Headlines and Updates for September 28, 2019: Soldier On, Patriots—It’s Almost Red October [videos] ~ September 28, 2019

Our latest Q Anon/8Chan board update…

8chan WILL be coming back online. Ignore previous owners who are now sad shills paid by the media. They live lonely, solitary, friendless lives & spend their days wishing very much they had chosen different paths.
Trust Jim & Ron, they are stand up people, and both honorable men. https://t.co/DJFaPeELcC

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) September 28, 2019

After I posted the Tweets from Eye the Spy yesterday a troll hit the comments section saying they were going to unsubscribe because I suggested readers follow ETS and a psyop, so that might tell you something. ETS and Q have been attacked more than once which speaks volumes to me.

As for the outrageous shit-storm in the media, I hope you’re not buying into it. It’s all for show. Optics.

Optics don’t change reality, however. We should know that. The fake world we have occupied was simply an illusion, while the reality chugged along behind the scenes in favour of the control freaks.

The tables have turned, however. Prepare for Red October, patriots. I told you it would be “epic”. When you know it’s not real it’s hard to watch, but it has to play out for The Plan to work. It’s history in the making.

My advice is this:

The MSM is loud, because they were complicit.
The Dems are loud, because they were complicit.

Those who have the most to lose, are yelling the loudest.

Stand firmly by POTUS, and remain calm.

You have absolutely nothing to fear.

Patriots ARE in Control.

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) September 28, 2019

We have an update from the Santa Surfing channel that featured the groundbreaking interview with the government whistleblower ‘JohnHereToHelp’. The channel was subsequently followed by General Flynn. Eyes and ears on, folks. I got a video upload notification this morning and then a Twitter update so thanks for the share, L. The Stroppy Me channel host joins in the discussion.

John tells us what the “plan” was for Seth Rich. It didn’t go that way. Rod Rosenstein was loyal to no one, and played both sides of the street, and John also tells us about “Rosey”, of the DEA. They were all about enriching themselves and had to get their hands on that thumb drive because it would expose Rosenstein, and more. He also tells us who killed the two MS-13 gang members.

It’s a fascinating story you don’t want to miss because it explains that the thumb drive not only exposed Rosenstein, but the fact that the deep state actors had planned and orchestrated the whole “Russian collusion” scheme to get rid of Trump. Trump is arch enemy numero uno and they HAD to stop him. They would do anything to prevent him and the white hats from ruining the globalist agenda, and they’re still at it.

@Johnheretohelp Interview – Who Killed Seth Rich?
John knows!
YouTube will not let me publish the video! Had to use Periscope. Will work on edits tomorrow!

— Santa Surfing (@SantaSurfing) September 28, 2019

ThemTube version is here… for now, at least. Not sure for how long.

Who Killed Seth Rich – JohnHereToHelp knows!

LT at the And We Know channel presents part one of the SerialBrain2 decode, which you can read in the SB2 archive here. The decodes are very detailed, with supporting material so for a full understanding we recommend you go through it if time allows. The videos are an effective visual version to augment the intel.

SerialBrain2: Iran, Bolton and the Lindsey Riddle. Part 1

Do you see a resemblance? I see a resemblance.

More and more we see the network of globalists who have been running the world; keeping it all in the family, just changing the names where appropriate to keep the family ties in the background.

Not related? They have the same accessories! Here come the “matching bags” under Shifty’s eyes. That’s what gravity does when you’re in a death spiral. Boom!

Why did Adam Schiff name his foundation LIDDLE Kidz

It’s a play on words

Adam Schiff is a pedo

His foundation allows pedophiles access to kids

Author of Alice in Wonderland,Lewis Carroll, was a pedo

He named Alice after Alice LIDDELL… his little pet


Sick pic.twitter.com/Ti3zYX4Ux1

— Carrie (@CARRIE4TRUTH) September 27, 2019

Greta! Greta! Greta! She’s the “little girl” shaming the world into throwing fists full of dollars at the Soros-backed globalists to combat an imaginary climate crisis. They have been playing Humanity like a fiddle for eons and they’re still going strong.

The NWO Globalists Mind-Control a 16-Year-Old with Asperger’s into the Poster Child for Global Warming

The facial expressions remind me of Peter Strzok at the hearing when he appeared possessed. What do we expect in a “spiritual war between good and evil”???

‘GOING ROGUE’: Pelosi Says the Attorney General Has ‘Gone Rogue,’ Committing ‘Cover-Up’ for Trump

We might add that now Italy is a very cooperative friendly, si?… and working with Trump… and the demonrats are delinquent on their account.

BREAKING: Attorney General Bill Barr is In Italy on Official Business – One of the Countries Involved in Spygate Scandal

John Bernstein tells us all about the lovely and spirited Rashida Tlaib character; a member of The Squad. Like we’ve been saying… they’re all actors hired to do a job; to deceive the public and manipulate the political stage.


Not everyone is Hollywood is one of “them”. There are patriots there and this is worth the 2 minutes of your time.

Chills all over! https://t.co/oVK7R7mDs3


— Jennifer P (@JensPlexus) September 27, 2019

I want to get this post out ASAP but you can learn more about the latest headlines at American Intelligence Media.

Lighten up, possums… or else…

…we’ll tickle your funny bone, see?  ~ BP

It’s a New Way.
It’s a New Chair.
It’s Ok. pic.twitter.com/CHed2AzjWi

— IPOT (@IPOT1776) September 28, 2019

QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors ~ July 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: I really like this particular “Q” report because is plainly and clearly shows how the public has been led astray in our thinking patterns about certain events…like abortions.

So… please read this report, know the real story, do not be led by smoke and mirror distortions about what is really going on, stay aware of the power of truth, and be…



QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors. By Interstellar. Source 8ChanUpdated 08:30 UTC


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Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 5479e7 No.6982028 Jul 10 2019 17:03:12 (UTC)

QAnon July 11 2019 - Smoke and Mirrors

Reality is hard to swallow.
FAKE NEWS keeps you asleep (sheep) and fixed in a pre_designed false reality (narrative).
Google altering search results to ‘support’ the pre_designed narrative and ‘prevent’ (make harder) for one to learn the TRUTH?
Those (w/ influence) who challenge the narrative are banned, shunned, threatened………
[Planned Parenthood is GOOD]_narrative
[China is NOT a threat]_narrative
Do you know the market price for a fetus?
Correlation of market price & days old of fetus/baby?
As age (days) increases so does the value?
D’s block ‘born alive’ bill?
Planned Parenthood political donations?
What party?
Do you believe this has anything to do w/ a Woman’s Right to Choose?
Welcome to the Real World.

Sickening pic of man handling aborted fetuses (in China?). MSM/Google controls narrative to keep you asleep. Abortion is BIG business…. Aborted fetuses = big biz for [PP]. The older the fetus, the higher the price they can fetch, thus Dems blocking votes on “Born Alive Bill”. Nothing to do w/women’s right to choose. 
PP donates almost exclusively to Dems.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

#QAnon 3405…

When the #FBI is telling the public that McDonald’s is putting fetal meat in2 their burgers, it should come as no surprise, that there’s a global market for “Longham”.
These people are SIC [ ! ]
Link 2 #FoxNews ==> Dems block ‘born alive’ bill 2provide medical care 2infants who survive failed abortions.
[D]’s in PP’s pockets naturally vote against such a protection. The post birth abortion movement is, at its base, fueled by $.
The older a fetus, the more $$$!QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

ExtrovertCovert, @ExtrovertCovert

The point of Q’s post… the pro abortion movement has little if anything to do with a woman’s right to choose… there’s a black market for baby organs and it’s a billion dollar industry. FakeNews pushes a false narrative to keep sheep asleep. If you challenge it, your banned. Market price for a fetus increases as the unborn baby gets older and grows in the womb… why? Because of the value of the formed organs.

Democrats oppose born alive bill for one reason: to keep their black market money making off little babies in operation. Satanic. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a “baby organ factory” and a Democrat money laundering scam…they ensure ongoing supply of aborted babies to satisfy the demand for organs, human sacrifices, and child rape fantasies of their customers. I really do not have words.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu

QAnon July 11 2019 - Planned Parentohood

Dems have pushed for laws legalizing late term abortions for years. Now you know why. Dems launder political donations via PP. PP gets tax payer funding and donates it right back to Dems who push for baby killing legislation.

I do think Q posted this photo to show this Chinese or Asian man harvesting babies for their organs… I do not think this man is cleaning the babies after they were aborted to give them a burial as someone in my comments said. Sorry, I disagree. Qanon post for a reason

I think what we are seeing here is a photo which was captured and scrubbed from web but now Q is releasing. It’s sick and horrifying, assuming this is what is happening. The black market for babies is Satanic.

It appears the photo is of a man burying the aborted babies. Heartbreaking but glad he’s a good man.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu

QAnon July 11 2019 - Planned Parentohood


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0a09b4 No.6982112 Jul 10 2019 12:10:35 (UTC)

The Epoch Times@EpochTimes

Unchallenged allegations of a @DNC computer “hack” permeated nearly all media coverage and were sprinkled throughout much of the #MuellerReport.

But analysis of the files themselves shows otherwise.

Commentary by @AdrianNormanDC https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-mueller-investigation-failed-to-provide-evidence-that-the-dnc-was-actually-hacked_2992670.html …7,16909:45 – 10 Jul 2019Twitter Ads information and privacyThe Mueller Investigation Failed to Provide Evidence That the DNC Was Actually HackedAnalysis of the stolen emails not only eviscerates the legitimacy of at least 12 of Mueller’s indictments, it calls into question the motives for the origin of the probe.theepochtimes.com7,139 people are talking about this


Yesterday, Michael Isikoff (1st to report on Steele dossier) blamed Russians for Seth Rich “conspiracy”. Epoch Times points out unlikelihood DNC server was hacked. It wasn’t. 
Rest in piece, SR.
Will Assange clear this up?QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

#QAnon 3406…

#EpochTimes Tweet…
The #Mueller Investigation Failed to Provide Evidence That the #DNC Was Actually Hacked
Allegations of a @DNC computer “hack”, are not backed by evidence. 
The files were removed 2fast 4a hack.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

ExtrovertCovert, @ExtrovertCovert

Q posts link to epochtimes article that Mueller failed to provide evidence that the DNC was actually hacked. The forensic evidence indicates someone copied the files locally… who would that have been? Seth Rich of course.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 0a09b4 No.6982404 Jul 10 2019 17:29:53 (UTC)

QAnon July 11 2019 - Border Fight

Re: Border Fight
Worth remembering.

Key push for border fight = importing illegal voters. Ds fight against Voter ID, promote open borders, sanctuary cities, abolishing ICE, etc. Election maps show Ds win where illegal pop is highest. SC ruled Voter ID laws don’t impact minority voters. 4th Circuit Ct to prevent?QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

#QAnon 3407…

Image of the top section of 2689.
Drop starts w/ “The map where illegal immigrants live perfectly overlaps the “Blue” counties where ‘[D]s vote”.
The election hijinks, using illegals, is threatened by the inclusion of a state of citizenship in the census.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

ExtrovertCovert, @ExtrovertCovert

Q reposts this post from 2/11/19 re voter fraud evidence and says “worth remembering”. The AG and Sec of Homeland submitted report to @Potus showing impact of not just foreign interference in US elections, but Domestic (illegals voting). Laws are being tested by Dems in battleground states for 2020 election; SC will hear constitutional challenges to new laws. Georgia is one such state. Attached is an article re voter roll screening in Ga as well as Judges requiring Ga to allow non-citizens to vote.

Ballot pop means comparing the number of ballots to the population of a precinct (e.g., LA 125% voter turnout). Signature issues relate to States that require signature on ballots such as florida. Dems will challenge.

Also, in South Florida, and several other battleground counties around US, several votes were submitted after deadline (evidence of fraud and vote rigging). SC has already held in 2008 that voter id was constitutional; simple voter id laws would prevent 99% of voter fraud from occurring; this is why Dems oppose voter id laws; they work and would prevent illegals from voting resulting in Dems never winning another election in battleground states and in fact, never winning another election in probably 40-45 states in the US (excluding ultra leftist states like Rhode Island, Ct, etc). SC upheld voter id law in 2008 in Pennsylvania found it was constitutional; IDs are nondiscriminatory.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 302365 No.6983107 Jul 10 2019 18:25:35 (UTC)

[PP] news coming.

QAnon July 11 2019 - [PP] news coming.

Sen Graham & Sen Grassley sent a memo to AG Barr & Dir Wray req status on investigation (started in 2017) into PP’s illegal sale of aborted fetal tissue. Requested update NLT 2 July ’19. Grassley had submitted “criminal referrals”. [PP] news coming.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

#QAnon 3408…

#Breitbart ==> #GOP Senators Demand #DOJ Update on #PlannedParenthood Fetal Tissue Probe. Like the intel on coming @GenFlynn news, we can expect 2see [PP] in the news very soon.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

ExtrovertCovert, @ExtrovertCovert

Q saying new Planned Parenthood info about to drop. Q cites to Breitbart article re GOP senators demanding DOJ update as to investigation into fetal tissue probe… coming out exactly according to plan.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 895132 No.6985182 Jul 10 2019 21:02:01 (UTC)

Smoke & Mirrors
Fake News Media’s attempt to truncate size of movement while ‘building up’ size of the opposition.
Inauguration Day to current, attempts to diminish and instill a ‘you are the minority’ mindset (narrative) continues.
People want to believe they are part of the bigger group (size equates to accuracy in most minds)(acceptance)(the ‘right’ side).
One of the primary purposes of POTUS holding a RALLY is to demonstrate the massive appeal, energy, and size of this movement (+ability to correct false reporting and/or highlight achievements, goals, etc.).
(Compare & Contrast) 45-RALLY vs ANY SINGLE ONE of the [D’s]. 
What is obvious & true?
Why does POTUS mention crowd size at each and every RALLY?
What is projected by the MSM?
LIES becomes TRUTHS.
Smoke & Mirrors
You are the MAJORITY.
Do you think it’s a coincidence we are being attacked aggressively by some of the biggest media corporations in the world right after our return?
If we are simply a ‘conspiracy’ or ‘LARP’ or ‘some kid living in a basement’ as stated repeatedly, why do the world’s largest media Co’s continue to dedicate so much attention and time to attacking us? 
Billion-dollar Co’s expending resources to stop a LARP?
Billion-dollar Co’s expending resources to attempt to ‘shape the mindset (narrative)’ to prevent and slow digestion of the masses? 
You attack those you fear the most.
Why does the media rush to ‘shape’ events?
Why are the same ‘keywords’ always used?
Psych 101 – If you see and hear the same thing over and over again……..
They do not want you thinking for yourself. 
They do not want you challenging their authority.
Logical thinking always wins.
Trust yourself (always).
Attacks will intensify [FAKE NEWS [arm of the D party]].
Enemy of the PEOPLE.

There’s a reason none of Enemedia aired POTUS’ 4 Jul speech. They didn’t want their viewers to see the MASSIVE sea of Patriots. Every rally seems to get BIGGER. How many celebs can draw those kinds of crowds where fans camp out 48 hours prior to an event? We ARE the majority!QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

#QAnon 3409…

Nothing, too obtuse, for any need to explain. Good read on the intent of the [D]’s #AntiAmerican agenda & how #WeaponizedMedia, the propaganda arm of the [D] party, works to affect the sleeper’s continuum.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

ExtrovertCovert, @ExtrovertCovert

Since the 1st day of @Potus presidency, the FakeNews has been trying to minimize the size of the MAGA movement while building up the size of the opposition. The narrative: “you are the minority”. Q points out this is the reason @Potus puts on the rally…to show the true size of the MAGA movement as well as the energy, appeal and variety of races, classes, and support. Compare @Potus rally to the Dem candidates…no comparison…Dems are duds. Q reiterates that we are the majority. All the FakeNews can do is project and lie.

Why does the media attack the Qanon movement and Q so much if Qs a larp or a 30 year old computer whiz in a basement? Because they know Q is the real deal. A lot of this info is for new Q followers. the Media uses basic psychology to shape the narrative… repeat the same phrases over and over and shape the facts to their narrative…convince “sheep” of their lies and convince “sheep” they are in the majority. Logical thinking wins every time. FakeNews is arm of Dem party and attacks will intensify. We will prevail!QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 895132 No.6985423 Jul 10 2019 21:19:52 (UTC)

Stealth Bomber.
Date of 1st flight?
Date of Mueller’s testimony?
A, B, C, D, E….
1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..

Stealth Bomber 1st flt: 17 Jul ’89
Mueller to testify: 17 Jul ’19
Not a numbers pro but equating alphabet with corresponding numbers: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3….. Q = 17, etc.

17 July

1 = A
7 = G
B(2) = Bill Barr = Stealth Bomber?QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

#QAnon 3410…

The Stealth Bomber is recorded as 1st filching on 17th July 1989. #Mueller’s testimony is scheduled for the same date 30 years later.
“B(2)” could be a nod to #BillBarr…QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

ExtrovertCovert, @ExtrovertCovert

Stealth bomber… date of first flight was July 17, 1989… Mueller’s testimony is slated for July 17, 2019… exactly 30 years after the Stealth bomber’s first flight! Wow… Q simply reminding us who is controlling this “script”… Patriots in the US Military! Mueller may drop a bomb or two during his testimony that the Dems are not expecting… stealth mode…. B before C, C before D…. is what Q may be getting at here. Mueller has to testify first before Comey memo, and then Declass comes after Comey memo perhaps.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bec565 No.6989727 Jul 11 2019 03:10:07 (UTC)

You are witnessing the greatest ‘coordinated’ misinformation attack (campaign) ever to be launched against the public – all in an effort to protect themselves from prosecution (public exposure) and regain power (control).
[Attempted removal of the duly elected President of the United States by illegal [manufactured] means]
They believed they could win [con] public support by controlled assets (media, tech, H-wood…). 
These controlled assets set out to immediately create division through the use of a pre_designed misinformation campaign.
Groups such as ‘Antifa’ were funded and formed to prevent and/or lessen the appeal for ‘regular’ hard working Americans to gather and express non_narrative viewpoints. 
Control of this ‘projected narrative’ depends primarily on their ability to ‘con’ the masses into thinking they are the majority. 
The mindset of most: If the majority of people believe ‘this’, than ‘this’ must be more true than ‘that’ [CIA_CLAS 1-99_56_Human_Psych_&_Emotional_Distress_IIED]
Without public support – they are powerless. 
We, the People, hold the power. 
— That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. 
You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.

Between Big Tech censoring of conservatives on social media, MSM demonization of all Trump supporters, blatant propaganda 24/7, online mob attacks against companies/media they don’t agree with, & physical altercations w/us, their goal is to intimidate/silence us. It isn’t working.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

Coordinated misinfo attack by cia and globalists elite. Greatest ever. It failed. We the people have the power. They underestimated our passion and love of Country. Cia tried mind warfare. It didn’t work. Fear tactctics didn’t work.

Q cites to the Declaration of Independence. The time to throw off our old form of government is here and we are doing it.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: bec565 No.6990140 Jul 11 2019 03:34:20 (UTC)


Stealth bomber is taking off … Is it Barr? Just seems like 7/17 is going to be a big big day… and what a perfect number! 17=Q…B2 = Bill Barr… the stealth bomber… dropping a bomb of truth on the 17th!QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62

Coordinated misinfo attack by cia and globalists elite. Greatest ever. It failed. We the people have the power. They underestimated our passion and love of Country. Cia tried mind warfare. It didn’t work. Fear tactctics didn’t work.

Q cites to the Declaration of Independence. The time to throw off our old form of government is here and we are doing it.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 726192 No.6990701 Jul 11 2019 04:10:11 (UTC)

QAnon July 11 2019 - Lockheed

Well done, Anons.

…ah ha… Q congratulates anons for figuring out B2 stealth connection and @potus tweet congratulating Lockheed short while ago. Lockheed refurbished B2 July 10, 2018. Apparently our stealth tech was compromised likely thanks to HRC and Feinstein. Lockheed must have fixed the the bugs and removed any problems with the stealth tech…remember q told us China used a microchip to infiltrate US companies and military. They likely hacked our stealth tech as well. We know they’ve tried to duplicate the B2 for yearsQAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 726192 No.6990956 Jul 11 2019 04:25:45 (UTC)

Only Anons can fully appreciate the continued ‘validation(s)/confirmation(s) thru covert’ (series of mathematically impossible coincidences) means in order to maintain structural integrity.
[Wheels up]

Only anons can fully appreciate the continued confirmation and validation Q gives us through covert means.

We have no problem accepting q because we’ve watched the proofs for 2 years. Those who choose to ignore or intentionally suppress are blinded by ego.QAnon July 11 2019 – Smoke and Mirrors

De Oppresso Liber, @Sun_Q_Tzu

This Is Not a R vs D Battle QAnon

QAnon Achive

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Paulo Coehlo

Late Headlines and Updates for April 12, 2019: Insanity is the New Normal [videos] ~ April 12, 2019

What?!  If a mother kills her baby, then kill the mother? Are we in some alternate reality where nonsense is the norm?

Texas bill would allow death penalty for women who get abortions

Nut jobs always find the White House, don’t they?

Man ‘sets himself on fire’ outside White House, gets detained

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas got another subpoena after filming the interview with a man who voted twice; once in Florida and once in New Hampshire.

They’re trying to make it illegal to report on crimes and questionable behaviour. Journalists are to keep their mouths shut and stick to the narrative—or else—they get hauled into court. Can you say, “tyranny”? The thugs who do this need to be eliminated.

If you behave in an illegal or unbecoming manner then expect to be exposed. That’s natural, Universal law.

O’Keefe Receives Subpoena in NH – Un-Aired WMUR Interview

More on the Assange rescue…

Trump Checkmates “Deep State” With “Assange Gambit”—Hillary Now Knows It’s “Not If, But When

Check out the other incendiary headlines at “What Does It Mean?” while you’re there. Awan whacked Seth Rich?


2016: Julian Assange Suggests MURDERED DNC STAFFER Seth Rich Was Wikileaks Source: “We Have To Understand How High The Stakes Are In the United States”

Are you familiar with the testimony from James Woods? That one went right under my radar but the back story and details about what he reported on the flight with the 4 oddly mysterious and possibly threatening passengers is very interesting; interesting enough that the FBI showed up at his door to speak with him after he filed a report. “Family Guy” is under my radar too. Never watched it.


Jason Bermas
Streamed live on Mar 11, 2019
My breakdown of the files released through Layer 3 by the Dark Overlord!

If you like the research and presentation skills of GoodDog, check out his latest Q LEGEN[D] segment which premieres tonight at 5:00 on Caravan to Midnight with a lot of information you won’t hear in the fake media, or even most of the alternative media.

Merchants of Menace Chapter: Oranges & Origins Section: Bill of Wrongs

The Seething Frog says we’re being played. It IS a giant psyop, as I’ve said before, but are we being played from both sides?


Douglas has a new website! He wants us to sign up so he can keep in touch with us. He feels the writing is on the wall and that censorship will be taking him out on YouTube, Facebook, etc. soon as it has happened to others.

Love the shirt.  ~ BP

Urgent News For All American Patriot Subscribers To My Channel

Breaking Headlines, Intel and Updates for August 20, 2018: The Many Faces of War [videos] ~ August 20, 2018

Just a note to remind folks that people have uploaded plenty of videos to Real.video, the platform provided by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Mike tells us they add 300 vids a day, so to encourage more vloggers to go there we might want to visit the site, watch and “recommend”  videos. Click this link to visit Real.video and use the options at the top left of the page to navigate.  ~ BP

Thanks for the heads up on this one, L. Finally, some progress in the coverup. We are asked to share this information widely to protect the investigators and their families.

Donna Brazille, (left) Muriel Bowser (right)

BREAKING: America First Media Names Public Officials at Hospital the Morning of Seth Rich Shooting

White Rabbit News brings us some interesting details on the Seth Rich murder and the team who have had this information for about a week. A threat came out—you know, the subtle kind—and it’s a touchy situation.


Published on Aug 19, 2018

WRN reports on a Matt Couch, America First Media Group piece. Matt indicates that there were 2 very high profile individuals at the hospital at the same time as Seth Rich who were not previously reported as being at the hospital when Seth Rich was brought in after he was shot.
Source: Matt Couch – America First Media Group @RealMattCouch

Who brings a knife to a gun fight—at a police station, no less? That’s a suicide mission meant to send a message.

Attack on police station in Catalonia investigated as a terrorist act

Catalonia police are treating this morning’s attack on a police station in Barcelona as a terrorist act. A knife-wielding man attempted to enter the site reportedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” and was shot by officers.

The police said the attacker tried to enter the Cornella police station “with the aim to attack” the officers shortly before 6am local time (4am GMT) on Monday. During a news conference later in the day, law enforcement clarified that the incident is being investigated as a “terrorist attack”.


Fireball lights up night sky over Alabama, 40 times brighter than the moon

Simon Parkes shares his intel on the Sea-Tac Q400 mystery among other things in his bi-monthly update for August 19.

This video (in German) shows a curious, bright flash at the Genoa bridge in Italy that fell recently.

Actor Jim Carrey’s Art Goes Viral: “Our Missile, Our Crime” in Yemen

August 18, 2018

(ZHE) — Responding to the now confirmed fact that it was a laser-guided MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin that killed 40 children while they were riding inside a school bus in northern Yemen over a week ago, actor Jim Carrey has highlighted the crime in his latest art.

In a now viral tweet posted to his official account Friday afternoon, Carrey wrote, “40 innocent children killed on a bus in Yemen.” And added, “Our ally. Our missile. Our crime.” 

Carrey referenced the US-Saudi coalition in Yemen responsible for dropping the 500-pound bomb on the bus as it made its way through a crowded market in Dahyan in Saada province on August 9th, which both the US State Department and the Saudis had defended as a “legitimate military operation”.

The cartoon art, signed by Carrey’s hand as the artist, depicts a bus full of terrified children during the moment a missile marked with the American flag and “USA” hurtles toward them. The tweet garnered over 30,000 retweets and more than 68,000 likes less than 24 hours after it was published.

Carrey’s tweet corresponded with CNN’s Friday afternoon story confirming that the bomb which killed the children was supplied by the US as part of a batch of Lockheed Martin produced munitions transferred under a prior US-government approved contract.

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The information war rages on, and many Americans are completely oblivious.

‘Be careful about what you believe’ – Ken Livingstone on US, UK media bias & lies

Today it seems like we are in another Cold War. It was breathtaking to watch our PM Theresa May immediately blaming Russia for the poisoning of the Skripals before the police had conducted their investigation into the evidence.

Growing up after the Second World War our news was dominated by the threat from the Soviet Union, but when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 I don’t think anyone could have guessed that just over two decades later we would be once again talking about the threat from Russia. Anyone who only gets their news from the British or American media is kept in ignorance of the truth; the endless accusations about the Skripal poisoning or the conflict over Crimea is presented in a completely biased way in which most of the facts are ignored. But there is nothing new about this: dishonest reporting and lies dominated the whole of the Cold War in the days of the Soviet Union.

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Here’s Mike Adams on Trump’s response to the fake news platforms that banned/blocked Alex Jones. I hadn’t realized so many communication portals—even Mail Chimp—ganged up on Info Wars to gag them.

This is serious stuff, as is the 350 press editorials on President Trump’s views on the propaganda news on Thursday. Unbelievable that this kind of thing is allowed in the “land of the free”—and people still think they’re free and it’s okay.

The cabal-owned media monopoly claims they’re exercising “freedom of speech” when nothing could be further from the truth. They say “journalists are not the enemy”. That’s correct, but there are no journalists at the legacy media propaganda machines. They’re talking heads; actors reading a make-believe script. They are a real as Hollywood. Same business. It has nothing to do with reality or free speech.

Their reporting is agenda-driven, not neutral and unbiased, and is designed to make THEIR enemies, the enemy of The People and to hide their despicable acts and crimes against Humanity. The enemy is within, and it is the same hidden regime that has been planning and surreptitiously executing our genocide for a very long time.

People have to stop accessing the lamestream media and leave them in the dust. They have nothing of value to impart.

Brennan really is unhinged if he believes a law suit will stand. No one in any government should retain a security clearance after leaving their position in the administration. It’s a matter of national security and this is all-out war in a war of a different colour. How much more volatile can it get?

Trump Dares Brennan

Former CIA director John Brennan has stated he is considering litigation over President Trump’s removal of his security clearance. On Monday, President Trump dared Mr. Brennan to sue him.


Cobra issued his meditation update report which does not reflect the 144,000 critical mass participation.

Key to Freedom Meditation Report

Late Headlines for July 23, 2018: SGT Report Channel & Other Info Removed—It’s On [videos] ~ July 22, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yep…it’s all going to heat up on Planet Earth, starting…NOW! If you do not know why, please refer to my recent post made today by my friend, Sophia Love (https://roserambles.org/2018/07/23/important-message-from-sophia-love-july-23-2018/) Please stay heart-focused, rest a lot, and…enjoy the show!


After uploading the video from Sean and Robert David Steele at the SGT Report yesterday, his channel was shut down. I see others have been censored, too. This war is hotting up. Sean is unable to log into his backup channel SGT Report2 this afternoon but hopefully that will change.

The SGT Report / Robert David Steele video is now on PhiBetaIota via Bitchute. Watch it here.

There are all sorts of law suits ongoing in America, and this one is about pet food. You may have heard me mention that Royal Canin began putting “feather meal” in their food, which certainly ruffled MY feathers. The con artists.

Now Blue Buffalo is using feathers in their food and manufacturers claim it’s an additional source of protein!!!!!!  Lord love a duck. Do they think we’re idiots?

They made that up so they could use feathers as cheap filler knowing it would reduce the nutrition in the food and long term, would affect the health of our pets who need a substantial amount of protein in their diet. Reminds of of their little trick with fluoride.

Blue Buffalo tried to pass the buck and implicated their raw materials supplier. It’s ongoing. FEATHER MEAL!!!!!!

If you have a pet I hope you research the food you give them. These pet food manufacturers are unscrupulous and the animal feed chain is as tainted as the Human one.

Blue Buffalo Gets Its Day in Court — And Then This Happened

Natasha expresses her concern over the fate of Julian Assange. He has done nothing wrong and persecuted enough. Mr. President… your Divine intervention is required.

Critical Mass: 17 States Now Disobeying Feds – Will Grow Hemp Despite It Being Illegal

Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy” is his wife, SEC Director Melissa Hodgman, who has blocked the FBI’s probe of the Clinton Foundation for 21 months and counting

They continue to throw each other under the bus. Lisa Page did it, and now Clapper.

Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing

Did Trump shut down the chemtrail program?  Not in my neighbourhood, but it’s not been as bad as it was.

There might be a lot less of it overall in America.

The latest pedo news…