Headlines and Updates for July 24, 2019: New Q—The Year of the Boomerang [videos] ~ July 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, the fallout is just beginning to be seen as a consequence of Mueller’s congressional hearing today. The s**t IS hitting the fan for the Dark and those involved are beginning to twist and turn as they face building pressure from their Dark acts.

Since this IS the end of the Galactic Year, look for much more to be revealed tomorrow on the “Day of No Time” as what happened today really starts to be revealed. Friday is the beginning of the New Galactic Year which hits right on schedule. Out with the old, and in with the New in SO very many ways, both personally and globally!

So…stay tuned to the Alt media for reports of truth, know that major change is blowin’ in the wind, and be…



The psychopaths used to think it so amusing to trick us and use us as their grotesque entertainment, including dead pool betting. Right back atcha, you ghouls. What goes around comes around.

To the cabal… in case you hadn’t noticed… 2019 is also the year the global Q Movement goes into high gear. Enjoy the show, because you’re the main attraction. It’s all about YOU.3472


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Q had posts about the Mueller testimony, as well. Read them here.

You can watch the full Mueller testimony/circus on YouTube if you wish. There are interesting excerpts below.

We know the dimms are scrambling when they accuse the Rs of purposefully mispronouncing Mueller’s name.  That’s all they got. No defense. No talking points. Thanks for the heads up from AIM4Truth.

Here’s Jim Jordan’s input. It seems Mueller’s go-to excuse is “I can’t get into that.”  And that is because “I don’t recall” was historically overused by James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

Rep. Jim Jordan blasts Mueller for dodging questions

Devin Nunes adds his dry intro confirming that after 2+ years, “we are not amused”. Right on, Mr. Nunes. Plainly spoken.

Nunes: There is collusion between Russia and the Democratic Party

Many on the committee gave powerful and pointed responses to Mueller’s statements and responses to their questions. I have a question, as well. Was this a trap?

Image source: https://saraacarter.com

In keeping with the democrats’ creed, CNN’s Chris Cuomo couldn’t deal with facts the other day so he grilled a guest on his segment with a “hypothetical” question about “what if Trump said he was a racist” and the shouting match ensued. With much credit to the guest, and I can’t find that video now, she refused to answer on the grounds it was a ludicrous, hypothetical question and that Trump is NOT racist. These people are stupid, clinically insane, and are knotting the nooses around their own necks.

People are questioning as to whether “Mewler” was even in charge of his own investigation. He is a disgrace to the US Marines. We know what happened to John the Hanoi Songbird McCain and George HW Bush, so it doesn’t bode well for Mueller, either.

Trump warned it would not go well for the traitor if he took the stand, but we allow the enemy to destroy themselves, right? Whose strategy was this, anyway? I actually feel sorry for Mueller. He’s the fall guy. He’s old, his lover (Comey) is under investigation, his life is over.

We see John Podesta’s temper on display again as he crumbles under pressure.

Desperate John Podesta Throws Tantrum as Flustered Mueller Fails Testimony

From our intrepid foreign correspondent in South Africa, we hear about financial hanky-panky in Zimbabwe. Thanks, J. Very interesting, but not surprising from the global cabal and their puppets who spend most of their time stealing and laundering money belonging to the People.

Zimbabwe: USD$3 Billion Disappears through the System

7/20/2019 02:15:00 PM  News

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 Jul 2019 at 11:50hrs

About 3 Billion United States dollars disappeared through the system after it was allocated to the Command Agriculture program between December 2017 and 2018 it has emerged.

The matter came to light on Friday Morning when the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee was receiving oral evidence from Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement on the Ministry’s Accounts audited in the Auditor General’s 2017 and 2018 Reports.

The report revealed that Treasury released USD$3billion to the Ministry of Agric and Lands to finance Command Agriculture, but there is no supporting documents and parliament did not approve this payment.

The Ministry of Lands Finance Director and the Permanent Secretary said they know nothing about finances that were released by the Treasury for Command Agriculture because they are not in control, instead Command Agric is run by the Office of the President and Cabinet as a sub ministry.

Commenting on the matter Professor Jonathan Moyo said, ” We told you so in 2016/17 when Mnangagwa was personally running and coordinating the programme which he turned from the purported Command Agriculture to Command Uglyculture, steeped in untold corruption that cost billions of USDs in TBs that have not been accounted for!”

Source: Bulawayo24

The corruption is rampant and I think people are now able to see that when we say 70% of the government will be removed, it is not outside the realm of possibility. It’s probable.

Middleman Pleads Guilty as Corrupt Democrat Mayor Faces 35 Years in Prison

Laura Walker’s Oracle Report entitled “Thunderstorms” is so apropos. We are scheduled to have our annual summer monsoons here in the desert Southwest and the clouds have been gathering this past week. We had only a couple of thin chemtrails, and then a great wind and lightning storm Monday night but nary a drop of rain. Typical. But Tuesday afternoon we had a short cloudburst that brought in the gift of creosote aromas we love so much, and at 3 am and 6 am today we had two more showers, so I think the stage has been set for more thunderstorms.

Laura’s reports are precious gifts and I appreciate these brief interludes of sanity in my day. I miss the bergamot I grew in my garden in Canada but still enjoy Earl Grey tea. What do you say—are you ready to get off the merry-go-round?

THE ORACLE REPORT | July 24, 2019 – “Thunderstorms”

Glug, glug, glug…

Alan Dershowitz Grows More Unstable As Epstein Spotlight Gets Bigger

Short and sweet. Hopefully it’s another case of “promises made, promises kept”, and I hope he has a good security detail.

Boris Johnson’s first speech as prime minister

On the other hand, folks have been researching Scherie Moore and found the bright, shiny penny may be tarnished on the flip side.

WARNING: Republican Scherie Murray, One of AOC’s Challengers, Voted for OBAMA TWICE and Congratulated AOC Last Year

Big Tech is under close scrutiny and we hear an interesting line of questioning in the following video by Rep. Ted Cruz, including the comparison of ad rates charged by Google for the Trump campaign versus the Clinton campaign in 2016. I am interested in knowing more about all of this.

Sen. Cruz Grills Google Executive on Alleged Censorship Bias

I’m going to close here because the videos keep jumping off the page and running away.  ~ BP

The Deep State Criminals Just Went ALL IN — THIS IS WAR. ~ July 19, 2018

Time to catch up on Q, the great awakening and the deep state WAR against our lawfully elected President with anons from Patriot’s Soapbox. John Brennan, James Clapper, Robert Mueller and James Comey are deep state agents rivaled only in their treachery by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesa and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Brennan and the mockingbird mainstream media’s hysteria over Trump’s meeting with Putin illustrates that the deep state is now engaged in all out war against the President, the Constitution and the American people. Joins us as we discuss the latest.

#CANARY Q: NXIVM SONGBIRD Al_son Mack, A Sch_ff, Ob_ma, “Wendy” Wass_rman Sch_ltz ~ April 21, 2018

4/21 The Q Team intel is blowing up, as more posts reveal B_rack Ob_ma allegedly repeatedly assaulting a California girl whose grandmother, Emmy award-winning, Agnes Nixon, created the daytime soap operas, All My Children and Days of Our lives. The Q posts show a picture of Barack Obama hugging the girl, Maggie Nixon, while sporting a bandaid on the middle finger of his left hand. People who have following the Pizzagate scandal are familiar with the satanic rituals known as spirit cooking, during which the participants are told to slice into their left middle finger with a knife and suck on the blood or “eat the pain”, as Marina Abromovic, high satanic priestess to the pedo-elite, writes in her ritual art, using semen, blood and breast milk (can’t make this evil stuff up!!!). The emails released through Wikileaks that exposed John Podesta and other members of the DNC as pedophiles, feature John Podesta holding his hands up, with pedo-related imagery, and he is wearing the same bandaid on his left middle finger. These photos, of BHO and JP, may have been taken after the same spirit cooking ritual.

Headlines for March 8, 2018 | T-24 Q-Tube Update, New Internet Platforms and Patriot Blowback [videos] ~ March 8, 2018

There’s an air of excitement in the blogosphere with news of “something big” about to unfold within “24 hours” as a result of Q’s latest drops. With Q, you can go shallow or go deep. Some dive to the bottom and dredge up all sorts of things such as mp3 files.

The new breadcrumbs are here.

Talk of a dramatic hit to Internet censorship, the end of the mainstream media, the status of Edward Snowden, the first of the mass arrests, and other ideas are floating around.

Did I hear that George Webb was arrested?

It’s my birthday today, and I’ve had no sleep, and emails and phone calls to deal with, so I’ll be brief and let those who enjoy deciphering Q-crumbs expound on their interpretations.

Heeeeeeere’s Bernie!  ~ BP

How many times has Q said, “Trust Sessions.”? He is insistent, which should tell us something.

Jeff Sessions Already Has A Justice Official “Outside DC” Investigating Findings

I like the way this guy thinks. This is someone Americans would probably benefit from having as a representative in Washington.

“I WON’T ACCEPT A FALSE NARRATIVE” – Pro Gun Rights Virginia Congressman’s Epic Speech Goes Viral

A status report from our Lady of Light at You Are Free TV…   Will JP (John Podesta) be the first domino to fall?  It certainly seems as though Trump and his team have all their ducks in a row and are about to pull the plug on the bathtub that will begin to seriously drain the swamp in a PUBLIC way. Here in the blogosphere it’s like a private club and most people don’t know what we know—and don’t want to. I think their choice is about to be removed.

True to Q’s crumbs, Saudi Arabia was the first to undergo the purge, and we’re expecting America next, with the UK and Canada down the road. I would have said Trudeau must be shaking in his boots but you know, based on his recent performances he’s in his own little orbit and may not even feel the ripples of anything happening in America right now.

I completely agree that Putin is working with Trump to purge our planet of the dark ones. I always felt Putin was a positive force since the White Hats began outlining the plan to him and asking him to take part and support Humanity. I think Putin was involved in a sting. Or perhaps multiples.

She goes on to discuss the connection of Red October, steel and the destruction of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Centre and 9/11.

What’s up in Washington?

DOJ Announces Fast and Furious Documents Withheld by Eric Holder Will Be Released

John Kerry Officially Under Investigation As Dossier Probe Targets Obama State Department

Thomas Williams will be hosting the ‘Truth, Honor & Integrity Show’ tonight, as usual, and will doubtless have some interesting intel and updates for us. Click the link to listen at 7:30 pm Eastern, 4:30 Pacific.


“Q’s Twitter”/Natl. Guard & Flights to GITMO/SKYKING/Trump Mentions Podesta ~ Dec. 29, 2017

Ah! Jordan Sather is out providing another set of clues working to keep aware of what is happening in our world right NOW!

So….let’s watch Jordan as he informs us about various “clues” going on right now (activity at GITMO, SKYKING messages, and Trump speaking about John Podesta), keep aware of your part in the evolution of Earth, and…