The Battle to Control the Narrative and Secure Our Freedoms [videos] ~ April 11, 2019

Taking Back the Truth

We are seeing signs that as a race, we are examining and resurrecting our Humanity. When we cease to place our convenience first and consider all life, we can return to who we really are. Service-to-Others, not Service-to-Self. When we all look after each other, no one is left out. All for one, and one for all, or… “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

If the demonrats want to yank on the heart strings of Americans to pass their bills—fine. We can play that game—but with FACTS—not lies; the facts they choose to omit.

Every life matters. Humanity matters. Human rights matter. That is the truth.

Hopefully this initiative to respect life and protect life will resonate with the shred of decency the populace may have remaining and we can leave extremism and torture behind, thereby setting an example for the world. The pendulum has to swing the other way before it sails off into the abyss.  ~ BP

Lindsey Graham Holds Press Conference on the Abortion Bill

We heard the media set the stage a couple of days ago, saying Julian Assange was about to be arrested and would be leaving the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. While they now claim he was removed in response to an extradition order, AIM4Truth is saying “Not so fast”.

Take a look at the video below: the image of Assange and the book in his hand. We’ve seen them stage this crap before. I don’t know about you, but this screams propaganda to me. As if anyone being arrested would be holding a book—let alone that one, and so the cameras could clearly see it. Give me a break.

The photo is definitely propaganda, and probably a distraction, but was he truly arrested? That would be a demonstrable attack on free speech and journalistic privilege.

There are those of us who believe this is part of the “movie”, and that Assange has been taken care of. The white hats have to do some “massaging of the truth” to educate the masses to the reality in bite-sized pieces so they can swallow them. Otherwise they’ll just gag on the big picture and refuse to look at it.

I think they’re coming around.

BBC and Reuters (two fake news sites) report Julian Assange arrest

April 11, 2019

The timing seems very suspicious to us. Has the look and feel of a false flag… so patriots will want to pay attention to the story with a discerning eye. For example in the footage below we see a person who resembles an aged Julian coming out of the embassy. That could easily be Hollywood mask and makeup on a crisis actor.

Before we tell you what we think about this incident, why do you think all of this is happening now…just when POTUS starts talking about treason and a coup and is asking where did the coup originate?

Is the Privy Council in a panic and using this arrest as a distraction? We know their M.O. – false flag operations reported by fake news sources.

Even the book that “Julian” is holding (image to right) looks like it has been photoshopped in the picture.

Be vigilant. We are fighting the Great Information War and the British rulers and elite are using their Tavistock propaganda crap on the world to protect their royal turkey butts. (Sorry, that was a little ‘Tallahassee talk’ from Betsy who wonders if anyone, anywhere is going to start reporting the British espionage. Aren’t we paying Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray to get this intel to the president’s desk?)

BBC and Reuters (two fake news sites) report Julian Assange arrest

The timing seems very suspicious to us. Has the look and feel of a false flag… so patriots will want to pay attention to the story with a discerning eye. For example in the footage below we see a person who resembles an aged Julian coming out of the embassy. That could easily be Hollywood mask and makeup on a crisis actor.

Before we tell you what we think about this incident, why do you think all of this is happening now…just when POTUS starts talking about treason and a coup and is asking where did the coup originate?

Is the Privy Council in a panic and using this arrest as a distraction? We know their M.O. – false flag operations reported by fake news sources.

Even the book that “Julian” is holding (image to right) looks like it has been Photoshopped in the picture.

Be vigilant. We are fighting the Great Information War and the British rulers and elite are using their Tavistock propaganda crap on the world to protect their royal turkey butts. (Sorry, that was a little ‘Tallahassee talk’ from Betsy who wonders if anyone, anywhere is going to start reporting the British espionage. Aren’t we paying Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray to get this intel to the president’s desk?)


WATCH: Moment Julian Assange is CARRIED out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. 4,077 3:49 AM – Apr 11, 2019 6,067 people are talking about this

We must protect Julian Assange and journalistic truth. His legal team is fighting extradition and want to secure medical attention for Assange because that was denied him for seven and a half years.

Julian Assange’s legal team make a statement following his arrest

So who is behind the failed coup? We all know here at the American Intelligence Media, but will have to wait for the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Pirros of the fake news world to catch up and start producing REAL NEWS. It was British espionage and American treason. Please, stop with all the sugar coating and start reporting ALL of the news!

Why hasn’t the very popular Judge Pirro reported on Alison Saunders’ Dinner with the Ohrs? Why hasn’t Rush reported on Sir Richard Dearlove and Geoffrey Pattie’s role in the coup? Why is Hannity always so far behind the narrative…he hasn’t even reported on the relationship that Robert Mueller had with British Arvinder Sambei from 911- right up to the special council?

Why aren’t any of them interested in Ruth Ginsberg’s disappearance…or Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese spying operation or her husband’s involvement with AVID ISIS management used in the corporate media for reading propaganda to the people?


For new Truthers, FOX News is owned by one faction of the deep state; recently acquired by Disney. (entertainment) That’s not to say there are no patriots there, just that they are controlled and do not present all stories, or the complete story. They have their own slant and we have to do our research. 

Dustin Nemos has said he plans to go after Fox. That will be interesting. 

Bottom line, the El-ites/establishment/New World Order control our reality by controlling information. Life is a complete fantasy based on what they tell us is true. It’s all lies, all fake, and we are changing the narrative to manifest a new reality.

It’s time to leave the dream world and wake up, rip off the blinders, and take our power back. We don’t need their permission and we have work to do. 

Here is some of that work underway. We love watching these one-celled creatures squirm.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for November 16, 2018: The War of Attrition [videos] ~ November 16, 2018

There is a military strategy that allows and encourages the enemy to exhaust itself. It’s called “attrition warfare”.

Top definition ‘War of Attrition’: A war in which forces do not confront each other in direct combat with the full strength of their teams, but instead aim to wear each other down over a period of time using tactics such as guerilla warfare , sabotage and other dishonourable means of combat. Source

Many of us who have been in the trenches for some time (6.5 years for us here at Starship Earth) occasionally feel like we’re being whittled down, but for the Light Forces, our ranks, weapons and resources have expanded considerably this past year.

It is heartening to see that so many more people are awakening to the fact that Humanity is engaged in a mostly subtle battle for our very existence. We really needed the reinforcements to be deployed to support the war-weary.

Some of us are just dog tired, while others are energized by the renewed activities to bolster the efforts on so many fronts. Many have fallen just trying to warn us that what we see unfolding now was coming—even 2 decades ago. Most of us didn’t listen, but the advent of the Internet, personal computers and hand-held devices slowly turned the tide.

Tired we may be, but discouraged we are not. We will not be taking the easy way out and those of us who are in it for the long haul will see this battle to fruition. Freedom, and a new world.

The People need to see hard evidence of this take-down; mass arrests, public perp walks and prison time. WE NEED OUR MEDIA TO HONESTLY REPORT. I have been saying this for years. The media may not be fooling as many as they were but they are still influencing some.

This war is largely fought in the courts, and Judicial Watch has been an energetic advocate. They’re going after Hillary Clinton, and she has 30 days to answer questions under oath. That is far too long, in my opinion. This drags on and on.

Perhaps as the planets change their alignment and leave their cluster all on one side of the sun the energies will become more balanced. They’re certainly volatile right now.

Despite the court process, these people are lawless, the oath of office means nothing to them, and she’s already lied under oath because their personal oath is to never admit guilt. Clinton is a compulsive liar and believes she is protected from prosecution. She (or her clone) is also delusional and their minions cannot always protect them. Reality bites.

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Ordered by Court To Testify UNDER OATH about Private Email Server

The Truth About Hillary & Benghazi

Other than the treasonous media, one of the biggest problems is the infiltration of all organizations by the psychopaths. We fight them at every turn, in all walks of life. Those we believed protected us plot against us, arrest us, shoot us, incarcerate us, steal from us, rape and kill our children, and render us homeless.

The entire government is infested with these vermin who don’t want to give up their opulent, obscene lifestyles. We are their slaves and they like it that way  so they are fighting to retain their positions of power and wealth at our expense.

Here’s some good news:

We are so effective at educating the public about the causes and reasons for the California fires—supported by mountains of valid evidence—that the press has had to do damage control. They’ve taken aim at us… using the words “conspiracy”, aliens, credibility, lasers, and more. Oh—and conspiracy theorists are now arsonists!

Thanks for the video, James. Laughable, isn’t it? Beware the Internet! I hate the lamestream media with a passion.

Here’s another target for you, California: The Sacramento Bee. Go get ’em, the lying turds.


Richie from Boston brought us this interesting satellite footage below that I saw a couple of days ago on another channel. They were thinking “volcanic” action. Richie thinks DEW.

Wildfires set on purpose DEW caught on NASA website

Smart Meters might play a large role in this. Some even wonder if microwave ovens are in the mix. Is Pacific Gas and Electric to blame for any of these fires? Here’s the testimony of a former meter reader. It appears some Californians are getting organized, sharing information, and doing their homework.

I hope President Trump can do something to help Julian Assange. It seems this is being done quietly as they know there would be a public outcry at his prosecution.

Julian Assange Has Been Charged in Secret, Accidentally Revealed in US Court Filing


This is the video version of Thomas Williams’ show last night, and it is a controversial one with plenty of intel. Thomas and the Manna World Holding Trust team are out of patience and fried a couple of hundred cabal servers, worldwide, if I heard that correctly. They’re not messing around any more. The psychopaths continue to block the funds the Trust has tried to provide to rebuild the areas hit by hurricanes and flooding in the Carolinas and Florida.

It’s disappointing to hear people attacking those who are doing more for the planet and her people than most others. The sarcastic comments are indicative of individuals who have no discernment and/or are not willing to take the time to educate themselves as to the reality. It’s easier to take jabs disguised as questions, compelling Thomas to spend precious time defending their actions which will one day be legendary, in my opinion.

I love the idea Thomas put forward about a new alt media. It would be a relief to leave the fake whistleblowers and intel artists behind. People are too often fooled by them and lack the discernment to tell who is part of the system and who is a dedicated truther and informant. The fact they hand over money to support them irks me. I like Mike Adams’ new video platform because it filters the shills to at least some degree.

Again, I thank Thomas, Kim and the team most profusely for their sacrifices and may they remain safe.

From Washington… more good news…

Trump Lays Groundwork To Ban Mandatory Vaccinations Across U.S.

Douglas is pretty pissed. Many of us are fed up and demanding actions and I think it’s accountability time. This is so long overdue it’s pathetic. And he’s right. People have died, and they continue to die and suffer because nothing to speak of has been done about these criminals.

Fire the whole SES, cancel all the NGO and mercenary contracts.

*BREAKING NEWS* Republicans Subpoena Comey & Lynch!

And here’s my alter, Dave, lol, with the financial and other updates. He is certain things are going the only way they can go. We’ll see.

Panic Sets In, The Financial Pundits Beg The Fed To Stop, The Plan Pushes Forward – Episode 1717a

This Is Why Everything Needs To Be Put In Place Before The Hammer Is Dropped – Episode 1717b

Headlines and Updates for October 19, 2018: Cabal Doubles Down on All-Out War [videos] ~ October 19, 2018

With regard to that headline, we don’t do “click bait” or “fear porn” on this ship. Following is the sit-rep with respect to the removal of the New World Order. You will please forgive me though, because nearly everything seems funny today and I have the giggles. Have the galactics been pumping in nitrous oxide? What’s in those chemtrails, anyway? Perhaps it’s lack of sleep, or another “lighten up” wave of energy.

Last night Thomas Williams told us the cabal has declared all-out war on Humanity and all life forms on this planet. (link below)

No biggie. This is to be expected, and Thomas assured us there is no need for fear. I have been telling readers for 6 years that the cabal will never surrender and it will come down to “us or them”. It was their choice after many opportunities to step down.

Thomas says we are way ahead of them in strategy and numbers and their little armies don’t have a hope of winning this war in the end game.

As we have reported multiple times, President Trump has advised everyone to prepare and they conducted the Presidential Wireless Emergency Alert “test”—regardless of what people imagine that was about. There’s so much fear porn out there.

We’ve had the cabal’s private communications satellites taken over by the Resistance Movement, as confirmed by multiple sources; we’ve seen three cellular networks go down in the past week, as well as Amazon and YouTube; 3 mainstream news networks were off the air (NBC, ABC, CBS), my phone and Internet have been down more than usual, and late yesterday afternoon our DirecTV satellite went down and that is extremely rare—like maybe once a year. All I saw was the reboot notification saying the system was doing a diagnostic and then everything came back up where it left off, right back to my music.

Does this sound at all like what might be considered a “reset” to you? Just thinking out loud.

Here’s a sensible-sounding explanation for the YouTube outage, and he says this could also be applied to the entire banking system. He says it’s “alarming”. To me, it’s not alarming at all. It’s an encouraging sign of the times, and the changes under way to transition to the new systems that the cabal is not in control of.

He speaks of the “keys”. Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben have spoken at length of the digital Internet Keys held by Hillary Clinton enabling her to personally access any website, email, etc. to read or even modify data. Since she is a grateful recipient of the “catch and release” program and will not be Queen of the World as she assumed… if, perchance, those keys changed hands recently, might we see the following scenario? Perhaps.

Thomas confirmed the SpaceX rocket launch was a little more than that, although definitely NOT opening a portal. He said the payload was unauthorized and “not beneficial” so I guess we had a little “intervention”. That’s how it appeared to me, so thank you for the confirmation, and thank you very much to our guardians.

Californians found out this week that electricity can be denied at any time, so I hope everyone is getting the picture.

Texas is getting flooded, and the Carolinas have also been under water for weeks. Water and electricity don’t mix. No one can predict what will happen or when, and in times of war we need to be prepared.

We’ve suggested everyone have enough food and water on hand for 2 weeks, as well as meds and daily necessities and min. half a tank of gas at all times. It’s not expected any inconvenience will extend longer than two weeks at the most if and when systems go down for the global reset, and probably less.

Thomas said there is a tremendous amount of mission critical stuff going on behind the scenes and nothing can be said about it.

Here is the video for the show last night. You can also listen on

Cobra has posted nothing in 6 days except this update for the Resistance Movement:

Friday, October 19, 2018

GHVBN failure, enforce PHX / P501 / L52

Perhaps this means they are keeping a close watch on Airforce1 as the President flies to Phoenix for the MAGA rally. More on that below.

So… I trust we are in good hands. The White Hats and Light Forces have a solid plan, QAnon has been dark for 10 days and Thomas can’t tell us anything much.

He did say we have a lot of off-world backup amassed above us, ready to launch into action—oh! and he said that those Beings who have been enforcing the martial law scenario we have been under globally for eons, are now enforcing the global Peace Treaty. Any parties in breach of the treaty will be dealt with severely—whatever that entails. Exciting times! There will be no catastrophic, extinction-level events on THIS planet.

I recall a channeled message several years ago telling us that as the war peaked visibly there would be so much happening all at once it would seem like utter chaos. The deep state is trying to engulf President Trump in a storm, but everything is under control and he seems to hover in the eye where he can see all around him and respond sensibly.

I suppose it’s possible we will see more severe weather, whether natural or man-made, so it’s prudent to have our SHTF plan just in case. If we can remain calm it will help us all.

Our Planetary Defense Commander, Thor says a mega-storm, heat, freezing and everything you can name is coming up. He makes me laugh out loud and humour is a great tension-breaker. Thor gives us a 360 of everything going on with Terra/Midgard including volcanoes and more expected rainfall in the US southwest next week. So sorry, Texas!

Here’s some more humour: I repeat—HUMOUR. Funny. Ha-ha. It’s actually hysterical if you listen to the end.

This emergency alert broadcast from Homeland Security is apparently a mockery of some scare tactic the deep state would have loved to implement because within their tiny minds, they were going to invoke WWIII; delusional, decrepit, retards that they are.

It says they believe Iran fired an ICBM at Israel, Israel replied in kind, and that in reprisal Russia and China joined in on the fun. They continue, saying the blast will flatten our homes and the water in your toilet may be used for washing but not drinking. Give me oxygen. Whoever created this alert message can’t spell and left words out. “Stay in your refuge for six months.” I can hardly type I’m laughing so hard.

Thanks to Jamie Lee of A Plane Truth for this, and his added bonus. It’s about time NASA showed us a real photo of Earth from space.

War of the Worlds III!?! Disturbing FEMA Emergency Broadcast…. Predictive Programming the Masses?

Since we’re on the topic of NASA and authentic photographs, I happened upon this video this morning and it fits. I love how folks sneak this stuff in.

Thousands of US-bound migrants storm Guatemala-Mexico border (VIDEO)

This is insanity, and a crisis which could go very wrong. Intend for a calm and peaceful resolution, please. A miracle would be nice.

I watched a Fox news show with Tucker Carlson last night and he said that a caravan from 2017 that stormed the US/Mexican border brought hundreds of illegal immigrants to America and they’re still here. Now the cabal wants to flood us with 4K more. I feel sorry for these people being in limbo and victims of this war. They were lied to and given cash to do this.

Nancy Pelosi is telling us it’s “immoral” to put up a wall; like she and the cabal have ever had an ounce of morality or even know what it is.

They love to lay the guilt trips on us, don’t they? WE caused “global warming”. WE are insensitive if we use the wrong terminology in our speech. WE are racist if we don’t want immigrants moving into our cities and raping and killing innocent people. WE are immoral if we want to prevent illegal immigrants—which usually include terrorists, drug and arms runners and now Muslims—from crashing our border and putting a huge financial strain on a country where our own children are going to school hungry, people have lost their homes, and millions are jobless or working three jobs to make ends meet and pay for criminal medical care—meanwhile THEY are in control of the planet and everything that happens on it. Make that past tense.

The Democrats have to go. They do not have the best interests of the People in their plan and want the opposite of what the Republic demands to rebuild the country and protect the people. They are anti-Republic, and anti-constitution.

I would like to know: Are Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Gerry Brown going to put up these migrants in their palatial homes, feed and clothe them, and pay for their re-education and medical expenses? I doubt it.

This one just came in. To me, this IS chaos.

BREAKING: Honduran Migrants in Caravan Tear Down Border Gate in Guatemala – Storm Mexico Border (VIDEO)

How’s this for a gobsmacking headline? Miracles happen every day.

‘Breakthrough’ & ‘message to US’: France & Germany to join Russia & Turkey in Syria summit

RT also reports that Julian Assange is suing Ecuador. What took you so long, Julian?

Assange sues Ecuador for ‘violating fundamental rights & freedoms’ over new set of ‘censure’ rules


From last night, Dave’s updates on the financial, geopolitical, political and global situation.


And, once again closing on a light note, we learn the NPC meme is driving the dimms crazy.

I rarely do social media and until yesterday (thanks R) didn’t know what the NPC meme was. This article explains. It’s kind of like a faceless zombie. Kind of like the dimms.

The jack-o-lantern at the top of this post also illustrates the NPC meme they refer to, and there are plenty of amusing ones at ZeroHedge.

ZeroHedge: 4Chan Slams Democrats with NPC Meme — Twitter Bans All Criticism of Democrats. Seriously.

 (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

President Trump is doing a MAGA rally in the Phoenix area today, my mail lady tells me. I would like to go just to feel the energy and see the crowds for myself, but I’m not. He also made a stop at Luke AFB to support Martha McSally and will later be heading to a hangar in an East Valley airport. Wow, a hangar. They could put his T-ness in a harness and have him swoop down to the stage like Garth Brooks. Or Superman. Time to sign off.   ~ BP

Headlines and Update for August 10, 2018; The Seen and the Unseen Strategies [videos] ~ August 10, 2018

And speaking of stars…

Perhaps Pam can sweet talk Julian into telling the truth about the zero Trump collusion with the Russians.

VP Pence did visit Ecuador recently, if you recall. We learned yesterday that there is speculation it is possible Mike Pence may have been offered a deal by the Democrats, and the US Presidency, if Julian Assange comes to America and swears under oath that DJT colluded with the Russians and that it affected the outcome of the presidential election.

Of course if the deep state could pull that one off, it would mean Trump would be impeached and deposed, putting another Zionist puppet in control in Washington.

Is that why Assange was invited to testify? Let’s see what he’s made of.

As for Pammy… “Pamela Anderson also is regular at Marina Abramovic spirit cooking events.”

If you’re a praying sort… you might want to pray… or be prey.

Pamela Anderson Finally Spills The Beans That She Is “Romantic” with Zionist Agent Julian Assange


We heard from the new Trump administration recently that some nations have weaponized space and the US needs to keep up.

What if… they can do more than this article reveals—which is usually the case? We have reason to believe the Secret Space Program is thousands of years ahead of what they let on, trading with other species, etc.

I think it would be foolish to assume they are not being used on our planet’s surface, and it is concerning, but whenever I think of satellites and potential weaponry, I get that image of Elon Musk’s midnight cherry Tesla roadster with the “Don’t Panic” note on the dashboard. Crazy.

Thanks for the heads up, R.

At Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, researcher says theoretical threat to ships, planes and military is ‘no longer theoretical’

Hacked satellite systems could launch microwave-like attacks, expert warns

LOL: Rumors About Stormy’s Attorney Are True!

Michael Avenatti for President? Sorry—no lawyers, Mikey. It’s unconstitutional.

Q – Killing the Mockingbird – a Bitchute video – good to pass on to skeptics?

Florida’s problem began with the deadly ‘red tide’.

Crisis, what crisis? It seems there’s a crisis around every corner. Now France is experiencing floods inland which meant evacuations and at least one death.

The good news seemed to be the Atlantic Ocean, where no hurricanes or storm activity exists at all. But there is a crisis.

Have you heard about the red tide/blue-green algae bloom in south Florida causing a mass die-off of marine life?

Activist/environmentalist Erin Brokovich is still at it, speaking up for what needs to be done.

There are a lot of explicit photos of the situation on Florida beaches at Erin Elizabeth’s website, Health Nut News at this link.

NBC: Erin Brockovich slams Florida officials over algae crisis: ‘Do your damn jobs’

Monsanto gave California groundskeeper cancer, must pay $289 million – jury

This has tongues in the patriot community wagging, and minds wondering…

Is that timid, ineffectual Jeff Sessions up to something?

We know we won’t be told much of anything until after the fact because it’s too risky, but it certainly looks encouraging.

I thought it was interesting to see what looks like a morphing missile in this video, flying around a plane over London, UK.

The video begins with what looks like a USO off the coast of Greece, but at the 6:25 mark the plane and the unidentified flying object come up. What would be allowed to fly that close to a commercial jet?

A sad story of a great Canadian actress, a big Clinton critic… ruled a suicide.

If you weren’t able to take in Thomas Williams’ THI show last night, the video is below. Thomas apparently relocated a long way for safety these past few weeks. And still he does the shows.

He tells us that Wells Fargo is in hot water frequently and is currently under investigation by an “unnamed government agency”. How intriguing.

It also came up this week from a couple of sources that there was a nifty little bit of legislation called Bill HR5181 stuffed surreptitiously into the NDAA which meant $160 million would be set aside for alt media “journalists” to counter what is deemed to be fake news. So those Truth Media shills are well paid and STILL asking for patriots’ money.

Thomas reports that 90% of the alt media players are fakes, working for the deep state. Very few can say no when they get that offer they can’t refuse, but they can look you in the eye and ask for money. Most of the time they share truthful information—even about pedophilia—but when they need to hit on something hard like the VOP or Q—whatever they’re TOLD to do by their puppetmasters—they’re all in—earning that cabal paycheque and not feeling an ounce of remorse. Is there anything more despicable than a turncoat?

The Alex Jones theatrical pageantry was too much for me, I couldn’t watch his performance when he was banned from a few but not enough places. Thomas reports it’s pure theatre and distraction from the Stratfor comedian.

Late Headlines and Updates for July 27, 2018: Pushing Back [videos] ~ July 27, 2018

Editpr’s Note: Thanks again for Starship Earth for great news compilations of “what’s really goin’ on in our world!



The escalation of “push-back” on the part of the People across the world is heartening. It’s happening. We are rising up, raising our voices in unison and acting in unity to effect the changes we demand. Keep pushing! Keep molding our reality into the one we desire and is rightfully ours.
It’s get down and dirty time and if you’re not muddied and bloodied you’re not on the front lines.
Understandably, the push-back by the dark is in direct correlation to our efforts to wrench free of their grasp.
We have been concerned about Thomas Williams after he was booted off the air July 19 and did not plan a show for July 26. He responded to queries about his safety on the Facebook page with, “We’re fine.”, but no news of the next show.
Since death threats and attempted abductions were regular occurrences for Thomas, Kim and the team, we send our best intentions for a resolution to the silence and safety for brave people such as these who push back harder than most.
Having said the above, I did another check at the FB page just now and the July 27 update reads…
Apologies for the minor disturbances of shows being a bit hit and miss time-wise, but lots going on personally, work and show wise.
I’m doing fine just tidying up loose ends to be ready for another set of hammers and progression.
I expect to do a show over the weekend, to replace last nights show, thinking all should be back to “normal” (get ready dave!!) in next 2 weeks lol.
Thanks to all who have and are contributing to the patreon, it is greatly appreciated.
We managed to make big progress in the short time I have been in new place and expect that to continue.
Well, that’s a relief, Thomas. No apologies required! Looking forward to the weekend even more, now. Do take the time you need to be safe, serene, rested and super-charged.
I will send out a notification and link once it’s posted for the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show this weekend, if Thomas is up to it.
And if you would like to arm yourself for battle with the dark, have a look at my post at the “Captain’s Blog” today, “The Art of Hyper Dimensional War”. It’s loaded with much-needed information to strengthen and shield ourselves and render the dark impotent in their attacks on us. ~ BP

I’m waiting… tap, tap, tap. What are they going to do about liberating Assange, whom I consider a “pusher”, since drug distributors are more commonly known as “traffickers” nowadays?

The election system in America needs reform—and that must come in the form of honest, unhackable methods of voting and tabulating the votes.
The dynamic duo of Douglas Gabriel aka ‘Thomas Paine’ and Michael McKibben discuss various aspects of the current corrupt system and why it must go, as well as proposed changes to enable democratic voting resumes after many decades of manipulated outcomes.

Some media figures in Canada believe the story around the recent Danforth-Greek Town shooting in Toronto is suspicious. Really? Watch your back.
Media’s reaction to Toronto shooting “looked orchestrated”

We do not consent, and we do not comply! “Legal” statutes of the US Inc. are unlawful and do not apply to the People of the Republic. We will not allow or submit to controls that work against us and where we intend to take our country in future.
Hemp is an incredible plant and was given to Humanity for a very good reason. Just wait and see all the things we will derive from hemp.
Cri Mass: 17 States Now Disobeying Feds – Will Grow Hemp Despite It Being Illegal

Remembering the fallen… who pushed back. Stabbed in the abdomen, yet the authorities have not said whether the wound was or was not self inflicted—what? Well, no, because stabbing oneself in the stomach is the preferred way to go, particularly when the victim makes a point of telling people she is not suicidal.
Pro-Cannabis Doctor, Who Fought Against Big Pharma, Found Dead at Home in Jamaica

A must-have news roundup… which was interrupted midway through the upload and hence is in two parts. Nice job.

The remainder of the Canadian content… which illustrates that there is much that can be done to pare down the structure of governing bodies. Get used to it. This is going to save taxpayers a whole lot of money. Way to go, Doug.
Taxpayers Federation welcomes reduction in size of Toronto city council

The world is waking up to the ugly and all-pervasive reality of Human trafficking. To assist in getting it recognized and eventually halted, there are training programs ongoing for staff in various segments of the workforce so it is detected and victims can be rescued.
Flight attendants’ ‘gut feeling’ about passengers sparks human trafficking investigation: reports

Weather-wise, we’re watching…
Japan needs a break. Please send your best intentions that Jongdari will peter out and/or change course.

From my perspective in Arizona, we were doing great until a few days ago when the heat wave arrived. My thriving flowers wilted, leaves turned brown, and they aren’t happy campers, despite ample watering. I’ve decreased the direct sun they’re getting in some cases to protect them. It’s not like other years, so that “collapsing magnetosphere” Mike speaks of above, may be to blame. It’s also usually calmer in the hottest months, but it’s been windy nearly every day with random rogue gusts rattling the window screens, and not much rain yet for this monsoon season.
Mr. MBB brings us an update below on the California fires, at least some attributed to arson. A Starship reader in Sweden advised that some of the fires there were from arson, as well, which isn’t surprising. I don’t believe so many fires were started naturally due to heat, or by a few unbalanced Humans seeking revenge—not unless they were mind-controlled patsies.
Check out this comment under Mr. MBB’s video… What do you think? Can thermite be atomized? Or is does it already comprise nanoparticles?
+++MrMBB333 Please look at what’s in chemtrails and please realize that we are watching out of control fires because of these heavy metals they spray from above. Please look up Thermite and tell me the fires are not made much worse by what I’m saying here. We are being sprayed with Thermite. The first time I heard the term thermite was after 911 and was to blame for the felling of the towers and building 7. The fires will only get worse, much worse.
I have a hard time believing all this insane weather, fires, temperature swings, flooding, earthquakes and volcanoes are natural and related to the fabled “grand solar minimum”. I could be wrong, but it seems a minor level of the above is being amplified by (non)human hands in accordance with lame prophecies. These are the “end times” alright. The end of the psychopaths. ~ BP