Kp Message 9-3-19… “The Journey Continues… Whatever (and wherever) that means” ~ September 3, 2019

Editor’s Note: Posting this article seems important to me because it elucidates moments of internal upheaval which seem to plague many. Right NOW, incoming energies combined with astrological alignments are pushing/pulling at the minds and heartstrings of many.

It’s all too easy to just think and imagine sailing away, but wait…we can sail away when we focus on our Higher Selves and leave this “issues” to sort themselves out as is best dictated. Not managed by ourselves in our human form, but rather influenced/managed/dictated by our spiritual Higher Selves.

It might be time to be in conversation with your Higher Self, an internal meditation many know as “prayer”. So…hold a conversation with yourself, watch your issues resolve and your inner peace return, allowing you to BE…



So I’m using this Kalalau image, but that does not mean “the journey” is going to end up in Kauai. Right now, I have some idea of what may happen, but for the moment, I’m staying at Peace in the location I’m currently in.

The “problem” with knowing BEings who can often “divine” what next steps might be, for one person or another, is that when they are asked (e.g., by me) about my own next steps, different answers (seem to) come out.

I’ve had encounters with two of such BEings recently, and after those “encounters”, I’m still not really sure what is going to happen.

The challenge is that there were some implications that I needed to move, some implied “soon”, but the pressure of that is something I’m just not feeling I can put on my Self.

Higher Self always knows what, when, and (eventually) how to DO. And until that Guidance comes from within ME, I will do nothing. The only thing I sense now is that this is a time of preparation, clearing out of the “not necessary for the next phase” items. So that’s what’s going on.

My next destination is likely a neighbor island. But for now, in this now moment, I am going to continue to in-Joy my current location. I’m not going to push, or rush, or force.

Whatever this means for anyone, well, that’s another deal. I felt it was mine to write this out, and post.

Aloha, Kp

SerialBrain2, 8-30-19… DECODE IMAGES for “It’s Now Time for the Q ANON Storm. Buckle Up” ~ September 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Kp for treating us to “just the fact’s, ma’am” for decoded messages from Serial Brain 2 videos. It’s simply amazing how much information can be packed into a simple video, that, when decoded…provides stunning news of what is “really going on” behind the scenes.

Of course, you will NOT see any of the decoded views announced in public as the fake MSM continues to be the communication tool of the Dark. But…according to Starship Earth (whom I trust), it is very intriguing that some positive news shows (Hannity, etc.) are allowed to be broadcast so perhaps underground movement in the public reporting field is happening as well. Just sayin…

In the meantime, realize that the “storm” Trump refers to is not only Hurricane Dorian as this IS the time for take-down of the Dark. how will this happen? We shall see, but the legal system is important to the take-down process, as is the financial sector and the hilariously fake news we are fed.

We shall see how this evolves, and in the meantime please stay safe and strong, know your heart, and it’s really time to BE…



These are from the latest SB2 (related Kp blog post), and are in order of appearance. Particularly “standing out” from these (for me, at least) the NWS said Dorian was a “Triple Threat” (see Img7), and the decodes say this means for “Politicians, Big Tech, and the Fake news are all targeted.”

Click each image to view the original. Enjoy this show!

Kp Message 8-31-19… “Clearing out and Lightening Up” ~ August 31, 2019

Editor’s Note: I Am posting this blog by Kp because it so closely mirrors my own thoughts/situation. I have finally let go of an old attachment and know this was the correct think to do as I woke from sleep with a tremendous sense of Joy and positivity realizing my world is about to change in a YUGE kind of way.

Do I know what these changes are? No, but that seems of little consequence because I know whatever happens IS bring me supreme Joy and happiness!

Dropping “old” baggage actually clears you energy system allowing new and more positive energies to fill you Being, thus I highly recommend leaving those things which do not serve you behind. Not to worry…you may just see the dropped items again in a new light! Please read these messages, drop the old, and BE…



Right now I’m starting to clear out items that I no longer am using and giving them away (well, most of them). It feels as if this is a precursor to a physical move.

When it will happen and how it will happen and what it will end up being, is yet to be seen. I’m just opening up the door to possibilities by clearing out old and unused items. Many will benefit from this. Most of these things will be given away.

Right now all I can do is talk about these things. DOing them is another step. Eventually the “final move” will occur. Very possible it will be a “move out” without a resulting “move in” to anything. Perhaps there will be a “period of movement” without a final destination… for awhile, at least. We shall see.

I know all this may seem irrelevant to the blog, or irrelevant to what’s going on with this planet. But I know it is important for my own Higher BEingness to expand into its next realm of consciousness. Sometimes the physical movement is what moves the Expansion along.

At this moment, I’m still enjoying where I am at, including the birds, the magnificent view, and Mira the Pleiadean kitty. I’m going to continue to love all of them, until the move comes.waii

There are no dates being offered here. It’s just that the “movement” towards the move has begun.

It’s not always easy to leave what’s been loved, but Expansion into Higher Realms and the next phase of Light / Energy work requires it.

Aloha all,

Kp Message 8-23-19… “The ‘Muck and Mire’ Energies are Clearing” (believe it or not!) ~ August 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: I will take this opportunity to post a bit of reassurance for all today with this post from Kp over in Hawaii. Yes…this process of removing the last outpost of evil in our Galaxy sure seems to be taking a l-o-n-g time, but then…time is subjective, is it not? 🙂

So…please join me in understanding that the battle for Earth has been WON by the Light! Are we not seeing ugly truth after truth revealed at this time? Are we not witnessing more and more awakening to the “truth” of the matter? Please understand that Love will always win the day, strengthen your heart during this end time, and BE…



I’m not sure why this came up, but it is definitely what I strongly felt today, after visiting a physical therapist for my left thumb healing.

It somehow came in very strongly, that as we each admit, address, and receive healing for, each of the 3D-4D-5D issues that are currently coming up, we are clearing the “muck and mire” that has been “entrapping” us, for weeks, months, years, decades. Much of the “muck and mire”, which has remained hidden, is now being exposed (uncovered, unveiled, apocalypsed) by the recent 8-8 Lion’s Gate.

So many I know are going through these things right now, including myself.

The next phase will commence after we process out of the “muck and mire” vibrations, and then… well, all Heaven breaks loose!

There is not much more to say right here, right now, but I did want to share this.

Aloha, Kp

Late Edition for July 11, 2019: Yes, This is ‘The Storm’ [videos] ~ July 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes indeedy…we are indeed In the Storm! However…we have good news which Starship Earth brings to us indicating the forces of the Light (knowledge, truth) are buckling down (up) to the task of cornering and defeating the dark (conscious-less control).

Will this happen over night at once? I doubt this…we really need to “let go” of the promises of immediate abundance and all those other perks promised to us by so many…it ain’t happenin’ that way.

The main reason why? The evolution of Humanity is…an “inside” job, that is…it is the decision of each individual person to elevate their heart, or not, which can lead to a better vibratory rate, or not, and all that the vibratory rate you choose entails! As your consciousness becomes higher, synchronicities and manifestation ARE occurring…as you create your own life…no one else’s.

So…please read the latest news, understand the importance of knowing your heart, and be…



Expect the unexpected… and may everyone be safe. Flight AC33. Nice number. It’s my understanding aircraft are designed to rock and roll with turbulence. What’s really going on? We’ll find out… eventually.

35 believed injured after turbulence forces Vancouver-Australia flight to divert to Hawaii

This is a good video from the Patriot Hour. Military guys.

Wheels Up In Military Means [Officially Started Operations] HOT

Juan O Savin was not able to get on the Abel Danger Live call as scheduled today, but he did call in briefly at the end. Those few minutes he gave us were chock full of great information. I will summarize some of it.

Field wanted to know more about the Russian sub incident and if there was or was not a US sub involved, and who attacked who. Juan said there is no quick answer; it’s complicated.

Many of us know this full well, but he said it would be a mistake to assign the parties involved a “side” in the war by country. As we know, the cabal is global and infiltrates nearly every country. They have controlled this planet for a very long time and their tentacles are everywhere.

As I have cautioned more than once, we need to be attentive to our labeling of events by painting participants with a broad brush of US, Russian, etc. because there are positive and negative factions in each.

Juan said there are so many angles to the submarine incident and much of the background has not yet been explored in the public domain. He said one Russian sub was under the control of “the cabal”, and the fact that a “Russian” sub got that close to that area when authorities knew what was going to happen spoke volumes. Putin was notified, and as we deduced by the scrambling of multiple nations’ diplomats to meet about the situation tells us the conflict was global in nature.

He cautioned us not to claim victory at this point; that the discovery, routing out and purging of the evil will go on for years. He says we must understand the insidious nature of it.

Juan stated that the first stage of a military assault involves taking out the enemy’s ability to engage us; airports. When Trump said “airport” recently in his July 4th speech he meant what he said. (As always.) I’ve added the video below for your understanding.

As Q says, “this is not a game”. POTUS does not make mistakes and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what people say about him and his coded speeches and Tweets. He is on a mission almost 24/7/365.

I think you can surmise that “airports” was code for “activate that part of The Plan.”

Watch Trump claim the army retook airports during the Revolutionary War in July Fourth speech

(An aside with respect to the Salute to America and the suspected “threat” that caused POTUS to revise his speech… leaving out the expected news about the Federal Reserve and return to the Gold Standard… speculation on the Abel Danger show suggested the threat was not to POTUS, but FLOTUS.)

With respect to the newer Q posts, Juan stated that the current campaign is also about the next phase of the assault: disrupting the enemy’s ability to communicate = disemboweling the media and social media and the tech giants’ operations to throttle truth and spew disinformation, lies and propaganda to mislead the public.

He said the patriots installed a virus in the equipment they sold to the enemy and henceforth when they connected that equipment to everything else they used, the virus spread, making their comms go haywire.

Do you believe the outages we’ve experienced lately at Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are a coincidence?

Now, you don’t have to believe that Juan O Savin is JFK Jr., but it’s clear to me he is directly connected to QAnon and the ongoing operations by the Patriots. He is well informed and inspiring to listen to as he has a vision for what is coming to overthrow the demonic entities intent on the destruction of our planet.

He sees a higher road for Humanity, and is involved deeply in The Plan. To me, he gives a “voice” to the Q drops. He adds another dimension to the rapport between the Q team and the patriots and anons.

Where Q is brief and cryptic, Juan fleshes out the concepts, adds clarity to the drops, and shares the vision of the team. And then there’s SerialBrain2 who also seems to be part of the team. They’ve got all the bases covered.

There is no excuse for us not knowing what’s going on.

Typically, Juan sheds much light on the past, present and future. He dispels fear, unites the Patriots, and plays an important leadership role, in my opinion, and Field seems to treat him with the utmost in deference.

We learned that this phase is about preventing the enemy from using their communication assets like the mockingbird media, Hollywood, social media and Big Tech to freely broadcasting their messages while preventing the truth getting out to the public.

Remember the memes, folks. QAnon told us the social media bots and Google algorithms find it much more difficult to detect keywords in a meme. That is the way to share important information on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and websites.

Juan said for some time many have complained it’s going too slowly; but very soon we will complain it’s going too fast.

The pedophilia issue is not partisan, Juan reminded us. We’re going after ALL of them on BOTH sides. We now have the NXIVM, Epstein and Bill Maher spider web to deal with. He said we are in the middle of the storm; it’s “ON” and the enemy will do ANYTHING to slow it down.

He said they’re “mental” and would burn the whole world up to stop what is coming just as they tried to nuke Hawai’i a few years ago.

These entities are psychopaths in every sense of the word. Human life means nothing to them if they can’t squeeze something out of it. Dominating and controlling the planet and her resources—Human and natural—is what matters to them. They know they’re circling the drain and will pull all the stops to prevent their ultimate demise.

Below we remind you that POTUS held a summit today to deal with social media censorship and bipartisan shadow banning. That initiative will be key in the days between now and the 2020 election. I believe the election will easily be won fair and square by informed and inspired voters BUT the Patriots/White Hats/POTUS will not take any chances. Failure is not an option.

BTW, have you visited the Q Proofs website? If not, and you’re not up to speed on QAnon, you should go there.

You may have heard about the summit the President convened to address the illicit tactics of the social media giants. It was a packed room, and we will see the fallout from this initiative in the coming weeks and months.

Juan O Savin confirmed it today as part of the strategy already in place for this time as outlined in the most recent Q drops. He confirmed we are in the middle of the Storm, and what you see is the President’s actions to parry the inept thrusts of the dark to manipulate the information flow and truth in the coming critical 500 days up to the 2020 election and beyond.

A big subject today at the White House Social Media Summit will be the tremendous dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppression practiced by certain companies. We will not let them get away with it much longer. The Fake News Media will also be there, but for a limited period..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 11, 2019

Interesting numbers here, from POTUS.

…years, or maybe 10 or 14 (just kidding), they will quickly go out of business for lack of credibility, or approval, from the public. That’s why they will all be Endorsing me at some point, one way or the other. Could you imagine having Sleepy Joe Biden, or Alfred E. Newman…

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 11, 2019

What does SerialBrain2 have to say about numbers? Check it out.

Post # 178-A  a special post of note re: Q post 3410.

These people have no shame and never miss a trick when it comes to monetizing and manipulating the People through deception. Drain the swamp.

Tom Steyer telling an Iowa crowd that he would not run for president in January. He has since reversed this decision

The shadow campaign of Tom Steyer

How a billionaire turned his two-and-a-half year email gathering operation into an ego trip

But the people who took heed of these calls to action and entered their contact information on the ‘Need to Impeach’ website were not signing up for a Steyer 2020 presidential campaign. They were signing up for some amorphous pro-impeachment effort, which may have had Steyer as its figurehead but never gave any direct indication that he was actually going to run for president – especially after he swore off the idea earlier this year. Steyer effectively duped eight million people into forming his initial campaign constituency;

Read the rest of the article…

Based on my comment earlier today, does this come as a surprise? Trump has these freaks chasing their tails most of the time. They’re so dizzy… It’s a war of attrition. He knew he would do this all along, don’t you think? Executive Orders are not new. The Art of the Deal.

Trump drops bid to add citizenship question to 2020 census

In closing, allow me to share one of my favourite scenes from a Monty Python movie again, wherein the Black Knight is reduced to nothing more than a torso in the dirt, spurting blood yet still blindly claiming, “it’s just a flesh wound”, while King Arthur looks on in disbelief at the lack of awareness in the evil one.

Outright denial of reality. Programming.

It’s the perfect illustration of what is unfolding now, is it not? A few of the cabal’s ranks have reconsidered and now fight with us, but there is a core group that will never surrender. It’s us or them and WE shall be the victors.

They can chant, “None shall pass” all they like, but they cannot block our path to Ascension.  ~ BP