Headlines and Updates for December 20, 2019: Fascinating Cloak and Dagger Tactics Behind the Scenes [videos] ~ December 20, 2019

There were some tense moments last night when the bridge was having comms issues. Weird code littered my screen—even as a reader, then I couldn’t log in at all. I received an alarming notification from my web host saying a change had been made to the primary email but when I checked, it appeared to be fine on the C-panel. I thought we’d been hacked and imagined all sorts of damage they could do to take us down.

Number One got my urgent call for Help! and had a look before he went to bed, contacted the host, and after a lengthy conversation with them he reported in the morning that comms were reestablished. We’re not sure we trust the information their tech support provided. If you visited in the past 12 hours and experienced anything unusual, hopefully it is now resolved.

If there are ongoing issues with the mothership I will work from our satellite ship, the Captain’s Blog, and I see a few people visited yesterday so they must have experienced some of that weird code. It’s strictly a WordPress blog so you can ‘follow’ if you like. It wasn’t necessary this time thanks to Number One jumping on it so quickly.

I am so thankful to Number One for his expert technical assistance. Without him, we probably wouldn’t be here. Truth be told, I think it was a welcome diversion from the Impeachment nonsense he had been watching and I was half expecting to be unable to work this morning so I’m pleasantly surprised.

It’s been a good week, beginning with the person in the vehicle ahead of me at Starbucks on Tuesday who bought my treat for me. That made my day, so whoever that lovely person in the SUV with license plate 2COASTS is, cheers! I paid it forward and gave my hair stylist a big Xmas tip. And I got a free new generation hair mister bottle and a whole whack of salon coupons for next year.

Number One sent me this meme. Another gift. I love memes.

Nutty Nancy’s off the rails…

Pelosi invites Trump to deliver State of the Union on Feb. 4

While rumours circulate about Crime Minister Justin Turdeau and his possible demise, still no confirmation that he was “McCained”. Number One is in Canada and tells me Trudy is reported to be in “semi-retirement”. WTH? He was just re-elected!!! He’ll be 48 on Christmas Day. It’s outrageous!

This may relate to an elimination and replacement situation. Oddly, I heard nothing about it, and there isn’t a lot of press on it at all. Even Christia Freeland is “perplexed” they report.

Actually, it changes everything. The Canadian Q Team has all the dirt on Turdeau and could have allowed the cabal to rig the election to put him in because they knew they were going to take him out—literally.

It is looking like the cabal operatives are being gradually phased out in Canada and the US, leaving only the good guys to eventually take control. Trump has no competition and Maxime Bernier may yet be PM.

If I wrote what I’m thinking, I’d write…

Ha! If I’d known this sooner, I would have connected the dots. Who retires at his age? They’re phasing him out! Yee-haw! Buh-bye, Trudy! Merry Christmas, patriots! He’s toast. I’m going to have another tea to celebrate.

Clearly, the cabal is not fully in control in Canada. And didn’t it look the opposite when those election results poured in? It was just too weird to explain. We were told not to even try to figure out the strategy the White Hats will be using to exterminate the cabal. Christia Freeland may or may not be who we think, so let’s wait and see. She could always flip.

FUREY: All the best to Justin Trudeau on his semi-retirement

‘PRIME MINISTER’ FREELAND? Trudeau’s semi-retirement from duties perplexing

Perhaps the Miracles Intel call will include the Trudeau topic on Sunday night. Unfortunately, a conference call at my dinner time makes it difficult to listen live, and then to have my phone tied up for 2.5 to 3 hours after the fact to listen to the archived call isn’t easy to work with, either, so I can’t always take advantage of Scott’s outstanding updates.

In the mean time, we have this interesting Tweet. Someone believes this plane might contain a high value target.


GTMO SITREP Are you paying attention? THIS has all the markings of an HVT. Popped into GTMO Monday around noon from ALBANY, NY. pic.twitter.com/4IswznRHSb


— MilSpecOpsMonkey (@mil_ops) December 19, 2019

Here’s what Agent Margaritaville has to say about Trudy. The gal’s a whack job.

I used to really like Loblaws. I heard it was owned by Bob Loblaw. Say it fast.

A manda .. B. – The #Prideophile Prime Minister


Agent Margaritaville
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This channel and every breath of my life is dedicated to being reunited with my child who was kidnapped and trafficked by conspirators of lawyer Mark Ellis, and various judges in the Superior Court of Justice.

These corrupt excises for humanity have caused myself and a legion of others to data one the entire Canadian justice system and we have over 200,000 files of bad hombres with which we back up every claim made on this channel.

If you wish to assist, please email lagenomai3@protonmail.com.

We could use people to post in paste bins, and also distribute this, and other content across as many YouTube and other social media channels as possible.

If you wish to assist financially or to offer equipment, donations can be sent to lagenomai4@protonmail.com.

All contributions will be covered by a full accounting of funds.

Much more it to come….


We have years of work behind us, but much more ahead…. and lots of people to expose.-


How many “Lobby’s” are out there promoting the #Prideophile agenda and trafficking children to and from #Prideophiles in Canada from “Canadian Catholic Archdiocese Baby Production Facilities” and foster homes used by CAS across Canada?

Q – Anon said “Symbolism will be their downfall”…. but what symbolism?


As Justin Trudeau himself proclaimed is all about Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation’s massive Child Trafficking Networks, which include CPS in the United States and the 40,000 CAS and Children’s Foundations which are currently run by #Prideophile judges and lawyers in Canada.


If the symbol has been on the Trudeau Foundation Annual Report for several years and nobody running against the Prime Minister ever raised the question….. they must all be #Prideophiles.

Thomas Williams reported on the Thursday Truth, Honor & Integrity Show around the 87 minute mark that the “impeachment” (read “coup”) delay will go on and on before moving to the Senate in an attempt to change/control what is ongoing behind the scenes. He said it won’t work, and in Q’s words, “These people are stupid.”

He said the delays involve bribes for the politicians… of up to $1.5 mill to $10 million per person! to vote against the President at the hearing to get him out of office. Thomas reported that it will be known who falls for that tactic and they will never get paid.

Is that news even more astonishing now that we know not one Republican voted to impeach? Unified, indeed. And those three Dems that also refused… no wonder the President was so impressed.

Thomas also reported that Mike Pence has been working with Pelosi, the Clintons, Cheney and others as well, for compensation. Due to the dirt they have on Pence, he won’t be a factor for long. The White Hats know in advance what will happen, remember, due to the Looking Glass tech. Pelosi and Pence both want control of America and her resources to sign them over to China; the original plan.

“Bribery, sedition, and treason, Mr. President,” he said, and there’s a “code” for that and suggested Trump use it. I think he means capital punishment.

The “old Vlad”; a much harder countenance than the current, more benevolent Putin

These are indeed interesting times, and CirstenW has warnings regarding assassination attempts on POTUS and Putin for the next few days. We understand Trump is completely protected and Putin is doubtless well insulated as well but it’s interesting.

Some of the comments beneath the video are interesting, too. Someone pointed out there that it’s not the real Putin we’re seeing, and that is in line with my belief as the current Vlad does not look the same as the KGB Putin at all. No idea where Cirsten gets her information, so… source unknown. White Hat insider Gene C? A psychic?

Attempts on POTUS Dec 21 and Putin Dec24

Here’s another Christmas gift—from Laura Walker and Phoenix. It’s the 2020 Energetic Forecast and that’s GOLD.

Laura says it’s important to keep a high frequency now because the Archons are going all out to influence us and bring us down and it will take effort on our part to resist their increasing vibrational interference in the coming months.

Phoenix and Laura say people are behaving a little weird. I have felt “off” lately for no apparent reason, and a cashier at the food store said the same. My mother suddenly decided she doesn’t want to email me any more because she “doesn’t feel like it”.

The two are advising we stay away from contentious issues and go with the flow. Go along to get along. It’s not our job to convince family members about the truth of what is unfolding.


The Federal Reserve is having “outages” so lots is going on. Here’s today’s update from Phoenix.

PIR 12 20 19

What’s coming? PAIN. Lots of it. Kip Simpson brings us yet another update on minions prosecuted for their crimes.

Top Democrat Donor Cries and Begs for Mercy as Judge Orders Prison Sentence for Bribery

See the list of REPUBLICANS at the link below who paid for that Times Square billboard suggesting Trump and his team are hiding secrets.

We Just Discovered Who Put Up Massive Anti Trump Ad In Times Square

See? PAIN.

DEMOCRATS PANIC Durham SEEKS Ex Obama CIA Director Brennan’s Emails in CRIMINAL Investigation

DAHB0077 tells us about a lot of “earthquakes” in the Pacific NW.

You may come to your own conclusions about these quakes, and whether they are naturally-occurring or a result of attacks in underground bases—or both.

Series of Earthquakes Hitting Near Seattle, California Swarming and Some Odd Quakes

Here’s LT’s news analysis from And We Know, freshly uploaded this morning.

AWK News Dec 20:


We heard on the television last night that some people took the Ring doorbell technology to task because a “hacker” interfered, and spoke to the babysitter and addressed their child, or something crazy like that. This tech isn’t a good idea, folks. It’s not secure, and do you really trust who’s on the other end? This may be that story.

Ring Security Cameras ‘Pose a Threat’ to Families and the Public, Privacy Campaigners Claim Amid Surge in Hack Attacks

But, take a look at this… and see the court document at the link. This isn’t small claims court.

Google, Facebook, Neuralink Sued for Weaponized AI Tech Transfer, Complicity to Genocide in China and Endangering Humanity with Misuse of AI

And also this morning I saw this headline. Eeeeew! Anything for a buck. It was a backhanded way to test a theory, but Amazon needs to be more discerning and have stricter guidelines for vendors. I see Amazon trucks out here where I am all the time. It’s like I live in Amazona.

Wall Street Journal investigation finds Amazon.com selling actual “dumpster trash” food and supplements as NEW

SpaceShot76 uploaded a new interview with Juan O’Savin from Dec. 17th but I have not yet had a chance to take it in. I’ve listened to Juan for many months and he always makes it worth my while.

Juan O Savin Interview 12/17/19

That’s all I got for now. We never know from one day to the next what we’ll see or hear so stay optimistic, my friends.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for June 10, 2019: Can’t Stuff Any More In a Day [videos] ~ June 10, 2019

Editor’s Note: I cannot get over the picture used by Starship earth on her latest message of hope. Well, yes…lot’s of bad news, but that’s really a very good thing because it shows all the varieties of darkness on our planet that re now being released..

Back to the picture above. Are we on a globe, or…a flat planet. This topic has been under discussion for quite a while. Cobra, once a leader in the spiritual segment, has declared the Earth to be a globe, but there is plenty of evidence to support “flat earthers”.

In the long run for me..it doesn’t really matter, as what I care about the most is promoting the involving love in all aspects of our lives! So…please read the excellent true news report below, know that darkness is being flushed out by the Light bonbarding Earth more than ever and be…



I wanted to title it “Things are getting really good now” but I’ve said that multiple times before. I’m running out of titles. It IS getting really good now—but it’s not all good. It is unavoidable.

The ‘big picture’ unfolding…

I just happened to see this, which happened at 1:43 pm EDT where a privately owned helicopter crashed into the roof of a high rise. One death is presumed to be the pilot at this time. No other casualties, not related to an act of terrorism. The weather is obviously very wet so perhaps that was a factor.

Live Coverage: Helicopter crashes on midtown Manhattan skyrise

Holy cow, all you have to do is take a quick boo at The Watchers home page to see the might of nature unleashed on Humanity globally. The full fury of the cabal is focused in specific areas like the US breadbasket where storms that defy the laws of physics, according to at least one expert, explode week after week and deaths have ensued.

The rain these mutant ninja storms can produce in 24 hours is equivalent to one month’s worth.

The LA Times reports mysterious swarms of small earthquakes in the Los Angeles area. Is that their prognostication for what is planned? More man-made earthquakes?  I’m thinking earthquakes near dams holding back 98 per cent capacity water could have disastrous results.

KTLA picks up the tune.

‘People Ought to Be Concerned’ Over Inland Empire Earthquake Swarm, Caltech Seismologist Says

Trump is calling out the press and with the number of potential witnesses said to have succumbed to Arkancide last week, we know the cabal is on the road to hell.

The New World Order has put the thumbscrews to the Alternative/Truth Media and daily we learn of ‘Tubers who began websites to avoid the censorship and still get their real news out. Kip Simpson is the latest I’ve heard who has seen his video views drop substantially and took that supplemental action. Even QAnon has backed off with another 2 week stint of silence. (at least on 8Chan)

Simpson provides a quick update below on the Canadian political scene which is revving up for the October 2019 election.

Globalist puppet-in-training Turdeau seems to be taking desperate actions to drum up support for himself, including “bribing” the media. The news coming from Simpson and Press for Truth is unreal.

And yes! IT IS ELECTION MEDDLING on behalf of the party in power.

Justin Trudeau & Macron Losing Badly in Polls, Desperately Silence Critics

Trudeau Liberals To Release “SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS” in Lead Up To Federal Election!

Perhaps the People won’t consider voting for one summoned to court for crimes against Humanity and genocide.

Top Government, Corporate and Church leaders in Canada are Indicted and issued Summons to Appear before Genocide Tribunal – Prime Minister Trudeau, Governor General, Papal Nuncio and CEO’s charged with Crimes against Humanity

Unspeakable things have happened all over the world, but how did America get into this mess? This old footage spells it out. The problems were evident, but not addressed so they ballooned into a monster no one could tackle—until Donald Trump, and his brave inner circle and team of Patriots stepped up to do the job.

Josh Bernstein featured that video warning which is very enlightening, to say the least.

How THIS VIDEO from 1958 ACCURATELY PREDICTED everything that is happening today

You no doubt heard the dimms got Watergate John Dean to testify regarding the Mueller Report. Dan Bongino puts the ploy into perspective in 4 minutes and makes it clear why it’s pure theatre. Funny, this video disappeared, too. WTH?

Bongino slams Democrats over planned John Dean hearing

About that “Google/YouTube” outage last week… We heard the White Hats had an op going on, but that’s unconfirmed. This is an update on that story. Take it for what you will.

Google Cloud Outage Knocked Huge Portions of the Internet Offline [VIDEO]

John McAfee has been outspoken for some time about the situation in America. I didn’t realize he spoke out on Twitter/Reddit until the last day or so. It sounds like he’s fed up with these turds.

John seems to have a dead man’s switch—and who could do it better than an IT security guy? See his thinly veiled promise here.

Check out the Tweets below, which I have added three times and they keep disappearing.

I am not implying that our entire Government is corrupt. I am saying that it is corrupt to the point that no-one is untouched by it. pic.twitter.com/q4IGdBKTGz

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) June 10, 2019

Can’t wait for this. What about Pence? Who gets to out him?

On Friday, I will release the names of 25 Congressmen and 5 Senators, from both Parties, who are coming up for re-election in 2020, and who MUST be recalled, and if that fails, booted out of office on election day. Power corrupts, and corruption is the enemy of Freedom.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) June 10, 2019

Kellyanne Conway brings us a real update and we learn that Mexican officials, true to their word, have stopped the Beast Train at their southern border with ca. 250 migrants on board. But Trump was just bluffing about those ol’ tariffs.

Kellyanne Conway says Pelosi has lost control of Democrats

We have an interesting blurb from Fulford/whoever is writing the updates…

Dutch whistleblowers, meanwhile, have been putting out damning information on the Bilderberg founding by the Nazi Dutch royal family and their connection to the fascist American Rockefeller (Clinton), Bush, etc. faction.  Among other things, they report that Boeing manufactured bombers and sent them to Germany to bomb Americans during World War II.

This is important, because we now have a 30-year Boeing veteran, Patrick Shanahan, as “Acting Defense Secretary” in the United States, even as all genuine military veterans left the Trump administration at the beginning of this year.

Pentagon sources are telling us “the domino-like, sudden collapse of 26 telephone poles right along the main thoroughfare servicing Boeing’s many Seattle facilities along East Marginal Way” last week was “no coincidence.”

“This was a white-hat message to Boeing to cease and desist from the use of remote control override technology in its planes used in its ‘airplane accidents,’ as well as its other warmongering/war crimes/war technologies (that may use 5G), both public and secret,” the sources say.

I’m a little skeptical about this claim that White Hats did it, as they usually will not do things that can harm civilians, and there were some very close calls there, sending a couple of people to hospital. I can buy the fire at Notre Dame because no one was inside and no one was hurt.

We haven’t had an update recently on the GTMO military tribunals. The news is colourful from there, as well. C-Vine has this peek behind the scenes for us from May 30. There are transcripts for the proceedings if you follow up on the info below the video. Suggest you read that outline first.

Unfortunately, and as I feared because they didn’t release details at the time, when the plane from GTMO skidded off the runway and landed in the river in Florida, (some) pets in the cargo area in the belly of the plane drowned.

Regardless, this is a fascinating update.

Military Tribunal Drama Behind the Scenes = Angry 9/11 Victims & Families

Published on May 30, 2019
Released on 6/1/2019


The timing and final results coming out, will help to weed through information overload.

Will you be able to discern what this picture is forming? You decide.

Links to Military Tribunal Transcripts, Fact Checking links, plus other important sources provided below “Discussion Points”.

Today’s Discussion Points….

*A certain Commander of GITMO was recently FIRED because of, “Lack of Confidence?” What was it for?

  • Is Judge Parrella going somewhere? (Judge from the KSM et al Tribunals). Could there now be a serious problem?

*Judge Parrella was airlifted Stateside in the middle of the KSM et al proceedings for emergency surgery. Was this convenient timing in January?

*Was there a plane crash flying from Guantanamo Bay right after the last KSM et al proceedings where Judge Parrella made his announcement about leaving? Who was on that plane?
*How many Military Tribunal Judges recently have retired in the middle of proceedings or have been reassigned in the last three months?
*I was invited to to the “Kahn” tribunal on June 5th by Ron Flesvig from the DoD because there was to be final sentencing. Has the Kahn sentencing been delayed until July or later? (U.S. vs. Majid Shoukat Kahn).

*Was there another delay with the al Baluchi proceedings release of taped calls by the FBI and CIA? What were these taped calls about and how many times has the release been postponed? Is the answer critical to the American People?
*Fox reported Breaking News on May 13th that victims and family members of 9/11 are seriously angry because the FBI refuses to release the names and Institution recorded by them (and identified) that was planning the orchestration. A federal judge in New York was MAKING A RULING that very day on the release of these names. What was that important ruling? Can anyone find the answer?

*Did POTUS say this was going to be the best July 4th ever? Did he just order a complete DECLAS? What are the chances the KSM et al tribunal in the end of June may be part of the whole about to be revealed?

Website: https://c-vine.com/

GITMO Military Tribunal Report from C-VINE News ~ February 11, 2019

Surprising information was revealed when Leonard Bacani and Linda Forsythe (who are both Citizen Journalists with the C-VINE International News Network) reported on the Military Tribunals Live Streamed CCTV out of GTMO to Ft. Meade In Maryland. This was Part 1 of 2 covering the first day on 1/28/2019.

Headlines and Updates for February 4, 2019: Year of the Pig & Big Intel Put Out [videos] ~ february 4, 2019

Year of the Pig… charming… but here’s the dirt on Chinese pig astrology.

Editor’s Note: Hang on, Hang on, Hang on my friends! Despite the extreme craziness we see all over our world (including some of our personal lives), the end is in sight! Please read this article below, know that love and truth ultimately win, and be…



There are many ways to put lipstick on a pig, and some pigs do fly so don’t give up hope, patriots.

There’s some interesting information below…

Benjamin Fulford’s Geopolitical Update: (full report to be published later this week, per Ben’s request)

Year Of The Pig to start with big bounty for people of the world

This BS is getting really old, but it’s not what it seems. Is anything?

Australia’s busiest airport shut down after bomb-threat by machete-wielding, “Middle-Eastern” “Arabic” man

If you have seen SerialBrain2’s decode below from And We Know, you may look at bizarre terrorist activity through a different lens. You may also better understand the need for delicacy in this cleanup effort on our planet.

This is one of those things he will illustrate was hinted at by QAnon, but many of us were already aware of these “Manchurian candidate” type soldiers of the dark. QAnon made it better known to many more people, and this video puts it in your face so you cannot miss it. Fiction isn’t fiction. Fiction is hints of reality.

Q said, “The choice to know will be yours.” Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to piece together your reality—and then face it.

Yes, there is a vast new Q Army, but the dark has their armies, too. Invisible armies just waiting to be activated. Triggered by a simple command. Maintain situational awareness, they said.

Perhaps after watching you will better understand why the dark continues to attack QAnon. They don’t want anyone waking up Humanity. They can more easily take over the planet if we believe all this crap “just happens”.

Knowledge is power. We need that wall.

Dr. Dave Janda on the politics around the recent government shutdown, the nonsense over the wall, obstructionism by the opposition, and the probable strategies. I think he provides a great deal of valuable insight into these key issues that may get lost in absurd political antics. Whether you believe the Patriots are in control or not, there is a reason for everything, and I think you’ll see value in that “trial” government shutdown.

President Trump Reopens The Government: Cave or Strategic Move

Australia is now in the crosshairs. You may recognize a similar pattern used in California; fires, wind, extreme heat, then torrential rainfall bringing mudslides and flooding. Time to evacuate. Image Source

Source: Twitter Feb. 4, 2019 – Extreme Rainfall in Australia Forces Evacuations, Could Flood 20,000 Homes http://dlvr.it/Qy8hkN

But you don’t have to believe in weather wars. It could all be Earth changes due to the ‘Grand Solar Minimum’. If it were weather wars, do you really think you’d hear it from an official source? Do they tell us anything? We have to inform ourselves and use critical thinking.

Did they tell us it was some kind of weapon that burned a path of wind through Florida, etc. and took out an air base when Hurricane Michael hit? Did they tell us it was directed energy weapons that destroyed Paradise, California including cars with people in them? No… they allowed the public to believe it was “wildfires”.

How’s your math? If we can put two and two together we can figure it out. General Flynn told us they have armed the “digital soldiers”. Q armed the digital soldiers with knowledge; an education like no other. We had homework in that school of dark reality.

They can’t tell the public the truth just now. What purpose would it serve other than create fear? There will be a time to inform the masses about what has transpired, but it will be past tense.

President Trump told everyone in America to prepare for anything. The world is watching what unfolds in America. For years I’ve said the Universe is watching what happens on Earth and Q says all eyes are on the States.

There have been tests in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and perhaps other countries of the Emergency Alert System for cell phones. President Trump is in the process of building that wall while he uses the drama to educate the masses. What else can they do?

Australia’s emergency services are grappling with a disastrous flood caused by torrential monsoon rain in Queensland; up to 500 homes in Townsville are now underwater after authorities decided to open the gates of the Ross River Dam, news.com.au reports.

Major flooding in Queensland: Townsville dam spillway gates fully open as extreme rainfall continues, Australia

Australians Evacuated as ‘Unprecedented’ Flood Hits Queensland (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Our friends in Oz live on an island, so it’s not as easy to evacuate or relocate, but it’s a vast country and they are resilient and will accommodate those displaced.

Some thoughts: Folks like to say, “Q is a psyop.” That’s true. President Trump is running a psyop, too. Everything is a “psyop”. Life is a psyop. Death is a psyop. Everything we experience is a psyop because our reality was created and is manipulated to the point it doesn’t resemble reality. We are told what to think and how to view our world.

The weather and climate are a psyop, because they’re manipulated. Religion is a psyop. Politics is a psyop. The medical system is a psyop. Science is a psyop.

Psychological operations are used to manipulate people. To deceive. The dark used them so they could control us, enslave us, steal our resources, and kill us.

The Alliance is using psyops to manipulate the dark and to keep us safe, and out of panic and fear. You can’t tell people the truth when they’re living a lie and have no context for the truth. You have to work with what you have.

The Great Awakening is Humanity seeing the grand psyop for what it is. Once you see it and know it exists, you can change it, but you have to know who the enemy is. The enemy has remained hidden until just recently, but folks are beginning to get it. They’re seeing that UFOs are not a psyop; that we are not alone.

They’re beginning to see that what the establishment tells us is the opposite of reality. They label everything they don’t want us to believe or investigate a “conspiracy theory” and ridicule it.

They don’t want the world to know that the “alien invasion” already took place. They want good little slaves enabling their despicable predatory lifestyle which is the opposite of what is natural and good and what the Creator intended.

The enemy are evil, illogical, and have been exposed and to some degree have been divested of technology—but not entirely—and they don’t hesitate to use it. They are cowards and bullies. The playing field may have been leveled to some degree but in limited ways they have an advantage.

QAnon has been leveling the playing field further with their own psyop—psychological operation—to educate in conjunction with President Trump. They were able to connect with those not fully in the trance state and shake them awake.

Just as with everything, the Alliance has used the dark’s tools against them. They’re running a positive psyop because they need the support of a lot of Humanity to pull this off. They knew Trump would be attacked and the deep state would try to remove him, but if enough Americans are behind him, it would be much more difficult to pull that off.

President Trump and QAnon showed us that there is a Plan, that there are those fighting for our freedom and our very survival, that we have been deceived beyond all imagination, and that the evil in this world was never intended; it came through infestation.

QAnon came to bring us courage and hope, and ask for faith; faith in the powers of goodness, and love, and faith in ourselves to weather this Storm. The fact they referred to it as a “storm” is a psyop, too. It’s a hell of a lot more than a “storm”, but they don’t want us in fear so they understated it.

They presented information in stages, to gradually acclimate us to the fact that dark forces are working to enslave us—and worse. They had to alert us to the fact that those we see as looking after our best interests are not only looking after their own interests, but attempting to eliminate us entirely.

They had to get us to realize that the media is our enemy and that we should pay close attention to what they are doing.

QAnon was a powerful catalyst, and the subsequent reactions are still firing as the movement took on a life of its own. Synergy is at work.

Something about the QAnon movement sparked something within Humanity and the hypnotic spell of the dark is wearing off. It’s fascinating to watch. There is a lot to see, but there’s even more unseen.

We need to release any preconceived ideas about dates, time frames, and how this revolution should look. This is one for the history books. There are powerful forces at work to free this planet from evil and it will go down the way it has to—including positive “psyops” such as the ones in play by QAnon and President Trump and the others involved, such as President Putin and other world leaders.

We need to support those who are in the trenches and remain calm and even-keeled. Yes, it’s frustrating that it’s taking so long but it would be far worse if nothing had been done at all. Humanity would then have existed only in the Akashic Records. We would have had no future. No Golden Age.No ascension to the higher realms where we really should be.

We also need to remember that many put their lives on the line every day to fight this war, and many have died in the line of duty. A lot of warriors don’t have much of a life at all. We’re all making sacrifices but it’s going to get better.

We’ll have to be satisfied with The Plan as formulated by those in the Alliance and with the information we get. We can focus on avoiding falling for any more evil psyops, do what we can to expose the dark plots, and remove the enemy from power. We can fight in the Information War and pull together to do what we can to relieve the misery inflicted. It’s the least we can do.

Sometimes it may seem like the Plan has stalled, but it hasn’t. The visible part is sometimes on the back burner, but in the oven, magic is happening.

We trusted the dark ones to run everything for hundreds of years and now we can’t allow a few years for the Light Forces to undo the damage? I’m very grateful for the intervention and sacrifices made, and the promise of an exciting, transformational future for our planet. We have to hang in there no matter what.

There is a message on the Q boards for those who speak and write Italian and English.

Seeking Italian anons to help translate drops. Contact here

We have some news of the military tribunals for your perusal. It’s interesting reading.

Always use discretion and discernment.

This came in just this moment as I was about to publish… you decide.

Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report — February 3, 2019

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Shadow Super Intel Report

February 3, 2019

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By ShadowSuper

News just received from an Earth Alliance sources.

BREAKING: George Soros has been arrested at 13:23 GMT on 03/02/2019 (in Switzerland).

Soros was arrested when Earth Alliance members stormed his retreat at Saint Margrethenberg, Switzerland, based on a tip off from local police.

The Earth Alliance had enough evidence supplied by Obama and other Cabal informants at GITMO to arrest Soros.

Soros is believed to be in poor health and was prevented from committing suicide with a cyanide pill prior to capture.

Documents found at the retreat revealed the locations of Cabal underground bases from Ireland to Croatia, as well as a new type of CERN quantum “China syndrome” teleporter machine which could use the Earth’s Van Halen belt to transport static objects from one side of the planet to the other in an instant. [I think they mean Van Allen Belt.  ~ BP]

Earth Alliance source(s) revealed this was their technology stolen by the Cabal back in 2007.

Soros is believed to be currently under interrogation at a bunker near Gasternal, Switzerland.

More info as it arrives…

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