Headlines and Updates for September 19, 2019: Floods Decending Upon Us [videos] ~ September 19, 2019

Wow… big news day with great audios. I’m behind already.

Houston is flooding again. Déja vu. Coincidence?

Catastrophic Flooding Hits Southeast Texas, State of Emergency Declared in 13 Counties

Since I am on the Abel Danger livestream I haven’t yet listened to this. We all wait with bated breath for the moment QAnon returns.

8Chan Board Owner On Qanon/Mail Call

Here’s what to brace for next, folks. Brought to you by NBC, of course.

GOP Group Targets Vice President Pence With New Ad

You may have heard about this. It’s almost every day now, isn’t it?

Pennsylvania state Sen. Mike Folmer arrested on child porn charges

And also this video about Dallas corruption and Rick Sorrells.

CRYING Democrat Superintendent SENT TO PRISON Over Scheme that Cost Taxpayers $125 Million

The Abel Danger show has had me chuckling away and at the same time mesmerized. Agent Margaritaville is back, and Juan O Savin is supposed to call in very briefly so it sounds like he may be passing on some timely information.

Field still maintains Crime Minister Trudeau should be dealt with by October 2nd. Agent Margaritaville is in Canada, and he adds an interesting perspective, as always on many topics… child trafficking, adrenochrome, money laundering re: TD Bank and CIBC… lots of good stuff.

And then cannibal restaurants across Canada came up, and Anthony Bourdain, and the topic of consuming children. Agent Elvis has been researching the restaurants and working on determining the source of the Human meat served. Agent Margaritaville is suggesting that when all is said and done, the lovely, sweet, polite, safe country of Canada will be revealed as one of the nastiest places of all.

Later on Margaritaville mentions the tunnel system under Vancouver with an entrance not far from the infamous Pickton Pig Farm near “POCO” as we call it.

Just before I published this post Margaritaville mentioned evidence of a judiciary member caught in unspeakable acts with a child beneath the public structures in Disneyland. He confirms that people who work with him cannot sleep and their work is so disturbing they remind us that Q has told us “those who know don’t sleep”.

So many people are working on dismantling the system and it’s encouraging to hear from Agent Margaritaville who says Canada is worse than the US when it comes to the “medical abductions” and the Child Protective Services/Children’s Aid agencies.

This is a must-listen for Canadians, IMO, and excellent for our friends south of the 49th, as well. We hear General Michael Flynn listens to this show.

UK-Canada Pedophilia Network Crushed By TUMBLING TIDE

Has this new information about Edward Snowden caused you to revise your opinion of him? When the Snowden statues began going up I was wondering if those who called him a traitor might be correct because the deep state always honour their own when they should probably be arrested, and then they write books!

Same old, same old.

Remembering how the #FakeNews celebrated Snowden’s treachery when he infiltrated and undermined our defensive military programs in an attempt to eliminate competition to the rogue Deep State intelligence apparatus behind JFK’s killing, 9/11 and ISIS. https://t.co/ZmEMPxIUgu

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) September 19, 2019

What does one even say about this news?

Smart Faucets And Toilets Use Alexa To Listen To Your Conversations

Here is the latest video from And We Know covering a SerialBrain2 decode.

SerialBrain2: Trump’s Big Victories at the G7 – Part 3: The Power of Melania’s Wardrobe

This just in…

House votes to avert shutdown, fund government through November

I could add all day but I want to get this out so I’m signing off now.  ~ BP

The Revolution Continues ~ July 3, 2018

The Revolution Continues. By Ben Fulford.

The Revolution Continues as Old Regimes Collapse in Mexico and the EU, plus Secret Space Program Disclosure

The criminal cabal that has been ruling the planet Earth is being systematically removed from power, with the latest being regime change in Mexico and soon the EU.

Furthermore, the power struggle in Washington D.C. is definitely being won by the good guys.

Also, apparently some real disclosure is occurring about both the Roswell “UFO” incident and anti-gravity technology.

The two links below were sent to us by Japanese military intelligence and they say they are genuine (although this is not an area in which this writer has much expertise).

One appears to be a patent application for an anti-gravity craft, while the other claims to be a top-secret document stating that alien bodies and alien spacecraft really were recovered by the U.S. government.

We leave it to experts to determine if they are real. If they are, though, it won’t be long before flying saucers appear in the showrooms.


What is definitely real, though, is the ongoing revolution in the West. Pentagon sources are now saying the number of sealed indictments in the U.S. is now up to 40,000 and that mass arrests are likely to start in the autumn.

For those who say the arrests will never happen, we can answer that many thousands have already been arrested or removed from power.

Over 50 congressmen and senators have resigned, and the top ranks of the Justice Department, State Department, FBI, and CIA have been thoroughly cleansed of Khazarian mob servants.

We have also seen the deaths of many of the top Khazarian mobsters, including David Rockefeller, Jacob de Rothschild, George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill Gates, etc.

What we are all waiting for now is to see some of the remaining top Khazarian mobsters like the Bushes, the Clintons, Barack Obama, and Benjamin Netanyahu (Mileikowsky) perp-walked in handcuffs in front of the world media. That day is coming soon.

The Vatican is also continuing to clean up its act. On that front, our Pentagon sources note that “While Aussie Cardinal George Pell is on trial for pedophilia, Bill Clinton’s Cardinal Ted McCarrick in D.C. is charged with rape of a minor.

Details of the homosexual molestation charges against Cardinal McCarrick

Cardinal Pell’s case is important because he was Vatican minister of the economy, and as such, was in charge of the Vatican Bank and its secret bribe accounts held in the name of most so-called world “leaders.”

His removal is opening the way for a massive Vatican campaign in African and Latin America to fight poverty and environmental destruction.

Also, since Pell is from Australia, his removal means that vast stores of gold on the Island of Bougainville may soon be made available for the people of the planet Earth, according to Vatican sources.

One of the main remaining Khazarian power centers, the BIS – the central bank of central banks – is now being told to return the stolen gold they have used to finance the so-called G7 and G20 groups of nations, according to members of Asian and Western secret societies.

This will become visible to the Western public during and after the NATO meeting scheduled for July 11th and 12th, where the biggest changes in European governance since World War 2 will be set into motion.

The Russian and Chinese governments as well as the Pentagon have decided to replace the 28-nation EU with the 47-member Council of Europe that includes Russia and other former Soviet republics, according to Russian and Pentagon sources.

In such a scenario, NATO, which has no real reason to continue existing, will be dismantled and replaced by a Russian- and U.S.-centered Western alliance, the sources say.

Furthermore, North Korea, China, and others will also join this alliance to create a planetary protection force to replace the outdated Western Hegelian model of competing blocs of nation states, the sources say.

There were hints of this upcoming tectonic change in geo-politics in media reports about the G7 meeting that took place on June 8th and 9th in Canada.

According to one report, Trump told the gathered Western “leaders” that “NATO was as bad as NAFTA.”

Details of the homosexual molestation charges against Cardinal McCarrickTrump’s private NATO trashing rattles allies

Then we have NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg saying in a speech in London that “It is not written in stone that the trans-Atlantic bond will survive forever.”

Without the Americans, the Europeans have no realistic military option other than to embrace Russia.

One further public confirmation of what our sources are saying came when The Washington Post reported that Trump asked French slave president Emmanuel Macron, “Why don’t you leave the EU?

The reason, of course, is that Macron is a Rothschild slave and the Rothschilds own the EU.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the leading Khazarian bloodline family member in actual power, is looking increasingly likely to be finally toppled soon, as her weakened governing alliance is imploding over the immigration issue.

It is no coincidence that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are meeting on July 16th in Finland as that country prepares to take over as chair of the Council of Europe.

Hopefully we will soon see people who are implicated in mass murder, such as European Council President Donald Tusk, put in jail where they belong.

Allegedly, Tusk was given the top European job in exchange for going along with the murder of most of Poland’s top leadership.

Now, finally getting to Mexico, newly elected President López Obrador is promising the biggest changes in that country since its 1910 revolution.

Obrador was elected on a wave of popular disgust with corruption, crime, and treason on the part of the old regime.

One example of this was the old regime’s move to sell Mexico’s water resources to Khazarian mob-controlled private enterprises, in exchange, no doubt, for massive bribes.

In some places this has led to the price of water rising 13 times even as service and quality deteriorate. We are likely to see many arrests related to mind-boggling corruption as Obrador finally gets his chance to fix Mexico.

Obrador is also likely to end the drug violence in that country by legalizing and regulating narcotics, starting with marijuana.

In the past, the U.S. government would have intervened to stop any legalization of drugs in Mexico.

However, following Canada’s lead, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill to legalize hemp farming, so it looks like this will be a North American joint effort (pardon the pun).

Getting back to North America, let us take a look at some more recent developments in the U.S. power struggle.

On this front, our Pentagon sources note that, “In a blunt warning to the deep state, the NSA deleted 685 million call records of innocent people, while keeping the rest for military tribunals and other purposes.

To make sure the military tribunals are thorough in their removal of the filth that has infiltrated the U.S. government, the Trump regime is revamping the Supreme Court, the sources say.

They note, “Supreme Court Justice Kennedy finally retires to allow Trump to turn the Court to the right with another conservative pick who would be confirmed in September just in time for the Supreme Court to open on October 1.”

They also promise that “After Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is next.”

Furthermore, “When Obama is proven unqualified because he is foreign-born, Trump will then replace Supreme Court Judges Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor (both appointed by Obama) for a 7-2 conservative majority.

However, our sources are saying that Obama was born in the U.S. but was the son of the Communist Frank Marshall Davis and was a real-life Manchurian candidate.

In either case, he will be proven a fraud and thus disqualified.

The other Khazarian power center the Trump military regime is cleaning out is the corporate media.

The corporate propagandists have already lost the information war, since a recent opinion poll shows that 72% of Americans think the establishment media deliberately reports fake news.

Also, our sources note that “Zionist Comcast suffered a nationwide outage while its bid to buy Fox was neutralized with the Department of Justice quickly approving the Disney-Fox merger.

Disney was allowed to buy Fox to stop Comcast from getting bigger, and the enlarged Disney may be seized by Trump for participating in the [Harvey] Weinstein sexual enterprise,” they add.

We would like to point out here that removing the Khazarian mafia from power is about more than just “getting the bad guys.”

It is about saving the planet. The current (Western) planetary leadership has been presiding over the largest extinction event since the dinosaurs were wiped out, and the rate of extinction has been accelerating.

A recent report shows that 2017 was the second worst year on record for loss of tropical forests, the largest source of biodiversity on this planet.

This is one of the reasons why a group of prominent scientists issued a call recently for a major international effort to “save life on Earth.”

Once these fanatical criminals are removed from power, the White Dragon Society and its allies promise a massive multi-trillion-dollar campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

With the right political will, this can be accomplished within a matter of months.

After that, we can start releasing all the hidden technology and create Heaven on Earth as well as start expanding into the Universe.

We are entering uncharted territory.

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When we are awake, we sleep. When we sleep, we dream. When we dream, we live.Carl Gustav Jung

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Deep State Scrambling to Keep it Together [videos] ~ June 11, 2018

The Deep State has their back against a wall. They can be reckless now because if they don’t pull a rabbit out of a hat and stop the bleeding, they will never recover.

What’s really dangerous is the potential for their online shills to be found out. It they come out with blatant smear campaigns against patriots and the public doesn’t fall for it—the shills are left hanging out to dry—exposed for all to see. Their safety might even be at risk. So far they haven’t worried because they haven’t been targets.

The New World Order parties no longer control the actual financial system or all the big banks, the UN, the military, the White House, Congress, the Senate, and a growing number of countries are standing up to them and refusing to kow-tow.

Watching them “suicide” their own is still over the heads of the sleepwalking masses but it’s evident they are desperate to keep up appearances of power they just don’t have.

They will pay anyone any amount of money if they think they can help them out of a jam—and they are jammed up now.

If you haven’t seen this great video from Truthstream Media about the Bilderberg meeting and the unprecedented attempt to have a global pow-wow with other simultaneous meetings, do take it in. They have never done this before, at least in the last 20 years, Melissa and Aaron Dykes tell us. Wouldn’t that be a slick way to have all their upper echelon people talking at once, and the patriots only focusing on the Bilderberger meeting? Like they say in the video… teleconference; like being in the room holding hands.

Add to that the completely bizarre secret train ride in Nova Scotia on the “American Spirit” for undisclosed attendees, nearly all men, and one little girl 10-12 yrs. of age, and you have a totally freaked out cabal that sees their demise rapidly approaching.

Their train is on a suicide mission, hurtling at top speed into dead man’s curve. They are blind with fear and can’t deal with the fact that nearly everyone is planning THEIR demise for them. Their lies don’t work like they used to, their bribes, their little schemes… they’ve lost their mojo.

People are waking up and are now willing to speak out and stand up for their rights—and other people. It’s been a long time coming but the natives are restless and pushed to the brink of tolerance. It seems immaterial at the moment what the intent of the Tommy Robinson event was; it’s taken on a life of its own. The old mirror effect.

There is a huge Free Tommy Robinson rally in the UK now I’d like to take a peek at.

Google has abandoned Project Maven because a significant number of their employees spoke out against it, saying the company should not be in the defense business.

We, the People, are forcing the cabal to act differently. We are now on the offense and they are in defense mode. There are billions of us, and only 8500 of them—and dropping.

As they writhe in terror, they will lash out in any way they can. Watch for continued, vicious Trump attacks.

Judicial Watch is suing the deep state for documents we have a right to see, congress members are questioning, and the stalling on the release of many documents has put many patriots at the end of their collective rope. They are not going to let the Department of Justice/Mueller stall any longer.

Pedophiles/pedovores are being arrested and prosecuted, and the canaries are singing merrily.

About all the globalists have left now is weather wars—and they’re using them—but even those are not amounting to what they have in the past.

We’ve heard of a few specific targets attacked by sonic weapons. Hopefully those able to can put a stop to those.

Remember that if power goes out, it may be difficult to buy food, supplies, meds, water, and  gas pumps won’t work so just take precautions so you aren’t caught in a pinch and can perhaps help others who don’t have a clue what’s going on.

I haven’t been following QAnon but happened to see this update from James Munder related to a current Q post warning of “a false flag weather alert, worldwide”. It appears we have a big potential storm alert for Texas—AGAIN, but these storms haven’t been working out so well for the dark ones so stay positive, and if you do meditation or work with energy, you may be able to help dissolve it.

To finish off this update, this article springs from the intel shared by Thomas Williams last Thursday so those who are unable to listen to the official updates on “ThemTube” or Spreaker will appreciate this one from Tank. Tank U Tank, and tanks for the heads up, R.   ~ BP


LOVE this report by James Munder…I fully support Trump as the “ugly American”. Regardless of your political leanings, taking a hard-line stand against the dark cabalistic forces of our world is a good thing. Just sayin…

Please watch this video, know that huge changes will happen one way or the other, and…


Bilderberg Updates [VIDEOS] ~ June 10, 2018

Hmm…pretty interesting as the Bilderburg meeting is being held in conjunction with a NATO defense minster meeting, the G7 meeting. That has (probably) never happened before, so…what gives?

Please watch the video’s below, tight security there with reporter harassment, learn what’s going on (are they trying to start another war?), and…