Ben Swann: Trump Accuses New York Times of Treason over Russia Cyber Attack Story [video] ~ June 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends. it’s getting uglier day by day as the forces of Light continue to deprive the dark of their means of attack! In this case, the Media are being called out for what they are…instruments of the dark compelled to sway public opinion into a state of disinformation and…FEAR.

But…stay tuned as forces working for the Light continue to steadily chip away at the dark’s tools of disinfo, watch as more and more beacons of hope begin to illuminate our world, and be…



Cyber attacks are easy to pull off, can be devastating, and when a large power grid goes down, chaos and suffering can ensue.

The Hill reports on the cyber attack in question.

Russia: Reported US cyber attack on power grid possible

What we must understand is that the “deep state” is very real and these rogue agency clowns and military agents are indeed operating outside the purview of President Trump and his legitimate, appointed administration.

While the President has not come out and said this, he is NOT in control of the upper echelons of the military or the agencies put in place during Obama’s regime.

Some of the same ones who set Trump up in the phony Russia collusion fiasco are undermining the President’s efforts to bring peace and prosperity to America and the world through improved relations with the leaders of all countries.

The deep state thrives on war and destruction and they will say and do anything to promulgate war. Their ultimate strategy is to pull off provocative acts so extreme that nations cannot fail to retaliate, thus escalating the conflict. That is what is behind acts of aggression involving the Iranian tanker ships.

That is what a false flag event is; the deep state stages some sort of attack, whether it’s a bombing, a shooting, a missile attack, a power grid cyber attack, and then plants news articles in their rogue media outlets blaming another party who had nothing to do with it. Does anyone really fall for these any longer?

This is very basic stuff, not difficult to understand. It’s not about elements in America going rogue to take matters into their own hands because they disagree with Trump’s handling of foreign relations. Russia is not our enemy.

We have to see the situation for what it is, not what the lying, treasonous, cabal-controlled media says it is.

President Putin knows very well Trump is NOT at the root of these attacks, and he also knows who is, and why. The American people need to know it, too.

The deep state believes the only chance they and globalists who have been running the world have of surviving Trump, the grim reaper, is to cause extreme conflict and war. They can try whatever they like; they will not escape their demise. Their time is over and they continue to dig their own graves.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for May 23, 2019: Washington at an Impasse [videos] ~ May 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: Well, my friends, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I will be away from home “seeing the sight” of where I Am for this holiday weekend! This means I will be not paying quite so much attention to my blog as I normally do which means I won’t be posting quite as much until Monday.

I will have both my iPad and iPhone with me, so breaking events are not likely to pass me by, Stay tuned…and have a safe holiday weekend, and be…



The terrorist distractions continue as the deep state acts out their hissy fits over being dismantled and exposed at every turn. It seems very childish, with parties on either side of the aisle not on speaking terms.

Politicians ramp up their attacks and obstruction, not interested in the least in doing their jobs. Why are we paying them?

Pelosi’s gone off the deep end.

Nancy Pelosi Asks for a Trump Intervention

The weather is not cooperating either and massive twisters track across the Midwest causing almost as much damage as the demonrats.

Huge Tornado Rips Through Jefferson City, Missouri and Surrounding Areas

On the bright side, I hear spring finally broke in Ontario Canada and the leaves are popping on schedule for the May Two-Four Weekend. Party on, folks!

Here in Arizona it’s been 25 – 30 degrees cooler than normal, dark, showery, and blustery, but the wind finally diminished and blew through to Oklahoma and Missouri. Blue skies are back and the traditional heat is to return this weekend.

As we await the James Comey action, let’s revisit the news from almost two months ago that the plot was widespread within the DNC itself. It was all about “Russian collusion”. How many will the investigations and prosecutions take down? Time will tell, but the reason it has taken so long to get to this point is because so many are implicated. The bribery and blackmail run deep and wide, casting a net on perhaps 80 per cent of politicians.

Those who cooperated and worked with us, like Lindsey Graham, may get a free pass or lighter sentence on activities they regret. Those who fight to the death will be taken down completely. No quarter.

CONFIRMED… DNC WAS IN ON IT! Hillary Campaign Mgr. Was Pushing Fake Russia Story at DNC Convention – SAME DAY FBI Launched Trump-Russia Investigation!

Dr. Dave Janda presents a special edition of Operation: Freedom today. (see below) He’s incensed, as many of us are, about Pelosi’s accusation that Trump is involved in a “coverup”.

It’s all about the “hammer” now. And how long has QAnon been talking about, “hammer time”?  Dave suggests what his sources are saying will be coming down the pike any day now. He also explains some intricacies as to why things are happening as they are, and how important timing is.

Q suggested “C comes before D” (in the alphabet) so we expect the Comey hoopla to unfold first, and then DECLAS (Declassification) of the FISA material.

We have explained for a some time now that whatever the demonrats accuse others of doing, is what they themselves have done—be it Russian collusion or a coverup. It’s called “projection”. They tell us exactly what they’ve done.

Dave echoes my view that the Deep State isn’t merely a swamp—it’s a septic tank, and the turds have to be cleaned out and the entire government disinfected.

MOAB incoming!!! Nuclear sanitation.

This is the site Dave recommends we visit ASAP before it disappears.


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | May 12, 2019

FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and …

Read More


Folks might wonder why drug prices are so ridiculously high, and why the list of potential negative side-effects for prescriptions are so long and frightening. Part of the problem is collusion.

Truth In Media: Big Pharma’s Influence Over The FDA

Headlines and Updates for March 12, 2019: Gathering Momentum [videos] ~ March 12, 2019

The Q army went to work last night after QAnon posted the following in response to the Tweet below from this patriot:

Nate Cain, Federal Whistleblower, Needs Our Prayers

3033Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 11 Mar 2019 – 5:49:45 PM


Stay in the LIGHT.
Remain in open comms w/ Sen Graham & Grassley re: Whistleblower Protection Act.
They will take your phone calls.

Nate Cain: Husband, Father, US Army vet,
Cybersecurity expert, Federal Whistleblower.
I love my God, my family, and my country. I am a patriot.
Union Bridge, MD

Someone Tweeted that Q is a LARP, and Cain replied he doesn’t know who Q is, but they posted on 8Chan about his situation and subsequently thousands of prayers appeared on his feed. How is that a bad thing?

Q is a LARP that protects whistleblowers? Terrible.

We are watching.  ~ BP

This just in…

Pence floats offer to kill Trump emergency disapproval resolution

And yes, President Trump spoke out on Twitter about the Boeing 737 MAX plane. What he was really saying, for anyone not clear, is that Boeing (a cabal corporation of the military industrial complex) installed the remote hijacking system in them and they are therefore unsafe because the pilots cannot fly them if they’re hacked remotely.

Hundreds of innocent people lost their lives because the psychopaths crashed planes over the years. My understanding was that nearly all planes come equipped with that technology and it is one of the reasons for the overhaul of Airforce One when Trump was elected.

As an aside, it probably wasn’t smart to have so many UN officials on one plane, as they did on the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.

The offshoot of that latest attack is as follows, and in multiple countries:

Europe bans Boeing 737 MAX: Planes grounded, diverted as nations shut airspace over Ethiopia crash

Major conflict of interest with Nadler. Witch hunt. (We sound like Q & Trump now. I guess we learned the comms.)


Regarding the military tribunals at GTMO-Guantanamo Bay… C-VINE’s Linda and Leonard bring us an update to dispel the rumours.

They also explain who/what C-VINE is, their purpose, and go over Leonard’s impeccable credentials again. He wrote a top-notch article full of information and validation which Linda reads for us. Straight facts, well researched. It’s what he does. They include many links beneath the video on YouTube if you wish to see the research for yourself.

GITMO Rumor Squashing (P4 Of 4)-The Deep State vs. Kavanaugh

C-VINE News Network
Published on Mar 6, 2019

This report by Leonard Bacani was originally written during the preliminary Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and BEFORE the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh as SCOTUS. It was created and researched at that time to provide facts as to why the Criminal Left was fighting the Kavanaugh Appointment so hard. (Hint: The Deep State KNEW what it would mean). This C-VINE report provides source for you to fact check, and should give you a great deal of HOPE as to what WILL happen with all those Sealed Indictments. The appointment of Judge Kavanaugh as SCOTUS was the tipping point, as there now will be NO ESCAPING THE FATE OF GITMO!

BREXIT gives me a headache.

UK MPs reject Theresa May’s Brexit deal AGAIN

Natasha exposes more “elite” hijinks when money can buy anything.

FBI Busts Hollywood Elite Cheating College Degrees For Their Kids – Huge KaBoom !

Always interesting, educational and uplifting news from Dr. Janda. He also tells us a “stealth declas” is ongoing.


We’ve warned about this sick “game” before. If you have kids, you might want to have a word with them about it.

Ben originally set out to learn if these video challenges were real and determined they were not. He since revised his stance when his contacts showed him the videos do exist on YouTube and issued a formal apology.

THAT right there, is what true journalism is about and Ben upholds the highest standards. Going forward, we will accept only those who do. Journalists trying to coverup or spin information will be named and shamed—not to mention out of work.

Ben Swann ON: Momo Challenge Videos Are Real

Simon weighs in on President Trump, among other aspects of the news before he gets to the Q&A.

2019 03 08 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

Keeping it light, IPOT rounds up and fleshes out the Q posts…

Headlines and Updates for February 27, 2019: It’s Not a Game, But No Fear! [videos] ~ February 27, 2019

By now there shouldn’t be anyone who has not prepared for up to two weeks of disruptions in services, the supply chain, etc. due to either bizarre weather or potential eleventh hour attacks from the deep state.

Many, including the President, have asked us to prepare a little, just in case.

I hope Californians have prepared because there are mandatory evacuations AGAIN in the Santa Rosa/Russian River area. Coincidence? They want those people gone.

Santa Rosa obliterates rainfall records, mandatory evacuation for Russian River area, California

There’s some fear porn circulating out there that I won’t be sharing. “Insiders” who start out with good information often wind up sharing disinformation and fear porn later on when our guard is down—particularly when the cabal is backed into a corner as they are now.

If you, like me, couldn’t bear to watch the Cohen soap opera but would like an overview, here are the highlights from RT. I’m betting you wish you’d bought stocks in popcorn.

‘Shame on you!’ ‘No, shame on you!’ Michael Cohen testimony turns into partisan farce

Shame on Robert David Steele. Below is the headline from his email this morning, so it’s obvious he either has no intelligence about The Plan, and/or no interest in supporting the President with a wait-and-see attitude based on the miraculous feats already achieved by he and the White Hats in just over two years. Turncoat. There comes a time when the players have to show their true colours and go for the jugular, and they’re doing it. Too bad it blows their cover.

BREAKING: Trump Team Fucks Up On Venezuela

Personally, I found Dave’s analysis regarding Venezuela on the X22 Report quite credible and I’m goin’ with that one. He talks to a number of people and researches various takes on events but also has astute personal insights on things based on what we have seen so far and he’s usually very accurate. This just might work, but in the end I know it will be resolved because we must have peace on Earth and liberate Humanity and Trump and his team will get it done.

Collusion, Investigations, Hoaxes Failed, Patriots Turn, DECLAS – Episode 1801b

Dr. Janda, who worked with the Washington bureaucrats for 38 years brought us another excellent report on what he sees and hears from his insiders that’s always valuable for fleshing out the big picture.


Kip Simpson tells us Bill Gates is up to the same old, same old anti-Human activities.

Bill Gates ‘Donates’ $15000000 to Force GMOs on Small Farmers Around the World

Looks like British Columbia, Canada parents got dumbed down and are signing a petition to make the measles vaccine mandatory to attend public schools. Duh! British Columbia is Canada’s “California”—right down to the fires.

Didn’t we hear that the deep state purposely seeded some communities with measles so there would be an epidemic or something? I don’t know where I saw/heard that. Problem-Reaction-Solution. Humans are so predictable.

Now the government is demanding kids get stuck for public AND private schools, and parents who refuse may have to attend educational classes to show them why vaccinations are necessary—despite the statistics showing no one died of measles. Statistics also show that the MMR vaccine will cause multiple vaccine injuries. Makes perfect sense.

It’s already mandatory in Ontario with 6,000+ suspension orders about to go out to parents who will have to provide proof of puncture or children will be suspended for 20 days.

The Government Wants MANDATORY VACCINES For Your Children! What You NEED To Know!!!

The dimms are still after your guns, America, and aim to make it harder to buy one. Approved by the House. What say you, Senate?

It’s really too bad more brainwashed people don’t realize it’s not the average American who kills people with a gun—it’s the illegal alien, mind-controlled bots the deep state provides the drugs and weapons to and then triggers them to pull off terrorists events on innocent people. This legislation is pointless, except that they might claim anyone is mentally unstable, flag their file and gun shops will then refuse to sell them a gun.

House passes bill expanding background checks on gun sales

This could be a telling trend. Who needs all that dead wood, pen-pushing, shuffling papers, spying on patriots, setting up false flag terrorist events and pulling coup d’états against the President? We need a smaller government.

Ben Swann ON: FBI Recruitment Numbers At Lowest In A Decade

If you have not yet had a rundown on the Q posts from February 26, if things are getting a little intense and you need to lighten up, Sir Patrick Mack brings us his brand of QAnon updates, the Hanoi meetings, etc. with popcorn and a sprinkle of silliness that can be really good for the soul.

Tune in to the latest updates from Thomas Williams tomorrow night, Thursday 7:30 EST/4:30 Pacific for news analyses, unique intel, op-eds, and if time allows, Q&A. Listen live on or from the Think Different website.

Late Headlines for February 8, 2019: Increasing Activity of All Kinds [videos] ~ February 8, 2019

We were half expecting Comey and Brennan’s indictments to be public today. I haven’t seen anything yet. You?

Kamala Harris has an interesting relationship we probably didn’t know about which might be noteworthy should she actually run for President. Are sugar daddies illegal? There are strict regulations concerning campaign contributions that the dimms don’t seem to want to honour. They have always been above the law.

Why is No One Reporting This?

If you missed it, the Thomas Williams’ update from last night…

Thomas has warned us repeatedly about having our money in the banks, particularly the biggest banks, because the cabal is stealing funds, hacking the quantum financial system, and the FDIC is broke and cannot replace funds stolen. He spoke of the BS going on yesterday, February 7, which the Trust had to remedy with strategic measures. Interesting report from Daniel Cannon in the video below related to banks and other online systems.

Thomas indicated some time ago that Wells Fargo is in trouble, we heard about the raids at Deutsche Bank in Germany, and he stated Bank of America might be next. “Final warning”, he said.

The following alert came yesterday from Logic Before Authority. Interesting stuff going on… causing glitches at several banks, and affecting Internet, cellular, and power as well.

It’s not all bad, though. Social media contains reports some folks have a lot of extra money in their bank accounts.

Wells Fargo says they apologize for the inconvenience of having control of your money and the fact that you can’t have it, lol.

WELLS FARGO, Chase, US Bank ALL Down! Spectrum, AT&T, Verizon and Cox ALL Down!

Why is Tulsi Gabbard the only anti-war candidate? They’ll throw their own under the bus if they don’t fall in line with the narrative.

BTW, for what it’s worth… Lionel Nation believes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a plant by the White Hats. She’s sort of on par with Kyrsten Sinema with her outrageous ideas and embarrassing behaviour. They just may be actors in the movie.

Ben Swann ON: Rep Tulsi Gabbard Smeared by NBC as “Putin Puppet”

Not that we needed to be told, but it’s nice to have the confirmation from Mike Adams on that set up with CNN and the FBI to arrest Roger Stone.

BREAKING: Surveillance video captures FBI directing CNN camera man at Roger Stone raid; it’s all THEATER

So… what IS real, you might ask? Anything can be faked, it seems, and anything can be weaponized.

False Flag Fake Victim Image Generator

ROBERT  STEELE: Simone is here. False flag events managers can now generate complete fake interviews of fake victims or their fake relatives giving fake interviews plus photographs of fake victims.  As long as the Mainstream Media (MSM) is complicit in treason, In combination, holographic technology with audio and voice manipulation (used to frame people) and now this, provide the Deep State and Shadow Government with all the tools needed to create a climate of public fear that facilitates an unconstitutional police state. The false flags to date have not been using all of the technologies, crisis actors and clumsy forgeries have been the order of the day, but we anticipate constant improvement in the ability of the Zionist-controlled Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that has sidelined its disaster relief mission and is now completely militarized and focused on crowd control (we are “cattle” which is a step up from Zionist-controlled police forces that call us “cockroaches”). The President — or his successor — needs to abolish, DHS put down FEMA and legalized lying under national security warrants.  False flag events with or without patsy deaths should be a crime that calls for the death sentence without delay.

New information is available thanks to Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies and Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media with an update involving contributors to the Clinton Foundation in the amount of $11M and additional information to that, which they reveal in this video. Why didn’t this information come out in the Mueller investigation? A very good question. There’s more, and there’s a huge conflict of interest.

We’ve nailed Hillary and Mueller in the act!! UNBELIEVABLE.