Headlines and Updates for July 11, 2019: Happy Belated Birthday Nicola Tesla [videos] ~ July 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Hmm…might be time to learn to read between the lines, my friends. It appears that MUCH is going on behind the scenes for we need to be grateful! Sure…we an see news items being released about teh Dark going down…but there must also be a LOT which we do NOT see.

So, stay aware of how you feel, let your heart be your guide regardless of the news, celebrate with me the regaining of our FREEDOM, and be…



Tesla was brilliant; an innocent, a visionary, and the greedy controllers took him for everything he had and left him to die in isolation and poverty. He was never given the full credit or appreciated for his contributions but it’s never too late.

He was actually born in the middle of the night between July 9 and July 10.

As we’re discovering, the technology we think is new, is actually old, and the controllers have been enjoying it amongst themselves and kept it from us. Now they let a little bit out at a time as it suits them to keep us bemused, amused, and distracted. They’ve also weaponized it—because it suits them.

As fate would have it, however, their weapons are now in use against them—to take them down.

Happy birthday Nicola Tesla. Your stolen research and technology will be enjoyed by Humans again.

This just in… Twitter down, according to over 10,000 users.

Something is technically wrong.
Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

See DownDetector.com

And…subs are so sneaky… and in the news again.

U.S. Coast Guard storms narco-submarine in huge Pacific Ocean drug bust

Global News
Published on Jul 11, 2019
U.S. Coast Guard released intense footage of Cutter Munro crew members jumping on a self-propelled semi-submersible suspected drug smuggling vessel (SPSS) on June 18, 2019, carrying thousands of pounds of cocaine, while operating in international waters of the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Munro offloaded more than 39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana worth a combined estimated $569 million, which was seized in international waters in the Eastern Pacific Ocean from 14 separate drug smuggling vessel between May and June 2019.

Purpose-build smuggling vessels like SPSSs are designed to hold large quantities of contraband while evading detection by law enforcement authorities.

This was interesting… just briefly… but undoubtedly enough for whatever op was in progress.

London’s Gatwick Airport just suffered a complete failure of its air-traffic-control systems

Gatwick Airport resumes flights after ‘systems issue’

It didn’t cool off much last night and we were back up to typical desert temps this morning at 85 degrees F. Things are heating up in more ways than one in the USA, that’s for sure. Be safe out there, everyone.

Scorching Temps Puts Almost 40 Million Americans Under Heat Warning or Advisories

For the latest Q drops, see https://qmap.pub/.  I dare say it’s the most feared site on the planet.

I heard that in the bible, “17” represents “final victory”. Coincidence?

An interesting interpretation of Q’s wording…

View image on Twitter
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Rαιʂιɳɠ Cαιɳ@LightworkerCain

#QAnon 3355…

Time to re-enter the public domain.

Re-enter = To enter again.

Meaning that one would have to be re-born to enter the world again since last time you entered, you were born.

Born > Enter
Died > Exit
Re-born > Re-enter#JFKJr #WWG1WGA13812:52 PM – Jul 9, 201983 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

This guy is lethal. This is “Margaritaville” from Abel Danger Live. He has a bone (actually a whole skeleton) to pick with the control freaks and he lets loose every day on Twitter.

He says if the “crown authorities” decide to suicide him, he has a dead man’s switch and several of his contacts will release material from his burgeoning files of evidence against prominent people they can’t afford to have public.

For non-Canadians, the OPP masquerade as the Ontario Provincial Police. The province (state) of Ontario is home to Toronto, and the nation’s capital, Ottawa. Southern Ontario is a hop, skip, and a jump the north side of the Canada/US border.

You might want to follow this fellow on Twitter. (see below)



Andy …. we got Epstein!
The pedo empires pimp
Next Sir Richard falls…
Then the … you little whimp!

You got to the football BIG GUY
And Lucyfer let you down!”
By election day, it’ll all go away
As we exterminate the #ohcanada #RCMPizzagate #OPPizzagate https://twitter.com/andrewscheer/status/1149053428062015490 …Andrew Scheer@AndrewScheerClimate change is real and represents a serious threat. Just as Conservatives won’t leave our children a fiscal deficit, we also won’t leave them an environmental deficit. This is part of A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment. Learn more: http://ARealPlan.ca 184:29 PM – Jul 10, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee #gumballmodel’s other Tweets

This next meme relates to the genocide of the indigenous people of Canada (Republic of Kanata) as reported by Kevin Annett at Murder By Decree.com and David Hawkins, of Abel Danger. See the video at that link on the Hagmann Report.

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle

Schumer got thousands in donations from Jeffrey Epstein

https://nypost.com/2019/07/10/schumer-got-thousands-in-donations-from-jeffrey-epstein/ …4,5179:30 AM – Jul 11, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySchumer got thousands in donations from Jeffrey EpsteinSen. Chuck Schumer — who called on Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to resign and said President Trump should “answer” for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein — accepted thousands of dollarsnypost.com2,933 people are talking about this

American Intelligence Media/Betsy & Thomas look at the Epstein situation (first Thomas sets the stage) with respect to the Standard Operating Procedures of the deep state and how it applies to any false flag event or fake scenario they execute to manipulate the public.

You might hear some things you didn’t expect, including from Betsy.

The FBI Flying Brothel

Theatre… while the “other stuff” is going on behind the scenes?

Trump Expected to Issue Executive Order Placing Citizenship Question on Census


I got a warning on Twitter that the following material may be too sensitive for me to view and had to click “view” to see what they were preventing me from seeing. You’ve got to be kidding me. This is tyranny. This is censorship.

Rep. Matt Gaetz@RepMattGaetz

Dems, when they’re fed back their own words, from their own leadership, from earlier this year, they think it’s inappropriate!@WhipClyburn laughed at the crisis on our border. Thought it was funny. You know who doesn’t think it’s funny? The @realDonaldTrump administration.6,98310:08 AM – Jul 11, 20194,112 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

It’s a busy day with the Abel Danger Live call on now (Juan O Savin up next) and Thomas Williams later, so I’ll sign off for now.  ~ BP

Alternative Therapies – An Exciting and Changing World ~ June 2, 2019

Advanced Technologies 7
Keshe Foundation

Exciting and new technologies are beginning to be released for the world to became aware of how various disease states can be treated and/pr healed without resorting to the “pills and potions” of Big Pharma and traditional surgeries of Western Medicine. As a Hospital Laboratory Director, I Am impressed with these new technologies bringing us all health without traumatic harm to our bodies.

New technologies, namely plasma technology brought to our attention by Dr. Mehran Keshe, are joined by a new company…Advanced Technology 7…who promote many more newly discovered ways to heal the human body. These new discoveries? Let’s become aware of how fearless scientists are now using these technologies for healing:


Quantum Technology,

Gravitational Magnetic Fields,

Torsion Fields,

Biophotons Fields,

Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes,

Radionics, and

Frequency work which uses sound waves to remove or severely limit disease states we often encounter.

Paradigm Change…

The new discoveries in science listed above are beginning to filter into medical treatments…how exciting! This means more and more treatments are available in the ongoing quest to treat and heal the human body.

There are many brilliant scientists, researchers and inventors who discovered scientific breakthroughs and their attempts to bring us breathtaking products and services were often suppressed and thwarted by the dark. They may have had their patents stolen, or they may have been threatened or even eliminated.

History shows us how the brilliance of Tesla in the early part of the 20th century was thwarted and subdued by the members of the dark. Dr. Mehran Keshe has been hounded and threatened, but there are many members of Humanity who took advantage of the teachings of Mehran Keshe whose production plant has been relocated to Italy for better operation away from dark influences in his home state of Iran.

The Science

Quantum Technologyis a new field of physics and engineering, which transitions some of the properties of quantum mechanics for use in healing technologies.

Nanotechnology is a branch of applied science that deals with matter on a dimensional scale less than a micrometer and the design of devices on this scale.
Through the use of nanotechnologies it is possible to give new functionalities to the materials and to implement quality and characteristics of existing processes and products.

As you may know, despite our bodies seeming solid, they are actually congealed energy and the sub-atomic particles are always in motion and very malleable if you can imagine ultra-microscopic molecules made to circulate healing the molecules of inflammation that is the harbinger for disease states. Smaller size = better saturation in our bodies for healing.

Nanotechnology means innovation, boundless boundaries and attention to what surrounds us. Using nanotechnology in healing brings new ideas into the delivery and treatment for disease states.

Plasma technology works through creating a plasmatic field through interaction of combinations of specific elements our own bodies contain…and should contain. They are known as GANS or “gas as nano state”.

The plasmatic fields as demonstrated in the Keshe technology can seemingly “rearrange” the particles in our bodies and even regenerate cells, as proven in the miraculous story of the healing of Robert and Caroline Balanda. Please watch their amazing healing in the video above.

Gravitoelectromagnetism, abbreviated GEM, refers to a set of formal analogies between the equations for electromagnetism and relativistic gravitation; specifically: between Maxwell’s field equations and an approximation, valid under certain conditions, to the Einstein field equations for general relativity for all you science buffs!

When it comes to frequencies, let’s not ignore the principles of Radionics and/or Frequency manipulation. Every organ system has been shown to hold a certain frequency for normal operation and other frequencies are in play when disease afflict an organ or organ system. Certain frequencies can now be introduced into diseased organs can prevent the development of a disease, while others frequencies destroy the disease state.

Storefronts all over the world now bring us the Keshe technologies joined now by the products of Advanced Technology 7 for anyone who wishes to benefit. Even better, pricing for healing products have just been adjusted so it’s a great time to take advantage of how you can heal yourself!

A link to a complete catalog of potentially healing products is located here.

Dr. Richard Presser, Ph.D.


Magravs Plasma Products

+1 443 769 1752

+44 1212 840 929

+61 3 9021 6920

+31 30 808 0453

+41 43 550 0221

Fairtrax Pty Ltd,
PO Box 1314,
Blackburn North,
VIC 3130

I personally have spoken with Dr. Richard Presser twice (he called me from Australia!) and can vouch for his standards of customer service.He stands by his products, gets personally involved in the distribution and provides unparalleled customer service by phone or email.

If you would like to explore and visit the new and improved catalog of products, please visit this link.

Keshe and Advanced Technology 7 Products

These new health products have produced extraordinary results for most who try them. Our consciousness does have an impact on the matter of our dense, 3D world, and if our powerful subconscious stands in the way, the science involved in these new technologies may be affected.

Personally, I have an open mind and have used the GANS vials to make my own plasma water which I drink every day to stay healthy. At 62, I have NO arthritis, nor any other disease state. A fellow co-worker with the opening stages of Multiple Sclerosis has found relief from knee pain and some neurological anomalies from just drinking the self-regenerating plasma waters…very heartening!

The GANS Pack provides you with the GANS of CO2, the GANS of zinc oxide, of CH3 and of copper oxide. These can then be used to produce plasmatically activated water from each of the vials shown.

The various “plasma waters” can be used with instructions that will be provided with the GANS Pack you receive. This has been provided by Mehran Keshe which he has been using for many years, to assist with healing Type I & II diabetes, elevated blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer’s, ALS and other conditions. There is also evidence they can assist your body in clearing cancer.

In addition to providing the usage protocols (Instructions for use), you will also receive a link to a video which explains how to handle these materials for the best outcomes. Yes…when handled correctly, these vials will self-generate plasma water insuring healing for years to come…

The Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer GANS Tube

The Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer GANS Tube imparts the plasmatic field energies of the GANS of CO2 and of ZnO to the water in which it is placed, and these energies bring your body’s pH closer to optimum alkaline balance and support the health and healing of your body.

Disease states do not thrive when the body holds itself in an alkaline state which occurs with use of the alkalizing GANS Tube shown above.

I am developing a “widower’s stoop”in the upper portion of my lower neck/upper back a and have ordered an Advanced Technology 7 Cervical Health Collar. Although I have not received this product yet, at the very least, I Am counting on this product to clear the stress I routinely carry in my shoulders, AND improve my posture!

Visit the entire collection of new devices at this link.

Health Conditions to Address

You can learn more about health conditions that can be treated with plasma technology products from practitioners all over the world explain how they used plasma science to treat all sorts of conditions in their patients and they are all learning as they go because the possibilities seem endless.

Regular newsletters are sent out by Dr. Presser to help educate us as to the possible uses of the Keshe technologies at home—and that continues to expand as more people use them. I have researched uses for plasma technology here at my house in an effort to learn the full capabilities of how new technologies can help us.

Do you know that when I sprayed a 50/50 combo of CO2 and ZnO plasma water on my cool car engine my gas mileage increased by over 25%?! Sensational results from sensational products!

Here are a few recent newsletter titles from Dr. Presser:

  • Are you suffering from neck and shoulder pain?
  • The Plasma Waist and Knee Wraps are helping many people with pain relief and much more
  • Would you or someone you love like to clear the Herpes virus permanently?
  • A Powerful Healing aided by the Plasma Foot Insoles
  • Have you considered the Keshe Foundation Pain Pen?
  • The Plasma Seat Pad relieves sciatica and lower back pain, and you can sleep on it!!!
  • Keshe Foundation Plasma Eye and Migraine Mask and Plasma Foot Insoles are being used in innovative ways
  • Are you gaining the amazing health benefits the GANS Pack with Health Protocols can give you?

Some of this may sound sensational in the literal sense, but as I said, the sky seems to be the limit. We are relearning science and how to support our bodies and eliminate maladies and breakdowns. Everything from bones to brains have been corrected, so even arthritis and cognitive issues are healed regularly using the Advanced Technology 7 and Keshe technologies.

Orthopedic injuries happen more readily as our society ages. Whether from disease, injury, or just degeneration due to age, nothing seems beyond the scope of these remarkable treatments done in the privacy of our own homes. Knee support can be had by using the Plasma Knee Wrap seen above.

Various products are available which can help you heal joint issues which are not available, or known, in mainstream medicine. Footpads holding plasma waters are available to comfort and heal foot, ankle, and postural abnormalities.

Let’s talk about the evil effects from RoundUp manufactured by Monsanto. I recently saw a headline stating that 70 per cent of produce in the United States is contaminated with glycophosphate which, of course, enters our bodies as we eat food stuffs that are not organic.

Plasma water from use of the Gans Pack breaks down glycophosphate into harmless substances which are excreted from our bodies. What a great way to protect our health, especially if organic foods are not available/affordable!

One Soul Plasma T-Shirt

The One Soul Plasma T-Shirt is the result of combining ancient Tibetan spiritual knowledge of the body’s primary chakras and how they function with the new knowledge of the effects of GANS and its plasmatic fields, along with the plasmatic fields of the sun and the Earth and helps to activate the spiritual spinal energy known as kundalini.

This is done using ancient Tibetan symbols printed on the One Soul Plasma T-Shirt, along with the plasmatic field energies of GANS, bringing better balance and peace to the body. It can also aid meditation by bringing our bodies to a more conducive and aligned state.

Find the catalog/website here.

I am always happy to hear that folks have benefited from the amazing technologies and hard work of Mehran Keshe and visionary distributors like Dr. Presser, who also tells us there is exciting stuff coming in the near future as the science branches out and addresses how more of Humanity’s challenges can be easily handled.

We realize that we cannot wait for our governments to release and bring us space age technologies and miraculous healing. We have to actively seize these for ourselves and get the word out to the world that they exist and where to get them. Personal commitment to health calls for all to explore options for self-healing.


Note: Results will vary by individual. Again… Our consciousness does have an impact on the matter of our dense, 3D world, and if our powerful subconscious stands in the way, the science involved in these new technologies may be affected.

Life presents new possibilities when we are pain-free and many happy customers share their positive experiences with Richard. Here are a few reports in customers’ own words:

I received the Energizer and Alkalizer about a month ago and have been very impressed in particular, with how it has helped my husband.   He suffers from acid reflux and a throat condition.   He had developed a persistent cough which was getting worse and worse.   He would get up in the morning and retch and cough for some time.  I was getting quite concerned.   The day after he started drinking the water his cough lessened dramatically.   Now he coughs occasionally but not for long and most days he has very little if any, coughing.  It is amazing!

Sincerely,  Rebecca Friedman

Dear Richard,

I wanted to let you know the results I have found using the GANS Pack with Health Protocols, which I have had for 18 months, now. I now feel I have some verification that the plasma waters from the GANS Pack with Health Protocols have had a significant impact on my health.

Usually I think of myself as very healthy, so It has been hard to identify specific improvements. Initially I bought a Pain Pad and Pain Pen, and can readily feel the energy that these produce. When I have asked my friends to hold or use these products, they also reported experiences of the energies. I often wear the Pain Pad in the morning while getting ready to go to work as I find it soothing. I do a lot of sitting at work and use a computer all day, which is never good for the body.

I started taking the Plasma waters from the GANS Pack with Health Protocols in late 2017 for a lower back issue – for which I am also treated by an osteopath.  I used the waters of CO2 and ZnO, both 30mls, 2 times a day, for about 6 months. I also tried making and using pockets of plasma waters taped to my lower back, but found this was too complicated a process to maintain. I am about to get a Plasma Waist Wrap and hope this will be easier to use and so be more successful.

Also, during these first 6 months I consulted a practitioner who uses a Bicom machine to improve health concerns. One of the complaints she could treat me for was arthritis, and whilst this was not a major conscious concern of mine, my hips were getting quite stiff when walking and bending, and my fingers do look knobbly in some joints!  One of the exciting things about this machine is that it produces energetic readings, which is a factual record to monitor changes in health status.

After the first 6 months, my arthritis reading showed a reduction. As the machine was also used to energetically treat me for this condition, I could not be sure of what was causing the changes. Then as it turned out, I stopped taking plasma waters for 3 months in early 2018; firstly, I was away on a holiday, and then I did not feel like resuming upon my return. After that, my next reading showed the arthritis count had increased markedly. While treated again by machine, I felt inspired to resume the same GANS protocol as before, and after 4 months of the protocol, my next reading showed the arthritis had again reduced substantially.

I am now confident to say that the changes in readings over time verify to me that it was the GANS waters that have significantly impacted on my condition – hip stiffness has vanished although knobbly joints remain!  And so, I am encouraged to continue with the plasma waters from the GANS Pack with Health Protocols and feel that there is an overall health improvement.

I enjoy these products and am thankful for Mr Keshe’s work to bring these to the world.

Thanks so much,

Susan   January 26, 2019

Hi Richard,
Yes, I have a long-term goal with the Plasma Foot Insoles to improve a fracture at the base of where the big toe on my left foot meets the second toe. This injury occurred maybe 20 years ago and for various reasons I didn’t do anything about it and it healed itself. But now I re-injured it doing serious treadmilling. I have an arthritic bone spur at the fracture sight, now, that causes pain when I do too much walking.

I am a retired Kaiser Permanente worker, so I went to the ortho. doc. and she said she would re-break it and then fuse it. No thanks! I have had the Insoles since November. Every day I get in my recliner, put thin woollen socklets on and then insert the Insoles into some slippers and put them on for 30 minutes. Many times, after 30 minutes I have experienced severe pain – about 8 out of 10. I can take it for maybe 10 minutes and then I remove them and the pain rapidly goes away!

Overall, if I am careful in my footwear and don’t run or put undue pressure on my toes, my pain is gone and the toes are more flexible and the bone spur seems to have become even a little softer. I started using them about two and a half months ago and the improvement has been slow but steady.
Thanks! Jim   January 30, 2019

Hi Richard,
I have issues with my left knee because of the strain and inactivity from hip replacement surgery. When I’m not working out with cycling, walking or stretching I can experience pain because the knee is compensating for the weak hip. It got to be pretty intense with pain.

I’ve changed my lifestyle and started working out and using the GANS Plasma Knee Wrap and the pain has minimized considerably. I started out wearing it when I went to bed and would wake up in the middle of the night when it was time to take it off. I did that for at least a week. Now the only time I need to use the Knee Wrap is when I’ve had a pretty strenuous workout, and then I only need to use it for about an hour and I have relief. This Plasma Knee Wrap and all the GANS products I use have helped me so much. I’m so grateful to you and Mr. Keshe for the wonderful work that’s being brought into the mainstream.
Thank you, Jackie

Richard – The Waist Wrap has been almost a miracle for me. I have been in 24 hour a day pain for a long time. Sleep is almost non-existent. I have two children – 8 & 10. And, I run my own tax preparation business. So, life is busy!

The pain was/is severely affecting my life. I am actually scheduled for surgery on October 25.

In the interim, I needed help.

I can tell you that when I wear the Wrap, my pain is significantly reduced – sometimes to no pain at all. I wear it almost all the time now. I do try to sleep in it, but sometimes it becomes very hot where I am laying on one of the packets.

I plan to keep wearing it after surgery and I am hoping it will help with healing up from the surgery.

I also just recommended it to a friend.


My father, age 94, had a terrible pain in his big toe. I used the Pen and after about 45 seconds, the pain was gone.  After 24 hours the pain remained gone! Awesome!  Now getting the Pad for his shoulder, so it will be easier for him to apply to the area.   What a blessing!

Dear Dr. Presser,

I would like to share my experience with the Keshe Pain Pen.

I am male, and sixty-five years old.

I first used it on my stubbed big toe, which had occurred a week before. It was black & blue, as was the nail, and accompanied by the usual pain. In the two hours before I went to sleep, I used it three or four times, always less than a minute.

The next morning, my toe was a healthy pinkish-brown colour again. The nail, still being black, will probably be renewed in time. The pain had disappeared, like magic.

All the toes in my right foot (and three in the left), had been broken in five different accidents, with the big toe fractured three times. None of these were treated or corrected in the hospitals, as I had also incurred other, more serious injuries. All toes on my right foot were out of alignment, which – over the years – resulted in a crippled foot. This was further aggravated by driving my car every day.

During one week, I put the Pain Pen to use, three or four times, every time for a minute or two. I did this just before going to bed, in the following way: Slowly moving the Pain Pen over all the toes – from left to right, then again across the whole foot – right to left. This was repeated maybe seven or eight times.

One morning I woke up and, to my utter amazement, my toes had straightened out and I could stand and walk without any remaining pain!

In some of my accidents, I sustained major damages to my knees, and more than once an operation was recommended to make my joints function better and to alleviate the pain. Because of my background in Natural Healing, I always rejected such a suggestion. As a result, however, I have suffered for many years from Osteoarthritis and the accompanying pain.

After employing the Pain Pen three or four times a week for about a month, my knees are practically pain-free. This was accomplished by slowly rotating the device around the knee cap, clockwise, for about two minutes; then encircling the other knee, the same way, for the same time. I always did this as the last thing of the day – just before taking rest. That way, the body has plenty of time to heal!

Now I just use the Pen once or twice a week – only when I need it. Sometimes there is a little pain because of “wear and tear”.

Once learned and accustomed how to use the Pain Pen for a particular application, it can be a powerful tool!

With Kind Regards,

Elmar Symczek   

It may be time to at least explore the advantages of space age technologies given to Humanity by Mehran Keshe and Advanced Technology 7. They’re easy to access and fully guaranteed.

Find and visit the store website at this link.

Alternative medicine is at hand, folks. Please learn more about how exciting new technologies can heal your body in the most remarkable of ways! Please investigate these new healing technologies, know that more remarkable health changes are at hand, and be…


Blue Fire Technology: Weapons Test in Mock City? [videos] ~ January 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: It is very interesting to me to witness technology we have not seen before, or not at least until very recently, for which we do not have access. Is this advanced technology being used against humanity (think fires in CA, fires in Athens earlier). Are we supposed to be “scared” and fall into the line of continued fear and elimination the dark forces on Earth propose?

It is past time for humanity to wake up to the introduction of “new” technology that “may be” being used against humanity, but more importantly…what can we learn from this? What can we “do” about this?

I do not “know” about this technology and thus, cannot fight this on the external 3D plane. However, each of us (humanity) does hold a potent and capable weapon within ourselves…our thoughts and beliefs. Don’t shake your head! Instead KNOW the power of your heartfelt thoughts and harness this to be, and remain, free from any technology being used against you and your family.

I climb off my soapbox now. <grin> Please read this article, understand the power stemming from your heart, use this power for yourself (not over others), and be…



More Tesla technology by the looks of it…

Is this leaked footage of a test to show us what is possible with the hidden technology we are not privy to; just fear porn material they knew the alt media would latch onto or…?

Is it related to Paradise, California and/or the “transformer” explosions in New York City or Kenner, Louisiana at New Years?

At any rate, thanks for the heads up, James.

The original video James did is below, which is featured in this first video.


Scientist Invents Technology to See “Multidimensional Beings” ~ January 12, 2019

Editor’s Note: Thanks to G. for sending this video to me. Isn’t it interesting how modern scientists are catching up to thinking “spiritually” where all is NOT seen. Please view this video, understand that what the eyes perceive is not the end game, and be…


Nikola Tesla Short Story ~December 27, 2018

Nikola Tesla Short Story.

DNI Note – We felt to post Nikola Tesla story right at this moment as the Free Energy will be the most probable development we will be able to touch with our hands quite soon. It’s no secret, it has been kept hidden in plain sight for almost 100 years, hijacked by the pirates (Morgan descendants, become banksters) to help the Cabal to keep the people in slavery. Most of you know Tesla already but this brief recap will hopefully help others to shed some Light on this superior being that after such a long linear time is now seeing his effort have the results they deserved.

You’d know his name every time you switch on a light or turn on your radio, his contributions are as far-reaching, probably even more in the near future, as those of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton or even his nemesis Tom Edison.

This mysterious tall dark Serbian invented alternating current, wireless communication, the modern electric motor, basic laser and radar technology, x-rays, neon, robotics, remote control and cellular technology and even star wars tactical warfare, all over a hundred years ago.

Yet today, who’s ever heard of Nikola Tesla?

How could history overlook such an incredible legacy?

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

During his last moments on earth, he no doubt asked himself the same question, lying in a forgotten hotel room alone at 86 years of age.

This is where our story begins.

On that final night, in January 1943, Nikola reflected on his life in near delirium.

The flashes of light… I never had control over the flashes, they are so tormenting…

Unstoppable images would flood his mind, accompanied by powerful flashes, like countless times before due to a strange lifelong condition of this.

When the word was spoken to me, the image of the object would appear vividly, and sometimes I was unable to distinguish whether what I saw was tangible or not. This caused me great discomfort and anxiety.

In the murky light of the hotel room he speak with ghosts from his past, phantoms, waiting for him to succumb.

He remembered, triumphant moments, when he was struck with the vision of his world transforming electric motor, the same design that’s used everywhere today.

Like a flash of lightning, in an instant, that was revealed!

Tesla Induction Motor

Tesla Induction Motor

He was so sure of his breakthrough that he felt compelled to share it.

He sailed for New York City, the seat of the modern world.

Upon Nikola’s arrival he’d see a busy gas-lit metropolis, painted black by a century of coal, wood and fuel oil residue.

He knew at once this era would come to an end with his electrical innovation.

He would go to work and forge his dream at first, digging ditches, then he’d create his machines.

Soon he’d become the quintessential American success story, transforming himself from a penniless immigrant into a legend of his time.

The literati of New York’s finest would flock to his laboratory to witness the spectacular high voltage demonstrations.

Tesla Discoveries

Tesla Discoverie

Notables, such as Mark Twain, John Muir, Sarah Bernhardt, Stanford White the Teddy Roosevelt and many others attended.

But one person not present was his ruthless competitor, Thomas Edison.

Nikola would recall the war of the currents, AC versus DC power. At the time, the electrification of the world was a stake.

Alternating currents too damn dangerous, he’s using tens of thousands of volts, DC only uses hundreds, sure you can see the danger! Tesla, Tesla, Nikola Tesla, a man who could never take a joke!” Edison.

There was only one kind of power system that can feed cities all over the country, that would allow Edison’s incandescent bulbs to burn brightly, and Nikola had it. Tom Edison fought against it tooth and nail.



There are no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish something!

The bitter Edison would even resort to electrocuting stray animals, including a rogue elephant, to incite public fear of Tesla’s AC System. But Tesla would ultimately triumph over Edison by electrifying the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, it was a smashing success.

Tesla Alternating Current

Tesla Alternating Current

Then, he and his partner George Westinghouse, created the world’s first hydroelectric system at Niagara Falls.

It was an incredible gamble up in time, and no one was sure it would work, except Tesla, the man of the hour.

Nikola was now at the peak of his glory, he took to wearing formal clothes and wearing white gloves when starting experiments. He was a mystic, who wrote and recited poetry and could speak six languages, yet he couldn’t help his idiosyncrasies.

People had no idea that he battled hallucinogenic episodes daily.

I have seen all the air around me filled with tongues of living flame, their intensity, instead of diminishing increased with time.

He was also described as a maniac for cleanliness, and would avoid handshakes, and fought an array of deep-seated phobias and compulsions.

“I had a violent aversion against the earring of women, the sight of a probe would almost give me a fit. I would not touch the hair of other people except, perhaps, at the point of a revolver.

I counted the steps in my walks and calculated a cubical contents of soup plates, coffee cups and pieces of food, otherwise my meal was unenjoyable.

All the repeated acts or operations I performed, had to be divisible by three, and if I missed, I felt compelled to do it all over again, even if it took hours.”

Tesla Tower

Tesla Tower

He learned to control his runaway mind with supreme discipline. Tesla’s unquenchable fire drove him onward, working 20-hour days, reaching for perfection, but this was much to the displeasure of socialite Catherine Johnson, his most intimate confidante, and perhaps Tesla’s secret lover.

They were very close but this love was not meant to be.

Tesla was on a mission, dedicated to unlocking the secrets of nature, his greatest obsession, he left little time for relationships, or business.

Nikola was exceedingly vulnerable in this regard. Wall Street monster, JP Morgan, was always looking in the background, salivating over Tesla’s patents.

He wanted total control of the new power industry, and would even crash Wall Street in order to shake out the competition.

JP Morgan towered above all the Wall Street people like Samson over the Philistines.

There were repercussions, one dark afternoon Tesla tore up his own royalty agreement with Westinghouse, a contract potentially worth billions of dollars, in order to save their company from financial doom.

This insane act of generosity was never reciprocated, even after Westinghouse’s death in 1913.

Despite the volatile world of finance in those days, Tesla was still courted by the rich and powerful. Nikola would soon engage the biggest fish in the pond, while undertaking his greatest venture, Wardenclyffe.

This fantastic structure was the very culmination of Tesla’s vision to create a worldwide communication system, for sending sound and pictures.

The primary goal was to beat Marconi, for the honor of delivering the world’s first transatlantic wireless signal.

JP Morgan Pirates Dinasty

JP Morgan Pirates Dinasty

By no accident, Tesla’s grand project was to be financed by the devil himself, JP Morgan.

You’re a strange man indeed Tesla, after the papers are signed you may draw upon the house of Morgan but, it’s important that I remain a silent partner, you new understand what that means, don’t you Mr. Tesla?

But Nikola had a secret, the system could also electrify the world!

Wardenclyffe would provide limitless free energy, everywhere, for everybody.

When JP Morgan find out about this leap of technology he wouldn’t tolerate it. He knew Tesla could deliver and the banker overlord couldn’t put a meter on it.

A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.” Tesla.

Mid-construction Morgan would cancel the contract and blackballed Tesla, that’s excluding him from any other investor.

Mr. Morgan are you going to leave me in a hole? I’ve made a thousand powerful enemies on your account, in a hundred years from now this country would give me much for the first honor of transmitting power without wires.” Tesla.

Wardenclyffe faltered and Marconi sent his transatlantic signal.

Tesla would suffice second nervous breakdown and never again would he regain his momentum as before.

But despite his cruel fate, Nikolas stayed the course, decade after decade would pass and he would bring forth new fantastic inventions, in transportation air flight, and even warfare.

His death beam, as he intended, would bring an end to all warfare. An inventor to the end, all he ever wanted was to uplift the condition of humanity.

But now in his hotel room time was drawing short, he’d finger newspaper clippings and recall some of the smaller moments of his life; his table for one, walking the streets of New York, haunting Grand Central Station or feeding his many pigeons ,one of which he held as his favorite.

I loved that pigeon, as a man loves a woman, and she loved me. As long as I had her there was purpose to my life.

No one could begin to imagine what great secrets this mad scientist kept locked inside his head, no one, except J Edgar Hoover and his g-men.

They waited patiently for the great man to pass and were ready to take everything that Nikola left behind.

The lost wizard is a spellbinding epoch, based on Mark Cephas acclaimed biography about the tragic rise and fall of the radical genius, Nikola Tesla.

It’s a true story of triumph, heartbreak, deception, and madness, set upon the backdrop of New York City at the cusp of the modern era.

This story is about a man whose powerful ideas live on, as much of his work is still classified and used in the most esoteric projects imaginable today.

Nikola Tesla, single-handedly, changed the world for the benefit of mankind, yet has been rewarded with obscurity.

It’s time to bring his story out of the shadows and into the light.

With his last breath Nikola gently smiled.

Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments, the present is theirs, the future, for which I have really worked… is mine!

Would they only have listened.

Six months after his death in 1943, the United States Supreme Court affirmed that Nikola Tesla was the originator of wireless technology, including radio.

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Nikola Tesla

The Wireless Future

Nikola Tesla

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