Headlines & Updates for February 28, 2019: It’s Getting Thick; Wear Galoshes [videos] ~ February 28, 2019

Watch where you’re stepping folks! It’s getting messy. The psychopaths are incontinent with fear and they’re bringing out every lame weapon they can throw at the machine that is taking them down. Seems like Q’s 21-day countdown freaked them out. They know the clock is ticking and they will be sloppy. Like the Cohen psyop. Big, messy mistake—but as Q says, why interfere with the enemy when in the process of destroying themselves?

Players who were “patriots” and their websites which brought us great information for some time are suddenly finding it suits them to go on the attack: dissing the President, his team, QAnon, and the patriots.

Articles like this… full of conjecture and no proof. And, once again, QAnon is a LARP. Sound like the Deep State? Terminology like “everything points to” and suggesting all these so-called agreements will be kept secret and/or heavily redacted so the public is not aware of what transpired.

Do you really think, at this point, the Patriots are going to settle for that? That they’ll just roll over and go back to their fake lives as slaves? The world is awakening, they know they don’t deserve this life of struggle and pain and the globalists cannot stuff the genie back in the bottle. This party is just getting started.

To suggest that the deep state is too powerful to be taken down by one person—Donald Trump—is a ridiculous insinuation. Donald Trump is not draining the swamp alone. Far from it. This isn’t only about America, or Earth—it’s about the galaxy, the solar system, the multiverse where evil has infested good in distant civilizations. We have an ascension to take care of.

I’m sure we’ll also hear all about how Trump and Pompeo crashed and burned in Hanoi. Perhaps the strategy may be, “Appear weak when you are strong.”

We have new gun control measures proposed in New York State from the traitor Cuomo, and “insiders” telling us millions of people will die after Trump gives the “Go” to take action against the cabal and the mass arrests begin.

That’s all these cowards have. Try to take their guns, feed them disinformation and no proof. They think if they say it, it’s so, and no one will question.

People die every day from assassinations, weather, disease, toxic food, drugs, starvation, false flag war games—let’s just get this done. It’s a high stakes game—but it’s not a game.

From the sane (and honest) side of the asylum… C-Vine brought us an update on the military tribunals at Guantanamo. You can listen below.

They go into the “old rules” from the Obama regime as well as the changes Trump made to the laws so that the public and media can be involved. Transparency. What a concept.

This is encouraging news—news the cabal would rather didn’t get out; perhaps that it wasn’t terrorists who attacked America and that it was an inside job on September 11, 2001, and multiple other attacks on Humanity across the planet, as well.

You can learn much more via the links under their video on YouTube.

C-VINE Military Tribunal Rumor Squashing Series Part 3 of 4 Video

C-VINE News Network
Published on Feb 27, 2019
Could this be it? Trump knew all along! Amendments to manual of Courts-Marshall of the United States prepared for exactly this day and time. BOOM!!!!!

There is also this… but before you get your knickers in a knot, remember that Hillary Clinton is guilty of multiple crimes; possibly racketeering, fraud, theft, money laundering, treason, sedition, let’s not forget the Clinton body bag, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

They don’t need to literally prosecute her for the email scandal or other counts against her because at the very least she is going down for the unspeakable, predatory acts she committed on children. That other stuff is a sideshow.

All we need is one reason to put her away forever—or execute her. Just one. Justice will be served. These freaks are not going to continue to roam our planet preying on Humans.

There is a reason Q told us all to keep the faith; to suit up and refuse to be knocked off our stride. We must stay calm and maintain our equilibrium. Big mood swings are something we want to avoid. As Thomas Williams has recommended, ground and centre, shield up, and throttle the emotions to a 45%-55% bracket.

President Trump is a master 5D chess player and has an army behind him. Until I hear different from reliable sources, I will assume it’s business as usual in the dismantling of the psychopathic grip these greedy freakazoids have had on our planet.

Some wonder why the Alliance don’t arrest and remove the lying, treasonous media. It’s time to tell the People the inconvenient Truth and stop pussyfooting around in the shadows.

If you can’t drain the swamp peacefully and civilly—then do it by force. There’s no turning back now. We’ll get through it. Or are they waiting for The Event flash to sort the wheat from the chaff? It certainly seems like they’re waiting for something.

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Prevented FBI From Pursuing Certain Charges Against Clinton

Daniel Cannon has a fascinating update for us on some recent California earthquakes that seem to need decoding. There’s a lot of that goin’ around. I don’t think you’ve heard a seismic report like this before.

Daniel believes this is extraordinary and significant. I agree and I know what I think. The Gematria of this is fascinating; El Canyon, Black Horse (dark horse?) Babylon Canyon, and more.

You may apply your own meaning to these revelations, and I hope you will go with the positive possibilities rather than the negative. We learned that the Light Forces sent an earthquake message to the dark a few months ago. This could be another.

USGS says these 2 CA earthquakes occurred in the sky?? Seriously… (What it means.)

Israeli PM Netanyahu to be indicted in corruption cases, pending hearing – Justice Ministry

“Body Brokers”. What kind of a world do we live in? Humans are prey.

Owners of Company That Bought Aborted Baby Parts From Planned Parenthood are Arrested

Despite the recent demoralizing legislation regarding “infanticide”, there seems to be a notable swing in public opinion according to a poll. Thanks, N, for this very positive update.

New Poll Finds DRAMATIC Shift in PRO-LIFE Direction Among YOUNG DEMOCRATS!!!

The cabal wants war, and continue to try to force it so we expected false flag events. Perhaps this is one? May cool heads prevail.

Airstrikes, Tanks Heading To The Border And Planes Shot Down – India And Pakistan Are In A State Of War

Avoid American beer and wine? Do other countries produce varieties untainted by glyphosate? Probably, because Roundup is banned in many countries. Not so the Unites States. YouTube currently shows me Roundup ads on my videos.

They say the amounts of glyphosate in these beverages are so small they won’t hurt us—however we know that glyphosate does not break down. It’s in the ground, our drinking water, runoff, anything that eats a product from the soil where Monsanto is used… so our organs may be choked with it if we imbibe. Detox is important.

Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer found in popular beers and wine – study

Snow covered Superstition Mountains, Arizona

It’s a crazy winter planetwide as far as weather goes, with record-setting heat, cold, moisture and winds and tornadoes. Much of the planet is flooding.

David Wilcock told us the White Hats have stopped the cabal’s control of the weather now, and the extremes are going to naturally balance out as the pendulum swings closer to middle ground over time.

He said the uncharacteristic rains and snows here in the Southwest washed away negativity and evil. I hope he’s correct. We had record cold and snow, and it rained for two days almost non-stop, but just a nice, steady rain; no flooding I’m aware of around here.

They hit us hard with chemtrails when the rain stopped and there was a brillliant sun dog and partial rainbow around the sun on February 25 but now our seasonal weather is back with clear skies and very warm sun.

Besides the most snow I’ve ever seen locally, there was another anomaly that was so eye-catching that as I was outside snapping pictures, a helicopter arrived on the scene to check it out.

We see a reddish mountain top frequently at sunset, but this day the red was low down, not where the sun usually illuminates the peak. The mountain almost seemed lit from within. When I turned to look at the western sky, it wasn’t a red sunset as I expected. I don’t know where that red colour came from. It was so intense; another once-in-14-years phenomenon and I’m enjoying the show.

See the latest global updates at The Watchers.

In closing…

Occasionally I get notes from readers saying they can’t load the blog or leave a comment. That is a sign of the times, unfortunately, but it’s only isolated instances and things are working well most of the time.

Sincere thanks go out to the Starship crew for your support in many ways. Number One tells me you were very generous this past month and we so appreciate it—particularly as I had a big invoice to pay after those issues we had. Number One gave me a break on that so it’s all good and we’re still here, cruising the cosmos together and making history.

A reminder that Thomas Williams will be bringing us his latest intel and updates tonight; 7:30 EST/4:30 Pacific on Spreaker.com.

Late Headlines and Updates for February 1, 2019: [videos] ~ February 2, 2019

Just so you don’t think I was making it all up…

Folks in Gold Canyon documented that aerial display I witnessed and said… they were F35s, the “newest”—out of Luke AFB. Apparently they were doing barrel rolls over the golf course in Gold Canyon. Really, guys? All that noise over a residential community? Why didn’t you show off in Glendale?

There will be an airshow in Buckeye next weekend, so perhaps they are practicing. Boys and their toys.

Here’s one video residents posted on Facebook. This is exactly how it looked and sounded to me, just from a different perspective. Actually I think it was louder on my side of the mountain. Our tax dollars at work. Or is it play?

Daniel Lee reported tonight that a hearse left the residence of Ruth Bader Ginsburg late today. Draw your own conclusions. Trump made mention of Ruth for the first time yesterday, I think it was, since Dec. 21st. Coincidence?

Funeral Hearse Leaves Ginsberg Estate

Dave’s X22 Report for February 1st.

Patriots Over The Target, Incoming, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom – Episode 1781b

Heavy weather continues in the west with snow squalls in British Columbia into Alberta and more moisture with storms into California and even—we hope—Arizona this weekend. It’s been so beautiful here with above-average temperatures—but we welcome the rain, as always.  Hang in there, California. We hope the extreme cold will lift in the polar vortex areas this weekend.  ~ BP

Our Secret Reality Revealed and Our Escape to Ultimate Freedom [videos] ~ Oxtober 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: Mmm…so many different ideas and views of how humanity evolves! But you know what? Every version ends the same way…with the evolution of mankind now stationed on Planet Earth.

Details differ, but every idea requires faith of one sort or another. Given that fact…faith (or belief in those sights unseen) itself may just the state of mind each human much reach for their evolution to proceed. Just sayin…

One version of human evolution is presented in the article by Starship Earth ‘s presentation of the thoughts of Yellow Rose for Texas. Most of her ideas make sense for me and I will ask you to draw your own conclusions. Please read the words, watch the video’s, and…



For those aware of the inter-galactic component to our reality, or at least willing to consider it, first we have news and solar camera shots from Yellow Rose for Texa Es.

Following are the intel/observations Rose has with respect to the activities of the El-ites attempting to regain control and save their shameless nether regions. It also involves our escape from this prison planet, where we are under quarantine to keep the infestation here from contaminating the planets that have already been cleared.

If you have not seen any videos Rose did several years ago explaining where we are, the escape route, the covens, the branches of Man, etc., not all of this will make sense but you’ll get the gist of the rest; the big picture, and can explore further if you wish.

Consider it news… consider it rumour… your choice. Thanks, L, and thanks, Rose.

Clearly life is a little different from what we’ve been led to believe. The star nations have our backs, however, and we’re going home.

The evil ones just never give up but we will toss them into Hell’s landfill where they belong.

First, the good news—and I found here an interesting take on the Trump/QAnon approach and part in our liberation. It definitely worked, and as I have suggested in the past, everyone including Donald Trump came through the necessary channels to arm them with the required knowledge, experience, tools and connections to play their roles to the hilt today. What I have seen thus far has been nothing short of brilliant and it IS historic.

There is no point in painting anyone black because of the route they took to get here. In other words, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Everything is unfolding in favour of the Light, and all’s well that ends well.

News Rumors and Cams 10 12 18

Next, some possibly not-so-good news. If this material is completely new to you, it will blow your mind. It’s the best evidence yet of our fake reality that I’ve seen.

I have long believed that what we see in our skies is not real, and the evidence supports that. There are many videos showing photos from across the world that the average person captured showing the fakery and the unnatural aspects of what is above our heads while we are encouraged to focus downward on our tablets, smart phones and televisions.

While the images below may seem too far-fetched for some to believe, just for arguments’s sake consider the suggestion that we were “moved”—and most of us didn’t detect it; that most of us didn’t catch on that we were no longer on Earth/Terra/Midgard.

How many have noticed that stars never used to look like that, that the sun now has a black dot in the center and in some shots appears hexagonal, that it flickers and falters, that images of the moon have rippled on video like a reflection in a pond, that the sun and moon often rise and set incorrectly, that we frequently see “two suns” or light sources, that we see square and rectangular clouds regularly now, and even clouds BEHIND the sun, and other nonsense?

Curious and determined folks have sent backyard rockets straight up for miles with cameras on them and they stop cold at a certain point, every time, like they ran into a barrier. Despite the subject matter, it’s really not rocket science—just straight physics we can observe with our own eyes and you can see it on YouTube.

Even to the least discerning mind, when presented with material like this, things are not even close to “natural”—or what we once considered normal and natural when we went to school. Perhaps you will wish to explore just what sort of a place we are at present, and why we might want to “escape”.

No one person has ALL the answers, but there are many insiders/whistleblowers stepping forward now during our apocalypse; the great revealing. Some of it might resonate, enabling you to connect a few more dots.

Some of those doing this sort of research in the alternative news community are working together, pooling their evidence and making their best educated guesses as to what the truth is.

Their hypotheses may not all be correct, but at the very least it’s a bridge to a more accurate reality. We have to start somewhere, and there’s some brilliant work here. Kudos to BoogieMan and his community. I’m glad he blew his money on specialized photographic toys. We all make our sacrifices, lol.

If nothing else, what we should surmise from this information is that here, on this “plane(t)”, we are not exactly “out there in space” with the images we see of the sun and other planets. All that stuff the masons at NASA and Neil deGrasse Tyson tell us about our galaxy, the Universe, and our planet… I give it a miss. It’s not even good entertainment value.

The exciting part is that we are getting to the bottom of the greatest deception and thanks to President Trump and his team and a host of others working in the background, we are soon to be free of the parasites that have been feeding on Humanity and sought to destroy us. We shall see their demise.  ~ BP

Summer Solstice Soup: Energies Gone Wild and Crazy Days [videos] ~ June 21, 2018

By: Starship Earth  Please read…and,



We made it! The Summer Solstice (in northern hemispheres) is here. Can you believe it’s almost July? The calendar pages are ripping by at breakneck speed, from my perspective. I didn’t think time could go any faster.

The energies took their toll and hit me hard these past two days. I was falling asleep at my desk on the 19th which is odd because I sleep so well in summer, and I had to take a nap—which is a rarity for me. Yesterday, drained again, but extra long sleeps seem to have done the trick and I’m back!

This isn’t just about the solstice—I’m going all over the place in this post, in keeping with the title. Crazy!

Judging by myriad reports from across the planet about bizarre weather, I don’t think we can expect to return to normal any time soon. Something, or a combinations of somethings, have caused Mother Nature to come unhinged and it’s crazy out there.

We had our first rain in about three months last weekend and it was beautiful. No big winds, just a couple of gentle showers—exactly what I asked for. It was 109F on Thursday, 89 on Friday, and 75 on Saturday so I split me some wood and had campfires two nights in a row. Next week we’re getting to “normal” desert temps—112F, they say.

Places that don’t usually experience flooding are under water from heavy rains, sleepy volcanoes are rubbing their eyes and shaking and smoking, and people who cruised through life not realizing what has been unfolding are waking up, too.

More active volcanoes, like Kilauea, as you probably know, are pumping historic volumes of lava at remarkable speeds across the Big Island.

Truth Behind Hawai’i Volcano Eruption Exposed by Dr Michael Salla 2018 – uploaded June 8, 2018

Temperature fluctuations are all over the map and record lightning strikes are sending graphs into panic mode. We’ve heard about three “fireballs” in the past week, in Belgium, Russia, and one over the center of Georgia, USA.

We’ve seen record snows in June, and “yuge” hail in Colorado. While snow in June is not new in North America, it’s uncharacteristic in the volume and locations.

Multiple dams are under close scrutiny and people on some coasts were forced to evacuate. It’s not easy for Humans or animals.

On this morning’s walk we saw a lone coyote stood next to a saguaro, howling and yipping in the middle of a local campground and there were several camper trailers a few hundred yards away. The din went on for about 10 minutes and no compadres came to join in so they gave up.

As always, Earth/Terra is on the move, and currently into more rare environs of space. There’s a big pow-wow approaching next month when all the planets in our solar system will line up in front of the sun and pledge fealty together. Again, it’s not new… but energetically powerful, it seems, and hopefully auspicious.

Mr. MBB gives us a great rundown on what’s happening and some history.

I wasn’t looking, but happened upon these videos of alleged crashed ships so thought I’d throw them in the solstice soup. Trump has, whether people realize it or not, provided “disclosure” now that he has declared we shall have a US Space Fleet. I hope after the Korea peace talks, folks are beginning to realize that we find out about things AFTER the fact. They’re not future events.

The space war yet rages, we hear. No cabal escapes permitted. They’re going to get their just desserts. Hopefully these crashed craft don’t belong to the Alliance—the good guys.

Look at this baby! I would love to park one of those in my garage.

Many are still skeptical of UFOs and extraterrestrials. They need to get with the program. Secureteam brings us irrefutable proof of space craft already in our skies. There they were—gone! And so were some witnesses, apparently. You don’t want a visit from the “men in black” (MIB). The events in this story took place in 2008 right on the border of Arizona/California, the mighty Colorado River.

For those interested, tonight 4:30 Pacific, 7:30 EDT Thomas Williams will be hosting his usual Thursday Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on Spreaker.com and we’ll probably get the usual interesting intel.

The energies seem to be igniting a spark in Humanity and they are reacting and responding in various and colourful ways. More on that later.

We hope that the satanic solstice sacrifices such as the annual one in Denver, CO can be prevented and that the Poop is (was) arrested as planned in Geneva, Switzerland at the ceremony there.   ~ BP

Oooops! I forgot this “trumpet” video from Chile. Truly bizarre. The dogs weren’t impressed.


Earth & Space Weather ~ Quinn Update, Australia Cyclone, Anomalies, and More ~ March7, 2018

Surely you are aware of the “weird weather” out there all over the world right now.If not, this is a compilation of videos from the past few days showing us that what we expect is not what we

Currently 98P INVEST Showing signs of becoming a Massive Cyclone over the next 7 day. If the data stays true then we could easily see a land fall with 130-140 MPH winds, Follow up to be posted as more info comes in!

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March 7, 2018: In this video we look at multiple different still images of this strange large orange object ascending up from the horizon near Ecuador in a wide variety of filters. These filters give it a unique look from it’s original appearance maybe revealing something not seen in the original format.

March 5, 2018: Bright light anomaly appears in satellite loop again, crossing entire continent in less than 40 minutes. Occurred in October of 2017 on this same instrument, nearly 6 months ago. Video below of observation… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWPpU…

March 6, 2018: Rivers go dry In N Carolina and we track the east coast river gauges to try and find WHERE the absent water went. We look at many gauges from Florida to Connecticut. Also, a lifelong boat Captain from Belize shares some intriguing ocean water observations he has never noticed before. Been on the ocean his entire life and said things are getting strange.

March 6, 2018: Video sent in by Jacqueline N and dated as occurring on March 5, 2018.

March 6, 2018: In this video, we measure outdoor UV (ultra violet radiation) from the sun. We take measurements from various locations around N America. Be safe out there….

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