Headlines and Updates for February 5, 2020: New Q and Nazi Pelosi Stepped in It [videos] ~ February 5, 2020

The talk of the town—Nazi Pelosi’s churlish hissy fit at the conclusion of the State of the Union address when she stepped in the chamber pot under her throne that was overflowing with the excrement she and her ilk have been spewing for years.

I have not read or listened to perceptions of how the evening went before writing this; only saw a couple of headlines.

Was Pelosi’s tantrum not in keeping with Michael Rothschild’s childish Tweet about how our “champion” will let us down? How we will never have gold toilets or marry a model… because they think that money stolen from us is central to life. These sub-humans are like spoiled toddlers when you take away their favourite toy.

If you didn’t see it… you soon will. It will be viral. Get this demon a high chair. Next there will be a food fight.

Watch the entire SOTU here on Right Side Broadcasting. It’s well worth the 90 minutes.

These people are pathetic and don’t deserve to live here with us. Drain that swamp and leave them there in the primordial ooze to shrivel up and die. Then burn it—just to make sure.

I hope the masses are getting the picture. The globalist criminals who believe they are “elite” resent us for taking our power back and exposing their corruption and satanic acts. They are not willing to work with us. They are defiant, blatantly lie about everything, and have one goal; to destroy America and the planet.

The President ran a gauntlet of handshakes and bro hugs, smiles and congratulations. The overwhelming support was palpable. Throughout the night there were cheers, whistles, hoots, thunderous clapping and standing ovations. Do chants of “four more years!” and “USA-USA!” a rally make? Hardly.

These are the actions of people who see a nation under a massive restoration; people with a renewed hope for the future; a belief that now their dreams really are possible and are coming into focus.

The proceedings evoked tears of sadness, but also of joy, and revealed many surprises. I don’t know how the address could have been any better at this point in the battle.

The President spoke only of positive topics for quite some time and left the more contentious remarks until later in the speech. When he raised the issue of the negative efforts of the lunatic left there were a few boos to indicate that sort of tactic is not welcome in our new Republic and won’t be tolerated.

Overall, it was gloriously uplifting. Show me one parliament or government chamber where such an uproarious show of support and approval was or is ever displayed by so many as we witnessed last night.

If those despicable POS think that removing Trump will change anything, they’re more stupid than we thought.

If you haven’t yet figured it out, Nazi Pelosi, the President allowed you to be Speaker of the House so we could all watch you destroy yourself—and your party. You gave away the whole game plan; laid it out on the table for all the world to see. Congratulations. Do you hear the clang of the cell door? Feel the chill of the concrete floor?

Yes, we are awake, we know what they did, and regardless of whether Donald Trump is the POTUS or not, we’re coming after them, and we won’t stop until every last one of them is either destroyed, put behind bars, or brought to heel.

I can barely look at these pieces of filth or listen to a word that comes out of their spittle-flecked mouths. They’re embarrassing themselves and showing everyone precisely why our world became the cesspool it did. They created it. Evil begets evil.

Out of the slime they came, and they will perish in the blazing Light of our new reality. Good riddance to the antithesis of Humanity.

Your days are numbered, you evil bastards, and when you have outlived your minuscule usefulness to Humanity, you can then proceed to the abyss. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Forward—march!–back to your creator, the devil himself.

I am so done with these cretins, folks, but you can bet the President and the White Hats will deliver, and “The Best is Yet to Come”.

New Q… for perspective… so you know I wasn’t just being dramatic.3825

After SOTU, California Voter Calls In Saying She and Her Family Will Never Vote Democrat Again

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 4 Feb 2020 – 11:01:15 PM https://twitter.com/prayingmedic/status/1224929753838211074
What happens when the mass pop witnesses [no political spin][FAKE NEWS cannot censor SOTU address] the ‘anti-American’ actions of the LEFT firsthand?
The Silent War Continues…..

And, a little late night TV from the Q team… about what’s coming. Apparently this message is for the deep state globalist cabal because they are beyond stupid and we have to spell it out for them. We are watching the greatest show on Planet Earth.

See the rest of the many new Q drops here.

We are watching a movie? Make no mistake; Nazi Pelosi PLANNED that move for the cameras. She couldn’t wait to do it. These people have no dignity, no Humanity, and are not fit to be in places of power.

But you also have to see Melania deliver Rush Limbaugh the highest award of honour possible for a civilian. He was completely taken aback.

The “new” Mike Pence is actually pretty good. An improvement.

Pence reacts to Pelosi’s ‘new low’ at the State of the Union

These creatures cannot drag us down to their level. Did you see Ivanka ignore CNN’s Jim Acosta last week and walk on by his microphone with held held high when he posed a leading question to her?

Pelosi may think she delivered a sucker punch to the President, but she only succeeded in dropping herself down to an unprecedented, Lilliputian low. We know who the giants are; and they swim head and shoulders above the putrid pond scum festering in the swamp.

I hear some floating the theory that it may not have been the President’s speech that Pelosi ripped up. Q suggests it was, but we’ll see. Some believe Pelosi had a little bit different “program” than the rest. Did the President slip her an “envelope”? Is it possible she ripped up the “articles of impeachment” because of what she read in her folder? Anything is possible. We can see how the White Hats wanted this to look however.

And today, treasonous traitors like Kamala Harris stand before their peers and lied through their teeth, just as they have been for years, about why President Trump must be impeached and removed from office. It’s enough to make you vomit.

She’s right though, there are two systems of justice; one for the powerful (it’s been them in power) and one for the rest of us. They saw to it that they were above the law, but with the election of Citizen Trump that all changed.

Their shocking abuse of power and flagrant disregard for law, the Constitution, and decency has been and IS being exposed. America is finally seeing that, and are rallying behind their President who has told them and showed them the Truth like no one ever has.

Bye, bye dimms. You’re done, and the rest of your lives will be spent on an island. South, north, it matters not. You will live and die, ostracized from the souls you cheated and tried to exterminate.

Since you cannot control yourselves and are beyond redemption, you must be excized from our wholesome society while Humanity flourishes and expands without the toxic burden of your demonic influence. You are aberrations of creation; a dark mistake that must be erased from reality. Let the decontamination begin.

With respect to the election train wreck, native Iowan Matt Whitaker details his view.

Matthew Whitaker: Iowa caucus chaos reveals a tale of two parties

I’m also checking in with the grilling of FBI Director Christopher Wray… whom Q has said to trust, but you know how that goes. Disinformation is necessary so we’ll have to see what happens. Louis Gohmert, Jim Jordan, they’re having a go at him about the actions of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, the spying and illegal surveillance of journalists like Sharyl Attkisson, etc. Wray is being forceful in communicating his responses to the House Judiciary. You can watch the proceedings here.

Next up… the developing story on the corona virus. Frank Vaughan, a Canadian farmer/People’s Party of Canada representative whom I trust, brings this update. This is on the heels of an article about what has happened in China and what we’re not being told.

We don’t want people to panic, we just want to be informed. We don’t know the full story, of course, and underlying plans of the governments of the world, but we are watching. It doesn’t look good in China, and we never know if the authorities there are truly trying to protect their citizens, or…  I must say the video of a massive fumigation operation is a little unnerving.

Yesterday we shared what we believe to be our best defense on a personal level against any virus. Supplementation, detoxification, and denial of vaccines. Is it true that none of the traditional protocols are effective against this ‘novel’ coronavirus? We don’t know. What we do know is, not everyone infected dies from this strain. Many people do recover, just as they recover from regular influenzas and colds.

We were coached to trust Q, trust POTUS, that the Patriots are in control, and that future proves past. I believe all timelines were searched and provided for. What seems to be happening may be something else, and we need to remain calm and protect our health. That’s all we can do. That, and pray, if you’re the praying kind, for the safety of the people of China as they grapple with that demonic regime.

I expect the disinfo will be far more plentiful than the truth as the deep state struggles to keep Humanity on edge and in fear. Personally I feel like some gigantic positive psyop is going on. It will all work out in the end, and I DO believe “the best is yet to come”.

The Frank Five #13 – Important Coronavirus Update

Before you go, you may wish to consider this last article from Jon Rappoport.

My bottom lines on the China epidemic

In closing…  what do you know—a plane crash as it skids off the runway. How many times does this have to happen?

Good heavens. Is it still Groundhog Day?

Julian’s Rum @JuliansRum

Wasn’t there an oddly large Turkish Airlines ad presence during the Super Bowl? I distinctly remember seeing it on the pregame desk. https://twitter.com/ruptly/status/1225125938930864131 … Ruptly @Ruptly Rescue operation at plane crash scene #Turkey #Istanbul 238 Twitter Ads info and privacy 144 people are talking about this

Plane breaks into pieces after skidding off runway in Turkey; at least 120 injured

I need to go before I find any more startling news.

If I may offer a final bit of advice…  ~ BP


X22 Report & American Intelligence Media on the SOTU Occult Messages [videos]February 6, 2019In “What’s happening in Politics”

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Headlines and Updates for February 16, 2019: The Movement is Evolving [videos] ~ February 16, 2019

Our fearless leaders at American Intelligence Media are evolving, too. Tyla and Douglas Gabriel have a new platform… not surprisingly called, “Cat Report”. Citizens Addicted to Truth. How many of us are “cat people”? No really—I mean have “cat people souls”? Just wondering.

They’ve capped their subscription audience where it is, but you can see their awesome blog here. There’s lots there, and lots of laughs, and I will continue to share their intel as it finds its way to my inbox.

An excerpt:

Japanese Prime Minister Nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

…. now if Vlad would second that nomination, the left would implode.

LOL. So true.

Regarding the meme above from Betsy/Tyla, in case you hadn’t realized, one goal of the deep state is to make Trump fans and patriots afraid to display their allegiance in public with hats, shirts, decals, etc. by programming their bots to attack us, so be aware that doing it can put a target on your back. Maintain that situational awareness at all times.

Here’s a short video from their new blog. Looks like we nearly had a mass suicide situation at the SOTU.We need SSRIs for all dimms! But truthfully, I’ve never seen Mike Pence so happy!

The State of the Democratic Party: Hurting

THI Makeup Show February 15

Since the turds cut the Valentine Show off short, Thomas Williams did an additional one last night, February 15th, and it is available here. I will share the video version once Thomas uploads it. I’m just listening now, but it sounds like there’s some heavy stuff coming down the pike later in the show.

The February 14th show is below on Themtube, or, listen at Spreaker.com.

I have to say I was disappointed to hear the comments from some listeners complaining about what Thomas says, how he says it, when he chooses to laugh, take a sip of his drink, or the music selections. What gives people the right to stuff others into a box—particularly after our discussions of sovereignty?

I recall comments made at one point about Thomas Paine/Douglas Gabriel at American Intelligence Media “yelling” in their audios. That is PASSION, folks, and without passion few of us would be here with blogs, websites, radio shows and videos telling the public what is going on. Some are more animated and emotional than others, and they’re my favourites. They’re real.

Are folks trying to stifle individuality? Do you want corporate news? Readers and listeners don’t want us emulating the deadbeat, lying, treasonous, lamestream talking heads, do they? I embrace the passion and individuality and appreciate that people are selfless enough to do this work to the exclusion of nearly everything else. We should endeavor to derive some joy from it.

I think there are far too many people being offended over things that don’t matter. If you’re offended, it’s your choice, and you can choose otherwise.

I’ve let people know over the years that this is my blog and not to tell me what to do or how to do it. It’s free and I spend nearly all my time working on it. I do what I’m guided to do. My personal life has been almost non-existent for nearly 7 years so I don’t feel any obligation to cater to the whims of readers and they leave me alone now.

As for the colour/size/saturation of the fonts on my blogs, those are dictated by the WordPress “themes” I chose. I have no control over that. If you hold down the control key on your PC while you tap the + sign you can increase the size of the page to make it more legible. On an Apple device you can grab the screen with your fingers and spread them apart to drag the image larger.

We have many loyal and appreciative readers that mean the world to us and they share great info that they find on the Internet or observe where they are and we appreciate that and share as we can. Sometimes they’re just “here” and we love them for it. We don’t ask for money but thank you for the donations. It enables me to keep Number One on retainer for emergencies.

The sacrifices made by Thomas, Kim-possible and the Manna World Holding Trust team, the QAnon team, the Gabriels, President Trump and his family, the positive military, legal eagles, and many, many other patriots globally are immeasurable and thoughtless people had best keep their complaints to themselves.

Instead, why not show a little appreciation and support those whose lives are literally on the line—and I do not include myself in that contingent.

Here’s my comment about the THI show: Thomas, keep doing what you’re doing: keep being you—uncensored—and keep playing the sing-along Lily Allen and anything else you choose, please and thank you. Your show is a reflection of you. Carry on!

Maybe it’s time to retire????

QAnon wants us to know what the lawmakers in the land have been up to. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a real piece of work. She is not supporting what the People want—she is installing the New World Order and their plan to destroy society and Humanity as a whole. The sooner she is out of commission, the better.

Their mandate: eliminate the sexes that our Creator designed and blur them all into one androgynous organism that can’t procreate—or think.

Babies are for consuming, sacrificing to the freakazoids’ stupid “gods” in rituals, and keeping the El-ites alive decades after they would naturally have died.

We have Ruthie’s legacy and a few laughs from Sir Patrick in the video below. I’m downright addicted to his dance theme and hope he never changes it.

I do hope more YouTubers are diversifying and putting their work on alternative platforms. Too many good channels have been unduly censored or removed and that is going to continue, and probably ramp up. I noticed a change this week at Themtube. They are no longer showing me the newest videos from all my subscriptions and throw music videos at the very top to distract. Ain’t workin’.


Q Anon/News – F-15 – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 2.16.19

In the video above, Sir Patrick calls us “heroes”. And we are. The guardians didn’t pull the plug on Earth/Terra and Humanity because enough of us cared, awoke, and showed that we are prepared to clean up the mess here.

Now there are legions of us igniting the consciousness of the rest. We have our marching orders and will not stop until we have pulled Humanity out of the muck and set a solid course for the New Earth.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, as they say, but that is not to discount the others who stepped in to assist us, as most of us truly don’t have a clue what we’re dealing with because we don’t understand reality. Our perceptions have us living in a false world.

They’re going to make it look like we did it and give us the credit, but truth be told, we Earthlings could not have pulled this off alone.

We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)

Tina Turner Out of the ruins, out from the wreckage
Can’t make the same mistakes this time
We are the children, the last generation
We are the ones they left behind
And I wonder when we are ever gonna change?
Living under the fear, till nothing else remains We don’t need another hero,
We don’t need to know the way home
All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome Looking for something we can rely on
There’s got to be something better out there. Mmmm, love and compassion, their day is coming
All else are castles built in the air
And I wonder when we are ever gonna change?
Living under the fear, till nothing else remains.

All the children say,

We don’t need another hero,
We don’t need to know the way home
All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome So what do we do with our lives?
We leave only a mark.
Will our story shine like a light,
Or end in the dark?
Give it all or nothing! We don’t need another hero,
We don’t need to know the way home
All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome All the children say,
We don’t need another hero,
We don’t need to know the way home
All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome. Songwriters: Graham Hamilton Lyle / Terry Britten

Several floors collapse at university in St. Petersburg, people ‘trapped under rubble’

LIVE: Yellow Vest protests continue for 14th straight week in Paris

Some interesting thoughts here about QAnon.

Q Is Not The Answer; Q Is The Question

The Last American Vagabond discusses some interesting issues.

Now Yellow Vests Being Labeled Anti-Semitic, More Docs Expose FBI-Clinton Coverup & US ‘Mini-Nukes’

Headlines and Updates for February 7, 2019: Ripping Off the Masks & Flying the Flags [videos] ~ February 7, 2019

It appears the good guys are forcing the masks to fall and flags to fly—and not only in the enemy camps. Some of the patriots are wearing their flags, if the CIA’s Gina Haspel is any indication.

The mood was surprisingly light there on that night, which surprised me. It was almost a celebration… can we read something between the lines in this colourful pageantry? A number of scowls may have been very telling.

I think Dave’s observation on the X22 Report showing Gina dressed in a “white hat” print was right on. If the hat looks familiar, it’s because it’s remarkably similar to the stunning chapeau the statuesque Melania Trump wore as Rothschild agent Macron grovelled at her feet on his recent visit to Washington.

Something tells me that was not a wardrobe faux pas on Gina’s part. It seems much of the affair centered around “uniforms” and while I wouldn’t say it is a departure for Gina’s style as she often sports printed dresses, it speaks to me. She knows some nasty truths and might welcome an opportunity to atone in part for what she may have participated in during her career—particularly in light of the military tribunals and the fates of songbird McCain and GHW Bush.

Bernie points out a number of notable moments from the SOTU in the video below. It’s like a movie you can watch six times and still find things you missed the first, second and third times. Since I was preparing dinner while listening to the President’s address, I appreciate the alt media dudes and dudettes for bringing our attention to these juicy condiments on the buffet that we can’t see properly without their technology and for their highly developed powers of observation.

He also touches on the “sealed indictment map” with counts for each state, the possibly related “army exercises” in LA and the fact that California has nearly twice the number of indictments as the next highest state, which is Texas. Interesting to note, and it sounds like a few dots have been connected.

5:5 – Dems Show Their Cards In Huge Way At SOTU!

We know that nearly all members of Congress have been compromised and that has been a major obstacle in the dismantling of the deep state. The dark is desperate to keep the truth about what has transpired in Washington under wraps but that is impossible. It’s too late.

As we understand it, Congress has been put on notice. Help us clean up this mess and lighten your sentence, or we’ll take you down in an ugly way you will not survive. You will never know when the blow is coming, and you will never be able to show your face in public again when we strike. It’s your choice.

Brilliant, don’t you think? That is indeed one aspect of the “pain” QAnon spoke of.

They will be forced to pick sides and choose their fate, and that is what we’re seeing unfold.


The Senate is a lynchpin in the weapon that will atomize the deep state, and it is strengthened further with the approved nomination of William Barr as Attorney General. We will hopefully see that flow with little opposition.

Senate Panel Approves Barr Nomination

That Was Quick!… Ocasio-Cortez Pulls Her Lunatic Green New Deal Plan from Her Webpage

As Russia supports President Trump in his goal to bring peace by removing military installations and troops from distant shores, we get headlines like this:

Russia to US: Destroy Tomahawk launchpads & attack drones to return to INF compliance

This is another comprehensive and amusing overview of the SOTU and the subtle—or overt—antics. I enjoy hearing and seeing the various views of the show with academy award-winning performances.We here in the alternative media see this production completely differently than the average viewer.

Most of the dimm ladies wore white. I guess white is the new red. They think they’re powerful. “Stronger together”. We’ll see about that.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

After the rogue behaviour from Kyrsten Sinema in hot pink rather than white and following her blatant disregard for congressional decorum when she wore a mini dress and thigh high boots on the floor recently, I have to wonder if she is going along with the script provided by the White Hats.

She is completely off the reservation and demonstrates that “movie” scenario QAnon warned was coming. She may even have been onboard as soon as she “won” the fake election in Arizona last fall. She’ll be interesting to watch. By refusing to wear white and standing for applause of the President’s words she is setting herself apart. Naive, defiant, or… ?

The topic then goes to the plane crash in Yorba Linda, California February 3 with expert opinions on what caused it and the identities (plural) of the pilot, which may lend more perspective to the What Does It Mean article we featured yesterday. It’s complicated—as always—with the details officially released changing over time which tells us there’s much more to the story than they want to let on.

While the Alliance aims for the high road, there are factions lacking that “do no harm” ethic and they are offing their enemies in violent ways.

SOTU Briefing, Mystery Plane Crash Gets Weirder & Mueller Team Disbanding

Q has been dark which usually means a LOT is happening and they can’t risk talking about it so tune in to the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show tonight at 7:30 EST when Thomas Williams will undoubtedly dish up some more intel and perspective we get nowhere else. We can listen to him gloat a little since he told us well over a year ago or longer, that Hillary Clinton died on September 11, 2016 which seems to have been validated this week. Listen live on Spreaker.com or from the Think Different website.  ~ BP

X22 Report & American Intelligence Media on the SOTU Occult Messages [videos] ~ February 6, 2019

The State of the Union address was not your typical SOTU—at least not what we ever heard from previous Presidents.

We all know Trump broke the mold and he provides a great deal of extra information in his Tweets and speeches if you’re paying attention.

And man, do the patriots pay attention! Patriots with video tech go through Trump’s appearances and they zoom in and analyze everything and everyONE with a magnifying glass. Nothing gets past them and they don’t miss a trick; like newbie Kyrsten Sinema standing and clapping for Trump’s declarations and getting a slap upside the head from her adjacent counterpart.

Another example… Dave mentions in his X22 Report the suit that the (newish) CIA Director Gina Haspel wore with “white hats” on it. Truly! We didn’t know how to read Haspel when she was confirmed but perhaps she is on the side of the People. Dave goes on to point out specific messages the President sends to the deep state telling them in no uncertain terms their plan has failed.

Then Betsy and Thomas of American Intelligence Media zoom in on Nancy Pelosi Caesar’s lapel pin. You have to hear their analysis on the SOTU, but be sure to watch, too, because they’re streaming memes and they are priceless.

It’s good for a few laughs—not that the President’s address was a joke—it was excellent—but there was a lot more going on than it would appear to the casual viewer and I don’t have to tell you what a joke the dimms are.

Dave brings us two new reports tonight which are top notch, and the AIM analysis is below those. Outstanding coverage here and I’m so glad I took the time to watch these three. Bravo!!!!

[CB] Controlled, [WB] Controlled, Globalist System Ripped Apart, Next Boom Coming- Episode 1785a

Message Sent To [DS] & Anons During The SOTU, Patriots In Control – Episode 1785b

Nancy Pelosi’s Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State

You may want to watch this tear-jerker set to music.

Thanks, L.  Too funny.  ~ BP

WATCH: Democrat Reactions to the State of the Union Hilariously Set to Music

Headlines and Updates for January 28, 2019: Clouds of Confusion & Obfuscation [videos] ~ January 28, 2019

Monday is always a heavy news day but wow! Things are hopping with information flowing like never before and censorship and attacks flowing equally as fluidly.

“Appear strong when you are weak, and weak when you are strong.” Trump allowed “President” Pelosi to call the shots to give her the illusion she is in control, yes?

Pelosi re-invites Trump to deliver State of the Union

OMG. Say it ain’t so, Joe. They accuse Trump of doing what the cabal is doing; blocking funding for victims all over; Florida and the SE states as well as California. The Manna World Holding Trust has been trying to deliver funds to Trump’s administration for victim assistance and rebuilding in devastated areas from Hurricane Michael and the Directed Energy Weapon fires in California and the deep state monsters keep blocking the transfer of funds. They are beyond evil.

They’ve done enough damage in Puerto Rico. Kick the Clintons out! How much more evidence is needed to stop these freaks from walking the streets?

HAITI 2.0-> Clintons Travel to Puerto Rico to ‘Assist’ with Hurricane Recovery Efforts – Accuse Trump of Blocking Funds (VIDEO)

Don’t read this next one on a full stomach. These people just keep pumping up their deep state players—particularly California. That state is doomed if they don’t make big changes in 2020. Last chance, people.

Gillibrand: Kamala Harris Would Be ‘An Amazing President’

Daniel Lee had a viewer drop a bit of interesting information in the way of a photo of the tail of an airplane.

Start at the 10:15 mark for that re: N735HC

As Benjamin Fulford said today, and we have reiterated many times, diseases aren’t accidents or aberrations of evolution. They were created to cause long-term misery, suffering, and death to Humanity, all the while feeding the psychopathic globalists’ medical industry to simultaneously cause and treat disease with even more deadly and lethal drugs and procedures—not to mention vaccines. We now die needlessly from the cure, rather than the cause, in many cases.

Rockefeller Foundation faces $1 billion lawsuit for infecting hundreds with Syphilis

The creature that would get my vote for most despicable active member of the dimm party, Nancy Pelosi, is under attack from multiple angles.

Border Patrol Wives Issue Scathing Letter to Pelosi, Invite her to Tour Border

If you haven’t yet, learn about the petition to impeach “president” Pelosi. We’re over 92,000 signatures as of this writing, so… it’s in the bag.  We will have a resounding mandate to impeach the imposter president. How do you suppose the White House will respond?

Judicial Watch: Documents Detail Nancy Pelosi’s $185,000 CODEL to Italy and Ukraine in 2015

chess through the looking glass

While Trump wears his “chess face”, the rest of the world plays along and tries to figure out his moves which are obstructed by clouds of particulates generated by media disinformation and the deceptive globalist agenda. Not all is what it seems in this hall of mirrors on the other side of the looking glass.

Much of the alternative media and many patriots have been galvanized against hysteria and fear thanks to a few real Lightworkers and insiders. They assure us there is a massive Alliance systematically orchestrating the permanent dismantling of the New World Order attempting to maintain control of our planet and every soul therein.

We do our best to remain calm and faith-full that all is progressing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. The Storm is in full swing, and we will be told if our assistance is required.

At the moment, sharing information is key to combat the geysers of lies and coverups the deep state issues to keep us in the dark and disabled. We don’t play the victim role well and millions of patriots worldwide are awakening to their true purpose.

Dan Bongino discusses the top issues in his podcast.

More perspective on Venezuela follows. Thanks, J. It’s interesting to read the various opinions on what has transpired, but we don’t know who is really aware of The Plan the Alliance is executing just now. They may believe they understand, but are they privy to the real details of the attack?

President Vladimir Putin is also a master chess player and has a key role in all of this. He knows the US Military doesn’t really report to President Trump; that they are a rogue outfit under the ultimate command of the Rothschilds. Knowing this changes the big picture completely. The marines protect the President, but the other arms are wild cards.

The United States “Master Stroke” against Venezuela

Here’s another critical petition. Learn more at the link. The People need to make their voices heard—loud and clear.

Please ask New York state to overturn recent abortion expansion laws.


The worst and most in-credible news on the I-net is probably that Hillary Clinton is going to run for office in 2020. Give me oxygen. If she isn’t locked up soon (or already) then you will have utter mayhem in America if and when that intention is announced. The Patriots have been extremely patient and if that treasonous witch is a contender they will revolt.

I take it as strictly fake news. The dark is trying to make it appear like it’s business as usual and that she has done nothing wrong when the maniacal freakazoids are almost in their graves.

Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Files New Answers Under Oath about Email System – Used It for the ‘Purpose of Convenience’

Following is a fascinating video about the “forensic investigation” conducted into the Clinton Foundation that might give us hope that we will see justice done… one of these days.

Tom Fitton was involved, and he and Judicial Watch have probably done more research than most with tireless FOIA requests and law suits to hold the NWO racketeers accountable, as well as the courts.

There is an ocean of evidence all bottle-necked and when that baby blows, it will be catastrophic for the deep state. There are so many politicians involved the Alliance is probably trying to figure out how to prosecute and reveal the crimes of some without implicating all of Washington, DC and the world.

Did Trump cave? No… not as far as these folks are concerned. Why does anyone listen to the lamestream media like CNN, NBC, etc.? They will never say anything positive about the President no matter what he does.

The families at the bottom of the cesspool, who believe they have the right to rule this planet. They are delusional, as they are now learning.

Chris Simpson goes into the apparent rift in the Rothschild family including the recent deaths of Lady Rothschild and Annabelle Neilson. More smoke and mirrors, Chris suggests could be involved here, for optics and deception.

Rothschild Family is Ripping Apart