Heads Up: Trump Urges Americans to Prepare + Q Drops | Dustin Nemos [video] ~ September2, 2018

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth has given us a “head’s up” about massive changes occurring in our lives quite soon. I agree with the need to prepare by storing extra food, water, meds, and pet food just in case our transition gets bumpy.

This is a long holiday weekend…the perfect time for the financial sector to temporarily close, so having some cash on hand is a good idea as is keeping a full tank of gas. Regardless of the personal circumstances we may find ourselves in, the most important asset any of us can carry is a clear head and compassionate heart. Please read, prepare, and…



In this video where Dustin goes over the latest Q drops, we see a memo from President Trump reviewing the recent weather issues and fires in California, telling us these things are not predictable and can be severe. He is urging Americans to prepare for similar events by setting aside food, water, and supplies.

You will see the President’s memo in the video. Reading between the lines, we know the cabal controls weather and uses it as a weapon, among other things. Just a thought.

Above all, we need to remain calm.

We have been over this multiple times over the past few years here at Starship Earth so this is not a new precaution to the crew, but for anyone who has not taken preparedness seriously at least on a small scale, here’s your warning.

This is not to say some horrible catastrophe is going to happen, or is even expected—but the onus is on us to ensure we can take care of ourselves IF something unexpected should happen. Obviously government agencies like FEMA would be overwhelmed if something major went down that affected large areas of the country or multiple areas simultaneously. We need to be responsible and do our best to ensure we have the basics, and two weeks worth is the minimum.

Also, have plenty of cash on hand as it’s possible cash machines, banks, store cash registers and anything related to the banking system will go down. That means gas pumps, too, so never go below half a tank in your vehicles.

If you can, it would be great if you could even put extra supplies aside as not everyone will be prepared. Some can’t afford any extra. The ninety-year old neighbour down the street will need assistance. Most of the sleepers won’t have prepared at all and you don’t want to be running to the store to find all the water and dried food is gone.

If you had to evacuate your home, have you arranged a meeting place for family members you may not be able to reach by phone? These are things you want to have arranged in advance, just in case. Do you have a bug-out bag ready? Pet food and meds?

Let’s not be a burden, but a boon to society. We are the awakened ones and this is part of our soul journey.

Whatever happens—if anything happens—it’s necessary or cannot be avoided, and it’s all on the way to a better world, a free world, with abundance and joy for all. We are on that journey—finally. The freedom train is about to leave the station. You heard the conductor’s call. All aboard!  ~ BP

New Q – Prepare with Emergency Plans & Storable Foods


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