What Kind of Solar Eclipse is This? [videos] ~ December 28, 2019

Editor’s Note: Eyes to the skies, my friends…keep your eyes to the skies as our New Year evolves, just sayin…and BE…



Not your every day eclipse.  Looks like more work going on upstairs.  The spraying has been heavy here and then the rain and heavy cloud system so we couldn’t see the sun.

Gina also shared her extraordinary footage with ships and blinking.  ~ BP

The Really Good Stuff ~ December 5, 2019

Environment Birth Earth Globe Arise New

Editor’s Note: This is a very interesting article from Starship Earth. I Am listening to The Event video (which is fascinating) about what happens when The Event occurs. Please know that this IS a spiritually driven world of illusion, research QHHT and other spiritual issues for enLIGHTenment, know your heart, and then BE…



I wanted to get these videos out because they’re far more interesting than the impeachment sideshow I just can’t bear to watch. It’s so repulsive that I don’t often torture myself. A brief snippet here and there from blogs and Twitter will suffice, thank you very much.

We learn below that the chaos we’re seeing is required to polarize the souls on the planet to push the two extremes of consciousness for souls to choose their future path. It’s a choice. This is why we’re watching a “movie”.

You’ll learn why we can say with great accuracy…It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.  ~ Charles Dickens

First, the insider “Gene” did another interview with Cirsten W and provided a great deal of perspective and information on a lot of topics.

#4 Interview with Gene,New Q drops,DUMBs info,Upcoming events,Lisa Page triple Spy

We also have another QHHT session which supports information we’ve had previously, including from Yellow Rose for Texas and some of the sessions described by QHHT therapist Allison Coe about “The Shift” or “The Event” and our move to New Earth.

We’re not to fret about the fate of those who choose to stay in the dark. They need more time to develop and evolve. That is how Earth works, and this is how it’s meant to be. Earth is a proving ground.

Perhaps it makes more sense now that President Trump and the White Hats are doing their best to correct the atrocities on the planet. It is for the benefit of us all; those who are staying and those who are leaving. It creates an opportunity for us to be the best we can be—and hasn’t that been Melania’s message? “Be Best”.

Unfortunately, it also means that we will see others choose to “Be Worst”.

We are being encouraged to increase our frequency; to embody love, compassion, and generosity. Like attracts like, and we will all wind up with similar souls of vibration.

Here, the session notes are read and fleshed out by QHHT practitioner Laura Whitworth because her friends Lisa and Derek asked her to share it far and wide.

This one’s a little different because it’s a session with two hypnosis practitioners, one doing a session for the other, which they sometimes do.

One of the most incredible aspects of this session is that Dolores Cannon herself, who developed QHHT, assists in the healing of the subject, Derek—from the other side; another dimension.

We’re told that in 6 – 8 months, The Event will take place. Laura’s feeling is around the time of the US election, which is early November.

In that video Laura mentions footage of ships from a “Gina”, some of which I shared recently, and she also mentioned the “suns” plural. Right on Q, this morning Gina Maria Colvin Hill uploaded spectacular footage of many more ships. See that footage below. There is no audio, no explanation of where Gina had her lens trained when she captured these shots.

Obviously this information can’t be proven—and neither can it be disproven. Our readers are progressive, open-minded, and discerning people and we offer this for your greater understanding, to connect some dots, and facilitate your journey. We’ll see how this shakes out.

Dig in and enjoy!  ~ BP

The Event – Urgent New Information – Its happening!

Headlines and Updates for December 5, 2019: Seeing the World For What It Is [videos] ~ December 5, 209

Editor’s Note: Nice report, I like the ending with a video discussing how FLOTUS decorated the White House for Christmas, followed by a great shot of our brethren who are watching us. Are you enjoying the show yet? Hopefully a denouement leading towards FREEDOM will follow after the FISA report is released.

Please read this report, stay aware as this month develops, and BE…



Phoenix brings a solid update for today with a cautionary note about falling for the fake news.  That’s all the dark ones have to bring us down to their level; fear, hatred, mistrust; all the baser emotions. Soar above and don’t let them bring down your vibration.

I don’t like listening to or watching the psychopaths because I have the same reaction as I do when I pass a pile of excrement on the road or sidewalk so I appreciate the brief updates.

PIR 12 05 19

Today’s Field Report tells us that the process is underway to free Field McConnell; Kirk says they just can’t talk about it. It takes time to follow due process of law.

Timothy Holmseth published this update, and it includes a sick video (Little Piggy & The Umbrella Man (Originally Published 2010)) made by Montagraph, who still runs free, while a man who is a champion for the Children’s Crusade, Field McConnell, has been fraudulently imprisoned for over 30 days now.

This is the kind of video the people who run the world use to get off. There are channels where they can tune in and watch material like this—and worse—from the snuff film industry. Humans are entertainment for these psychopaths. You will have to sign in to watch the video at the link in the article.

Americans are requesting Wisconsin governor release U.S. Marine Field McConnell – requests made for investigation into child torture film producer

This is Timothy’s newest update, with some great background information. He tells the brutal truth about the globalist plan for Humanity. It’s an excellent overview, and he goes into a discussion about SerialBrain2, and the Montagraph video mentioned above, JonBenet Ramsey and other topics.

US Military to Take Out Blackmail Operation Against Congress and Executives…?

The psychopaths will go after anyone they see as the enemy, and Devin Nunes has raised their ire. What they have done to he and his family is despicable, but he’s not backing down.

Rep. Devin Nunes Files $435 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN over Ukraine Report

Nunes on why he’s suing CNN

We have another striking reminder that all is not well with the People of Earth/Terra, where in France they continue to express their displeasure with the aristocracy’s policies.

General strike in Paris against Macron’s plans to reduce retirement benefits

The people don’t like tyrannical governments threatening to take their guns, either.

Virginia Is Attempting Gun Confiscation – And People Are Revolting

The lunatic left don’t like it when anyone points out the truth. One man in Iowa confronted Biden on his son Hunter’s position at Burisma, and Biden’s age came into it as well. The response is not surprising; denial and abuse.

Biden gets in testy exchange in Iowa: ‘You’re a damn liar’

Nancy Pelosi is triggered by a question from the press about hating Trump. She says as a Catholic she was raised in a way that means her heart is full of love and she doesn’t hate anyone. Really? Is that why you steal from the taxpayers? An act of love? Is that why you have destroyed California? Is that why the streets are full of homeless people, including war vets, while you dine in your vineyards in your ivory tower ignoring it all?

Pelosi Snaps After Beings Asked if she Hates Trump

This is great, and mostly Matt Gaetz. We shared a brief clip yesterday from this extended version. The Republicans are not letting the leftist loonies bully them.

Gaetz explodes at impeachment witnesses: You don’t get to interrupt me

Here’s what KellyAnne Conway had to say about Karlan’s holier-than-thou attidude. Cuz she looks like a dude. Apparently she’s “bi”. Maybe a friend of Michael Obama’s.

Kellyanne Conway slams Pamela Karlan: ‘Who the hell are you lady’

Good grief. Baltimore, again. A massive cleanup is needed in that town. Thanks to The CAT Report for the heads up.

Baltimore Mayor Warns of Body “Snatching” White Van Targeting Young Girls To Sell Their Organs

And We Know brings us a new video update. The people at the helm are terrific role models.

AWK Dec. 2 News: FLOTUS destroys [DS} with #Christmas @Whitehouse Patriotism exhibit.

All of a sudden we’re getting a lot of “ship shots”. This is from an email from a friend that I missed originally in late October, said to be an Andromedan ship. Thanks, J. Beautiful.

With that, I’m signing off for today.  ~ BP

Sophia – A conversation with Ashtar ~ November 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is an interesting article from Sophia. I know Sophia, and she is a dear friend who is very spiritual. I note this conversation with Ashtar with interest as many have had the feeling that something BIG is about to happen, and being teleported to a ship for a time would certainly be big!

Others have had an inkling that those who are spiritually prepared will be lifted from the Earth, with those left either staying on 3D Earth, or transported to a different 3D planet where their soul lessons can continue. None of us know the exact details of what is to “happen”.

My advice? Stay in an attitude of Love, and go with the flow! Love IS the strongest force in the Creation and will keep you where you need to be, allowing us to BE…



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Before we get to today’s conversation, here are a few links that may assist us to follow Ashtar’s advice and “live from our essence” in the coming days…
This article on the effects of sound on our mood, remind me that I hope they have good music on the ship’s sound systems! (click here),
This next is an article on the effects of social media on our brains & the benefit of taking a dopamine fast… Will there be Twitter and Instagram on board??? (click here)
Lastly… cell phones. Some information about their effect that you may not know. I figure that we won’t be using them on board either (smile)… (click here)
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With appreciation for all that you are, Sophia.
November 6, 2019
Is there someone who wants to connect?

I do, Sophia, I do.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward.

I am able to help to provide you and your kind with detail and facts. This may interest them and please them.
May I go on?

Yes, certainly. Would you introduce yourself first?

I am Ashtar.

I’ve read some of what has been your channeling before. Is there more than one that speaks to us and sometimes through us in these times? Some of what I’ve read dates back some thirty years.

There are multiple channelings. The message from the Ashtar Commander will feel and sound similar. It will be recognizable as such.
You are not to doubt the message, or me.
You declare and demand authenticity. You will sense, I suspect, if it comes through other than that.

I am cautious. I was fooled once, and do not plan to be so again.

Why not ask me a question?

I do not know that much about you. What is your purpose for contact today?

I’d like to talk about the ships.

What ships are those?

There are multiple and enormous in size, ships.
These are stationed and ready for the final removal from earth. They are within my command. They are something I can tell you about.

Okay, great. Tell me how the many humans still on the planet will be removed, when the time necessitates it, without incident? Will they be asleep? How is the transport to be done? What will we see, those of us still on the planet or elsewhere, watching? Do you have a sense when this final transport happens? Those are my initial questions.

They are numerous, for sure. I will address each, and separately.
There is technology available to calm the nerves, to remove anxiety, to instill cooperation and then to have no memory of what occurred. In the vast majority of cases, those who must be moved will be asleep. There will be more sleep induced and then, more, once on board the ships.
These affects will wear away gradually and once families can be re-united. Several days are necessary for the completion of this.
There has been so much planning and so very many “trial runs”. It was expected to have happened already. It has not. We have perfected our procedure and watch and wait for the signal. The signal will be abrupt. There will be a moment and then we will engage.
This transport is done in much the same way as humans, some of them, teleport. There is, or will be, a momentary dispensation when the final shift occurs.

This, as declared by the Creator, so that the laws of creation are not side-stepped. Instead, your highest will is guaranteed and an immediate method of movement happens.

In other words, it is not by your individual or direct intent that you are moved/that you move to the ship – but by the Creator’s (will/intent).
What will be seen is unclear. The earth undergoes massive alteration and none left on her will survive to witness those leaving.

It happens in an instant.

The transformation is seamless and complete.
You will feel it in hindsight and memory.
I will not be specific on the timing of things.
I will only say that it comes quickly.

There are markers. There have been delays and changes. Many. It would be inappropriate to speculate. That has been done before and only led to frustration on both parts.

This lines up with the movement of the stars. This lines up with an internal rhythm – felt by Gaia and all who live on her and in her.

There are some on your planet now who are quite close in their predictions. I will not add to these. You feel it coming do you not??

For a very long time now, yes.

Then you know the frustration we also feel. All moments in their “time” will occur. This is truth and co-created.

What can you say about life as lived by earth humans on the ships?

I can say that every effort has been made for comfort, familiarity and family. It will not be home. It will, however, have what you are used to. Styles of food, furnishings, etc., are in place to mimic your current home.
It is not bare or metallic or isolated. Plants, lighting, animals, all of these are to be found on the ships.

It will feel like home.

There are learning programs in place so that you can be caught up to earth’s true history. Everyone will at last have the truth.

This will radiate far beyond a single population or ship, and humanity will experience unity. Many truths are unknown. They will be known.

Once you, those of you returning to the new earth, do return, it will be a singular group. A united humanity. You will experience an expansion of love and oneness.

What I came to assure you of is your safety. Nothing will be fearful. Answers await you, as does a new earth.
I will go now.

Thank you. Yet I have one more question.


Will you define “families” as you see them on the ships?

These are not all blood relatives, (who) you consider family here now.
True family ties come into play here. This means family of origin.
You will experience kinship in ways not truly known here.

Specifics differ for each of you, but know that you will not be surprised or feel isolated or alone or fearful. You will be surrounded with loved ones, with family. All will be clear and known and revealed to you. There is no cause for worry.

Live as much as possible from your essence and all of this will be clear.
You are coming home.

I will stop here.

You’re welcome. Thank you! Goodbye now.

Note – This was a single being. Blue colored jump suit. Felt male. Did not feel really tall. Human looking. Brown hair. Military precision, yet making an effort to be casual and cordial. (smile) Quite pleasant. Straightforward.
After editing this, I thought I’d look for pictures of Ashtar online. I was surprised to see that just about every one showed a blonde haired male with blue eyes. This is not the image I was seeing. The closest picture I found can be seen below. It is not exact.
That’s it for today!
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Headlines and Updates for June 21, 2019: Expect the Unexpected [videos] ~ June 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: this is another incredible report from Starship Earth! The dark IS falling away from utter control of you and me and the way we live our lives. All I can say is…read this article, watch the video’s, and be…



This sensationalized research update is making the rounds in social media.

“Horns Are Growing on Young People’s Skulls”

No, not horns like Baphomet. Of course the WaPo article suggests the bone spurs result from cell phone use, but researcher Dr. Katherine Horton of Joint Investigation implies another possible cause…

(4632) @CIA‘s @washingtonpost reports about “horns” (note Satanic term) growing on the back of young people’s skulls…


…in EXACTLY the location where Body Area Network chips are implanted in every American at birth since 1980s!! #ChipCalcificationshttps://t.co/Fah9mlKztq

— Joint Investigation (@JITupdate) June 20, 2019

And we wonder why hospital staff whisk a newborn out of a mother’s arms at birth. We know what we’re told; it’s what we’re not told that is the crime.

We also understand that every baby in America is vaccinated at birth. True? Humans have been one big experiment for many reasons.

Skeptical? They put them in pets… and the satanic globalists consider us cattle, so…

Read about it at the link below. Or do a search for ‘Body Area Network implants’. Every American can be a “targeted individual” with a birthday gift of a free “kill switch”. Charming.

How can they do that? Obama’s Executive Order related to—our favourite offshoot of 9/11—the PATRIOT ACT!

And we won’t even get into the “energetic implants” that Simon Parkes spoke about in his last video.


If you think implants are a myth or fear mongering, you’ve no idea where they have gone behind our backs with tracking Humans. This is what paranoid psychopaths do to control more and more of society BECAUSE THEY FEAR US.

The invaders have always controlled everything on this planet and the degree of that control and manipulation is still being defined for the average person. When we say we live in a Petri dish, we’re not kidding. They monitor, record, and manipulate everything—all of us. Is this the world you thought you lived in? The majority would have to say, “no”.

Homeland Security Fuses All Biometric Data On An Amazon Server – What Could Go Wrong?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Expect the unexpected…

Magic Cards Are Highly Radioactive

Murdered by the Mob

The natives are restless. When the government won’t protect them and do what’s right, sometimes citizens reach their tolerance threshold and take matters into their own hands. Someone has to protect the children.

This happened in South Africa—and no guns required.

Angry Mob Cut Off Pedophile’s Genitals After Catching Him Raping Girl – Nwo Report

You know, I hear a lot of negative stuff about Mike Pompeo, but I get a good reading from him. His energy and light are great and I have trouble with the suggestion he’s not on our side. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy to me at all, but we’ll see. He’s certainly in a difficult position as Secretary of State, trying to do Trump’s will and dodging globalist traitors and deep state operatives, AND working within the confines of The Plan.

Here he explains the initiative to encourage governments to take Human Trafficking seriously and put an end to it.

Pompeo, Ivanka Trump unveil 2019 human trafficking tip report

The “forced migration” issue, thanks to the globalists trying to destroy our societies, is something many of us want resolved–and fast.  This guy is rather outspoken about it and it’s refreshing.

Former Romanian President and MEP: “EU Tends to Tell Us We Must Live with Muslim Invasion”

The EU has to do that to fight not the “poor migrants,” but the criminal organizations that charge them some €5,000 to €10,000 to place them in Italy, Spain and Greece.

These “things are so well known that it seems very wrong to me that the EU does not put its resources together and stop” this, Băsescu said.

Thomas Williams delivered another terrific show last night. He always leaves us with a few zingers, doesn’t he? Clearly some extraordinary things lie in wait for us, possums, and as Thomas has said, it may not unfold as we expect.

If you prefer the full show with the pertinent musical selections you can listen here on Spreaker.com.

The Bill Gates admission that vaccines are for population control was particularly apropos, wasn’t it? Not a conspiracy theory—just a conspiracy.


This video is quite the departure for Sir Patrick Mack, and a serious documentary revealing a profusion of facts most of us are probably unaware of. No dancing doggies or spring-loaded cats in this one, and it’s not about weather.

It may take a few minutes to hear a familiar name but hang in there. It’s worth the wait.

That name: Sidley Austin. Ring a bell? The helicopter that crash landed on the roof of a building in Manhattan last week involved a building owned by Sidley Austin LLP.

That mention soon leads to other familiar names like Barack Obama and John McCain and from there this story is all over the place, going in surprising directions.

Sir Patrick found threads intriguing enough to research for several days, at least. This is the result. So many dots… so little time. Nice work, Sir.

The WeatherMen – IPOT Presents – 6.21.19

We have further exploration of the Gloria Vanderbilt legacy in this TRUreporting video.

And holy cow—does Kathy Griffin look like Anderson Cooper’s sibling or what?! Gender perturbation? Could she be the brother, Carter, that “committed suicide”? You know half the time when these people die they don’t really die.

This world we live in is a fantasy concoction of theatre and manipulation where everyone is an actor to deceive us and to entertain the El-ites. Hollywood is not what it appears. Television is about programming.

Sickos. Is it any wonder our society is broken, folks? Reality is anything but. Lies upon lies upon lies. We’re just their playthings to be used, tortured, butchered, implanted, drugged, deceived, drained of life-force energy and discarded en masse at their discretion. Slaves to their system.

Gloria Vanderbilt: The More You Know :Coded:

More un-real news… from the Boogie Man, Andrew. Fascinating. We’re all trying to figure out just what we are seeing out there. Thanks, L.

Simon Parkes discussed Earth’s “moon” on his show last week, as well. It’s so not what we’re told. It’s fake, like everything else.

Holographic Universe: New 3D Moon Hologram Technology & The Holographic Moon Track System

The terror cells are slowly being dismantled, thank goodness. We never know when a shooting, a bombing, or a ramming will take place.

Syrian Refugee in Pittsburgh Arrested for Plotting to Attack Church on Behalf of ISIS

I watched a terrific Lou Dobbs show last night with several informed guests but all I can find now are bootlegged versions.

This news, however, is worth noting.

Texas is pledging nearly $1B for border security: Abbott

And in light of this news today… wow.

Huge: ICE To Start Pre-Dawn Raids Sunday In 10 Major US Cities

What? Too many presidential candidates? No kidding! Have a contest and eliminate 90 per cent of them. It’s absurd. If they can’t get 10K people to a rally—off with their head!

Size of 2020 field too big even for Democratic enthusiasts, poll finds

Rush Limbaugh points out that…

President Trump Is a Bigger Draw Than Disney World

and says…

So you just don’t know. And I’d be very wary and suspicious of any polling data now, especially if it tends to make you mad. Don’t give it that much attention. Don’t give it that much power. I mean, just laugh at them and use them for entertainment value.

Did we expect this? Of course we did. Relax. It’s all theatre.

Trump holds off on approved strikes on Iran