We Have a Second Sun, You Know & Live Footage from the Orion Constellation Dec 1 [video]

Editor’s Note: As a scientist, movement in the heavens (space) have always been of interest for me and this article from Starship Earth is quite fascinating! Unfortunately, “the powers that were” also think this article is revealing a bit too much for our poor little minds to handle and have deleted two of the closing video’s.

The Dark are using a pointer to show us the importance of this “space” topic, so I encourage you to do your own research on the deleted topics, learn the truth, and BE…



As we have pointed out before, a very long time ago those who knew the layout of the heavens and studied our reality stated we had two suns. “Twin stars”, the old texts said.

Like everything else, however, that knowledge has been suppressed and changed in favour of a very different scientific model. We’re now told we live in a manufactured construct.

Is it literally two “suns” up there, or something else? We don’t know. We have certainly seen a giant “sun simulator” up there at times as mentioned previously. And why would they need to simulate a sun, you might ask? Few are talking. Cobra has said, “The sun is about to sneeze.” If that’s true, then we can expect some sort of major activity.

It’s difficult to maintain the illusion of only one of these brilliant celestial orbs because average folks all over the world have photographed the “second sun” with smart phones and whatever cameras they had on hand. Sometimes it can be hidden, and sometimes it can’t. Even weather cams have captured a second glowing object in the sky.

We don’t need to tell most people that the sun and moon are never in the sky next to each other, so that question doesn’t come up.

We understand our “moon” was towed in place above us a very long time ago and the solar system just isn’t what we’ve been told. The situation is well in hand, however, and we look forward to learning the truth about our home.

Don’t worry about the changes we see in our skies is the advice we’ve been given. Interesting things are going on behind the scenes and some spectacular revelations will be coming before long.

Best Evidence of HIDDEN SUN Leads us to Question the Heliocentric Model of the Solar System (Part 1)

(video removed from Starship Earth)

And since we’re on the topic of the heavens, have a look at the vision captured by an avid astronomer when he trained his telescope on the Orion constellation. Fascinating! I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything up there before in the vicinity of Orion.

Live ORION ZOOM Dec 1, 2019

(video removed from Starship Earth)

Co.Bra Planetary Sit-Rep for October 29, 2018 ~ October 30, 2018

Monday, October 29, 2018

Short Situation Update

Increased activity of the Galactic Center continues. Removal of the quantum Dyson sphere around our Solar system has accelerated Ascension energies coming to our planet.

These energies are bringing the energetic blueprint for the coming Golden Age:


For the first time since Archon invasion of 1996, angelic beings are returning en masse to the astral and etheric areas close to the surface of the planet. It would support the positive energy grid of the New Atlantis a lot if you would connect with those incoming angels in your meditations. The other meditation that can assist the New Atlantis energy grid is the Buddhic Column meditation. You can place Buddhic columns above any place or situation on the planet that needs healing:



These new Galactic energies also bring the activation of many Goddess archetypes. The first archetype that is activated is the archetype of Astraea. This energy will bring the New Renaissance and the renewal of high culture:


The second Goddess archetype that is being activated is the archetype of Abundantia. This energy will bring spiritual and physical abundance to the surface population:




You need to understand that both Astraea and Abundantia are not just archetypes to be invoked, they are real Ascended beings that transmit powerful healing Galactic energies to the surface of the planet. Abundantia is assisting Saint Germain in his project of the financial Reset.

Increased flow of new Galactic energies is inevitably beginning to trigger crustal displacements:



Galactic Command fleets are constantly monitoring and stabilizing the tectonic plates and earthquakes with global consequences will be prevented.

These new Galactic energies are intensively clearing primary anomaly around the surface of the planet. No details of that clearing process can be revealed at this point. One part of that clearing process is that the deepest dark secrets of the Cabal are being exposed.

A reliable article with a very precise overview of Cabals’ child abuse networks has resurfaced after many years:


Cabal’s use of directed energy weapons is being exposed also:


Many countries are actively preparing for the financial Reset:


There is much happening behind the scenes that can not be revealed.

I might be able to release some new intel soon, and you are more than welcome to join our next Ascension conference, which will be taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on December 1st and 2nd. This will be our first conference in South America:


Victory of the Light!

It’s Crazy Out There—Lunacy, Even? [videos] ~ October 17, 2018

The Heavens are where the action is, these days. If the rare solar system alignments aren’t enough, we may have had a little “lunacy” last night. Yes, our moon, or luna, seems to be the topic of some very interesting conversations. It’s speculation at this point, but we do have a little background on what is transpiring above our heads.

If you don’t read the Cobra updates for the Resistance Movement, he reported the following on October 13th.

Galactic Forces fleet is present inside our Solar System, cloaked, but those sensitive to energies can definitely feel it.
To avoid revealing the presence of those motherships to the surface population, NASA has arranged “blind eyes in the sky”:

Interesting that NASA is actually doing something positive for Humanity for a change. There must have been a changing of the guard in some of the “space agencies”—although they’re not really government agencies, as I understand it, any more than The Federal Reserve is a government body.

You may have seen this interesting footage earlier. The evil ones running this planet have deployed hundreds of satellites in low earth orbit to surveille, track, and even as weapons. There have been ongoing operations to destroy the communication systems of the dark and protect us in these days of the “end game”.

Most are in agreement that the YouTube outage was not a “failure” but an intentional shutdown—probably a matter of “national security”—just as it appears the closures of the solar observatories was to shield our eyes from what was happening up there.

The FBI managed the observatories in the US, but I believe the Galactics can take control of the Internet at will. Don’t quote me on that, but I think Cobra said at the time of The Event, they will control the mainstream media. You could do a search on the Resistance portal about that.

Is it lunacy to suggest something may have impacted the moon? Not at all. Not in my world! I believe anything is possible.

HoweverJonXArmy below mentions the “fake alien invasion” scenario again, and while we’ve been assured it would never be allowed to take place, it’s still on the minds of some people.

For that reason, I’m just mentioning that it’s possible that the dark is still attempting to pull off something along those lines. If they are the ones who put the video online mentioned below of a man in a uniform saying something was going to hit the moon that was already going viral, perhaps the good guys took measures to remove it so it could not be used to incite a global fear campaign.

A message like that viewed by those who are uninformed and oblivious to the ET presence of our galactic families protecting us, could lead to a lot of terrified folks if they believed some negative force fired on the moon and was coming to Earth next, or something absurd like that. These psychos will do anything to strike fear and chaos into the hearts of Humanity—and they are desperate.

Equally as serious, they want and need us to be afraid of “aliens”. They have spent enough of their resources doing “spiders from Mars” type movies convincing us aliens are here to harm us.

Fortunately, we’ve also had a few like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET: the Extraterrestrial which leave us with a much better outlook. (Which reminds me—it’s time to watch ET again!)

Ironically enough, it’s the aliens already here, posing as Humans in our world governments and embedded in our society that are the alien predators—and folks are just learning the truth of that. A red wave this fall will enable us to remove that threat in America, and then globally.

It is mission critical, however, to foster a positive outlook on extraterrestrial life because we are soon going to meet our galactic families. A fear campaign by the deep state would set Humanity back at least one entire generation and we cannot afford that. We are already millennia behind space-faring races due to our incarceration on this planet, believing there is no intelligent life out there.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much intelligent life down here, either, if people believe the lies when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

But I digress. It just occurred to me that might be the reason for the YT shutdown. Cobra has told us “Project Blue Beam” will never be allowed to unfold. There was that odd, neon-green ring over France recently and that might have been a setup for a fake alien invasion.

There have been plenty of of comms glitches this week and patchy service, Q’s gone dark for a week now… things are getting very interesting. Things are HAPPENING. Finally. Eyes to the skies!  ~ BP

Our Planetary Defense Commander, Thor says…

Are you Cool? The Sun is wild. The Solar System is wild. The Weather is Wild.

And when those things are crazy… people act crazy. He could be right, and all the planets are still on one side of the sun until November sometime, so that in itself is an unusual alignment all around and he gets into the astrology of the astronomy a little.

Is this solar craziness also responsible for the cellular outages these past few days? Regardless, we are in good hands and all we need to do is remain calm.

News and Updates for July 16 – 17; Potentially Explosive Events Unfolding [videos] ~ july 17, 2018

Editor’sNote: Great thanks to Starship Earth, for compiling a complete report of the Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki where great things were accomplished to the dismay of the global elite. Please read this report, and…



The alignment in full on Thursday, lasting for seven weeks. What will it mean to us here on Earth/Terra? I guess we’ll find out.

Sadly, even Fox News is reporting Lara Prychodko “fell” into the trash because she was drunk. So claim the police. What a cop-out—pun intended.

Woman drunk before deadly fall into compactor outside Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s old apartment, cops say

Simon Parkes published his bi-monthly intel update and Q&A this weekend and he always has something to add to or modify the other information we get.

Well, it’s easy to see why the UK is in such a mess. They don’t know what a leader for the People looks like. Brainwashed people were the ones out protesting in London—just as it’s the brainwashed ones who protest against President Trump in America. Is there any hope for these ninnies? Sean Hannity from Fox was on the streets interviewing protestors and their responses to his questions about why they were protesting about Trump were nonsensical.

Some errant lava entering the ocean exploded and portions fell on a Hawai’ian tour boat that was a little too close to the action. The “Hot Spot” lived up to its name, with the most serious injury being a broken femur. Ikaika Kalama was the captain of a boat nearby and witnessed the event.

You will find far more criticism of the Putin/Trump pow-wow than positive. Of course each of them will represent their nation to the best of their ability while endeavouring to foster amicable relations with other countries. No one is going to give America away any more, and Putin knows it. He wants peace and prosperity for his people and so does President Trump. In the end, neither will settle for anything less than world peace. They will set this example for the rest of the world.

Following are three video takes on what went down from the “positive people”. I’m not going to share the work of those who seek to attack or find fault with what unfolded in Helsinki. We (they) are making history here, and the factions and their cointelpro agents can say what they like to make it look bad, but it’s good. That is my firm belief. We are watching the dregs of our old existence wither away and the tender new shoots of an exciting world erupting into life. Is it perfect? I think it is, and I’ll take it.

Environment Birth Earth Globe Arise New

 MEGA – Make Earth Great Again

More folks seem to be finding humour in the current events nowadays, and it feels like there is a lot more levity, despite the pounding of the war drums, acrimonious rhetoric from the lamestream media and vicious physical attacks on Trump supporters wherever they gather.

The dark has taken the battle to the People. Unfortunately the depth of manipulation is at an all-time high and most are not dealing with reality. No, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns at this point, but the upward trajectory we’re on is a far cry from the flat-line we watched in vain for so many years feeling like nothing was happening. NOW it’s happening. And how. But it’s a process.

So, what happened in Helsinki, exactly? Following is a gift from Scott Anthony… and I appreciate the humour and pathetic need for translation. We’re all disgusted with the mind control and programming and its effect on our brethren but all we can do is continue to put out the truth and the facts.

Trump is like smelling salts and we need to keep waving his actions under the noses of our zombie compatriots and help them stagger to their feet and join our ranks. Some are coming around, and they’re looking for perspective and encouragement. That’s where we come in. Most people reading this can see things for what they are, and the increasingly overt moves of the deep state to regain control will make our job easier if we can keep everyone calm.

Keep in mind this one is tongue-in-cheek…

President Donald Trump Is A Traitor! This Is Unbelievable!

From You Are Free TV… highlighting some of the jaw-dropping things Putin and Trump stated at the press conference. It was exciting, to say the least. Trump even made mention of the explosive ‘futbol’ matches of the FIFA World Cup hosted by Russia.


Col. Potter always has an opinion, and cautious optimism, but he sees the big picture very clearly. I’m just now listening to this one from Roy.

Putin and Trump WILL be successful. Failure is not an option. MEGA  ~ BP

1300 FT. Metallic Object Enters Our Solar System ~ Nov. 21, 2017

Wow…take a look at the latest object that just entered our solar system just on Nov. 19. Is this a precursor for NASA’s fake alien invasion, or…the real thing? No one knows at this point and please watch this video from BP Earthwatch, read the article from the Guardian, think about this, and…


“According to a European Southern Observatory (ESO) press release, ‘Oumuamua is “like nothing seen before.” It is red, made of dense rock or metal, and is shaped roughly like a giant cigar at least 400 meters long.”


Astronomers are now certain that the mysterious object detected hurtling past our sun last month is indeed from another solar system. They have named it 1I/2017 U1(’Oumuamua) and believe it could be one of 10,000 others lurking undetected in our cosmic neighbourhood.

The certainty of its interstellar origin comes from an analysis that shows its orbit is almost impossible to achieve from within our solar system.

Its name comes from a Hawaiian term for messenger or scout. Indeed, it is the first space rock to have been identified as forming around another star. Since asteroids coalesce during the process of planet formation, this object can tell us something about the formation of planets around its unknown parent star.

The latest analyses with ground-based telescopes show that ’Oumuamua is quite similar to some comets and asteroids in our own solar system. This is important because it suggests that planetary compositions like ours could be typical across the galaxy.

It is thought to be an extremely dark object, absorbing 96% of the light that falls on its surface, and it is red. This colour is the hallmark of organic (carbon-based) molecules. Organic molecules are the building blocks of the biological molecules that allow life to function.

It is widely thought that the delivery of organic molecules to the early Earth by the collision of comets and asteroids made life here possible. ’Oumuamua shows that the same could be possible in other solar systems…Read More at

The Guardian