Headlines and Updates for June 25, 2019: Sabotage and Sedition from the Invisible Side of Government [videos] ~ June 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: Can you not see how the left in the US are trying so very hard to both overthrow President Trump, with his ideas of “rightness and wrongness” the left are trying so hard to overthrow? Please read this report from Starship Earth, know exactly who your enemy is, how they are being thwarted, and be…



Did you wonder why we learned that ICE was planning Sunday morning raids in multiple cities on illegal aliens?

You don’t telegraph your intentions to do raids—unless you want CNN there to document it as they did for the Roger Stone pre-dawn bust—or unless it’s sabotage. The Deep State has always been about sabotage since Trump was elected because he is undoing everything they have done and strive to do.

POTUS had to respond; what else could he do but rescind the order?

Much of what unfolds is clear as mud these days, but there isn’t much point in sending in the exterminator when someone went in, turned on the light, and the cockroaches scattered. Insubordination and sedition are rampant within the deep state swamp Trump is wading in. 

The left needs those bodies for their dastardly plans to destroy America from within, and they desperately need their bought-off votes in the 2020 election—not that it will make any difference. POTUS will be re-elected by a landslide bigger than the one in 2016. 

Americans are waking up and the process that will destroy any last shred of credibility the legacy media has remaining is in full swing as we allow them to eviscerate themselves.  ~ BP

Report: Acting DHS Sec. Accused of Leaking ICE Raid Plans, Issuing “Stand Down” Orders

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan has been accused of leaking details of planned ICE raids after expressing his “fierce opposition” to President Trump’s targeting of 2,000 families for defying orders to return to their home countries after illegally entering the U.S.

The DHS official is also being accused of issuing “stand down” orders to top officials.

Fox reports:

A source familiar with the matter told Fox News that when the operation was in its planning phase two weeks ago, McAleenan ordered ICE Acting Director Mark Morgan to call off the deportation operation that was expected to target 2,000 families in up to 10 cities across the country. President Trump, however, ordered that Morgan continue as planned — until he abruptly announced Saturday he was delaying the raids to see if Congress could work out a solution to the “Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border.”

Read the rest of the article…

Americans largely underestimate the intent and activities of the Deep State. They don’t believe their “government” would intentionally harm them, use them for experiments, or steal from them. They don’t believe they’ve been used as lab rats.

It’s wake-up time. The government of most countries was hijacked long ago and has been run by secret societies and their thugs; ruthless people of questionable bloodlines who only seek to empower and enrich themselves by controlling the population of our planet.

They experiment on us in countless inhumane, evil ways. How long can Humanity ignore it?  ~ BP

C.I.A. Sought to Spray Drug on Partygoers

September 21, 1977, New York Times

A former Central Intelligence Agency employee told a Senate subcommittee today that he and another C.I.A. employee were sent to San Francisco in 1959 to lure unsuspecting people to a party at which the two agents were to spray the air with LSD 25 as part of the agency’s secret drug testing program. The test [was] part of a much larger drug testing program known by the cryptonym MK ULTRA,” David Rhodes told the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research. Mr. Rhodes, two former C.I.A. employees, two former Bureau of Narcotics agents and Dr. Charles Geschickter, head of a foundation that channeled C.I.A. medical research funds to universities for nine or 10 years, were questioned this morning in the first of two days of hearings into C.I.A. testing of drugs on human beings. Today’s testimony by Mr. Rhodes provided the first look the public has had at an LSD test inside a C.I.A. safehouse. The agency carried out other drug tests in both California and New York City from 1953 to 1966 in such safehouses, mainly apartments and motel rooms. These were secretly rented for the agency by George H. White, an official of the old Federal Bureau of Narcotics, which has since been supplanted by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Mr. Rhodes, a psychologist employed by the C.I.A. from 1957 to 1961, said he went to California in 1959 with Walter P. Pasternak. Mr. Pasternak, a former employee of the agency, was also an official with the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

Note: Read more about the CIA’s MK ULTRA program. Shortly before his death, George White summed up his CIA career by saying, ‘It was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all highest,” as reported in this ABC documentary on MK ULTRA. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on mind control from reliable major media sources.


Natasha V brings us an update on the accident that killed 7 in a group of Marines and spouses in the motorcycle club. It seems like such a freak event. What are the chances? Marines answer directly to POTUS, do they not? And the driver was, “known to authorities”. A familiar phrase. Witnesses say he took a hard left into the group of motorcycles. Read more at the link. Cars and trucks can be remote controlled, and so can people.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, of West Springfield, Mass.

Driver with record charged with seven homicides in Marine motorcycle club crash

I don’t know how the incident in New Hampshire happened, but it brought to mind an old video we featured in 2013 after the suspicious death of journalist Michael Hastings whose car suddenly increased to a high rate of speed and veered into a palm tree on the boulevard causing a massive explosion and sending the engine flying yards from the car.

Check out how easy it is to hijack/remote control an electronic vehicle from a laptop.

We understand any relatively new electronic vehicle can be hacked and controlled remotely. It’s the new version of the “Boston brakes”.  Read that article from 2013 based on an article by Forbes Magazine.

That hidden camera video Project Veritas released about the Goog monster was too explicit to misunderstand, but Justus Knight explains it—just so we’re up to speed on the clear and present danger to America and the world under lawless, unethical corporations too big for their britches.

It’s a no brainer to re-elect President Trump in 2020. If America fails to do that, any shred of democracy will evaporate and the Republic will be in the toilet.

It has to be obvious even to the brain-dead that the propositions of the left are not beneficial to the People, or the nation. One would think the only voters who could support the lunatic left are the programmed ones incapable of thinking logically.

Why would you elect anyone who puts illegal migrants who are not citizens, ahead of American citizens? Why would anyone in their right mind vote for someone who was going to mandate that Americans support migrants like a family member?  It makes no sense. Can voters fail to see this? I guess we’ll find out.

Bernie’s Healthcare Plan Would Cover 11 Million Illegal Immigrants, And YOU Would Foot The Bill

Further to our report on Thursday about the unethical and dangerous offshoots of cryptocurrency, and in particular Facebook’s new “Libra”… more people are picking up the call issued by Thomas Williams to avoid this trap at all costs.

Libra isn’t really backed by anything, according to Thomas. They put the initial phase out there to hoodwink the public into funding it FOR them. The deep state globalists are flat broke and they have no shortage of ideas to steal money from gullible people. The privacy angle they will exploit is one more despicable warning to the public to steer clear of this ploy.

Macro view of Bitcoin reverse side.

They want to take the world cashless so they can control every aspect of our lives with the flick of a switch. We must not fall for their sell job about convenience, etc. “Cashless” is the death knell for Humanity.

Facebook Unveils Invasive & Dangerous Form Of Surveillance: Libra Cryptocurrency

It’s always good to know when major eclipses will take place. On July 2 a total solar eclipse will be visible from Central but mostly South America.

Best Places to See The Total Solar Eclipse On July 2, 2019


Shining a Spotlight on Our Current Fake Reality: The Critical Truth Revealed [videos] ~ October 12, 2018

Before I begin, don’t miss the last video below about the vindictive weather terrorism unleashed as Hurricane Michael in Florida. It is moving and profound.

There is a lot of “fake news” out there, folks. It seems to be all about views and clicks these days—except for the usual CYA lies. Let’s shine a spotlight on some of it.

There is a rumour circulating in the alternative media saying ICANN advised the Internet is going to go down this weekend—completely—for “maintenance”.

ICANN’s website makes no mention of this.  The website cited for this bit of “news” is questionable; has no contact information, and focuses on marketing technologies. Clickbait, anyone?

There is this, however, from the India Times—a respectable source.

No, The Internet Is Not Going To Be Offline For 48 Hours For Maintenance

I suspect few have the capability to simply take down the World Wide Web except in a couple of isolated, critical circumstances. I don’t think “maintenance” is a reason anyone but the Highest Powers can justify to bring all the commerce on the planet to a full stop. The criminals and crony corporations make millions via the Internet.

Everyone needs the Internet for their “comms”—the bad guys and the good guys. The chances they will take it down are slim. We have thousands of people displaced and missing as a result of the recent weaponized hurricanes and communications are critical.

As this war goes into high gear the fear porn is ramping up. Good grief—the Internet’s going down, the Presidential FEMA alert is going to steal our data and spy on us, the aliens are coming to get us, and the sky is falling.

What happened to the “logic and critical thinking” QAnon asked everyone to use? We need to stop the hysteria. We need to remain calm and foster equanimity.

If the WWW goes down, it goes down. I am without Internet often. We’ll survive, the same way we did before 1990 when more people started getting desktop PCs.

Some days I wish there were no Internet so I could have a rest. Bring it on.  ~ CB

Heads Up! Facebook Says Hackers Accessed Data of 29 Million Users

There are NO accidents and I don’t believe in “hacks”. It’s more likely purposeful data theft to manipulate the current situation and unsuspecting public. DAHBOO77 has the details, below. Yes, the control freaks want and need our data—or they think they do. The spying and data mining will end one of these days. Let’s not believe their lies about “hacks”. They are purposely stealing it.

Any time we hear of a massive “hack” or “breach”—whether it’s Equifax, a bank or Facebook– we can usually safely assume it’s not a hack. It’s outright theft.

Facebook has admitted that hackers accessed the data of 29 million users on the social network by using people’s friends lists to steal access tokens. The social network addressed the September attack on Friday, saying in a statement that it is cooperating with the FBI, which is “actively investigating.” Facebook added that the bureau has asked it not to discuss who may be behind the attack. It explained that 50 million people’s access tokens are believed to have been affected, and that 30 million of those actually had their tokens stolen. Learn More: https://www.rt.com/usa/441118-faceboo…

Let’s set the record straight, shall we?


Tom Fitton shares the reality of the Hillary Clinton emails and the lies and truths contained therein. Any testimony I have heard come out of the mouth of HRC was blatantly untruthful, so it will be interesting to hear the result of this latest court appearance with the “master” of untruth. Tom recaps the past lies to set the stage for today’s discovery.

Judicial Watch IN COURT THIS MORNING for Hillary Clinton’s Testimony on Email Scandal

Judicial Watch
Published on Oct 12, 2018
Judicial Watch announced that a federal court ordered a hearing for today regarding a request for testimony under oath from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills and several other State Department officials about Clinton email searches in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit about the Benghazi terrorist attack.

floating radar platforms SBX
floating radar platforms used to create superstorms

This is an interview with a guy in the know with regard to geoengineering and the creation of Hurricanes, specifically Michael, that just devastated Florida, and the truth about the damage. He is the editor of State of the Nation and lives in Tallahassee, Florida.

It is far worse than what we’ve been told and it was a massive weather weapon; an act of terrorism. I already shared the article at SOTN about this yesterday. It is a must read.

This discussion is a must listen. This fellow never goes public but felt he had to at this juncture.

Thank you Douglas (who is under the weather, so to speak) and Michael, who took this one personally. He came out to speak of it and say what needed to be said. Hear his emotional account and know that it is the truth.

I have shared before on Starship Earth the portable radar platforms mentioned in this video that the dark uses to either exacerbate existing low pressure systems or—as they proved they could in the past—create multiple eyes; a five-eyed monster, if you will. Michael explains.

It’s clear that the dark was sandbagging for their last desperate days and they’re pulling all the stops and showing us their hand. They’re taking it to the next level, but we’re still here, we are stronger and outnumber them, and we are taking them down by mirroring back to them their own devastation.

Our sincere condolences to the people of the Southeast affected by these desperate tactics of war. This IS war, my friends, and we were told there would be many casualties. It’s important to remain calm at all times.  ~ CB

Published on Oct 12, 2018

Douglas Gabriel introduces MICHAEL THOMAS, the founder and editor of two of the independent media’s most substantive news sites – State of the Nation and The Millennium Report. As a resident of Florida, a first-hand eye witness of the devastation of Hurricane Michael, and a citizen journalist who has followed the progress of weather being weaponized against citizens, Michael is outraged at what is happening in Florida’s panhandle just as the midterms are around the corner. After listening to the audio, see this link to continue your education: https://patriots4truth.org/2018/10/12…

Late Headlines for July 23, 2018: SGT Report Channel & Other Info Removed—It’s On [videos] ~ July 22, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yep…it’s all going to heat up on Planet Earth, starting…NOW! If you do not know why, please refer to my recent post made today by my friend, Sophia Love (https://roserambles.org/2018/07/23/important-message-from-sophia-love-july-23-2018/) Please stay heart-focused, rest a lot, and…enjoy the show!


After uploading the video from Sean and Robert David Steele at the SGT Report yesterday, his channel was shut down. I see others have been censored, too. This war is hotting up. Sean is unable to log into his backup channel SGT Report2 this afternoon but hopefully that will change.

The SGT Report / Robert David Steele video is now on PhiBetaIota via Bitchute. Watch it here.

There are all sorts of law suits ongoing in America, and this one is about pet food. You may have heard me mention that Royal Canin began putting “feather meal” in their food, which certainly ruffled MY feathers. The con artists.

Now Blue Buffalo is using feathers in their food and manufacturers claim it’s an additional source of protein!!!!!!  Lord love a duck. Do they think we’re idiots?

They made that up so they could use feathers as cheap filler knowing it would reduce the nutrition in the food and long term, would affect the health of our pets who need a substantial amount of protein in their diet. Reminds of of their little trick with fluoride.

Blue Buffalo tried to pass the buck and implicated their raw materials supplier. It’s ongoing. FEATHER MEAL!!!!!!

If you have a pet I hope you research the food you give them. These pet food manufacturers are unscrupulous and the animal feed chain is as tainted as the Human one.

Blue Buffalo Gets Its Day in Court — And Then This Happened

Natasha expresses her concern over the fate of Julian Assange. He has done nothing wrong and persecuted enough. Mr. President… your Divine intervention is required.

Critical Mass: 17 States Now Disobeying Feds – Will Grow Hemp Despite It Being Illegal

Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy” is his wife, SEC Director Melissa Hodgman, who has blocked the FBI’s probe of the Clinton Foundation for 21 months and counting

They continue to throw each other under the bus. Lisa Page did it, and now Clapper.

Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing

Did Trump shut down the chemtrail program?  Not in my neighbourhood, but it’s not been as bad as it was.

There might be a lot less of it overall in America.

The latest pedo news…

Thursday Headline Roundup for April 12, 2018 [videos] ~ April 12, 2018

Thanks again to Starship Earth for compiling some great (well, the work of pulling these stories of the NWO ploys together is great…not the content) stories showing us what is really going on.

So, please read, immerse yourself in the “untold” story behind NWO angst, and…



The winds of change are blustery indeed, today. The desert is a mass of sand on the ground and in the air and visibility is poor. The sky is white with chemtrails and rattling windows are distracting as I pull these threads together.

I wanted to start off with the following photo of President Trump. He is a most enigmatic man with a risque and flamboyant history, but in his new area of responsibility he exudes strength, confidence and is seemingly tireless—even superhuman. Donald Trump is the ideal leader, in my opinion, setting a good example, showing no fear and indicating he is in no rush and here for the long haul. He must also have tremendous confidence in those who have his back.

The photo was shared on Facebook and they called it, “We got this”.

You know, despite all appearances, I believe he does—as much as anyone could.


OH—and about those Tweets President Trump appears to have sent out… not so fast. Twitter is just another Facebook and a weapon. Those Tweets didn’t come from the President, we’re told.

Dr. Jerome Corsi reports that the positive US Military (not the cabal’s military) recruited Donald Trump a few years ago.

It takes so long to review the headlines and videos in my inboxes by the time I prepare them to share them, they’re old news. Fortunately, we have people like our nameless friend to summarize and share insights.

Unfortunately, the suspicious deaths continue—particularly in Florida.

This one with respect to the Parkland High School shooting…

Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Who Questioned Parkland School Shooting’s Gun Confiscation Agenda Found Dead

And this one involving a GMO activist…

Florida GMO activist found dead in DC rooftop hotel pool

If it were not bad enough that we had a famous CDC scientist found in a GA river in Atlanta just last week under very strange circumstances, now we have a world activist who was just found dead in Washington DC. She’d been featured all over national news for her activism; from ABC evening news to the front of Bloomberg.

Our fellow Floridian activist, Mila de Mier of Key West FL, was found dead yesterday in a hotel pool, while traveling to Washington DC to deliver signatures for her massive campaign against GMO mosquitos. This is a must read story as the details, like so many of the other deaths, are suspicious.

 The link to the campaign is in the story and we ask that you sign it , as we know we can reach 500,000 and stop this madness and carry on her great work.

 Mila de Mier was a famous activist known for relentless work and accomplishments, some of which we’ll be highlighting in future stories.

 We are told by close mutual friends she knew how to swim. We are also told she was healthy, 45, and leaves behind 3 children.

 I’m hoping a Go Fund Me will be set up for them, and as soon as I find the link I’ll share it in another email.

See our other stories below as well. Our hearts go out to all Mila’s family and friends (many of whom are mutual).

 Erin Elizabeth

Health Nut News

A subscriber sent this and we want to stop the torture and set free this whistleblower, Joe Gilberti.

Florida, again. Interesting there is so much corruption in Florida.

Timothy Holmseth
Published on Apr 9, 2018
The Florida whistleblower that discovered oceans of fresh water beneath the State has been arrested and TORTURED!

There are many discussions in the blogosphere about the Syrian situation. It’s clear the fake news and propaganda are thick as the NWO does everything in their power to foment WW3.

Those in the know can see it for what it is; a repeat of past performances.

We want to provide an inside view of what has been unfolding in Syria, and I thought to myself, “This sounds like a job for—Syrian Girl!”

The following is her account of the activities from within Syria as she has been reporting for a few years, even after her channel was shut down by YouTube.

This next bit is no surprise because we know the “White Helmets” have been only too happy to provide their sick form of creativity to current events for the treasonous mass media for some time. Don’t confuse “White Helmets” with “White Hats”. Think “opposite”. The NWO loves crisis actors and fake blood—chicken blood, from what I’ve gathered in this case.

The NWO also favours “using” children to further their agenda.


Recruiting family and children as a tactic is nothing new, however. Remember this performance? (2011)

Syrian Military Uncovers Terrorist “Chemical Weapons Workshop” In East Ghouta

“Ibrahim is echoing what many independent researchers have known for some time, i.e. that Western-backed terrorists have the ability and the desire to conduct false flag attacks to be blamed on the Syrian government for the purpose of justifying military action or airstrikes against the Syrian military by the United States and NATO.”

This regime change isn’t going as easily as many of the previous ones, as many Americans are now awake to the ploys to make them believe Assad uses chemical weapons on his own people. We don’t believe that for a second. It’s a page from the same old playbook.

Russia and Syria are having to play a superior game of chess to keep things under control in a potentially explosive situation. It’s really unfortunate we aren’t yet at the stage when we can pull all the stops and just eliminate the war criminals instantaneously.”

Russia’s ambassador to the EU tells EuroNews there was no chemical attack in Douma

And, reblogged from Wake Up To the Truth… I couldn’t agree more.  ~ BP

The Time for a Massive Anti-War Movement is Now | Liberty Blitzkrieg

If you like to tune in to the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show on Thursdays, with Thomas Williams, the link is here.