Your Sunday Digest for December 1, 2019: Eyes On and Heads Up—It’s December [videos] ~ December 1, 2019

Editor’s Note: Sit back and relax? Hell no, the current situation may be (is) coming to a head during this Christmas season and it is wise to maintain awareness.The release of the FISA report will open important doors in our country (USA), and ultimately…the world! Reading the report below will show you multiple examples, by those who used to control humanity, that they have NOTHING to do with Christ consciousness and must be removed from our planet…there is no “rehabilitation” on Earth for these folks!

Although I no longer agree the function of Christ is to “save my soul”, I do agree that the principle of “Christ consciousness” which is the highest expression of holding Love. It is time however to enjoy your Christmas season, Hanukah, or the holiday of your choice, but stay aware of what’s happening in your world, be prepared just in case, and most importantly, BE…



It sounds as though December is going to be as wild as November was—possibly even more so. And to kick it off…

We have this Tweet… which may be an indication of what’s brewing.

White house
Code 4
All hands on deck.

— jfk_juni0r (@JfkJuni0r) December 1, 2019

POTUS will be holding his next rally on December 10th in Pennsylvania. Get your free tickets here. It’s a smokin’ deal.

You can also watch the entire thing from noon onward with viewer supported Right Side Broadcasting using this link.

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Hershey, PA 12/10/19

On your toes, patriots. This smells like Jade Helm. The “Human Domain”. Just play-acting, and perfectly harmless, of course—until the “drill” goes LIVE—and these “training exercises” too often do.

Do we have anyone interested in a replay of Parkland/Marjory Stoneman Douglas? The Boston Marathon Bombing? Are you prepared to sign the NDA—the non-disclosure agreement that states you cannot divulge anything about the operation—because it’s a criminal endeavour? Are you prepared to work for the deep state cabal and sell out your fellow-Americans for thirty pieces of silver?

Heads up in Austin, Texas; classic false flag “hostile” territory for the Bush-Clinton crime machine.

Gee, sounds like a blast (pun intended).

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) November 30, 2019

The Field Report for Saturday contained some potentially shocking information with respect to fate of the “missing” commercial jet liner MH370, beginning around the 22 minute mark. The psychopaths on this planet (and above it) deserve everything they get. I’ve never forgotten about the people on that flight. It’s not difficult to see why Field is a target and attacked so ferociously and we hope the proceedings on Monday go his way and he is set free.

Diego Garcia Island

Socialism requires ignorance.

Elections measure it.

Why #PPC lost.

— Erika Traub (@ErikaTraub1) December 1, 2019

Jerry Nadler collapse

What’s happening in Washington this week? Devin Nunes’ sardonic humour continues to inspire.

“Jerry Nadler has been in the witness protection program for several months after he botched the (Robert) Mueller probe. We’re going to see how this goes supposedly they’re going to talk about the constitutionality of impeachment,” said Nunes.

Can Nadler take the heat? He didn’t fare too well last time. Sarah Carter brings us up to speed.

Nunes: “Phase Two” Of The Impeachment Circus Begins This Week

Trudeau knows what to do to protect Canada; the opposite of what Trump does to protect the States. Trump said Huawei is not welcome, that they’re a danger to the People and national security. Trudeau sends out the welcoming committee… and his rap sheet gets longer and longer.

Trudeau quietly welcomes China’s tech company Huawei to handle Canadian telecoms grid

And if that isn’t bad enough…

Justin Trudeau “Stands With U.K.” On Terror Attack, But Not AGAINST Islamic Terrorism

I  hate to say it, folks, but with Trudeau at the helm, Canada is in line to be the next Sweden, with race riots, property damage, child marriage, skyrocketing rape of white women and girls, and the collapse of Canadian society.

This is how it began in Sweden, with a sharp influx of “refugees” who are actually groomed terrorists, many of whom believe they are entitled to food, shelter, education and health care on the Canadian taxpayer’s dime; only to turn on them and engage in glaring attempts to eradicate their culture.

Some extremists admit their religion tells them to behead anyone who doesn’t worship their god.

And they have LOTS of children.

Your government built a camp for “refugees” with brand new white tents, but oddly enough, no one seemed to be there. Investigators did find the missing “refugees”, however… at a hotel in Toronto. They had an entire floor all to themselves. Do Canadians understand how their tax dollars are spent?

Are Canadians okay with trading their culture for Islam? It’s happening, and Trudeau has it fast-tracked.

Pedophilia makes the world go ’round, folks. It’s the “elites’” biggest, dirty little secret, and it’s worse than most people ever imagined. Royal families? ESPECIALLY the “royal” families. It’s how they roll. They think they’re entitled.

American Media Blackout: The Dark Secrets of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family — Slavery, Sex Trafficking & Pedophilia

Planned Parenthood Admits Abortion Propaganda in More Than 150 Hollywood Projects

— Tiffany FitzHenry (@Tiff_FitzHenry) December 1, 2019

Brownsville, Texas and the Rio Grande border with Mexico

I was shocked to learn that the college campus at Brownsville, Texas is just a few steps from the Rio Grande and Mexico—and the unsecured border. You won’t believe the “barrier” at this campus. No wonder we have problems with illegals in America.

Below is one of Douglas Ducote’s factual, documentary-style videos about what is going on at the US border, and interviews with people dealing with this national security crisis. This is boots on the ground reporting.

You may be surprised to hear what Douglas and his team discovered. For example, they found a scarf hanging on a tree branch and other clues indicating that Pakistanis and Iranians are breaching our border in the Brownsville area—and once those illegal aliens arrived on the scene, men in suits came and they disappeared together.

Does anyone really believe it’s only “dreamers” from South or Central America coming to the United States or Canada in search of a better life for their families, as the Democrats claim? The evidence and facts suggest otherwise.

The Democrats are protecting illegal aliens with questionable histories and radical religious beliefs, who enter America simply by wading across a shallow river, in some cases. This is very bad news, people. The politics of this situation is endangering millions of people.

Have you heard about the current situation in Sweden where thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants have been “planted” by the globalists? In the past 48 hours or so I saw an article claiming that the situation in Sweden is so dire that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped, according to the statistics.

Let’s call it what it is. “Forced migration” has created a crisis on this planet. They can scream “racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe” all they like but the destruction of property and Human lives is the reality we are now dealing with in many European and Western cities at the hands of these extremists the globalists imported for this very purpose; to destroy white/Christian/civilization and inflict as much violence and misery as possible.   

Unchecked, the same violent extremists will create the same situations in North America as they have on the other side of the pond. That is the plan; the “globalist agenda”.

This just happened yesterday thanks to the drug cartels. The Democrats must be pleased.

The City Hall of Villa Union is riddled with bullet holes after a gun battle between Mexican security forces and suspected cartel gunmen, Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Gerardo Sanchez)

21 Killed, Including Police Officers, Near Texas-Mexico Border

Their plan is unfolding before our eyes. Look at what happened at the London Bridge this weekend. A known terrorist, released from prison and supposedly undergoing therapy and rehabilitation stabbed and killed several people.

The globalists know exactly what they’re doing. They are using their criminals to commit more crimes. The perps are disposable and no one cares if they’re killed. Why pretend?

People in many countries are now speaking up against the flood of immigrants (not refugees) and Americans and Canadians had better do likewise and support President Trump in his efforts to secure the borders. The drug cartels have had free reign for far too long.

Justin Trudeau is all in with the globalists and allowing unprecedented numbers of immigrants into Canada. Since he is in favour of the agenda, there is the possibility illegal immigrants could breach the border from the north as well as the south. We are all vulnerable.                                                     

NO BORDER WALL! Cartel Gunfire At College

I can’t let this edition of the Ingraham Angle go by without commenting. Comparing Michelle Obama to Melania Trump is like comparing the Incredible Hulk to Wonder Woman.

First of all, Michelle Obama is a man. Second of all, he works for the CIA. How can anyone with reasonably good vision look at this transvestite and not see it? How can anyone seriously consider this thing who used to reside in the White House worthy of discussion at all?

Mentioning his name in the same sentence as Melania Trump is cruel and unusual punishment toward the First Lady; the best one America has seen in a very long time—or ever.

Isn’t it ironic that an international super model is passed over by the cabal’s magazine covers in favour of a treasonous, deep state tranny who can’t even keep his junk under control?

I don’t want to hear any more about Michael Robinson, Barry (Obama) Soetero’s husband. They’re both CIA imposters making fools of Americans. It’s disgusting. Lock them up!

Ingraham: A first lady double standard?

Tonight you may wish to join in for Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call. His summary and details for phoning in to listen are below, 9 EST/6 Pacific. It’s always a positive and fact-filled experience.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 1, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.

Unlike previous years, we should expect this December will NOT be your typical slow news Holiday Season. In fact, just the opposite as a lot of extremely important events are already in the cards which may make this month quite dramatic.

We already know for certain, the White Hats have scheduled the release of the Office of Inspector General Report on FISA abuse from Michael Horowitz on Monday, December 9. Then two days later on Wednesday, December 11, IG Horowitz will be appearing before Lindsay Graham’s Judiciary Committee in the U.S. Senate. Remember, back on November 20, “Q” formally activated Lindsey Graham.

These two events have the potential to be explosive in the disclosure of the truth behind the coup plot to overthrow both candidate and President Donald Trump, as well as, to expose Barack Obama’s massive spy campaign known as “The Hammer.”

Yet nonetheless, the Fake News media has spent the past week ramping up the usual spin control and claiming the OIG Report will have nothing of any significance to offer to the American people despite reports of it being anywhere from 500 to 1,000 pages in length.

  • On Tuesday, December 3, the House of Representatives will hold a formal vote on the Democrats’ phony impeachment scam run by Shifty Adam Schiff. The very same day, President Trump will be in the United Kingdom for the NATO Leaders Meeting in London. The Democrats know no bounds in their treasonous acts against America.
  • While in the UK, President Trump along with all NATO leaders will be meeting with the Queen at a formal reception at Buckingham, Palace. This will mark President Trump’s third meeting in the last two years with Queen Elizabeth II, which is not by coincidence.

  • In addition, there has been other massively dramatic news from the UK as the Queen has now officially banned her son, Prince Andrew, from all royal functions after his completely disastrous interview with the BBC on November 16 regarding his friendship with Jefferey Epstein. Prince Andrew has also been formally prohibited from attending the reception with NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace.
  • Then, on Thursday, December 12, the people of the UK will be voting for a new Parliament and it is expected Boris Johnson’s Tory party will come out victorious and thus assuring he will remain as Prime Minister. If the Tory party wins the upcoming General Election, then it will also make certain Brexit will finally be officially enacted.
  • In other major developments, this week saw President Trump make bombshell news when he formally labeled the Mexican drug cartels as “terrorist organizations.” With this action, we may see an incursion of the U.S. Military into Mexico to finally take out the insidious drug cartels once and for all.

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598 Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry
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I have Christmas cards to do, so I’m signing off now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for July 28, 2019: New Q & Deep State War Skirmishes [videos] ~ July 28, 2019

Editor’s Note: Well, tonight we are in Padukah, Kentucky. Nice town…lot’s of road construction in town blocking hotel’s eateries, etc. Ah, the price of progress!

Lot’s of really good points in the latest daily news flash from Starship Earth. It bears repeating her point that according to Juan O Savin…we are in the middle part of Earth’s war for freedom, not the end. So…settle back, live your life the best you can, remember the spiritual concepts that bring true freedom, and be…



What we see unfolding in our world is monumental. It’s exciting, encouraging, inspiring, and we pick out pieces daily that form the tapestry of transformation that is The Great Awakening. So many incredible activities are in play it’s difficult to choose what to share.

QAnon has been very busy this week, and shared the pic below of more Chinese patriots with their Q paraphernalia. The world has been Q’d and the Great Awakening is in fulls swing.

It’s awesome to see that Humanity is realizing they were never meant to tolerate an existence like this; that they were born to be free and never subjugated by others or ruled by force; that no one was born to rule over others; that we are all equal.

The lies and obfuscation are apparent to so many more people now and they are ready to get up off their knees and fight for their freedom.

As we in the alternative media continue to chronicle the historic steps to the liberation of our planet, the metamorphosis of mankind will become ever more apparent. Our voices are growing, and soon no one will be able to drown out the din with distractions and lies to coverup the lies that covered up lies. The last half of 2019 will be outstanding and rewarding. Heroes upon heroes will emerge as leaders of the fray and Humanity’s confidence in their plight will surge to untold heights.

Our thoughts are with the Chinese people as they struggle for equality and freedom from tyranny.

Our most recent Qanon series in Chinese,, co-authored by @HenrySi5 and I and read by tens of thousands of Chinese worldwide. #GreatAwakening #QAnon

— Michelle Hu (@Michell51304) July 21, 2019

Protests continue this weekend and clashes with police in Hong Kong lead to assaults with tear gas. The following documentary explains the history of Hong Kong, the event that sparked the demonstrations in Hong Kong, and why it’s complicated. It’s very well done.

Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained

Hong Kong: Protesters use umbrellas for shields as teargas rains down

Simon Parkes has an interesting message for us:

Coded Remarks From President Putin

Today he was in a submarine and sent a coded message via reporters, this is what he said…

’There are a lot of problems on Earth, so to diminish their amount one has to go up and deep down’

This happened Saturday.

Social Media Platform VOAT Goes Offline Again in Alleged Deep State Attack – Top Site in ‘Drain the Swamp’ Fight

And I found this interesting…

Deleting Tweets & Evidentiary Trails?

Mens Rea: state of mind. Deleting Exculpatory information, or, deleting inculpatory information – is not a good sign to express in a State of War – particularly when subject of such deletions is a receiving $$$ from China.

Not long now.

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) July 28, 2019

How low would the swamp creatures go? Take a look. The gloves are off. Ethics are out the window and we will see slime like we’ve never seen it before. Or smelled it before.

ALERT: Trump Assassination Attempt Featured In Bernie 2020 Ad PROVES Sanders Has Hit ROCK BOTTOMRead the article.

Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are a dangerous place to live, between the earthquakes and tsunamis, flooding, cyclones and volcanoes. They’ve got it all—sometimes almost simultaneously. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely the activity will slow down.

Strong Earthquakes Rock Philippines, Multiple Buildings Damaged

SerialBrain2 recommended a video last week and I think it goes a long way toward explaining just how far technology and artificial intelligence have come.

The controllers have not allowed us to understand their full capabilities. Many of us know about the data collection/storage facility in Bluffdale, Utah and have heard the term “AI’ bandied about freely over the past few years, but do we understand the full extent of where they might be able to take our data collection and even our Human emotions—and ultimately use it against us?

A few years ago we found out about Jade Helm 15, and to some extent at the time it seemed like a psyop, and some told us it was, however when we take a closer look, it’s doubtful it was merely a psyop. It was done with objectives in mind and there is no reason to believe they failed or stopped short of their ultimate goals.

I believe the “physical” part of the exercize was a psyop, because that is what could be used to terrorize the patriots who were watching. They wanted us to believe the “Human domain” was physical, not about brain mapping. It wasn’t about “blending in” and doing “extraction” exercises with UN troops. It was about fear, and teaching the Jade system about Human emotions—because “they” aren’t Human.

The psychopaths are constantly testing the population to see how well their global control agenda will roll out on schedule—or not. They test and tweak repeatedly.

This conversation with John B. Wells and researcher “DJ” is fascinating and might help us understand how our data and being connected to the Internet; how the unique, personal information collected by Facebook (DARPA) was conducted to control us and perhaps even ultimately serve to eliminate unwanted/problematic Humans. That is how it sounds, but have a listen and you can form your own opinion.

It might explain why the military/Trump stepped in to take down the cabal/shadow government/globalists, why it took so long, why it is so dangerous, and why we must be patient. It has to be done very carefully and strategically. One mistake could be lethal for many of us.

It would explain why they took out the cabal’s satellites, and perhaps a number of other moves.

I learned a lot about Jade Helm in 2015 but there was ample disinformation, psychological manipulation, hype, etc. so it was difficult to get a true reading on it. On the positive side, I think it woke up a lot of people and convinced some American patriots that they could never, ever give up their guns. It seems to have put a lot more people on guard and paying attention to what was unfolding in USA because it was clear that someone considered the people of America “the enemy”.

We can see now how powerful Big Tech became; how Google, Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email programs, bank accounts, AI assistants like Siri, televisions with hidden cameras and microphones and all “smart” appliances can be used to gather the data necessary to “train” the Quantum computer that could have meant our ultimate demise.

Can we see now why cryptocurrency could be a huge problem? If you’re considered a “target”—you could simply be “unplugged”—unable to access your own data, records, accounts—and money! You can already be tracked geographically through your phone and newer motor vehicles, and who is to say that a drone can’t be sent after you to eliminate what this self-directed program decides “without empathy, without regret” an established target?

DJ tells us data encryption is no longer an issue with this system. It is smarter than that, and there is no privacy. I don’t know why she apologizes for her presentation because she did a fantastic job and explained it very well for most laymen so we have a better idea of just where the enemy is with respect to artificial intelligence, but also where the White Hats may be with their own Quantum computer.

Simon Parkes suggested awhile back that QAnon is a group of guys with a Quantum computer. They can run scenarios by the Artificial Intelligence and be reasonably certain what will happen and when—even a year or two out. Makes sense to me.

If you want a reasonably current view of where AI is, and how it can be used to “run the world”, this is a riveting discussion. We understand AI is used  to manage other civilizations in other galaxies, and that AI can be used for good or ill. We’ve seen enough movies illustrating how it can get out of control and learn to protect itself.

JADE 2: Orwellian Artificial Intelligence Network

This is SerialBrain2’s latest brilliant decode.

Post # 184 – Mueller, The Mess, The Shambles, The Lamb And The Flood.

LT has uploaded his artful version of SerialBrain2’s last decode, which was outstanding. Go Ivanka! All the Trumps are warriors.

Kalaupapa leper colony, Molokai, HI

Juan O Savin called in for a special Abel Danger Live show on Saturday afternoon and wanted to expand on some of the latest QAnon drops, in particular the ones regarding Obama’s birth certificate. If you’re a regular Starship reader then you probably are aware of a lot of the back story on Loretta Fuddy, the plane crash that supposedly killed only she, etc.

We shared the Caravan to Midnight interview several months ago by the investigator and writer of the book, “The Fuddy Hoax” and it was incredibly detailed. Hugo Feugen gave us an exhaustive account of how the death of Loretta Fuddy could not have happened they way they said.

Juan stated that he did editing for Hugo’s book and also went into great detail on this story because he feels it is a critical point and illustrates just how far the deep state will go to protect their regime. It also shows how easy it is for them to buy off people in any organization, and how they have infiltrated everything, including the US Military and even have Navy SEALS or their own equivalent of rogue military via contractors doing their bidding. Pure Hollywood, Juan tells us. And we’ve seen many choreographed events haven’t we, yet still many are asleep and believe “they would never do that”. Seeing is believing.

The shadow government was bound and determined to keep the origin of “Barack Hussein Obama” aka Barry Soetoro a secret because he is not qualified to be President and is a CIA operative; one cog in the gears that would propel them to a full global New World Order.

It goes very deep as well as wide, and Juan tells us about SABUD, a mysterious and small organization with suggested religious ties named as a CIA front and headquartered in Langley, Virginia. What are the chances?

If you scroll down in this Starship post from April 30, 2019, you can listen to John B Wells and Hugo Feugen discuss the details of the highly suspicious and impossible crash from the technical standpoint for the most part. What I hadn’t understood until this expanded version from Juan is that Fuddy’s job required her to visit a leper colony in Hawai’i from time to time and it was then that the deep state planned the plane crash.

You will definitely come away with a greater understanding of just how much manipulation is done by the control freaks to ensure they can execute their agenda.

If this really intrigues you and you would like more, this interview with Derek Gilbert and Feugen and his co-author “W” goes into it. The voice of “W” sounds to me very similar to Juan O Savin and they say he is actually the co-author. After listening you will doubtless be unable to believe the official Fuddy story any longer. This is an audio only on A View from the Bunker.

Something interesting to me that came out in this audio is the fact that Donald Trump was indeed considered by the White Hats as a potential candidate for the presidency prior to 2011 but due to several situations that unfolded was not getting the “traction” required for the American people to seriously consider him.

Just wanted to mention that because we are certain that Trump’s run for the presidency was planned long before it actually took place and I knew at some point we would learn what took so long, and why Obama was permitted to stay in office for a second term. We really came down to the wire in 2016, in case not everyone is aware. It was “do or die” time for America—and therefore Humanity.

Juan also explained the significance of the corn posts and memes. It’s all about popcorn. It’s harvest time, currently. To make popcorn you first husk the corn, then you remove the niblets from the cob, and finally you dry the kernels, ready for popping. Juan says we’re going to have quite a feed of popcorn at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

Juan is a very passionate and invested individual in this liberation process and has a wealth of deep intel under his belt which he often shares with us for our greater understanding. He gets angry sometimes and points out that it’s perhaps because he has been involved in this process longer than many others. I certainly appreciate his perspective on everything and the obvious time he devotes to getting the truth heard and understood as he states we are currently in the middle of this battle—not the end.

Here is the Abel Danger call with Juan from July 27th.

Obama’s FUDDY HOAX Exposed In Operation POPPY COCK With Juan O

This is one more deep state actor to eliminate. And we will, thanks to Judicial Watch, and others. These NWO people are lawless, and won’t let anything stand in their way of destroying America, and the world. We must remain vigilant and actively destroy their web of deceit. It’s destroy or be destroyed at this point.

Judicial Watch Asks House to Investigate Omar’s Questionable Marriages

Oh, and indeed it would be a shame if this video went viral. Don’t make it viral, folks…

The SECRETS of Ilhan Omar:

— SGTreport (@SGTreport) July 28, 2019

That’s a full post so I’ll leave it there. Lots more to come.  ~ BP

Sirian Mothership 8 May 2015 Update ~ Phil LightBody ~ May 8, 2015


Yes! Yes! Yes! You need to read this article from This message is a channelling from a Sirian Mothership that is supportive, explanatory, and eloquent in a desire to provide enough information for humanity to “sort it all out” regarding the fast-moving changes we see all over our globe. The true nature of Jade Helm is described as a positive experience that one should NOT get riled up about. Please read this article deeply, feel the love and support it offers, and…


Your lives are under a great deal of pressure yet a shimmer of hope shines through. Situations can only go so low, then they turn around. All is in accordance with your soul contract. The rough road is desirable only for soul growth, still often times you feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew. Life in duality is poignant so you naturally feel like pulling away and resisting the work, however we ask you to continue the path to growth and you will have something more valuable than gold.

Those whose aims are consolidation of power, face disappointment as the triumph of the light is at hand. The machinations of the dark are being confronted at earliest stages, praise the Creator for clotting their plans. They could not accept that their plans were built on Mounds of sand for all these Aeons of time.

The alternative media is truly raving over ‘Jade Helm’ as the supreme deal. Remember the divine feminine and assert it before you acquiesce to pressure to close your fists. For those in any possible effected area you have great power innately within to protect yourself. If you cross over into taking rash action the outlook in America looks like civil war, with both sides exchanging aggression and much blood-letting. Where you split on issues should be replaced with both sides finding ways to merge and flow together on every single interest and issue. However don’t be a pushover or let others confuse your position. You will be untouched by these military exercises and rest assured that it is only to your gain. Although scary the rhetoric, for the most part it is incoherent and from those unsatisfied with the blessings they still do have. These exercises are really about curtailing and cutting off the scope and power of the church’s rule over your lives.

The elite convincingly mimic true environmental concern, your task is free yourselves of simply accepting what is placed as truth in front of you, and develop real love, affection and compassion for Gaia. Her waters are giving birth to a race of high vibrational beings clothed in a new light body to help with rebirth of age of light.

The Goddess is being leveraged back into your world and being given the wings of an eagle so she may gently adjust and repair your energies. Her energies of love will reduce the posturing with missiles of mass destruction to nonsense talk and cut these things from your lives, as they are a shoddy means of defence. We know you are all fatigue with these regular updates, but remember to be of love foremost.

Your forebears had great calmness and composure and were heart centered, yet over time you became attracted to looking at things by the numbers and very logical, still you have the same potential they did. As your frequency elevates to a high level you can trace your way back to the light. Instructions have been graciously provided in packets of information encoded into the air and water all around you and are hard-coded into your reality.

Many lives are dominated by the search for a twin flame or partner. People date many in that search and spend excessive energy on making themselves attractive and adorned, this is unnecessary, we ask you to stop this and focus on your spiritual development. We realise to impress this on you is an imposition as many are wanting earthly desires, however you have free-will as you are the wards of your physical vessel so the final say rest with you. At times the path forward can be difficult to see through the distractions and illusions of duality, but whatever path you choose you are always growing ever toward the light.

At a certain stage you will realise that suffering can be washed off by standing in the stream of the real unchanging you, the ‘I AM’. with this inner realisation is the Simultaneous promulgation to inner and outer worlds, so that the inner world parallels the outer world, this can bring a general healing to your heart, mind and body. You are all ancient beings and are expert in all things.

We act as referee to the people of your planet, as surrogate until you become masters at resolving and negotiating disputes and disagreements yourselves. When this condition is met your lives will become affluent and prosperous, comparable to living in a very high frequency where everything happens faster, yet with comfort and productivity.

Many classify themselves as if they are nowhere or unimportant and struggle to overcome this for the most part. Dear Ones you are riding through the galaxy on Mother Earth following a most pleasant path. We specifically say when you look to your daily life you should not be hard-hearted with the humdrum of petty annoyances.

You are very much permeable to new ideas, but sometimes it is good to run away from it all and go off-line to connect with that which is tangible within. You may go for a lone spirit walk to facilitate your healing and purification, spend time in nature communing with your brothers and sisters which are the animals and plants. Bring together what is apart.

Some people have been imprisoned in black-sites hidden away from courts and legal representation. This is very troublesome yet most people on the whole seem indifferent. You are all generally big-hearted but at times can be unfocused and detached to things going on behind the scenes and we are aware that all of this can be overwhelming. Nevertheless be assured the Allies of light are working to rescue them, it will take a duration of time, even so they will be pulled free.

With all these concepts and statements made here pack them away in your heart and simplify them down to something you understand as you return to your daily routine. The knowledge will be accessible when needed. Too much information may incapacitate, so if you feel the need then discard what does not serve you. We on the Mothership lovingly deliver these updates to refresh your spirits, for your enjoyment and so to recover a healthy relaxed attitude.

Counter-intuitively your vibration tends to become elevated and raised when you are ground down by the process of living life, although we of the Galactic Federation still skilfully work to impair the dark ones. You all have our deepest respect as your earthly walk can be bitter at times.

Your earth plane is going into a realm of light and you are being monitored for the necessary support to sustain the energies and given the information you need. The veil is coming down and your Heart is being worked on to Open it fully. This process is very challenging and some will choose to drop body. Do not lament for them for like the acrobat they will swing back better and higher than ever.

Thank you Sirian Mothership.

Phil LightBody.

Share freely, Translate and Repost.


A Rant, and New Hypotheses on the Odd Things Happening that Herald Something BIG—and Urgent ~ April 20, 2015


I like this article, I like this writer, and I really like the way she has taken pieces of the puzzle Earth is going through right now to offer her view of what’s going on right now. This writer, like myself, has done fairly exhaustive research that allows her to report what she sees…and that’s WAY more truthful than the CBS Evening News (or any other MSM for that matter). Did I read her article and get scared? NO WAY…rather I AM excited about changes, really big changes happening on our planet soon. If I’m reading signals right, looks like MAY should be very interesting and a good time to visit me here in Oregon…

Wonder what the heck I speak of? Good…please read this article, see how you feel about her comments made with only the best of intentions (that’s a form of Love, folks) , and…


I apologise for the length of this post, but there’s a lot to cover. I hope you find it worth your time investment.  First, the rant. Then I’ll feel better. If you don’t want to hear it, skip down to “-End-“.

Now that Gordon Duff at Veterans Today has come forward to GUARANTEE we morons that Jade Helm is a psyop, it opens the channels for other interesting possibilities.

Before I move on, however, I want to comment on the Duff/VT delivery on the Jade Helm “hoax”, as they call it. I saw RED when I glanced over them.

I’m not even going to link to the articles because they’re trash talk; arrogant lectures on how Truthers are just spreading fear-mongering. We shared the documents themselves, and were left to speculate about how it could all be interpreted in light of what we see happening all around us that NO ONE has told us the truth about.

How dare you deliver a holier-than-thou chastisement for casting aspersions on the golden boys of the US military for our belief that SOME of them would actually take unconstitutional action against their fellow Americans?

Such arrogance. Have we forgotten what those golden boys did in New Orleans after the cabal pulled off Hurricane Katrina? Have we forgotten that they went door to door executing their benevolent “wellness checks”, shoving old ladies onto the floor and confiscating guns????!!!!

Well, I haven’t, so spare me the offended airs because you military chaps are not all trustworthy, constitutional or ethical. You don’t all think for yourselves and you’re not all about “service to others”. Forgive us for NOT putting you on the pedestals you seem to think you deserve.

Let’s also remember the rampant rape and sexual assaults that are perpetrated in the American (and other military) that have been covered up for years—the perps getting off Scott free, taking their promotions and moving on to violate someone else while the victims are ridiculed, humiliated, and demoralized.

Finally, Gordon Duff et al should practice what they preach, because some VETERANS are taking the Jade Helm potential threat very seriously and moving to stop it. And many vets and retired military comprise the militias—who are on high alert and are ready to deploy to protect the citizens of America and their Republic should the need arise.

I guess they’re STOOOOPID too, for ever believing that JH15 could be anything other than what the positive/negative military say it is. We don’t even know any more who is who. Whose fault is that? We’re doing the best we can out here to protect ourselves and the sleeping ones from a tyrannical government who thinks nothing of mass murder and genocide.

Where’s YOUR respect, VT,  for those men who STILL honour their oath on the outside?

Save your snotty articles for an audience who swallows everything you print and never questions. Just because you bring us intel doesn’t mean you’re gods. You will get the respect you deserve, and while you only bring us the information you deem we are old enough to handle, YOU are complicit in manipulating the public.

You can’t tell us that JH15 is unequivocally a hoax, unless you KNOW otherwise. Therefore, you are withholding information WE, as inhabitants of this planet, have a right to know. Of COURSE your sources don’t see or hear anything untoward, because they know what’s going on!

And don’t give me that “need to know, matter of national security” shit. I think you owe a lot of people an apology. If you insult one, you insult us all.

– End-


Okay, I’m glad I got that off my chest and hold that last thought above, my friends, because it will come into play in a minute. Sorry, no time for lots of pretty pictures.

Before I leave the JH15 topic, I wanted to share more on the Canadian mirror exercises, because it looks like they will factor into future events in a POSITIVE way.

Yes, the Canadian military has already begun their TWO training exercises; Maple Resolve, which we mentioned before, and Maple Caravan. They are basically the same type of training.


My brother shares his updates with my mother, and so do I, and sometimes I get new info from north of the 49th that isn’t as viral or sensationalized as other material in the lime light.

My brother feels the Canadian contingent of these exercises is definitely part of the cabal take-down. So that is confirmation of my belief. I’m hoping to get his sources, but we’ll probably come across  similar material when we search. Once he hears what I am sharing here, he may modify his view slightly.

Let’s face it: It’s crazy to think that all the military in North America are going to slaughter civilians, throw them into FEMA camps, and take all their guns.

BUT—they ARE going to do what they took an oath to do; and that is to serve and protect the people and their country. And Canada WILL come to the aid of America if asked, but they may have their hands full…

And with that… on to the fascinating new thought processes we might want to explore around the “something BIG” that’s going on… and I’m just thinking out loud, here, so bear with me. It’s likely to be a little fragmented so I don’t forget anything.

Things are getting really good on Starship Earth, the planet. We wanted action… I think we’re going to get it.

I have to thank D for sharing links to some intriguing info, which got me thinking along other lines. Things I’ve read before twigged and things we’ve been told and I think some of you will take the ball and run with it. I have to say, it’s looking like we went down the wong wabbit hole—through no fault of our own. We’re constantly played and mislead.

Take a look at the last one about the pole shift, and the second one from April 18th. Great website.   This is a chat Q  & A update for April 18, 2015 about the earth changes and Jade Helm, Wal-Marts, drought, Nibiru, etc.    This is for a list of events in chronological order that the Zetas commented on. It’s like an “all you ever wanted to know about _______ ” but ‘they’ lied. Now we may have a more plausible explanation.

It looks like there may be at least two major requirements for boots on the ground in the USA in the next few months. The removal of the cabal, for one, and another possibility.

We have been told that Earth changes are getting more volatile, and while the Galactics have been mitigating the activity, I think you can probably recall a few of our messengers telling us that things are going to get pretty dicey—if not downright dangerous on the surface.

Sheldan Nidle and Tolec have been forthright about this. Click here to read Tolec’s info from Dec 2014. A link to some information brought to us from a woman named Nancy Lieder that the Zetas shared with her may shed light on this, too. See the Poleshift link above if you haven’t already.

A real Zeta footage - "Skinny Bob"a real Zeta “Skinny Bob”


From what I’ve seen—and I haven’t taken the time to go far with this because I wanted to share it ASAP—the areas surrounding the New Madrid Fault Line may cause significant problems for inhabitants, and I’m thinking about wildlife, too.

These souls may require emergency evacuation. Are the lights starting to come on? Does this connect some dots?

The stockpiled military vehicles… the trainloads of military vehicles heading to the West Coast…US and Canada working together… UN vehicles…the cabal relocating…NORAD relocating…Wal-Marts closing for undisclosed reasons in strategically located positions on the map…mega supplies of emergency food, water, blankets ordered by DHS…troops doing drills across the nation for covert reasons or “fake” reasons…

What do you think?


I’m sharing this as background as to where we may be at this point so we can be proactive, share information with others, and take care of our evolution with as much honour and dignity as we can muster.

Thousands of star beings have fought for us and are here to support us in every way possible. We still have free will and sleeping people to deal with, however.

ZetaTalk Warning 10/15/2001: Sensing that troubled times are soon at hand, many strongly in the Service-to-Self will attempt to line up a soft life for themselves, where they can be in control of others and dictate the daily events. This takes the form of attempts at leadership, and offering a safe haven to desperate people unable to do anything but grab a life-line. These safe havens, of course, will be anything but that, and are in essence slavery and abuse. Such offers, to the public at large or to selected groups recently made desperate by disasters in their communities, take the form of offers of assisted relocation, guaranteed work, loans with easy payment terms, and joining a community of supportive individuals.

And the Zetas have warned that governments will all to some degree have to declare Martial Law as the Earth changes progress.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/4/2014: The larger issue is the looming need to declare martial law in the near future after the announcement. The reaction in the public is an unknown. We have stated that the public will react with stunned inactivity, going through their daily routine in shock. The familiar routine comforts, and the average citizen lives paycheck to paycheck and does not have the capacity to take action. They will wait, and see what plans and policies are put into place by their governments. Martial Law will not be imposed automatically, but in stages.

Given that warning, what does operation Jade Helm taking place in late Summer 2015 and Obama’s recent Executive Order on cyber-security constituting a “national emergency” tell us? Is the US edging toward Martial Law? Per the Zetas, Obama is anticipating secession attempts among some states and disinformation via some media outlets for the benefit of some elite. The Zetas did not get specific.

Please be sure to use your own discernment with the above information. Channels do their best to bring what they get, but their own filters come into play, and  now the Sphere Alliance is here and I expect things will go much better than imagined even a few months ago.

The cabal/gov’t can’t tell us about the planet that has come so close to Earth that its magnetics shut down our power in multiple locations and has been doing that for years.  They tell us someone cut some underground cables north of Phoenix with a laser… some pretty wild stuff. WHY would they do that? Answer: they didn’t.

They throw all kinds of disinfo out there to keep us focused on what ISN’T happening.

The cabal has their underground strongholds and endless tunnels to hide in, so they don’t give a damn about the Humans. But will being underground not be a dangerous place when Gaia is shake, rattle and rollin’?  No wonder the cabal are scared. Not only can they not escape the planet without being shot down, their DUMBs and bunkers have nearly all been destroyed.

Just think, if there is only one… or maybe two bunkers left intact by the Galactics, where do the cabal HAVE to go? And what a great way to round them all up in one place, eh?  Brilliant.

Next: The power outages have been increasing, haven’t they? The earthquakes have been increasing in frequency and magnitude. The strange groaning noises in the Earth. The threat that if something happens in that New Madrid fault line that the center of the USA will drop and flood? California and the  East Coast, too. You probably saw that map below in the past 2 years or so.

And let’s not forget Canada’s huge coastlines that are not represented on this map. While Canada may stand on guard for the USA with respect to removing the cabal, they have their own shores to guard if the Earth changes flood both coasts as indicated on the map.

This is, I suspect, a map of the potential areas they believe COULD be affected when major poleshift/earth changes occur. They recently added additional states to the JH15 program. Does it fit? Yup! The Zetas say that Texas and Oklahoma are considered safe havens for refugees.


The government can’t tell us about Nibiru. Maybe they ARE spraying chemtrails so we can’t see what’s going on up there.

They can tell us what Jade Helm is NOT, but not what it really IS, because it is at least partially about having troops to keep the peace and aid in emergency situations that will no doubt arise should the Earth changes kick into high gear. I don’t imagine the Galactics can keep them in check forever.

And Cobra has told us that there will be no martial law, and that they now want to have disclosure BEFORE  The Event. But he ALSO told us that hundreds of thousands of people will die, but didn’t say how, why, or when. (BTW, I understand from a reader that Cobra’s newest interview in which he tells us JH15 is not a concern and if necessary the Event Horizon will be triggered early, will be posted today sometime, so I’ll share that as soon as I get it)

Several timetables appear to have been moved up recently, don’t they? Gaia’s needs have been put on hold for a very long time. When she’s ready to blow, she’s gonna blow, and we will have to be ready to do whatever is necessary to pull together and look after one another.

Several channelers have told us that we will need to be “pulled”, and go to the ships. There was a lot of negative feedback and people warning us that we should never agree to go on any Galactic ships, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I can’t wait! If some of us have to go, cool! Where I live is on the edge of the Valley of the Sun where I imagine the flooding potential would be focused in Arizona, so perhaps I shall be venturing skyward. Beam me up, Scottie!

Recently Corey/GoodETxSG has come forward—even though he is, by his own admission an introvert and said he would never come forward publicly, but was convinced to do so (and doing a simply marvelous job!).

WHY did Corey suddenly change his mind? He brought us fresh new info about the Blue Avians and the Sphere Alliance and David Wilcock has confirmed it, Cobra confirmed it, and now Tolec is introducing us to these benevolent beings as well. Be sure to listen to Tolec’s interview with Adona. It’s fabulous.

Then there was the 10 days that Putin disappeared and I really did feel he’d been with the Galactics and Corey confirmed that, but what was SO IMPORTANT that had to be discussed for that long, and why were the press advised to stick around because there might be a press conference that weekend? Putin must have had some inkling that it was potentially HUGE, but they have chosen NOT to tell the people of Earth anything now.

We might ask why are the many citizens of Earth being called into these meetings on ships these days? (nights) And there was the very successful disclosure event in Canada in April that just concluded and the tireless work Hon. Paul Hellyer has been doing around the exposure of the ET coverup and Stephen Bassett’s Citizen Disclosure work.

It looks to me like there is a big push to draw the Galactics ever closer, to educate us about them, make us feel comfortable about their presence, to expose more  humans to them, and step up the narrative to involve the extraterrestrials in a more open and matter-of-fact way.

Could that be because soon we will have no choice, unless we want to perish, but to let them transport us to safety? Will they give us technologies to help us deal with the emergency situations—to purify water, replicators for food, etc.?

Then there were those emergency alerts recently on some TV stations that freaked out a few people and obviously didn’t work properly but seemed like they must have been tested. That was confirmed by the Zetas.

The cabal can’t tell us this because they don’t want us to know all the lies and coverups about who we are, the ETs, everything. Same old thing—but the government knows about this stuff and they’re waiting for SOMETHING before they tell us little peons. Are they waiting for the full JH15 deployment to keep the peace before they drop the bomb?

The military won’t tell us why troops and vehicles and emergency procedures are being implemented. They’re trying to do it under the guise of training exercises and they started EARLY, because they need to do it gradually, but meet the possible deadlines geologists and ET scientists may have provided.

Just imagine if the poleshift occurs and/or Gaia goes into labour, the Earth’s crust begins to tremble, shift, sink, rise, water is displaced, flooding occurs, you can use your own imagination.

An emergency alert comes over all the TVs in America and Canada—and perhaps many other areas of the planet—and Mr. Obama his self comes on and says everyone in specific areas has to evacuate their homes, leave all their “stuff” and go to _________ by ____ and to do what the soldiers and LEOs tell them.

And what if the docile masses really DON’T heed the instructions, refuse to leave their homes (that happens in a lot of disasters) and keep lollygagging so long that they perish? Then that will be their soul’s choice.

And now, perhaps the issue of the American/Mexican open borders and refugees comes into play. What do you think? Maybe they will need a place to go, too?

Top this off with all sorts of space craft in our skies…

Can you imagine if the Earth changes, the mass arrests and disclosure all happened at once—or even within a few weeks of each other—the pandemonium?

Like I said, this is all musings from my little mind which is whirring away at a million miles an hour now and I could be totally out to lunch here.  Whaddya think?

I think it’s criminal that the military and the government are going to let people imagine the worst about Jade Helm when it will actually be about helping them. That’s a dirty trick—and it IS intentional misleading of the public because they know we awakened ones are on high alert in every second of every day as to what the cabal will try to do next.

We have a right to know what’s happening on this planet, damn it. We’re sick of being treated like children and manipulated by our handlers, aren’t we? To engage in what may be IMMINENT disaster preparedness exercises and not tell the public is just plain wrong.


We’ll see what Cobra has to say in this new interview.

Happy sleuthing, everyone!  ~ BP

We’re THAT Close… to Home ~ April 17, 2015

meditating dog

by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I read a lot of blogs everyday searching for material to present to you that feel good to me; material that seems right, and good, and fair. I found such an article in one of today’s messages from “Starship Earth: The Big Picture”. The writer of that blog, Molly from somewhere in central Arizona, often provides her readers with news that wakes our awareness of what’s currently going on in the world and is a perfect example of alternative news.

But Starship Earth is not only alternative news, it is also alternative news with a heart! That concept is something not seen or noticed on ANY mainstream media channel…doesn’t exist as the public is fed a steady stream of outright lies delivered with plenty of unspoken innuendo.

So Molly’s heartfelt post today is listed for you to read, absorb and really think about. Much, sometimes we feel too much is happening on our blue globe that we cannot understand. Pressures are high and the pressure cooker is still building a head of steam; this process seams unyielding for us. My advice? Read Molly’s blog below, stop and go within to your core of inner strength of BEing, and…


Thanks, Joy.

Sometimes I forget how close we are, because appearances can be deceptive.

I may have told this story before, but I think it fits our scenario right now in some ways.

I recall part of a character-building, experiential workshop I attended near San Francisco, California where we were all playing Asian-style warriors.

They gave us various challenges to compete against our opponent from another team, and before each challenge, we would “ground and centre” with a specific posture.

I’m not a competitive person, especially when it comes to physical stuff, but I aced my two challenges in the classroom. Then, we went out into the redwoods by bus and there were physical challenges for us to do both individually and in tandem with a partner.

I mastered the first two of those, but my partner had a major physical handicap, as well as one I couldn’t see.


We had to climb way up the trunk of an ancient redwood using the foot/handholds provided. At the platform among the branches of the canopy there were two garden hoses attached to the trunk of the tree, about eighteen inches or so apart, and stretched across a clearing to another monstrous tree.

The hose was to stand on, like a tight-rope, and our harnesses were there for protection in case of a misstep.

We positioned ourselves opposite and facing each other and grasped our partner’s upper arms with  outstretched hands.

It was exciting to be way up there in the trees with all the little faces down below focused on us, chanting encouragement. I’m not enthusiastic about heights where I’m forced to balance precariously, but I was okay with it.

My partner, however, was a young Amish woman who lost her lower left arm in a tractor accident as a girl. You can imagine she might find it difficult to navigate the garden hose underfoot and to balance while holding onto my arm with her only hand as we shuffled our feet along toward the tree anchoring the far end of the garden hoses.

The hoses gradually became farther apart; 24″… 28″… which forced us both to lean steeply into each other farther and farther, helmets almost touching. We were less than half way to the other side when my partner stopped in tears, saying she couldn’t go any further and literally begged me to let her go. What choice did I have?

She was gripped by fear and I couldn’t reason with her or coax her to go on, so we let go of each other and jumped off the hose, sailing gently to the forest floor in our harnesses as the ground crew belayed our ropes.

My partner was a mess. She was curled up on the pine needles bawling her eyes out in terror while the instructors soothed her. I was sympathetic, of course,  poor thing, but because I really wanted to know if I could have gone all the way had I been matched up with someone else, I was disappointed, as well.

I couldn’t quite put myself in her place and understand what was so frightening about that experience. We were perfectly safe in a harness and helmet and it was impossible to fall. It was a rush! But I felt compassion for her in her distress.

The reason this memory came to mind is because we’re all on our own journeys and we need to ground and centre purposefully sometimes.

We may often travel in circles where we are very evenly matched, but at other times we are coming from disparate experiences and emotional frames of mind and heart. We have to dig deep to find common ground. 

This Amish woman and I had very little in common as far as demographics and experiences, yet we did. She was a sweet soul and told me she was praying I would pick her for my partner.

At this point in Humanity’s journey to freedom, some are what seems like light years ahead of us and doing powerful energetic work both on planet and off in other realms to “ground and centre” Gaia, and all who dwell with her. They have GOT to be frustrated with the rest of us who don’t even meditate or  appear to do much of anything to support their work, but their souls have their agendas and we have ours.


Others of us are stumbling along, understanding who we are, why we’re here, and trying to get to where the leaders are, but not really knowing how. Something is missing. There’s a disconnect.

Some souls are just up from their nap, rubbing their eyes and trying to bring their world into focus. They know something is different, but don’t know what it is. They go in search of information with varying degrees of success when interpreting it.

Finally, there are those who are still in a distant world only vaguely familiar to us any more and we don’t see eye to eye on many things at all. It can be prickly territory when we brush against each other.

We’re truly all in our own little orbits, and sometimes we sail close to others, like ships in the night, with a friendly wave of acknowledgement to another winking Light on the quest for a reconnection to Source.

Other times we bump into fellow seekers and we’re like magnets, repelling each other because we’re at opposite poles in our souls’ evolutionary positions.


Occasionally we come within a short distance of a rapidly circling beacon and their delightful energy snags us and pulls us along in their slipstream for awhile, like geese drafting in their signature V-formation.

Then we drop off and go on our merry way for awhile and hopefully have that same effect on others and pull them along for awhile.

Wherever we are is fine. Perfect, in fact. We are dealing with our own unique perception of what reality is, to the best of our ability. It’s okay to feel fear. It’s okay to feel frustration, anger, regret, hate, guilt, blame, sorrow, bitterness, envy… all of those define who we are as Humans, and we are refining those emotions all the time.That is our unique gift as Earth Humans to our Creator and the collective of Beings in the Universe; our deep, deep emotions.

It’s when who we are is predominantly Love that we really soar and snag other travelers and take a load off.  It’s the experience that counts, and sometimes people will seem to hold us back, while others will cause us to experience the slingshot effect when in their presence.

But we’re all one, and can never completely leave another behind. We have to traipse around this planet together until such time as the gate is opened and we can go Home.

We’re THAT close… to Home. Kathy shares a great message with us, for wherever we are in our orbit, reminding us to ground and centre.

Peace… and may the Source be with you.  ~ BP

From Yellow Rose for Texas Facebook page…


KATHY says…

None of us really know what delays are involved as none of us have a direct line to the outside….at least this is my own belief. I also believe that none will know the “real time” for any of this to happen.

What works for me is to go within myself and tune in to my own intuition…we all have it and we all are tuning in to the higher energies that are coming in.…

I have found a great peace just knowing that no matter if I die before the big event or if I am here to experience it, I have had my own inner knowing acknowledged by the information that Rose has given us and by the hard work these past 5 years of searching.…

We are all feeling the building up of pressure in this matrix and know that it will come to a head soon….it helps to stay in your center and not allow fear in….the matrix will try to play out it’s agenda and by being aware of what is going on in the matrix it helps us to carry and even greater energy of Love to help to counter act any agenda they are trying to pull off….

Thor News just put out a great video on his take on the whole Jade Helm thing….and I have to say I agree with him. I think there is a huge amount of fear being generated by this….and I believe it might be more preparedness in action than the military turning on its own people.

I just have faith that things are moving forward in the dismantling of this hell-hole and if they can keep us in fear, then they can feed off the energy. We can’t do anything to counter whatever is happening….

But we can do a great deal by holding a center of Love and energetic power from where we each are. It’s an energetic war and we are like battery cells…each of us….as the awareness has swept across the internet, informing us of the lies….

they are no longer receiving their food in the form of us believing them, so we are pulling away from the matrix and they have lost the war already. It’s just the last bits playing out here in the construct that is happening…..and it drives us all nuts not to be able to “see” what is happening. …

Also…there has been a dry-up in new information which has us all anxious….but I believe that it is necessary in order to finish up the process of clearing the way. I hope you can find your center and balance…..sending you hugs and comfort energetically!!!!   ~  KATHY.