Summer Solstice Soup: Energies Gone Wild and Crazy Days [videos] ~ June 21, 2018

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We made it! The Summer Solstice (in northern hemispheres) is here. Can you believe it’s almost July? The calendar pages are ripping by at breakneck speed, from my perspective. I didn’t think time could go any faster.

The energies took their toll and hit me hard these past two days. I was falling asleep at my desk on the 19th which is odd because I sleep so well in summer, and I had to take a nap—which is a rarity for me. Yesterday, drained again, but extra long sleeps seem to have done the trick and I’m back!

This isn’t just about the solstice—I’m going all over the place in this post, in keeping with the title. Crazy!

Judging by myriad reports from across the planet about bizarre weather, I don’t think we can expect to return to normal any time soon. Something, or a combinations of somethings, have caused Mother Nature to come unhinged and it’s crazy out there.

We had our first rain in about three months last weekend and it was beautiful. No big winds, just a couple of gentle showers—exactly what I asked for. It was 109F on Thursday, 89 on Friday, and 75 on Saturday so I split me some wood and had campfires two nights in a row. Next week we’re getting to “normal” desert temps—112F, they say.

Places that don’t usually experience flooding are under water from heavy rains, sleepy volcanoes are rubbing their eyes and shaking and smoking, and people who cruised through life not realizing what has been unfolding are waking up, too.

More active volcanoes, like Kilauea, as you probably know, are pumping historic volumes of lava at remarkable speeds across the Big Island.

Truth Behind Hawai’i Volcano Eruption Exposed by Dr Michael Salla 2018 – uploaded June 8, 2018

Temperature fluctuations are all over the map and record lightning strikes are sending graphs into panic mode. We’ve heard about three “fireballs” in the past week, in Belgium, Russia, and one over the center of Georgia, USA.

We’ve seen record snows in June, and “yuge” hail in Colorado. While snow in June is not new in North America, it’s uncharacteristic in the volume and locations.

Multiple dams are under close scrutiny and people on some coasts were forced to evacuate. It’s not easy for Humans or animals.

On this morning’s walk we saw a lone coyote stood next to a saguaro, howling and yipping in the middle of a local campground and there were several camper trailers a few hundred yards away. The din went on for about 10 minutes and no compadres came to join in so they gave up.

As always, Earth/Terra is on the move, and currently into more rare environs of space. There’s a big pow-wow approaching next month when all the planets in our solar system will line up in front of the sun and pledge fealty together. Again, it’s not new… but energetically powerful, it seems, and hopefully auspicious.

Mr. MBB gives us a great rundown on what’s happening and some history.

I wasn’t looking, but happened upon these videos of alleged crashed ships so thought I’d throw them in the solstice soup. Trump has, whether people realize it or not, provided “disclosure” now that he has declared we shall have a US Space Fleet. I hope after the Korea peace talks, folks are beginning to realize that we find out about things AFTER the fact. They’re not future events.

The space war yet rages, we hear. No cabal escapes permitted. They’re going to get their just desserts. Hopefully these crashed craft don’t belong to the Alliance—the good guys.

Look at this baby! I would love to park one of those in my garage.

Many are still skeptical of UFOs and extraterrestrials. They need to get with the program. Secureteam brings us irrefutable proof of space craft already in our skies. There they were—gone! And so were some witnesses, apparently. You don’t want a visit from the “men in black” (MIB). The events in this story took place in 2008 right on the border of Arizona/California, the mighty Colorado River.

For those interested, tonight 4:30 Pacific, 7:30 EDT Thomas Williams will be hosting his usual Thursday Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on and we’ll probably get the usual interesting intel.

The energies seem to be igniting a spark in Humanity and they are reacting and responding in various and colourful ways. More on that later.

We hope that the satanic solstice sacrifices such as the annual one in Denver, CO can be prevented and that the Poop is (was) arrested as planned in Geneva, Switzerland at the ceremony there.   ~ BP

Oooops! I forgot this “trumpet” video from Chile. Truly bizarre. The dogs weren’t impressed.



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