Headlines and Updates for January 29, 2020: Who Writes This Stuff? [videos] ~ January 29, 2020

Editor’s Note: Feel as if you’re in free fall yet? Don’t worry, that’s coming after even more travesty against humanity comes up to Light. In the meantime, please stay informed by reading/watching the daily news from Starship Earth, know the haos of change always reorders at a higher level, which is a great reason to BE…



The twists and turns in this thriller never fail to disappoint. Those of us in the know are on a helluva ride. In fact, we occupy a different reality from the rest of the world. We see it all through a different lens.3805

POTUS References George Washington and American Patriots Victory in Trenton, New Jersey (Q Proof)

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 28 Jan 2020 – 7:10:53 PM https://twitter.com/PatriotsDontSlp/status/1222337763984510977📁

There is a tremendous amount of activity in the news, but there is even more that we don’t see. Absolutely jaw-dropping stuff, if you look.

MSM not reporting this. It’s up to us. https://t.co/odYbm5nYVG

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) January 29, 2020

As QAnon indicated, the choice of the Wildwood, New Jersey rally venue was strategic and it was wild in that little town over the past few days. I mentioned the “Battle Creek” Michigan location earlier. Everything has meaning and the Patriots use the enemy’s own obsession with symbolism, numerology, etc. to taunt them and send cryptic messages in their silent war. Don’t discount it.

Democrat/independent candidates can’t fill a room, but President Trump gets record-breaking crowds that overflow stadiums. There were multiple Jumbotrons set up at Wildwood to accommodate all the supporters and we hear the energy was electric long before the President even arrived. The People have been activated.

The front person next to the boy doesn’t concern me.

Everyone knows who that is.

But who is the “lady” with the spray tan and wig????

Also what does “her” shirt say??? pic.twitter.com/G3R764JeV0

— jQnah (@JfkJuni0r) January 29, 2020

I see the headline that the witch feels the urge to compete against Trump. What a laugh. That beeyotch is afraid to walk down the street and can’t go anywhere without a security detail and Lexan.(her “replacement” that is. The real HRC is on “ice”, lol, as Gene tells us.

What this unreasonable facsimile says is she wants to “beat” Trump. I’m sure she does. But he’s protected, and as far as getting on the ticket for another laughable election… why are we even talking about it? She has some nice digs (for a criminal) at GTMO. Or is it GTMO II? Did I not say they should put all these sickos on an island where they can’t swim to escape? Would Greenland qualify?

Hopefully that facility where Gene reports she is, is under the ice. I guess they need the corpse to prove to the doubters what we have reported is true. I bet she’s a sight. Is she in true form? I’m sure they no longer have the holographic overlay when they’ve “left the building”. Forgive the crazy musings.

Hillary Clinton says she has ‘the urge’ to defeat Trump in 2020

Wildwoods Convention Center crowds, January 28, 2020

When 175,000 people register for a Trump rally in a little city in a historically Democrat state, there’s a shake-up. There’s no reason for NJ to be blue. To the dimms we say, “boo-hoo”, and one of Trump’s attorneys said just that in his senate arguments recently, didn’t he. Boo-hoo. And I had expressed that same sentiment a day or two prior in one of my posts.

As an aside, the Patriots use a lot of our lingo in their public addresses. Mike Pence has said in his speeches, “It’s on” and that we’re going to “get this done.” How many times have I used those very phrases? They are speaking the language of the people—not politicians. They need to set themselves apart from the deep state criminals in every way possible. Subconsciously the People will get it—right down to President Trump’s red, white and blue “uniform”.

Tunnel system beneath the surface of the Earth

I suggested the earthquake in the Caribbean might be related to tunnels/DUMBs and insider Gene C. confirmed that last night on the B2T show. He says the military special ops are still finding new DUMBs and clearing them as they go, so this is a massive project we hear is 66% complete. It seems like it’s two steps forward, one step back sometimes but they soldier on, if you’ll pardon the pun.

On Sunday, January 19 there was another earthquake in an odd place, not far from Kansas City, MO as discussed here recently and Gene includes Kansas on his “map” of dumb destruction so the tunnels do extend across the mid-west—and up into Canada. His list comprises many countries.

Yesterday afternoon I heard/felt odd rumblings but when I went outside there were no trucks, vehicles, people, or activity of any kind around and it makes me wonder if it’s from distant subterranean ops by the military. Gene also mentioned new activity at Sedona in this update.

When you see the massive list he compiled of the locations addressed thus far it is mind-blowing. Most people had no idea of the honeycomb of tunnels, caverns, and underground cities the dark ones have built over time all over the world. As Gene points out… we ask where do all the missing children go? The answer is “underground”.

It certainly might account for the eerie grinding, scraping, and shrieking sounds so many have recorded over the years that no one would address except the conspiracy theorists. It now appears it may have been due to the giant rock boring drills as the NWO expanded their tunnels.

They thought they were going to be successful in their plan to annihilate Humanity but gee, they were wrong, and along came Q to tell the Patriots all about  it. It’s such a relief not to have to bear the full burden of waking people up any more—particularly when they weren’t even listening. Miracles do happen. Every day.

Underground War Updates. New Q. B2T Show Jan 28 (IS)

In that update Gene stated that the death of Kobe Bryant was a sacrifice. Many aware people noted that it was the day of the Grammy Awards, Whitney Houston was sacrificed years ago, and there were others. These satanic coven people are sick and are slaves to their ritual dates and anniversaries. Gene also said there was a snake on the basketball court at Bryant’s last game. Like I said… “Who writes this stuff?” These psychos have to go.

M3thods on Twitter suggested that it was NOT the “state funeral” QAnon predicted, and that the Q team, by putting that post out there, preempted the dark’s plan to eliminate Jimmy Carter as a distraction/delay in the impeachment sham. The signs were there, as even I noticed an ad on Twitter saying “Mr. Peanut is dead”, or something to that effect prior to Q’s post.

It’s a very complex 5D chess game, is it not?

With respect to the novel coronavirus, of course it is a deep state hit on Humanity. Many pieces of advice have come out of the real news community, with some saying that in addition to nano silver, that hydrogen peroxide will take care of it, per Gene, and MMS. (Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement). Cirsten W listed goldenseal, osha root, oscillococcinum and sodium ascorbate (type of Vitamin C).

We have zero proof that these will have any effect on this new virus strain, but if you come down with sniffles, a cough, congestion, fever, etc. some or all of these might help. We’re apparently on our own to deal with this attempted “global pandemic”. I don’t believe they will be successful. Carry on, folks.

As many have pointed out, President Trump has only mentioned it twice in an off-hand way, flights are still incoming to the United States from China and it doesn’t seem to be treated as one would if we were expecting a global infection of millions of people.

We have no way of knowing if the statistics “they” are publishing anywhere are accurate. They can pull numbers out of the air. Ask the banksters.

Below is the video that Gene recommended from Amazing Polly from January 27th. Do not let fear and dread lodge their claws in your mind. Think logically, relax, and know that all is unfolding in our favour. Nothing is what it seems. Remain calm. That’s an order from Q.

QAnon has spent significant time and effort showing us that they know in advance what will happen. So…

We know they hate us. They’ve been trying to exterminate us like bugs for a long time. We’ve been telling people that on this blog for nearly eight years. We’re still here, and the only ones getting exterminated are the psychopaths. We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), and with any help at all, will still be here to transcend the evil we have been forced to endure for lifetimes because the Universe is on our side.

What part of “the best is yet to come” don’t we understand?

They Hate Us

Did Jordan Sather just out himself? He’s involved in a disinfo situation about the MMS solution for the coronavirus, which is NOT bleach. He’s been building a reputation as an “expert” and a “teacher” of… something… for a few years, and now when it’s crisis time for the cabal he is involved in a QAnon-related disinfo campaign? Why would Rolling Stone cover videos and Twitter posts from him, of all people? He’s no threat—except to the independent news community. Where did this come from? Will Jordan have to get a job if his YT channel is taken down? I’m sure RD Steele will help him out. He won’t get attacked by YT. He’ll just get a lot of publicity from people who don’t know any better.

They’re trying to get my YouTube Channels and social media accounts taken down. We are too threatening to their narratives – I’m in the crosshairs this week.https://t.co/cWVn90YtYv

— Jordan Sather (@Jordan_Sather_) January 29, 2020

Is this true? It’s possible, of course. We’ll see.

Buried By Media: Has Canada Played A MAJOR ROLE In “Corona Virus” Epidemic? | Cultural Action Party of Canada

At the rally last night President Trump said they were doing a lot of research and revamping of the vaccine industry. Coincidence?

At three months, I’d say there’s no urgency—except to turn down all vaccines until we get the nod from people we trust.

US Health Officials Fast-track Coronavirus Vaccine, Clinical Trials Begin Within 3 Months

I’m just going to leave this right here… pic.twitter.com/kOSCcr45U4

— M3thods (@M2Madness) January 29, 2020

Where did I see the video of John Bolton casually walking the streets of the Ukraine in just the last few days? That war hawk got a lot of money from the Ukraine.

He is a non-issue as far as the impeachment trial, and a traitor, along with “call me Lt. Colonel” Alexi Vindman and his traitorous twin. They love their titles, don’t they? Like it makes them superior. Too late. We saw his eyeball as published by Timothy Holmseth.

Congressman Doug Collins to join the senate? Let’s hope. Georgia needs some honest blood.

Of course the President will be acquitted. That’s what happens when there is no impeachable crime. As Pasquale Cipollone stated, “It’s time for this to end; here and now.”

Doug Collins announces bid for Georgia Senate seat

Do you believe Dianne Feinstein when she says her office received 30,000 letters telling them to remove President Trump? I don’t—unless they were surreptitiously-solicited responses like these. They probably printed out the form letters and mailed them to themselves. They will stop at nothing to manipulate the situation.

Busted: Democrats Caught Sending Out Cookie-Cutter Form Letters to US Senators to Astroturf Impeachment Support

Yes, the argument presented by Alan Dershowitz was exceptional. His name was also on a manifest for the Lolita Express to Epstein’s Little Saint James Island, was it not? Many were caught up in that sinister web that ensnared them in the most vile of conspiracies. If Dershowitz was involved in anything he now regrets, he may have been pleading his own case simultaneously, while he plead the President’s. Does he now have restitution?

Cruz praises Dershowitz’s ‘powerful and compelling’ argument

Check out this revealing podcast from Rudi Giuliani. Wow. He’s really delivering. See the website as the new podcasts come out.


Today Common Sense will release a bombshell medical report proving there was an attempt to murder the key witness in the Biden-Poroshenko double bribery case, Viktor Shokin.

Viktor was diagnosed by a world famous Austrian Doctor who confirms he was nearly killed.

— Rudy Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) January 29, 2020

It looks like they’re going after Sandy Hook investigator Wolfgang Halbig. He filed court cases and did lengthy investigations into this fake shooting event where not one child died according to a government official and after the weeks and months of evidence I saw, I would say that is the truth. It involved a troupe of (very bad) crisis actors and a lot of money.

We heard that everyone in that town got their mortgages paid off to shut up and not say a word to anyone about what went down. A woman from the UK contacted people in the US to say she discovered they used her daughter’s photograph as one of the victims. It was the shadiest, most outrageous hoax ever perpetrated where there were no deaths.

And now they’re trying to shut him up, after all this time? It’s very odd.

Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist arrested after being found with ID of victim’s parent

Imagine! Human trafficking in a CHURCH!  They know exactly where to look.

2 Arrested After FBI Raids Van Nuys Church in Human Trafficking Investigation

Here’s an update from And We Know on the latest developments.

AWK News 1.29.20: Those ([DS] players) who were once protected are no longer.

Juan O Savin did another interview with Spaceshot 76, thanks R.

Juan O Savin- Gen. Flynn from Benghazi to Burisma

That’s a full plate and I’m going to end this here.  ~ BP

LIVE: Yellow vests call for unauthorised protest in Bourges, France | RT [video] ~ January 12, 2019

Editor’s Note: And you thought that the global unrest is a rumor? Just because MSM does not cover events (they choose not to cover), doens’t mean they don’t happen! Thanks to Starship Earth for giving us live feed of a Yellow Vest protest in Bourges, France.

Please take quick look, know that global unrest under merciless rulers IS happening NOW, and be…



The Yellow Vests are holding an “unauthorized” protest in Bourges. What?! Gee, they have a lot of nerve holding an unauthorized protest.

What about all the “unauthorized” theft of the People’s money, the unauthorized taxes, the brutality of police, the crooked, pedophile politicians, the TYRANNY? All unauthorized.

There are a helluva lot of people there. We support you! Vive la France!

LIVE: Yellow vests call for unauthorised protest in Bourges (MUTED)

Headlines and Updates for January 11, 2019: Dangerous Times for Patriots [videos] ~ January 11, 2019

There is a tremendous amount of activity behind the scenes that cannot be revealed, but we can see that the NWO/deep state is targeting many people. They have no intention of capitulating. This war will go on till the bitter end.

Thomas Williams told us last night that time is on our side. The dark is on a time limit, but we have all the time we need. Not sure what that means.

So often I marvel that there can be a war raging in a country where at least half the population don’t even realize it. Will that change any time soon?

This is on media blackout in America so far…

Vaccine shot killed famed cancer doctor in mere minutes from “total organ failure” … state-run media desperately tries to cover it up

X22 Reports for yesterday, January 10, 2019


New QAnon today…

The short one…


Here’s another…

Next Supreme Court Nomination to be a Woman? The Senate Confirms SC Nominations

Coming on Saturday January 12… the Yellow Vests will hit the banksters where it hurts and plan a run on the banks. That might not go over well because there is little money in most banks as the Rothschilds are bankrupt and they would not be able to let everyone withdraw their cash at once. What would happen if all the banks closed and ATMs didn’t work? Riots? Violence? Looting? The Gilets Jaunes may not be violent, but others might be. I wish them luck.

I’m sure Ron DeSantis isn’t the most popular guy in Florida after removing Sheriff Scott Israel as a result of his failure to respond adequately at the false flag event at the Parkland school. Chris reports in the video below that there are a number of angles to this story and we’re waiting to hear the true details.

Read it here…

Florida Governor’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing in St. Petersburg

Remember Reddit’s Aaron Swartz, who died under mysterious circumstances… officially reported as suicide? What are the chances his partner would die 5 years later when he was also suicided? Two guys who work together to secure free speech on the Internet both hanged?  There are no coincidences.

Read the story at Brasscheck TV and watch the video

On this day in 2013, the news reported that Aaron Swartz committed suicide.

Bulletin: Nearly five years to the day of Swartz’s “suicide”, we are being told that his partner in programming James Dolan has “committed suicide” too.

James was an ex-Marine and computer security expert who was part of a three-man team with Swartz on the development of SecureDrop, an open source whistleblower submission system.

A statement from the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

“(James) poured his heart and soul into the work, traveling to newsrooms around North America to teach IT staffs and journalists in person how to install and use SecureDrop.

It is impossible to overstate how fundamentally important James Dolan was to the development of both Freedom of the Press Foundation and SecureDrop.”

The odds of two healthy young men who worked on a three-man team on a project of this nature both committing suicide are literally astronomical.

The mainstream news media has completely ignored this man’s death and no one has stepped forward with details that support the claim that his death was a suicide.

Reddit co-founder and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz helped stop Congressional criminals from banning free speech on the Internet.

In retaliation, the government put charges on him for a trivial offense that would have put him in jail for 35 years.

Reportedly he hanged himself.

I note that the last person of his stature to die by hanging in New York City was Mark Lombardi, the artist who made intricate diagrams of the connections between the Bush and Bin Laden families and got them shown in the Guggenheim museum.

To me, it’s just as likely that there is an assassin based in NYC who is skilled at staging murders to look like suicide by hanging as it is that these two potent political figures hanged themselves.

This is an interesting update from Evolutionary Energy Arts for a number of reasons. So many vloggers are reporting that their videos are being seriously messed with. The skies continue to display interesting phenomena.

Headlines and Updates for January 7, 2018: WWG1WGA [videos] ~ January 7, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends at loooong last we are starting to the reality of the Earth’s situation. Evil is everywhere in our society, but is successfully being countered by strong leaders for the good, i.e. Trump, American military intelligence and “Q” (let’s throw Putin in there as well).

MSM won’t tell us about the global conflict between good and evil, so the Alt Media (including reports by Starship Earth) are the best solution to finding out “what’s goin on” in today’s world.

For those of us who realize this is indeed a spiritual journey, the events we are witnessing now is the culmination of years of spiritual work that each has performed on themselves…understanding the internal work that, in fact, changes the outer world. All I can say to the home team is…keep it up, it’s happening!

Please read this report, understand the true value of events now taking place, understand that all is NOT what it seems, know our future here on Earth to be glorious, and be…



When you think about it, no truer words were ever spoken. Where We Go One, We Go All.

We are all, every Being, every soul, every life form on this planet, on quite a ride—together.

Whether we like each other or not; whether we are even aware of the other’s presence, we are all in this together and everything that happens affects us all in one way or another.

Indeed, even our thoughts affect the rest. The global reckoning underway is historic, gargantuan, brave, and inspiring. To fail to recognize it for what it is, is to miss the most significant societal shift in basically forever.

It’s more than an evolution of consciousness. What we are witnessing is the Lord of the Rings, The Game of Thrones, Avatar, and countless other sagas all rolled into one bigger-than-life reality.

Yes, there are casualties, as we knew there would be. We had to do this, before it was too late. It had already begun to get very ugly and we were at the tipping point.

We are fortunate to have the most brilliant, intrepid champions at the helm of our planet as we careen through space on a trajectory for Freedom. At times it’s difficult to recognize what is unfolding in the hall of mirrors, but the Universe supports us in our quest.

Negative timelines melted away, so it seems, but much work was done to make it possible. When the truth is known about our journey it will bring many a tear to many an eye; even the most stoic.

It is an epic tale, albeit difficult to believe in a conquered mind, but the Truth will come if we stay the course and heed our soul purpose. There are untold celebrations ahead, and many already in progress in realms where it is all a done deal.

We have much to be thankful for, and must remain positive no matter how things appear. It’s all for us. Don’t allow your Light to waver, lest it darken the path for others. Stay strong and stay the course.

There are many whose lives are on the line every day to orchestrate this liberation while keeping the majority of the population safe. A dose of healthy skepticism is good, but we disrespect them with our unfounded doubts.  ~ BP

As QAnon has illustrated, the drama hasn’t been about funding the wall. The wall has been paid for a dozen times over in many ways. Funding will not be an issue for any project in the future. A shortage of funds was always due to the pilfering of taxpayer money by the cabal.

The painful theatrics were really about exposing the opposition for what they are. Is it clear now? Is it clear who is protecting and defending America and Americans and who is intent on their destruction—as they planned all along?

I think we will see The Plan unfolding as intended as the days and weeks progress; and a brilliant plan it is. I never thought the government shutdown a negative thing, and I suspect we will learn why it was a necessary step. I think we’re nearly there, in fact.

The President warned the dimms about the consequences of their stonewalling and yet they walked right into the trap.

Most of us are aware how we have been manipulated by the dark ones because they studied Human behaviour and knew how to back-engineer our thought processes to create the circumstances necessary to elicit the responses they desired in any given situation. The Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, reaction, solution.

Take that ability to engineer a plan and manipulate the most base desires of the dark to the Nth degree and you will see a plan that will rip them apart and trap them in their own web of deceit. That is what we are witnessing, and it’s exquisite. The best part: THEY think they’re winning!

Clearly, it’s not enough to tell Americans the dims are the enemy. That is impossible with the dark in control of the treasonous mass media. The White Hats have to show them in no uncertain terms while arming them with the facts that open borders mean suffering and certain death to America. We know what has happened in other countries with mass migration, but the majority of Americans do not. It’s show and tell time, my friends.

Big Wall News the Media Won’t Report

Trump is, I believe, PREPARING us for the possible declaration of a National Emergency, which does open the door for martial law. It’s not a given, but since the term has been bandied about for a few weeks, we’ve been primed.

When we already know there are 15,000 more southern migrants enroute to America’s southern border, it sounds like a good thing to me to have a military presence at the border, whether under the pretense of building the wall, or otherwise.

There are those already saying a state of emergency has been declared. I have not seen evidence of that as of this writing. Stay calm and don’t fall for clickbait.

However, when Trump says he has the power to do something, is considering it, and is prepared to do it—he probably will. He’s just giving us a heads up so we can get used to the idea. We’re being coaxed, coddled and cajoled the entire way to freedom.

Sun. Nite Report/Trump/Ready for Nat. Emergency!

This just in… from RT

National emergency coming? Trump announces border trip amid talk of using authority to build wall

Simon Parkes brought us a good update on a number of current items on his show this past weekend.

The information war rages and the note-passing at the GHW funeral is still in play, it seems, begging vetting. See the David Zublick video below for more details on the George Bush Jr. story.

He provides more information on a massive V or boomerang-shaped craft that destroyed power lines in New York, so you see, there is evidence that many people made calls to police about aliens. Simon explains this attack by the “SSp” Nazi space program and the retaliatory post by Strategic Air Command. Fascinating stuff. Tennis, Simon calls it. Posturing in a testosterone-laden threat to the Alliance who are intent on moving us forward and edging out the control of the NWO.

Simon has a reading on the martial law possibility, as well. That’s a game of ping-pong, lol between the two factions vying for control.

2019 01 06 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

Italy is really getting it together and outwardly siding with the People—even the French. Macron is virtually toast.

‘President against his people’: Salvini openly backs Yellow Vest protesters, lashing out at Macron

The plot twists around Mattis, Kelly and Session are revealed, along with confirmation the Military Tribunals began on January 2, as well as details about the trials. Can anyone fail to see how we cannot judge what we see, and that “future proves past”? Very little is what it seems.

Also revealed is that a mysterious notebook has surfaced with devastating information—of which QAnon is aware—involving Human trafficking evidence and proof.

Again, we’re told we will soon be under martial law—and please don’t jump to conclusions about what that will mean. Only the cabal traitors need to have knees knocking over that situation. The rest of us should be celebrating that someone is finally doing something to end the global domination and tyranny of the New World Order.

Don’t miss this one. It’s loaded with intel.

Found Notebook Key Evidence In Military Tribunals

The pieces are gradually falling into place, but more rapidly now.

World Bank President Unexpectedly Resigns

This will do for now… lots more to come as planetary liberation activities increase.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for December 31, 2018: Get Down & Dirty Time [videos] ~ December 312, 2018

The fireworks started early this New Years’ and it’s Day 9 of QAnon’s “10 days of darkness”.

A contact of mine revealed that there is some scuttlebutt that an indictment involving Hillary Clinton may have been unsealed on Friday night in New York, December 27, and that it might have generated a fit of pique that led to the event in Queens. The general consensus seems to be that the electrical fireworks were not simply caused by a solar storm or a transformer explosion. That is just the feeling many people have from the educated guesses and visuals available—under the current circumstances. Maybe our intuition serves us well.

The psychopaths have frequently attacked in various ways to express their displeasure over White Hat actions or as a rap on the knuckles in warning to stop what they were doing. It’s well understood this is how they work. Ask Seth Rich.

They also love to distract us from the important things going on with violent, shock-and-awe events.

We might consider the fact that even Simon Parkes shared the Walton video from Kenner, LA which suggests it was a very large craft over the city. It seemed far too violent for it to be blown transformers and some folks believe it was not a solar storm that caused it. Was it also related to indictments and/or arrests? Perhaps. Eventually we will find out more. James Munder did a slo-mo of the Kenner footage if you want a closer look.

If you scroll down below, we have a terrific analysis and perspective on these events you may want to take in if you wish to get to the bottom of it. Mr. Cati doesn’t do this using his coding and I think you’ll find it very compelling.

We also have footage of what is said to be craft shooting down rockets in Gaza in November. There is a major effort to stop the psychopaths from harming civilians and doing more damage when what WE want is peace.

They can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle. Earthlings have to understand that we have our own UFOs. Very few of them seen in our skies belong to extraterrestrials.

In that same vein, I have to say if you haven’t listened to the call archived by Thomas Williams from two years ago where 3 facilitators/translators enabled us to ask questions and get answers directly from the off-world Universal Protection Unit, it’s probably the most ground-breaking discussion ever. It blew my mind when it happened live and it blew my mind all over again last night when I listened again.

I find it very interesting, but not surprising, that it was all females doing this communication work. K, M, and A did a fantastic job; K being Kim-possible, or “Miss Manna”, the trustee for the Manna World Holding Trust, and M being the “Ms M” or Meghan who has been involved in the disclosure presentations alongside “M” in the series Tolec brought us.

Listening to the history of our current plight and the amount of thought and preparation that must go into resolving the issues to free us all will give listeners an idea of why it is taking so long. It’s a don’t miss event, in my opinion and I thank Thomas, Kim, M, A, and the Council for giving us this rare glimpse into our true reality. It changes everything. I hope we can witness this kind of scenario again soon.

I thought it interesting that some Yellow Vests in Paris sent a message to the lying, treasonous media. The media seems to be minimizing the scale and activity of the Gilets Jaunes protests in France. They are extremely widespread, but you can’t expect them to be as active right at Christmas.

Yellow vest protesters target French media as movement ebbs

If you can handle an abrupt change of topic, another bit of “rumour” I received that resonates is that there will be no formal announcement that the Federal Reserve was shut down or that the IRS is defunct—if they indeed are.

The President and White Hats don’t need any excuses at this point to cause a ruckus or ignite violence in the deep state/media/snowflake community so it has been suggested that without fanfare, it’s doubtful either entity will reopen. One individual, for example, had an appointment with the IRS on December 26 but when they arrived the office was closed. Perhaps that is confirmation. There was another subtle hint as well, but time will tell.

David Knight of InfoWars has suffered a severe heart attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with David, his friends and family. We hope his surgery went well today and wish him a speedy recovery.

Man claiming to have bomb prompts evacuation at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Holland’s Amsterdam Airport Terminal 3 Evacuated

In this latest interview, as well as sharing the latest intel and the possible meaning of recent events, Sean and Dr. Janda both tell us the outrageous lengths the deep state have gone to in their war against truth and truthers. They have struck down more good quality ‘Tubers and make it difficult to make a living. Sorry, guys. We appreciate your efforts. Dr. Janda made a scathing reply to one of John Brennan’s treasonous tweets. Why isn’t he at GTMO?????  Perhaps by now he is.

Justice is Coming, #GITMO Style — Dr. Dave Janda

Fed Exposed On Crypto & Why It Will Be Taken Down – Episode 1754a

The 1st Alarm Bell, This Will Kick Off Everything – Episode 1754b

The Kenner Louisiana / NYC Transformers Background – Discussion

This is the above-referenced report on the NYC/Kenner electrical anomalies which is very broad and involves a lot of science and past events. Mr. Cati says he is still leaving a lot out, but it’s a good start.

He barely mentions his usual specialty “coding” in this analysis but he does talk about a lot of other related issues. It might sound a little “out there” to some, but that’s where the truth is, we have learned over time. I thought it was a great presentation and very logical. Timing is everything.

Many of us could have divergent conversations about some of what he brings to the table, but for greenhorn truthers it might be new—and it’s complicated.

If you don’t have anything going on tonight and want to listen to some patriot chatter and feedback about what’s been happening and what we can expect in 2019 you might want to be a fly on the wall in this 24/7 chat/live call in show. It’s nice to be in the company of like-minded people.

Happy New Year, everyone. This show is on the road now and there’s a lot of interesting scenery coming up on our journey next year.

It’s raining here, snowing in some parts of the valley, and we finally broke down and turned the heat on. We’re expecting freezing temps tonight, and snow on the mountains in the morning; perfect for hubby’s annual “polar bear plunge”. Once a Canadian, always a Canadian.  ~ BP