THERE IS ANOTHER EARTH. . . ~ October 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Need some good news? Please read the message below for a few more details on our reinforcements which have arrived, and BE…



There is another Earth… and it is vibrating at a different frequency than this one, But in the Same Space and Time…

It is our 5D Earth…

Two days ago, the Pleiadians that I am in communication with ARRIVED in our Solar System. They are working Energetically with both the 5D planet and our own…

There is a probability that CERN was shut down in relation to this Event. I believe this to be an Energy War, so to speak, where Humankind is BEing pulled like a magnet by both 3D and 5D forces…

It is important to continue to meditate and purge out the old energies. Seek guidance from your Guides and Higher Selves to make the process easier…

The Event is Not date driven event, It Is a Vibration Driven EVENT…

What is currently taking place is that enough Souls have reached a vibration High enough to trigger the arrival of help from Outside of our World…

In Quantum Physics, everything exists in wave form until it is viewed. HUmans cannot see this 5D planet through the eyes of the physical body just yet because the dormant 3D energy of the body simply does not allow for it…

This is why it is necessary to lift your vibration… So That You Can See It…

Help Has Arrived…

In terms of a timetable, it will be over and done with by 2021 when the CERN collider comes back on. However, you will BE able to feel the 5D World in your Heart before hand by continuing to do your inner work…

The existing powers that be are well prepared for this and it will take a little time to get it all done in terms of a Physical Event…

First, the elevation of Consciousness Will Rise so that as many people as possible have the chance to contribute to its success…

The Higher the Collective vibration is, the quicker the Event will happen…

On 12/12, purging may BEcome more severe for some people…

Others will feel a stronger feeling of KUNDALINI…

Telepathic skills will BEcome more Pronounced…

Meditations will BEcome more Spontaneous and Colourful…

The Quality of Channeling will Improve…

Physical Sensations in the body will certainly BE Felt…

A Giant Hole has opened above the North Pole and Northern Europe. Energy coming through from the Sun is Transformational for Everyone on the planet…

Cold weather is necessary to reduce the resistance that energies like this have previously been met with…

Colder weather reduces the effectiveness of the 3D planet’s defences against these NEW UPGRADES…

It will take approximately Three Months for these NEW Energies to fully circle the Globe, with the Northern Hemisphere BEing Affected first…

The cold weather will reduce the conflicts BEing experienced in the parts of the World where 3D energy is at its strongest…

Attention is Now BEing focused on the MOON where 3D energies are trying their hardest to prevent this from happening…


~ A PLEIADIAN Transmission


Channeled by Scott Dorman


Shared with LOVE 
Pars Kutay

Headlines and Updates for March 6, 2019: The Empire Strikes Back [videos] ~ March 6, 2019

Sounds like leftist logic. We never caught on.

It’s tough to keep up with it all now. The cascade of information is overwhelming and the patriots are working hard. Stay united, and stay positive.  ~ BP

New Q is here…

She’s baaaaack… Yup. That woman hangs around like a bad smell.

Omarosa names the insider whose testimony ‘will be the end of Donald Trump’

Action in the UK—London… maybe related to the bomb threats we heard about recently?


And in divine timing, this just popped up at RT confirming.

Suspicious package found near an entrance to UK Parliament

CNN Panel: ‘There Were No Scandals’ in Obama’s White House

Oh… so I dreamed Benghazi, pizzagate, spirit cooking, Hillary’s email scandal, the Obamacare fiasco, the common core nightmare, Fast & Furious and the rest? Whew! What a relief!

And I totally made up the Clinton Foundation scam with respect to the man-made Haiti earthquake and subsequent kidnapping of children by pedophiles, the standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada where the Bureau of Land Management tried to oust the ranchers to get access to the in-ground resources for Harry Reid, the assassination of LaVoy Finicum in an ambush in Oregon by the deep state, the carnage in the Middle East… all a figment of my imagination? I should be a Hollywood scriptwriter. I’m sitting on a pot of gold.  ~ BP

Wow. Check this out. The Deep State is scrambling to save themselves. Wikileaks comes up in this one again, too, as does Keith Rainiere. Apparently he suffered a beating by inmates (as so often happens to sexual criminals, particularly where it involves children) and was moved to solitary confinement. Great job, Thomas.

Why Is Jerome Corsi Enabling The Covering Up Of [Seth Rich] Murder?!

I found it interesting that Dave has a different take on Loretta Lynch’s “I don’t recall” tactic.

War-Like Posture Activated, Backchannel Operational, Countdown Continues – Episode 1807b

I was about to go searching for news on Ruthie and look here: Lionel’s got the dirt on that in this quickie.

Great News! RBG’s Alive and Well and Back on the Bench So Where Are the Pictures?

Sniff! Sniff! Do you smell a ritual? Remember that short story Greg Rubini brought us via Twitter involving submarines and Washington? The deep state love their submarines. They also love to vilify Russia, but this is just weird. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Russian Choir Sings About Using Submarine to Hit Washington

Our little Terra-rium is a very busy place these days and information of all kinds continues to gush forth on every topic under the (fake) sun. Check The Watchers for updates.

And by the way, if there are solar emissions that thrust portions of the world into darkness temporarily when our power systems can’t withstand the energies, I think the dark ones want us to believe THEY are responsible and all-powerful, and would milk it for all it’s worth, claiming it’s an EMP attack. They’ve been promising that for a long time. Just be prepared for a power outage. If it was a worst case scenario, many electronic things could be immobilized, including our vehicles. It would pretty much paralyze any area affected until power was restored. We’ve been warned.

*Major Seismic Events Coming? More Booms & Explosions*Devastating Wildfires & Evacuations*Avalanche*

Dan Bongino is hot under the collar about the leftist deep state attacks and says we must fight back.

VIDEO: Ep. 929 Fight Back, Make a Scene. The Dan Bongino Show 3/5/2019.

In case you missed it, the amount of satanic symbolism in the world is astounding. If folks only knew what these corporate logos, badges and icons were really all about. The control freaks think they are so clever, but Q tells us they are leaving breadcrumbs for us right to their door. They are exposed, and don’t even know it. The CERN logo was an easy one, wasn’t it?

Q: Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall [Those Awake Can See Clearly]

It’s a spiritual war: Light vs. Dark. Good vs. Evil. Here’s a message from the Unknown Light Warrior… Jim about activity in the other realms.

The current rash of attacks got up close and personal for the Unknown Lightwarrior this week….

Unfortunately that means there will be no show this week.

Details have to remain classified for the moment.

Operations have gotten quite critical and very intense this past few days to a point where….

…we all need to remain on high alert, do our inner work DAILY …. and be sure to request the higher timelines we really want.

 …..more on that later…..

There’s a LOT going on behind the scenes right now….

Ironically, the intensities are actually a sign of good things coming our way.

It’s always the loudest and hardest before that surreal calm of victory arrives.

Although I apologize, I can’t provide details.

The only thing most of us need to do is stay grounded.

Stand Firm. 

You have all the reason in the world to keep your chest out and your chin up…. despite whatever you might be going through…. and do whatever you need to do to clear any negativity in that methodical and disciplined way that a proud 144k member like yourself is easily capable of doing.

“Now is not the time to fold”.


The show will definitely go ahead next week as part of the preparation for the big 144k Mass Meditation on the Equinox.

You are loved…. and you are SO very needed.

 … Yours in service …

 The Unknown Lightwarrior

Tune in for the intel updates from Thomas Williams tomorrow night, Thurs. March 7, 2019, 7:30 EST/4:30 Pacific. Listen live from the link below or on

If you’re not aware, you can learn to ground, centre and shield here.

Keeping it Light!

Late Updates for December 4, 2018: USPS Closed Dec 5 + X22 Financial & Geopolitical Reports ~ December 4, 2018

Another “President’s Day” for the Post Office December 5th for a day of mourning? Gag me.

When is the celebration? It’s a day of celebration! Up your bucket!

Thanks, S.

Jim Stone shared video from Paris of EMT ambulances blocking Paris streets in protest of Macron’s proposed gas tax, etc. France knows what the cabal has in mind and they want none of it—forcing Macron’s cabinet to delay their plans. Some reports tell us the Yellow Vests say they don’t care about the gas tax—they want Macron GONE!  Vive la France!

Fascinating stuff today! From one day to the next we never know what news we will get. QAnon remains relaxed, positive, in control, and takes all developments in stride. Are the patriots in control? I think we’ll see some monumental developments coming up. This plan has been in place for some time, and all possibilities were considered. There’s always a plan B, C, D, etc.—and it seems the Patriots are prepared to handle any apparent deviations from “the plan”.

If it’s true they have a quantum computer analyzing the situation from day to day, there are multiple “what if” logic statements examined and planned for any outcomes. I doubt if there are many, if any, surprises to the Q team. They know how to manipulate the Deep State actors.

Trump Did It, This Is The Icing On The Cake – Episode 1732a

The “mystery wave” that traversed the world on November 11 is the talk of the town and Dave goes into this. There are many theories about the wave and its origin and purpose. The information is related to satellites and the effects of dark programs to control Humanity. Most intriguing. The world is about to change? Bring it on!  ~ BP

Typos Are Deliberate, Is This The Team Around POTUS? Watch You Will See – Episode 1732b


Plan or Prophecy Revisted: What Are We Seeing in Our Skies? [videos] ~ June 18, 2018

Starship Earth puts our a rather contemplative post from my standpoint. LOT’s of unusual stuff in the skies all over our globe right now, some with explanation, and some…without. Are we actually seeing ancient prophecies revealed?

My thoughts on this excellent piece are somewhat guided by information revealed in the last video. We KNOW holograms do exist by which those only who base their beliefs on what they see may be in for a rude awakening. Technology DOES exist  to produce a “Project BlueBeam” experience where Earth’s populace are led to believe that aliens, Christ, or some other paranormal BEing has come to Earth.

But positive aliens, the return of Christ, etc. should also be accompanied by extremely positive “vibes”. It may be wise to ignore your eyes, and listen to your heart when anything unusual happens these days. Yep…the cabal, dark forces, Illuminati ARE that desperate in their never-ending bid to keep control of ALL of us on Earth!

So…please watch this video, know that any event truly celestial will be accompanied by good feelings and positivity, staging is occurring for a last grand-stand false-flag event, floolow your heart, and…



When you put all the evidence together, it’s apparent that some odd phenomena have graced our skies for some time.

Observant people with everything from serious photographic equipment to smart phones and even weather cams have captured remarkable footage so we can all appreciate what has appeared. Some of it actually made it to mainstream television.

Again, it appears that some of what we’re seeing is related to prophecy, either biblical or native people’s word of mouth passed down through the ages, such as the American Southwest’s Hopi prophecies.

We don’t know what’s causing a lot of the captures but we can appreciate them, regardless. Some are spectacular, and seem to be attempts to make them appear as prophetic events.

We know we aren’t meant to see much of it because feed from NASA cameras on the International Space Station and other space cameras and weather cams are frequently shut down at critical times.

It’s no accident that television and electronic gadgets help to divert our attention from the skies and keep us looking down, rather than up.

We’ve long known about a plan of the controllers to execute “Project Blue Beam” using holographic projections to trick us into believing something is happening that isn’t. From the small scale demonstrations I’ve seen of holographic wizardry, it’s not a stretch to suggest that many people will believe their eyes.

I’ll let the vloggers tell you what they’ve presented in these videos. Some feel they bring us this information at risk to themselves. Most have enough background to at least partially understand what they’re seeing, and why. The end of the video is well worth waiting for.

We certainly live in interesting—and colourful! times.

FAA weathercams shut down across Alaska and Canada. June 16 2018

The following video is a compilation of video and images from various sources. There are brief portions of the video with black screen only. The images will return shortly.

I’ve always been interested in the anomalies we’ve seen documented in the heavens and there are some new ones here I hadn’t seen before. Fascinating.  ~ BP

Earth/Geo Storm/CERN/Hawaii Getting Worse ~ June 1, 2018

Don’t look for the Kilaeau eruption situation on the Big Island of Hawaii to be resolved any time soon. How do I know this? Jesse from BP Earthwatch gives a very short, yet precise, explanation of how the “solar minimum”, and CERN affects the volcanism we are seeing all over the world, but especially in Hawaii.

Weakened magnetic fields surrounding Earth are letting more of the solar wind stream in and this intense energy heats the molten core of Earth. Viola! Volcanic activity commences. Combine this with CERN ramping up power to “produce” their own magnetosphere around Earth (?) and there you have it!

Is CERN doing a good thing for  mankind? I doubt it! My thought from a spiritual point-of-view is that CERN is building their own magnetosphere to tray and stop the solar flash which will produce “The Event” resulting in the elimination of negative energies (think cabal, etc). Won’t work, but they will learn this the hard way!

In the meantime, please watch this video, know more about what is really going on, and…