Headlines and Updates for January 7, 2018: WWG1WGA [videos] ~ January 7, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends at loooong last we are starting to the reality of the Earth’s situation. Evil is everywhere in our society, but is successfully being countered by strong leaders for the good, i.e. Trump, American military intelligence and “Q” (let’s throw Putin in there as well).

MSM won’t tell us about the global conflict between good and evil, so the Alt Media (including reports by Starship Earth) are the best solution to finding out “what’s goin on” in today’s world.

For those of us who realize this is indeed a spiritual journey, the events we are witnessing now is the culmination of years of spiritual work that each has performed on themselves…understanding the internal work that, in fact, changes the outer world. All I can say to the home team is…keep it up, it’s happening!

Please read this report, understand the true value of events now taking place, understand that all is NOT what it seems, know our future here on Earth to be glorious, and be…



When you think about it, no truer words were ever spoken. Where We Go One, We Go All.

We are all, every Being, every soul, every life form on this planet, on quite a ride—together.

Whether we like each other or not; whether we are even aware of the other’s presence, we are all in this together and everything that happens affects us all in one way or another.

Indeed, even our thoughts affect the rest. The global reckoning underway is historic, gargantuan, brave, and inspiring. To fail to recognize it for what it is, is to miss the most significant societal shift in basically forever.

It’s more than an evolution of consciousness. What we are witnessing is the Lord of the Rings, The Game of Thrones, Avatar, and countless other sagas all rolled into one bigger-than-life reality.

Yes, there are casualties, as we knew there would be. We had to do this, before it was too late. It had already begun to get very ugly and we were at the tipping point.

We are fortunate to have the most brilliant, intrepid champions at the helm of our planet as we careen through space on a trajectory for Freedom. At times it’s difficult to recognize what is unfolding in the hall of mirrors, but the Universe supports us in our quest.

Negative timelines melted away, so it seems, but much work was done to make it possible. When the truth is known about our journey it will bring many a tear to many an eye; even the most stoic.

It is an epic tale, albeit difficult to believe in a conquered mind, but the Truth will come if we stay the course and heed our soul purpose. There are untold celebrations ahead, and many already in progress in realms where it is all a done deal.

We have much to be thankful for, and must remain positive no matter how things appear. It’s all for us. Don’t allow your Light to waver, lest it darken the path for others. Stay strong and stay the course.

There are many whose lives are on the line every day to orchestrate this liberation while keeping the majority of the population safe. A dose of healthy skepticism is good, but we disrespect them with our unfounded doubts.  ~ BP

As QAnon has illustrated, the drama hasn’t been about funding the wall. The wall has been paid for a dozen times over in many ways. Funding will not be an issue for any project in the future. A shortage of funds was always due to the pilfering of taxpayer money by the cabal.

The painful theatrics were really about exposing the opposition for what they are. Is it clear now? Is it clear who is protecting and defending America and Americans and who is intent on their destruction—as they planned all along?

I think we will see The Plan unfolding as intended as the days and weeks progress; and a brilliant plan it is. I never thought the government shutdown a negative thing, and I suspect we will learn why it was a necessary step. I think we’re nearly there, in fact.

The President warned the dimms about the consequences of their stonewalling and yet they walked right into the trap.

Most of us are aware how we have been manipulated by the dark ones because they studied Human behaviour and knew how to back-engineer our thought processes to create the circumstances necessary to elicit the responses they desired in any given situation. The Hegelian Dialectic. Problem, reaction, solution.

Take that ability to engineer a plan and manipulate the most base desires of the dark to the Nth degree and you will see a plan that will rip them apart and trap them in their own web of deceit. That is what we are witnessing, and it’s exquisite. The best part: THEY think they’re winning!

Clearly, it’s not enough to tell Americans the dims are the enemy. That is impossible with the dark in control of the treasonous mass media. The White Hats have to show them in no uncertain terms while arming them with the facts that open borders mean suffering and certain death to America. We know what has happened in other countries with mass migration, but the majority of Americans do not. It’s show and tell time, my friends.

Big Wall News the Media Won’t Report

Trump is, I believe, PREPARING us for the possible declaration of a National Emergency, which does open the door for martial law. It’s not a given, but since the term has been bandied about for a few weeks, we’ve been primed.

When we already know there are 15,000 more southern migrants enroute to America’s southern border, it sounds like a good thing to me to have a military presence at the border, whether under the pretense of building the wall, or otherwise.

There are those already saying a state of emergency has been declared. I have not seen evidence of that as of this writing. Stay calm and don’t fall for clickbait.

However, when Trump says he has the power to do something, is considering it, and is prepared to do it—he probably will. He’s just giving us a heads up so we can get used to the idea. We’re being coaxed, coddled and cajoled the entire way to freedom.

Sun. Nite Report/Trump/Ready for Nat. Emergency!

This just in… from RT

National emergency coming? Trump announces border trip amid talk of using authority to build wall

Simon Parkes brought us a good update on a number of current items on his show this past weekend.

The information war rages and the note-passing at the GHW funeral is still in play, it seems, begging vetting. See the David Zublick video below for more details on the George Bush Jr. story.

He provides more information on a massive V or boomerang-shaped craft that destroyed power lines in New York, so you see, there is evidence that many people made calls to police about aliens. Simon explains this attack by the “SSp” Nazi space program and the retaliatory post by Strategic Air Command. Fascinating stuff. Tennis, Simon calls it. Posturing in a testosterone-laden threat to the Alliance who are intent on moving us forward and edging out the control of the NWO.

Simon has a reading on the martial law possibility, as well. That’s a game of ping-pong, lol between the two factions vying for control.

2019 01 06 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

Italy is really getting it together and outwardly siding with the People—even the French. Macron is virtually toast.

‘President against his people’: Salvini openly backs Yellow Vest protesters, lashing out at Macron

The plot twists around Mattis, Kelly and Session are revealed, along with confirmation the Military Tribunals began on January 2, as well as details about the trials. Can anyone fail to see how we cannot judge what we see, and that “future proves past”? Very little is what it seems.

Also revealed is that a mysterious notebook has surfaced with devastating information—of which QAnon is aware—involving Human trafficking evidence and proof.

Again, we’re told we will soon be under martial law—and please don’t jump to conclusions about what that will mean. Only the cabal traitors need to have knees knocking over that situation. The rest of us should be celebrating that someone is finally doing something to end the global domination and tyranny of the New World Order.

Don’t miss this one. It’s loaded with intel.

Found Notebook Key Evidence In Military Tribunals

The pieces are gradually falling into place, but more rapidly now.

World Bank President Unexpectedly Resigns

This will do for now… lots more to come as planetary liberation activities increase.  ~ BP

Late Headlines and Updates for September 14, 2018: Storms are Manageable and Necessary [videos] ~ September 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence is now a Category 1 storm. This is what I was hoping would happen, based on previous hurricanes the media whipped up into Cat 5s in our minds, when we really didn’t know if that would happen at all. They want to keep people in fear all the time, and anticipating the worst. I believe it’s better to remain optimistic until the situation proves to be worse.

If you prepare for the worst, and anticipate the best, the results are often ameliorated. Our thoughts are powerful, and there are groups doing mass meditations and energy work to diffuse the power of these storms. Olivia shifted south of Hawai’i as only a tropical storm, and we will continue to anticipate in favour of this kind of result.

Sometimes you get what you expect, and that’s why the news stations have alarmists to read their scripts and get people to expect the worst.

Regardless of the category, Florence is a big storm with high winds dropping a lot of water and our thoughts remain with everyone dealing with storms, everywhere. Stay safe.

Florence downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane

There is much anticipation for the storm that may ensue after the declassification of the FISA documents we understand is coming. Our intelligence sources via Thomas Williams told us last night that there was an intent to launch that initiative on 9/11, but developments forced the White Hats to reconsider—probably due to more threats from the psychopaths, but they did tell Thomas that we are so close now… and everyTHING and everyONE is prepared, at the ready, for the ‘GO’.

The President’s address stated that everything possible is being done to ensure the safety of Americans in this season of storms and preparedness. He doesn’t mean just hurricanes.

We are nearly at the point of no return, when the first chunk of information that will rock America and will mean they can never go back to sleep will be released. We are thaaaaaat close—so don’t get complacent. It could happen any moment.

Thomas said he was doubtful his next show would wait until next Thursday. He even suggested it could be tonight but that doesn’t appear to be the case so we’ll take it one day at a time.

Listen to the September 13 THI Show intel and financial updates.

Thomas had some stunning updates on the financial situation. Since the Trust now owns the Federal Reserve, they can tell us that while the banksters are broke, the People will NOT lose their money. It may take a little time to recover it, so folks are being warned AGAIN, NOW—to get your money out of the big banks and into a credit union and to keep a lot of cash on hand.

CITIBANK, in particular is now in negative liquidity and going down. Get out. The other banks will follow.

The Trust has been propping up not only the economy, but preventing a stock market crash. Things are on tenterhooks right now, and we’ve been warned. It sounds as though the White Hats have coordinated a lot of things to unfold together.

The psychopaths use the IRS as a weapon on We, the People, but the 1% are exempt. They are special El-ites with special rules and laws reserved just for them.

David Brock’s Media Matters Has Hidden $1,052,500 From The IRS Since 2010


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo goes gives FINAL Warning to John Kerry over Shadow Diplomacy

Hey, John—why the long face?


Something important to note with this story is that while Trump may be Commander-in-Chief, the cabal members in his administration and the cabal’s military generals DO go around the proper channels and carry out acts not approved or even discussed with POTUS and HIS inner circle and administration.

The deep state players are lawless, don’t care what the new administration has planned, and they never agreed to surrender. They will fight to the death and work around Trump’s strategies. Their goal has always been to instigate WWIII and they will do whatever they can to move that agenda forward.

They still have the traitorous media at their disposal and will use all means to create situations that threaten democracy and peace. They will undermine the White House to create as much carnage as possible and it’s not fair to blame it on the President and his administration based on what the propaganda media arm states or infers.

You no doubt heard about Senator Diane Feinstein’s letter containing incriminating evidence about supreme court candidate Brett Kavanaugh. The FBI is not impressed and will not be investigating the allegations of some sexual misdeed Kavanaugh may have done IN HIGH SCHOOL. For crying out loud, Diane—what grade are you in?

Back on September 10 we had this news…

Deadly Fire Exposes Millionaire’s Network of Secret Tunnels Under Washington DC Suburb

…which was suspicious in itself, but didn’t seem to go anywhere, until yesterday when we learned multiple homes in the Boston area were exploding; up to 20. They are saying due to “suspected” gas line issues.

Obviously Boston isn’t Washington, but it’s interesting. Perhaps it wasn’t about gas lines at all, and these stories are related.

As far as Washington goes, and the tunnels… if one were to place flammable substances in tunnels that could spread easily by themselves (like gasoline), all one would have to do would be light one match and there could be massive explosions  for miles.

They evacuated many areas of Boston and folks had to relocated with no notice at all. It’s difficult to prepare for that kind of an evacuation you never saw coming. I guess a bug-out bag is a good thing to keep in your car, isn’t it? It may sound a little extreme, but these are extreme times when many of us are experiencing extraordinary events.


Arjen Kamphuis

The update we got on the Dutch WikiLeaks correspondent who went missing in Norway is not good. They found his belongings in the water and there’s no trace of him yet. It would be nice to hear that he feared for his life and made his escape, to disappear for his own safety. Several WikiLeaks people have come to unfortunate ends in service to Humanity.

Arjen Kamphuis: Belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate found in sea off Norway

The latest Q-tip (from September 13) seems to be suggesting that the big, bad tech wolves are about to be caged. (Behind bars?) The suggestion is that they are going to sic Trump’s secret weapon, Jeff Sessions on them. Wouldn’t that be something? It is important to our cause to be able to get our information out there and the censorship is currently off the charts. They are planning to shut. us. down.

You may want to stay abreast of the Tech Giant battle updates on TechGiantsNews.com.

Q drops or crumbs are archived to several sites. The timing of updates on each site can vary.

Project Veritas and James O’Keefe have been busy and if you would like to support their work to bring the truth to the public with hidden cameras, see below. They have some new material they are about to release.

The Veritas team is about to release powerful revelations about the Deep State.

There is a network of government employees using their federal positions for personal agendas.

They have taken power that wasn’t delegated to them under the Constitution.

More than that, the Deep State is already huge and growing.

There are millions of federal employees creating rules and regulations that carry the force of law. And they remain in power irrespective of who wins at the ballot box.

They don’t care about the law, they care about forcing their political views upon others without their knowledge! They seem most concerned about not getting caught.

The Deep State may be hiding in the shadows but we’ve seen them:

  • Leaking classified information to “sabotage” opponents.
  • Resisting the three branches of government.
  • Using the IRS to target conservative groups.
  • Publishing “anonymous” commentary like the recent New York Times op-ed column.

The Deep State has become even more brazen since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016. They’re using their government positions in a quest to destroy political opponents.

Last year, John Brennan, Barack Obama’s former CIA director, remarked that executive branch officials have an “obligation…to refuse to carry out” orders from President Donald Trump.

The Deep State is openly resisting the will of the people.

Can you imagine how things could have played out if Project Veritas had an undercover source inside of former IRS executive Lois Lerner’s office?

Your support can make such a thing possible.

No one knows what the Deep State is doing so I’ve sent in my team to get answers.

Please click and follow this link to make a donation right now.

Your support will help Project Veritas unmask the Deep State.

In our next video, an employee in the Executive Branch, boasts “Resist everything. Every level. F*** s*** up.” You’ll be able to see a close-up shot of his eyes while he says it.

Unlike the New York Times, we won’t omit the “source” to hide the insurgent.

Donate now and help us reach the widest possible audience.

You know the names of these agencies. And you know their tricks. We want to unmask them for you to see and hear.

But I can’t do it without you.

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Thanks for your support.

In truth,
James O’Keefe


Matthew Crane, 28

Body in Pennsylvania creek ID’d as witness in casino fraud case

Anyone who watches ‘Law and Order’ knows it’s a little suspicious when a key witness suddenly winds up dead. Those who discovered Matthew Crane said he appeared to have head trauma, but the coroner said the COD was accidental drowning.

Timing Is Everything, Panic In DC, Rats Running, No Place To Hide ~ September 12, 2018

Trump signed an executive order to sanction anyone that interferes with the US election.JW is suing the government for the emails on Weiner’s laptop. Jeff Session looking to investigate social media giants. Grand Jury indicts the NM compound individuals. The deep state is pushing their agenda in Libya attacking the oil facilities. Syria making trade deals with other countries to rebuild their country. Q drops more breadcrumbs reports the rats are panicking and they are ready to run but there is no place to hide.


SerialBrain2 – Jeff Sessions – Trumps secret weapon – Enjoy the show – Read by The War Drummer ~ September 10, 2018

To access all Serialbrain2’s posts, click this link: https://goo.gl/rTp58n. It will take you to his Reddit user profile. Then click posts. You will find months of material on Qanon and his amazing decodes. To access the post featured in this video click this link; https://goo.gl/qmqh1T

Surveillance Initiated,Tracking,Desperate People Do Desperate Things,Goodbye [RR ~ September 7, 2018

Trump wants Sessions to go after the anonymous NY Times article writer, part of the plan. For the first time Obama calls out Trump, panic sets in. Twitter says they have banned around 600,000 accounts. Mattis make an unannounced visit to Kabul. Iranians burn down their consulate in Iraq. Russia and Syria push the offensive in Syria. Trump does a 180 and says we want regime change in Syria, wink, wink. Q drops more breadcrumbs. They are keeping an eye on everyone and it seems RR decided to run and he might have been stopped. The declas is coming very soon, could be any day.