We’re THAT Close… to Home ~ April 17, 2015

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by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I read a lot of blogs everyday searching for material to present to you that feel good to me; material that seems right, and good, and fair. I found such an article in one of today’s messages from “Starship Earth: The Big Picture”. The writer of that blog, Molly from somewhere in central Arizona, often provides her readers with news that wakes our awareness of what’s currently going on in the world and is a perfect example of alternative news.

But Starship Earth is not only alternative news, it is also alternative news with a heart! That concept is something not seen or noticed on ANY mainstream media channel…doesn’t exist as the public is fed a steady stream of outright lies delivered with plenty of unspoken innuendo.

So Molly’s heartfelt post today is listed for you to read, absorb and really think about. Much, sometimes we feel too much is happening on our blue globe that we cannot understand. Pressures are high and the pressure cooker is still building a head of steam; this process seams unyielding for us. My advice? Read Molly’s blog below, stop and go within to your core of inner strength of BEing, and…


Thanks, Joy.

Sometimes I forget how close we are, because appearances can be deceptive.

I may have told this story before, but I think it fits our scenario right now in some ways.

I recall part of a character-building, experiential workshop I attended near San Francisco, California where we were all playing Asian-style warriors.

They gave us various challenges to compete against our opponent from another team, and before each challenge, we would “ground and centre” with a specific posture.

I’m not a competitive person, especially when it comes to physical stuff, but I aced my two challenges in the classroom. Then, we went out into the redwoods by bus and there were physical challenges for us to do both individually and in tandem with a partner.

I mastered the first two of those, but my partner had a major physical handicap, as well as one I couldn’t see.


We had to climb way up the trunk of an ancient redwood using the foot/handholds provided. At the platform among the branches of the canopy there were two garden hoses attached to the trunk of the tree, about eighteen inches or so apart, and stretched across a clearing to another monstrous tree.

The hose was to stand on, like a tight-rope, and our harnesses were there for protection in case of a misstep.

We positioned ourselves opposite and facing each other and grasped our partner’s upper arms with  outstretched hands.

It was exciting to be way up there in the trees with all the little faces down below focused on us, chanting encouragement. I’m not enthusiastic about heights where I’m forced to balance precariously, but I was okay with it.

My partner, however, was a young Amish woman who lost her lower left arm in a tractor accident as a girl. You can imagine she might find it difficult to navigate the garden hose underfoot and to balance while holding onto my arm with her only hand as we shuffled our feet along toward the tree anchoring the far end of the garden hoses.

The hoses gradually became farther apart; 24″… 28″… which forced us both to lean steeply into each other farther and farther, helmets almost touching. We were less than half way to the other side when my partner stopped in tears, saying she couldn’t go any further and literally begged me to let her go. What choice did I have?

She was gripped by fear and I couldn’t reason with her or coax her to go on, so we let go of each other and jumped off the hose, sailing gently to the forest floor in our harnesses as the ground crew belayed our ropes.

My partner was a mess. She was curled up on the pine needles bawling her eyes out in terror while the instructors soothed her. I was sympathetic, of course,  poor thing, but because I really wanted to know if I could have gone all the way had I been matched up with someone else, I was disappointed, as well.

I couldn’t quite put myself in her place and understand what was so frightening about that experience. We were perfectly safe in a harness and helmet and it was impossible to fall. It was a rush! But I felt compassion for her in her distress.

The reason this memory came to mind is because we’re all on our own journeys and we need to ground and centre purposefully sometimes.

We may often travel in circles where we are very evenly matched, but at other times we are coming from disparate experiences and emotional frames of mind and heart. We have to dig deep to find common ground. 

This Amish woman and I had very little in common as far as demographics and experiences, yet we did. She was a sweet soul and told me she was praying I would pick her for my partner.

At this point in Humanity’s journey to freedom, some are what seems like light years ahead of us and doing powerful energetic work both on planet and off in other realms to “ground and centre” Gaia, and all who dwell with her. They have GOT to be frustrated with the rest of us who don’t even meditate or  appear to do much of anything to support their work, but their souls have their agendas and we have ours.


Others of us are stumbling along, understanding who we are, why we’re here, and trying to get to where the leaders are, but not really knowing how. Something is missing. There’s a disconnect.

Some souls are just up from their nap, rubbing their eyes and trying to bring their world into focus. They know something is different, but don’t know what it is. They go in search of information with varying degrees of success when interpreting it.

Finally, there are those who are still in a distant world only vaguely familiar to us any more and we don’t see eye to eye on many things at all. It can be prickly territory when we brush against each other.

We’re truly all in our own little orbits, and sometimes we sail close to others, like ships in the night, with a friendly wave of acknowledgement to another winking Light on the quest for a reconnection to Source.

Other times we bump into fellow seekers and we’re like magnets, repelling each other because we’re at opposite poles in our souls’ evolutionary positions.


Occasionally we come within a short distance of a rapidly circling beacon and their delightful energy snags us and pulls us along in their slipstream for awhile, like geese drafting in their signature V-formation.

Then we drop off and go on our merry way for awhile and hopefully have that same effect on others and pull them along for awhile.

Wherever we are is fine. Perfect, in fact. We are dealing with our own unique perception of what reality is, to the best of our ability. It’s okay to feel fear. It’s okay to feel frustration, anger, regret, hate, guilt, blame, sorrow, bitterness, envy… all of those define who we are as Humans, and we are refining those emotions all the time.That is our unique gift as Earth Humans to our Creator and the collective of Beings in the Universe; our deep, deep emotions.

It’s when who we are is predominantly Love that we really soar and snag other travelers and take a load off.  It’s the experience that counts, and sometimes people will seem to hold us back, while others will cause us to experience the slingshot effect when in their presence.

But we’re all one, and can never completely leave another behind. We have to traipse around this planet together until such time as the gate is opened and we can go Home.

We’re THAT close… to Home. Kathy shares a great message with us, for wherever we are in our orbit, reminding us to ground and centre.

Peace… and may the Source be with you.  ~ BP

From Yellow Rose for Texas Facebook page…


KATHY says…

None of us really know what delays are involved as none of us have a direct line to the outside….at least this is my own belief. I also believe that none will know the “real time” for any of this to happen.

What works for me is to go within myself and tune in to my own intuition…we all have it and we all are tuning in to the higher energies that are coming in.…

I have found a great peace just knowing that no matter if I die before the big event or if I am here to experience it, I have had my own inner knowing acknowledged by the information that Rose has given us and by the hard work these past 5 years of searching.…

We are all feeling the building up of pressure in this matrix and know that it will come to a head soon….it helps to stay in your center and not allow fear in….the matrix will try to play out it’s agenda and by being aware of what is going on in the matrix it helps us to carry and even greater energy of Love to help to counter act any agenda they are trying to pull off….

Thor News just put out a great video on his take on the whole Jade Helm thing….and I have to say I agree with him. I think there is a huge amount of fear being generated by this….and I believe it might be more preparedness in action than the military turning on its own people.

I just have faith that things are moving forward in the dismantling of this hell-hole and if they can keep us in fear, then they can feed off the energy. We can’t do anything to counter whatever is happening….

But we can do a great deal by holding a center of Love and energetic power from where we each are. It’s an energetic war and we are like battery cells…each of us….as the awareness has swept across the internet, informing us of the lies….

they are no longer receiving their food in the form of us believing them, so we are pulling away from the matrix and they have lost the war already. It’s just the last bits playing out here in the construct that is happening…..and it drives us all nuts not to be able to “see” what is happening. …

Also…there has been a dry-up in new information which has us all anxious….but I believe that it is necessary in order to finish up the process of clearing the way. I hope you can find your center and balance…..sending you hugs and comfort energetically!!!!   ~  KATHY.


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