Calling the Angelic Tribe of 144,000 ~ April 1, 2020

By Grace Solaris

In past civilizations before the Fall of grace the beings that inhabited this planet could live several hundred years up to 5-600 years in the same body and was able to renew it thru pranic plasma transfigurations of their body at will, if a purpose to stay longer in the same body demanded it. Thus this early aging and degeneration of the human body, that we have been constricted to the last thousands of years is not naturel, but was caused due to a tampering of many aspects of our dna thru interferance from various dark entities, that have been in controle of this planet thru thousands of years, however they are currently being taken over and removed from positions of power. Throughout human evolution a degradation (amputation) of the human dna took place as huge parts (the socalled junk dna) was “shut down” and essential parts of our dna was extracted,

The Arcturians have shown me and given me pieces of information about our original dna during the last few years, that showed, that our original dna genome (stemcells) have self-repairing, self healing properties similar to what you see with some lizards, that can regrow their tail. Science is starting to catch up having results in doing so thru for example growing teeth thru growing stemcells. The 3rd helix is a single strand self-repair modality, which is part of the ORIGINAL angelic tripple helix dna, a self healing helix, which is part of our original angelic blueprint and a missing link Rna. They told me that there are a few species, that still have residues of the 3rd helix in their dna, namely the lizard. The green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis), when caught by a predator, can lose its tail and then grow it back. It takes lizards apx. 60 days to regenerate a functional tail.

And in similar ways our body in its original dna is able to self repair and heal and rejuvenate itself. In this month´s global group activation, set for the epic liberation 4-4-4 gateway, we will receive a download of the original immaculate stemcell angelic code blueprint, which origins from the Lyran star lineage, it has been noted also by renowned spiritually awakened scientists such as Drunvalo Melchizedek, that humans have angelic dna. What we will also receive to reinstore and activate this self repair/healing modality in our dna is a reboot of the Rna. The Rna is the messengers, that brings information from our brain to the cells… The main function of Rna is to carry information of amino acid sequence from the genes to where proteins are assembled on ribosomes in the cytoplasm within the core of our cells. But because of the distortion program the Rna in our cells have opereated as false flag messengers to weaken our immune system and the naturel dna cell regeneration and rejuvenation programming.

This reboot is serving to activate the naturel rejuvenation and repair programming in our cells, so that we have long and healthy lives without disease and terminal illnesses, that causes premature deaths and will indeed also allow full access to our avatar majesty wisdom codes. Needless to say it will also be a massiv boost and activation to our natural immune system.

In the original stage as a humanoid race, where we were still holding mainly angelic dna, we did not have the same blood as today. Thru tampering with our dna by reptilian beings, we were set up for a predator/victim matrix and programmed to survival mode (us versus them), the duality based fear death powerty programming and our blood was changed in its compound and vibration and turned to “red” (red is the first chakra, root chakra, which is all about survival, this was done for harvesting purpose to feed them, as it is their life elexier. Our original blood was crystaline plasma, rather like liquid light white/blueish (electric blue) in colour, that held the vibration of cosmic christ ~ unity conscousness. It served the purpose of maintaining a high vibration and nurturing our body with galactic rejuvenating plasma, hence we were able to live in the same physical vessels for hundreds of years, there are even accounts of up to a thousand years… like Thoth, who was the spiritual leader of Atlantis before he exiled and build a new civilization in ancient Egypt.
In this transmission we will also receive a transfiguration of our blood, it will be initiated into a transmution, that will start a gradual alchemization of our blood back to its original galactic plasma origin, as this is contained within the original stemcell genome. This will be done in the pace and timing, that our cells, that are currently undergoing a reconstructuring from carbon to silicon based compound will be compatible with in vibration and able to “hold”, so this is nothing that happens overnight but in divine timing.

This activation and transfiguration is a massive evolutionary step for the humanoid race to return to and reclaim their original angelic stemcell genotype blueprinting, a reclaiming of divine balance, health and eternal life.

Needless to say ALL will receive all of this in divine timing, however the Arcturians as well as the Elohim are here to support the forerunners and pioneers of light, that are here to upgrade and activate these things within self to support the Collective in a total flip-over to reinstore our divine blueprint avatar majesty and reclaim our seat in the galactic high councils and become ETERNAL.

If you feel ready to take this epic quantum leap and shift into galactic angelic unity consciousness, please follow the instructions in the link to sign up. This is a quantum leap into the golden age, which will leave all polarity behind once and for all.

Feel welcome to this revolutionary groundbraking transmission in the powerful 04-04-04 portal on April the 4th 2020 with the Elohim and the Arcturians, which contains of a debug and clearing of our dna to clear the death program in our dna, that have held humanity in the loop of degrading, aging and finally die in a very short timespan. Time to liberate your self, you are your own saviour. By stepping forward as sovereigns to reclaim our angelic inheritance, you become your own saviour and this is a profound step into divine immunity and divine innoncence. No one is forsaken, but it is for each and all to claim your seat in the angelic chariot of light. You are awaited.

Please sign up here:

Grace Solaris


X22 Geopolitical and Financial Reports for January 2, 2019 [videos] ~ January 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is the real news that you will NOT hear on MSM, so watch these videos, prepare accordingly,shouldn’t be too bad, really as light forces have the change all worked out, and be…



The Central Banks Exposed, Growth Slowing, Global Economic Disaster – Episode 1755a

It’s Just Getting Started, Enjoy The Ride – Episode 1755b

Odd Signs of “Something”: Are We On the Brink? [videos] ~December 28, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yes, Yes, Yes!! Let us bring this American revolution, taking place without a single official weapon is sight, to it’s conclusion. Things have seemed quiet, but this is because all of the important action is taking place behind the scenes. We won’t know about the “major” arrests until after they have happened. The dark, located all over the globe, are on their way OUT of our lives…we, the 99%!

So…please read this report, do your own research about the matter as it unfolds, and be…



Folks are on a hair trigger and getting spooked due to reports of odd things unfolding… like the sky looking a little green or blue and flashing—at night in New York. That was explained, except for the root cause.

There was a brief electrical fire at our substation in Astoria which involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area. We’re currently investigating the cause of the incident. AQ

There are also some saying portions of the country are witnessing ATMs down, 911 lines are down, etc. See the first video, below, ignoring the grim aspects. ATMs have been reported out of commission many times before in isolated sections of the country.

Many believe the financial reset (not RV) will take place this weekend, meaning all banks will close, ATMs will not function, all stores will be closed because their cash registers/POS are connected to the banking system, gas pumps won’t work, etc. Despite any minor inconvenience, it’s a GOOD thing if the Reset occurs.

Anything’s possible, and I hope everyone has prepared.

Get cash out of the bank to last a couple of weeks in case you DO need anything, fill your gas tank(s), and just in case of any retaliatory acts by the cabal, make sure you have flashlights, candles, pretend you’re going camping and can cook simple meals. Then you’ve got it covered. The entire country will not be plunged into darkness due to a national power outage, we have been told.

From past experience we know that when certain parts of America have a power failure, it also can affect large swaths of Canada, so I doubt if that is on the table.

That happened around the year 2000 and when Ohio went down, parts of Ontario Canada did, too. In Toronto we were without power—some for 2 or three days—and it was party time. We got some ice for the deep freeze, the neighbours got together, we had an impromptu BBQ, and since we had no radio or television we just waited it out.

Eventually I got out my battery-powered radio and learned what had happened. Some areas were back up after 12 – 18 hours, maybe, but I felt sorry for the folks in the high-rise apartments who had no elevator for a couple of days.

If you have medications, pet supplies, and are well stocked on the daily necessities like bathroom tissue, water, etc. you should be fine. It’ll be fun. IF it happens.

And IF it happens, the entire world is connected to the new Quantum Financial System—which is already up and running, by the way, so the Reset/Reboot may rear its ugly head across the planet. We just don’t know what to expect because no one is talking—including Q.

Some military dudes have told civilians to relax. If you’ve readied your family as President Trump asked in the Preparedness Proclamation it’s no big whoop.

I’m just passing this on because there is some fear around this or whatever may happen, we hope all ARE prepared and we don’t have a lot to go on. Judging from some of the comments in the chat in the first video, some have not heard about the preparedness plan at all.

I think we have all we need at this point and a lot of people are welcoming the transition. When it does happen, it will mean a big leap forward toward making America great again.

Since this is all new and Americans have never had a national event like it and they are bracing for the unknown, many are anxious. There’s no need to panic. Ignore the fear porn.

No matter what happens, we’ll be fine. We don’t need to make it something negative, or worry. It’s not a crisis. It’s not “the apocalypse”—although if you use the word in its root sense, it could be.

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.

What is going to happen, will happen, and we should be happy about it. It’s all for us, and means Freedom looms large. Keep your phone on and you may get a Presidential notification from the EAS system they tested on October 3rd in America with instructions. I assume they tested it for a reason.

As QAnon said, think logically, and you have everything you need. You can’t have a revolution without inconvenience, and some Americans need a high voltage jolt to get their attention.  ~ BP



It was 38F when I got up this morning, and some folks are concerned about keeping warm if the power goes out. This video has an idea for an emergency space heater.


Bernie has a Q clip for us that I missed along the way. Apparently this CBS ad has been making the rounds. If you missed it, I Q’d it up at the 15 minute mark. Go Q!  I assume this is to link QAnon to the military—for those who resist making that connection. Fun times!  ~ BP

Nice! Q Anon Message Hidden In CBS Sports Commercial!


X22 Financial and Geopolitical Reports for December 28, 2018 [videos] ~ December 28, 2018

The Patriots really cannot afford to have America in panic and chaos. The reboot must be managed delicately and gradually since most of the world doesn’t know what’s coming. Thomas Williams indicated last night that the sudden stock market rise after the dip was a move by the Patriots to prevent a crash.

The Manna World Holding Trust has been making infusions of cash where required to keep the US government afloat. Let’s hope it doesn’t all go south.  ~ BP


The Truth Slips Out, [DS] [CB] Begin To Counter Patriots Economic Plan – Episode 1752a

The [DS] Using All Their Ammunition To Cover Up The Inevitable – Episode 1752b

Headlines and Updates for Boxing Day, December 26, 2018: The Buildup Continues [videos] ~ December 26, 2018

This is a big day in many nations: it’s Boxing Day in several Commonwealth countries, Kwanzaa begins, it’s St. Stephen’s Day in Ireland, and Proclamation Day in Oz and S. Africa. It’s also the first time in 14 years we’ve lived in Arizona that I recall having rain on Christmas Day; a beautiful shower that left the air cooler, fresher, and loaded with the scent of the creosote bush.

It seems deceptively quiet on the political front; perhaps the calm before the storm. Ironically, Ben Fulford used those same words in his Goldfish Report interview published today.

Ben Fulford published his usual update on Monday and I didn’t include it. Since it’s almost Thursday, I will share the whole report tomorrow. You can read his free portion here…

Western civilization heading for a reboot over the holidays

Personally, I thought the government shutdown was possibly an opportune time to send Congress home for Christmas where the White Hats knew where they were and could swoop in and arrest their sorry butts.

Cobra says the Light Forces have a plan for January 20/21 and has arranged a global meditation for that day to assist.


The Financial situation in America is teetering on the brink of… whatever the White Hats have planned. You may have heard Thomas Williams’ update last week, which is in the video excerpt below and illustrates that not all is what it seems, and the cabal doesn’t broadcast it’s true situation—which is dire.

For example, I read a headline about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being back at work after her lung surgery for a cancerous growth. Really? I seriously doubt that. I think she’s done. She is not functioning well enough to do the job according to the last time we saw her on video when she couldn’t recall the wording she needed. The President can appoint another for SCOTUS and strengthen his hand.

The FED broke. Congress operated Appropriations Committee siding with the Trust

There’s more on this and many other topics at OpenYourMind Radio from December 23 when Thomas and Randy Maugans dropped in. We know there is a lot in play behind the scenes because Kim was called away to deal with urgent negotiations and could not make the show, as planned.

We have this financial headline, as well. Thanks, J.


Whatever winds up happening in Washington and elsewhere, it’s anybody’s guess as to the direction that may take. While there is some truth out there, we also see a lot of disinformation, some fear porn, and we will not be told the actual strategy so we will have to wait to see what unfolds.

America is no stranger to government shutdown, 7 of the 8 past presidents did it: Why is the media upset this time?


Female Politician Killed in Helicopter Crash 10 Days After Taking Office in Mexico

Our Planetary Defense Commander at ThorNews brought us a good summary of things we observed in the news over the past week or so, not all in the weather category. It’s hard to keep up with everything so I appreciate summaries.

Mr. Cati brought us a fascinating decoding of the possible significance of President Trump’s visit to Arlington Cemetary on December 15. Many may not understand that there are secret societies, “magic” rituals, satanism, numerology, and opposing factions involved in what we see unfolding on our planet. Cobra mentioned the significance of the red-robed Mariannes in Paris at the protests in the Gilets Jaunes movement. Mr. Cati acknowledges them as well, and discusses other groups like the Freemasons and Knights Templar.

He is not a Q fan, so be forewarned, and puts forth his own ideas on who and what Q is/are.

Trump and the Arlington Cemetery 23 – Observation

Why Is The [MSM] [DS] Panicking Over The Fed, Who Has The Magic Wand? – Episode 1750a

The First Alarm Is About To Ring, The Clock Is Ticking Down – Episode 1750b

We have another summary here reviewing multiple events we’re watching. The death toll after the tsunami in Indonesia is now almost 430, and the people in southeastern USA still haven’t had a reasonable response to rectify the devastation after Hurricane Michael and the flooding in the Carolinas.

That odd polio-like virus is still showing up in America and now in the UK, as well. No accident, I’m sure. Humanity is under attack in so many ways.

*Colorado Disaster Emergency Declared*Mysterious Illness Spreads To UK*Aviation Code Red*