This is a time for aligning, and awakening, with the incoming Diamond Time Crystals and setting intentions for the coming year.

FOCUS VERY CLEARLY ON WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE HERE ON EARTH in your life as an individual and for your Community and for the Earth.

Have a clear and beautiful day celebrating the energy of the New!🌹

PS. That incoming energy is POWERFUL!

Don’t be distracted…stay focused on the power within and what you want to manifest!

Celia Fenn

Gratitude to the Artist 🌹

Align with Your Soul’s Divine Blueprint ~ 11:11 through 12:12 ~ November 18, 2019

Dear Ones,

The Activations from the 11:11 portal are creating a deeper alignment with your Soul’s Divine Blueprint. Energy upgrades are taking place that allow you to build a new structure for your energy system to be housed within. These downloads will continue until the powerful 12:12 transmissions.

Your new aligned Light Body has been prepared diligently over the past few years so you could receive the new codes of ascension more freely. As expected, the physical bodies have been the areas most at odds with the new energy. Symptoms have been rampant that displayed the dismantling of the old structures held within you for so long. This has been very uncomfortable, yet highly purposeful. Maintaining a positive outlook as your body reorganized down to the cellular level has been difficult for most people.

This is especially true when looking outside yourselves to see the world dismantling in a similar way.

The good news is that you have come to a turning point. The place where those at the forefront of the ascension wave are beginning the process of rebuilding the physical structure required for a new life within the higher frequencies of Light that make up the 5th Dimension.

In this new time, your energy systems have begun to enjoy the upleveling energies inherent within the process that are quite exalted. Even though your nervous system may still feel as though it has blown its circuits at times, there is an expansive gain in your heart’s understanding of the massive shift taking place within you.

Providing space for the restructuring  process will now take the place of the continuous dismantling

that has occurred since 2012, and for some of the Wayshowers well beyond.

Dwelling in the shadows has been a fruitful existence. It has enabled most of those who have been finding their way through the morass of overflowing past history to absolve themselves of blame and open the doors of their perception to look outside the inner turmoil. The sashes have been thrown open from the windows of the mind and light is pouring into all the dark corners. You are able to freely access those situations that have caused so much of the tumultuous learning processes necessary for your Soul’s education.

Now is the time for more Divine Insight to take root within your knowing. Whether it is clear or not, all of your past experiences have had a bigger purpose than what has been obvious. You have been provided with the actions necessary to clear your Akashic records down to the bare foundations the bedrock of your life known as the zero point. From here, it only goes up as you begin the rebuilding process of your physical structure to hold the higher frequencies.

You are the empty vessel that has been prepared to hold the Light of Divinity as a sacred chalice within. Remember this as you create the next steps in your life. Take your time to access the inner knowing as you live your physical existence. What you put into your sacred vessel includes your attitudes and outlook on life as you begin to build your physical structure from the inside out.

Preparing yourself to be a sacred chalice to hold Divine Light affects you on all levels. You will need to be serious about taking yourself lightly!

Make sure you provide yourself with plenty of time in sunshine and in Nature. You are being fed like the new leaves on a tree with the Light of photosynthesis. A process is afoot that will enable you to hold this energy as food, just as a tree with its roots in the Earth and its canopy in the Light. You are building the forces that will allow you to thrive in the midst of change and inevitable challenge.

Never doubt the presence of your Spiritual Resources that are working with you to insure you are guided in every moment. You are loved eternally as all you need is provided with Grace and Ease. All is truly well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

for Archangel Gabriel

November 12, 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius~Deal Breaker ~ August 14, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

Its true to say so far this year it has been quite transformative, we have been aware of the preparations humanity has been requested to experience that have taken the collective further through the hall of mirrors and boy have they been rather funky to say the least, throwing all sorts of reflections that we just didn’t realise existed.

Those who have been following the energetic navigation reports here at A Gift from Gaia will no doubt have found the information interesting and yet now the necessity to KNOW exactly what the energetic climate is like has become crucial for those who marry up the experience to the streams of frequency we are receiving, understanding how the energy effects the collective is crucial but understanding your alignment is paramount to your unification, otherwise it would be like going outside in shorts when we are having a blizzard, you prepare for the physical needs but are you preparing for the energetic which of course is really one of the same once you realise the merger between the energetic, physical and mental bodies are One and begin actioning from that space of wholeness.

I have a module available that talks about the importance of understanding energy over in the A Gift from Gaia GROUP that you can find in the file section if you would like to learn more.

This understanding, the wisdom and the unification is the only way possible to surf the waves that are forecast, active surfing is so much fun whereas reactive surfing finds you swirling, churning around in the surf and much less time is spent actually on the cosmic surfboard…..and that is tiring as I am sure many of you are finding out as we surf the waves of deep rooted judgements and ultimately FEAR. These old streams, the waves must be surfed, they must be experienced for the opportunity of evolution, all must be Seen and as we also know, this experience is simply the preparation for the incoming movements that 2020 is going to bring, which is going to be a humbling experience to say the least, I feel it will be true to say, those “thinking” themselves onto their light path will very quickly see that they took that “blind” looping path, those awkward paths, the path of manyness as opposed to the path of Oneness. We hear it often, there are many paths to the light…..there is One path of light, there are many looping paths that show you that the path is not light.

The path is a behaviour, it is a way of BEing, it is stripped bare of the bells and whistles, it holds no stories of old, it doesn’t need to exaggerate itself and make itself complicated, it is simple, precise and so easy to follow, the only thing that complicates it is the ego mind that likes to value itself on intellect and complexity, because yet again that has been another patriarchal people program.
Why am I telling you all about energy? Well I am sure many of you experienced a huge influx of light yesterday, and if you haven’t yet then you surely will do over the incoming days.

I have something quite unexpected to report that adds to the mystery as to why yesterday gave us all a bolt. We had a CME release yesterday on the far side of the sun, and whilst this isn’t heading in our direction the ripples from the force were without doubt felt, coupled with the incredible feminine frequencies that were, well, many were using the word overwhelming, with so much coming up. It was funny actually because I made a joke in one of the groups yesterday and said all we need is a solar flare and half the planet will jump ship – little did I know, perhaps the dark humour manifested it, who knows but had that have faced us the impact, emotionally would have created some pretty AWE-FULL (great word when you play with it) releasing and activational movement, BUT as it was, our Sun played it gentle, somewhat…….

This energy, as always continues today, energy is a wave, it moves in and it fades out whilst being a continuous flow of new and refreshed codes that activate our DNA and continue our evolutionary experience. 
So folk got cranky, folk got anxious – folk SAW where they were their “own worst enemy”, where they hold stagnant energy, where their vibration creates discord and yet collectively we were called into Service, creativity and amazement. Light, being the most highest frequency of love feels incredibly uncomfortable to those blocked areas but once you have identified and cleared the experience is simply magical, the joy, the movement, the opportunities are DIVINE and as we continue into this week we are in receipt of MORE…..ahhhh there is ALWAYS MORE

Venus, is today in superior conjunction, which means she is in front of the Gods, deep in the underworld having been stripped bare, month by month we have died an ego death, if you look back its so plain to see, each Full Moon brought change, each full Moon Venus, also known as Innana from the Sumerian texts, took herself on a journey, the story tells that she was to attend a funeral in the underworld (innerworld) but to visit this dimension it was essential for Innana to purify herself, and so each MOONth (7 in total) she took off either an item of clothing or piece of jewellery, each moon(th) represented one of the 7 gates that led to her being completely exposed, naked and then Innana was killed by her sister, Erishkigal, who represents our ego Self, then hung upside down for 3 days before being resurrected by celestial beings.

Innana is now in invisible as she sits behind the sun and from here she will begin to move back from the underworld, through the 7 gates, given back at each checkpoint what she requires, her clothes and her jewels until she once again becomes the evening star.

I am sure you can liken your path to that of Innana, and today feels much like the weighing of the feather and the heart, we have been stripping away over these past 7 gates all that is no longer required, those ego traits, those defences, those belief systems that creates loops, everything that has made us “our own worst enemy” which just so happens to be a malefic degree in Leo at 22 degrees, exactly where the Sun and Venus meets…..NOW. Those with birthdays today at this degree I am sure will agree their journey has been quite a climb, lots of obstacles to overcome, addictions would perhaps be common, and generally arrogance tends to be the topic of the life curriculum to release, but when released, when this has been realised and released the expansive opportunities are again out of this world and freeing.

The energy of this degree will no doubt be showing itself, as the cosmic surfers release the blockages that showed us to be standing in our own way and the gates of opportunity begin to fully open wide, and yet those in their unconscious slumber will be experiencing the closed gate of self to be realised and opened, stubbornness, arrogance and ignorance could well be seen in the outer world in which those following the light gems to their path will use like springboards to propel them far out of the energy and on their flight path will be realising the true authenticity of Self and the new values discovered throughout this incredible journey we have been on.

All will be Seen, all will be viewed but will you choose to act upon it, or tuck it away? Tomorrows Full Moon will could well be the deal breaker as our Luna Goddess is still fully charged with yesterdays energies.

Angels open those hearts, as wide and as expanded as possible, fill your field with the highest of Divine Love and by doing so we light up all opportunities and See exactly where we are standing in our way, we get to see what is no longer aligned and from here we get to choose to either awaken further into our truth, to choose to stay conscious and surf actively or to experience the strength and power of the under currents and become reactive in this incredible surf. 
The opportunities we are now being presented with hold unlimited abundance which in turn will lovingly highlight any limitations being held.

Sharing so much love with ALL


Things are Heating UP ~ Undergoing Intense Purification ~ July 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: On yeah, baby…this is where it is AT! Holy Union of two souls. I have been there/done that a few years ago and experienced incredible JOY! Words cannot describe this “ultimte”experience!!

Feeling and knowing fear will not allow this to happen, so know that the totality of ALL of your FEARS must be set aside, “burned up” in the fires of love in order to find that moment of extreme bliss.

So…know who you are, place your fears aside, find that moment, and be…



By  L’Aura Pleiadian

You asked for it you got it! Up in flames the core temperature of the Earth, the SUN,  and all Forms are heating up as we are taken through the FIERY purification process of transfiguration.

ALL FORM is transforming as the ALIGNMENT of consciousness continues throughout all dimensions, parallel worlds and Universes.

This is a PURIFICATION process you are being taken through.

The body may not desire this, yet the higher aspects agreed to this, otherwise you would not be conscious and actively present here on Earth.

Signing up for this was a glorious experience. ALL major events that take place are part of the agreement process prior to incarnating to Earth.

For some the heat literally is a fiery hell of fear. YET this too, the dark night of the SOUL, cleanses and prepares the form, to WALK on Earth as the profound eternal, sacred DIVINE Cosmic God Self.

The Holy union. The linking up with sacred Twin Flame/Souls. As union consciousness is where it is all at.

Although the plan may not be what the body thinks it desires, it is where all fulfillment is experienced.

The form is coming along for the ride.

AS it LITERALLY changes to a new eternal FORM.

In love we initiate all through the fires of what is within their own blueprint. The subconscious fears….as this purification process continues.

Rising through the heart, the embodiment is fulfilled of the masters.

Who walk again, here on Earth. In love.

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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian ~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2019.


#Twinflames: The Final Showdown ~ December 21, 2018

This is an excerpt from a personal convo i had with one of my subbies on 12/17/18. My Subbie suggested i share our convo with the Deep Soul Collective. So here it is…enjoy!

Keep in mind: Humans are like trees and our Words & actions are our fruit. The fruit we produce reveals the nature of our tree. The choices your twin makes tells you more about their inner state than it does about yours…

Truth is: You reject me ,you’re rejecting yourself!

You block me, you blocking your blessings!

Can I get an Amen? Lol

We always choose in alignment with who we are…if I think I’m shit…I choose shit Your Twin can’t choose you until they first choose themselves… It’s time to choose self and resist the codependent desire to enable…a desire spawn out of your own desire to be accepted, loved, & needed. whether it be addiction or bad behavior enabling another’s self destructive behavior won’t ever get you the change you’re seeking.

Boundaries ,as a byproduct of self respect & love, is how you display true love to your twin not by engaging in & enabling the toxicity in them. As we close 2018 The Chaser is learning you don’t have to hurt to be loved….and the Runner will eventually see love doesn’t have to hurt.