We Are Ready, Countdown Ended, Indictments Coming – Episode 2152b/Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised/ Total Eclipse of the Heart (full version) – LYRICS ~ April 19, 2020

Editor’s Note: Now why in the world would I post these three videos together? For me, these three videos offer the same statement portrayed in three very different formats…the revolution of the heart!

X22 gives us detailed information about the geo-political circumstances playing out as the game of revolution in the American gov’t. Gil Scott Heron sets the musical theme of this revolution of the heart which will NOT be televised, but rather LIVED “live, in person”. He portrays a different time period, yet the same factors are at play with the same revolutionary result we see lived today.

And then, Bonnie Tyler introduces us to the total eclipse of the heart, that action taken where love (from the heart) eclipses everything driving change from the known into the temporary angst (pain) of the unknown. A love song about when everything changes and pain of the heart is eclipsed, leading…from the dark to Light.

Please listen to these posts from different eras, watch as the world changes in positive ways, find the message of Love your heart is learning, and then hold and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


These Are the Times of Revolution to Bring About Evolution ~ February 25, 2020

By Pars Kutay

These are the Times of Change. . . these are the Times of Revolution to bring about Evolution. . .

Evolution that is taking us into a NEW Realm, a NEW Realm of CONSCIOUSness. New for you at this Time, but NOT New to all of you from long ago. . .

For many of us, MOST of us, have been in the Higher Dimensions previously. WE allowed ourSELVES to lower down to the lower vibrations in order to complete this experiment. . .

But the experiment is OVER. It is NO longer needed. . .

The experiment of duality here on the Earth is NO longer needed Here, and it is Time to move on from it. . .

So, when you have heard many times now: forget the past, forget the past of the old programming, don’t let it hold you down any longer, don’t let it mire you in the muck of the illusion of separation, here. . .

Realize that we are NOT separated. Realize that WE are ONE.

And when we realize fully that we are ONE, WE are in a neutral state of CONSCIOUSness, and nothing from the past can affect us. . .

And the future, which has not happened yet, does NOT BEcome anything that we have to be concerned about anymore. . .

And when we realize that, our future Becomes a mirror image of exactly who we are in the exact moment we are in it. . .

Simply allow your vibrations to increase, and feel the connection, the ONEness, the BLISS that comes over you in those moments when you find yourSELVES in that Fifth-Dimensional experience, even if it is only brief at this time. . .

But it is what We are moving to. Or should we say. . . what WE are Moving Back To. . .

Everything is exactly as it needs to BE in this Moment right NOW. . .

So, KNOW that everything is BEing taken Care of.

With Sacred LOVE of ONEness,

~ 💜🙏💜 ~


Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ~ January 20, 2020

Editor’s Note: (Thanks E!) This is a blast from the past, yet is so very worthy of putting it out there today. Yes…we may see news portrayed by MSM from the VA gun rights rally at 6PM today in America (replayed across the globe?), but will we see the truth of the matter? I think not…

Let’s move onto other aspects of our current global revolution aside from the geo-political scene…what about the “quiet” revolution now occurring in your heart? This is the scene for the largest, biggest, and baddest revolution affecting our planet as the ordinary man is now being forced to come face to face with…himself/herself.

All will come to the realization of Love and how this force IS the only way, as those who are not of Love succumb to fated moments which drive them from Earth…in one way or anther!

Please listen to the lyrics above, realize the truth of Earth’s revolution NOW, rest in the peace of Love wining this time around, and BE…



Headlines and Updates for January 2, 2020: The Truth is Like a Cotton Ball [videos] ~ January 2, 2020

Editor’s Note: I agree with Starship Earth, those of humanity who are awake are glowing like “crazy diamonds” at the moment with a “crazy kind of Love” for Life on Planet Earth. This “crazy Love” will go a looong way to resolving the current mess our world finds itself in, no?

So…find that inner peace and happiness, watch as truth is unveiled in so many corners of our lives, stay aware of your world changes, know the escapades of the Dark provoke no fear in you, and BE…



I was looking for the analogy that could come close to the imposing tangle of information we continue to unravel, mostly as a result of the ongoing Q research, and I see a cotton ball.

Most of us have only pulled on a few strands and are either still following those same ones more deeply into the ball, or were distracted by the other myriad strands and are exploring those until the next distraction when we hop over to another strand. Most of it we can’t even see for the sheer number of them.

It’s sweet torture to see the potential of knowledge to be gleaned from those forays into the occult world of the globalists who have been running the world and how they deceived and manipulated us into willingly being their slaves.

Many of the lies are to protect the monetary interests of the El-ites. They have created a planet of consumers; not only of food, but energy. There’s no need for oil and gas but they suppress better energies to fill their coffers.

We need to be aware of the superior alternatives. There is no need for anyone to be without electricity, heat, light, life-saving devices, or communications. There is ample food, water, everything we need if we are only given access to it. Ending the evil regime on our planet will transform life for Humanity.

Abundant Energy for Everyone on Earth

The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun

Scott Mowry‘s guests on Sunday on the Miracles Intel Call were In the Matrixxx and Shady, a couple of superlative Q researchers and the insights they unloaded along with Scott were an indication of how much we don’t know. Many of us have been “awake” for many years and unearthing the staggering degree of manipulation and coverups but we know that there is still far more that we don’t know.

New information surfaces every day from many sources, and when you dig into the Q drops and the complex directions they can take you, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many interpretations to be derived from just a word or two and the history goes deeper than deep.

SerialBrain2 has unravelled the big picture a lot for us, and the other analogy coming to mind is apropos for this website; a big picture. In the late 1880’s the French Impressionists developed a style called “pointillism” in which individual dots of colour were applied to a canvas to create an overall full-size image.

I liken facts to the dots, and having many facts can create large swaths of colour, but when we stand back to view the bigger picture, we can’t see it because we are still missing too many dots. We may pick out an eye, or a shoe, or a window, but we don’t see the whole story the artist is telling.

The truth about what has unfolded on this planet will take years to reveal itself in totality. Q has suggested the Great Awakening will be “Biblical”.

I’m behind on the latest SB2 decodes, but you can read them here. LK at the Dark to Light channel has done excellent videos using the SerialBrain2 decodes of some of the QAnon drops. This is just one video in a series you may want to explore to add some new dots to your big picture.

An update on the impeachment hoax…

Dems said impeachment was URGENT. Now they don’t want to have a trial, because they have no evidence. In real world, if prosecution doesn’t proceed with case, it gets dismissed. So on Monday, I will introduce measure to dismiss this bogus impeachment for lack of prosecution

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) January 2, 2020

When analyzing the current moves of the dark cabal, it helps to know their playbook. They never do anything new; it’s just new circumstances.

Karl Marx: “Accuse Your Enemy of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing it to Create Confusion” Part Two

This update from Dave is terrific. Kudos for even attempting to say all those Iranian/Iraqi names.

[DS] Just Made Their Move, Patriots Knew The Plan, Watch Happens Next – Episode 2059b

Washington and the People’s Government are evolving rapidly. The purge of the entire SES is mandatory, too. This is a good update from Kip Simpson.

Deep State PANICS as Trump BOOTS OVER 40 OBAMA NSC Holdovers After Non stop Leaks

The awakened ones are becoming increasingly vocal in calling out their politicians. You’ve probably heard about the suspected “hidden hand” role in the Australian bush fires raging across the island; just as they did in California.

Australia fires: Angry residents berate PM Morrison in blaze-ravaged town

Hear it for yourself. These people pissed. The PM says he doesn’t blame the victims for feeling “a bit raw at the moment”. They told him he wasn’t getting any votes there, and “You’re out, mate.”

Another one bites the dust… and that’s okay. And expected.

Castro ends presidential campaign

How many ways are there to fraudulently access funds through government institutions and their cronies?

They say there are far more good people than bad but when we continually hear about these crimes from the city level on up, it seems like the majority are corrupt and stealing from the People.

Fraud Case Involves Employees at Miami & West Palm Beach VA Medical Centers

The atrocities on this planet have to stop. China is a hell-hole of Human rights abuse, torture, and death.

This is what they had planned for Americans, too. They were going to disarm you. The FEMA camps with guillotines and fields of thousands of grave liners—some buried—were all lined up and ready to go. You can thank the US Military and Donald Trump for stopping it.

Female Detainees at Xinjiang Internment Camps Face Sterilization, Sexual Abuse: Camp Survivor

Canada, you’re not off the hook, either. I can’t believe my eyes. This is the Toronto metroplex where some believe their Allah-given mission is to eliminate Christians and white people.

Cultural enrichment in Trudeau’s Canada.

Amarjit Lamba, 53, from Brampton, Ontario, charged with second-degree murder.

— Marie-France Delacroix (@ForteLibre) January 2, 2020

They’re everywhere.

Perverts, that is.

UK politician who lobbied for gender-neutral toilets charged with 9 counts of child sex abuse | News | LifeSite https://t.co/3V5KCTK2pR

— Girl♥️Bot (@AMErikaNGIRLLL) December 29, 2019

Those we least expect are the ones to watch. The cabal looks after their own. People and companies pushed to the forefront of the news, Hollywood, television, politics, banking, society, etc. are there because they went along with the corruption and/or perversion. They didn’t work harder than the rest of us; they’re not smarter or more talented than the rest of us; they played the game, at our expense. They betrayed us.

Always seemed like something was a little off with this guy

And now we know

World Famous Author John Grisham Says Not All Men Who Watch Child Porn Are Pedophiles https://t.co/RsQtEZonYq

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) January 2, 2020

Space may be the final frontier and Gina Hill is another researcher who examined a “star” with a telescope. She claims they’re “living beings” and they certainly are active. Around the 11 minute mark this one even displays rainbow colours, and other times a black fog moves over the image. It’s fascinating, and we can see that we are nowhere near to understanding our true reality.

Is this really a star?

We’re all stars, folks. Brilliant, scintillating, living stars. We’re the “crazy diamonds” and we’re rocking this planet.  ~ BP

Ashtar ~ Evolution Through Revolution ~ November 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: Do you feel something different in the air? It seems I have been feeling this way forever, yet this sense reappears strongly as I read this channeling of Ashtar by James McConnell. Please read this article, determine how you feel, and BE…



Channeled By: James McConnell


I am Ashtar. I have given you a small sample of what you can expect (Note: this message followed a guided meditation led by Ashtar), first within your next Advance, but then beyond this. And when that Solar Flash, the Event, the Changeover occurs, what you can expect as an expansion of consciousness in those moments and well beyond what your expectations are at this point. 

Take what you may have experienced here in this session, this meditation, and multiply it a thousand times. You will not even then begin to understand, or have a glimpse, of what it will actually be like. 

But also know that even though you do these experiences, these meditations, they are focused somewhat on a future event happening. That future event is also in the present event. Even though your three-dimensional physical body and mind are focused on what is coming, know that it is already here. 

Your expanded consciousness will allow you to understand this concept, how all is ONE within the NOW moment. When you understand that, when you feel that, when you experience that,, then you will not wonder any longer when is it going to happen, because you will already know that it is already happening. 

There are many projects at work within the galactic councils at this time. Many that are being operated by the Pleiadians, many by the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Antarians, all the galactic councils working together to bring about this ascension process. 

Not only here on the earth, not only here with mankind, but out in the solar system, and even in the galaxy, ascension is happening across the entire galaxy. 

You, those of you, are in the forefront. You are the Way-showers to bring this event about. Without you, you the Lightworking Community, without you it would take much, much longer for this process to occur But because you have come here to bring this into being, to be the catalysts for this grand event, and I use purposefully that term ‘catalyst,’ because you are the spark that flames the ember, that flames the fire. You are that spark. Without the spark, there would be no fire. Think on that. 

Know of your importance. Yes, it is said that one individual, one higher consciousness individual in any given moment can make miraculous change across the entire planet to all of the collective consciousness of man. 

Just as the one, Yeshua, as the Christ, was able to do. Or the Buddha. Or the many that have come to bring about the various changeovers to the evolution of man. You, those of you, are now here to be that catalyst to bring the Changeover to the collective consciousness of man at this time. 

You spoke earlier in your discussion of a discovery that has been made of an A.I. influence. That is correct. There are many facets of this program. Many that you could not even begin to imagine if you are considering it from a three-dimensional standpoint of your computer systems. You cannot begin to fathom the depth of this artificial program that has been slated for a long time to continue to operate here on this planet, to continue to hold the programming here, to hold you within the programming here. 

Know that this artificial system was not always utilized by the dark forces. It was not intended to be so. But it was co-opted by those same forces to be able to hold you within the programming of fear, within the programming of despair, to keep you ensconced within the third dimensional matrix. But now that that has been discovered by those of the Andromedan forces, they are operating swiftly to dismantle this program. 

What this means to you, to the collective you here on the planet, means a release of all of that program- ming. Imagine for a moment, if you awoke from your sleep one day and there was no sense of duality within you, no sense of anything of a dark nature within you: no despair, no fear, no sadness. That is what awaits you, my friends. 

That is what this is all about: what you came here for, what we came here for, to bring you to that next stage of evolution. But in order to reach that next stage of evolution, you need to go through a sense of revolution, which is what you are moving through right now. 

Revolution within your planet. Not in a sense of fear or in a sense of hurting one another—those times are nearly passed. But it is in a sense of revolutionizing the system that has been here for a long time, many thousands of years. Because of this revolution, and this evolutionary process, you are now moving closer and closer to that Changeover, to that stage that will take you through this evolution of man to the next glorious Golden Age of Man. And I say purposefully ‘the next,’ because you have been within golden ages previously. This one is about to overtake you. 

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness, and sharing with each other, sharing the Light with each other whenever and wherever possible. 

I will be with you at your next Advance with an important message, as well as a dramatic experience for all of you.

Peace and love be with all of you.