Sub Rosa Pizza and The Trafficking of Children: “Absentia” [video] ~ December 27, 2018

In this brief video, we see long-standing evidence of the monarch mind control/ritual sex abuse/trafficking and torture of children that has been used to secure victims for the global controllers for eons. It explores not only mind control, but “television programming”, also used in movies.

I think you’ll see the relationships to the information that came out about the Podesta brothers, and their art at the time of the Pizzagate revelations.

We understand that most of Washington and politics is involved in pedophilia/pedovore activities and thousands will probably be arrested, but it won’t all be public, and the charges will not all be revealed for what they truly should be. The arrests will be linked to their other crimes, like fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, treason, sedition, murder, pick a couple.

If the authorities revealed to the public just how many were put in prison for their unspeakable acts, the masses couldn’t grasp it. They would reject it. The public is conditioned and it will take a long time for them to assimilate what transpired on this planet… right under their noses. They will eventually have to accept, however, that Humanity has been prey.

It’s possible that many of our elderly will pass on without ever learning the truth. Future generations will be more accepting of the despicable actions of those who ran the planet.  ~ BP

Trapped Underground 6 Years…The Truth About What They Know

LoveHasWon Astrology Update~New Moon in Libra: Justice Will Be Served ~ October 7, 2018

By Archeia Aurora

The New Moon in Libra will occur on October 8th, 2018 at 15 degrees Libra. The Sun and Mercury will also be in Libra, anchoring in the energies of love, unity, beauty, and art. As an air sign, Libras are intellectual, brilliant, and social. They blow with the wind and spread their love to all without restraint. The flip side of Libra is that they can be flighty, indecisive, and non-committal due to their airy nature. 

This New Moon however will have intensity as Jupiter and Venus Rx are stationed in Scorpio and Pluto and Saturn are now direct in Capricorn. The Moon will conjunct the asteroid Ceres, quincunx Neptune, and square Pluto. In mythology, Pluto stole Ceres’ daughter and took her to the underworld. Eventually, an agreement was worked out between the two for Ceres to see her daughter. While her daughter was away, all of the crops would die and only return to healthy blooms once she returned. This was the myth behind the seasons of harvest. It is very symbolic that these two are both making aspects to this New Moon.

As the New Moon conjuncts Ceres, ruler of nurturing and harvest, mother issues will come into play, as well as family ties and bonds. Ceres was an independent mother, so the themes around feminine independence and strength will be highlighted. This is perfectly aligned with the release of balanced harmonics on the planet which will return the divine feminine to their rightful place. Issues around crops, natural resources, and the environment will also come to the forefront, and how we have raped and destroyed our Mother Earth. There will be consequences to pay for what Humanity has done to their Mother. 

We should also feel more compassionate and nurturing around this time, as Ceres is the ultimate nurturer and caregiver. As we move into the final moments of ascension, we must be compassionate with those around us who are not prepared for these events. Unconditional love will be the key, especially with ourselves.

New Moon Quincunx Neptune

As the Sun and Moon will be quincunx Neptune in Pisces, spirituality and concepts of something bigger than ourselves will begin to penetrate the collective consciousness. This is the time when humanity will begin to awaken to the fact that they have been living in illusion (Neptune). Many will fall into victim consciousness, which is a common theme of Neptune. If we can tap into the magic of this aspect, we will begin to expand our consciousness in ways that were not previously possible. Mom has paved the way for all to become their higher selves and this Moon is perfect to begin integrating that. 

Neptune also represents poisons and toxins, and with the aspect to Ceres, we will likely see the issues surrounding the poisoning of our food and water become a hot topic. We have completely pillaged Mother Earth of her resources and poisoned our own ecosystem. Karma has now been fully released and all must come back into balance, with integrity. 

New Moon Square Pluto

Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio and he is a ruthless teacher. Pluto has just gone direct in Capricorn early this month, and coincides with all karma being released. Pluto transforms by way of destruction, and teaches the most difficult of lessons. Humanity has now manifested for themselves a very rude awakening, as they have denied Mothergod and refused to embody love. This Moon will bring fated events and karmic occurrences, as now is the time for humanity to reap what they have sown. 

Issues of power, control, and manipulation will need to be faced as these cannot enter the new paradigm. We must release these urges and embrace the beautiful energy of Libra who favors cooperation, partnerships, and justice. Many will be unable to handle the intensity of these energies and may seek to power-over you. Now is the time to stand up and take your power back and be the warriors of light we agreed to be. 

All remaining fears will have to be faced head on in order to realize that the fear itself is the only thing keeping us feeling stuck or hopeless. Let everything go and release attachments to everyone and everything. Those that attempt to hold on tighter will experience the severity of this New Moon, while others will experience growth and expansion like never before. 


This New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle that harnesses the energy of Libra and the new paradigm. Libras always see the other’s side and can walk in their shoes. This gives them great compassion and understanding. Most of humanity is living in the mind, projecting their hurt and pain onto others and in constant judgment and superiority. This New Moon will bring swift transformation as it will rip away all that you have been holding onto that is EGO. Pluto does not care about what you want or don’t want, it’s purpose is to teach you the hard lessons that you need. Embrace, accept and allow all that occurs around this New Moon and set your intention to be in full surrender to love and the divine will. With the conjunction to Ceres, it is now our time to stand up and help Mom take her planet back into heaven on Earth, the Garden of Eden, and restore it to its original purity. 

After the karmic events take place and humanity begins to awaken to the illusion they have all been living in, we will enter the beginning of the new paradigm of love everywhere present, and all the energies of Libra-beauty, balance, justice, integrity, divine intelligence, and unity consciousness. 

As Mom prepares to ascend we prepare for the world to experience drastic change. New Earth is here. Love everywhere present is here. Justice will be served and Mom will get her planet back. LOVEHASWON!


Breaking Headlines, Intel and Updates for August 20, 2018: The Many Faces of War [videos] ~ August 20, 2018

Just a note to remind folks that people have uploaded plenty of videos to, the platform provided by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Mike tells us they add 300 vids a day, so to encourage more vloggers to go there we might want to visit the site, watch and “recommend”  videos. Click this link to visit and use the options at the top left of the page to navigate.  ~ BP

Thanks for the heads up on this one, L. Finally, some progress in the coverup. We are asked to share this information widely to protect the investigators and their families.

Donna Brazille, (left) Muriel Bowser (right)

BREAKING: America First Media Names Public Officials at Hospital the Morning of Seth Rich Shooting

White Rabbit News brings us some interesting details on the Seth Rich murder and the team who have had this information for about a week. A threat came out—you know, the subtle kind—and it’s a touchy situation.


Published on Aug 19, 2018

WRN reports on a Matt Couch, America First Media Group piece. Matt indicates that there were 2 very high profile individuals at the hospital at the same time as Seth Rich who were not previously reported as being at the hospital when Seth Rich was brought in after he was shot.
Source: Matt Couch – America First Media Group @RealMattCouch

Who brings a knife to a gun fight—at a police station, no less? That’s a suicide mission meant to send a message.

Attack on police station in Catalonia investigated as a terrorist act

Catalonia police are treating this morning’s attack on a police station in Barcelona as a terrorist act. A knife-wielding man attempted to enter the site reportedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” and was shot by officers.

The police said the attacker tried to enter the Cornella police station “with the aim to attack” the officers shortly before 6am local time (4am GMT) on Monday. During a news conference later in the day, law enforcement clarified that the incident is being investigated as a “terrorist attack”.


Fireball lights up night sky over Alabama, 40 times brighter than the moon

Simon Parkes shares his intel on the Sea-Tac Q400 mystery among other things in his bi-monthly update for August 19.

This video (in German) shows a curious, bright flash at the Genoa bridge in Italy that fell recently.

Actor Jim Carrey’s Art Goes Viral: “Our Missile, Our Crime” in Yemen

August 18, 2018

(ZHE) — Responding to the now confirmed fact that it was a laser-guided MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin that killed 40 children while they were riding inside a school bus in northern Yemen over a week ago, actor Jim Carrey has highlighted the crime in his latest art.

In a now viral tweet posted to his official account Friday afternoon, Carrey wrote, “40 innocent children killed on a bus in Yemen.” And added, “Our ally. Our missile. Our crime.” 

Carrey referenced the US-Saudi coalition in Yemen responsible for dropping the 500-pound bomb on the bus as it made its way through a crowded market in Dahyan in Saada province on August 9th, which both the US State Department and the Saudis had defended as a “legitimate military operation”.

The cartoon art, signed by Carrey’s hand as the artist, depicts a bus full of terrified children during the moment a missile marked with the American flag and “USA” hurtles toward them. The tweet garnered over 30,000 retweets and more than 68,000 likes less than 24 hours after it was published.

Carrey’s tweet corresponded with CNN’s Friday afternoon story confirming that the bomb which killed the children was supplied by the US as part of a batch of Lockheed Martin produced munitions transferred under a prior US-government approved contract.

Read the rest of the article…

The information war rages on, and many Americans are completely oblivious.

‘Be careful about what you believe’ – Ken Livingstone on US, UK media bias & lies

Today it seems like we are in another Cold War. It was breathtaking to watch our PM Theresa May immediately blaming Russia for the poisoning of the Skripals before the police had conducted their investigation into the evidence.

Growing up after the Second World War our news was dominated by the threat from the Soviet Union, but when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 I don’t think anyone could have guessed that just over two decades later we would be once again talking about the threat from Russia. Anyone who only gets their news from the British or American media is kept in ignorance of the truth; the endless accusations about the Skripal poisoning or the conflict over Crimea is presented in a completely biased way in which most of the facts are ignored. But there is nothing new about this: dishonest reporting and lies dominated the whole of the Cold War in the days of the Soviet Union.

Read the rest of the article…

Here’s Mike Adams on Trump’s response to the fake news platforms that banned/blocked Alex Jones. I hadn’t realized so many communication portals—even Mail Chimp—ganged up on Info Wars to gag them.

This is serious stuff, as is the 350 press editorials on President Trump’s views on the propaganda news on Thursday. Unbelievable that this kind of thing is allowed in the “land of the free”—and people still think they’re free and it’s okay.

The cabal-owned media monopoly claims they’re exercising “freedom of speech” when nothing could be further from the truth. They say “journalists are not the enemy”. That’s correct, but there are no journalists at the legacy media propaganda machines. They’re talking heads; actors reading a make-believe script. They are a real as Hollywood. Same business. It has nothing to do with reality or free speech.

Their reporting is agenda-driven, not neutral and unbiased, and is designed to make THEIR enemies, the enemy of The People and to hide their despicable acts and crimes against Humanity. The enemy is within, and it is the same hidden regime that has been planning and surreptitiously executing our genocide for a very long time.

People have to stop accessing the lamestream media and leave them in the dust. They have nothing of value to impart.

Brennan really is unhinged if he believes a law suit will stand. No one in any government should retain a security clearance after leaving their position in the administration. It’s a matter of national security and this is all-out war in a war of a different colour. How much more volatile can it get?

Trump Dares Brennan

Former CIA director John Brennan has stated he is considering litigation over President Trump’s removal of his security clearance. On Monday, President Trump dared Mr. Brennan to sue him.


Cobra issued his meditation update report which does not reflect the 144,000 critical mass participation.

Key to Freedom Meditation Report


Are you an art lover? In this case, I certainly hope so,because the drawings of Edward Morgan certainly evoke the mayhem in our current controlled society in a very stylized way.

So…please take a look at his work, see the insanity in these pictures, know that better days are ahead, and…


For centuries art has been used as a tool for telling the human story. What we look like, what we do, artistic expressions of our society – all are encompassed in centuries worth of art.

Now is no different. We see in film and music today, people calling out various aspects of our society that need to be observed. Whether it’s bands talking about the prison like nature of our world or films drawing upon the underlying consciousness that makes up all of life, the reflection triggers are there.

It’s no secret that in our society today we are faced with many challenges that are long overdue for change. In fact, humanity is being challenged a great deal to deal with those changes… now. It’s part of an overall shift in consciousness sweeping its way across our world.

The following drawings by Al Margen offer an opportunity to reflect on what our society has become. What do we do with these feelings as they arise from looking at these images? Begin with yourself. How do you feel about the images you see? Are you contributing to what they are representing? What can you do to change yourself and your own behaviours when it comes to what you see below?

Through acting on this change yourself, from a peaceful non judgmental or damning way, you inspire others to do the same. It’s one thing to simply look at these images and be amused, it’s another to begin acting on what they represent.

We choose to act. Change Starts Within.