Headlines and Updates for November 16, 2018: The War of Attrition [videos] ~ November 16, 2018

There is a military strategy that allows and encourages the enemy to exhaust itself. It’s called “attrition warfare”.

Top definition ‘War of Attrition’: A war in which forces do not confront each other in direct combat with the full strength of their teams, but instead aim to wear each other down over a period of time using tactics such as guerilla warfare , sabotage and other dishonourable means of combat. Source

Many of us who have been in the trenches for some time (6.5 years for us here at Starship Earth) occasionally feel like we’re being whittled down, but for the Light Forces, our ranks, weapons and resources have expanded considerably this past year.

It is heartening to see that so many more people are awakening to the fact that Humanity is engaged in a mostly subtle battle for our very existence. We really needed the reinforcements to be deployed to support the war-weary.

Some of us are just dog tired, while others are energized by the renewed activities to bolster the efforts on so many fronts. Many have fallen just trying to warn us that what we see unfolding now was coming—even 2 decades ago. Most of us didn’t listen, but the advent of the Internet, personal computers and hand-held devices slowly turned the tide.

Tired we may be, but discouraged we are not. We will not be taking the easy way out and those of us who are in it for the long haul will see this battle to fruition. Freedom, and a new world.

The People need to see hard evidence of this take-down; mass arrests, public perp walks and prison time. WE NEED OUR MEDIA TO HONESTLY REPORT. I have been saying this for years. The media may not be fooling as many as they were but they are still influencing some.

This war is largely fought in the courts, and Judicial Watch has been an energetic advocate. They’re going after Hillary Clinton, and she has 30 days to answer questions under oath. That is far too long, in my opinion. This drags on and on.

Perhaps as the planets change their alignment and leave their cluster all on one side of the sun the energies will become more balanced. They’re certainly volatile right now.

Despite the court process, these people are lawless, the oath of office means nothing to them, and she’s already lied under oath because their personal oath is to never admit guilt. Clinton is a compulsive liar and believes she is protected from prosecution. She (or her clone) is also delusional and their minions cannot always protect them. Reality bites.

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Ordered by Court To Testify UNDER OATH about Private Email Server

The Truth About Hillary & Benghazi

Other than the treasonous media, one of the biggest problems is the infiltration of all organizations by the psychopaths. We fight them at every turn, in all walks of life. Those we believed protected us plot against us, arrest us, shoot us, incarcerate us, steal from us, rape and kill our children, and render us homeless.

The entire government is infested with these vermin who don’t want to give up their opulent, obscene lifestyles. We are their slaves and they like it that way  so they are fighting to retain their positions of power and wealth at our expense.

Here’s some good news:

We are so effective at educating the public about the causes and reasons for the California fires—supported by mountains of valid evidence—that the press has had to do damage control. They’ve taken aim at us… using the words “conspiracy”, aliens, credibility, lasers, and more. Oh—and conspiracy theorists are now arsonists!

Thanks for the video, James. Laughable, isn’t it? Beware the Internet! I hate the lamestream media with a passion.

Here’s another target for you, California: The Sacramento Bee. Go get ’em, the lying turds.


Richie from Boston brought us this interesting satellite footage below that I saw a couple of days ago on another channel. They were thinking “volcanic” action. Richie thinks DEW.

Wildfires set on purpose DEW caught on NASA website

Smart Meters might play a large role in this. Some even wonder if microwave ovens are in the mix. Is Pacific Gas and Electric to blame for any of these fires? Here’s the testimony of a former meter reader. It appears some Californians are getting organized, sharing information, and doing their homework.

I hope President Trump can do something to help Julian Assange. It seems this is being done quietly as they know there would be a public outcry at his prosecution.

Julian Assange Has Been Charged in Secret, Accidentally Revealed in US Court Filing


This is the video version of Thomas Williams’ show last night, and it is a controversial one with plenty of intel. Thomas and the Manna World Holding Trust team are out of patience and fried a couple of hundred cabal servers, worldwide, if I heard that correctly. They’re not messing around any more. The psychopaths continue to block the funds the Trust has tried to provide to rebuild the areas hit by hurricanes and flooding in the Carolinas and Florida.

It’s disappointing to hear people attacking those who are doing more for the planet and her people than most others. The sarcastic comments are indicative of individuals who have no discernment and/or are not willing to take the time to educate themselves as to the reality. It’s easier to take jabs disguised as questions, compelling Thomas to spend precious time defending their actions which will one day be legendary, in my opinion.

I love the idea Thomas put forward about a new alt media. It would be a relief to leave the fake whistleblowers and intel artists behind. People are too often fooled by them and lack the discernment to tell who is part of the system and who is a dedicated truther and informant. The fact they hand over money to support them irks me. I like Mike Adams’ new video platform because it filters the shills to at least some degree.

Again, I thank Thomas, Kim and the team most profusely for their sacrifices and may they remain safe.

From Washington… more good news…

Trump Lays Groundwork To Ban Mandatory Vaccinations Across U.S.

Douglas is pretty pissed. Many of us are fed up and demanding actions and I think it’s accountability time. This is so long overdue it’s pathetic. And he’s right. People have died, and they continue to die and suffer because nothing to speak of has been done about these criminals.

Fire the whole SES, cancel all the NGO and mercenary contracts.

*BREAKING NEWS* Republicans Subpoena Comey & Lynch!

And here’s my alter, Dave, lol, with the financial and other updates. He is certain things are going the only way they can go. We’ll see.

Panic Sets In, The Financial Pundits Beg The Fed To Stop, The Plan Pushes Forward – Episode 1717a

This Is Why Everything Needs To Be Put In Place Before The Hammer Is Dropped – Episode 1717b

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