Headlines and Updates for January 31, 2020: The Senate Verdict is In [videos] ~ January 31, 2020

Non-stop news today.

While we await the verdict in the Senate to see if they will sink the dimms ship of hope to continue the sham, we celebrate with our patriot friends in the UK as they shove off from the EU and sail under their own steam for the free lands beyond.

Here’s our answer: NO

The verdict is in: the Senate voted 51 – 49 NOT to continue the trial with witnesses.

Are you aware that when they began the proceedings they said those in the chamber were “ordered to remain silent on penalty of imprisonment”??? I had never heard that before.

Brexit: Farewell events as UK counts down to 23:00 GMT

I don’t support or buy into the corona virus hoax but am interested to see how the deep state proceeds. This headline interests me because a family member was slated to fly from China this coming week to California and we don’t know what’s going to happen with that.

It Begins! CDC Issues Mandatory Quarantine to Wuhan Passengers In California

US Health officials have quarantined 195 Americans evacuated from Wuhan, China, taking the rare step of issuing a mandatory order for the first time in more than 50 years to help contain an outbreak of a new coronavirus that’s spread to roughly 10,000 people across the globe.

Is this how they’re going to rack up the deaths? Refuse treatment?

Epoch Times Reporting Helped Mother Finally Receive Care in Wuhan for Coronavirus, Toronto Man Says

The very young and the elderly are the greatest risks for succumbing to a virus because their immune systems are often not functioning optimally; babies, because they may have been shot up with an outrageous number of vaccinations before their immune systems are mature, and the elderly for many reasons, possibly related to the number of drugs they’re taking and the toxicity of their bodies after years of living in an unsafe environment, poor diet, etc.

Those two age groups are the most likely to die of influenza if left untreated. It happens all the time and is not a reflection of some mutated contagion the psychotic globalists unleashed.

I could be wrong, but I would think that the White Hats will decide what to do and when to do it to capitalize on this manufactured crisis and take measures that will have that boomerang sailing at warp speed right back at the deep state psychopaths. Off with their heads!

Trump administration restricts travel from Nigeria and five other countries

I’m still wondering if (shhhhh…. martial law) might be in the offing because we’re told that situation would mean the President has specific emergency powers that could relate to arrests etc. We’ll see. Whatever happens, the military is on our side, and the American People will be safe.

As President Trump and QAnon have said, the best is yet to come. Judging from rallies, I believe there is enough of a following behind Trump in America now that the White Hats can ensure the People will remain calm and do what it takes to get their country back. As for the psychopath’s bots… they’re wild cards.

Slow Joe is slipping… and the sheer entertainment factor of the political events in America is off the charts.

Old Uncle Joe Struggles To Remember When The Last Time Was He Was Elected

A big piece broke off one of my back teeth yesterday and I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve been gritting my teeth so much over the excrement spewed in Washington.

Gingrich has some definitive terms for these POS in Congress and Laura Ingraham said Schiff and crew have a pathological, Pavlovian response to Trump. They are so programmed and they primarily point the finger at pencil neck Schiff. Gingrich points out that the nature of their psychosis means they possess no historical recollection of what preceded.

Newt Gingrich calls out Schiff’s ‘lies’ as ‘deranged’

I think I’m done now.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for December 13, 2019: Lucky Friday the Thirteenth? [videos] ~ December 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yippee! Things are starting to turn around my friends, can you feel the energies starting to turn around? Let’s count the most public changes: (1) Brexit is going down for the count under the actions of this hugely negative deal for the UK (world) before Christmas, (2) Trump has signed phase I of a YUGE trade deal with China (this means goods manufactured there will NOT go up in price, maybe lower?), (3) agreement for the USMCA is looking good. What is the USMCA? United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will create more balanced, reciprocal trade that supports high-paying jobs for Americans and grows the North American economy. (4) The Fed has decided to boost the Americam economy by issuing a flood of liquidity into the American market…500 billion dollars!! We shall see how this transpires and perhaps we will have (as Trump predicted last year) a very Merry Christmas!

And…please pay attention to the video at the end of this news report. “Alien armada” in our skies? Sounds mighty good to me as a sign of our Galactic brethren BEing ever closer for the support of humanity. Read/listen to this report, rejoice over a change in the tide of energies affecting our world (EVERYTHING is energetic, you know, and BE…



The dimms are full of surprises. What happened late last night? Did it have anything to do with the date? Did they believe it would be auspicious for them to make their moves on the 13th?

Judiciary Committee abruptly postpones vote on articles of impeachment

And this morning…

Trump, China announce ‘Phase One’ trade deal

Phoenix elucidates on the significance of what is unfolding and the timing. None of this an accident.

PIR 12 13 19

armada, BREXIT, Chinese trade deal, federal reserve, financial reset, fleet, Friday the 13th, gangrape, Government shutdown, ISS, rape, Sweden, UFOs.

It’s now official: The dossier was a big bag of dogs*t –and everyone in the FBI knew it — and yet the FBI sprayed it with perfume and slapped a smiley face on it and handed it to blind (and anosmiatic) FISA judges who in turn rubber-stamped spy warrants on Trump for a full year

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) December 13, 2019

Holder who denied Fast N Furious after the death of a border agent! Holder would get on his knees for Obama

Eric Holder, once Obama’s ‘wingman,’ now calling out Barr for loyalty to Trump https://t.co/RK4H8eXjgG #FoxNews

— Suze Michelini (@emilia_suze) December 12, 2019


3 men have just been convicted of gangraping a 13 year old girl.

The attack was so brutal thatshe was bleeding afterwards. They also took photos.

Guess the sentence?

Two got 5 years, 9 months prison, and the third only got 5 years.


What is WRONG with Sweden???

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) December 12, 2019

What’s wrong with America?

This is in line with surgical staff making remarks about a woman’s breasts when when she wasn’t anesthetized properly and could hear what members of the team were saying to each other. The despicable doctor apologized when she told him what had happened.

We’ve also heard of dentists assaulting women when they were “under”. The people we trust with our most intimate, private moments are sometimes disrespectful and bordering on verbal assault, and worse. Who can trust anyone any more?

We live in a sick, sick world full of sick people. Why not put them all on an island somewhere and let them live together doing what they like to do to each other?

LAPD officer arrested, charged with having sexual contact with human remains


Lookie @ the 2 DS puppets. We see your satanic symbolism in your socks to DS. Raccoon = 69, which is seen around false flag murder events.What’s being planned? @realDonaldTrump @USMC I know you’re helping behind the scenes. These 2 fuckers look like they are up to something. https://t.co/GevDWkaF8q pic.twitter.com/3w72axlRQc


— Elizabeth (@ElizabetCovfefe) December 11, 2019

For the intrepid among us…

WOW LOOK AT THIShttps://t.co/ELMJvqsM1i

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) December 13, 2019

And some interesting video footage from the ISS…  I would say it’s a friendly invasion, and the deep state/SS (“secret” space program) creatures should beware.

Are we being invaded by an Extraterrestrial armada? Swarm of mysterious objects passing by the ISS

That’s a wrap. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

Brexit Remainers and FBPE – Follow Back, Pro-EU ~ September 8, 2019

Brexit Remainers and FBPE

Brexit Remainers and FBPE. By Stefano Fait.


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FBPE and The New Class Hatred

Aside from the tedious daily allegations of racism, hyper-nationalism, xenophobia, empire-fetishism and British exceptionalism, I was frequently compared to automata (‘Brexit bot’), swine flesh (‘gammon’), body parts (‘Brectum’), and pre-human hominids (‘Neanderthal’, ‘knuckle-dragger’), and accused of being mentally deficient (‘Brextard’) and morally reprehensible (‘Brexit jihadi’).

All of the insults used by the #FBPE (Follow Back, Pro-EU) set against Leavers have one thing in common – they deprive the Leave supporter of his or her basic humanity. They are all dehumanising insults.

I believe that for the first time in many years, a substantial section of our society has become possessed by a supremacist ideology.

The Remain Übermensch is utterly convinced of his or her inherent intellectual, educational, moral, philosophical, social and even aesthetical superiority…

When did this group of self-proclaimed progressives not only stop caring about the interests of the British poor, but come to actively hate them? It seems that the answer is at the point when they dared to vote for Brexit.

Leaving the EU is a big political, legal, economic, constitutional, geopolitical, financial, trade and commercial decision. It is the type of decision traditionally taken by political, legal and business elites – the people who sit in the first-class compartment on the train of our national life.

In June 2016, the train was de-classified and millions of ‘gammon’ plebs invaded the quiet, middle-class comfort of the elites. They have still not recovered from it. It has driven them half mad with fury. They are overwhelmed by spite and malice. Their response has been brutal and swift, and we haven’t seen the last of it yet. Brexit Remainers and FBPE

Chris Kirk-Blythe, spiked-online.com

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I’m not interested in delving into the intricacies of British procedural motions. Finding our way through the maze of disinformation put out by both the globalists and the national-populists is already difficult enough, a veritable uphill battle.

I’m more interested in what transpires from the debate and information war around the Brexit and what that tells us about major social trends and future geopolitical scenarios.

Whether a general election happens before or after the end of October matters because the longer the delay, the more the Tory party’s position will become indistinguishable from the position held by Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, in stark contrast to parties that are by now explicitly opposed to Leave.

Clarity and transparency where before there was none. This will makes for a virulent electoral campaign.

Amelia Cantor has this to say about the article excerpted above (FBPE and the new class hatred): “No. Brexit has unleashed a nasty strain of racism, xenophobia and incipient fascism. In response, intelligent, educated, ethical people are fighting for true democracy and true British values. That’s not snobbery: it’s basic human decency.

It’s a perfect summary of the Remainers’ worldview.

Brexit Remainers and FBPE

Brexit Remainers and FBPE

I find it extravagant that Remainers have pictured themselves as a righteous insurgency and call “rebels” those Tory MPs who have betrayed their electoral mandate. Rebels are against the élite. They are not pro-establishment militants.

“Remain” has been backed on mainstream press by the likes of Rotschild, Soros, Deutsche Bank and other City bankers and voted massively by the well-off.

It seems to me that this “revolt” is simply the elite furiously protesting against the people not voting in the way they prescribed.

This also explains why such a large number of remainers and anti-populist/sovereignist voters, in Britain as in Italy, have become so intolerant and sometimes irrational: for one of the first times they are not getting their way and they don’t know how to lose.

They are not prepared to lose and they react by labelling “fascist” and “racist” anybody who advocates Brexit.

In fact, the Brexit stance is about mature self-rule and self-determination, about keeping/retaining control, on law- and policy-making as well as on the evolutionary path of one’s society and culture.

It’s not about racism (Tolerance of Inter-Ethnic Relationships in Europe, Medium, 27 July 2019; Britons most positive in Europe on benefits of immigration, Guardian, 2 May 2019).

Stats suggest that the British are substantially less racist than almost all the immigrants that are expected to be the target of their xenophobic feelings.

They have a more positive attitude towards the benefits of immigration than anyone else in Europe.

Only 37% of Britons assess as negative the impact of immigration, compared to 49% of the Swedes.
Only ten percent of residents in England claim that you have to be white to be English. It was 20% seven years ago.

So, contrary to the Remainers’ narrative, the closer Britain gets to exiting the European Union, the more cosmopolitan and open-minded its inhabitants become, as they shift further from ethnically exclusive English nationalism.

So one might conclude that it’s not about rescuing a neoliberal trading bloc, it’s about protecting one’s privileges and lifestyle and guarding the moral and social high ground, to such an extent that they become convinced that opposing points of view are extremist because their opinion is the only acceptable and decent.

In so doing, Remainers have turned themselves into the extremists they are willing to fight by all means necessary. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have any mirrors in the house.

Furthermore, they hold a kind of “The end of the world is nigh” perspective, fraught with the most terrifying predictions about the post-Brexit period, even though they have repeatedly proven wrong regarding Trumponomics, the impact of the Brexit vote, negotiations with North Korea, the strength of Assad, ISIS, China, etc.

If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a trade agreement, the EU will treat the UK in much the same way it treats the United States, whereas the UK will be able to sign trade agreements with other nations that are now forbidden by EU regulations.

Brexit Remainers and FBPE - Brexit Remainers


Brexit Remainers and FBPE

The value of the British pound and the markets will recover once this confusing phase – in which a majority of the Parliament is putting their own government in a weaker negotiating position –, is behind them, a sovereign infrastructure is rebuilt and a new trading regulation regime is in place, with favourable bi-lateral trade deals on their way, as the United Kingdom is finally unhindered by the EU customs union and free to negotiate without external constraints.

It won’t be the end of the world. It will be the beginning of something new. A new challenge.

By contrast, Brexiters are optimistic, proud and assertive. They don’t think that their national identity, history and traditions are something to be embarrassed about and they do not hate Europe.

They only worry about a European superstate that its becoming more technocratic, unaccountable and overbearing, and less transparent, as members states cede their sovereignty and legal supremacy, in exchange for economic stagnation, austerity, punitive measures, blackmailing, threats, invectives, woke metropolitan identity politics, draconian climate measures, and the inexorable shift of decision-making power from legislatures to courts, from elected officials to legal experts.

A burgeoning superstate that plans to build its own army!

They are far from alone in Europe in fearing such a development (Less than half of Italians would vote to stay in the EU: survey, 7 October 2018). Who would wish for such a vast, centralised power delivered one day to a tiny sociopathic clique?

Here is my forecast.

Given his personality and resourcefulness, opposition to Boris Johnson will strengthen his resolve. He is bound to become the British Trump.

Brexit will happen regardless, with or without a deal.

Most Britons will come to accept that the democratic mandate has always been there, as it was built through: Parliament voting for the 2016 referendum, for the EU Notification Act, for the EU Withdrawal Act and, three times, against the Deal.

As Scotland will play a major role in the dissolution of UK, Italy, France and Eastern European nations will lead to the dissolution of the European Union.

This is because, as other countries will see that the EU is no longer capable of forcing its member states into line, confidence in its stability and future will drop faster and faster.


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Pills Disclosure News Italia

Love All

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

William Shakespeare

Your Sunday Digest for August 25, 2019: Power Moves Are Imminent [videos] ~ August 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: Eww…this is getting exciting folks! Although we know the end of the story…the end of human slavery on Earth…we just don’t know the details yet! For me, I am getting really excited about the dissolution of Fed coupled with a take-down of IRS, return to the gold standard, etc.

Be on the look out for a really “HOT” end to this summer month of August. Hmm, “Labor Day”…wouldn’t that be a grand time to eliminate some of the economic horrors from “laboring” so hard at your work? Just sayin…

Please read this report, start your very own “dreaming” (who said imagination was dead?), and BE…



At this point the Queen death story is still just “interesting”, but I would say imminent. She (and the fake monarchy) have to go for us to move forward and I believe it’s all arranged. Just a matter of time.

Boris Johnson said Britain is leaving the European Union on October 31st. Period. Another satanic Illuminati death date.

We will leave the EU on October 31st, invest more money in the NHS and crack down on violent crime. #LeaveOct31 pic.twitter.com/cCpUdRNns0

— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) August 19, 2019

We have reason to believe the Patriots are ready to launch the new Quantum Financial System and the gold standard for the US currency. We wait for Trump’s “go”.

Things are definitely in flux and I’m sure the royals would love a narrative change from Epstein and Andy. If the White Hats truly want a peaceful, civilized transition, they are not going to red pill the sleeping Brits. You can only drop so much on them at one time.

The lizard queen will doubtless move on with her impoverished subjects none the wiser, weeping and wailing and carrying on with the pageantry almost as much as they did for Diana. The end of an era. Thank god.

Praps we could trade Lizzie for Diana and have her back. Sacrifice the queen. Bad chess? Maybe not on the other side of the looking glass.

President Trump is playing a game of global 5D chess. Super. Natural. The Master’s Championship match.

Could you do it on that scale? From our vantage point we can’t see the board or the moves. We just get the running commentary and have to imagine the board.

On some level he is definitely “the chosen one”.

This Queen Elizabeth news could be a hoax. I have said that and I have also said I was trying to verify it. I don’t know whether it is true or not at this time.. If I don’t hear back from my source in one week, I will call it a hoax and not true.

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) August 25, 2019

Got a phone call from contact in England. Says Queen is vacationing & if she has passed they wouldn’t hear about it for a few days. They said give it a week to be sure. They said they would call me one way or the other by the end of the week.

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) August 25, 2019

Tell you what. Let’s talk about Jeffrey Epstein and his empire of sickos.

Some revealing research follows on the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey which was pretty much run by the El-ites and authorities skimmed over laws and regulations. What else is new? Look the other way. (if you know what’s good for you)

It’s interesting that this is coming from CBS News.

Court documents say Teterboro airport was travel hub for Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking

Footage surfaces of Rashida Tlaib disrupting 2016 Trump economic speech and yelling that his supporters are ‘crazy’. Who’s crazy? Who does this? She was installed. A violent actress.

The drama within the Democrat party is so over the top it can’t fail to tip off the public about the ongoing charade of politics, can it? The Squad members aren’t authentic, rational people who represent the American people. They’re simply outrageous, over-the-top, grand-standers spouting nonsense and hatred. They literally sound insane. Who would vote for them? They will force most Americans to vote Republican because the average citizen wants dignified, responsible representation.

Rashida Tlaib Slapped With $2 Million Lawsuit for Alleged Battery, Assault of Laura Loomer

Enjoy the show. Is HRC’s clone running for office?

October will be a big month. For a mere $15 – $50,000 you, too, can enjoy scintillating conversation with the witch, Hillary Clinton, in her own lair. (She daren’t go out for fear of being lynched.) What or who is the fundraising for?

Why are they using a photo that’s about 10 years old? Get real.

DNC is hosting a fundraiser in October with Hillary Clinton

Rematch in the works? pic.twitter.com/3jxM2gKcpQ


— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) August 25, 2019

BCP produced a video based on the revelations from whistleblower Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of Overstock.com who recently resigned and told us he was used and deceived by the deep state.

BCP actually went on location in Utah but for some reason the livestream wasn’t working for him and he put another video together when he got home with clips of Byrne’s television appearances.

Fox News sources have corroborated Byrne’s story and say he’s legit. He now realizes what happened, who is at work to control the political power structure and their ruthlessness, and what they have done. When Jeff Sessions and AG Barr were activated he knew it was time to come forward. He has been very candid and I believe he is authentic.

He’s correct in believing that two years ago was too soon for what he has to say. The Q curriculum has awakened the patriots, the stories have been launched in the news, Trump has taken command of the narrative, and eyes are on Washington.

BCP has an interesting theory. He postulated that it’s possible a new faction might have formed within the deep state who not only schemed to prevent the election of Donald Trump, but planned to install Hillary Clinton as POTUS specifically so they could blackmail and therefore control her. Not so far-fetched, is it?


Attorney Joe DiGenova and his wife/legal partner Victoria Toensing have been telling it plainly on Fox News for months. When Joe said Brennan wouldn’t need a lawyer, he’d need five, I silently thanked him and couldn’t get enough of the truth he was fearlessly stating. He says let’s call it what it is: it’s not Russian collusion or Russiagate it’s Obamagate; pure and simple.

He shares my view on the “filth” in Washington and is doing what he can to see the disinfecting takes place as soon as possible by shining a Light on the evil.

If you’ve found it difficult to follow the Russian collusion hoax or are just now putting the pieces of this colossal and complex scandal together, this interview with Sebastian Gorka will lay it all out for you and connect the dots. The duo explain it very clearly and succinctly.

Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing: It’s ObamaGate, and it’s the biggest scandal in American history

That show continues as Dan Bongino also tells us Obama officials will be held accountable.

Dan Bongino: Yes, Obama officials will be charged. AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka

The deep state has been waging war on journalists for a long time, and another victim is a Kiwi named Suzi Dawson. She has been warning New Zealanders and the world about surveillance and loss of privacy and who has been doing it and as a result is heavily targeted and seeking asylum in Russia. More at the link.

Help A Kiwi Journalist Take On The Spies – #1vs5i

The man who never sleeps has struck a new deal with Japan and his trolling buddy, Shinzo Abe.

US reaches trade deal with Japan

Someone sent me this so it must be a particularly good update. I’ve been wondering what folks read into the “Evergreen” reference. (HRC) What kind of op were they activating with that coded language? Dave has no doubt researched that but I haven’t had time to listen yet.

Panic, Message Evergreen, Public Discovers Illegal Surveillance – Episode 1951b

Ooops. I nearly forgot. I haven’t even read this yet. To close I’ll leave you with Scott Mowry’s Miracles and Inspiration update for the intel conference call tonight. Scott is a great dot connector, gathers together all the most important news for the week and reveals its significance.  ~ BP

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 25. 2019 beginning approximately at 6 PM PST. 

On this upcoming conference call we will have MASSIVE BREAKING NEWS to share which has occurred over the last few days regarding the global economy,  including: the implementation of the new Quantum Financial System (QFS); the take down of the Federal Reserve; the US-China trade negotiations; and much more.

We can confirm to you there are multiple major developments unfolding at this time as the US military, White Hat Patriots and President Donald Trump regain control of the American, as well as, the global economy from the elite families and international bankster cabal.

  • This week, President Trump has significantly stepped up his attacks on the privately-owned central bank corporation known as the Federal Reserve, and most particularly, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. All is part of a major public relations operation to prepare the American people for big changes which are now underway to the global economic system.
  • The timing of all these major new developments is coinciding with the Federal Reserve’s annual summer meetings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as well as, the G7 Summit 2019 ongoing this weekend in Biarritz, France.
  • In addition, on Friday, August 23, the President came out swinging against the Chinese Communist Party and the stalled trade negotiations by imposing new harsher tariffs on imports coming from China. President Trump is attempting to address years of abuse by the Chinese government upon America by rectifying the extremely unfair trade relationship between the two countries in a landmark fashion.
  • All of this focused attention on China is occurring while the citizens of Hong Kong are in an open revolt against the ruling Chinese Communist Party, as well as, other countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Make no mistake about it, what you are witnessing in Hong Kong is nothing-less-than historic.
  • Meanwhile, there has been no new word from “Q” since August 1 as the 8Chan platform still remains dormant at this time.

We can tell you, this will be another very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598

Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402

Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Scott Mowry


Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraclesInspire

Headlines and Updates for April 10, 2019: Deep State Dominoes are Falling & Q’s Back [videos] ~ April 10, 2019

What a good news week! I can hardly stand it.

Spring has sprung and Google has, too; a BIG leak! That ship’s goin’ down.

Leaked memos prove Google is a massive criminal enterprise engaged in felony election meddling and racketeering

Yoda is dead. Another one bites the dust and the evil SES is losing power. It’s sudden death overtime in the game of cosmic dominoes.

Andrew W. Marshall died on Mar. 26, 2019 at 97… 13 DAYS AGO!


Linda Paris shared a great meme and we have a video, too. An interview with “Resignation Anon”. Check it out at Jon’s Place at the link above. Good stuff.

Yes, Q has returned and, unfortunately, made a fool out of David Seaman; leaving the following drop (so far as of this writing), but no letter of resignation.3311

Barr Testifies ‘Spying Did Occur’ on Trump Campaign

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 10 Apr 2019 – 9:59:08 AM https://www.foxnews.com/politics/doj-watchdog-fbi-informant-in-russia-probe



There are a few too many coincidences with respect to a community in New York and Mayor De Blasio’s mandate for forced vaccination for a supposed “measles outbreak”. Thanks, L.

The deep state can strategically create outbreaks wherever they choose. I think there’s a very good chance this opinion may be correct and the community needs protection to avoid those vaccines at all costs.

Too often vaccines give people the disease they’re told it will prevent. My vet told me a week ago that if my dog gets a vaccine for something specific he might get that condition. I declined, but truly, many of the medical interventions we’re given are risky, if not deadly.

We know what is said to be in vaccines, but have no guarantee that those ingredients are actually there, or are limited to that list. What might they be leaving out of the ingredient list? It’s Russian roulette if you get a vaccination for anything, and they can target specific genes or DNA, we’re told. Disinformation? Do you feel lucky?

Coincidence? This video from You Are Free TV about what’s going on in New York immediately disappears from the page after embedding it three times so I’ll provide the link. Unbelievable.

#BIOWEAPON: NY H_sidic Vac_ine Ag_nda, Italy Bucks FED #SATMAR

4/9: Today, New York Mayor declares Emergency Order to forcibly vac_inate the Will_amsburg, Brooklyn community because of “m_asles outbreak.”

Self-explanatory… and includes 5G towers. No… fake palm trees, saguaros, and pine trees don’t suffice.

CA Supreme Court Upholds Ordinance Protecting Scenic Views from Ugly Telecom Infrastructure

Are you tired of winning yet? This news is outstanding and provides more forward momentum. Draconian laws are falling and common sense and freedom are gaining new ground.

Kudos to West Virginia for passing what many are describing as “the best food freedom law in the country”

We had an extraordinary experience on our walk this morning. Mica always trots way ahead of me, but today in one spot he hung back and waited. He advanced again, but not far, and waited. There was something on the road ahead that looked like it could be a branch of a shrub or tree, but we have been watching for rattle snakes because it got so warm and they love to come out of their chilly dens and bag some rays on the hot tarmac.

I put Mica on the leash and as we grew closer I could soon tell it was indeed a snake; a bright-eyed, 4-foot diamond back, fully intact, not run over. Mica has walked right over and right past rattlers before, but today something told him to stay away, and I thank our guardian angels because we don’t ever want to deal with another rattlesnake bite. We are certainly blessed. ;0)

Meanwhile, across the pond our compatriots are still battling hard for freedom against the old guard. Something has to give.

Tune in tomorrow, April 11, at 7:30 pm EDT/4:30 Pacific for the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show when Thomas Williams will share unique intel drops, Q&A, and news analysis on the war effort. Listen live on Spreaker.com or at the Think Different website.

Are we going to let the deep state frame and ridicule us? Hell to the no!

The dimms tried to spin her words and Candace Owens let ’em have it with both barrels. You go girl!

Thor brings us good news and bad. The good news is, the “Bombogenesis” storm/blizzard he told us about for tomorrow will not have the massive moisture potential the last super storm did as it wasn’t near the ocean to load up on water so the rainfall/snow will probably be less.

The bad news is, there are currently 5 (yes, five) more storms in the offing which will march across the midwest in rapid succession over the next couple of weeks. If they are severe and they all follow through rather than dissipating, it could leave the central states reeling.

I could tell a weather change was coming because it was super windy here yesterday with HAARP clouds; it got hot suddenly for two days. Today, even windier, but the heat’s gone and the wind is chilly. A new system is rolling through Arizona.

Good luck everyone in the path of these storms. Stock up on food, water, and candles/batteries, and necessities. It would be great if you didn’t have to venture out until it’s all over.

Monster Storm to hit USA. It is the 1st of 5 storms in two weeks & WoW the Sun