Headlines and Updates for February 7, 2019: Ripping Off the Masks & Flying the Flags [videos] ~ February 7, 2019

It appears the good guys are forcing the masks to fall and flags to fly—and not only in the enemy camps. Some of the patriots are wearing their flags, if the CIA’s Gina Haspel is any indication.

The mood was surprisingly light there on that night, which surprised me. It was almost a celebration… can we read something between the lines in this colourful pageantry? A number of scowls may have been very telling.

I think Dave’s observation on the X22 Report showing Gina dressed in a “white hat” print was right on. If the hat looks familiar, it’s because it’s remarkably similar to the stunning chapeau the statuesque Melania Trump wore as Rothschild agent Macron grovelled at her feet on his recent visit to Washington.

Something tells me that was not a wardrobe faux pas on Gina’s part. It seems much of the affair centered around “uniforms” and while I wouldn’t say it is a departure for Gina’s style as she often sports printed dresses, it speaks to me. She knows some nasty truths and might welcome an opportunity to atone in part for what she may have participated in during her career—particularly in light of the military tribunals and the fates of songbird McCain and GHW Bush.

Bernie points out a number of notable moments from the SOTU in the video below. It’s like a movie you can watch six times and still find things you missed the first, second and third times. Since I was preparing dinner while listening to the President’s address, I appreciate the alt media dudes and dudettes for bringing our attention to these juicy condiments on the buffet that we can’t see properly without their technology and for their highly developed powers of observation.

He also touches on the “sealed indictment map” with counts for each state, the possibly related “army exercises” in LA and the fact that California has nearly twice the number of indictments as the next highest state, which is Texas. Interesting to note, and it sounds like a few dots have been connected.

5:5 – Dems Show Their Cards In Huge Way At SOTU!

We know that nearly all members of Congress have been compromised and that has been a major obstacle in the dismantling of the deep state. The dark is desperate to keep the truth about what has transpired in Washington under wraps but that is impossible. It’s too late.

As we understand it, Congress has been put on notice. Help us clean up this mess and lighten your sentence, or we’ll take you down in an ugly way you will not survive. You will never know when the blow is coming, and you will never be able to show your face in public again when we strike. It’s your choice.

Brilliant, don’t you think? That is indeed one aspect of the “pain” QAnon spoke of.

They will be forced to pick sides and choose their fate, and that is what we’re seeing unfold.


The Senate is a lynchpin in the weapon that will atomize the deep state, and it is strengthened further with the approved nomination of William Barr as Attorney General. We will hopefully see that flow with little opposition.

Senate Panel Approves Barr Nomination

That Was Quick!… Ocasio-Cortez Pulls Her Lunatic Green New Deal Plan from Her Webpage

As Russia supports President Trump in his goal to bring peace by removing military installations and troops from distant shores, we get headlines like this:

Russia to US: Destroy Tomahawk launchpads & attack drones to return to INF compliance

This is another comprehensive and amusing overview of the SOTU and the subtle—or overt—antics. I enjoy hearing and seeing the various views of the show with academy award-winning performances.We here in the alternative media see this production completely differently than the average viewer.

Most of the dimm ladies wore white. I guess white is the new red. They think they’re powerful. “Stronger together”. We’ll see about that.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

After the rogue behaviour from Kyrsten Sinema in hot pink rather than white and following her blatant disregard for congressional decorum when she wore a mini dress and thigh high boots on the floor recently, I have to wonder if she is going along with the script provided by the White Hats.

She is completely off the reservation and demonstrates that “movie” scenario QAnon warned was coming. She may even have been onboard as soon as she “won” the fake election in Arizona last fall. She’ll be interesting to watch. By refusing to wear white and standing for applause of the President’s words she is setting herself apart. Naive, defiant, or… ?

The topic then goes to the plane crash in Yorba Linda, California February 3 with expert opinions on what caused it and the identities (plural) of the pilot, which may lend more perspective to the What Does It Mean article we featured yesterday. It’s complicated—as always—with the details officially released changing over time which tells us there’s much more to the story than they want to let on.

While the Alliance aims for the high road, there are factions lacking that “do no harm” ethic and they are offing their enemies in violent ways.

SOTU Briefing, Mystery Plane Crash Gets Weirder & Mueller Team Disbanding

Q has been dark which usually means a LOT is happening and they can’t risk talking about it so tune in to the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show tonight at 7:30 EST when Thomas Williams will undoubtedly dish up some more intel and perspective we get nowhere else. We can listen to him gloat a little since he told us well over a year ago or longer, that Hillary Clinton died on September 11, 2016 which seems to have been validated this week. Listen live on Spreaker.com or from the Think Different website.  ~ BP

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