Late Headlines for July 23, 2018: SGT Report Channel & Other Info Removed—It’s On [videos] ~ July 22, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yep…it’s all going to heat up on Planet Earth, starting…NOW! If you do not know why, please refer to my recent post made today by my friend, Sophia Love ( Please stay heart-focused, rest a lot, and…enjoy the show!


After uploading the video from Sean and Robert David Steele at the SGT Report yesterday, his channel was shut down. I see others have been censored, too. This war is hotting up. Sean is unable to log into his backup channel SGT Report2 this afternoon but hopefully that will change.

The SGT Report / Robert David Steele video is now on PhiBetaIota via Bitchute. Watch it here.

There are all sorts of law suits ongoing in America, and this one is about pet food. You may have heard me mention that Royal Canin began putting “feather meal” in their food, which certainly ruffled MY feathers. The con artists.

Now Blue Buffalo is using feathers in their food and manufacturers claim it’s an additional source of protein!!!!!!  Lord love a duck. Do they think we’re idiots?

They made that up so they could use feathers as cheap filler knowing it would reduce the nutrition in the food and long term, would affect the health of our pets who need a substantial amount of protein in their diet. Reminds of of their little trick with fluoride.

Blue Buffalo tried to pass the buck and implicated their raw materials supplier. It’s ongoing. FEATHER MEAL!!!!!!

If you have a pet I hope you research the food you give them. These pet food manufacturers are unscrupulous and the animal feed chain is as tainted as the Human one.

Blue Buffalo Gets Its Day in Court — And Then This Happened

Natasha expresses her concern over the fate of Julian Assange. He has done nothing wrong and persecuted enough. Mr. President… your Divine intervention is required.

Critical Mass: 17 States Now Disobeying Feds – Will Grow Hemp Despite It Being Illegal

Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy” is his wife, SEC Director Melissa Hodgman, who has blocked the FBI’s probe of the Clinton Foundation for 21 months and counting

They continue to throw each other under the bus. Lisa Page did it, and now Clapper.

Clapper: Obama Was Behind The Whole Thing

Did Trump shut down the chemtrail program?  Not in my neighbourhood, but it’s not been as bad as it was.

There might be a lot less of it overall in America.

The latest pedo news…

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