Obama Officials Freaking Out as State Dept Hits Clinton Emailers with Culpability Letters & New Epstein Blackmail Tapes [video + audio] ~ September 29, 2019

Editor’s Note: September was hailed as a “hot” month. Sure the temps here in the Southeast are way above normal, but the heat is also definitely “on” for those Dark members of the USA gov’t who have almost taken our gov’t (and the world) down the tubes.

Investigate away, find out more of the truth, know this is part of the “plan” for changing our lives for the better, and BE…



No, the big fish did not get away. This take-down is going to go the way the Military Intelligence/Marines say it will go—and when. Patience, please.

None of this is going to remain a secret unless it is currently deemed just too much for the unsuspecting to assimilate until a later date. They don’t want people to shut down; they want them to be open and to learn and innerstand what has happened. The truth will be meted out in bite-size pieces and life will go on.

Obama Officials FREAKING OUT as State Dept Hits Clinton Emailers with Culpability Letters

State Department investigators are reportedly escalating their probe into email records from former Hillary Clinton aides

How Hillary Clinton, John Kerry Used Secretary of State Office to Enrich Their Families

And let’s not forget about Jeffrey Epstein. His memory lives on. The odds are the White Hats have him in protective custody so he can spill the beans on who is linked to his despicable activities but for now we are still getting interesting information about the extent of the pedovore network and Human trafficking.

Secret Spy ‘Footage From Bedrooms’ Of Epstein’s Estate Revealed In Shocking Blackmail Tapes

Merchants of Menace: Dissecting the NWO Plan to Destroy America | Don’t Miss This [video] ~ April 6, 2019

Mind-boggling.  Riveting. Staggering. Extraordinary. Gobsmacking. Mind-blowing. I don’t have enough of those sort of words.

This video kept coming up for me and when that happens, I pay attention. Last night I got into this series on Caravan to Midnight and got a real education.

We know that everything we have been told is a lie and it’s all upside down and the opposite of the truth. We’ve been told nothing is the way it seems, so…

What if… the NWO agenda involved using Germany working with Mexico to destroy America and Mexico would regain the Southwest states for her betrayal?

What if… Israel was vilified the way Russia was?

We learn that the globalists “are arming the enemies of the United States and Israel.”

What if QAnon knows all this and more, but can’t tell us? What if this is the Truth they could only hint at that would “shock the WORLD”?

No wonder they wanted to discredit QAnon, and no wonder there’s so much drivel about who Q is.

If Q knows it, POTUS also knows it. We may think we know what’s going on, but we could easily be wrong. I think this video gives us much needed perspective into current events. How would WE handle it if we were in Trump’s shoes? How would we protect America and avoid WWIII?

GoodDog recommends we read:

The Sigint Secrets: The Signals Intelligence War – particularly pgs. 83, 87 – 92  (available on Amazon) if we really want to know what the Q movement is all about.

Even though I missed the previous videos, this one was powerful as a standalone and I wanted more. I’m working on the rest now.

This information provides a whole new dimension to the big picture and a treasure trove of new puzzle pieces. It’s really well done.

President Trump’s moves take on a whole new meaning with this background and it puts the Democrats’ maniacal opposition to the border wall in perspective. Is Mexico part of a plan to expropriate the southern states? Is that why they are permitting the “armies” to flood the border? Might this be why Trump is threatening to outright close the border due to resource overwhelm?

Trump and the patriots are the only thing standing between the American people and utter doom. Oh— and the guns. Never let them take your guns, America. You’ve no idea how badly you need that wall.

Please share this outstanding series. Suggest you look at the information in the “sauce packet” below the video. This is a large file and needs to be downloaded but I have not yet looked at it.

By the time you listen to this one video in the series, you will have a much better grasp of this GLOBAL CRISIS.

Q LEGEN[D] Merchants of Menace [pt 6 of 7] Anaconda Strategy Sub-Series Part 2 of 2

You can find the other parts of the series here, where you’ll also find videos about QAnon and the crumbs.  ~ BP

John B. Wells The ONLY Official CTM Channel
Premiered Apr 3, 2019

We document a plan by Germany & Mexico to invade & break up the United States – where Mexico receives the American Southwest States as payment for her treachery.

This is part 2 of a 2 part sub-series, where the context of the Anaconda Plan [& President Trump’s divergence – yields a surprising result].

These are SEARCHABLE documents – including all images(!!!).

Not available elsewhere on the net.

Here is the Sauce Packet: http://bit.ly/Gooddog-2WAhBAs

Here is the Steele Dossier Affair: http://bit.ly/Gooddog-2uG1t4s

Late Headlines and Updates for September 14, 2018: Storms are Manageable and Necessary [videos] ~ September 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence is now a Category 1 storm. This is what I was hoping would happen, based on previous hurricanes the media whipped up into Cat 5s in our minds, when we really didn’t know if that would happen at all. They want to keep people in fear all the time, and anticipating the worst. I believe it’s better to remain optimistic until the situation proves to be worse.

If you prepare for the worst, and anticipate the best, the results are often ameliorated. Our thoughts are powerful, and there are groups doing mass meditations and energy work to diffuse the power of these storms. Olivia shifted south of Hawai’i as only a tropical storm, and we will continue to anticipate in favour of this kind of result.

Sometimes you get what you expect, and that’s why the news stations have alarmists to read their scripts and get people to expect the worst.

Regardless of the category, Florence is a big storm with high winds dropping a lot of water and our thoughts remain with everyone dealing with storms, everywhere. Stay safe.

Florence downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane

There is much anticipation for the storm that may ensue after the declassification of the FISA documents we understand is coming. Our intelligence sources via Thomas Williams told us last night that there was an intent to launch that initiative on 9/11, but developments forced the White Hats to reconsider—probably due to more threats from the psychopaths, but they did tell Thomas that we are so close now… and everyTHING and everyONE is prepared, at the ready, for the ‘GO’.

The President’s address stated that everything possible is being done to ensure the safety of Americans in this season of storms and preparedness. He doesn’t mean just hurricanes.

We are nearly at the point of no return, when the first chunk of information that will rock America and will mean they can never go back to sleep will be released. We are thaaaaaat close—so don’t get complacent. It could happen any moment.

Thomas said he was doubtful his next show would wait until next Thursday. He even suggested it could be tonight but that doesn’t appear to be the case so we’ll take it one day at a time.

Listen to the September 13 THI Show intel and financial updates.

Thomas had some stunning updates on the financial situation. Since the Trust now owns the Federal Reserve, they can tell us that while the banksters are broke, the People will NOT lose their money. It may take a little time to recover it, so folks are being warned AGAIN, NOW—to get your money out of the big banks and into a credit union and to keep a lot of cash on hand.

CITIBANK, in particular is now in negative liquidity and going down. Get out. The other banks will follow.

The Trust has been propping up not only the economy, but preventing a stock market crash. Things are on tenterhooks right now, and we’ve been warned. It sounds as though the White Hats have coordinated a lot of things to unfold together.

The psychopaths use the IRS as a weapon on We, the People, but the 1% are exempt. They are special El-ites with special rules and laws reserved just for them.

David Brock’s Media Matters Has Hidden $1,052,500 From The IRS Since 2010


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo goes gives FINAL Warning to John Kerry over Shadow Diplomacy

Hey, John—why the long face?


Something important to note with this story is that while Trump may be Commander-in-Chief, the cabal members in his administration and the cabal’s military generals DO go around the proper channels and carry out acts not approved or even discussed with POTUS and HIS inner circle and administration.

The deep state players are lawless, don’t care what the new administration has planned, and they never agreed to surrender. They will fight to the death and work around Trump’s strategies. Their goal has always been to instigate WWIII and they will do whatever they can to move that agenda forward.

They still have the traitorous media at their disposal and will use all means to create situations that threaten democracy and peace. They will undermine the White House to create as much carnage as possible and it’s not fair to blame it on the President and his administration based on what the propaganda media arm states or infers.

You no doubt heard about Senator Diane Feinstein’s letter containing incriminating evidence about supreme court candidate Brett Kavanaugh. The FBI is not impressed and will not be investigating the allegations of some sexual misdeed Kavanaugh may have done IN HIGH SCHOOL. For crying out loud, Diane—what grade are you in?

Back on September 10 we had this news…

Deadly Fire Exposes Millionaire’s Network of Secret Tunnels Under Washington DC Suburb

…which was suspicious in itself, but didn’t seem to go anywhere, until yesterday when we learned multiple homes in the Boston area were exploding; up to 20. They are saying due to “suspected” gas line issues.

Obviously Boston isn’t Washington, but it’s interesting. Perhaps it wasn’t about gas lines at all, and these stories are related.

As far as Washington goes, and the tunnels… if one were to place flammable substances in tunnels that could spread easily by themselves (like gasoline), all one would have to do would be light one match and there could be massive explosions  for miles.

They evacuated many areas of Boston and folks had to relocated with no notice at all. It’s difficult to prepare for that kind of an evacuation you never saw coming. I guess a bug-out bag is a good thing to keep in your car, isn’t it? It may sound a little extreme, but these are extreme times when many of us are experiencing extraordinary events.


Arjen Kamphuis

The update we got on the Dutch WikiLeaks correspondent who went missing in Norway is not good. They found his belongings in the water and there’s no trace of him yet. It would be nice to hear that he feared for his life and made his escape, to disappear for his own safety. Several WikiLeaks people have come to unfortunate ends in service to Humanity.

Arjen Kamphuis: Belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate found in sea off Norway

The latest Q-tip (from September 13) seems to be suggesting that the big, bad tech wolves are about to be caged. (Behind bars?) The suggestion is that they are going to sic Trump’s secret weapon, Jeff Sessions on them. Wouldn’t that be something? It is important to our cause to be able to get our information out there and the censorship is currently off the charts. They are planning to shut. us. down.

You may want to stay abreast of the Tech Giant battle updates on TechGiantsNews.com.

Q drops or crumbs are archived to several sites. The timing of updates on each site can vary.

Project Veritas and James O’Keefe have been busy and if you would like to support their work to bring the truth to the public with hidden cameras, see below. They have some new material they are about to release.

The Veritas team is about to release powerful revelations about the Deep State.

There is a network of government employees using their federal positions for personal agendas.

They have taken power that wasn’t delegated to them under the Constitution.

More than that, the Deep State is already huge and growing.

There are millions of federal employees creating rules and regulations that carry the force of law. And they remain in power irrespective of who wins at the ballot box.

They don’t care about the law, they care about forcing their political views upon others without their knowledge! They seem most concerned about not getting caught.

The Deep State may be hiding in the shadows but we’ve seen them:

  • Leaking classified information to “sabotage” opponents.
  • Resisting the three branches of government.
  • Using the IRS to target conservative groups.
  • Publishing “anonymous” commentary like the recent New York Times op-ed column.

The Deep State has become even more brazen since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016. They’re using their government positions in a quest to destroy political opponents.

Last year, John Brennan, Barack Obama’s former CIA director, remarked that executive branch officials have an “obligation…to refuse to carry out” orders from President Donald Trump.

The Deep State is openly resisting the will of the people.

Can you imagine how things could have played out if Project Veritas had an undercover source inside of former IRS executive Lois Lerner’s office?

Your support can make such a thing possible.

No one knows what the Deep State is doing so I’ve sent in my team to get answers.

Please click and follow this link to make a donation right now.

Your support will help Project Veritas unmask the Deep State.

In our next video, an employee in the Executive Branch, boasts “Resist everything. Every level. F*** s*** up.” You’ll be able to see a close-up shot of his eyes while he says it.

Unlike the New York Times, we won’t omit the “source” to hide the insurgent.

Donate now and help us reach the widest possible audience.

You know the names of these agencies. And you know their tricks. We want to unmask them for you to see and hear.

But I can’t do it without you.

With your help, Project Veritas is going to put faces and names on this shadow-revolt.

Please make your most generous, tax-deductible donation to Project Veritas now. Continue the fight to expose the truth.

Donate now. >>>>

Thanks for your support.

In truth,
James O’Keefe


Matthew Crane, 28

Body in Pennsylvania creek ID’d as witness in casino fraud case

Anyone who watches ‘Law and Order’ knows it’s a little suspicious when a key witness suddenly winds up dead. Those who discovered Matthew Crane said he appeared to have head trauma, but the coroner said the COD was accidental drowning.

Headlines and Updates for September 13, 2018: Everything is Rigged! [videos] ~ September 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: Thank you Starship Earth for continuing to bring us real news that is happening out there in our world! Aternative Media IS the only way to go these days as the world heats up as Earther’s throw off the extreme control we love under.

Please keep those in the Carolinas in your thoughts as Hurricane Florence begins to hit the US coast. Both my Mother and Brother live in coastal N.C. and the real rain and shifty winds are now happening as of 8PM EDT (5PM PDT). Both have house generators, but expect massive flooding. We will see how things stand Friday AM.



Not surprisingly, we have more pulses from Antarctica showing on the MIMMIC map; these, shooting straight up the Atlantic Ocean where the hurricane activity is. The models’ predictions for the paths of the storms are very interesting. Heads up UK!

Florence is now at a Category 2 status, and may park off the Carolinas and bring massive amounts of rain. Fingers crossed.

Huge Wave Anomaly from Antarctica Blasts Hurricane Alley Behind Florence

Sea-based X-band radar. This is the portable radar platform DAHBOO77 mentions in the video above. They have this geoengineering all down to a science. And who paid for these? Bingo. Taxpayers.

Anything that can be used for positive, they can also use against us, it seems.

We know some odd things have happened with hurricanes in the past. You might recall this evidence of “something” coming out of Hurricane Harvey—the one that devastated the Texas coastal areas and displaced countless people. Thanks for the share, R.

It seems everything that happens that is negative is President Trump’s fault. He is now the culprit in all the hurricanes because of the controllers’ imaginary climate change fairy tale.

Fortunately for Hawai’i, Hurricane Olivia fell apart south of the islands and was downgraded to a tropical storm. They’re getting plenty of rain, though.

Washington Post blames Trump for devastating hurricanes

Trump hatred began before he was even elected. Go figure.

BOMBSHELL VIDEO Exposes Google’s Trump Meltdown

A newly released video shows a meeting Google had following the 2016 election. In it, they speak of the displeasure with the election results and discuss ways to undermine Trump’s agenda all while bashing Trump supporters.

According to The Daily Wire:

A leaked video from a Google “all hands meeting” following the 2016 presidential election shows the tech giant’s top executives voicing their opposition to Donald Trump and making disparaging remarks about the newly-elected president’s supporters.

In an hour-long video exclusively obtained by Breitbart, Google executives say they are “deeply offended” by Trump’s victory and suggest that his supporters were motivated by “fear,” “xenophobia,” and “hatred.”

In the leaked video, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said “most people here are pretty upset and pretty sad” about Trump’s victory. Brin stressed that he was “deeply offend[ed]” over Trump’s win, saying Trump “conflicts with many of [Google’s] values.”

Brin said that it was upsetting that voters did not share Google’s values when they voted for Trump, compared Trump voters to “extremists,” and suggested many of them voted because of “boredom.”

The executives went on to discuss how Trump’s election was self-destructive but history and progressivism were on their side.

It seems a “big tech company” had undue influence in the 2016 presidential election.

Are folks getting the picture that virtually nothing just “happens” on this planet? Everything and everyone is controlled, manipulated, planned, twisted, covered up, made up, bought, sold and paid for, blackmailed, bribed, lied about, murdered, mind controlled, appointed, tweaked, trashed and scripted—everything involved with an agenda.

We don’t live in the world we thought we did.

They create a false reality, and everything negative is blamed on the El-ites’ enemies. Humans are blamed for “global warming” and “climate change” and too much Co2—anything they can dream up.

Life is rigged. Everything is rigged.

If you are not familiar with the term, “Hegelian dialectic”, you might want to look it up. It explains a lot.

New EVIDENCE Uncovers Massive Collusion At HUGE Tech Company – PROVES Election Meddling

Further to that, we have this news from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger at Natural News who says,

Google is a threat to democracy; its executives are dangerous, deranged cultists.

I think these folks are included in the 51K sealed criminal indictments, but yes, they need to be rounded up, too.

Natural News calls for the arrest, prosecution of Google executives for racketeering and fraud

You don’t believe events and processes are contrived? Ben Swann tells us a document created by David Brock, Media Matters over 18 months ago described what we’re now seeing. They want to control EVERYTHING. By controlling Google search algorithms, they control the dissemination of information, and therefore, public opinion and ACTIONS.


Let’s dish out the blame where it belongs and give John Kerry a dollop.

Were we aware that select government officials can do whatever they like regardless of the platform, promises and strategy of the President? Interesting.

And Kerry’s written a book, too! What a coincidence. Is it about manipulating world affairs and orchestrating the collapse of a legitimate government? We’ll have to ask the actual writer.

Will it include the part about the 2015 assassination attempt in France… or was that just a conspiracy theory? We heard he was shot while negotiating with terrorists… yes, ISIS, I believe it was. Sounds like he’s not the best negotiator. He should read, “The Art of the Deal”.

Kerry Admits to Using Rogue Diplomacy with Iran

Sept. 12, 2018

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that he met with Iran multiple times in order to salvage the Iran nuclear deal. Effectively admitting to conducting rogue diplomacy in direct contrast to the wishes of the current administration.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry disclosed that he has been conducting rogue diplomacy with top Iranian officials to salvage the landmark nuclear deal and push the Islamic Republic to negotiate its contested missile program, according to recent remarks.

Kerry, in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt to promote his new book, said that he has met with Iranian Former Minister Javad Zarif—the former secretary’s onetime negotiating partner—three or four times in recent months behind the Trump administration’s back.

“I think I’ve seen him three or four times,” Kerry said, adding that he has been conducting sensitive diplomacy without the current administration’s authorization. Kerry said he has criticized the current administration in these discussions, chiding it for not pursuing negotiations from Iran, despite the country’s fevered rhetoric about the U.S. president.

Kerry’s comments are in line with previous reporting on his behind-the-scenes attempts to save the nuclear deal and ensure that Iran continues receiving billions in cash windfalls. These payments were brought to a halt by the Trump administration when it abandoned the nuclear agreement and reimposed harsh sanctions on Iran that have nearly toppled its economy and sparked a popular revolution.

The Iranians have refused to negotiate with the Trump administration but apparently, John Kerry is ok. Maybe it is because he folded in regards to the Iran deal.


We’ll see about this. Could be more theatrics.

Dem Senator Diane Feinstein Claims She Has BOMBSHELL Kavanaugh Doc


Judicial Watch never rests and bring us better headlines than the lamestream media.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “The Larry O’Connor Show” to discuss newly released text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, President Trump expecting to declassify Page, Ohr documents and more.

Tom Fitton: Redacted FISA Docs Targeting Trump Team ‘Worse Than Clinton-DNC Dossier’

Thomas Williams will be hosting the THI Show tonight, as usual, and bringing us news analyses, intel and Q&A. He also did a fascinating interview with Randy Maugans recently on OffPlanet Radio you may want to take in. The video/audio is below.


Headlines for March 8, 2018 | T-24 Q-Tube Update, New Internet Platforms and Patriot Blowback [videos] ~ March 8, 2018

There’s an air of excitement in the blogosphere with news of “something big” about to unfold within “24 hours” as a result of Q’s latest drops. With Q, you can go shallow or go deep. Some dive to the bottom and dredge up all sorts of things such as mp3 files.

The new breadcrumbs are here.

Talk of a dramatic hit to Internet censorship, the end of the mainstream media, the status of Edward Snowden, the first of the mass arrests, and other ideas are floating around.

Did I hear that George Webb was arrested?

It’s my birthday today, and I’ve had no sleep, and emails and phone calls to deal with, so I’ll be brief and let those who enjoy deciphering Q-crumbs expound on their interpretations.

Heeeeeeere’s Bernie!  ~ BP

How many times has Q said, “Trust Sessions.”? He is insistent, which should tell us something.

Jeff Sessions Already Has A Justice Official “Outside DC” Investigating Findings

I like the way this guy thinks. This is someone Americans would probably benefit from having as a representative in Washington.

“I WON’T ACCEPT A FALSE NARRATIVE” – Pro Gun Rights Virginia Congressman’s Epic Speech Goes Viral

A status report from our Lady of Light at You Are Free TV…   Will JP (John Podesta) be the first domino to fall?  It certainly seems as though Trump and his team have all their ducks in a row and are about to pull the plug on the bathtub that will begin to seriously drain the swamp in a PUBLIC way. Here in the blogosphere it’s like a private club and most people don’t know what we know—and don’t want to. I think their choice is about to be removed.

True to Q’s crumbs, Saudi Arabia was the first to undergo the purge, and we’re expecting America next, with the UK and Canada down the road. I would have said Trudeau must be shaking in his boots but you know, based on his recent performances he’s in his own little orbit and may not even feel the ripples of anything happening in America right now.

I completely agree that Putin is working with Trump to purge our planet of the dark ones. I always felt Putin was a positive force since the White Hats began outlining the plan to him and asking him to take part and support Humanity. I think Putin was involved in a sting. Or perhaps multiples.

She goes on to discuss the connection of Red October, steel and the destruction of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Centre and 9/11.

What’s up in Washington?

DOJ Announces Fast and Furious Documents Withheld by Eric Holder Will Be Released

John Kerry Officially Under Investigation As Dossier Probe Targets Obama State Department

Thomas Williams will be hosting the ‘Truth, Honor & Integrity Show’ tonight, as usual, and will doubtless have some interesting intel and updates for us. Click the link to listen at 7:30 pm Eastern, 4:30 Pacific.