Your Sunday Digest for December 1, 2019: Eyes On and Heads Up—It’s December [videos] ~ December 1, 2019

Editor’s Note: Sit back and relax? Hell no, the current situation may be (is) coming to a head during this Christmas season and it is wise to maintain awareness.The release of the FISA report will open important doors in our country (USA), and ultimately…the world! Reading the report below will show you multiple examples, by those who used to control humanity, that they have NOTHING to do with Christ consciousness and must be removed from our planet…there is no “rehabilitation” on Earth for these folks!

Although I no longer agree the function of Christ is to “save my soul”, I do agree that the principle of “Christ consciousness” which is the highest expression of holding Love. It is time however to enjoy your Christmas season, Hanukah, or the holiday of your choice, but stay aware of what’s happening in your world, be prepared just in case, and most importantly, BE…



It sounds as though December is going to be as wild as November was—possibly even more so. And to kick it off…

We have this Tweet… which may be an indication of what’s brewing.

White house
Code 4
All hands on deck.

— jfk_juni0r (@JfkJuni0r) December 1, 2019

POTUS will be holding his next rally on December 10th in Pennsylvania. Get your free tickets here. It’s a smokin’ deal.

You can also watch the entire thing from noon onward with viewer supported Right Side Broadcasting using this link.

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Hershey, PA 12/10/19

On your toes, patriots. This smells like Jade Helm. The “Human Domain”. Just play-acting, and perfectly harmless, of course—until the “drill” goes LIVE—and these “training exercises” too often do.

Do we have anyone interested in a replay of Parkland/Marjory Stoneman Douglas? The Boston Marathon Bombing? Are you prepared to sign the NDA—the non-disclosure agreement that states you cannot divulge anything about the operation—because it’s a criminal endeavour? Are you prepared to work for the deep state cabal and sell out your fellow-Americans for thirty pieces of silver?

Heads up in Austin, Texas; classic false flag “hostile” territory for the Bush-Clinton crime machine.

Gee, sounds like a blast (pun intended).

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) November 30, 2019

The Field Report for Saturday contained some potentially shocking information with respect to fate of the “missing” commercial jet liner MH370, beginning around the 22 minute mark. The psychopaths on this planet (and above it) deserve everything they get. I’ve never forgotten about the people on that flight. It’s not difficult to see why Field is a target and attacked so ferociously and we hope the proceedings on Monday go his way and he is set free.

Diego Garcia Island

Socialism requires ignorance.

Elections measure it.

Why #PPC lost.

— Erika Traub (@ErikaTraub1) December 1, 2019

Jerry Nadler collapse

What’s happening in Washington this week? Devin Nunes’ sardonic humour continues to inspire.

“Jerry Nadler has been in the witness protection program for several months after he botched the (Robert) Mueller probe. We’re going to see how this goes supposedly they’re going to talk about the constitutionality of impeachment,” said Nunes.

Can Nadler take the heat? He didn’t fare too well last time. Sarah Carter brings us up to speed.

Nunes: “Phase Two” Of The Impeachment Circus Begins This Week

Trudeau knows what to do to protect Canada; the opposite of what Trump does to protect the States. Trump said Huawei is not welcome, that they’re a danger to the People and national security. Trudeau sends out the welcoming committee… and his rap sheet gets longer and longer.

Trudeau quietly welcomes China’s tech company Huawei to handle Canadian telecoms grid

And if that isn’t bad enough…

Justin Trudeau “Stands With U.K.” On Terror Attack, But Not AGAINST Islamic Terrorism

I  hate to say it, folks, but with Trudeau at the helm, Canada is in line to be the next Sweden, with race riots, property damage, child marriage, skyrocketing rape of white women and girls, and the collapse of Canadian society.

This is how it began in Sweden, with a sharp influx of “refugees” who are actually groomed terrorists, many of whom believe they are entitled to food, shelter, education and health care on the Canadian taxpayer’s dime; only to turn on them and engage in glaring attempts to eradicate their culture.

Some extremists admit their religion tells them to behead anyone who doesn’t worship their god.

And they have LOTS of children.

Your government built a camp for “refugees” with brand new white tents, but oddly enough, no one seemed to be there. Investigators did find the missing “refugees”, however… at a hotel in Toronto. They had an entire floor all to themselves. Do Canadians understand how their tax dollars are spent?

Are Canadians okay with trading their culture for Islam? It’s happening, and Trudeau has it fast-tracked.

Pedophilia makes the world go ’round, folks. It’s the “elites’” biggest, dirty little secret, and it’s worse than most people ever imagined. Royal families? ESPECIALLY the “royal” families. It’s how they roll. They think they’re entitled.

American Media Blackout: The Dark Secrets of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family — Slavery, Sex Trafficking & Pedophilia

Planned Parenthood Admits Abortion Propaganda in More Than 150 Hollywood Projects

— Tiffany FitzHenry (@Tiff_FitzHenry) December 1, 2019

Brownsville, Texas and the Rio Grande border with Mexico

I was shocked to learn that the college campus at Brownsville, Texas is just a few steps from the Rio Grande and Mexico—and the unsecured border. You won’t believe the “barrier” at this campus. No wonder we have problems with illegals in America.

Below is one of Douglas Ducote’s factual, documentary-style videos about what is going on at the US border, and interviews with people dealing with this national security crisis. This is boots on the ground reporting.

You may be surprised to hear what Douglas and his team discovered. For example, they found a scarf hanging on a tree branch and other clues indicating that Pakistanis and Iranians are breaching our border in the Brownsville area—and once those illegal aliens arrived on the scene, men in suits came and they disappeared together.

Does anyone really believe it’s only “dreamers” from South or Central America coming to the United States or Canada in search of a better life for their families, as the Democrats claim? The evidence and facts suggest otherwise.

The Democrats are protecting illegal aliens with questionable histories and radical religious beliefs, who enter America simply by wading across a shallow river, in some cases. This is very bad news, people. The politics of this situation is endangering millions of people.

Have you heard about the current situation in Sweden where thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants have been “planted” by the globalists? In the past 48 hours or so I saw an article claiming that the situation in Sweden is so dire that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped, according to the statistics.

Let’s call it what it is. “Forced migration” has created a crisis on this planet. They can scream “racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe” all they like but the destruction of property and Human lives is the reality we are now dealing with in many European and Western cities at the hands of these extremists the globalists imported for this very purpose; to destroy white/Christian/civilization and inflict as much violence and misery as possible.   

Unchecked, the same violent extremists will create the same situations in North America as they have on the other side of the pond. That is the plan; the “globalist agenda”.

This just happened yesterday thanks to the drug cartels. The Democrats must be pleased.

The City Hall of Villa Union is riddled with bullet holes after a gun battle between Mexican security forces and suspected cartel gunmen, Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019. (AP Photo/Gerardo Sanchez)

21 Killed, Including Police Officers, Near Texas-Mexico Border

Their plan is unfolding before our eyes. Look at what happened at the London Bridge this weekend. A known terrorist, released from prison and supposedly undergoing therapy and rehabilitation stabbed and killed several people.

The globalists know exactly what they’re doing. They are using their criminals to commit more crimes. The perps are disposable and no one cares if they’re killed. Why pretend?

People in many countries are now speaking up against the flood of immigrants (not refugees) and Americans and Canadians had better do likewise and support President Trump in his efforts to secure the borders. The drug cartels have had free reign for far too long.

Justin Trudeau is all in with the globalists and allowing unprecedented numbers of immigrants into Canada. Since he is in favour of the agenda, there is the possibility illegal immigrants could breach the border from the north as well as the south. We are all vulnerable.                                                     

NO BORDER WALL! Cartel Gunfire At College

I can’t let this edition of the Ingraham Angle go by without commenting. Comparing Michelle Obama to Melania Trump is like comparing the Incredible Hulk to Wonder Woman.

First of all, Michelle Obama is a man. Second of all, he works for the CIA. How can anyone with reasonably good vision look at this transvestite and not see it? How can anyone seriously consider this thing who used to reside in the White House worthy of discussion at all?

Mentioning his name in the same sentence as Melania Trump is cruel and unusual punishment toward the First Lady; the best one America has seen in a very long time—or ever.

Isn’t it ironic that an international super model is passed over by the cabal’s magazine covers in favour of a treasonous, deep state tranny who can’t even keep his junk under control?

I don’t want to hear any more about Michael Robinson, Barry (Obama) Soetero’s husband. They’re both CIA imposters making fools of Americans. It’s disgusting. Lock them up!

Ingraham: A first lady double standard?

Tonight you may wish to join in for Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call. His summary and details for phoning in to listen are below, 9 EST/6 Pacific. It’s always a positive and fact-filled experience.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 1, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.

Unlike previous years, we should expect this December will NOT be your typical slow news Holiday Season. In fact, just the opposite as a lot of extremely important events are already in the cards which may make this month quite dramatic.

We already know for certain, the White Hats have scheduled the release of the Office of Inspector General Report on FISA abuse from Michael Horowitz on Monday, December 9. Then two days later on Wednesday, December 11, IG Horowitz will be appearing before Lindsay Graham’s Judiciary Committee in the U.S. Senate. Remember, back on November 20, “Q” formally activated Lindsey Graham.

These two events have the potential to be explosive in the disclosure of the truth behind the coup plot to overthrow both candidate and President Donald Trump, as well as, to expose Barack Obama’s massive spy campaign known as “The Hammer.”

Yet nonetheless, the Fake News media has spent the past week ramping up the usual spin control and claiming the OIG Report will have nothing of any significance to offer to the American people despite reports of it being anywhere from 500 to 1,000 pages in length.

  • On Tuesday, December 3, the House of Representatives will hold a formal vote on the Democrats’ phony impeachment scam run by Shifty Adam Schiff. The very same day, President Trump will be in the United Kingdom for the NATO Leaders Meeting in London. The Democrats know no bounds in their treasonous acts against America.
  • While in the UK, President Trump along with all NATO leaders will be meeting with the Queen at a formal reception at Buckingham, Palace. This will mark President Trump’s third meeting in the last two years with Queen Elizabeth II, which is not by coincidence.

  • In addition, there has been other massively dramatic news from the UK as the Queen has now officially banned her son, Prince Andrew, from all royal functions after his completely disastrous interview with the BBC on November 16 regarding his friendship with Jefferey Epstein. Prince Andrew has also been formally prohibited from attending the reception with NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace.
  • Then, on Thursday, December 12, the people of the UK will be voting for a new Parliament and it is expected Boris Johnson’s Tory party will come out victorious and thus assuring he will remain as Prime Minister. If the Tory party wins the upcoming General Election, then it will also make certain Brexit will finally be officially enacted.
  • In other major developments, this week saw President Trump make bombshell news when he formally labeled the Mexican drug cartels as “terrorist organizations.” With this action, we may see an incursion of the U.S. Military into Mexico to finally take out the insidious drug cartels once and for all.

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598 Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Thank you and God Bless America,

Scott Mowry
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I have Christmas cards to do, so I’m signing off now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for October 24, 2018: October Surprise—or Lies? [videos] ~ October 24, 2018

The number of agendas exposed now is growing. It’s clear from the alerts about truck and boat loads of migrants arriving surreptitiously in Mexico and America that North America is not immune from the influx of potentially “illegal aliens” and the terrorists embedded within their numbers.

While the traitors of the People in Europe, in countries like Sweden, Germany and Britain allowed hoards of immigrants within their borders, President Trump is, as usual, doing what he said he would do. He is protecting the nation and her People. He is building the wall and he is deploying the military to protect the southern border.

Now, perhaps naive people can see WHY building the wall was a top priority for President Trump, and just who is intent on protecting America and who is not.

We reported yesterday that Canada is having its own difficulties with the globalist agenda enabling migrants to sneak into the country. While the camps prepared with millions of taxpayer dollars lie empty, full of heated tents and generators still in the wrappings, hotels such as the Radisson exposed in Toronto have floors dedicated to immigrants. It’s easy to see from the disgusting condition of these sections of the hotel just who is living there. (That’s “living”, not short term stays.)

And in case you don’t believe the “blending” of races is intentional and forced, consider the headline below and the research shared by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport.

Earth is just one big experiment for the globalist control freaks, my friends. It isn’t about what’s good for the People or the planet, it’s all about what’s good for THEM and they will create the circumstances necessary to execute their agenda.

Do you really believe the claims that these migrants are fleeing their countries because of lack of employment or political asylum? The globalists have been intent on destroying the middle class in America for decades. They nearly succeeded.

They off-shored business, eliminated jobs, raised taxes, stole homes, tore out home gardens and banned people from collecting rainwater in some areas.

The nation was in a deplorable state when President Trump took over and did what he could in a short time to improve the situation and give the People hope for a better tomorrow.

The cabal’s Democrats don’t want that, however. They want to bring in millions of unemployed and unskilled people from third world countries and dump them in North America and Europe. Their plan would not raise the standard of living for immigrants, but it would LOWER the standard of living even further for the rest of us.

Would you like to live in neighbourhoods like the one in the image below? That is the globalists’ vision for the future for the sheep and cattle of the world. Us.

“Pack and stack” is the plan for the slaves. The psychopaths are in the process of forcing this across the planet, and have been for years. The writing has been on the wall but in brainwashed America it is just coming to a head.

Keep this in mind when you vote this year, America. It couldn’t be more clear what the future will entail if the Democrats come into power. There’s a reason they don’t discuss their platform or what they plan to do. All they talk about is stopping the President and what his people want to do for America.

When we hear that Texans bought 100,000 tickets to the President’s MAGA rally in Houston on October 22nd, we can safely assume some Americans are going to give the sub-human contingent in Washington a run for their money.  ~ BP

Nightmare or future of America?

Outrageous chemical-dosing experiment to force friendship toward migrants: not science fiction

by Jon Rappoport

October 23, 2018

I really hope you understand this.

It is not a fantasy. It isn’t science fiction. It isn’t satire.

It is Brave New World, but not the Huxley novel. It’s happening now.

It’s a published study that appears on the website of the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

The title of the study is, “Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection.” (Reference: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Aug 29;114(35):9314-9319.)

Xenophobia is defined as: “fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers.” (

Oxytocin, the chemical used in this study, is described by Medical News Today: “Widely referred to as the love hormone, oxytocin has also been dubbed the hug hormone, cuddle chemical, moral molecule, and the bliss hormone due to its effects on behavior, including its role in love and in female reproductive biological functions in reproduction.”

“Oxytocin is a hormone that is made in the brain, in the hypothalamus. It is transported to, and secreted by, the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain.”

The published study details a successful attempt at chemical mind control. The goal is making people more “happy and friendly” about mass migration, by changing their hormonal response toward migrants.

Nothing in the study cites inherent migration problems, such as increased violent crime, back-breaking financial pressure on government budgets, and the eroding of local cultures. It’s all about shifting feeling and reaction toward waves of immigrants.

Read the rest of the article…


American Intelligence Media/AIM4Truth provides the true picture with respect to the massive flood of illegal immigrants and they don’t mince words. This is a CRISIS. There are many fighting age men in those groups. Most of the invaders are not women and children and they are not “refugees”.

I think you know what you need to do, America. And I hope for your sake that you do it. You must take a stand against the psychopaths who seek to destroy your country. Any way you choose to look at it—these are the end times. But for whom?

Judicial Watch has boots on the ground in Guatemala and interviewed caravan members who tell them there are people from all over the world in the group.

There doubtless some good people in the caravan looking for a better life, but America does not have the wherewithal to deliver these people to Heaven, and these sort of people are probably in the minority, unfortunately. It’s the paid, lawless terrorists, murderers and rapists we must keep out. No country is equipped to deal with a tsunami of people like this. It would take years to vet and process them. And then we’d hear the screams of the psychotic left about the inhumanity of their treatment. They must go back where they came from.

Judicial Watch EXCLUSIVE RAW Video: Caravan Migrants ‘From All Over the World’

“…they are from China, there are Indians, there are people from Brazil, there are people from all over the world.”

HAPPENING NOW–large numbers of migrants from various countries–including Brazil and even as far as China & India–are traveling through Central America to the United States. Some are coming for a new opportunity in America–others are wanting to join the caravan as a political statement. Judicial Watch is currently reporting on the ground in Guatemala. Stay tuned for more footage…

Judicial Watch
Published on Oct 23, 2018
A 40-year-old Honduran who previously lived in the United States for decades and got deported is part of the Central American caravan making its way north. Judicial Watch is covering the crisis live from the Guatemala-Honduras border this week.

This interview occurred around 35 miles from the Honduran border near the Guatemalan town of Chiquimula where a group of around 600 men, ages 17 to 40, marched demanding that the U.S. take them in.

Stay tuned…



Does this mean Soros is still alive, or is his family living there now? Regardless, it appears someone understands who the real terrorists are and that it’s time they were removed.


More fake chaos and scare tactics—or sabotage?

Amarillo Texas Nuclear Weapons Facility Activates ‘Emergency Response Organization’, ‘Operational Emergency’


Daniel at Logic Before Authority channel has been telling us about strange pulses, concussive, gut-rumbling vibrations, odd flashes of lights that illuminate the ground in South Carolina and surrounding states up to 400 miles away.

Now he brings us MSM coverage of startling booms reported by police and other people all over the East Coast and it’s happening nearly every night.

We’ve also had the “earthquake” 243 miles off the coast of Vancouver Island Canada, the West coast of Canada.

A few days we saw the blue beam flashing from the vicinity of the South Pole/Antarctica.

It sounds like there may be continuing destruction of alien undersea bases as well as more “star wars” ops taking place overhead. It’s hard to say because vibrations travel and can reverberate and bounce off surfaces. Do they originate in the ground or the sky?

Fascinating stuff, Daniel.

Sounds like the end of the enemy forces to me. May all the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, and Resistance Movement be safe.

And if all the above isn’t enough, we also have Hurricane Willa to watch, and tropical storm Vincente.


More terrorists… Big Tech crossed the line a long time ago, and they cross it every day. Google needs to get gone.

Most gruesome of all is the realistic view of what our world has become. So sad, yet most are unaware.

“Hidden in plain sight”: the deep state’s favourite place to put what they don’t want the sheeple to see.  ~ BP