The Battle to Control the Narrative and Secure Our Freedoms [videos] ~ April 11, 2019

Taking Back the Truth

We are seeing signs that as a race, we are examining and resurrecting our Humanity. When we cease to place our convenience first and consider all life, we can return to who we really are. Service-to-Others, not Service-to-Self. When we all look after each other, no one is left out. All for one, and one for all, or… “Where We Go One, We Go All.”

If the demonrats want to yank on the heart strings of Americans to pass their bills—fine. We can play that game—but with FACTS—not lies; the facts they choose to omit.

Every life matters. Humanity matters. Human rights matter. That is the truth.

Hopefully this initiative to respect life and protect life will resonate with the shred of decency the populace may have remaining and we can leave extremism and torture behind, thereby setting an example for the world. The pendulum has to swing the other way before it sails off into the abyss.  ~ BP

Lindsey Graham Holds Press Conference on the Abortion Bill

We heard the media set the stage a couple of days ago, saying Julian Assange was about to be arrested and would be leaving the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. While they now claim he was removed in response to an extradition order, AIM4Truth is saying “Not so fast”.

Take a look at the video below: the image of Assange and the book in his hand. We’ve seen them stage this crap before. I don’t know about you, but this screams propaganda to me. As if anyone being arrested would be holding a book—let alone that one, and so the cameras could clearly see it. Give me a break.

The photo is definitely propaganda, and probably a distraction, but was he truly arrested? That would be a demonstrable attack on free speech and journalistic privilege.

There are those of us who believe this is part of the “movie”, and that Assange has been taken care of. The white hats have to do some “massaging of the truth” to educate the masses to the reality in bite-sized pieces so they can swallow them. Otherwise they’ll just gag on the big picture and refuse to look at it.

I think they’re coming around.

BBC and Reuters (two fake news sites) report Julian Assange arrest

April 11, 2019

The timing seems very suspicious to us. Has the look and feel of a false flag… so patriots will want to pay attention to the story with a discerning eye. For example in the footage below we see a person who resembles an aged Julian coming out of the embassy. That could easily be Hollywood mask and makeup on a crisis actor.

Before we tell you what we think about this incident, why do you think all of this is happening now…just when POTUS starts talking about treason and a coup and is asking where did the coup originate?

Is the Privy Council in a panic and using this arrest as a distraction? We know their M.O. – false flag operations reported by fake news sources.

Even the book that “Julian” is holding (image to right) looks like it has been photoshopped in the picture.

Be vigilant. We are fighting the Great Information War and the British rulers and elite are using their Tavistock propaganda crap on the world to protect their royal turkey butts. (Sorry, that was a little ‘Tallahassee talk’ from Betsy who wonders if anyone, anywhere is going to start reporting the British espionage. Aren’t we paying Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray to get this intel to the president’s desk?)

BBC and Reuters (two fake news sites) report Julian Assange arrest

The timing seems very suspicious to us. Has the look and feel of a false flag… so patriots will want to pay attention to the story with a discerning eye. For example in the footage below we see a person who resembles an aged Julian coming out of the embassy. That could easily be Hollywood mask and makeup on a crisis actor.

Before we tell you what we think about this incident, why do you think all of this is happening now…just when POTUS starts talking about treason and a coup and is asking where did the coup originate?

Is the Privy Council in a panic and using this arrest as a distraction? We know their M.O. – false flag operations reported by fake news sources.

Even the book that “Julian” is holding (image to right) looks like it has been Photoshopped in the picture.

Be vigilant. We are fighting the Great Information War and the British rulers and elite are using their Tavistock propaganda crap on the world to protect their royal turkey butts. (Sorry, that was a little ‘Tallahassee talk’ from Betsy who wonders if anyone, anywhere is going to start reporting the British espionage. Aren’t we paying Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray to get this intel to the president’s desk?)


WATCH: Moment Julian Assange is CARRIED out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. 4,077 3:49 AM – Apr 11, 2019 6,067 people are talking about this

We must protect Julian Assange and journalistic truth. His legal team is fighting extradition and want to secure medical attention for Assange because that was denied him for seven and a half years.

Julian Assange’s legal team make a statement following his arrest

So who is behind the failed coup? We all know here at the American Intelligence Media, but will have to wait for the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Pirros of the fake news world to catch up and start producing REAL NEWS. It was British espionage and American treason. Please, stop with all the sugar coating and start reporting ALL of the news!

Why hasn’t the very popular Judge Pirro reported on Alison Saunders’ Dinner with the Ohrs? Why hasn’t Rush reported on Sir Richard Dearlove and Geoffrey Pattie’s role in the coup? Why is Hannity always so far behind the narrative…he hasn’t even reported on the relationship that Robert Mueller had with British Arvinder Sambei from 911- right up to the special council?

Why aren’t any of them interested in Ruth Ginsberg’s disappearance…or Dianne Feinstein’s Chinese spying operation or her husband’s involvement with AVID ISIS management used in the corporate media for reading propaganda to the people?


For new Truthers, FOX News is owned by one faction of the deep state; recently acquired by Disney. (entertainment) That’s not to say there are no patriots there, just that they are controlled and do not present all stories, or the complete story. They have their own slant and we have to do our research. 

Dustin Nemos has said he plans to go after Fox. That will be interesting. 

Bottom line, the El-ites/establishment/New World Order control our reality by controlling information. Life is a complete fantasy based on what they tell us is true. It’s all lies, all fake, and we are changing the narrative to manifest a new reality.

It’s time to leave the dream world and wake up, rip off the blinders, and take our power back. We don’t need their permission and we have work to do. 

Here is some of that work underway. We love watching these one-celled creatures squirm.  ~ BP

Superwave LaViolette and Cobra ~ April 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is a dismissive article presented to us by Dr. Violette about various claims made by Cobra based largely on science. Although Dr. Violette has introduced new ideas for science, he also largely disclaims ET involvement in Earth’s current predicament of global unrest and any in spiritual involvement from ET races.

In short, although I personally doubt the authenticity of Cobra, I also cast a baleful eye on this report written by…Dr. Violette himself. Dr. Violette’s opinion of Cobra is petty and mean-spirited not in keeping with the concept of Oneness, or spiritual growth.

This article is another weapon in the “information war” that is now raging on Planet Earth. It is more vital than ever, for all to learn information and decide on their own belief system. I remain grounded in the concept of vibrational theory which is grounded in the highest of vibrations…Love!

Please read this article, explore to learn all existing avenues of thought and belief, and be…



Superwave LaViolette and Cobra. By Paul LaViolette.

DNI Note: We have been contacted by various sources to clarify some matters posted by us and several others website and we decided to publish the article below by Dr. Paul LaViolette that first pondered the idea of a Galactic Superwave in 1979, while studying at Portland State University. Now it will be up to your discernment.

Some History About The Development Of The Superwave Theory

There have been many websites on the net that have appropriated the superwave concept for their own purposes and have sidelined Dr. LaViolette and the Starburst Foundation, in the sense that their names are NEVER mentioned when they discuss the coming superwave event.

They claim to have high ideals of helping humanity. But if they really followed the ideals they preach, they would have made citations to Dr. LaViolette’s work.

This has caused great distress to the Starburst Foundation effort to awaken the world to the imminent danger of the superwave phenomenon. Maybe they don’t realize how difficult it was for Dr. LaViolette to research this phenomenon and ultimately get the word out to warn humanity. So we will take a moment to explain a bit about the development of the superwave theory.


The superwave theory was developed by Paul LaViolette as part of his Ph.D. research at the Portland State University Department of Systems Science. Most universities are well funded and provide money to their students to fund their scientific research. PSU, however, had no funds available.

So Dr. LaViolette was left to live the life of a pauper over the 6 year period (1978 – 1983) during which he undertook his research, assisted only by periodic donations from his parents. He underwent great criticism while doing this research. Just two weeks before his orals, two geologists resigned from his dissertation committee after learning that he first got the idea about the superwave phenomenon from an ancient timecapsule message cryptographically encoded in the lore of astrology, along with hints provided by various star lore myths.

Their departure happened even after he had already successfully proven his hypothesis through analysis of polar ice for the presence of cosmic dust. Also he had a wealth of astronomical data backing up his claims. Even though he made no mention in his dissertation of how he got the idea, it was too much for the little minds of these two local yokel nobody professors. Fortunately, he was able to replace them with well known professors from other universities.

Apparently, one of the geologists who left his committee had a very big mouth, because later LaViolette had to endure the insult of one geology student who told him to his face that it was a mistake for them to let him take up time on their gamma ray detector for his thesis since “everyone knows that your theory is completely crazy.”

Dr. LaViolette was able to pay for the neutron activation analysis he had performed through assistance from the Department of Energy. The whole project to analyze polar ice was essentially done on a shoe string.

Cintamani Jewels

But the findings turned out to be very important. In general, scientists developing new scientific theories are met with an incredible amount of resistance from their peers. LaViolette had difficulty publishing some of his findings since journal referees were convinced that the tin and lead in one of his samples was contamination.

It took 30 years, but those results were finally published, resulting in five big firsts for science:

  1. First discovery of high levels of cosmic dust in ice age polar ice,
  2. First discovery of gold in polar ice,
  3. First discovery of interstellar dust in polar ice,
  4. First discovery of superconducting dust particles (the tin and lead particles being superconducting in interstellar space), and finally
  5. Discovery of the largest monomineralic cosmic dust particle which measured 120 microns in length.

In one case, a UCLA astronomer actually stole Dr. LaViolette’s findings for an article. Starburst had sent an envoy to UCLA to inform him about the superwave theory.

The astronomer expressed his disapproval of LaViolette’s theory and then tried to convince this person to no longer assist Starburst, that he was wasting his time.

He was left some of LaViolette’s papers and shortly afterward a science magazine article quoted him as saying that the Galactic center erupts on a 104 year cycle, not citing LaViolette as the source.

At the time of LaViolette’s work, scientists had figured that our Galactic core erupts about every 10 million years, a view that has since changed.

The Current Status Of The Superwave Theory

Currently, the superwave theory is not part of mainstream science. It is not taught in university astronomy classes or geology classes. Besides his books and lecture appearances, Dr. LaViolette has published many papers on the theory in refereed science journals.

But there is no call to invite him to universities to speak on this subject to students and professors. Also no mainstream magazines have written about it, only alternative magazines like Nexus and Atlantis Rising. Because of this resistance to acceptance, the superwave theory is currently in a rather precarious position.

The subjects of ether, Mother stars, or continuous creation need not be touched on to understand the superwave theory. It is entirely compatible with mainstream science so the only explanation of its slow acceptance is the snail-like progress of astrophysical thinking, which still even accepts the big bang theory even though it was successfully disproven many years ago.

Many New Age sites have recently (mainly since 2012) appropriated the superwave idea and act as if the superwave phenomenon is a well known fact. It may be common knowledge to the Secret Space Program informants who refer to it as “the Event”. But it is not to the scientific community or to the public at large. Unfortunately, many of these New Age sites mix the superwave concept with ET history and non-scientific techno babble which would throw off base even the most open-minded of people.

I am not saying that ET’s do not exist. Even the Russian Prime Minister, Medvedev has stated in a TV interview that people would panic if they knew how many alien species live on our planet.

But by using the superwave idea for their own ends without reference to Dr. LaViolette and his research, they provide a disservice to humanity since they inhibit people from accessing the vast amount of information that LaViolette has compiled about the superwave phenomenon. Here we will attempt to address some misstatements being made about superwaves.

Who Is Cobra?

First, who is Cobra? According to postings on the internet, Cobra is a pseudoname for a human who claims to be a Pleiadian incarnate and who is part of the “Resistance Movement” that intends to overthrow the secret government ruling Earth and to expel alien races who have been living below the surface, and suppressing humanity’s technological development.

According to Cobra, the terrestrial resistance movement is being assisted in this effort by an extraterrestrial race known as the Pleiadians who many may know from the Billy Meier’s photos.

It is difficult to validate the claims Cobra makes about this ongoing ET war. However, enough believable disclosures have occurred recently (Medvedev’s disclosure, Charles Hall’s testimony about the Tall Whites at Area 57, and Phil Schneider’s testimonies about the battle at the secret underground facility at Dulce, NM) that we are encouraged to at least soberly view what Cobra has to say, albeit with a critical eye. However, after all is said and done the markings of fraud are written across this.

Cobra offers a good reason to remain anonymous. He claims that members of the Cabal (the secret organization ruling Earth governments) have been trying to assassinate him and even had succeeded in torturing some of his close friends. He began making anonymous contact with one group in 2012.

He said that he was coming forward to share information about the various ET races that are providing assistance to humanity and to give people an idea of the big change that will occur in the immediate future, which he calls “the Event.” He says this will involve major political changes and will be timed to occur at the time of the arrival of the next superwave. As a result, the superwave concept has now become attached to ET lore in websites across the internet.

Unfortunately, Dr. LaViolette’s name is not mentioned leaving people to learn about the phenomenon only from Cobra’s terse statements. In doing so, Cobra often does not use the proper spelling “superwave”, spelling it instead as “super wave”. It is distressing to Dr. LaViolette that others try to change the name of the phenomenon that he first conceived and named.

Still to this day he is attempting to convince the mainstream media and astronomers that the phenomenon is real. When others commandeer a name and change it for their own purposes, this ultimately threatens the viability of the written word. Also LaViolette’s name is not mentioned, even though he has been studying the phenomenon for 40 years.

Notice the quote below, from the Disclosure News website, which discusses the superwave phenomenon. It gives as information sources the names Wilcock and Goode, neither of whom are scientists.

Steve: David Wilcock talks about a solar event that will make a big change to the DNA of humanity and consciousness to humans. Is this the same event that you are talking about?
Cobra: Yes, exactly. What he talks about, the solar event or what Corey Goode talks about, is actually the galactic pulse triggering the sun. Every twenty-six thousand years there is a galactic pulse which triggers all the stars in the galaxy in a certain way, also of course when this galactic super wave reaches our solar system it will trigger our physical sun, in a way that Corey Goode and other are talking about. It’s part of the Event that I am describing. It is not only the activity of our physical sun but is connected to the activity to the galactic central sun and on the drastic changes on this planet and on the removal of the cabal, reset of the financial system, and the process of full disclosure and everything that is connected with that.

Here is more baloney stated by Cobra:

Cobra – ok, the solar flash is one aspect, actually the solar flash is one sub-aspect of the Galactic super wave, so the Sun gets activated when the Galactic Central Sun gets activated, and when the Galactic Central Sun gets activated it activates our physical Sun and both combined activate the planet Earth, they activate…it’s a very strong wave of energies, not just physical, not just energetic.

The Sun doesn’t get activated when the Galactic core (Central Sun) is activated. This is nonsense. A superwave takes at least 23,000 years to travel from the Galactic core to our Solar System. Even after the superwave arrives, it takes time before the Sun becomes active since it would take months for the superwave to push cosmic dust into the solar system.

This perplexing communication below, which mispells “Galactic Super-wave”, was posted on the Event Hub website:

Cobra – OK. The center of the earth is a Stargate and this Stargate will be triggered by the Galactic Pulse and the energy of that Stargate in the center of the earth will reach the surface. In a way it is an energy of the Galactic Super-wave filtered through a certain, I would say, energy filter and then distributed throughout the planet.

It is postings like this that make Cobra seem highly suspicious. First it is complete baloney to say that the superwave energy (i.e., cosmic ray electrons and EM radiation) is filtered through a “stargate” and then distributed to the surface of the planet.

The superwave cosmic rays are not even filtered by the core of the Earth (that’s BS). They do not come from below; they come from above. They are attenuated somewhat by the Earth’s magnetic field, but ultimately they reach the Earth’s surface from above.

The gravity wave associated with the superwave passes right through the Earth and can affect the Earth gravitationally, exerting a momentary tug, but relays nothing to the surface.

The following misstatement was made on the Prepare for Change website:

Cobra – It has not reached the planet as you can obviously see. And outside a certain area of the solar system, the physical wave is traveling with superluminal speeds. It does not travel with the speed of light but with much greater speed.

This statement is patently false. Maybe Cobra is no scientist and does not have a good understanding of superwaves. But to claim that this is enlightened information from extraterrestrial races in the know is total BS. The superwave’s cosmic ray component travels at very close to the speed of light; i.e., o.99999 c, and their forward progress could be slowed down a bit by scattering that would occur on their journey.

The gravity wave would arrive somewhat sooner (perhaps a few days sooner) because it would be somewhat superluminal at the beginning of its journey because the gravity wave would be surfing an ether wind that would be flowing radially outward from the Galactic core. LaViolette has demonstrated this superluminal effect in laboratory experiments conducted at Guy Obolensky’s New York laboratory.

These experiments are summarized in his book Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, and in a posting on this website. So far LaViolette and Obolensky have demonstrated superluminal speeds for electric field scalar shock fronts (called Coulomb waves).

Currently he is researching whether this ether wind phenomenon can also cause material particles to achieve superluminal speeds. But at present this has not been demonstrated.

Even if the cosmic ray electrons could attain superluminal speeds by surfing the ether wind, their speeds would rapidly decline to the speed of light just as is observed for the Coulomb wave experiments. This is because of the superwave geometry.

The superwave is not a jet directed at Earth; it is an expanding spherical shell of energy, and as it expands, both the cosmic ray intensity and ether wind velocity rapidly decrease.

So even if the electrons were to attain superluminal speeds at the beginning of their journey, their speed would end up being close to the speed of light. Cobra’s statement that they would travel “with the speed of light, but with much greater speed.” is quite vague and confusing.

On the Prepare for Change website, Cobra reported that there will be “delays” in the exact date of the “Event” due to the errors of humanity; see below. But he also claims that the Event will occur at the time of the superwave.

Hence he leaves everyone to conclude that the speed with which superwave travels through space depends on human consciousness, i.e., ANTHROPOMORPHISM in capital letters.

Cobra – We are getting closer day by day. I know there are many delays. Part of those delays are based on human inefficiency, human error, human mistakes. Part of those delays are based on other factors but I would say that we are getting closer.

In actual fact the speed of the superwave cosmic rays is very close to the speed of light, and no human errors are going to change that. If this Cobra is in fact in touch with real ETs, he should know the exact date of arrival of the superwave.

He is asked many times, but refuses to give the date. Maybe he wishes to avoid a market panic? Probably wishful thinking. For him to say that human consciousness affects the date of the superwave’s arrival seems just a ploy to blow smoke in people’s eyes. At least here he spelled the word properly.

The Ascension Project website stated this in 2014:

We believe that when this Gravitational wave and/or Superwave hits our Solar System and the Earth, it will trigger the Rapid Magnetic Pole Reversal and this may be the Cosmic Event Cobra is referring to.

Again, this group did not contact Dr. LaViolette to check out their claims. The superwave will not trigger a geomagnetic reversal. It will affect the geomagnetic field, and the pole direction may deflect a few degrees, but the field will not reverse. How do we know this? Because, in the past 80,000 years we have had three reversals of varying durations. In each case these were caused by solar events which arose because our Sun was active during the ice age.

Field reversals occur when a super solar flare floods the storm time radiation belts (which encircle the Earth) with solar cosmic ray particles. These trapped particles then create a magnetic dynamo effect which weakens the Earth’s field, bringing the field intensity close to zero. At that point the field can reverse.

So the sequence is superwave — creates a dust cloud around the Solar System — pushes this dust into the solar system — the dust aggravates the Sun into a T Tauri like star which periodically emits super flares — a sufficiently large flare would be able to cause a reversal.

But it is not likely because the superwave would need to be a major one, of magnitude 3 or 4 that lasted at least 1000 years. During such a period the Sun could become sufficiently active to cause a reversal. An example of this would be the superwave that hit around 42,000 BP and wiped out the Neanderthals.

However, so far no reversals have been found to coincide with the solar flare event that wiped out the Pleistocene megafauna in 12,837 years BP or the solar outburst that occurred at the end of the Younger Dryas that triggered glacier wave floods close to 11,600 year BP, the flood date memorialized in Plato’s story of Atlantis.

The Prepare for Change website also posted this about the merging of Universes:

Lynn – In your June interview, Cobra, you spoke about how all the Universes were absorbed into this one around the year 1999. You said it was very fast and intense when the other universes came through a worm hole into this one. Was there anything that was seen or observed from Earth regarding this event?

This statement fairly well shows Cobra’s colors. It seems to resemble channelled New Age BS. The idea of Universes combining with our own on 1999 is so preposterous, it indicates that one cannot take seriously anything that Cobra says.

He can hide behind anonymity and fool some of the people some of the time. But he can’t fool all of us. The picture emerging here is that he is a hoax.


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A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is visible labor and there is invisible labor.

Victor Hugo

One of the Greatest Gifts: Discernment [video] ~ March 2, 2019

Besides death and taxes, one other thing is certain: No one will give us discernment, and you can’t buy it. We have to work for it—and HARD! It’s a lesson from the school of hard knocks that we present to ourselves.

I hadn’t planned on writing this one, but two things prompted it. One was a comment from a reader (more on that below) and the other was a Tweet on Twitter. The synergy of inspiration!

When we awaken to the deplorable situation on our planet and answer the call to find out how something so evil could have been allowed to happen, we educate ourselves, practice on the job, emulate others—and fall down.

It’s not lethal, and we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for the skinned knees. We get up, dust ourselves off, and continue the education process, practice some more, and when we look back we can see progress. We achieve a comfort level and leave some of the frustration behind.

We become more skilled at seeking out the places and people who resonate; who enable us to connect dots and see the big picture in a logical way. We learn that NO ONE has all the answers, and while group associations can be helpful, we can all be deceived.
Not only that, but most of us are fairly open-minded and want to keep exploring the opinions, information and perceptions of others to round out our experience. I often see bloggers and vloggers remind folks that just because they feature some one or some piece of information or opinion doesn’t mean they necessarily agree with it. Magazines say the same, television programs do as well. Information is largely free for the giving and the taking. Time is limited so we want to be choosy without cutting ourselves off from potentially valuable sources. There is no point in hanging out in places that are counter-productive, either. Some places inspire, and others discourage action.

The cardinal rule is, don’t allow anyone to tell you what to think or believe. Reserve that right for yourself and you only.

Most of us are fairly intelligent people, but what is “intelligence”?

I caught a Tweet defining “intelligence” from Twitter and figured it would come in handy—and it did!

Someone left a comment on Starship Earth recently suggesting that we post anything and everything, whatever is going around that day. It sounded like the frustration many feel when starting out on the awakened path. They want one-stop shopping; a place they can go to learn only the truth; the whole truth, and NOTHING but the truth. They want someone to tell them what to believe about everything that’s happening and everyone involved.

Sorry to say, that ain’t gonna happen, because NO ONE knows the truth about everything. We are all on individual journeys, have individual souls, life experiences, education, cultural influences, thoughts, beliefs, frequencies and interests. What one determines is the true reality someone else can’t even accept as mere possibility.

This blog is “the big picture” for a reason. We are watching everything, or most of the important things, that are happening in our world; good and bad, and all sorts of opinions about it.

While we endeavour to avoid publishing lies and disinformation, it’s not black and white. I’ve written several posts about that. Nearly everything is a shade of grey and there are many “buts”, exceptions and qualifiers. For that reason, I recommend everyone have their favourite go-to blogs and news sources where they feel reasonably confident they are getting decent information representing the truth.

One of the most important milestones in our journey to enlightenment, in my opinion, is “the wisdom of strong discernment”. I recall when I began learning about the atrocities unfolding and being frustrated because I didn’t know who or what to believe sometimes. The dark makes sure there are opposing opinions about everything to keep us confused.

With a great deal of research, time, and practice, however, I learned how to work it. We take on a new element of “intelligence” when we learn to discern.

Take a look at this definition of “intelligence”.

Greg Rubini‏ @GregRubini 18h18 hours ago

14. the true ‘Intelligence’ has all these key components: -Logical capabilities-Intuition-Imagination-Creativity– the ability to Create, to Invent-Ability to Connect the Dots-the Ability to find solutions-The Ability to Act Efficiently What do you think; does that cover it? It’s a pretty good definition, isn’t it?

The difficulty for many people in the Truth Movement when trying to establish what the truth is, stems from the assumption that our intelligence about what is real and true, or discernment, involves only logic and the ability to connect dots.

From my perspective in the now, after more than ten years of practice, is that it’s not that simple. I learned to trust my intuition to a great degree. Remarkably, I find I am usually proven correct—at least in cases where a reasonable amount of proof was eventually available. If we continually slam the door in the face of intuition we will never have a good relationship with it.

It’s hard to explain what intuition is, but for me there’s a frequency or vibration I feel when processing information and it guides me. Inspirations come to me sometimes about the information and indicate a clear path. Sometimes folks say, “I just knew”. Sometimes I say,”Rubbish! I don’t believe that for a second.”

That “knowing” comes from at least a few of the abilities on Greg’s list and is probably largely unconscious. After awhile, like any new skill, we cease to have to work so hard at it, and it comes more naturally—and is harder to explain.

Some of us need to stop blocking the skill of discernment by insisting on using ALL logic and stifling intuition.

Intuition can make it dramatically easier to connect dots, find creative solutions, and provide the ability to act efficiently. When we relax the discernment process and “just go with it”, we can find a groove that makes the process flow and we become much more efficient at processing what we see, read, and hear. It’s that, “I feel ya, sistah” vibe. Rather than paddling upstream all the time, we can relax and enjoy the scenery.

It’s also important to forgive ourselves for stepping in the doo-doo the dark leaves for us, or the traps they set. We, as Humans, aren’t evil, were never trained in spiritual warfare, and are discovering these strategies on the battlefield in real time. That puts us at a distinct disadvantage, but we’re quick studies. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

It’s a testament to our fortitude and courage that we woke up at all and are here fighting the battle for Truth and Liberty on behalf of billions of souls who simply can’t face it and continue on like nothing is wrong—or at least not bad enough that they feel called to DO something about it.

No one came to us and said, Okay, Human—Lesson One; Listen up. Later on in your life—and we won’t say when—you’re going to have to make a choice. You can carry on adapting to whatever crap your experience throws at you and never want more, or you can refuse to accept the injustices, pick up your sword and go to battle on behalf of all those never wanted more for themselves.

The Matrix was not part of the foundational curriculum, but should have been. Better late than never.

The schools and educations we were granted in no way prepared most of us for this skirmish with the dark. Most of us never even knew who we were. Many of us now do, thankfully—and we know that we are formidable opponents. We are the warriors!

Some of us are here to serve in the Truth Community. Some, like me, don’t have insiders feeding us classified information. I don’t have specific prescient abilities any more than most but feel guided to contribute based on a certain skill set I felt compelled to develop years ago together with a strong desire to be a part of this battle for freedom enroute to our ascension.

Here we share information that we find interesting (along with the occasional sermon like this one) and allowed me to connect some dots and find a comfort level with what I believe is unfolding and is a reasonable indicator of what we can expect to see unfold in the future. Other times I publish interesting things that some are saying and learning from their own research that don’t necessarily resonate with me one way or another but I feel others may find interesting.

I don’t limit my exposure to information based on what I think I already know or believe; I seek out alternative views and research. I know a lot of the crew here appreciate that. We are on an epic journey together and I have learned many things thanks to the generosity of the crew who leave links and tidbits of information and opinions.

I don’t have a litmus test for every blogger, vlogger and information source to be able to tell readers who is right, wrong, trustworthy, of the Light, uncorrupted, or anything else. That’s not my place and I will never assume that responsibility for anyone but myself.

That’s what the globalists are doing; they’re snatching the right to tell us what is truth and whom we will get our information from and that right does not belong to them. We have to fight to keep that.

The greatest asset the Deep State possesses is the control of the legacy media. That gives them the power to establish reality for most of the Earth’s population. They drill their version of truth into the heads of the public over and over until it becomes, in the minds of the unwary, fact. It’s then their reality. Frightening, isn’t it?

Most reading this would agree. Having said that, do we not believe—logically thinking, of course—if there truly is an Alliance established on planet and off to dismantle the stranglehold of the dark in our galaxy and beyond, that they would establish an alternative way to communicate with the awakened allies within the population? Obviously, our telepathy isn’t working so well, and social media can be squelched—so what is the alternative?

Isn’t that what QAnon is; a tool of the Alliance to break through the disinformation and fake reality established by the fake news? Hasn’t that strategy been incredibly effective in alerting sane people to the unspeakable evil practices of the dark, and igniting the will to survive and fight within the surface population?

I think it was monumental in its inspiration and ability to spur the patriots to action and possibly influence the mid-term election. Everything done has been legal and above-board; simply arming the masses to defend themselves, take back their country and support their President.

What purpose would it have served the dark to alert the patriots to the corruption and horrific, inhuman things they have done? This is just logical thinking, which is what Q has encouraged.

Only you can decide these things for yourself, as you do for everything you take in. We are all on our individual journeys and have to accept responsibility for our evolution. Some folks bring us the truth and some bring us truth mixed with disinformation designed to lead us away from the truth. Some are genuinely misinformed and believe they bring reality when they are not. Some just aim to keep us wasting our time with insidious information and ideas so we aren’t inspired to do anything.

Those who say they bring us the truth do their best—HOWEVER, they too are limited and we cannot throw caution to the wind and take every word or fact without question. That is not a wise practice. You may as well spin a roulette wheel because we all make mistakes and experience errors in judgement.

The caption on one of my email accounts is the following: There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what IS true. ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Another aspect of the ability to discern truth involves the spiritual nature of this war. Many people begin the search for truth due to events they see unfolding in 3D, and since most of us never received spiritual education we believe this hard, dense Earth is all there is to reality.

If you wear those 3D blinders you will fail to take into consideration the spiritual—what I call 5D—aspects of what is unfolding. We say it is a battle of good versus evil.

We don’t understand the world we live in at all. The reality is so far from what we were taught it’s criminal, and there is enough information out there to keep us busy for another lifetime, at least, if we felt guided to explore it.

When I use my discernment to determine what is unfolding, it’s meaning, how it’s happening and why, and where it’s likely to lead, I am looking at the multidimensionality of it. I have said that what I see going on with QAnon’s incredible “predictions” and the magic of the Q movement that spread planet-wide along with Donald Trump’s infectious popularity is that it feels “supernatural” and I don’t believe Q or Trump are an accident.

This IS the prophesied time when the Light will vanquish the dark. It’s happening—and a lot more that we can’t see or measure. That, of course, is my opinion, and you are free to disagree.

There is a component to this new reality that cannot be accounted for in this realm, is my feeling about it. I can’t explain it further, but that is what my intuition tells me.

Of course I could be wrong, but I also happen to believe that we have a lot of off-planet help, and that much of what is unfolding is beyond our comprehension. I just have to go with my feelings about it, and all of you will do the same with your own reading on it.

Perhaps most important of all, we should be prepared to change our minds about what we accept as the truth or who may be telling it. The more we learn, the more we practice, the better our discernment gets, and part of discernment is knowing when to throw out old information and revise our beliefs based on new information.

I can’t think of many truths I have not changed or tweaked over the years because nothing is static. The information changed and I with it.

Everything in our life is constantly changing because every sub-atomic particle comprising our reality is in motion. To hang onto a set of truths and never be open to revising them is pure folly. We’re setting ourselves up to fail if we do that. I’m sure most of you know that, but it bears putting into print. It’s logical that we would be open to new information.

What can we be certain of? I can think of three things: I AM. YOU IS. WE BE.

As a reward for sticking with it and reading all the above, I bring you the followup to the first QAnon video, “The Plan to Save the World”. Here is, “Q – Dark to Light”. Thanks, T. Information is Light, and that is what QAnon brought to the patriots. To reject truth is to reject the Light, is it not?

It’s not easy to summarize in an easily digestible way what has happened and what we see unfolding but these videos do a good job and hopefully inspire the newly initiated truthers to explore more AND have faith that we are in good hands. We all need to stay positive and keep our vibration high.  ~ BP

Lisa Renee: “Controlling Perception” ~ August 2, 2018


Source: Energetic Synthesis | by Lisa Renee

There is an all-out information war occurring in order to control the mainstream narrative and thus the general perception of the public, as we can see many areas of free speech and information access through an assortment of online mediums are becoming more and more restricted worldwide. Why are the Controller’s so desperate to maintain control over public perception through the mainstream media narrative?

Whoever controls an individual’s mind through gaining control over the narrative of reality, controlling perception and using methods to implant thoughts, gains control over that person’s identity, and this shapes the direction of the soul and the Consciousness energy of that person. Thus, whoever controls the collective mind of the masses through the premeditated use of covert mind control tactics, such as aiming concealed electromagnetic frequency technologies to transmit implants or assorted methods of mind control into the mind of the unaware public, will also gain influence over those individual groups unconscious and conscious thoughts, as well as their motivations, perceptions, and beliefs about the reality. Essentially, this means that if we are exposed to concealed Mind Control tactics or allow something external to gain control over the thought impulses in our mind, then our beliefs, attitudes, instinctual drives and brain activity are not really our own.

In people with weaker character development or unhealed traumatic injury, sometimes this also means that a person’s outward actions are not fully their own, because they are being physically controlled by Implanted Thoughts that are being externally projected into their Unconscious Mind. When people cannot control destructive impulses that generate outward destructive actions, they become an unconscious agent for spreading dark forces and dangerous chaos. Pushing people to the razors edge of insanity so they act out destructively is exactly what the NAA desires, as this is a potent divide and conquer tactic and it generates a lot of emotional pain and suffering, that can be harvested and used to further manipulate perception.

If our thoughts are not being carefully generated from our own Self-Determination and Informed Consent to make wiser personal choices, and we instead allow others to think for us, or we act from unconscious impulses stimulated by Implants, we lose control over our personal intent, consent and authority. If we cannot gain control and discipline over the content of our own mind, then we are forever consciousness slaves. Slavery and subjugation is the core purpose behind any agenda of implementing secret strategies for Implanted Thoughts and Implants within any population.

If people are left unaware that they are secretly being exposed to such mind control tactics, they become a slave to the most dominating force, which is exerting a non-visible control mechanism in their Bio-Neurology. This bio-neurological Implant mechanism is designed to manipulate their thoughts, motivations and desires, which further act to take over that person’s perception of reality. Once the perception of reality is controlled, formatted into the majority consensus or the approved version of history that was devised by the NAA, then the common people self-enforce the same fabricated narrative, without knowing they are being used as pawns in the controller game that covers up the Archon-alien deception. Through the control and manipulation of the perception of reality, many earth humans self-enforce their own enslavement through the perpetual warring and exploitation of their own planetary resources.

It is our responsibility to monitor our thoughts and decide if we want to own them as being authentic to us. Where are your thoughts coming from, and are you self-aware to the point you can feel your body reacting to impulses from external stimulation that do not feel natural? Start to consider to source the thought, source the impulse, feeling or stimulation that you may be experiencing in that moment and pay attention to impulses that are pushing you to do something. When you pay attention and make a choice to shift perception, you are directing your consciousness to become aware of what is really happening inside your body.

Humanity has been conditioned through trauma based Mind Control and assorted implants, to have default settings for building a pathological mind that is used to think, problem solve, and develop distorted belief systems that direct people to make self-destructive decisions about life. As a result of the early onset of mind control programming that has produced the pathological mind, we further co-created a pathologically disturbed life along with a pathologically disturbed family dynamic. Additionally, if we remain stuck looping within the bondage of the pathological mind, we are connected to the collective unconsciousness and thus, we help to co-create and feed into the pathologically sick society that impacts everyone.

If we allow ourselves to honestly and deeply reflect on the current pathological conditions we find throughout human civilization, do you think it’s been created naturally or manufactured intentionally? Why would any species repeatedly choose pathological thoughts, behaviors and actions that are designed to deliberately destroy themselves and destroy the world they live in? Who actually benefits from the intended destruction of the earth, the divisions between the nations and the senseless killing of the human race?
When we consider who is responsible for creating the events that contribute to the hell realm that has become common place upon the earth in the dark cycle, then we must consider what responsibility each person has within their connection to the whole of humanity. When a person awakens and finally can see more of the inhumanity that is rapidly rising up in the world, what can they do immediately to be a productive cause for healing the world?

All belief systems that separate human beings from each other are Divide and Conquer Tactics that are ultimately destructive to everyone. Every horrific event in history that brought our world closer to manifesting the realms of hell and perpetual suffering in the Death Culture, could be prevented and shifted through the reinvention of ourselves, to be in our heart and committed to live and speak out truthfully. To live truthfully and authentically, requires the reconstruction of each person to be willing to look at and accept personal responsibility for the darkness that exists within themselves. How would life on earth change, if every person was willing to take responsibility for the darkest fears they have and they were willing to address their darkest fears about existence? Are you willing?
In order to refuse to participate with the harmful agendas committed by the pathological minds that are manufacturing the pathological society that is engineered by the Negative Alien Agenda, we will need to explore more deeply the more common pathologies of the 3D mind. Pathological minds have been manufactured in the lower dimensions through a variety of trauma based mind control strategies, as well as Electronic harassment that delivers frequency based implants into the subconscious mind, and the entire Human Energy Field.

The mind control agenda is very complex, but it is important to realize that the use of artificial intelligence technologies designed to implant thoughts in the collective are what keep the AI timeline loops operating in the lower dimensional fields. When we clear Implanted Thoughts and Implants from out of our consciousness body, when we refuse to automatically play out Mind Control patterns of fear, violence and division, we are helping to collapse the collective AI grid. When we refuse to feed into the holographic insert or implant by holding neutrality and witnessing our pain body, making the effort to emotionally heal, the implant dissolves in the light you created in its place. When we choose love over fear, when we shift perception into higher Virtues, when we 12D Shield with our Avatar Christ, we can dissolve frequency implants and clear the painful triggers enmeshed within them. As you consider this information, hold awareness of these technologies so that if you need to locate them for dismantling, you are empowered to consciously participate with the process in partnership with your God self.
(Source: ES Newsletter – Implanted Thoughts)
About the Author

Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous kundalini event several years ago that catalyzed a “Starseed Awakening” to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light.
Energetic Synthesis covers all aspects of The Ascension or Great Shift, psychic self defence, ascension symptoms, and energy healing. Lisa Renee is a Spiritual Scientist and Quantum Therapist. She is one of the most impactful and insightful educators of the truth about our Planet’s Ascension Cycle and its physical effects on our bodies, minds and spirits. LEARN MORE

#MINDWARS Patriots VS Globalists/The Qu_en #CA-PEDOTRAIN #1776PLANET ~ June 7, 2018

We are smack in the middle of a GLOBAL information war. Not only in ideas but in the fabric of our minds, our choices, our lives, our very survival. Now is the time to be fully AWAKE, Alive and Active! This video is a bit fragmented- after having major internet problems, I lost some threads, but still wanted to get the general message out.