Demonstration Updates: ‘The Storm’ In All Its Forms [videos] ~ December 16, 2018


Organized protests in France in November sparked by the Fuel Tax promised by the Macron government – Image source:

Weekends are about demonstrations and protests. That’s a fact of life at the moment, and if we’re “woke”, we are probably interested in the movement to take power away from the corrupt, tyrannical governments and return it to the People—where it belongs. It’s like a contagion now, spreading virally throughout the world; the voices of dissent too raucous to be ignored.

Love him or hate him, trust him or not, President Trump appears to have been a major catalyst in this surge to reverse something that is not in the best interests of Humanity and could well mean it’s utter destruction; the New World Order’s agenda.

The Yellow Vest Movement is a massive, multi-national one—organized but leaderless. It’s a matter of survival. People get that now. If they don’t halt the goosestepping of the New World Order in their streets and make the necessary changes now, the window of opportunity will close and the situation on our planet will progress to the point of no return. This is the end game, and Humanity must act and prove they are worth saving.

As you will see from the following video, it is not only about the fuel tax as the lamestream media would have us believe. The globalists have destroyed all things sacred and the surreptitious creep of their insidous plan to subjugate and destroy us affects every aspect of our lives.

If it sounds overly dramatic, perhaps that is what is needed for the unwitting to grasp the gravity of the situation. It IS a matter of life and death at this point, as anyone familiar with the grand plan can attest.

Offical Charter – 25 Demands of Yellow Vest Movement (English)

The Britons are not standing down and promise more widespread protests and a massive revolution if the government continues to ram the EU down their throats. They want none of it, and are determined to take back control of the government and their country. They know they deserve better than what’s been dished out—as do we all.

‘We are NOT Europeans!’ Furious Brexiteer warns of ‘REVOLUTION’ if May fails to deliver

None of this is a surprise to many of us. The writing was on the wall and the New World Order’s agenda was known to us. It seems it had to come to a head before the People en masse could feel the pain enough to react strongly; to know that they had to DO something about it.

Like an alcoholic who has to hit rock bottom before they can seize the reins and realize they are not worthless and find the strength to take control again, The People of Earth are seeing with new eyes amidst the tears of their pain and finding the strength to attack the root of the problem to take down the Beast.

The Brexit Mess Planned All Along To Thwart The Will Of The People – David Icke

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change and his source in Paris tell us the true situation in France and Paris with respect to the ongoing revolt since the MSM does not represent it accurately or without spin and filters.

Billy Joyce tells us more about the Nova Scotia rally about the Compact for Global Migration just signed this week by the Canadian government and provides footage of a few people who showed up and held conversations about their grievances. It started small, but like the Christmas morning celebration in Whoville, it will probably swell and grow into quite a din and take on a life of its own. Keep going, Canada.

Billy tells us even a local news crew member knew nothing about the Compact for Global Migration.

The governments of the world want us to believe they’re Santa when they’re really a demonic Grinch, stealing our rights, our choice, our abundance and resources, and even our voices—and until just recently—in full stealth mode. They will do anything to silence us, because they cannot afford for the entire world to wake up to the reality.

#YellowVest Rally Report – Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada ! #WWG1WGA

Only a handful of yellow vests here, but there was also a demonstration at the US/Mexico border to demand the funding of the wall President Trump promised and featured in his campaign platform to protect the nation and the American people.

Trump’s 5D Chess Game with the NWO: An Intriguing Canadian Perspective [audio] ~ December 7, 2018

Editor’s Note: We are in a war right now, just not a war as we have ever imagined. The weapons used in this war are DEW weapons, weather modification, and disinfo…all designed to instill FEAR into our hearts and minds making us utterly pliable like thoughtless sheep.

Please listen to the audio below and decide what is “real”and what is “false”. Kind of like that 5D chess game, don’t you think? and…


________________________________________________________________________________An awakened Canadian from Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) by the name of “Charles” called an American radio show host and dumped what might be considered “intel” about a number of topics.

For example, he said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked to take the Canadian military, backed by multiple other major military forces, to Washington to make mass arrests in the swamp and he refused. I recall talk of Canada helping out… once upon a time… but the “Great Northern Alliance” idea fizzled, apparently.

Enter Trump, stage left. He stepped up to do what must be done or the world as we know it would end. This caller feels Trump is the “trump card” of the patriots worldwide to GET THIS DONE.

He also confirmed not only that Julian Assange is safe in America, but that he is ensconced at Guantanamo Bay with a lot of other high-value whistleblowers—enjoying the lovely renovations President Trump provided—for their safety. He said there’s no more secure place, and they can live in comfort until it is safe for them to go back to a normal life.

He had plenty of interesting takes on many things that I hadn’t heard before, including Neil Keenan. If you like wading through the alligator-infested waters of information and disinformation for the Truth, you might enjoy this conversation. Most of it sounded right to me.

The aspect of the plan to open Canada’s borders to allow unsavoury migrants to then invade America from the North as well as South sounded spot on; hence the “look down here at Mexico” theatrics while thugs pour in unchecked and unnoticed from north of the 49th.

Charles had a wee tale about an old T-shirt some listeners will particularly enjoy.

Dave at Net4Truth shared his audio and Stoney Stone published it. It’s just two guys talking, and lots of F-bombs.   ~ BP

Deep State Scrambling to Keep it Together [videos] ~ June 11, 2018

The Deep State has their back against a wall. They can be reckless now because if they don’t pull a rabbit out of a hat and stop the bleeding, they will never recover.

What’s really dangerous is the potential for their online shills to be found out. It they come out with blatant smear campaigns against patriots and the public doesn’t fall for it—the shills are left hanging out to dry—exposed for all to see. Their safety might even be at risk. So far they haven’t worried because they haven’t been targets.

The New World Order parties no longer control the actual financial system or all the big banks, the UN, the military, the White House, Congress, the Senate, and a growing number of countries are standing up to them and refusing to kow-tow.

Watching them “suicide” their own is still over the heads of the sleepwalking masses but it’s evident they are desperate to keep up appearances of power they just don’t have.

They will pay anyone any amount of money if they think they can help them out of a jam—and they are jammed up now.

If you haven’t seen this great video from Truthstream Media about the Bilderberg meeting and the unprecedented attempt to have a global pow-wow with other simultaneous meetings, do take it in. They have never done this before, at least in the last 20 years, Melissa and Aaron Dykes tell us. Wouldn’t that be a slick way to have all their upper echelon people talking at once, and the patriots only focusing on the Bilderberger meeting? Like they say in the video… teleconference; like being in the room holding hands.

Add to that the completely bizarre secret train ride in Nova Scotia on the “American Spirit” for undisclosed attendees, nearly all men, and one little girl 10-12 yrs. of age, and you have a totally freaked out cabal that sees their demise rapidly approaching.

Their train is on a suicide mission, hurtling at top speed into dead man’s curve. They are blind with fear and can’t deal with the fact that nearly everyone is planning THEIR demise for them. Their lies don’t work like they used to, their bribes, their little schemes… they’ve lost their mojo.

People are waking up and are now willing to speak out and stand up for their rights—and other people. It’s been a long time coming but the natives are restless and pushed to the brink of tolerance. It seems immaterial at the moment what the intent of the Tommy Robinson event was; it’s taken on a life of its own. The old mirror effect.

There is a huge Free Tommy Robinson rally in the UK now I’d like to take a peek at.

Google has abandoned Project Maven because a significant number of their employees spoke out against it, saying the company should not be in the defense business.

We, the People, are forcing the cabal to act differently. We are now on the offense and they are in defense mode. There are billions of us, and only 8500 of them—and dropping.

As they writhe in terror, they will lash out in any way they can. Watch for continued, vicious Trump attacks.

Judicial Watch is suing the deep state for documents we have a right to see, congress members are questioning, and the stalling on the release of many documents has put many patriots at the end of their collective rope. They are not going to let the Department of Justice/Mueller stall any longer.

Pedophiles/pedovores are being arrested and prosecuted, and the canaries are singing merrily.

About all the globalists have left now is weather wars—and they’re using them—but even those are not amounting to what they have in the past.

We’ve heard of a few specific targets attacked by sonic weapons. Hopefully those able to can put a stop to those.

Remember that if power goes out, it may be difficult to buy food, supplies, meds, water, and  gas pumps won’t work so just take precautions so you aren’t caught in a pinch and can perhaps help others who don’t have a clue what’s going on.

I haven’t been following QAnon but happened to see this update from James Munder related to a current Q post warning of “a false flag weather alert, worldwide”. It appears we have a big potential storm alert for Texas—AGAIN, but these storms haven’t been working out so well for the dark ones so stay positive, and if you do meditation or work with energy, you may be able to help dissolve it.

To finish off this update, this article springs from the intel shared by Thomas Williams last Thursday so those who are unable to listen to the official updates on “ThemTube” or Spreaker will appreciate this one from Tank. Tank U Tank, and tanks for the heads up, R.   ~ BP