Suspicious Attacks on Comms, Power Dec. 27th [videos] ~ December 29, 2018

The trolls are all over the blogs and videos now trying to discredit QAnon, President Trump, and now the December 27th attacks on the power grid in Queens, New York and Kenner, Louisiana.

Were these coincidences? There are no coincidences. These were attacks, just as California was attacked.

As the arrests continue and the President and the Marine Generals dismantle the psychotic cabal, attacks will continue. Bombs, car rammings in crowds, train derailments, shootings, power outages, communications outages… expect it.

Martial Law may still come, as it is now “after Christmas”, or perhaps that notice was the White Hats’ strategy to get people to prepare for anything.

They couldn’t very well come out and tell us there could be space weapons and UFOs, now could they?

They will do whatever they need to do to protect civilians and get them to protect themselves. All’s fair in love and war, and disinformation is necessary.

If you’re smart, you’ll prepare for anything.  ~ CB

P.S.  As I said… this headline just appeared from Germany…

Man rams car through gate at Hannover airport, ‘overpowered’ by police on tarmac




Do Solar Storms Send Energy Beams Down to Blow Up Transformers? [video] ~ December 29, 2018

There is much talk about the “transformer explosions” in New York and Louisiana. Witness video shows us beams of light in the sky and shining straight down where the explosions and electrical anomalies occurred. It was like a war zone, and it didn’t look accidental.

The fellow who took the video of the Kenner activity was two blocks away and he said he heard the same sound that night that he’d heard once before when a UFO was nearby.

Richie from Boston shows us the footage and the technology from his perspective. He also shows us the government (deep state) document telling us to prepare for a 6-month power outage. It was released in December 2018. This month. The psychopaths warn us about things and then they do it. It’s their code of ethics. They have to tell us what they’re planning, in advance. How often have they used the Simpsons cartoons? They think it’s funny. Do you?

Blue Beams Caught On Film: Take out Power Lines in NYC

Some believe it was a “solar storm” that caused these violent “anomalies” and Internet and 911 outages.

Lionel did a second video giving 5 Reasons the government would lie about an attack. He discusses UFOs and aliens, while I wouldn’t be so sure it’s aliens.

The Nazi SSp (secret space program) people have back-engineered alien technology and are the ones who have not wanted disclosure. They tried to negotiate 50 years before full disclosure of the extraterrestrials and their breakaway civilization would be revealed to the public—just long enough for the culprits to no longer be culpable. That ain’t gonna happen. We will have our full disclosure much sooner than that and they will pay for their selfish, inhuman actions.

Was it a solar storm that hit those transformers, fried the lines and ignited buildings from the inside? Was it a solar storm that blew up houses and burned them from the inside out and melted cars and metals in California; that burned half a house and left the rest without a scratch?

Since few in any official capacity will come forward to validate what we’re seeing and tell us the truth, we will be left to our own wits to look at all the evidence for an informed opinion.

The people who took the video in New York and Kenner, LA know what they saw, and told us and showed as clearly as they could what they experienced. It would be great if we could believe the statements from the NYPD and the power company but we’ve learned we simply cannot. They have agendas. We’re really sick of the lies.

The video footage we have seen of the “transformer” situations didn’t resemble the Aurora Borealis. It didn’t resemble previous transformer explosion footage. Could it be related to the positive waves of energy washing over the planet for our benefit? Could it be related to Earth changes? The more video you see, the more questions might arise—and I am no video analyst with the technical skills to debunk what is presented.

As for the CenturyLink outage, I suppose it could have been an issue with their satellite(s) in a solar storm, but since there is an investigation, it suggests it might have been more. They were not interested in finding a resolution to our ongoing telephone problems so we cancelled our phone service with them.

The problems began a few years ago when the former CEO, I believe, refused to allow the cabal to access users’ accounts and compromise their data and privacy. Soon thereafter he was not only removed, but tossed in jail, I heard, for refusing to cooperate. Officially it was some other reason, of course. That’s how they roll. Intimidation and prosecution in their corrupt Law-of-the-Sea courts while they install someone more “agreeable”. (corrupt)

So to say I have my doubts about the innocence of CenturyLink in the recent outage would be accurate, but Verizon was also affected, so once again we don’t have a definitive answer on anything. All we have is our intuition.

I don’t give credence to the guy who claims it was a solar storm as he had his subscribers attack Dutchsinse several years ago and had YouTube shut down the channel for no good reason. It was a blatant attack. Therefore I will not share his video. Some research revealed who the attacker’s father is and it didn’t paint a positive picture. He’s also promoting massive catastrophic events on our planet because it’s a “cycle”. That cycle is over, but maybe it’s good for views. We are on a positive timeline now, and Earth isn’t going away.

There are definitely shills out there determined to convince us we are all doomed from various catastrophic events including the seas rising, tsunamis, volcanoes obscuring the skies with black soot that would prevent the sun from shining on Earth, killing nearly all life, or massive asteroids that will strike the planet and fragment it into oblivion. The UFO threat might be the most sensible in light of all that nonsense. Perhaps it was the same satellite weaponry used to incinerate Paradise, California.

Tyler at Secureteam weighed in on this in his own video.

When the transformer footage first presented I posed the question as to whether it could be a foiled fake alien invasion. Or, is it the prelude to a planned invasion? Are they setting the stage? They’ve always wanted to do it and it’s probably the last card they have to play. Ask Carol Rosin.

Richie from Boston just uploaded this video today. Our best defense against a fake alien invasion scenario is to alert as many as possible that it is a potential plot and not to fall for it. It would be just one more deep state false flag attack.

The simple fact seems to be that Earth is a jewel in a Petri dish and many extraterrestrial races have a distinct interest in it—and us—for many reasons. The potential “natural” threats were remedied or mitigated as much as possible, including righting the planet on her axis, we’re told.

Why would any group go to such trouble if they were going to want front row seats for our ultimate demise? Why would the Universal Protection Unit (UPU) (see video below) bother with enforcing the Peace Treaty (Universal—not International) if we are all doomed to perish?

There was a time when all hope for rectifying the situation on Earth was almost abandoned—but a very few people worked hard to turn things around and we are now protected—to a great degree. We showed we are worth preserving rather than erasing the board and starting over as happened with previous civilizations here that fell into the depths of evil and were removed.

Are our problems over? No, but we will hopefully soon have the leadership we deserve and can learn the truth about what has been transpiring on our planet and at whose hands.

In the mean time, do your own research, knowing that probably 90 percent of the Truth Community comprises shills, disinfo agents and cointelpro, all vying for your mind.

The 5 Reasons Deep State MSM Lie About UFOs Invading NYC In Massive Blue Light Transformer Strike

Before you decide this is all mindfuggery,  you may wish to listen to the exchange with members of the Universal Protection Unit—who are not Human and don’t speak a language we understand. There were a couple of translators for this recorded event, and since that time we are now very pleased that there is a Human representative from Earth on the council. We are tired of others making decisions for us when they are not Human, have never lived under the circumstances we do, don’t understand Humans, our emotions, our challenges, our desires. You may have difficulty believing this exchange happened as presented, and that is your challenge; to seek truth. It was mindblowing, from my perspective, but in the back of my mind I did question the validity and if it were even possible. Since then I have accepted it for what it appeared to be.  ~ BP

TH&I Welcomes the Universal Protection Unit

Odd Signs of “Something”: Are We On the Brink? [videos] ~December 28, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yes, Yes, Yes!! Let us bring this American revolution, taking place without a single official weapon is sight, to it’s conclusion. Things have seemed quiet, but this is because all of the important action is taking place behind the scenes. We won’t know about the “major” arrests until after they have happened. The dark, located all over the globe, are on their way OUT of our lives…we, the 99%!

So…please read this report, do your own research about the matter as it unfolds, and be…



Folks are on a hair trigger and getting spooked due to reports of odd things unfolding… like the sky looking a little green or blue and flashing—at night in New York. That was explained, except for the root cause.

There was a brief electrical fire at our substation in Astoria which involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area. We’re currently investigating the cause of the incident. AQ

There are also some saying portions of the country are witnessing ATMs down, 911 lines are down, etc. See the first video, below, ignoring the grim aspects. ATMs have been reported out of commission many times before in isolated sections of the country.

Many believe the financial reset (not RV) will take place this weekend, meaning all banks will close, ATMs will not function, all stores will be closed because their cash registers/POS are connected to the banking system, gas pumps won’t work, etc. Despite any minor inconvenience, it’s a GOOD thing if the Reset occurs.

Anything’s possible, and I hope everyone has prepared.

Get cash out of the bank to last a couple of weeks in case you DO need anything, fill your gas tank(s), and just in case of any retaliatory acts by the cabal, make sure you have flashlights, candles, pretend you’re going camping and can cook simple meals. Then you’ve got it covered. The entire country will not be plunged into darkness due to a national power outage, we have been told.

From past experience we know that when certain parts of America have a power failure, it also can affect large swaths of Canada, so I doubt if that is on the table.

That happened around the year 2000 and when Ohio went down, parts of Ontario Canada did, too. In Toronto we were without power—some for 2 or three days—and it was party time. We got some ice for the deep freeze, the neighbours got together, we had an impromptu BBQ, and since we had no radio or television we just waited it out.

Eventually I got out my battery-powered radio and learned what had happened. Some areas were back up after 12 – 18 hours, maybe, but I felt sorry for the folks in the high-rise apartments who had no elevator for a couple of days.

If you have medications, pet supplies, and are well stocked on the daily necessities like bathroom tissue, water, etc. you should be fine. It’ll be fun. IF it happens.

And IF it happens, the entire world is connected to the new Quantum Financial System—which is already up and running, by the way, so the Reset/Reboot may rear its ugly head across the planet. We just don’t know what to expect because no one is talking—including Q.

Some military dudes have told civilians to relax. If you’ve readied your family as President Trump asked in the Preparedness Proclamation it’s no big whoop.

I’m just passing this on because there is some fear around this or whatever may happen, we hope all ARE prepared and we don’t have a lot to go on. Judging from some of the comments in the chat in the first video, some have not heard about the preparedness plan at all.

I think we have all we need at this point and a lot of people are welcoming the transition. When it does happen, it will mean a big leap forward toward making America great again.

Since this is all new and Americans have never had a national event like it and they are bracing for the unknown, many are anxious. There’s no need to panic. Ignore the fear porn.

No matter what happens, we’ll be fine. We don’t need to make it something negative, or worry. It’s not a crisis. It’s not “the apocalypse”—although if you use the word in its root sense, it could be.

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.

What is going to happen, will happen, and we should be happy about it. It’s all for us, and means Freedom looms large. Keep your phone on and you may get a Presidential notification from the EAS system they tested on October 3rd in America with instructions. I assume they tested it for a reason.

As QAnon said, think logically, and you have everything you need. You can’t have a revolution without inconvenience, and some Americans need a high voltage jolt to get their attention.  ~ BP



It was 38F when I got up this morning, and some folks are concerned about keeping warm if the power goes out. This video has an idea for an emergency space heater.


Bernie has a Q clip for us that I missed along the way. Apparently this CBS ad has been making the rounds. If you missed it, I Q’d it up at the 15 minute mark. Go Q!  I assume this is to link QAnon to the military—for those who resist making that connection. Fun times!  ~ BP

Nice! Q Anon Message Hidden In CBS Sports Commercial!


UFOs Invade NYC | EBEs Light Up Night Sky | Media Deny Bright Blue ET Lights | Blame “Transformer” | Lionel Nation [video] ~ December 28, 2018


Editor’s Note: Yes, you would be wise to keep your eyes on the skies, my friends. There is no need to be in fear as this has all been foretold. As the moment of our shift of upliftment draws near, more and more “sightings” of strange sky events will be seen. The purpose is to acclimate Earth’s population to the fact that we are not “alone” out there in the Universe and our introduction to off-world BEings is about to occur.

So exciting! Please watch the video’s below, trust the story you prefer, and be…



Here’s Lionel’s version of the “transformer” story we got. The “flashing” was very suspicious, as was the “blue-green” colour. You decide.

Things certainly are getting interesting—and entertaining.  ~ BP

UFOs Invade NYC | EBEs Light Up Night Sky | Media Deny Bright Blue ET Lights | Blame “Transformer”

“Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And there is some group of people that may or may not be associated with government at this point that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge. People in high level government have very little, if any, valid information about this. It has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and create confusion so the truth doesn’t come out. ” ― Edgar D. Mitchell, The Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds

Headlines and Updates for November 20, 2018: Thanksgiving Upheaval [videos] ~ November 20, 2018

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Starship Earth for providing an on-going report of that is really happening out there in America on all fronts. My take? You had best buckle up, breathe deep, stay calm and know all is about to break loose. Please have your supplies ready (just in case), know that the best IS about to be (!), and…



We were warned the latter quarter of 2018 could be volatile and there are a number of things we’re watching.

The border situation and the fires in California seem to be at the forefront.

The election fraud still has to be addressed adequately, the potential for martial law may be here, and we understand a few arrests are ongoing behind the scenes.

We’re not certain what is happening in America, however, because we are reminded there are over 60K sealed indictments and we don’t know if the hubbub over the border situation is a cover for the military being sent out to make those mass arrests.

My feeling is that the White Hats of all kinds are going to do what they can to eliminate the cabal without involving or frightening the public so as not to cause chaos so we may not learn until after the fact that major ops were underway to perform mass arrests. Perhaps that is why so many military have been deployed suddenly. We can hope.

Queens, NY Attorney Will Head to Prison for Running Asylum Fraud Scheme

The Paradise, CA death toll continues to rise and it will be a painful Thanksgiving for many of our friends in California.

Governor Jerry Brown is pure deep state and has long been the enemy of the People of California. His days are numbered. Despite President Trump’s remarks about forest management and the negligence involved that may have contributed to the devastating fires, we know there is much more to it that the President can’t reveal to the public because they don’t have the background or the context to understand references to DEWs, chemtrails, smart meters, etc.

What happened in California was a perfect storm that the dark set up with years of preparation. This is not the time for Trump to discuss these things. That’s OUR job. The objective, I believe, is to implicate Brown in criminal negligence and take him out that way.

Here’s a press conference about the situation in California with respect to DHS, the migrant crisis and fires.

How much to you know about the cabal, the deep state, how they operate, what goes on behind the scenes, and the psyops involved in deceiving a nation? Here’s an earful. Former FBI agent John DeSouza gives us a superb overview of what is unfolding on our planet to eliminate the central banks, do a financial reset, and draining the global swamp. They also discuss QAnon/Q+. Nothing is what it seems. You can’t win a war by broadcasting to the enemy what your strategies are. Prepare to be amazed, is what I would say.

$200 Million Operation: How Deep State funds Caravan and Chaos in the United States

Here’s another one to arrest:

Judge bars US from enforcing Trump asylum ban

U.S. District Court Judge Jon S. Tigar

Tuesday, 20 November 2018 10:00

A federal judge barred the Trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border outside of ports of entry illegally.

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation on Nov. 9 that said anyone who crossed the southern border between official ports of entry would be ineligible for asylum. As the first of several caravans of migrants have started arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump said an asylum ban was necessary to stop what he’s attacked as a national security threat.

Read more …

This headline was published yesterday, so the 24 hours will expire very soon. We don’t want any more carnage. It’s uncivilized, but the innocent residents of Mexico need protection.

TONIGHT: Lynchings to Commence in Tijuana – Mexican Militia to attack and KILL Caravan Migrants

It must be nice to have communications out in the desert in Mexico. Our phone/internet here near Phoenix malfunctions every week and we never know when we’ll have a complete outage for days. A tech was supposed to be here between 8 and noon today and the phone is still not working at 5:00. We can’t call out and the sound is so bad you can’t have a conversation when someone calls in. They can put bases on Mars and we don’t have reliable comms. Unbelievable.

Feds Claim to Have Paid Undercover Informants In Migrant Caravan

Paul Flores, aka Dark Sky Watcher on Themtube has been documenting and live streaming the VOP patrols on the AZ border. There are no military on that wall to speak of at all from what I’ve seen and what they’ve reported. The military seem to be concentrating the troops where the bulk of the militants are.

Honduran Migrant Complains About Free Meals Provided by Mexico – Calls it ‘Pig Food’ (VIDEO)

If you think some Americans have the nasty “entitlement bug”, wait until you get a load of the “migrants”. They are basically programmed automatons doing what they have been trained to do. They are NOT the kind of people you want in your country.

DAHB0077 raises some concerns here that we should be aware of. He is a dedicated citizen journalist with a lot of savvy from years of watching the situation unfold. I agree that wherever Plum Island is involved, it is about secrecy and we need to know what they’re up to.

While the deep state may have planned an attack on the power or communications grid, that is not to say they will get their wish. Best to be prepared, however.

LIGHTS OUT- DARPA Quietly Training Grid Operators for Large-Scale Attack On US Power Grid

Jim Acosta perjured himself in federal court.

These people are lawless and lie more often than they tell the truth, it seems.

We also had a 4.1 earthquake at 13 miles deep in Idaho. Perhaps the destruction of a DUMB? There was also an odd string of earthquakes along the eastern shore of Russia.

On a lighter note, the President and First Lady pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey. I’m afraid I missed out on this tradition in previous years.