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The definition of Columbus/Columbia/Columbine, District of Columbia by Florida Maquis ~ May 24, 2018

To be frank, this IS a pretty depressing video. In my study of spiritual issues, I have learned that ALL things exist on individual continuums: that is, black goes through stages of gray to become,  while hate, as well, will … Continue reading

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Kryon speaks with us in this video about energy that is NOT like it was a moment ago. Take your energy and propel this energy forward! In a moment of stillness, notice your innate reaction…and go with that feeling. The … Continue reading

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So very glad James Munder is bringing us accurate information about what’s goin’ on in/out there in our world today! However, we all need to understand that James does not understand the spiritual scene, i.e. any large scale nuclear attack … Continue reading

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#NOFEAR Why Q Team and Humanity Needs Our Courage! #SPACEFENCE #HEARTRESONANCE ~ Feb. 28, 2018

VERY good message here from YouAreFreeTV! This goes along with my message that more “intense” our world becomes, the happier I become as this means our nightmarish world is on the brink of evolving! So…please watch this video, follow the … Continue reading

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“Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve” ~ Ssept. 11, 2017

This is another “good” message from our spiritual friends at Eireport. Although Gaia Portal presents these messages, Gaia Portal concentrates on Mother Earth while Eireport focuses on the spiritual evolution of humanity! I AM thrilled to read this and take … Continue reading

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Mike Quinsey ~ Feb. 24, 2017,

Changes are forging ahead and much important work is taking place, literally out of your sight because it involves bases located in the Inner Earth. It is all destined to take away the power from the dark Forces to hold … Continue reading

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Message from Mike Quinsey ~ 11-11-16

For the people of America the result of their Presidential election was a complete surprise as it was much closer in the end than had been anticipated, and Trump gained a late rush of strong support largely from those who … Continue reading

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