Obama Officials Freaking Out as State Dept Hits Clinton Emailers with Culpability Letters & New Epstein Blackmail Tapes [video + audio] ~ September 29, 2019

Editor’s Note: September was hailed as a “hot” month. Sure the temps here in the Southeast are way above normal, but the heat is also definitely “on” for those Dark members of the USA gov’t who have almost taken our gov’t (and the world) down the tubes.

Investigate away, find out more of the truth, know this is part of the “plan” for changing our lives for the better, and BE…



No, the big fish did not get away. This take-down is going to go the way the Military Intelligence/Marines say it will go—and when. Patience, please.

None of this is going to remain a secret unless it is currently deemed just too much for the unsuspecting to assimilate until a later date. They don’t want people to shut down; they want them to be open and to learn and innerstand what has happened. The truth will be meted out in bite-size pieces and life will go on.

Obama Officials FREAKING OUT as State Dept Hits Clinton Emailers with Culpability Letters

State Department investigators are reportedly escalating their probe into email records from former Hillary Clinton aides

How Hillary Clinton, John Kerry Used Secretary of State Office to Enrich Their Families

And let’s not forget about Jeffrey Epstein. His memory lives on. The odds are the White Hats have him in protective custody so he can spill the beans on who is linked to his despicable activities but for now we are still getting interesting information about the extent of the pedovore network and Human trafficking.

Secret Spy ‘Footage From Bedrooms’ Of Epstein’s Estate Revealed In Shocking Blackmail Tapes

Early Report for August 8, 2019: Keeping Epstein & Friends in Focus [videos] ~ August 8, 2019

In truth, there are MANY surprises coming. Count on it.

Of great importance: Timothy Holmseth vs Jeffrey Epstein (not the actual docket) pre-trial hearing takes place today. Timothy is a journalist who uncovered the Epstein crimes and when he made authorities aware, went through 11 years of hell, including assassination attempts.

Timothy would have been permanently out of the picture had it not been for a congressional committee who took him to a safe place and protected him. He is a key witness in the evil web of pedophilia/pedovoria and President Trump and his wife Melania are fighting this battle along side him and the marines also support the initiatives to vanquish the evil on our planet.

Amidst many personal challenges, Field McConnell is taking his limousine, his hearse, and up to 26 people (even from Europe) to the hearing today in support of Tim and to send a message to the judiciary that We, the People, are not taking any more of their corrupt, Admiralty Law nonsense and want the false charges against Holmseth dropped. Please send your best intentions along with Field and perhaps justice will be done today. It would be a major victory for the Light Forces, and Humanity.

The dark ones know how to weave their spells to manifest what they want. We need to understand how they do it and use those principles to counter their evil. LK explains just what a “spell” is in this short video.

The bible speaks of the “word of God” and how in the beginning God “spoke” things into being. What if that’s the secret to manifestation? Humans are creative machines. When we use our imaginations, our hearts, minds, and speak what we want, we might be able to change the world as a unified force. The dark works hard to divide us so we do not come together.

Since the advent of QAnon, I believe we are slowly coming closer together and congealing into a single force for good and can induce the return of the Light.

I believe it’s important to remember that President Trump and the Q team have a strategy, they know to some degree what will happen in the future, and the goal is liberation. The twists and turns along the way are not for us to worry about. We have to trust them, and the process. Stay grounded and centered, and positive. There are surprises in store, but this is a war.

SerialBrain2: Q Occult Series – Part 10: WHAT IS A SPELL?

The Patriot Intel Report for Patriots on the go. I’m not overly chuffed about going to California and will be uber-vigilant wherever I go.

Patriot Intel Report 08 08 19

Those darned flies! Not only do they land on Hillary and Hussein, they hang around Biden, too, in this brief excerpt. Coincidence? Things are not going well for the demonrats. Biden is a non-candidate. He may as well fold. Michael Obama again stated he would not run for president. The idea alone is laughable. “First tranny president of the United States”. We’d be in stitches.

Joe Biden audio problems, fly buzzes face, stumbles through attacks

It appears the lunatic left may have gone too far. The pendulum is still swinging and is about to self-destruct. Perhaps Hussein sees that. They’ve lost control and the fear has them scattered and ineffective. Nothing can save them now.

Obama Becoming Frustrated With Democrat’s Move Left

Sir Patrick Mack goes into detail on a couple of important issues, including the very interesting ties of the Dayton, Ohio shootings to pedophilia. What? Is everything connected to pedophilia? YES! The people who have been running the world are nearly all satanic pedophiles and the control structure they created reflects that if you do any amount of research. The amount of mind-effery on the part of the media is astonishing, but the insane antics are backfiring because it’s waking up a lot more people who can see it for what it is.

He also goes into some of the 8Chan drama which continues to mount. And why is that? Because there is a big threat. QAnon and awakened patriots are becoming a greater thorn in the side of the old regime every day.

Times Are 8Chan-ging – IPOT Presents – 8.8.19

In this video with respect to Jeffrey Epstein and the web of evil, they use the terminology “tentacles of the octopus” to convey the idealogy that so much is connected beneath the surface that isn’t visible.

It’s an interesting conversation here, discussing the implications of Jeffrey Epstein’s activities at his sprawling New Mexico ranch near Santa Fe, and his relationship to Governor Bill Richardson, as well as transhumanism and beyond. They connect some very interesting dots in 20 minutes and confirm there are countless deep rabbit holes when you investigate Jeffrey Epstein.

EPSTEIN/RICHARDSON: How connected were they?

Assistant Secretary of State Resigns Amid Immigration Differences

Today is a travel day so until I get back to WiFi… I’m out.  ~ BP

NXIVM and Satanic Pedogate Gone Mainstream Implicating Hillary Clinton & State Department [videos] ~ June 23, 2019

Drip, drip, drip.

There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle, folks. It’s out there and it’s not going away. Canada, USA, the UK, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, every country is plagued by these despicable crimes. The Human trafficking rings are under the spotlight now, and it’s about time.

Even NBC is addressing it. Beware the Storm.

Now it should be clear why the deep state/globalists/NWO hate Trump so much and why they will stop at nothing to remove him. There is no shortage of propaganda articles on the Internet about Trump’s true intentions and the lies are thick.  ~ BP

Read this story here.

NBC NEWS: Hillary Clinton covered up pedophile ring

Billy Joyce in Cape Breton, Canada rags on this regularly, as do many of us.

The hunters become the hunted.  ~ Q

#NXIVM #SexCult : Raniere Guilty! Ties to Clinton, Trudeau, Obama & more!

Headlines and Updates for January 16, 2019: Washington DC is Not Business as Usual [videos] ~ January 16, 2019

Number One did some updates and we should have no more issues on the bridge. (Until next time.)  ~ BP

Washington is dealing with an avalanche of litigation and paperwork as a result of prosecuting and laying off  so many people. The purge continues!

Judge Rules Susan Rice & Obama Officials Must Answer Under Oath for Hillary Clinton Server


This just in. The only way they can get readers is outlandish, fantasy stunts in fake tabloids.

Who believes it’s okay to do business by deceiving people? Not that YouTubers don’t do it, too. How many make claims in their video titles they do not fulfill in the content? You can tell by the number of thumbs down, but many disable comments so you can’t warn others about their misleading tactics.

‘Unpresidented’: Fake edition of Washington Post claims Trump resigned

When I heard so many were talking about the Gillette advertisement I purposely shunned it. We don’t have to fall for their smarmy marketing ploys. Chris is right. Get smart and ignore them! Wherever they try to lead you—go in the opposite direction. Sheep no more!

The Untold SECRET About the Gillette Ad.. No One is Talking About!

They think we’re stupid. But then, a lot of people have been programmed to go to Snopes for truth, too.  Thanks, J.

New App ‘NewsGuard’ Promises To Stop Fake News. Have A Look At Who Owns & Funds It

Theresa May’s government survives no-confidence vote (WATCH LIVE)

This is all these morons have left in their weapons arsenal. How does the President stand it?

As we evolve… an interesting article to ponder.

Benefits of Spiritual Awakening That Nobody Mentions

Great analyses and perspective from Dave last night in his X22 reports for folks getting up to speed on the deep state and the global liberation.

Restructuring Of The World Begins, Get Ready Here It Comes – Episode 1766a

Trap Has Been Set [30], Are We About To See A Mass Draining Of The Swamp? – Episode 1766b

Retired Marine Steve Motley’s perspective on the shutdown and draining of the swamp. What is old news for some, is brand new, critical information for others. New folks are arriving on deck every day and they want to understand what is happening.

He reports what we long suspected… that no-name McCain blackmailed Sen. Lindsey Graham into following their globalist program but now he’s a free agent and we hope he will join forces with the Light.

“Sorry.” Well, that makes it alright then. Lock him up!

Goldman Sachs CEO says ‘Sorry’ for Stolen $4 Billion in Corruption Case

This can’t end soon enough. RT reports…

2 US Troops and Two US Civilans Killed in Suicide Bombing Attack in Syria’s Manbij

Four US soldiers were killed and three were injured, Reuters reported, citing an unnamed American official.

Al Jazeera sources earlier said the death toll includes two US soldiers, one Kurdish fighter, and six civilians. Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak said five Americans were killed by the explosion. Another unconfirmed report said the target was a restaurant where US, French and Kurdish troops were meeting to discuss security arrangements for the city.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) mouthpiece Al-Amaq said the terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

A graphic video surveillance footage of the blast has been shared on social media, showing a group of people near the restaurant and passersby consumed by a huge fiery blast. It appears to confirm the attack was a work of a suicide bomber.

It’s like pulling teeth to get to the truth we all know long before the information goes public. Alright, already. No matter how you slice it, she’s toast. She’s not coming back, and Trump gets to confirm a new Justice to SCOTUS.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Cancels Public Appearance in Los Angeles Set for January 29

Headlines and Updates for September 4, 2018: The Illusion is Crumbling [videos] ~ September 4, 2018

Edirot’s Note: This is another good “real” news compilation by StarshipEarth. Spot on…, and…



I’ve no desire to preach to the choir, but we need to put information out there for the right people to find, so read or not, but share if you see value.

Fake News is Alive and Well in America—Or Is It?

A sample of the Mind Kontrol Media programming; official, nationally-delivered script included. They say all the things people want to hear and the masses believe them. Everything’s okay, no worries, now go back to sleep.

And too many folks are only too eager to do that. They don’t want to have to DO anything about the horrific world they live in and happily turn over the responsibility to run everything to someone else who tells them they’re on their side.

“Thank you for watching and we appreciate your feedback.”

I know they wouldn’t appreciate MY feedback.

We often hear now that more and more people are realizing that the corporate media is just the propaganda arm of the shadow government, and that will continue, particularly if we continue to educate.

This is the script, which is posted below unedited and in its entirety:

“Hi, I’m(A) ____________, and I’m (B) _________________…

(B) Our greatest responsibility is to serve our _________________ communities. We are extremely proud of the quality, balanced journalism that _________________ News produces.

(A) But we’re concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.

(B) More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories… stories that just aren’t true, without checking facts first.

(A) Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think’…This is extremely dangerous to a democracy.

(B) At _________________ it’s our responsibility to pursue and report the truth. We understand Truth is neither politically ‘left nor right.’ Our commitment to factual reporting is the foundation of our credibility, now more than ever.

(A) But we are human and sometimes our reporting might fall short. If you believe our coverage is unfair please reach out to us by going to _________________.com and clicking on CONTENT CONCERNS. We value your comments. We will respond back to you.

(B) We work very hard to seek the truth and strive to be fair, balanced and factual… We consider it our honor, our privilege to responsibly deliver the news every day.

(A) Thank you for watching and we appreciate your feedback”


These two guys make a lot of sense, and I think logically define many tactics the media uses in the massive deception most people are living in if they haven’t stopped to question anything. This is short and sweet but should be required learning for us all.

If you recall, SerialBrain2 told us that from the information coming from POTUS and QAnon, we know a strategy is underway and it’s not how it looks. The NWO aren’t the only ones who can create illusions. To win this war, the Patriots have to be masters of deception to beat the liars at their own game. The term “3-D chess” is very appropriate.

The decodes suggested that while President Trump continues to bash Jeff Sessions and suggest he is weak and doing nothing, and that Trump is the same for letting him, they are actually playing right into the tiny minds of the deep state.

The lamestream media are fixated now on convincing the masses that Jeff Sessions was legitimately tasked with heading up the Department of Justice and they so want him to stay. It’s only right!

Did the plan work? It’s looking that way. I think they took the bait. Soon I think we will learn just what Sessions has been up to all this time.


Something BIG is Coming! We can FEEL it!

(hint: it involves lots of clowns)

Dave at the X22 Report interviewed “V” of Rogue News and I believe he lends a great deal of perspective to the current geopolitical situation, the financial “event” we believe is on the way this year, and more. “V” keeps it light and it’s good stuff.

I agree that everything is pointing to a “big event” or multiple events in the near future that will rock our world. An “October surprise” could be financial, but since everything is intertwined, it will probably involve multiple aspects of life and liberty. It could mean the rest of this year is a roller coaster. I think it’s safe to say a whole slew of Americans are about to be shoved unceremoniously out of bed. The awakened ones have run out of patience.

If what is coming is largely confined to the USA, the reverberations will still resonate across the planet because we’re all connected and thanks to the Internet and social media/alt media, no matter where we live we have brothers and sisters everywhere. They are all watching America with great interest to see what will happen next.

The current situation, particularly the financial arena, is an illusion, and that is necessary because most Americans have no idea what has happened to their country, or how. The illusion must be maintained to a certain point until the grand plan can be revealed. The good guys understand Human psychology and that they will have to deliver the bad news with some really good news to take the sting out of the shocking stuff.

The best tack is to be a Boy Scout and “be prepared”—for ANYTHING.

Shattering the Illusion for Bullies

Remember the bully who ripped off a MAGA hat along with some hair from a sixteen-year-old boy at a burger joint and then threw the boy’s drink in his face? Well, a grand jury sent the message that bullying and brutality will not be tolerated. Anyone lacking the self-control required to live among free-thinking people will mean they find themselves in hot water. Looks good on ‘im.

Satanism is Finding a Foothold in American School Programs

Most of us have no illusions about Satanism, but the Satanists are going out of their way to bring their devil-worshipping beliefs into schools to indoctrinate children. They thought that by presenting this “alternative” openly as a extra-interest school program, it would seem benign. They deny “satanism” is a “religion—like that makes it okay.

What is happening is that stupid people who believe the crap spoon fed to the masses that we need to be open-minded and non-judgmental about others and their beliefs if we want to be fair, are even turning on people who reveal the truth of Satanism. In effect, the sheep are doing the policing; trying to “shame” the rest of us into relenting and accepting anything and everything without research or critical thinking.

There is no reasoning with these brainwashed sheep. Satanism is the opposite of Christianity—and I’m not religious at all. It’s paying homage to Satan—who was the enemy of Christ, if you believe the bible.

Satanism is not an “alternative belief system” any more than pedophilia is an “alternative lifestyle”.

The message that we should not complain about Muslim immigrants who rape women, start hundreds of car fires in Sweden, teach children to shoot guns and carry out future school shootings, or people who want to worship Satan or we are racists or_________, is actually taken seriously by some people. There is a serious lack of critical thinking.

The New World Order are doing whatever they can to divide people and we do need to realize that the terrorists they import to damage our society and create hatred is a very real plot. That is not to say all Muslims are terrorists. We have to be sensible about it and realize the agenda. A terrorist is a terrorist; a rapist is a rapist; a murderer is a murderer no matter their religion, race or creed.

We do not have to allow terrorists to attack us and destroy our property, and we don’t have to allow Satanists to corrupt our children. It doesn’t make us intolerant or bad people.

The unfortunate thing about the New World Order is, they tip-toe around until someone opens the door a crack, and then when they have their foot in the door, they gut the house. Pay attention, people. They’ve already gutted your White House, and Trump, fortunately, is draining the swamp and evicting them. Don’t make his job harder or more dangerous than it already is.

The psychopaths are skilled at dressing something up to look and sound really good. Next the Trojan horse spills its guts and it’s then too late. Be proactive and stop the enemy—don’t let them in!

Psychopathic Bunny Art In Our Faces

After Q pointed to the Podesta “bunny art” I visited the website Alex Podesta freely exposes online. It’s a “dot org”. Unbelievable. Want to donate? Volunteer?


Disturbing, is putting it mildly. When you see the image of a child’s face on the floor like a mask as portrayed in one image I saw—after hearing that Hitlary Clinton and Huma Abedin filleted the face off a young girl and wore it over their own to terrorize her and induce the adrenaline and other fight-or-flight hormones to flood her body, it’s evident these people are beyond sick.

However, a notable thing I picked up from Linda’s video is the fact that our search habits on the Internet have been drastically improved! This is fantastic news, my friends. People who are waking up and trying to research some of the almost unbelievable things they are seeing and hearing referenced on social media and alternative news sites might be able to actually find some truth.

Those truths will counteract the information the media lies about and help to shatter the illusion. Better yet, when we tell them not to take our word for it and to do their own research, they can more readily do that.

Linda has some great memes in the opening montage of her video, gets into some personal stuff, and then picks up again on the Q drops and bunny art sicko stuff around the 12 minute mark.

Would it be safe to say someone doesn’t want WikiLeaks sharing more truth and shattering a carefully crafted illusion?

How many people over the decades have been suicided, disappeared, Arkancided, erased… to keep the secrets of the psychopaths? I wonder about that sometimes.

Those who find gematria interesting may find the following prediction verified. A couple of guys on the Internet who do a lot of gematria work tell us they believe George HW Bush Sr. will die today. A number of their past predictions have been accurate, but we shall see what unfolds today, September 4, 2018.

In keeping with the “death and illusion” theme, here’s some intel on the No-Name McNasty death from our friend Daniel John in Juneau, Alaska. He has insiders who feed him information and he passes it on to us. It resonates, so I’m sharing.

I think it’s clear that a lot of thought and strategy has gone into how the White Hats would clean up Washington and we need to trust them to deliver us from evil in the ways they feel is most fitting—and safe—for everyone involved, whether we agree or not.

Basically, they tell us, “You can’t handle the truth!” (Not us, the awakened patriots, but people in general. You know the ones.)

Personally, I believe the whole truth about absolutely everything will be told eventually because we need to know to fully heal and prevent anything like this ever happening in our civilization again.

No more deals? I sure hope not. I don’t like negotiating with terrorists.  ~ BP

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tells us they refuse to tell us if Hitlary Clinton still has her security clearance. That pretty much gives us our answer, doesn’t it? Or would the revelation jeopardize the strategy of the White Hats?