated as “suicide” when it was obvious from the wounds that it could not possibly have been.

So we listen, but we reserve the right to determine the truth based on facts, previous experience, and our intuition, not solely the declarations of others. Thanks, J.

News of rioting and looting spews from many cities, including “Lost Angeles”.

Violence Erupts Throughout Downtown LA Friday Night; 500 Arrested

Fox News Crew Mobbed and Assaulted in DC

And don’t think there couldn’t be similar scenarios in Canada, folks. They can dream up any number of provocations to do the same there. Have we forgotten the G20 in Toronto in 2010? Police imported from outside the city rounded up over a thousand people and tossed them in a rather special jail.

And now, we wait… and watch, for Act III of America’s Great Awakening.

U.S. Army May Deploy to Contain George Floyd Protests Under Act Not Used Since the Rodney King Riots in 1992

Is this the ultimate irony?

The CNN logo is being painted with graffiti in Atlanta.
The crowd is cheering. pic.twitter.com/KG9QmfIh31

— Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) May 29, 2020

REVOLT! CNN Whips Leftists into a Frenzy — Then Leftists Congregate Outside CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Vandalize CNN Logo, Break Windows!! (VIDEO)

Trump and the patriots are working the deep state over and the cretins don’t even know it.

Senate Dems Lose Minds Over Trump’s Clever Trick

Dave gets it and his expert analysis from yesterday follows.

[DS] Deploys All Assets, Trap Has Been Set, Flynn’s Calls Released, No Deals – Episode 2186b

On the COVID stage… which doesn’t have nearly the importance or interest it once did…

Spain will not stop use of HCQ to treat COVID-19 patients, unlike other European nations

For your amusement, and understanding, a video via Agent Margaritaville, from the Vincent Vendetta channel.

One production or one article in itself may not be the final straw that opens someone’s eyes, but the drip, drip, drip of repeated impressions most certainly could. This covers a lot of territory and might be the one video that pushes someone over the edge. We never can tell.

Crown CRIMINALS and The Media Coverup of The #PizzaVirus and Bill Gates Mangina!

Enjoy your weekend, folks. Every day we’re one step closer to our exciting new world.   ~ BP

Your Sunday Digest for December 29, 2019: New Q, Incoming MOAB and the Shifting Reality [videos] ~ December 29, 2019

The Q drops are flowing this morning at this moment from QAnon and the gush of information from many sources these days is staggering.

Can you believe the cohones of the demonrats? They’re not even trying to hide it. This should light a fire under a few Californians. Pitchforks at the ready?

New: Title TBD

3768Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 29 Dec 2019 – 9:48:36 AM No (R) option in CA when registering to vote?
Welcome to the [D] party con.


We’ve also got Simon Parkes telling us President Trump is part Pleiadian and part Andromedan; eclipses that involve high strangeness with all sorts of craft coming and going in and out of the sun; news that gun confiscation and arrests scheduled for the coming days, and all sorts of crooks and politicians switching sides and resigning. Our reality is shifting big time.

There are massive riots in Sweden and the planet is in an uproar.

Last night in Sweden…


Massive riots – Police had to run away and take cover

A group of about 30 “youths” attacked police with rockets (fireworks) and set cars on fire in Helsingborg.

Police had to hide in their cars.


The situation in Sweden is not good

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) December 29, 2019

Simon Parkes also reported that our Creator would never put a sun in place that would expire while we needed it here for our spiritual evolution and that the expected terrorist events over Christmas didn’t develop. It was rather quiet, thankfully, so those plans must have been thwarted by the White Hats, who must never rest. They have very long vacations coming when this is all over.

We understand that many of the “incarnated ETs” here to champion this battle will be returning to their home planets eventually. Perhaps that includes some of us. Yearning for home?

Putin Thanks Trump for Intel That Lead to Arrests of Two People Planning Terrorist Attacks in Russia on New Years Eve

It’s been so distracting this holiday season I forgot Mica’s 6th birthday on the 27th. Sorry, bud. The Queen of Hearts was making tarts and the rain must have shorted out my memory chip. Dad made popcorn for him last night and I will make it up to him today with eggs and cheese for brunch and a nice walk off-leash.

We hit our low of 32 degrees F last night here in the desert, there’s ice in the bird bath, and it’s only 60 degrees in the house. So far we’ve not broken down and turned on the furnace because the bright sun is warming us up fast but I can anticipate vats of tea to keep my fingers mobile.

I hope this storm isn’t another “blue norther” that Canada will get blamed for.

Major winter storm hits United States with heavy snow and freezing rain

President Trump, the Commander-in-Chief sets the tone for Humanity’s education process and drops truth bombs along with Q. He’s now unrelenting and not pulling his punches. You’ve no doubt realized that the White Hats/Republicans are amping up the attacks, adding more colour and muscle to the narrative, and fleshing out our education. It’s obvious why Twitter wants to censor the good guys, but it’s shocking that they actually shut down Trump’s account briefly.

LT at And We Know has been churning out the videos and they are always exceptional.

AWK News Dec. 26: [DS] arrest talks increase from #POTUS/Senators

It’s also obvious why President Bashar al Assad of Syria is “the enemy” of the deep state. He bravely speaks the truth, as well—exposing the Western Media propaganda machine. Video at the link.

A Sitting President Declares Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself! Implies Epstein Was Intelligence Operative

Shaun Attwood did a deep dive on Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, and the book he’s reading involves some intriguing details on this odd man the Mossad seems to have turned against and eliminated. It seems it was another family that tragedy followed. Part 1 is here. Shaun has a lot of interesting videos to choose from on his channel.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Family History And Mossad Part 1

Another hit? Barry and Honey Sherman of Toronto met a mysterious and untimely demise a couple of years ago as well, and they had obvious ties to Big Pharma. Don’t expect to hear the truth about this one any time soon despite the conclusion of the investigation. You’re not allowed to speak the truth in Canada any more.

Private investigation into murder of Canadian billionaire Barry Sherman ends

We also learned of another report of Canadian songstress Celine Dion dying in hospital on Christmas Day, but we’re not sure if it’s a hoax this time or not. With these Hollywood types their deaths—and fake deaths—can’t always be taken seriously. It’s all theatre. Truth be told, recent images of her resemble skeletal remains. Has she been ill? I wasn’t aware.

Celine made her choices, didn’t she “one-eye”?

It’s not difficult to see that society is headed in a dangerous direction if not given a course correction. Life and death are fleeting enough without introducing more spirits into our midst—and we’re not talking Genies who grant cherished wishes.

Larrry Hagman and genie bottle from “I Dream of Jeannie” television show

Exorcists Condemn Children’s Book on Summoning Demons

We don’t need any more demons that feast on Humans.

Another issue still in the resolution stages is the Mexico/US border. Paul Flores (DarkSkyWatcher74) has been patrolling the desert in multiple states and recording his finds for roughly a year since Operation: Backyard Brawl began. I see he has now hooked up with Lewis (Michael Meyer) in Pima County, AZ where there is no secure barrier and illegal aliens and drug cartel people cross at will.

Meyer is a loose canon, I suppose you could say, and while there is little that’s positive on the Internet about him, there is a whole lot of negative press, which suggests the control freaks want us to discount his activities and updates.

What the Far-Left in almost every country is saying:

If you don’t vote for us, we will import people who will.

— Imam of Peace (@Imamofpeace) December 28, 2019

President Trump made no bones in this speech about those who facilitate open borders and the subsequent harm it does to our nations and Humanity.


“…your policies are cruel and evil” https://t.co/M872s7dyae

— bluja (@bluja4) December 29, 2019

If you vote for Democrats, you will facilitate open borders, Human trafficking, guns, drugs, child sex crimes, socialism, slavery, tyranny, and ruination of all that is good.

Whatever the libtards want, we do the opposite. And we outnumber them!


We’re now over 35,000 new followers in 48 hours for Dr. Ronny Jackson, who’s running for Congress in Texas. Support this patriot as he takes the fight to the fetid swamp in DC.
Liberals tried to silence him, IT DIDN’T WORK.
Follow him here if you don’t mind @RonnyJackson4TX

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) December 29, 2019

Is Pocahontas going to pull a Kamala Harris? Did she make a tactical error? By the time November 2020 rolls around they might have to cancel the election because there won’t be any Dems supported on the ticket so Trump gets to rule for another 4 years.

If nothing else—and there’s tonnes Trump has done for Humanity—at least he made politics fun again.

Is Warren’s campaign in trouble?, sends alarming message to supporters

Thanks to all the folks who hooked up with me on Twitter. You make me look good.  ;0)  Tally-ho!

Ooops—I nearly forgot the Miracles Intel call. I didn’t even see Scott’s email message. You can listen to last week’s call up until the next call begins tonight at the replay number below.  ~ BP

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 29, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.Our conference call line is:Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598Access Code: 767664#Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Headlines and Updates for June 23, 2019: Momentum is Picking UP [videos] ~ June 23, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oh yeah…the evolution of consciousness (which is spiritually driven) is affecting societies across the globe! Folks…wherever they are…are tired of the same ‘ole BS handed out by clown-driven interests. Now you know why so many are actually following the cosmic energies Earth is receiving!

The Dark and in the process of goin’ down, and goin’ down HARD! Many thanks to intrepid Starship Earth of the Alt. Media for keeping us aware and informed. Stay tuned for July 4…it’s gonna be a BIGie, BEcome aware of your heart, and be…



Whether it’s the flow of information, energies, or the activity of The People, it’s amping up.

The unrest continues; this time in the Czech Republic.

LIVE: Thousands gather in Prague to demand PM Babis’s resignation MUTED

And Russia…

Tbilisi: Demonstrators protest against Georgian govt for second day in a row

Anti-Russia protesters met with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon in Georgia – video

What’s going on here? Thanks, L.

Not good news to wake up to this morning; an accident involving marines on motorcycles and a flatbed trailer in New Hampshire.

NH Motorcycle Accident Kills Marines, No Cause Of Crash Yet

Drip, drip, drip…

BREAKING: FBI Was Giving Different Intelligence Briefings to Candidate Trump than to Candidate Clinton (VIDEO)

Don Jr. dodged the question when asked if he would consider running for office. He didn’t want to lie, so he skirted the issue, then revisited when Watters pressed him a little. Seems like the writing is on the wall.

His father repeatedly denied he would want to run for office—and probably didn’t really want to—but it was precisely what he had entertained doing. You have to manage the enemy. Disinformation is necessary.

I really hope the Trump family isn’t the new Kennedy family in the sense that they might have multiple members in office and are constant targets. We’re so done with the evil.

Donald Trump Jr. says 2020 rivals can’t compare to Trump’s appeal

Agreed. Too far ahead to worry about or make commitments.

Pence responds to Trump 2024 endorsement

Judicial Watch has been instrumental in obtaining key evidence through their endless FOIA requests. They are using the Freedom of Information Act to the max but are still thwarted and stonewalled as the files are often slow-walked by the SES deep state players.

Fitton: We now have proof the ‘mainstream media’ was working with the Obama deep state… | The National Sentinel

(BTW, the light looks like a sun simulator)

A slippery slope, indeed. Who needs ethics when significant amounts of money are involved? This is wrong on so many levels and further emphasizes the fact that Humans are looked upon as a piece of meat; a commodity. Doesn’t anyone think or question any more? We are losing our Humanity. The medical industrial complex is almost beyond salvation.

Following in the footsteps of communist China, CANADA begins harvesting organs from euthanized humans

Alex Schadenberg of Canada’s Euthansia Prevention Coalition believes that accepting organs from euthanasia victims will indeed lead to death by organ donation.

…you’re still alive, conscious and aware for several minutes after your heart stops beating. Just because the heart stops doesn’t instantly disconnect the activity of the brain.

“This means you are essentially ‘trapped’ inside your dead body with your brain still working,” reports Fox News. If you’re an organ donor, that’s the moment in which doctors slice into your body without using anesthesia (since they assume you’re dead) and start rapidly harvesting your organs. You feel every bit of it, but you’re trapped inside your body and can’t move or even scream.

Harvesting Can Be Lucrative: China (TRUreporting)

Interesting update from AIM4Truth. Thanks, R.

It’s time Zuckerberg (with a silent “F”, as Thomas Williams says) was exposed for the sham he is. It’s time for Fakebook to go down. Today or tomorrow would be great.

Read more here.

Facebook Insider CONFESSES ALL

Greg Hunter has a fantastic discussion with former CIA intelligence/LEO officer Kevin Shipp in this update.

He has an interesting and strong opinion about a recent Dave Janda exposé involving Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe. He also says the “Hammer” story is a fraud and so is Dennis Montgomery.

Kevin Shipp – Trump Dossier Covered-Up Illegal NSA Surveillance

The end—but more posts to come… soon.  ~ BP

Shooting in Strasbourg Christmas Market, France Leaves 1 Dead, 10 Injured + Demonstration Updates & Macron Exposed [videos] ~ December 11, 2018

Editor’s Note: Can anyone say…”false flag” in a country where the yellow vests stand for freedom? Just sayin…Please read, know that revolution is global, and…



This just happened today in France, and more details will be coming out eventually. The injured tally keeps rising before I can publish the article. They said the shooter is known to police. Sounds like the old false flag playbook.

Strasbourg shooting: 1 dead and 6 injured at Christmas market as city told to stay inside

The French Interior Ministry has urged people to stay inside and said there had been a “serious public security incident”.

We have more testimony from France concerning the situation in areas other than Paris. A fellow who says he is in Nice (deep south) reports it’s very difficult to get around on the roads with travel times far longer than usual, gas stations have no fuel, and stores are emptying of food and supplies.

The media is not telling the true story in France about the demonstrations and propaganda is rampant.

At the 9:21 mark, pause the video and read the article. Shocking, but not surprising, if you know what I mean. There is an organized plan within the media to do damage control and put out propaganda to hide what is unfolding in France, and probably other areas of the EU. Pre-written articles… all ready to go to steer the narrative.

Brilliant.  Thank you, 7. (His voice level is low so you will need to crank up the volume when he speaks. The rest is ok.)

In this short video from Dan Dicks at Press for Truth, we learn exactly who Emmanuel Macron is, and that he has vowed to make vaccines mandatory in France after 10 deaths from measles in the past 8 years.

Most of us are aware there are far more health risks and negative side-effects with vaccines than with measles, mumps, rubella, or most other childhood diseases, but the globalists in France are ready to follow the lead of the psychopaths in America, Australia and other places to push the vaccine agenda. They are not slowing down their assault on Humanity.

Can you tell Macron has been promised the moon—or Jupiter—if he can pull this off? That dude is bad news and needs to go. Stand fast, citizens. ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for December 9, 2018: Seeing With New Eyes [videos] ~ December 9, 2018

The protests in France continue and escalate in violence IN PARIS itself. (More on that below) There are reports that 89,000 police have been brought in and many protestors have been bloodied and arrested. It’s clear from speaking with the French people that this is not about “the gas tax”. It’s much more.

The press is having a hard time covering the action in the vicinity of L’Arc de Triomphe and as you see near the end of this video, had to exit because without gas masks they couldn’t function. The police obligingly allowed them to exit the area cordoned off by barricades and officers in riot gear.

The situation puts the police in a tough position because they, too, are suffering from low wages and dismal prospects for their families but they have to do their job or they won’t have one. The problem with bringing in thousands of police from elsewhere is, you don’t know who (or what) they are. Are they sympathetic, or would they be only too happy to hurt the demonstrators and cause more violence as agents provocateurs?

The commentators below mention that this uprising could strengthen the support for Marine Le Pen in May when the next elections are slated, but there’s no telling what will happen between now and then. People speak of a guillotine and it’s getting a little like the original French Revolution with the Macron cabinet’s, “Let them eat cake” attitude all over again.

The French “aristocracy” is as out of touch now as they were then and you can only subjugate the peasants so long before they revolt. They’ve pushed them to the max, and this is what they get. The people have no recourse.

This is Paris itself, but NOT all of France.

What we are NOT seeing everywhere, including the alternative media, is footage of the French people shutting down the country by blocking roads. No violence, no storm troopers, no tear gas… just people either wearing yellow vests or displaying them in their windshields and the odd police car dispatched to keep an eye on things.

It’s extraordinary. You must watch this video and please share. Macron capitulated because of these tactics. This is how it’s done. When people unify and stand peacefully in solidarity for an important cause, they can effect change. In France, at least, it works.

French riots? Here’s the reality MSM will not show you… and there’s good reason.

It sounds as though the predicted “mini ice-age” has hit North America thanks to “weather wars”, and once again, here in Arizona we’re in our little bubble where we may as well be on another planet. Clear, calm, warm, blue skies. Freaky.

There are new earthquakes today off the coast of Vancouver Island near what we’re told may be an undersea base. Could be related… or not.

A friend sent this shot from Roanoke, Virginia. It’s snowing hard there today and predicted to continue Sunday night until midnight or so. How festive!

There was a lot of interest in the Bush funereal activities and the suggestions that the Q Patriots were “working the crowd” so to speak, and Bernie at Truth and Art TV discusses those possibilities. It sounds like some vloggers took a little creative license with some of the funeral footage but the real thing suggests there was definitely some “bad news” delivered to a few in the room via programs or notes inserted.

Was it connected to this bit of news?

CLINTON NIGHTMARE! Chief Financial Officer of Clinton Foundation Turns Government Informant on Crime Family

Bernie also points out that some reticent patriots who couldn’t accept that QAnon was linked to the President have now decided they can come to no other conclusion. There are no coincidences. It seems important to the Q team that as many patriots as possible are on board so they keep providing proof.

If you listened to Charles, the patriot from Canada who called Dave at Net4Truth and shared intel and perspectives on what is unfolding, you heard that President Trump is working the master plan; an all-encompassing master plan to educate America, mold and inspire the People to action. The plan isn’t about politics, it’s about a global take-down of evil, and those who can’t see that don’t understand The Plan or the massive scope of it.

Trump is not working alone, nor is it only about America. The United States is the last bastion of evil with the most players ensconced in the infrastructure so it will be the most difficult to deconstruct, but the agents of the New World Order are working in nearly every country. America will probably be the first domino to fall, but the rest of the world is paying attention. They are fed up and they’re rising together to show their controllers that they’re having none of it any more. The way this plays out globally will be historic.

IF America fell, as was planned, then there would be no hope for the rest of the world. That is why Trump was installed and his team and the global infrastructure officially launched The Plan to bring the cabal to its knees. They will put out disinformation, they will manipulate, they will do whatever is necessary to GET THIS DONE.

We’ve always been lied to, manipulated and fed disinformation as weapons for the benefit of the psychopaths running the world. This time, it is for our own good. People who have no clue what’s going on have to be herded like the cattle they are—for now. If we were all aware of the situation it would be so much easier, but we’re not. Like it or not, it has to be this way and if you’re awake and aware you needn’t feel the prod, just observe and be of assistance whenever and wherever you can.

When it’s all over but the shouting, we will mourn our dead, lick our wounds, and perform triage on the emotionally/spiritually devastated… and move forward.

In the end we will all be grateful, and in this case the end DOES justify the means.

Reviewing the Bush Funeral Oddities- Was this Normal?

I found this analysis very interesting, as well. If Bush has been gone for some time as some suggest, it allows us to view this as just a public sham and a ploy to delay the legal proceedings involving the cabal players Comey and Lynch, among others. The tears are all for show. Bad actors.

I believe President Trump may appear neutral or even weak, but he is confident in his ability to take these people out. He knows The Plan, and that it is fail-proof. He knows his presence is making these criminals very uncomfortable and inside, I believe he is enjoying it. I do feel for Melania, though. I don’t believe she derives any pleasure from this, but she stands by her man. The poker game analogy is a good one.

Bottom line, those who are viewing the current battle from the 3D perspective will fail to see the beauty and the wonder of it all. I maintain that Trump plays 5D chess—not 4D—because he has higher dimensional help. It’s beyond 3 or 4D. He may be “just a guy”, but he has the backing of Beings who are so highly evolved they are not physical. A lot of people are not aware of the reality of this situation and it’s unfortunate, but we need to come at this from a place we’ve never before considered. That’s my take on it from years of research as well as my inner guidance. We all see it our own way, and that can keep us apart and divide us, but we all get to choose due to our free will.

Body Language Analysis Donald Trump meets Obama & Hillary Clinton at Bush “Poker Game”

Bravo Von Muller
Published on Dec 6, 2018
Body Language analysis of Donald Trump meeting Obama and Hillary Clinton at the Bush Sr. going away party, High Stakes Poker Game where the Weak act Strong and the Strong act weak!

Retired Marine Steve Motley provides his knowledge of the truth about Bush and the Clinton/Obama criminal cabal. He says GHW Bush was executed on November 30th. It doesn’t really matter. He’s gone, and a big chunk of NWO power went with him, from the sound of it.

Steve says there WILL be martial law, so prepare, and possibly a blackout so have candles, flashlights, batteries, remain calm, and have some activities planned for when there is no social/independent media available. Heaven forbid people should have to make conversation.

He has a number of good contacts and is eager to share more intel. Paradise CA fire information is his next production. If you didn’t listen to David Wilcock’s take on that story, you might be interested to hear a new twist. The interview Jaime Lee did with the career microwave engineer was a real eye opener that brought gas into it as well as the smart meters, lasers, etc. That mass murder operation was planned to the maximum with no chance for failure.

Why is it so difficult to drain the swamp? It’s the vast, rogue infrastructure we’ve spoken of that just keeps chugging along with the momentum it gathered over decades. It’s a runaway train, actually, but will run out of fuel at some point.

I haven’t yet had a chance to listen to this next one from AIM4Truth but when these two get together, it’s always worth the time.  ~ BP