Headlines and Updates for June 23, 2019: Momentum is Picking UP [videos] ~ June 23, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oh yeah…the evolution of consciousness (which is spiritually driven) is affecting societies across the globe! Folks…wherever they are…are tired of the same ‘ole BS handed out by clown-driven interests. Now you know why so many are actually following the cosmic energies Earth is receiving!

The Dark and in the process of goin’ down, and goin’ down HARD! Many thanks to intrepid Starship Earth of the Alt. Media for keeping us aware and informed. Stay tuned for July 4…it’s gonna be a BIGie, BEcome aware of your heart, and be…



Whether it’s the flow of information, energies, or the activity of The People, it’s amping up.

The unrest continues; this time in the Czech Republic.

LIVE: Thousands gather in Prague to demand PM Babis’s resignation MUTED

And Russia…

Tbilisi: Demonstrators protest against Georgian govt for second day in a row

Anti-Russia protesters met with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon in Georgia – video

What’s going on here? Thanks, L.

Not good news to wake up to this morning; an accident involving marines on motorcycles and a flatbed trailer in New Hampshire.

NH Motorcycle Accident Kills Marines, No Cause Of Crash Yet

Drip, drip, drip…

BREAKING: FBI Was Giving Different Intelligence Briefings to Candidate Trump than to Candidate Clinton (VIDEO)

Don Jr. dodged the question when asked if he would consider running for office. He didn’t want to lie, so he skirted the issue, then revisited when Watters pressed him a little. Seems like the writing is on the wall.

His father repeatedly denied he would want to run for office—and probably didn’t really want to—but it was precisely what he had entertained doing. You have to manage the enemy. Disinformation is necessary.

I really hope the Trump family isn’t the new Kennedy family in the sense that they might have multiple members in office and are constant targets. We’re so done with the evil.

Donald Trump Jr. says 2020 rivals can’t compare to Trump’s appeal

Agreed. Too far ahead to worry about or make commitments.

Pence responds to Trump 2024 endorsement

Judicial Watch has been instrumental in obtaining key evidence through their endless FOIA requests. They are using the Freedom of Information Act to the max but are still thwarted and stonewalled as the files are often slow-walked by the SES deep state players.

Fitton: We now have proof the ‘mainstream media’ was working with the Obama deep state… | The National Sentinel

(BTW, the light looks like a sun simulator)

A slippery slope, indeed. Who needs ethics when significant amounts of money are involved? This is wrong on so many levels and further emphasizes the fact that Humans are looked upon as a piece of meat; a commodity. Doesn’t anyone think or question any more? We are losing our Humanity. The medical industrial complex is almost beyond salvation.

Following in the footsteps of communist China, CANADA begins harvesting organs from euthanized humans

Alex Schadenberg of Canada’s Euthansia Prevention Coalition believes that accepting organs from euthanasia victims will indeed lead to death by organ donation.

…you’re still alive, conscious and aware for several minutes after your heart stops beating. Just because the heart stops doesn’t instantly disconnect the activity of the brain.

“This means you are essentially ‘trapped’ inside your dead body with your brain still working,” reports Fox News. If you’re an organ donor, that’s the moment in which doctors slice into your body without using anesthesia (since they assume you’re dead) and start rapidly harvesting your organs. You feel every bit of it, but you’re trapped inside your body and can’t move or even scream.

Harvesting Can Be Lucrative: China (TRUreporting)

Interesting update from AIM4Truth. Thanks, R.

It’s time Zuckerberg (with a silent “F”, as Thomas Williams says) was exposed for the sham he is. It’s time for Fakebook to go down. Today or tomorrow would be great.

Read more here.

Facebook Insider CONFESSES ALL

Greg Hunter has a fantastic discussion with former CIA intelligence/LEO officer Kevin Shipp in this update.

He has an interesting and strong opinion about a recent Dave Janda exposé involving Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe. He also says the “Hammer” story is a fraud and so is Dennis Montgomery.

Kevin Shipp – Trump Dossier Covered-Up Illegal NSA Surveillance

The end—but more posts to come… soon.  ~ BP

Late Headlines and Updates for December 7, 2018: Cats and Rats [videos] ~ December 6, 2018

Let the nail-biting commence. Trump is pushing the declassification of the FISA documents to the lethal limit—for maximum effect, I’m sure. Nobody’s rushin’.

And if we’re feeling the pressure and angst, imagine how the treasonous criminals feel. The story unfolds in scads of mixed metaphors.

From one day to the next they don’t know what’s coming, and all they can do is dream up lame excuses for delays. Pitiful, isn’t it? They are like the worm on the hook, skewered and squirming helplessly, all the while attracting the attention of the hungry fish ready to move in for the big swallow. Gulp! Gotcha, you bastards.

Trump and Q are taunting them and the game of one-upmanship moves ever nearer game-set-match.

The only question now is, what will the psychopaths attempt to unleash in a last ditch effort to lash out and threaten the Patriots? The threadbare pages of their playbook are scattered to the winds of change and they frantically try to snatch one here, another there, and pull together a plan. They know we’re watching. Like a cat watches a rat-hole—ever vigilant.

The Great Awakening is unfolding before our very eyes as Humanity unites against the globalists.

As we hold our collective breath, we need some major distractions or we’ll go quite mad.

Check in with Thomas Williams on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show tonight 7:30 EST, 4:30 Pacific for news analyses, op-eds and the latest intel about the exciting situations on our planet now.

You can also listen live here.

Here’s one topic the control freaks on our planet do NOT want getting out. Perhaps not what you thought.

Space Force, the Final Frontier of Destroying the Deep State

The evidence of coverups of bases on Mars pale in comparison to the evidence of bases and space craft on Earth. Antarctica is a hotbed of new discoveries of bases, pyramids, crashed ships, lush life and greenery, warm lakes and perhaps even creatures. Check out these highlights from Third Phase of Moon.

Further research on Antarctica follows. To some folks this is going to sound really out there, but we’re being prepared for big news. When the deep state/control freaks are removed, we will learn just how much of reality was kept from us as a race. Everything about our world is fake, and the truth will be shocking to most of Humanity who have not been paying attention; who never questioned; who snickered and considered everything not on the 6:00 news just fantasy, and space movies pure entertainment.

The following footage may reflect the weaponry involved in the DEW fires Ben Fulford tells us were burning down under in Australia. What a coincidence they got an EAS cellular alert in Oz just prior. A family member of mine confirmed they got one in Calgary, Alberta, too. We’re all on high alert.

There are some odd reports coming out of the Sea of Japan about—you guessed it—Russia! and the US butting heads and planes running into each other. Crazy stuff. We never know any more what’s real and what isn’t. There is one thing I am confident of, and that is that Russia is not going to start WWIII. No WWIII. No way. No how. Somehow, it will be averted.


Perhaps some of the false flag events we expected…

Car bomb attack leaves 4 dead and many injured in Iran

It sounds like the psychos are trying to wind up the Patriots just as Trump is cranking up the deep state. If we are prepared, that’s all we can do. We’ll pull through; we always do. I love candlelight.

To finish on a light note and coax a few giggles… It’s the Most Wonderful Time in Eight Years—a flashback from 2016. Merry Christmas, everyone. Merry Christmas. Not “Happy Holidays” or “Have a pleasant Festive Season”. Merry Christmas. And Happy Hannukah. Hopefully I don’t come back between now and the end of the year saying, “Merry friggin’ Christmas.”  ~ BP

X22 Reports for December 6, 2018, financial and geopolitical.  ~ BP

The Central Banks Economic Illusion Is Now Being Exposed For All To See – Episode 1734a

Patriots Are In Control,The DS Was Just Out Maneuvered,The Great Awakening Is Here – Episode 1734b

Headlines and Updates for June 25, 2018; Earth and Her People are Coming Alive & Acting Out [videos] ~ June 25, 2018

Another great post from Starship Earth offering a smattering of reports showing the Great Awakening is in indeed….great!

Please read this post, view the vids, and understand why this will not go on much longer, and…



It seems the Irish are definitely awake. They held protests in Dublin for Hitlary’s speaking engagement, told her to go home and reminded her of Benghazi and the burgeoning body count. Love it!


Mr. MBB shows us a very curious seismic signature at Yellowstone Lake. He explains the graphs showing normal activity, making it clear why this one is so notable.

My favourite Canadian “Earth guy” Mike shows us breathtaking footage of the unbelievable speed of the rivers of lava released by Kilauea, and updates us on unusual global weather systems.

There has been another “military training exercize” death. Forgive us for raising an eyebrow over that news after several have been involved in specific sensitive missions that perhaps knew too much, including several Navy SEALS.

Here’s a rather amusing account of another space oddity they can’t explain.

Massive Explosion of Unknown Origin Rips Through Neighboring Galaxy at ‘Incredible Speed’

This update from Evolutionary Energy Arts for June 24th touched on some of the devastation across the planet from so much water falling and other events; more fires in Northern California, out of control and forced evacuations; lightning strikes have a rare intensity and no one seems in a position to say the current chaos is natural, unnatural, man-made, due to climate change, mysterious celestial bodies in close proximity, the grand solar minimum, or the unusual planetary alignment Earth is entering with all the other planets in our solar system beginning July 19. Perhaps it’s all of the above.

*Apocalyptic Storms*Flash Floods Greece-Sardinia-Rockford Illinois*Red Tide Florida*

And a NXIVM update on the pedophilia and sex trafficking cult. Dare we hope?


For those catching up on Pizzagate/Pedogate, Ben Swann does a credible recap for us. He was just breaking information like this when he suddenly disappeared, told us he’s okay, asked us to trust him, and then came back fairly recently to pick up where he left off.

The behaviour of some Humans is just plain embarrassing. Or are they even Human? Perhaps not. It’s hard to believe people let politics control their emotions to this degree and drive them to attack others.

This article is in followup to the reports that President Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her husband were driven from the Red Hen restaurant by the owner, who then called other “leftists” to gather there and continued to make the situation worse for the couple who went across the street to dine.

Whatever they’re paying Sarah, it’s not enough. I’ve not seen a better press secretary.

Red Hen Owner STALKED the Sanders Family, Screaming, Yelling

Ah… This next headline might shine a ray of Light on the subject. We just can’t get away from them, can we?

The Red Hen restaurant fiasco is getting deeper; child sex offender


CERN Suffers MASSIVE Explosion ~ March 7, 2018

Yippee! It seems the super hadron collider built in Switzerland has been extensively damaged in at attempt by the powers that were to increase the power of this device. This was brought to my attention by Starship Earth, and like Molly, I’ve wondered why this device of power used by evil has not been taken out by Light Forces.

But, hey! Perhaps they knew they wouldn’t have to as the evil machinations by the El-ite using this device to escape Earth (ain’t no other way!) would ultimately fail. The failure of CERN is one evil manipulation down, many more to go.

So…please read this article, know that Truth and Light ALWAYS win, and…


Last Tuesday, an experiment gone awry killed three scientists and caused catastrophic damage to the planet’s largest super-collider, known as project CERN, a nefarious coalition of politically controlled scientists eager to subvert scientific achievements in the name of furthering ominous ventures that threaten humanity.

Dr. Ravi Mutnaj, a New Delhi based physicist formerly attached to CERN, said the incident occurred when scientists tried to enhance the collider’s magnetic coils by adding an additional eighteen hundred super magnets to the existing ninety-six hundred. The combined pull of the magnets, in conjunction with nine thousand filaments of magnetized cable, generate a force over 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of Earth. Dr. Mutnaj said the accident occurred as the scientists attempted to create an interdiminsial gateway—or portal—to a parallel universe.  As protons fired across a seventeen-mile circular track six hundred feet beneath the ground, he said, temperatures rose to unprecedented levels, which caused a cascading system failure and a detonation that instantly obliterated a five mile stretch of the track and incinerated the trio of scientists working on the project.

“There was massive damage to the hadron collider,” Dr. Mutnaj said. “For now, CERN is effectively shut down. From what I hear, it will take at least seven months to repair the damaged section. These people are devious and despite the loss of life, humanity is better off with CERN offline. To create their portal, they wanted to accelerate and collide three beams of ions.”

The portal, he added, opened shortly before temperatures approaching 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit vaporized the scientists and part of the facility. The masterminds behind CERN believe portals are necessary in case Earth becomes uninhabitable; the gateways would provide a means of egress—and escape route—to a parallel world free of disease, famine, and suffering. But previous attempts to open portals, Dr. Mutnaj said, had the opposite effect—manifesting entry points to worlds filled with nightmash creatures or producing artificial singularities that could potentially annihilate life on Earth.

“It’s all about power. They felt by increasing the collider’s power they’d have a better chance of attenuating the opening to a desirable location. It backfired. They claim they’re doing this to save humanity but they are interested only in saving themselves and the elite. Even if they achieved their goal, average everyday people would not be welcome in whatever inhabitable world they discover. This setback gives us more time to find a way to counter their devious plans. I’m happy the explosion happened.”

Asked why the mammoth explosion did not generate an earthquake detectable on the Richter scale, Dr. Mutnaj said collider is encased in an underground bunker with fifteen-foot thick concrete walls on all sides. This safety measure ensures radiation remains contained in the enclosure and that mishaps cannot be detected by the outside world.

In closing, Dr. Mutnaj encourages citizens to petition French and Swiss governments to terminate the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s lease. Besides creating Portals, CERN has also engaged in other fiendish programs, such as tapping into dark matter and creating the God particle, any one of which could snuff out life in the blink of an eye.